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Sealed, Constrained, Recycled 14: Market Day

by James W

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© Copyright 2012 - James W - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; D/s; latex; femdom; catsuit; bond; bdsm; punish; wetsuit; sealed; multi-layers; wheelchair; outdoors; object; susp; urine; cons; XX

continued from chapter 13

Chapter 14: Market Day

The Mistress sought advice from one of her contacts within the fetish world an expert in the training and subjugation of rubberists so they progressively became very real slaves to their owners. He had over the years researched the whole area of mind training and the psychology of the finer points of how the mind can be receptive to new and unusual means of altering long held behaviour traits. He listened with growing interests to his friend of many years who sounded desperate to retain her slave the one she had devoted many long years to training and who had satisfied her until this outburst of ego which had come out of the blue and had deeply troubled her. She was at a loss to know what to do.

She had explained the incident and the outburst of ego when her defences were down.

“Are you convinced that this programme will work on my recalcitrant slave? He seems to have an underlying need to assert himself; I’ve tried to train him to overcome this defect and had thought that I had succeeded, however this outburst has shocked me. I am very serious about ridding him of any thoughts but to serve me entirely without any of his former independence”.

“I can assure you that this audio/electronic programme has worked on some of the most obstinate cases. We have never had a failure. Of course it is vital that the programme is followed assiduously.” There was a pause on the telephone line as the Mistress collected her thoughts.

“So tell me about the programme and what I need to do?”

“You have underlined what regime you have imposed on your slave and I understand that he is at an advanced level of conditioning; you have him completely plumbed and thought he was fully accepting of his long term rubberisation, am I correct?”

“Entirely; so what must I do?”

“First it is vital that your slave is entirely isolated from the outside world; he must be held in a void without any external interference save that of keeping him watered, fed and cleaned out. I know that you have the capability of doing this without him being aware of what is being introduced into or out of his body by making sure that all inputs are at body temperature. The computer programme is comprehensive and all controlling; but relies on data feedback from the individual. Feedback will be gained using a series of self attaching gel pads which will be placed at strategic sites over his body. In addition you will need to wire him up at nipples and genitalia so the electronic E-stim can be used as part of the programming. The tiny receivers you have fitted into your slave’s ears will be idea and allow direct auditory input both at the conscious and sub-bliminal level. The combination of the e-stim and auditory input will change the behaviour patterns of your slave permanently; most importantly the programme will thoroughly recondition your slave. You will have a computer linked programme which will run the entire conditioning programme 24/7 for the duration”.

“The programme is in two parts. The first part will take 4 days to complete whilst the second part will take 7. Your slave should be put into a two part inflatable cocoon thus denying him any external input because he will be held suspended within the containment, surrounded with pressurised rubber over his entire body. Connections for the breathing mask, feeding tubes and cleansing tubes should exit via small sealed apertures.”

“After the initial four days he should be heavily sedated before being released from his cocoon and placed on a hospital trolley; my slave will help. He will be completely disorientated and have little idea of where he is and what is happening. If your slave shows any sign of physical resistance after the initial four days in bondage, then strap him to the trolley and re-sedate him then take him to the Flotation chamber for preparation; at no time should he be allowed to see; it is vital to restrict his vision. The heavy weight rubber drysuit made by Aquala should be fitted over his latex suit to protect him from the high concentration of salts within the floatation chamber. The Aquala drysuit has been modified to allow all connection to be made via a watertight seal at the waist. It maybe that a head harness is fitted so you can suspend him if he is unable to stand unaided. All connections to be reconnected then place him in the Floatation chamber, still heavily sedated, which I will have delivered to you. One of my trusty slaves will organise and set up this for you. Your slave will be spread-eagled within the chamber by my slave. Soft rubber restraints will be fitted so he has limited movement, but is totally isolated from touching the walls”.

“My slave can remain with you until your slave is finally released. Whilst he is with you I would be delighted if you would continue his training, as I don’t want him having an easy life. He is very well trained and I want him to continue his stringent training whilst with you; therefore I would appreciate both your training of him as well as your feedback at the end of his time with you. Your slave will remain in the floatation tank for the next 7 days until he is removed.”

“I see, so this intensive reprogramming will finally take away any remaining self will and will return to me the slave I have always wanted; one whose only thought is, ‘how can I serve my Mistress better?’”

“I can assure you that both the Militaries and Academics disciplines together with vast resources technology behind this programme is well tried. Believe it or not but this was part of the American experimental psychology disciplines attempts to help the USA understand the practice of ‘Brainwashing’ conducted on American servicemen in the Korean war of the 1950’s. It seems that many returning men had become apparently completely malleable by the use of this method, without any self will. They were therefore potentially dangerous as some had been completely stripped of any past. They were, as it were, reduced to clean slates by the ‘brainwashing’ which they had received at the hands of their capturers. Once this process had been accomplished they were open to the introduction of new ideas; many of them completely alien to the non ‘brainwashed’ returnees. These servicemen had been programmed to conduct acts of war against their homeland. The Military sought the help of the academic world to understand what had happened to these men who were, prior to the capture and ‘brainwashing’, patriotic and completely opposed to the system existing in Korea. That is where an experimental Psychologist named Lilly comes into the picture. In his research he conducted many experiments. One which proved to be very revealing was that of isolating the subject from all sensory input by suspending them in tanks of water heated to exactly blood temperature. They wore drysuits so they could be kept underwater, weightless as if they were in space for extended times and were connected to life support systems. Every detail of their responses was recorded, blood pressure, pulse rate, brain function, body temperature, sleep patterns and all verbal and nonverbal output. The experimental psychology program was called the ‘Lilly tank experiment’ and remarkable discoveries were made. It seems that a human brain without any external input from day to day sources soon hungers for the missing sensations. It will soon begin to provide its own sources from stored long-term memory and in doing so progressively looses all contact with reality especially if the subject is kept without any input whatsoever for extended periods. Having exhausted long term memory the brain then begins to make its own reality and it is at this stage that the brain is susceptible to auto suggestion from outside input. It is possible to, at this stage, as it were to begin to re-programme the person to become totally slave like without any independence of thought other than those implanted by the programmer. I hope I have explained myself clearly? So do you have any questions?”

The Mistress took stock of all that had been said; her thoughts now focused very much on her slave and the programme.

“You have cogently explained all that I need to know at this stage, but I am sure there will be other questions in due course, thank you. So it seems this system has a good pedigree and is most effective. As far as I can see it has no drawbacks. So when can we commence with this programme?”

“I am very happy to take over the continue training of your slave for the duration of this programme. There will be no need of my presence rather I shall send one of my highly trained slaves who has expertise in the running of the programme who will supervise the entire programme. But, before we start you must give me data on just how far your slave has reached in his training and what is off limits for him.”

The discussion continued long into the night.


He lay awake contemplating his fate knowing that the forthcoming re-education would take place and would, he earnestly desired, overcome any deeply hidden desires to be independent again. He had been surprised, retrospectively, at his sudden imposition of his own desires, rather than those of his beloved Mistress. He was, as far as he could introspect, fully submissive and masochistic. He lay unable to do anything other than remain on his back in his occluded world. He had been in that position and consequently had not slept particularly well. He drifted off to sleep again.

“Slave, wake up I have a surprise for you, one which will give me great pleasure!”

He felt the soft caress of latex as it slid across his body. He was released and told to stand. He remained totally occluded unable to see or hear other than his Mistresses voice, his world, one of silence and darkness with the all over constriction of latex from his encapsulation.

He was taken to the dungeon where he received a sound thrashing; his mantra helped him to experience an endorphin high as the beating went on and on until he was desperately trying to offer his bottom towards the riding whip which rained blows to his inflamed rear. No words were spoken to him. He knew that his Mistress was very displeased with him. The next time period passed without any auditory input. He was, as far as he could tell used as his Mistresses recycling vessel and nourishment was fed to him via the feeding tube although he couldn’t be sure such was the sophistication of his Mistresses feeding ability.

Finally he was placed in what appeared to him to be the punishment chair and secured. The next instant he felt nipple clamps being fitted. He took an involuntary intake of breath before exhaling. These were undoubtedly punishment clamps. The inflatable gag was deflated and a scuba mouthpiece introduced into his mouth. He breathed in tentatively and immediately knew he was being fed with Entonox. He inhaled fully, an eager recipient. Within a short time he was on the point of deep relaxation just prior to unconsciousness.

Whilst he was like this a punishment neck corset was fitted which held his head completely immobile, allowing only a fixed frontward position with head slightly upwards, together with a heavy weight polished black latex cover with integral cowl fastened over him. He didn’t perceive that he had been placed in a stainless steel wheelchair that he was being completely enshrouded within the tightly fitted coverall. The scuba mouthpiece was withdrawn from his mouth and an ori-nasal mask fitted and strapped to his masked head with the oxygen pipe snaking across the glossy black covering to descend to a large container.

The Mistress was satisfied with this arrangement and stood back to admire the containment. ‘Yes this will do well; I shall enjoy shopping with my slave’. She wheeled the chair out to the van that awaited her. On her approach the driver’s side door opened and a Mackintoshed figure stepped out. His head was completely covered by a sou’wester. He bowed low to the striking figure of the Mistress now dressed similarly with her narrow corseted waist allowing for a wasp-like profile, her ample bosom setting the whole apparition off to perfection. It was now coming on to heavy rain; the drops coalescing to form rivulets of water as they cascaded from the heavy rubber mackintoshes. He walked around to the back of the van and opened and operated the lift device allowing a platform to descend to the ground. He took control of the wheelchair and fitted and fixed the clamps then raised the wheelchair to allow it entry into the specially designed interior.

“Well done slave I can see you will be very useful to me when you deliver the Floatation chamber. Now I want you to take me to the large open Market at Dorwood.”

Aware of movement the constrained slave gradually came out of his sedated haze and was aware of the overpowering aroma of latex provided by the aroma box his breathing tube was connected to; as well as constant movement. He knew he was in a vehicle. For a moment he was completely disorientated then he collected his thoughts. ‘Yes, I am being transported to some unknown destination; could this be to a training establishment where I am to undergo ‘re-education’. He was unable to answer this question. ‘I am not given any information other than that my Mistress chooses to give me; I am her slave without any other purpose in my life but to please her.’

Eventually the vehicle stopped. The Mistress studied her slave, and then closed on him. She smiled to herself as she drew back the cowl to expose the helmeted head of her slave; he was blindfolded and gagged with the ori-nasal mask covering the gag. She fixed on a pair of sunglasses and mused to herself, ‘Not that you will see the sun today!’ it was still raining heavily. Refastening the cowl she ensured that the storm flap which effectively covered all but the nose upwards was fastened.

“Right slave you may unload my slave. then you will remain with the vehicle, I shall return at my leisure.” The walk to the open market was completed in heavy rain. There were various obstacles to be overcome but eventually she arrived pushing the enshrouded wheelchair, She switched on the intercom.

“Slave you will have reasoned that you are heavily bondaged to the wheelchair and will remain so until we return to further punishment and training for you; yes your training and punishment goes on until your re-education is undertaken. You may not know, but it is raining very heavily at the moment but not one drop of rain will enter your covering as you are completely enshrouded in a heavy weight rubber coverall which is affixed to the wheelchair. I am wearing my heavy latex Mackintosh with sou’wester, over my catsuit underneath. There, you can spend time visualising the sight of me dressed totally in rubber. Of course for you, you are always in total latex or rubber as you are my rubber slave. You have no choice because I am in absolute control of you, aren’t I! Nod your head to answer me now!” A slight nod of her slaves head indicated that he acknowledged his situation.

“I am going to leave my microphone so you can hear what is going on, now, in a moment we shall be at the Open Market; listen and learn”.

He could hear the sound of splashing as the rain dripped from the overhanging tarpaulins. He was snug within his containment but wished he could walk with his Mistress clothed similarly.

“I should like a taste of that cheese, please.”

“Certainly madam, what a day! But I can see you are wearing sensible clothing; I must say you look gorgeous in that mackintosh and hat.”

“Thanks for your comments, I do like the taste of the camembert, I shall take a kilo thank you.”

There was a break and only the background noises could be heard.

The slave listened intently for the next comments.

“I hope you don’t mind me asking, but I see you have disabled person with you. Is it your husband?”

“I am pleased to say it is not, but a patient I am in charge of; he is unable to walk or talk and cannot see and has only very limited hearing. He is completely dependent on me for all his needs. However I feel that an outing like this, at least allows him to be outside, unfortunately he is unable to breathe the fresh air and has to breathe special air.”

“Well I think you are very brave to take on such responsibility. I hope you have a good day, goodbye.”

Deep within his dark world of rubber the slave was sexually excited at the realisation that he had been taken out for a ride in the wheelchair having been turned from a normal rubberist into a permanent rubber slave, dependent on his beloved Mistress for his every need. He could feel the constriction of his chastity belt as his harnessed penis tried to engorge. He revelled in his condition and mouthed, ‘Mistress I love you, I adore you, I worship you, and I serve you.’

The rain continued to fall in a steady deluge; the Mistress was in her element, booted, suited and Mackintoshed with sou’wester her long dark hair completely dry protected by the wide brim which directed the rain away from her head and neck and down over the double yoked shoulder to cascade harmlessly down her long back and thence onto the wet ground. She delighted in the situation with her slave silenced, blinded and sealed as a rubberised object; his every breath reeking with the heavy aroma of latex, his leg bag gradually filling from the indwelling catheter he was fitted with. She dealt on the forthcoming ‘re-education’ ‘yes, I so want my slave to be the perfect submissive with no other thought than to serve me, his whole life to be one of desire for me with no sign of independence. I am determined to have what I want! And will not rest until I am satisfied that I have my heart’s desire. I am sure that the programme will be successful, after all it has a very good track record.’

The next input to her slave who was intently listening for any feedback whatsoever was that of a similar exchange with another vendor.

“Good morning, I should like to try your olives, may I taste one or two before deciding? You have such an amazing range.”

“Please feel free to try madam, What a horrid day with this incessant rain it’s not good for business, but I see you are properly dressed for it, and may I say you look every bit the complete Mistress in your tightly belted shiny mackintosh and sou’wester. As for your companion he looks like he is completely protected from any rain, within his tight, well fitted enclosure.”

“Well, thank you for your comments. I can see you are a perceptive man. On the first count, you are indeed correct, I am a Mistress and on the second count, you are partially correct. Indeed he is very well protected but he needs to be as he is without any mobility whatsoever and has neither speech nor sight and only very limited hearing. He has to breathe specially filtered air and is out with me because he is my charge and needs the occasional outing as a relief from his normal situation. I thank you for your observations. But on to other things; I should like half a kilo of this one and half of this one, thank you.”

Deep within his severe bondage the slave again experienced the frustration of feeling his manhood attempt to raise at the frankness of his Mistress and the fact that she had clearly indicated to the stallholder the condition of her charge, but being thwarted by the ubiquitous chastity device. How he longed for the release from this form of control, but even as the thought crossed his mind, he immediately accepted and delighted in his condition.

“Thank you madam and I can only say that your patient is lucky to have someone like you to take care of his ever need.”

“He is indeed lucky to have me as his mistress, but I thank you for your comments, goodbye.”

As they began making their way back towards the vehicle the Mistress spoke to her slave.

“Slave, I trust you have had an enlightening trip out and was able to hear some of the exchanges made. Nod your head if you did.”

The glistening hood of his coverall moved forward a fraction. “Good that was the plan but now I am going to put you back into your silent world for you to contemplate on your future. You see I am still angry at your outburst and feel you should continue to receive my displeasure prior to your re-education which will start shortly”. The click of the embedded micro speakers deep within his ear canals plunged him back into his silent world.

As the pair of glistening wet indivuals approached the vehicle the driver stepped out and bowed to the Mistress. He said nothing but went to the back and lowered the lift so the wheelchair could be positioned for its return journey.


Now suspended within the strap cage just inches from the floor of the dungeon the slave was tired and ready for a rest. However that was not to come just yet. The Mistress approached carrying a natural latex bladder with a tube extending out from it bottom. She hung the bladder above her slaves head and then proceeded to remove the leg bag that he was wearing. It was full from the days outing. She emptied the contents into the natural latex bladder. Taking the rubber tube she connected it to the tube extending out from the breath-through gag which her slave had been wearing for the last 24 hours and slid the push tap across the gate to allow the contents to drain into her recycle slave. She then reached forward again to grasp the thin tube which exited from the breathe through gags opening and squeezed the small release bulb to allow the air from the stomach sac which filled her slaves stomach; this would allow him to ingest the urine which was now flowing into his stomach. He sought out his nipples and affixed heavy weight punishment nipple clamps. Hissing breath left his breathing tube; the only sign of his duress.

The sound of the winch whirring away could be heard as the slave was winched up to stop at an easily accessible position, so that the Mistress could gain access to the end of her slave’s catheter. She fixed a large black latex collection bag to his thigh; ‘There that should suffice for the night, not that you have any idea because you have been in total darkness now for, let me see, ah yes, all of 30 hours! And do you know slave, you will not see daylight until your re-education is completed!’ She left her slave now high above her swinging slightly in his bondage.


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