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Sealed, Constrained, Recycled 2: Mistress Returns

by James W

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© Copyright 2012 - James W - Used by permission

Storycodes: FF/m; D/s; latex; suit; corset; hood; gag; straitjacket; feeding; chast; enema; nipple; breathplay; torment; femdom; cons; X

continued from chapter one

Chapter 2: Mistress Returns

The removal of the heavy latex sheet awoke him from his slumbers. The Housekeeper busied around him tidying his cell and carefully folding the latex oversheet ready for his next sleeping period. She released the chain tethering him to the bed then made him stand before fitting him with nipple clamps and an armless straight jacket. The same procedure as before ensued with breakfast being fed to him whilst he was strapped to the high chair. Although now used to this procedure he had initially hated the implied humiliation of being treated as an adult baby; the residual memory of those early days when he fought to retain his own adult character had long passed. He had been completely broken down by his indomitable Mistress until he willingly accepted that he could have no independent status as an adult. He had been absorbed into his Mistresses persona and existed only through her indulgence and permission. He was a compliant rubber slave with little independent thought; any thoughts he might have now centred entirely on pleasing his Mistress.

He had been gagged with the internal moulded device since his last dressing just prior the Mistresses absence. He had never worn this device for such a long time but had grown to accept it. It was completely comfortable but allowed only tube feeding. Having been fed and given an enema he was ready for further training.

The whole day was taken up with a succession of bondage, nipple training and rebreathing. Still he wore the same outfit and gag. The vinyl eye pieces had become partially misted and he was ready for a long shower. However this was only a passing thought for him. Time passing had little meaning for the slave save that of marking the commencement of one training session or the ending; he had long ago lost all track of actual temporal time, day and night were of little meaning perhaps because within the dungeon there was no clues of time passing; it was a windowless room. Equally the Mistress often kept her slave blindfolded for days.

Lying on his back with legs open supported by stirrups; arms raised above him and tethered to a high bar he had been left blindfolded, his nipples on fire from the stainless steel surgical clamps which cruelly compressed his nipples. Extending up from the handles linked by chain was a thin cord over a pulley from which hung a series of weights, each hour another weight was added by the Housekeeper in accordance with the strict instructions left by the absent Mistress. To add to the exquisite pain now filling the slaves whole existence he had just finished an extended session of rebreathing control where he was required to initially fill a five litre black latex rebreathing bag with his own exhaled breath; then to rebreathe it for as long as possible,

A scuba mouthpiece had to be held between his rubber teeth with his lips closed over it to seal the set up, this required a considerable amount of effort on his part to close the slightly opened setting of the internal gag, the housekeeper recorded his endurance by stop watch and recorded the times on a chart. She encouraged the slave to progressively hold on for longer each time. He had almost lapsed into unconsciousness on the last few bagfuls. His masochism aided him to extend the times until on the last attempt he had briefly lost consciousness releasing the gag form his mouth as his head flopped to one side. Now he was fully conscious of his tender nipples. The Housekeeper had left the dungeon after the imposition of another weight with the words,

“Only another three weights to go slave; try and turn the pain into pleasure as you think about your Mistress!”

Now in a pain filled universe he began his slave’s mantra ‘For the love of my Mistress, for the love of my Mistress, for the love of my Mistress.’ Gradually his mind overcame the pain and he began the climb to the plateaux of masochistic pleasure. He visualised his Mistress bending over him in her full dominatrix outfit only her ruby red lips and steel grey eyes showing through her full latex helmet. Strands of ribbon latex cascading down from the high central opening at the crown of her head, her words encouraging him to suffer for her,

“Your suffering gives me great pleasure slave because I know that in your pain you are confirming your devotion to me.” Adding, “Of course you know in your heart of hearts that is for your own good!”

He could feel his controlled penis swelling only to be thwarted by the chastity device. A surge of masochistic delight overcame him, ‘I want more weights to confirm my love of my Mistress; I am her devoted slave.’

Luxuriating in his condition he was only aware of a full ache in his nipples. Suddenly the overhead spotlight was switched on as the Housekeeper returned to the dungeon. Now standing close to him she spoke,

“Slave I have just received a telephone message from the Mistress. She will be returning late when she wishes to speak to me re her program of training I have overseen for her; she wants full notes, data and information from me prior to interviewing you. I am to complete this session then feed you prior to you taking a shower and preparing yourself for her return.”

With that the housekeeper buckled on a blindfold to the slave and attached another weight to the cluster already hanging from the pulley. A hiss of breath from the gagged mouth told its own tale. She bent down and whispered, “Another two to go slave, enjoy!” She left the dungeon switching off the spotlight and locking the door. All of this went unnoticed by the slave who was deep into his mantra.

When the session ended the clamps were removed the whole body of the encapsulated slave shook as blood returned to his nipples. Eventually his breathing assumed a regular pattern. He was fed as before with the highly nutritious balanced liquid diet but without the additional laxative. Returning to the dungeon he was unlocked from his suit, corset and confining fetters and chains and told to shower, wash his suit and shave his hairless head prior to removal of his gag and redressing ready for the Mistresses return.

Having completed all instructions he sat completely naked apart from his chastity device, rod and gag. Awaiting the return of the Housekeeper he was very anxious. The removal of the internal mouth gag took some time as his own teeth had been inserted into the exact mould taken prior to the gag being made specifically for him. To remove this internal gag required the slave to open his mouth as wide as the gag would allow to allow the Housekeeper to insert her latex gloved finger into his mouth and prise up and release the suction from each side of his mouth mould. Once this was done the slave had to open his mouth as wide as possible to allow withdrawal of the cunning gag. He was instructed to clean his teeth. He remained silent throughout this whole procedure; he knew the consequence of speaking without instruction to do so.

“Now slave you will dress as before. I shall return to oversee the fitment of your corset etc and to lock you into your suit”.

When the Housekeeper returned she wore in addition to her Victorian outfit a full white latex apron with frills along each edge and long trailing ties cascading down from the small of her back. She looked every inch the Victorian Housekeeper with the white latex contrasting with the long black dress. She fitted the padlocks and locked them; he was now sealed within his latex encapsulation.

“You are to be ready and waiting at the front door ready to welcome your Mistress. I shall of course be the first to welcome her, your task will be to carry any luggage she has with her. I shall, as instructed, formally hand you over to her prior to her debriefing me re your continuing training. Now open your mouth, I am instructed to gag you then you will settle down and write your reflections on your time under my control.” A soft latex balloon with a stiff tube through it was inserted into the slave’s mouth then buckled on prior to full inflation and removal of the inflation bulb.

As he began his feedback he had a hunger pang but knew from long experience that a liquid diet full of essential nutrients gave his body all that was needed; it was only his empty stomach that was demanding solid food. ‘If only there was a way of filling my stomach with a latex balloon so that it was fooled into feeling full.’ Then he returned to his task of recording his reflections.

He was instructed to attend at the front door but was first inspected by the Housekeeper. She produced a can of silicon spray and polished his covering of latex to a high shine; he looked as if he had been carved out of a block of obsidian the light reflecting in starbursts from the latex as he moved from one foot to the other. He was eager to greet his beloved Mistress and to resume the constant training under her devious care. He drifted; his mind switched off existing in his latex world, the door bell ringing brought him instantly back to full focus. He opened the heavy door to be overwhelmed by the sight of his Mistress in full length lancer fronted SBR with all straps fully buckled, her high heeled rubber boots poking out from under the full skirt of her mackintosh. Rivulet’s of rain splashed off the heavy rubber of the mackintosh onto the polished surface of the entrance hall; her sou’wester deflecting the heavy rain from her head. She looked even more desirable standing quietly before him.

“Hello slave, I trust you have behaved yourself in my absence. Now show your obsequence to me!” He immediately moved forward to a kneeling position and with hands behind his back bowed low placing his head on her booted feet.

“Stand slave and fetch my luggage from my car.” A gleaming black Jaguar XF stood in the secluded drive. Opening the boot, a place familiar to him, he smiled to himself, noting the heavy latex covering the custom padding; it was used often to transport him from place to place.

Carrying the two suitcases he returned to the hallway and stood to attention awaiting further commands. The Mistress was fully engaged with her Housekeeper and disappeared into the Dayroom. Much later they both reappeared, the Housekeeper smiling broadly the Mistress in the lead.

“Take my luggage to my rooms then prepare yourself for a brief meeting with me in the Dayroom. Once you have delivered my luggage you are to go there and assume your slave position.” His heart skipped a beat at the command and the sound of his Mistresses voice.

Kneeling in the classic slave position legs slightly opened, hands behind his back, head bowed in submission he awaited his audience with the Mistress. It was some 45 minutes later that she breezed into the room. Her chair, a high backed one in Rennie Mackintosh style displayed her as befitted her status. She arranged the full skirt of her SBR to cascade in full circle from her tightly belted waist. The special sound which only SBR makes broke the silence. Her slave delighted in the magic sound. The Mistress sat immediately in front of her slave. Bending forward she attached the pump up bulb attachment to her slaves gag and deflated it letting it hang down from one buckle. She took a tissue and wiped the saliva from the wet area of his latex helmet.

“Slave, my Housekeeper informs me that all directions I left with her have been carried out to the letter. Even though you were extended beyond that which you are normally used to you have accommodated to all demands made on you.” Adding in her steely voice, “Not that you have any say in the matter. You are my slave to do with as I think fit. Now do tell me of your thoughts whilst I was away.”

He drew breath then began.

“Mistress it was the Housekeeper who informed me of your absence and that she had been instructed to attend to me with detailed instructions you had left her. Initially I was very anxious because I had never had anyone but yourself attending to me; I had no relationship with her other than as her being one of the household and your Housekeeper. I was continuously gagged for much of the time you were absent so there was only a one way dialogue. I was purely the recipient of her attention and I was informed by her at the very start to that effect. I knew she was following direct written commands form you. Knowing this made it easier for me to fully accept your gift of continuous training. At times I was able to turn the pain I was experiencing into pleasure as I chanted the slave mantra you gave me and concentrated on you as my Mistress/dominatrix. The inverted suspension enema with laxative carried your message of inventiveness and dominance, I experienced all emotions from abject despair to highest exhilaration as the relentless wash out continued until I was just the recipient of your desires existing in a cerebral world of being sealed in latex whilst totally clean internally. Although hungry I knew from experience that the liquid diet I am being fed provides me with all nutrients. My stomach will shrink and hunger pangs disappear. Mistress I hope I have pleased you and the Housekeeper’s report confirms my absolute dedication to you; Mistress I love you, I adore you, I worship you and I serve you,” His voice now husky full of sexual desire, “I need your devious attentions to continue forever leading me to new heights of desire and servitude”.

The Mistress reached forward and reinserted the gag, inflated it and taking hold of her slaves helmeted head between her latex gloved hands tilted it up so he was forced to look through the vinyl lens directly into her steel grey eyes.

“Slave, the report from my Housekeeper confirms that all directions were carried out to the letter and that you clearly took pleasure when she teased you, as per my direction, as she managed to dilate you to accept 3 fingers. Well done slave, I can see that you are totally without limits and quite able to accept anything I demand of you, indeed from what she tells me you actively encouraged her to continue with the anal manipulation. Now to the purpose of my absence; I have been attending a conference on Conservation particularly the concept and reality of recycling. I can see a whole new exciting area opening up for us. But enough of that for the moment slave. You need to be put to bed and I need my rest. We shall meet again when I am ready to tell you of my plans for you. Now wait for the Housekeeper who will supervise your rest period. Until I see you again rest well, you have pleased me no end!”

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Story continues in Chapter 3

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