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The New Spring Line

by RubberH

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© Copyright 2018 - RubberH - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-M; F+/m; pickup; transport; latex; catsuit; strip; naked; massage; force; control; depilate; arousal; sex; denial; cons; X

The characters and situations in this story are a work of fiction. Permission to use the characters in this story has been given by their original creator, Andy Latex as noted in his blog Smooth Slick N Shiny. This story is meant as an ‘alternate reality’ of his fictional universe.

continued from part 4

Part 5

After leaving Lady Jane’s William walked back home in a slight daze. He could hardly believe what he had done. Why did he kiss Andy? Why did he let Andy kiss him? He kept telling himself ‘I’m not gay… I’m NOT gay!” Yet he WAS attracted to Andy, or at least the feminine creature that resembled him. It was odd that he never felt that way towards any of the girls he dated. Yes, they would kiss, fondle and even have sex with him. But with Andy it was a different feeling.

When arrived home, William told his mother about his accepting the job. Of course, he couldn’t possibly tell her everything that occurred, but he could see the happy look on her face. The stack of bills would be gone, and he could be more independent and not have to worry about her.

It was just after dawn that William’s phone rang. “Do you know what time it is? “, he said sleepily.

“Yes, but you appear to have forgotten.” said the voice on the other end. “I’m waiting outside. Lady Quirt expects her employees to be punctual.”

“Let me get cleaned up and dress…”

“No time for that. Just get to the car. We might make it in time.”

“You don’t expect me to walk out of here stark naked?”

“Probably be better if you did.”

William froze. “You’re joking.” He said.

“Do you really want to play games? We have thirty minutes.”

William was NOT going to go nude. Quickly he put on a pair of shorts and a t-shirt. He took a pair of running shoes and went down the stairs as quietly as possible so as not to wake his mother. When he got outside, standing on the pavement was a woman dressed in a chauffeur’s uniform. Upon a closer look he could see that it was made entirely of thick black rubber. She opened the rear door to the car and motioned for him to get in. As he entered the car he looked at the chauffeur. Like most of the outfits he had seen, this uniform was skin tight and hard to move freely. The boots had stiletto heels of incredible length, making her look much taller. They also made it difficult to walk. How was she going to drive?

The chauffeur started the car and drove quickly through the streets. She was attempting to weave through the traffic as more vehicles were bringing in the day’s commuters. William could see the expression on her face change from placid to near panic as she frequently looked at the clock.

“Can you be more careful?!” William shouted, “You are going to get us in an accident, if not killed!”

“There will be hell to pay if we are late.” Responded the chauffeur, who just barely missed a bicycle messenger.

William would have asked what she meant by ‘hell to pay’, but he thought better about distracting her after she turned a corner almost on two wheels. This bitch was crazy!

Finally, they reached the building where ‘Boy!?’ was headquartered. They drove to the back and down into the underground parking. At the entry the chauffeur opened the door and let William out of the car. Meeting him was another woman, and not just any woman. She was huge. Not fat huge but very tall and muscular. She was dressed in a well-tailored business suit made of red rubber. She looked at her watch.

“You are two minutes late.” She casually said to the chauffeur. “Park the car, go to the Punishment Room and accept your penalty.”

The chauffeur began to sniffle and then tears ran down her face. “Please. It wasn’t my fault he….”

“Silence.” The red woman said with barely a change in tone. “You have failed once, and I was lenient. This little outburst now earns you additional time. Let us say… double. Unless you wish to triple it by more foolishness.”

The chauffeur said nothing but got back in the car and moved it to a nearby parking space. The red woman looked at William carefully. “Yes, we can do a lot with this.’ She said to herself. Then she looked at William. “Alright.. off.” she said to him.

William looked at her. Then he realized what she wanted. “Right here?” he asked.

The red woman sighed and shook her head. “I don’t know what you were told, but your contract clearly states that you agree to all rules of WORLD and ‘Boy?!’. We have a dress code here. Rubber of course. Otherwise you go nude. Well, we might accept PVC, vinyl, leather or in some rare exceptions, spandex. Just drop your clothes right here. We’ll find you something temporary until your new wardrobe is ready.”

William was hesitant, but it was getting to be easier to be naked in front of someone. It was just that this was not in the privacy of Lady Jane’s home or his own bedroom. He peeled off his shirt and let it drop to the ground. Then he slipped his fingers under the waistband of his shorts and they slid down to his ankles. He kicked them off and stood naked in front of the red woman.

“Shoes as well.” she said, “They are rather filthy.” William did as he was told. The red woman motioned for him to follow her as they entered the building and into a nearby lift.

“By the way, my name is Bulldyke. I am supervising your makeover and presentation to the Board of Directors. This is the reason you have to be here so early.”

“Makeover?” William asked. “What kind of …”

“Not that kind.” Bulldyke quickly responded. “Yes, Lady Quirt explained exactly what she wanted and no… we are not dressing you up as a girl.” She looked down at William’s cock “THAT would be a waste.”

The lift stopped at a floor. She took her ID badge and placed it in front of a sensor. The door to the lift opened. “You are not to go unescorted through the building. A special pass will be issued to you and will work only in certain areas.”

They walked down a hallway and through a glass entry. William could see that this was similar to the photo studio. Posters of Andy and other sissies were on the walls. All were dressed in various styles and types of clothing. From elegant evening wear to provocative lingerie; all in rubber of course.

They entered a room where a massage table was set up. On the other side of the room was a large shower stall and sauna.

“Now you need to get cleaned up. But first, you are rather tense. I am right?” she asked. William half smiled and nodded his head. “Well my job is to make you as comfortable as possible. We don’t want you to be unhappy working for us these next few years.” She patted the massage table, inviting him to lay down on it. “You’ll love this.”

William lay face down on the table and his head fit on the round open cushion. He heard Bulldyke leave the room and he laid there several minutes. He felt odd laying there naked without even a towel to cover him. He did not have a good night’s sleep and his eyes started to close. He heard the door to the room open and someone enter. He heard shoes being kicked off. He then heard a zipper and out of the corner of his eye he saw Bulldyke’s red rubber jacket fall to the floor. Then came the pants.

“I never had a masssAAAAAAA!” William cried out as her hands began pressing down on his back. Her hands continued to press, squeeze and manipulate William’s spine. He tried to raise his head but Bulldyke pushed his head back into the cushion and continued on his back and shoulders.

“Oh my GGG… AARRGGHH. Oh Please!. Please!” cried William as her hands and elbows moved up and down his body. They never stopped except to adjust William’s body on the table or to dispense more massage oil. While the massage was at times quite painful, surprisingly he was becoming more relaxed. The hands massaged his buttocks, legs and feet.

She stopped for a moment. Her hands and arms reached under his body and then she flipped him over onto his back. He stared at her in disbelief. The tailored business suit had hidden her incredible physique. He had never seen such muscular development. He wasn’t a fan of bodybuilding but he was stunned at how solid and powerful she looked. There was barely any bodyfat on her. It was almost all muscle and sinew.

“OK, now let’s work on the neck and front.” She said. He would have said something, but she went right back to work; her huge hands holding his head. William was a bit fearful. She could easily break his neck.

“You’re tensing up.” She said softly, “Don’t worry, you just relax and let me do all the work.” She continued to press upon his neck and shoulders. She continued down the rest of his body and William was soon in a deep relaxed state. She took hold of his cock and gently began to manipulate it. He would have objected but it felt so good.

“Ummm. That’s a muscle that needs a little extra treatment.” She said. William lay on the table as she climbed up and strattled his body. She lowered herself over his cock and slowly let it just inside her. But instead of lowering herself further, William felt something else. She was actually pulling his cock up inside her! Then she pushed it slightly out. How the hell could she do this? William thought. Bulldyke smiled at him as if she knew was thinking. “Surprised, Lover?” she purred “You have no idea what kind of muscle control a woman can achieve.” She kept going; pulling his cock in and out of her until he almost came.

He wanted her to continue but she stopped and climbed off the table. “That’s enough for now. “ she said.

“Please.” He said. “Can’t we keep going?”

Bulldyke smiled. “Not enough time, Lover. Now I see you really, really need to cum. Just be a good boy and let Bulldyke get you ready for the meeting. Then we’ll see about giving you some relief.”

She went over to a nearby dressing table and sat in the chair. William watched as she took her right hand, grabbed her hair and pulled it off. It was a wig! She then peeled off her eyebrows and eyelashes. These too were fake. She took out a large jar of what looked like orange marmalade and brought it over to the massage table. “Stand up. “ she said. William complied.

Opening the jar she scooped the jelly-like contents in her hands and began to coat William’s body in it. He could smell not just orange but cinnamon, lavender and something else. She coated William completely. Back, legs, ass, crotch. Everything except for his head and face.

“Now me.” She said. William scooped the jelly in his hand and began applying in onto Bulldyke’s body.

“You can do my head and face too. Use plenty of it.” William made sure that he coated her back, rear and every other inch of exposed skin.

His body started tingling and then began to itch. Then a warmth crept over him. No, not warmth, heat. Deep heat on his skin. Now it was getting uncomfortable as with each minute the intensity of the heat and itching increased.

“Damn!” What’s happening?” William shouted as the sensation was getting more and more unpleasant. Bulldyke stood and smiled at him. William began to attempt to wipe off the oil off his body she walked over to the shower and turned on the water.

“It’s just a long-lasting depilatory.” She said. “The burning is the final stage of the process. A little soap and water will neutralize it. “, she stepped back into the shower and crooked her finger; telling William to join her.

He quickly stepped info the shower and stood under the water. As the water hit his skin he heard something behind him. He turned and saw two girls…. no.. not girls. They were two sissies, dressed in pink rubber catsuits. They each were holding sponges and scrub brushes.

“We now have to make sure you’re clean and ready for inspection. “ said Bulldyke. One of the sissies walked up to William and began to scrub and sponge off the orange jelly. The other sissy began to clean Bulldyke. As he watched he could see his body hair disappearing. The sissy wasn’t rough with the brush and sponge, just very, very, thorough.

William watched as he was quickly denuded of every hair on his body except for above his neck. As Bulldyke had said, the burning and itching stopped once the soap and water had been applied. Once the last bit of his hair went down the drain, the sissy stopped and turned off the water. Seconds later a fan was turned on and began to blow warm air into the shower room. Soon William and Bulldyke were completely dry.

Bulldyke looked at William. “Display! “, she said. William wasn’t sure what that meant but recalled what he had to do for Lady Jane. He spread his legs and placed his hands behind his neck.

She looked at him carefully and then slightly nudged his legs, indicating he was to spread them farther. “When you hear the ‘Display’ order, you will immediately comply. You will stay in this position until you hear ‘Release’. Oh, and that order may only be given by the person who gave the original ‘Display’ command.” She then checked to see that his body was completely smooth and hairless. “Bend over.” she said. He was hesitant at first, but what options did he have? Once he had bent over the two sissies took hold of his buttocks and pulled them apart, ensuring a clear view of his hole.

He heard the sound of rubber gloves being snapped and soon felt a pair of fingers enter his rear. He let out an “UHHH” as she probed his opening.

“Fairly tight. Are you fighting me William?” she asked.

“No” he replied, not certain if any answer would be satisfactory.

“Well, we’ll start you out with a number five plug and by week’s end, work you up to a standard eight” William heard that and began to shake.

“You’re not frightened, are you?” Bulldyke asked William as she withdrew her fingers. He nodded his head. “There is nothing you need to fear. Everyone here wears an anal plug. Several can wear a ten and these two sissies usually wear nothing less than a twelve.”

Bulldyke ordered the two sissies to clean up the shower and the remainder of the room. William began to tremble.

He felt her fingers re-enter, but this time they were coated in a lubricant. “Just relax now.” She said, and William soon felt the plug being pushed inside him. First the tip and then slowly his hole was invaded by the wide part of the plug. She maintained a slow but constant pressure. It was not painful, but it was uncomfortable. When the widest part of the plug was reached he thought he would cry out. Then quickly the ring of muscle snapped closed around the narrow base of the plug. He was shaking intensely from this unwanted invasion of his rear.

He began to hyperventilate when Bulldyke wrapped her arms around him in a firm but gentle embrace. She held him close, softly saying “Good Boy…. Good Boy.”, slowly rocking back and forth until his trembling stopped. She then cooed, “Now that wasn’t so bad, was it Lover? Now we’ll have to hurry along. You still needed to be registered and then introduced to the Board.”.

Bulldyke released him, dressed and sat in the dressing table chair. She put on the wig and reapplied the fake eyebrows and eyelashes, then stood up and checked herself in the mirror; making sure everything was perfect. William looked at himself as well. He was hairless, naked and he felt as if a football had been wedged up his backside.

“One more thing. “said Bulldyke. She held out her hand and William saw the pill. He didn’t have to ask what it was. He took the pill and swallowed it. In a few seconds he felt the stirring in his cock and soon after that he had a massive erection.

Bulldyke smiled and winked at William. “Maybe when we have more time, I can let you massage me.”

story continues in part 6

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