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Sealed, Constrained, Recycled 17: The New Regime

by James W

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© Copyright 2012 - James W - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/mm; D/s; latex; femdom; bond; bdsm; bagged; float-tank; susp; sd; conditioning; isolate; intubate; chast; gas; sex; climax; cons; XX

continued from chapter 16

Chapter 17: The New Regime

“Right slave I believe it’s time to release my slave”. This was not a question rather a rhetorical statement. The slave fearful of any perceived challenge from him acquiesced to the statement and deferentially replied,” Of course Mistress, at once”.

“We shall need to sedate my slave before releasing him. Then we can load him onto the trolley and return him to his cell where he can gradually come to. Your Master has told me that my slave will have no recall as to what has happened to him over the last 11 days; they will just not exist in his conscious mind, the conditioning will be total; he will be a completely re-educated slave.”

“You are correct in your perceptions Mistress.”

Switching on the entonox her slave was, within a short time, deeply sedated.

The door of the floatation chamber revealed the ‘subject still in the position he had been placed in 7 days previously. The Mistress overwhelmed with love for her slave and the future they would spend together moved into the small chamber and began to gently release the rubber straps from the wrists of her slave. The monitoring slave did the same at the ankles. Very gently they removed the slave from the chamber. He was stripped from the drysuit then from his slave suit until he was naked as the day he had been born. Placed in a wheelchair he was given more entonox to ensure he was maintained in his largely unconscious state then wheeled into the wet area within the dungeon and still in the wheelchair, carefully showered and shaved then dried and redressed in a new slave suit completely encapsulating him in tight black latex. He was blindfolded and gagged before being taken to his cell where he was placed on his platform and chained to the head of his sleeping platform by his slave collar. The heavy weight black latex sheet was drawn tightly over his recumbent spread eagled body. He would awake knowing nothing of his re-education.


Completely exhausted in both mind and body He slept deeply for over 14 hours before regaining consciousness. He lay quietly the voices had disappeared to be replaced by deathly silence. He tried to recall them but was completely unable to; his mind empty of thoughts. He felt completely rested, fresh and with an optimism which he could not place. Breathing in the warm aroma of latex he felt his penis engorging, his body luxuriating in the sensual caress of latex. He was overwhelmed with an overriding desire to squirm and wriggle within the sandwich of latex. It was pure ecstasy but he was restricted by the fetters keeping him in the spread-eagled position. His body spontaneously convulsed; he felt electrified by the caress of the latex, this was quite the most erotic sensation he had ever had. He was now fully erect sexually charged and completely lost to the pleasures of the moment.

The Mistress was wearing the outfit she had chosen for the release of her slave fitted the key into the lock of the cell and carefully released the lock. Opening the door she peered in to see her slave slithering within his constraints; his head moving from one side of the latex pillow to the other, his body following the pattern. She watched fascinated for a couple of minutes as he continued his sublime dance. As he was both blindfolded and gagged with the inflated breathe through gag and feeding tube. He was completely unaware of her presence. She smiled to herself, ‘yes! This is just what I want, my slave completely conditioned to be absolutely dependent on me and latex. This bodes well!’ She approached her slave switching on the communication device deeply embedded within his ear canal.

“Slave I see you are enjoying the delights of being encapsulated within latex this is totally appropriate as you will remain in it for your entire life. I am pleased with the way your training is progressing but of course you know that I always demand more from you than you think is possible. Well I must inform you that I plan to increase your training from now on. There will be no excuses for anything but your absolute very best. If I judge that you are not doing so I shall have no hesitation in severely punishing you.”

The steely voice of his Mistress caused him to increase his sensuous gyrations. He was in paradise this was music to his ears; somewhere in the deepest recesses of his mind the implicit message contained within the sentences found their mark. He took breath through the breathe through inflatable gag deeply inhaling the heady aroma of warm latex a full body spasm overtook him he was fully primed to take whatever his Mistress deemed to visit on his body; his mind already conditioned to wantonly desire severe unremitting rubber bondage. He was the acolyte worshipping at the feet of his Mistress. The Mistress was delighted to note the reaction her words had on her slave.

“Slave, I am going to release your blindfold now so you can feast your eyes on me and tremble at the sight you see. There must be no let up in your training; you will be used for my pleasure!”

She emphasised ‘my’ underlining it was her pleasure she was focused on and her slave was a means to that end.

The Mistress took her time to unbuckle the blindfold; knowing that this would enhance both the frustration and excitement of her slave. She replaced the blindfold with a pair of dark goggles to allow him time to accommodate to light. After all he had been blindfolded for nearly two weeks. Blinking to focus his eyes that had been occluded for over 11 days he slowly focused first on her gleaming black latex opera gloves. Then his heart missed a beat, there before him looking directly into his eyes was an apparition in obsidian latex. She had slipped into a new catsuit specially ordered for this moment. It fitted every curve and shape of her body as if she had been dipped in pitch. A full helmet with white outlining both her eyes and mouth; she had taken great care to apply heavy makeup which she knew excited her slave. From the tube at the crown of her head cascaded her dark hair now plaited into an extravagant plume interlaced with white latex ribbon.

The Mistresses breasts tenting the fine latex of the suit, her nipples were hard, an unmistakable indication that she was sexually excited. The heavyweight boned corset clinching in her slender waist to shape and centre her firm breasts. She was perfection in latex, not a wrinkle or single blemish to be seen.

“Slave look and enjoy the sight of your Mistress dressed from head to toe in latex. You can consider yourself indeed fortunate to see me. I had considered keeping you sightless for many days but that will occur in due course. You see I like the power of controlling you absolutely. Now to business!”

Here her voice changed from the warm tone she had just spoken in to the steely crystal voice which always preceded some form of duress for her slave.

For the slave it was as if his deepest desires were to be realised, here was an announcement which added to his pleasure. He was breathing quickly now the full effect of his ‘re-education’ clearly obvious to his Mistress who noted the increase and smiled inwardly to herself. His penis now fully erect but contained within his slave suit could clearly be observed. He looked, as commanded, feasting his eyes on the quintessentially fetish object looking down on him he was overcome with love and desire for the gleaming beauty before him. This was a dream come true. He could feel his heart pounding in his chest he was overcome with love, this was his deepest held fantasy realised before him.

“Slave, I am now going to deflate your gag so you will be able to answer my questions before I use you for my own pleasure. You are to remain silent at all times unless asked a direct question, but of course you already know that don’t you!” So saying she climbed onto the sleeping platform and straddled her slave. She was pleased to see that his eyes were fully dilated; clearly he was completely focused on her, his eyes shining and misty with clear indication that he was fixated on her. She leaned forward imposing her weight on his hips and began to deflate the inflatable gag which had been fully effective in sealing any sound escaping from her slave over the entire ‘re-education’ programme. The slave feeling the deflation began to move his jaw to gain use of it again.

“Slave tell me how you feel now and your thoughts; spare nothing in your telling because once you have finished I plan to re- inflate your gag; As I plan to keep you gagged in future as my silent plaything”.

It took quite some time before her slave could begin to talk in a husky voice. He had to clear his throat a number of times. Then in an unsteady voice he began talking gaining use of his voice box after such a length of time of having the ability of uttering even a single syllable taken from him.

“Mistress”, he stammered, still trying to flex his vocal cords, “I love you, I adore you, I worship you and I serve you. I feel as though I have been, as it were, deeply asleep or living in a semi reality where life was always conditional on my control of my ego. Now, for some strange reason, I feel as if I am reborn and fully in the moment with rubber/latex being an intrinsic part of me. Without it I feel as if I would be bereft and would eventually die a lonely death. Rubber is the essence of my very being as your slave. I am at one with it and know now that my destiny is to serve you unceasingly and with a renewed determination and vigour to please you at all times. I am ready for whatever you command and demand of me. It is as if all my past life as your slave was but an apprenticeship, a weak shadow of what I feel I can now offer. When I say offer, I mean devote all my physical and mental efforts to please you. I know that only by pleasing you can I hope to attain any satisfaction from deep within my soul”.

“As I awoke just now I felt so different, it was as though for the first time in my life I had a burning desire to become that what I always fantasised about in my dreams, that of becoming a perfect slave complete in every detail and able to centre my focus and reason for living on serving you as my dominatrix. I feel that I have been in a deep state of unease for some time where it was my selfish personal feelings that kept coming to the fore, with my selfish demands being made on you unconsciously. It was as if I wanted to control you! I am ashamed to admit that my ego was trying to assert itself thus baring me from entering the state of oneness with latex and you.”

“Do you know dear Mistress when I awoke I was fantastically aroused by an intense feeling of being both encapsulated in latex and serving you as your personal rubber slave. I was in ecstasy unable to control my bodies delight, squirming in an orgasmic state between the warm latex sheets that held me fast. It is as though all my nerve ends have been refreshed and heightened and I was in a state of pure bliss. Mistress, I long to serve you, to please you in any way that I can; I am so in love with you dear Mistress; my only desire is to give you complete satisfaction in everything I do or that which you demand of me. I am your devoted rubber slave; I am ready to devote my life to you in any way you think fit because I know for certainty that anything you ask or impose on my body is a sign of your ‘special’ care of me. I am, Mistress your rubber slave.”

With that he closed his eyes momentarily only to reopen them, averting them from any perceived challenge, again in a sign of utter devotion and capitulation.

The Mistress smiled knowing that she had a totally submissive slave under her control; ‘Yes, this is what I have always wanted!’ She felt a surge of sadistic anticipation knowing for certain that the ‘re-education’ programme had worked.

“Slave, I am both encouraged and satisfied that you have somehow come to an epiphany, a realisation of your real and future position as a proper rubber slave; good we shall see whether your words are followed up by action! Now I am going to use you first then put you into complete and total rubber bondage! You may look at me now before I refix your blindfold and inflate your gag!”

Her slave raised his eyes towards his Mistress taking in the perfect fetishistic vision and luxuriating in the feeling of total latex bliss. Within moments she leaned forward again pressing her hips into his body and removing the goggles, rebuckled the blindfold. “Can you see any light slave? Nod your head once if you can.”

Satisfied that his vision was occluded she proceeded to slowly squeeze the inflation bulb until the bulge in his cheeks indicated that he was indeed silenced. She eased her latex enshrouded body from his and began to release the taut black latex sheet which held her slave as she had left him the day before; spread-eagled on his sleeping platform tethered at wrists and ankles. She carefully unzipped his suit at the crotch releasing his erect penis, she fitted a gleaming gossamer thin black latex penis and ball sack; he was ready to be used. She opened a small packet of lube and smeared it over his penis. Mounting him she positioned herself above him and fingered her vagina through the gossamer thin latex lining her vagina then slid unctuously down onto his penis.

Arching her back with head thrown back she began to squeeze her vaginal walls around the intruder and in doing so began to climax immediately. She was ripe for sexual pleasures having been without any for the duration of his confinement apart from her trusty vibrator. Whether her slave had taken pleasure was of no concern to her although she knew that he had bucked and trashed under her as she became oblivious to him, only her urgent need to take a massive pleasure at the forefront of her mind. She lay quietly on her recumbent slave for some time, her breathing rasping initially. Then when she felt ready for another pleasure she began the whole process again until she was satiated. She lay quietly on his body for some time unspeaking, just luxuriating in the contact. She eventually felt his penis slipping from her.

She climbed off her slave and brought over a stainless steel tray with the accoutrements needed to impose her will on her slave. She slipped off the fully enclosing condom he was wearing noting that the sac at the end was full then carefully wiped his flaccid penis with antiseptic wipes. She opened and carefully donned a pair of sterile surgical gloves before opening the self retaining catheter. She applied KY jelly to the head of the catheter and urethral opening and gently began inserting the snake like latex tube into the eye of his penis until a trickle of urine indicated that the head of the catheter had reached his bladder. She clamped off the outlet tube before taking hold of the external sac containing sterile water and squeezing it; the liquid from the sac inflating the latex retaining bladder deep within his bladder.

Tugging it she was satisfied that the catheterisation was complete and connected the open end of the tube to a thigh collection bag. Next she fitted the CB 3000 chastity device making sure that both the catheter and the 5mm stainless steel Albert ring protruded out from the end of the hard black plastic penis tube and finally engaged the small padlock which ensured no release until she decided to use her slave again for her own pleasure. She caressed the helmeted and silenced slave on his head taking delight in knowing that by doing so she would be reinforcing her slave’s devotion to her. Refixing the heavy latex sheet she left her slave to his rest knowing that at the next session she would begin with her new, re-educated, completely devoted rubber slave. Many ideas were flooding into her devious mind as she locked the door to his cell.


The Mistress rose early full of anticipation this was the first day of having her re-educated slave up and about. She dressed appropriately choosing the outfit she had worn when using her slave the day before.

Her slave lay still, unable to move, since he was still in the spread eagled position. She touched him gently on his helmeted head and received a warm acknowledgement with him slowly rocking his mute head from one side to another. The removal of the holding sheet and tethers was soon completed. She looked down on his prone body feeling a consuming love for him wanting to let him know that she was deeply in love with him but refrained from doing so; knowing intuitively that it would spoil the uncertainty which kept him always somehow guessing as to his importance to her.

Unlocking the chain from the head of the bed, she switched on the communication device and commanded him to stand and show obsequence to her. The blindfold did not deter him in any way; he seemed to focus in on where his Mistress was standing and knelt before her hands behind his back head placed on the latex boot she was wearing. He remained there, his head pressing into her boots, until told to stand.

“Slave I am going to feed you now with the gift of my bodily fluids combined with yours together with a high protein mix which will ensure your continuing health. Let me see, how long have you been on this liquid diet combining recycling with a special formula of all nutriments and vitamins, my, my, yes it must be at least two months.”

Her question didn’t need a reply from her slave who was completely mute and within his own world of rubber completely submerged in the new experience of living in total acceptance/ oneness with his latex encapsulation. He had never felt more alive or in tune with his existence. The Mistress clipped a lead to his slave collar and led him out of his cell towards the kitchen where he was installed within high chair which he had always hated because of the implied humiliation. But not this time; when his blindfold was removed he blinked then focused on his Mistress carefully averting his eyes whenever she looked in his direction. He felt a surge of pure love for this dominatrix who had his ‘care’ very much in her mind. The inflated stomach balloon was deflated to allow ingress of liquid. The high stainless steel adjustable feeding stand with wheels allowing for easy movement was wheeled into place just in front and to one side of the slave. The feeding bladder in black latex was hooked up to the stand, the red rubber tube dangling down was connected to the feeding oesophageal tube and the tape turned on. The slave always got a sexual kick from the feeding process knowing that he was a helpless recipient. The Mistress spoke,

“Slave do you know the reason I choose to use a black rubber bladder to feed you?” He knew instinctively that this was one of her rhetorical questions which he need not attempt to answer, as he was fully gagged and unable to speak.

“It’s because I love black it matches your slave suit and takes on a sinister image. In addition it doesn’t allow you to see the mixture gradually being gravity fed into you. All you can do is watch as the bladder gradually loses it distended shape, not knowing when the last drop of the mix disappears into your stomach.”

He was taken from the kitchen to the dungeon where he was soundly beaten. This was very much part of the ritualistic training which he had come to accept and increasingly enjoy as the endorphin rush spread throughout his body. The last 20 strokes with a bamboo cane were delivered at maximum and brought him close to taking a pleasure even though his penis was constrained with the chastity device. From the back of his mind came the words ‘turn pain into exquisite pleasure, it is your destiny.’ He smiled inwardly to himself.

Now strapped into the bondage chair with an all restraining heavy rubber straightjacket he was unable to move a muscle. He had been fitted with punishment nipple clamps Mistress had been very thorough in her fastening of him. She pulled over a stool and sat down immediately in front of him. Reaching forward she tenderly held his head in both of her hands and raising it so he had no choice but to look directly into her heavily made up eyes. He swooned full of an overwhelming love for his Mistress. He blinked three times to acknowledge her; his heart pounding. There before him was the centre of his universe. He heard the click of the embedded earpiece then the breathing of his Mistress before she spoke.

“Slave look into your Mistresses eyes knowing that you are utterly under my total and complete control and feel the power of my domination of you. Although you are unable to speak because I have you gagged and of course you will remain thus until I decide what is best for me, not you! I love your silent acknowledgement of your willing acceptance of my domination over your every waking and sleeping hour. There is complete control over you every second of each minute, hour day and night; you see you are my rubber slave, object and plaything to do with as I think fit. Once you have reflected on the implications of what I have just said I shall return and inform you of my plans for you”. With that she refixed the blindfold; patted him on the head and retired.

It was as if an explosion of desire overwhelmed him. For a long moment he was unable to draw breath as the intensity of the emotion up-welled within his soul. It was as if he had been electrified. He felt giddy, an intense desire to become an inanimate rubberised object, sentient, aware but unable to move. He felt an overwhelming devotion to his Mistress; a symbiotic link to her very being. It was if he was a part of her, an extension of her ego. ‘Yes, I am inextricably linked as the yin and yang of the essential being of life with my Mistress at the very centre of my universe. My Mistress; I am nothing without her, then a thought flashed through his mind, ‘Without her I would cease to exist..I am only ‘alive’ because of her very special way of ‘caring’ for me. The bondage is part of her gift to me together with the exquisite pain which she demands I suffer whenever she decides as an outward sign and token of my slavery. I love her so very much and suffer all that she chooses to demand of me. I am truly addicted to her touch be it a tender caress from her gloved hands or a vicious lash from cane or flogger. To be ‘cared’ for in this manner is beyond anything I have ever fantasised about.

The return of his Mistress went unperceived by her slave. He was deep into the dark universe he visited on occasions when completely dominated and alone. From somewhere in dark space he was aware of his Mistresses voice calling him. Instantly he was back to reality answering her call; nothing else mattered.

“Slave, I have made my decision and shall now inform you of it. As there is no ground for any input from you, your gag will remain but I shall remove your blindfold to allow you to feast your eyes on me. I give you special dispensation to look directly at me without it being seen as a direct challenge to me with the consequences of severe punishment!”

With that his blindfold was unbuckled to allow him to see his Mistress through the misted up lens of vinyl eyepieces which were now very much part of his total covering. He blinked to focus his eyes then took in the delight which was presented to him. His Mistress was wearing a full latex helmet with eyes and mouth openings which showed her heavy make up to perfection. From the crown her dark hair interwoven with crimson latex ribbon cascaded down in a neat plait showing her long hair to perfection. Over the catsuit in obsidian latex she wore a shoulder cape in crimson latex, black lined. Her breasts were shown to perfection within the formed cups ably containing them in a latex caress. Her hands concealed in black opera length gloves. Not one millimetre of her skin was exposed; she was quintessentially the perfect latex dominatrix.

His heart beat increased and the surge of pure physical response caused him to immediately feel the all constraining chastity device hold and thwart his penile erection. He felt as though he would faint from the overpowering feeling that surged through him. There immediately in front of him stood the lady of his deepest dreams, in essence his waking dream; and apparition totally enshrouded in obsidian latex. It was as if this figure was the perfect female doppelganger to him, a mirror image but in perfect female form. He was overpowered with love and devotion. He was allowed time to take in the detail of what his Mistress was wearing; feasting his eyes on every detail before she spoke.

“So slave we come to this special occasion where you will hear details of what your future life under my special control will consist of.” There was a period of silence where only her heavy breathing could be heard deep within his shrouded head; all other sounds absence. This had a dramatic effect on her slave. He stopped breathing holding his breath for the beginning announcement which would inform him of the demands of his implacable Mistress. He understood intuitively that there was to be a major change in his life style; an increasingly demanding regime which would raise his commitment to her, testing him further to the ‘nth’ degree.

“Slave, I know you are capable of giving me far greater commitment as you have recently shown an improved metal attitude to me with clear devotion to your position as my personal rubber slave. I have therefore spent a considerable amount of time preparing a program which will both increase my domination over you and demand far greater commitment from you. To these ends your new regime will begin as soon as I have finished this announcement. The complete detail of this new regime will become apparent to you in due course but suffice to say you will fulfil all demands made on you because that is what I want. Remember this mantra slave, “What your Mistress likes you will like.”

”So to begin: your daily regime will consist from now on with the follow, on being released from your sleeping platform you will immediately be taken to the punishment room where you will be beaten followed by an hour’s session in the specially equipped gymnasium. This will keep you fit for purpose. After this you will be allowed to shower and taken to the kitchen to be fed your liquid diet of my body fluid together with all necessary nutrients. Following this you will then be put into strict bondage for a period of time to be decided by me depending on how your fitness training went. Once released you will be required to help in the house or, if I decide, outside in the grounds where you will of course have to be properly protected in additional specialist clothing. On completion of these tasks you will, on some days to be decided by me, accompany me in outings. This may be as a passenger in the boot of my car or as a bondaged non ambulant slave enshrouded in a black latex covering in a wheelchair. Or sometimes as my rider on the motorcycle I own and which you are familiar with having ridden it skilfully on a number of occasions. On very special occasions when you have pleased me with your devotion to all my many demands, or have completed a lengthy training session, be taken out to dine with me in one of the fetish friendly discreet restaurants. On such occasions you will be allowed to eat normally”.

”Depending on each days performance I shall decide whether you require either further training or punishment. This will be delivered immediately. This may take large amounts of time in which case you will not be sleeping in your cell but remain without sleep undergoing my special treatment until I decide you have satisfied me sufficiently with your contrition. Of course the next day will follow with all that I have enumerated to you. You see slave your life is going to be very full from now on. Gone are the days of the soft regime you have lived under for far too long. I intend to dramatically increase your training so you become my perfect personal slave.”

The Mistress moved very close to her slave and looked him directly into his eyes. He blinked rapidly. This was a signal from him to indicate his love and devotion to his Mistress. She spoke, her voice husky full of sexual excitement. “So slave we move into the new regime.” With that she switched off the communication channel and he was plunged into complete silence. The blindfold was rebuckled.

This was the beginning of a whole new adventure and he was ready for anything his beloved Mistress demanded.

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