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Sealed, Constrained, Recycled 16: Descent into Torment

by James W

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© Copyright 2012 - James W - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/mm; D/s; latex; femdom; bond; bdsm; bagged; float-tank; susp; sd; conditioning; isolate; intubate; piercing; chast; gas; cons/reluct; XX

continued from chapter 15

Chapter 16: Descent into Torment

In the morning after a good night’s sleep between latex sheets within his cell the slave reported to the Mistress after showing obsequence to her by kneeing and placing his helmeted head on her rubber booted foot.

“Mistress, the subject is progressing well, in the last 24 hours there has been little physical activity apart from that expected from the input of the programme and his response to it. It would seem that he is now deeply confused and has lost track of both time and where he is. The earlier struggles noted already on the trace where the subject fought against his containment have passed, as have any contact with the reality of his situation. The auditory input has been gradually increased over the time he has been within the inflatable body bag to the point where it is now almost constant; both when he is asleep and conscious. It is clear that he now has accepted the messages contained within the programme believing that they are his own thoughts. In 6 hours he can be moved to the floatation tank and the second part of the programme begun.”

“Good! Slave I am fascinated by this programme and how it progressively takes over the mind of the subject then deeply instils its own tailor made thoughts into their mind without them being aware or conscious of this happening. So what happens now?”

The slave was keen to avoid any perceived forwardness as he now had a healthy respect for the Mistresses.

“If you please Mistress, I will check all equipment and prepare for the transition for the subject from his present confinement to the Floatation Chamber for the next seven days. Perhaps after that we should settle down to prepare the sentences you want the subject to hear in addition to those he is already hearing. Equally, you need to decide what rewards and punishments he will receive whilst undergoing the final few days within the programme.”

She looked directly at him hold eye contact; an arrow of fear struck and he gulped for a moment, anxiety levels soaring to new heights, then she smiled sensing his apprehension and spoke kindly.

“Relax slave, you are not in trouble, indeed I am pleased with the way you overcame your fear and inability to swallow the feeding tube and succeeded with my help. Now off you go and complete the various checks then return to my study where we shall begin the task of preparing additional sentences to be used in the Re-education process.”

All tasks completed the slave stood outside the study and timidly knocked the door.

“Enter slave.”

He knelt before the Mistress, head bowed arms behind his back, showing proper obsequence.

“Take a seat slave and let’s get to work. I have some ideas which I need your advice on. I have written some sentences which I hope can be used.”

The discussion as to which additional sentences would be included lasted long into the night with the slave explaining how each sentence could be programmed into the auditory input and whether rewards or punishments via the Erostech e-stim mechanism should be given.

It was decided that for the first 48 hours the subject would remain in total silence without any auditory input. Then the following sentences would be played in rota with each linked sentence being played over and over again until the next series would begin, all linked to the Eros tech 312 programmed to give both punishment and reward as each sentence was played. The following 5 days would be a ceaseless programme of stimulation with the subject being allowed to rest for limited periods when the auditory input would be subliminal.

The sentences decided on were as follows:

“You are completely empty of all thoughts you are alone without any contact with other human beings and you have been like this for ever.”

“You have no past.”

“You are nothing, you have become nothing.”

These would be played for 24 hours on the first of the five days without any electrical E-stim input.

“Your past is over; the future awaits you.”

Gentle and progressive pleasant e stim ramping up over the hours to a level just within his limits.

“Rubber is your passion, you life, without it you will die!”

Sensual and progressive pleasure then a sharp shock each time the word ‘die’ is said.

“To think of yourself will plunge you into unremitting agony!”

Using the Punishment programme to shock the subject with unremitting pain.

“To think of anything apart from serving your Mistress will result in pure pain and abject loneliness!”

Nothing here as the subject will be fearful of receiving further shocks, anxiety levels will be very high.

“The one person who can rescue you from your loneliness is your rubber Mistress. She will keep you in your rubber because that is what you want above all else, you are a rubber slave fit only to serve your Mistress to devote every waking moment to serving her and obeying her every command. It is only her who will keep you safe within her care.”

Sensual massage to excite the subject to heightened sexual pleasure.

“Your salvation rests in the hands of your Mistress, worship her, think only of her and endless pleasure will be yours”

Sensual massage to excite subject to highest sexual arousal.

“Pain and pleasure given to you by your caring Mistress are your ultimate desire.”

Continue to give alternatively sensual massage linked to input of painful but sensual massage.


The slave had no time to check all the equipment prior to retiring for the night but was told to finish the checking in the morning once he had been fed. The Mistress had fed him his own body liquid mixed with a high protein liquid diet. She liked the idea of the slave reporting back to his Master, at the end of the program, still with the feeding tube and catheter in place. It would enhance her reputation as a demanding implacable Mistress.

The Aquala all rubber dry suit in jet black lined in white rubber with special modifications to allow for the fitting of all tubes and wires was checked and ready for the subject. The Floatation chambers supersaturated Epsom Salts were at blood temperature and ready. Tethering straps were already installed.

The slave reported to the Mistress. All was set for the removal of the subject from the bondage bag and placement into the Floatation chamber for the next 7 days.


Now lost to the world the ‘subject’ was hovering between consciousness and oblivion; he was adrift in a darkness which had consumed his last tentative grasp on reality an endless time ago. He could not recall what was happening to him and how he had arrived at this state. His mind had closed in on itself and eventually exhausted the stored memories he had tried to cling to as the endless blackness had consumed him.

He was now at his most vulnerable; his mind ready to grasp any input which would allow it to begin processing again. Because he had received no tactile input whatsoever for the last 4 days his body was supersensitive to any physical input.


The Mistress had changed into the full surgeon outfit in pure white latex with a mask covering her nose and mouth of the full white helmet she was wearing. “Right slave let’s begin the process of removing my slave from his bondage but first I will gas him with Entonox until he is deeply sedated and unaware of anything.” She approached her slave and with one deft movement connected the air inlet to the Entonox supply. Then looking over to the monitor noted the decreasing level of consciousness as the Entonox washed over him until she was satisfied that he was deeply sedated. The Entonox was switched off for the moment but the air supply hose remained supplying him with clean filtered air.

“Right deflate the bondage sack and help me release him, we must fit him into the Drysuit immediately and then into the Floatation chamber. The Mistress unzipped and removed the permanently fitted CB2000 chastity device then re-zipped the all containing suit. With minutes the subject was sealed into the drysuit and ready for transporting to his place of confinement. His body was limp, deadweight and it took much effort to place him within the chamber. There was need for more sedation with Entonox during this process. Eventually he was tethered floating half submerged on his back with arms and legs outspread attached by strong rubber tethers to the sides of the chamber so no contact with the sides was possible. A full faced respirator modified to allow for feeding with blacked out face-piece was fitted to the latex hood of the drysuit with the black rubber corrugated air inlet snaking away from it. This tubing was suspended from a series of latex cords which held it without any pressure on the face of the subject.

The monitor indicated that the subject was still deeply sedated. The Entonox supply was switched to air, thus allowing the subject to gradually regain consciousness. Closing the door to the chamber the Mistress now very warm from all her exertions within her latex outfit, moved towards the slave who had helped her, addressing him, she spoke,

“Slave, as my slave or rather as you prefer to call him ‘subject’ can be left for the next 24 hours I think it only right that you should recommence your training under my control. You are to report to the dungeon in 5 minutes. You should be kneeling on the black rubber mat in the classic slave position. It is time you were fed and watered prior to further fun and games. Of course for you it will be anything but fun but I want you to know that for me it will of course be fun.”

Head bowed he awaited the entrance of the Mistress with trepidation knowing by now that she was most exacting in her demands. His breathing rate up, he was fearful of what would be visited on him when she arrived.

A gloved hand lifted his bowed head and made him look directly into the eyes of his tormentor. “So you dare to look me in the eye, clearly you have a urge to challenge me!” The Mistresses voice steely, “You clearly need reminding that you are my slave for the duration of your stay here!”

A blindfold was strapped and buckled to his helmet plunging him into coal black darkness. Now standing a lead was attached to his slave collar. He was taken over to the St Andrews cross and securely strapped onto it. A breathe through inflatable gag affixed and fully inflated. The nipple covers were unzipped and punishment clamps attached. Hissing breath issued from the breathe through gag but no other sound. He knew he was to be put into complete duress and his pain filled body would have to accommodate to whatever the Mistress decided to inflict on him.

“Slave you can consider yourself lucky to be trained by me. By the time you are returned to your Master you will have mastered a number of difficult routines. You can thank me for introducing new sensations to you. Of course a large degree of self discipline is, as you now understand, needed to master some of the more difficult ones. Now to business, I see your leg collection bag is full so I shall feed you now with your own urine. I am a great believer in the concept of recycling. My slave now in the Floatation chamber has taken to recycling both my and his own urine with great ease. He considers it a great honour to be allowed to recycle all of my bladder output.”

With that she removed the collection bag from his thigh, first closing off the valve from his catheter, and proceeded to raise the bag high above his head but in full sight of his eyes. She connected the drainage tube to the feeding tube extending out from his gagged mouth then unbuckled the blindfold. The slave blinked to focus his eyes then stared wide eyed at the collection bag hanging directly in front of his eye line. He was revolted, fascinated and proud all at the same time. He knew he had no say or control over the process and was a mute recipient of the Mistresses desires. He watched as the yellow liquid gradually drained from the collection bag increasingly proud of his achievement of mastering the swallowing of the feeding tube, but anxious of what new process the Mistress might demand of him. The addition of weights applied to his clamped nipples added to his duress. The gate valve affixed to the drainage tube allowed only a slow feed to him. He watched fascinated by the bulging plastic leg bag with markings telling of the amount of urine within the collection bag. The level reduced so slowly that he could not see the reduction within the bag apart from consciously making note of the marked off levels over time. The Mistress satisfied with the process left the dungeon.

After an hour the Mistress returned dressed in a gleaming black latex cloak covering her from the high collar to the floor. She was wearing a helmet with dark goggles covering her eyes. Without a word being spoken she released the slave and led him over to the gynealogical table and ordered him to lie on his back. Straps were applied until he had no movement whatsoever; his legs wide apart raised up on stirrups to expose his crotch. Once satisfied that the slave was secured The slave averted his eyes each time the Mistress move her head in his direction fearing that any eye contact would be seen as a direct challenge to her authority and would result in even more stringent punishment.

“Slave look into my eyes and fear for your safety, I am now going to fit you with a device which should remind you that you are only a lowly slave; it will be a permanent fitment for you until your Master decides whether it will remain or be removed. The other device will equally be fitted and will remain until you are returned!”

Staring into the dark lenses of the be-goggled Mistress the slave’s anxiety rose steeply, his heart rate climbed and he began to sweat. He was as a fly before a spider trapped with no chance of escape. Had he had the gift of speech he would have pleaded for mercy but the Mistress had denied him that modality.

The through zip at his crotch was unzipped to expose an engorged penis. “My my, clearly you are excited at the prospect of being on the end of my displeasure. Well we shall see just how you react to the next procedure”.

The mirror above the bench allowed the slave to view all that was going on. In a show of theatrical ability the Mistress made great emphasis in opening a pair of sterile latex surgical gloves and donning them over the pair of black gloves she was already wearing. She went over to a cabinet and removed a stainless steel kidney bowl with a sealed package within it. “Slave for this procedure you will need to be sedated.” A wheeled trolley with anaesthetic mask and cylinders in blue and black attached was brought over to the bench. The slave now fearful for his life attempted to struggle for release. It was clear that no release was possible indeed all that happened was the Mistress began tightening each strap in turn before reaching over to grasp the ori-nasal mask. “Slave your futile attempt to struggle is pathetic! I shall begin the procedure immediately!” So saying she applied the mask to his helmeted head and held it there. He resisted breathing for some time before his body demanded air and he inhaled fully. The taste of some exotic gas immediately had an effect on him as he felt himself being overcome with it. Within a couple of deep breaths he was lost to the effects of the Entonox as it overcame his panic. Each breath took him further and further towards a deeply relaxed state. He closed his eyes as he fell deeper into the black oblivion.

The Mistress worked quickly. Clamping the head of his circumcised penis she opened the piercing needle and proceeded to pierce him with an Albert ring following the hollow cutting needle. It was a quick process. Next she fitted a black plastic chastity device which held his pierced penis inside with the Albert ring protruding out at the end with the catheter snaking away to an empty collection bag. The device, a CB3000 was finally fitted with the padlock. The Mistress was very pleased with the procedure. The slaves testicles forced out each side of the penis tube. Removal of the device was impossible without the key to the padlock.

The supply of Entonox was reduced whilst the next procedure was conducted. The device, a secondary chastity belt had a lockable waist belt which fitted over the slave’s latex suit. From the wide polished waist band extended a hinged, downward facing, wide but rounded band rather like an inverted ‘U’ with a huge stainless steel anus rod fitted. The insertion of it went smoothly. It would remind him that he was a permanent slave. The band narrowed at the crotch and widened again as it immerged to spread a shield with a hole cut in it to allow for fitment over the CB3000 already in place. At the top of the ‘U’ was a female piece which fitted into the locking device with a padlock securing the whole assembly. She stood back pleased with the whole procedure. This would be the slave’s default setting for the duration of his stay.

As he emerged from the Entonox euphoria the slave felt a stinging sensation from his penis and a painful stretching from his anus. He looked up at the mirror, the only way he could view, as he was thoroughly restrained by the many straps. He blinked a number of times to gain a better view. His heart sank, he could see that he had be pierced and fitted with chastity devices. He took a deep breath and sighed; only a soft outpouring of breath could be heard by the Mistress. “So slave you are now properly controlled by me; I can see you have had a far too lenient time with your Master, it is time you were turned into a proper slave. It’s a good job you are not my personal slave!”


It was jet black without even a pinprick of light he was without sight, without any physical sensation he was held in void without any input; he was neither hot or cold, his body long ago had given up searching for any sensation; all efforts to gain any input had come to nothing; his world was blank but for the unceasing voices deep within his head. He was incapable of coherent thought his mind had shut down after existing in treacle for such a long time. Now all he had were the voices.

He was floating suspended in a super saturated solution of Epsom Salts his body already encapsulated within latex rubber was now sealed within an all rubber drysuit with breathing being filtered through a system of purifiers. All bodily nourishment continued to be delivered via the intubation system but only when he was deeply sedated. The voices were soft but unceasing. ‘You are completely empty of all thoughts you are alone without any contact with other human beings and you have been like this forever.’ ‘You have no past.’ You are nothing, you have become nothing.’ The periods of wakefulness, if that was what they were, formed an endless cycle of messages. Gradually through his fogged brain they began to make sense. He felt so very alone, held within the void. He had no idea where he was or what had happened. He was without reference. For the first 24 hours of his floatation the messages continued.


A very chastened slave, his piercing stinging, his anus feeling very abused lay in his cell feeling sorry for himself. He knew now that the Mistress was both demanding and implacable in her steely desire to impose her will on any slave misfortunate enough to be under her control.

Now monitoring the computer data the slave had seen little change in the readout from the many inputs from the subject. The subject’s heartbeat and breathing rate had remained steady over the last 24 hours. It was as though the subject was in Statius. The Mistress entered the room dressed in a full flowing Victorian governess dress in jet black, the high ruff neck setting off the open faced helmet she was wearing. She looked at the monitor and questioned the slave about various graphs then satisfied that all was progressing well sat down beside the slave to watch the next programme which would be activated immediately.

Suspended in darkness, her slave was now commencing the 6th day of the Re-education programme, he continued to hear the voices, but with a change of message.

“Your past is over; the future awaits you.” As this voice from within his head continued he became aware of some sensations. Where these were he had little idea as he had lost all sense of his body and its position within the void he existed in. The monitor graph suddenly registered an increase in heart rate, blood pressure and breathing. Brain activity began to climb. The feelings centred in two locations were barely discernible to him but were definitely there. They were the first inputs to his body for 6 days. They were exquisite, welcome and pure delight. He was slowly, oh so slowly trying to search out where they were. He was unable to cognate, so he just accepted them. Gradually over the hours the signal increased delighting him. He was still without any reference points. As the voices faded so new words replaced the old ones.

It was the beginning of the 7th day of his Reprogramming.

“Rubber is your passion, your life, without it you will descend into torment.” The sensual stimulation continued but each time the words ‘descend into torment.’ Were spoken so a sharp painful e-stim shock lanced through both his nipples and penis. This caused his body to react with a flinching movement His prone position lying immovably on his back caused ripples on the surface of the floatation tank wetting the lighter black rubber above the solution line, but he was held fast by the rubber straps holding him equi-distance from the sides of the floatation chamber. As this ceaseless message continued his brain began low level activity and allowed him to grasp at the concept of rubber love. The sensual rhymic delights were being very much associated with the intrinsic message that rubber was his passion his delight and his life. The increasingly painful input was underlying the message that without rubber he would be in torment.

The massage stimulus inexorable increased as the hours passed by with the painful jolt at the end of each sentence until he was writhing both in pleasure and pain. The pleasure cycle lasted longer than the pain which was delivered in a short sharp stab.

As he moved towards a sleep cycle just before he sank into the hypnogogic dreamlike phase so the sentence, “Rubber is your passion, your life, enjoy the sensation.” would be played. It always resulted in his penis engorging, now unrestricted by the removal of the chastity device. On the monitor the subject was noted to fight against the progressive overtaking of his consciousness as he tried to remain awake, attempting to cling on to the sensual massage his body was receiving. Once deeply asleep the input of the continuing messages carried on. However as he began dreaming and REM’s were noted so the message,

“To think of yourself is forbidden and will plunge you into unremitting agony!” would begin together with the ‘Punishment’ programme which delivered a short painful shock at random intervals so no preparation for the delivery could be guessed. With this cycle the ‘subject’ was unable to move properly into the natural dream pattern. The result was that the brains response was to file away the painful experiences with the implicit message contained within the sentence. The subject had a pattern of disturbed sleep and was now very much controlled by the programme existing as the ‘subject’ not as a sentient human being.

The Mistress entered the room where her ‘subject’ was undergoing the programme and expressed a desire to view him for the first time since he had been placed within the floatation chamber. She was missing her slave and felt increasingly lonely, he was, she unconsciously knew, a very special person whom she loved deeply as well as loving to keep as her own rubber slave. Together their relationship had developed into a deeply symbiotic one, each depending on the other for their ‘pleasures’ It was she reasoned a different kind of loving, one which depended on a totally fetish lifestyle.

Opening the floatation chamber’s door the slave moved back to allow the Mistress to gain a full unrestricted view of her beloved slave. There before her lay an entirely rubbered body in full black rubber drysuit with wires and tubes exiting from the crotch area. A full blacked out respirator with corrugated black rubber tubing snaking up from the snout of the respirator held in place with full strapping around the open faced drysuit hood. Rubber straps hanging down from the ceiling held the tubing in place as it passed out of the chamber. Her slave lay spread-eagled half submerged in the solution the rubber gleaming black under the water and a duller black as it rose above the water. At the wrists were attached heavy latex gloved now submerged with tethers to the side of the chamber. She could see the steady rise and fall of his chest as he breathed. Her heart skipped a beat. ’My slave, my delight! He will emerge from this programme as a completely subservient slave unable to think of anything but pleasing me!’ A shiver of pure sexual delight overtook her, she squirmed enjoying the sensation but knowing she was sexually frustrated and wanting to use the body of her slave immediately. However she resisted the urge to have her slave released at this juncture. She returned to her bedroom to take a racking pleasure between heavy crimson latex sheets.

The beginning of the 8th day of the program commenced with her slave rising up to consciousness.

Gradually becoming aware, the subject’s thoughts were completely fuzzy as he fought to rise out of the nothingness he existed in, but was unable to focus his mind. He felt exhausted but had no ability to either question or reason as to why. The disturbed sleep pattern he was being put through as part of the programme combined with the re-education of his deepest unconscious thoughts by simple animal conditioning were all taking their toll.

After hours of total silence where he drifted within the black void which had consumed his very being, he had a flashback of a session with his Mistress. He was totally encapsulated within tight black latex and completely controlled by his Mistress; he was in ecstasy his whole body squirming in the all enveloping latex. He was at peace, although under duress. For the first time he experienced an overpowering delight in feeling a pulsing in within his deepest thoughts, a combination of his mind and body responding to a recalled thought. An unvoiced unreasoned spasm of essential pleasure coursed through his mind/body. He clung to the sensation as if his very life depended on it.

Floating within the dark void the voices began again,

“Rubber is your passion, your life, your pleasure. You have an insatiable desire to be completely rubberised, to become a rubber object of another’s desire. You are a rubber bondage slave. You exist to please.”

The e-stim began simultaneously with the words deep within his head. He twisted within his bonds unable to comprehend that he was tethered and floating unable to move from the position he had been placed in. The feelings of pure pleasure accompanying each sentence as the e-stim continued progressively ramping up each hour until he was completely overcome by an all pervasive pleasure which filled his whole existence.

The aroma cask filled with latex cuttings was automatically fed into the breathing system. Within the next two intakes of breath the subject was breathing the heavy aroma of latex, the unmistakable aroma of his desires. This input added to the pleasure he was already experiencing; he was unconsciously and consciously now associating ecstasy with rubber. For the next hour he breathed the heady aroma until his olfactory receptors were desensitised. A rest period without any further e-stim or aroma input allowed him to drift alone within his containment. Then it all started again for the next hour and so on for the next 24 hours. The 8th and 9th day became as one without any demarcation to note the passing of time other than the daily report from the monitoring slave to the Mistress who took detailed notes.

At the end of this another sentence was introduced; 10th day

“To think of anything apart from serving your Mistress will result in pure pain and abject loneliness!”

A cycle of ‘punishment’ e-stim began and lasted for 12 hours. The same pattern as previously when being punished continued. By the time it finished the subject was deeply exhausted and conditioned to believe all that had been inputted.

He was allowed to rest in total silence for the next 12 hours.

11th day The sun shining through the crimson latex curtains cast a warm glow over the four posted bed with jet black drapes hanging down from the overhead rails to enclose the deep red heavy weight latex sheets which enveloped the bed containing the Mistress. Awake now, she stretched arching her back and letting out a deeply satisfied groan. ‘At last I get my beloved slave back from the re-education programme. I wonder what changes will have occurred? I can’t wait to see and then to resumed his training.’ She divested her loose silver seeping suit and took a shower.

Emerging from the shower she dried herself. She was eager to help the monitoring slave to release her slave, but first she needed to dress in something which she knew would excite her slave.

Entering the room housing the floatation chamber she surprised a sleepy monitoring slave who had be awake for the last 24 hours.


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