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Sealed, Constrained, Recycled 15: The Dreaded Tube

by James W

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© Copyright 2012 - James W - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/mm; D/s; latex; femdom; drug; bond; bdsm; bodybag; inflate; float-tank; susp; sd; intubate; cons; XX

continued from chapter 14

Chapter 15: The Dreaded Tube

The Floatation chamber arrived the following morning along with the slave who would be responsible for the installation, maintenance and running of the complex computer programme. He would also be giving the Mistress full debrief each period as to the computer programme and how the slave undergoing the full programme was faring. She was, for her part, looking forward to the experience of continuing the training of this slave and hoping to receive on the job training. She would otherwise be somewhat at a loss having no slave to train.

Stepping down from the large van carrying the chamber he and another slave were fully dressed in latex from head to toe with a full leather bondage harness fitted over the top. The accompanying slave was there purely to aid in the assembly of the special Floatation chamber. Meeting them the Mistress spoke to the slave whom she would be training, enquiring as to the need for two slaves.

“Mistress, the other slave is here purely to help me carry and install the Floatation chamber nothing else. He is gagged so silence is assured; he will drive the van back to the establishment of our master once the installation is complete. I trust this is in order?”

“That is satisfactory, you may continue. Once all is installed you will report to me in my study and can explain what you will be doing. You will now accompany me to my study so you know where to report.”

The installation of the Floatation was completed in due course with all electrical connections made. The super saturated solution of Epsom salts was being heated to the exact body temperature of 93.7 f or 37C. The computer programme with DVD for auditory input was set up and tested; all was ready. The Mistress had informed the visiting slave that she had all feeding and cleansing completely under her control. He need only run and administer the ‘re-education’ programme. She would allow him time to do that; otherwise he would be in training under her supervision.


The time in the strap cage passed; the slave had a restless time dozing fitfully within the tight bondage. He was unaware of drifting off to light sleep only to wake with a start to find he was held tight. He struggled to gain some relief from the tight constraint but was largely unable to. Trapped as he was within the tight embrace of the bondage he mused on his situation. ‘What will happen next I wonder? My Mistress is determined to have me as a totally compliant unquestioning slave with all remaining ego being completely eradicated; with her having complete and absolute control over me as a mere rubberised slave/object.

I am so fulfilled as her slave and don’t want to jeopardise that. I am so in love with her as my demanding, devious and endlessly imaginative Mistress. The last outing was so very sexually exciting; who would ever have thought of that mode of transport for me, and the frank information as to her charge was completely mind-blowing. I am one lucky slave!

He was lowered to the floor of the dungeon where he was led over to the gynaecological bench and strapped onto it with legs raise in the stirrups. He was fed and cleansed. The blindfold remained as did the gag; all liquid sustenance given via the intubation system. The Mistress was wearing her surgical gear with full mask all in pure white latex. She placed the anaesthetic mask over the helmet of her slave and switched on the Entonox. Soon the slave was heavily sedated and unaware of anything going on around him. There followed the removal of the helmet and unzipping of the shoulder entry suit to gain access to his skin. Electro-gel pads were fitted on chest, neck head and eyes; a padded eye mask in latex was fixed with miroporous strips to his shaven head, totally occluding any light entering his eyes. Wires were connected and would exit from the neck of his suit. The suit and helmet were refixed.

The blindfold he had been wearing for the last 48 plus hours was strapped into place. Only the wires from his neck and tubes from his intubation could be observed exiting from the breathe-through gag which was fully inflated. The various wires would allow the incoming data from the slave, such as heart rate, pulse, blood pressure, state of arousal, breathing rate, REMS (rapid eye movements) for when the slave was past the hypnogogic stage of semi-consciousness and into the deeper unconsciousness dream state. it would allow the computer programme to activate the many differing auditory inputs which formed the essence of the ‘re-education’. It would also allow the monitoring slave to keep a clear overview of the lengthy programme and to report any incidents and progress.

Her deeply sedated slave was lifted into the awaiting inflatable whole body bag. All connections with tubes and wires snaking away to be connected to respective devices were arranged. The bag was inflated sealing the slave into the bag for the duration. Nothing could be seen of the slave the enclosure enveloped him completely within its all consuming embrace of rubber.

The Mistress turned to the slave in waiting, her eyes heavily made up and glinting; she was sexually aroused by the whole scene.

“So slave, tell me, what happens now, when does the programme begin?”

“Mistress, for the first 24 hours the slave will receive no auditory input. Indeed for the entire duration of the programme he will not receive any physical stimulus. May I suggest that he is sedated each time ingress of nourishment and output of the cleansing process is undertaken as this will totally remove any risk of him gaining any physical stimulus whatsoever. It is vital that he is left to his own devices during his initial period with the absolute minimum of stimulus. After this period we shall begin the auditory input at a very low level; at a subliminal level where he will have no perception of the auditory input. In his isolated, lonely state his brain will begin to grasp at any input whatsoever. There will be periods of input with long periods of nothingness. His brain used to constant stimuli entering will by this time begin to, as it were, build its own reality from stored memories and episodes. The effect will be to distance him from the reality of what is happening to him. He will be in a fabricated world disconnected disorientated and lonely. Time will have ceased to have any meaning whatsoever. He will feel increasing lonely and depressed as time passes.

For the first four days he will remain in the body bag with no apparent input. Of course he will be receiving the subliminal input which will be having its own effect. I shall report to you on all aspects whenever you demand. There will be long periods when the automatic programme will be engaged and I am instructed by my Master to inform that at these times I am free for training. I know I am here to continue my training under your tutelage. Now, if it is permissible, I need to finish off the securing of the body bag so no movement is possible.”

“Of course slave, but once completed and everything is in place and your assistant is no longer needed and has been sent off to return the vehicle, you will report to me for training.”

The Mistress stood looking at the inflated body bag, now like some engorged worm in shiny black latex, then left the visiting slave to get on with the outstanding work, and departed.

Once all was finished and the slave had checked everything and was satisfied that all was working according to plan; the ‘subject’ could be left for the next 24 hours with sedation prior to feeding and cleansing being undertaken by the Mistress. He liked to refer to anyone undergoing the re-education programme as ‘subject’ as this allowed for proper identification and stopped any confusion with the use of the word ‘slave.’ He was now anxious to know what awaited him under the control of this new Mistress.


“So slave it is now time to commence your training under my guidance. I have read the notes your Master has left and am, I must say, impressed with your fortitude. Of course whilst here I shall test your ability to take prolonged duress; you know this is aspect of training in which I excel and which both excites me and gives me endless satisfaction. My own slave has shown enormous fortitude and stamina. So now it is your turn to receive my attention. Come here and show obsequence to me!” her voice now assuming a steely tone. The chastened slave gulped and carefully approached the Mistress then knelt before her and placed his head on the toe of her latex thigh boots.

“Good slave, now stand before me so I can inspect your dress.” She slowly walked around the slave noting the clear difference between her own slave and him.

“Well what a start, your bondage harness is just not tight enough and your suit has wrinkles and is not polished, your boots have traces of mud on them and your helmet is not laced tight enough to expel any wrinkles. I can see you need to be punished immediately to remind you that I am very particular! Over to the strap- cage, now!”


Suspended, high above the floor of the dungeon, nipple clamped, catheterised with collection bag strapped to his thigh, corseted and punishment helmet tightly fitted together with a high neck corset. A breathe- through gag valved with screw down clamp restricting the amount of air he could breathe. A single tube extended out from where his mouth was allowing him to suck in life giving air, but each breath had to be strained for; he was in duress. The fact that he had told the Mistress that he was free to serve her for the next 24 hours was terrifying him. Was he to remain suspended for the next 24 hours? She had not informed him of anything. He shuddered, a spasm of both fear and sexual excitement passing through him. ‘What a start! I can see that I shall have to be very careful to please the Mistress in every way I can. She is very exacting in her demands.’


The first 24 hours passed; the ‘subject’ was sedated, fed and watered and cleaned out without any untoward signs on the continuous chart recording of all vital signs. It was clear that he was not conscious of the ingress of liquid food or the cleansing process. This was all good.

A much chastened slave had been released after 5 hours undergoing punishments. He was tired but resolved to improve to comply with all that the Mistress demanded.

Reporting back he explained to the Mistress that all was going according to plan and the next 24 hours would see the slave alternating between periods of consciousness with fitful periods of sleep. He would be wondering why he had not been released and anxious for fear that something had occurred to stop his Mistress from attending to him. As the hours passed so he would begin to question the passage of time, perhaps he had just been in bondage for only a few hours. At this time the subliminal auditory message would begin. Each time he lapsed into sleep the level of input would be increased. As he gained consciousness so the level would lessen. This would continue now for the duration.


The second day saw the breathing and heart rate of the entombed subject climb as he struggled within his latex confinement. The attending slave explained to the Mistress that this was entirely normal behaviour as the subject began to have panic attacks believing that he had been left and was now completely alone without any supervision being undertaken by the Mistress. He would be thinking that she had had a mishap, was injured and not able to attend.

The struggling caused blood pressure to build and his penis attempt to engorge with blood. It was at this stage that the computer programme would send a short burst of painful electrical shocks which the subject would assume was something other than the e-stim he was accustomed to. He would be increasingly disorientated, lonely and depressed knowing that he was trapped and completely on his own. Futile attempts to escape from his confinement would be made over the coming hours until he would lapse into a semi conscious state lost within a spiral of despair. The attending slave assured the Mistress that all was going very much to plan. The increase of auditory input with various messages was noted.

Now lost with all hope of escaping from his position any remaining confidence inexorably leaking from him the slave within the inflatable bag tried to gather his thoughts but somehow all attempts at doing so were largely unsuccessful; it was as though his thoughts were being confined within treacle. The subliminal messages were having their effect.

‘You are alone, abandoned by the one you love.’

‘You are alone, but you deserve to be alone, you are full of yourself,

‘You are arrogant and self willed!’

‘To move forward you must let go of the past, your past is full of self interest, abandon it now to stand any chance of moving forward.’

‘You are nothing, you have become nothing.’

‘You are not loved; you are alone and will remain alone until you abandon your ego and conform.’

At random intervals the e-stim delivered a series of painful shocks linked to the words ‘ego,’ ‘Full of yourself,’ ‘abandon your ego.’

As time passed in the dungeon so the auditory input became more and more insistent, he could now hear the voices clearly so that any consciousness was completely overtaken by the endless messages. The messages became his thoughts, his voice speaking clearly to him. He was utterly lost with outburst of sobbing and weeping, the tears wetting his eyes, stinging and adding to his abject state of misery. Had he not been fully gagged he would have screamed out but no sound whatsoever left the bondaged package.

The final 24 hours of the programme passed without any attempts to move or struggle, it was as though the subject had become comatose.

This was all good news and indicated that he was now deep within the mindset of nothingness, existing but unaware of what was happening, his mind now progressively confused unable to grasp the reality of the situation; his thoughts increasingly turning inwards to grasp at the endless voice within his head.


Within his cell the visiting slave lay tethered to the latex covered mattress by fetters to hands and ankles. He had just returned from a session with the Mistress where she had begun training him to swallow an oesophageal tube. It had been an arduous few hours; he had been strapped into the stainless steel bondage chair with no movement possible, his head held in a vice like grip. He remained catheterised with collection bag strapped to his thigh. Nipple clamps were applied, with the addition of a heavy weight ball stretcher fixed which caused him a deep ache which progressively grew as the time passed.

Initially he had been given spoonfuls of olive oil to lubricate his throat. The red rubber tube was fed into his mouth by the Mistress who, dressed as a surgeon in white latex complete in every detail. She was very gentle but insistent. As the tube touched the slave’s oesophageal flap which protects the airway from ingesting food. There was a violent autonomic reflex response he gagged and retched, his eyes watering. She had insisted that he should try and master his gag response and had reinserted the dreaded tube to rest against the flap with the result that the slave had been constantly retching and gagging. However, on the third period of training with threats of applying greater weight to his ball harness he had by dint of supreme effort managed to resist the constant urge to retch each time the tube touched the guarding flap. He was bathed in sweat from his efforts and exhausted. The ache in his testicles was unbearable. He was at his wits end. He knew he had no escape from the ceaseless torment he was undergoing; the Mistress had instilled abject fear in him.

“Well done slave, I am impressed, but you still have to master the swallowing of the tube down into your stomach. So I am going to leave you to rest and take stock of your situation. When I return you will, I know, manage to swallow the stomach tube completely. To fail me will be taken as a direct challenge to my authority and, will result in immediate retribution! Which will be very exacting and prolonged I can assure you!”

By the time she returned the slave knew his release from the constant and awful pain rested on his ability to swallow the dreaded tube.

“So slave are you ready to please your Mistress; blink twice to give me your ‘yes.’ ” This was one of her rhetorical questions which really needed no reply; there was no other choice available to him. The Mistress proceeded to insert the tube very carefully and slowly. He had gagged, retched and coughed with eyes watering but somehow had managed to swallow the tube. He felt a deep sense of relief; the tube was now deep into his stomach. The Mistress spoke with a certain huskiness in her voice.

“Good slave; you have pleased me with your dedication to satisfy my demands. Now we can begin to enjoy the whole training process together. I can see your Master will be pleased with your progress under my care.” She spoke the word ‘care’ with a decided sarcasm which did not go un-noticed by the slave.

“You will keep the feeding tube in now so I can feed you. I will tape the tube to the side of your helmet so it is out of the way until your leg bag is full and I feed you. Now, once released you will check on my slave and the computer programme and report back to me.” She released the slave and left the dungeon. He felt the tube within his mouth with his tongue, unused to the sensation he kept swallowing his body trying to ingest the alien tube. Leaving the dungeon he made his way to the room where the ‘subject’ was. The fully inflated black cocoon of latex lay exactly as left hours before. There was no movement to be observed.

He entered the programme to check on the record of input and data received from the subject. It appeared that a steady heartbeat and breathing rate were maintained for long periods with rapid increase occurring when REM’s occurred whilst the ‘subject’ was asleep. This was completely normal. He smiled to himself, ‘I don’t envy the subject’s position. The regime the Mistress imposes is amazingly demanding she has absolute power and is implacable in her demands. I now know that she wants her slave to be completely reprogrammed, to have no other thoughts but to serve, to have no ‘self’ existing only to please her as a mind controlled rubberised slave/ object.’


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Story continues in Chapter 16

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