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The New Spring Line

by RubberH

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Storycodes: Solo-M; F/m+; meeting; offer; latex; maid; gag; toys; insert; punish; reluct; control; crop; inspect; arousal; kiss; cons; X

Disclaimer: All persons and businesses mentioned are fictional and are not intended to represent any actual existing person or enterprise. In short.. IT’S JUST A STORY!

continued from part 3

Part 4

After cleaning himself up, William dressed and left the house for Lady Jane’s home. Although it was not close by, he decided to walk there rather than take the bus. It would give him more time to think and reconsider accepting Lady Quirt’s offer. Lady Jane never gave any exact numbers, but if it meant his mum could live in relative security, the salary must be considerable. But what would he have to do in exchange? If what he did to Andy was any indication, what other kinky things would be expected?

It was the thought of how he tortured poor Andy that made William hesitant to go further. William was not by nature a cruel person and seeing Andy suffer made him ashamed. He was about to turn around when he realized he was at a bus stop. The makeup advertising posted was still up and he could see the image of Andy standing in the tight red latex and the look of near orgasm in his face. He saw the young men staring at the poster and making comments. The same kind of comments he made to his friends and Andy. He never understood why Andy was blushing until now.

William turned away from the poster and kept walking. He was now close by Lady Jane’s house. There was just this block of retail shops to pass. He walked past the bookstore and the cosmetics shop. Next to them, a previously empty store was being remodeled. As he passed the window he saw a cardboard display. It was a cutout of Andy! He was wearing a pink thong and a white crop top shirt with the store’s name on it: “Boy?! Boutiques”. Next to the cutout was a sign which read “Opening Soon…Special appearances by our exclusive models.”. Was that his fate? To be like Andy? He then remembered that both Lady Quirt and Lady Jane said that this was not going to happen to him. But if he was not going to become one of their sissies, what were their plans?

He approached the door of Lady Jane’s home and rang the doorbell. In a few moments the door opened and William saw Andy dressed in a maid’s uniform. As he entered the house he could not take his eyes off Andy. The uniform was made of super tight and shiny black latex, with a cap and apron of white latex. There were multiple white rubber petticoats with ruffles. Black stilettos with incredibly long and thin heels completed the uniform. Long black lashes were glued to his eyelids. William wanted to say something, but Andy’s beautiful mouth and deep red lips were holding a very large ball gag. A thick leather collar was locked around his neck.

“Andrew is being punished for trying to warn you to stay away.” Came the voice of Lady Jane. “It was very foolish of him to do that. Especially since I assured him that no harm would come to you.”

“Should I believe you?” replied William. “You seem to have the upper hand here.”

“Of course I do. But I am not in the position to do anything but present Lady Quirt’s job offer and become your agent.”

Lady Jane motioned to Andy to step forward. Andy took a few steps towards William. The heels were very high and Andy had difficulty in maintaining his balance.

“As you can see, Andrew makes a very pretty little sissy maid. You will also notice that his waist has been severely corseted so that his breathing is a bit restricted. It makes him easier to handle.”

William looked at Andy. Yes, his waist was very narrow and he could only take short breaths to prevent from fainting due to a lack of air. The uniform and heels had locking straps which meant that there was no way they could be removed without the keys. Even though William knew the truth, he could not stop thinking about how beautiful Andy was.

“Why are you showing me this?“, William asked.

“To remind you that Andrew is under my influence and control. If you had any thought about rescuing him like some shining knight, I can assure you it will not occur.” Replied Lady Jane. “You are not the first to become enamored of this little sissy. Each and every one failed to break that very special bond we have.”

“I’m not here to rescue Andy.” retorted William, although he was now more concerned about his friend. “I’m here about the job you were offering.”

“Again, I am not the one offering employment. I am acting as your agent, that is I will be once you have signed the Agreement. The offer is from Lady Quirt’s organzation: ‘WORLD Unlimited’. They own 100 percent of ‘Boy?! Boutiques’ and their newest venture: ‘High Impact Enterprises’. I am certain you must have heard of ‘Boy?! Boutiques’. They are one of the fastest expanding companies in the country and are already established in several others.”

William nodded his head. “Yes, I get the idea of what ‘Boy?!’ is now. It’s for.. well it’s for sissys. But what is ‘WORLD Unlimited’ and ‘High Impact’?”

“Yes, to business.” Said Lady Jane. She sat down in a rubber covered chair and smiled at William. “Take off your clothes.” she said.

William was startled. He had expected something but not so quickly and boldly. “What did you say?”

Lady Jane sighed. “You heard me. I want to see what Andrew and Lady Quirt are so hot and bothered about. Besides I cannot best represent you if I cannot fully appreciate your… talents.”

William stood but refused to undress. Lady Jane picked up what looked like a television remote and pointed it at Andy. She pressed a button. Instantly William heard a buzzing and then he saw Andy drop to all fours. He was now moaning into the ball gag as the buzzing became louder.

“My little toy increases in strength over time.” Said Lady Jane. “It’s firmly wedged inside his beautiful little backside and is stimulating him sexually as long as the batteries will last. These are by the way, very long-life ones. They’ll wear out in about six or seven hours. He is not being damaged, but so much pleasure for that much time can be very taxing on one so delicate. So, if you really want my little sissy to be spared you will do as I say.”

William watched as Andy began to quiver as the vibrations of the toy in his rear began to increase in strength. He looked at Lady Jane with disgust as he started stripping. Once he was nude Lady Jane pressed the remote. The buzzing stopped and Andy’s breathing returned to normal.

“Now hands behind the neck and spread your legs.” Said Lady Jane. William did as he was told and stood naked and exposed. Lady Jane rose from her chair and walked behind him. “Nice. Very Nice. Lady Quirt was not exaggerating when she said you were just right for Impact.” As she came to a stop in front of him, William could see that Lady Jane was now holding a riding crop. Taking the crop, she placed the tip under his balls and slightly lifted them. Then she let them drop.

“They seem nice and firm.” She said then took the crop and lifted up his cock. “And this, well I must admit that even while flacid the size is quite pleasing to the eye.” She began to stroke William’s cock with the tip of the crop. To his embarrassment, he began to get an erection.

“Does that feel good William?” she asked coyly.

“Yes, Lady Jane.” William replied, knowing that remaining silent or making any response other than what she wanted to hear was going to result in something very unpleasant.

But instead of continuing, Lady Jane stopped and sat back in her chair. “Now that I have checked out the product, I can begin with explaining the contract to you.” She snapped her fingers and Andy jumped to his feet and walked out of the room. A few moments later he returned with a folder and a laptop writing desk. He placed the folder and desk at William’s feet.

“Pick up the folder and open it.” She commanded. He did as he was told. Inside the folder were two sets set of papers titled ‘Agency Authorization’ and the other “Contract of Employment’.

“The Agency form will allow me to negotiate any and all contracts in your name while you are employed by WORLD Unlimited. In exchange I will receive thirty percent of any income you are paid by any other party for the duration of this contract. The contract will be for the next two years.”

“Thirty percent!’ exclaimed William “And two fucking years? There is no way I am going to agree to that. What are you offering me that is worth my handing you a third of my income and obligate me for two years?”

“A guarantee that your mother and your friends will never see this..” Lady Jane pressed another remote and her large flat-screen TV came to life. William looked at the screen and saw himself in a faux dungeon grinding his hips against Andy’s backside while the helpless sissy was crying out in pain. They had recorded everything that went on during the photoshoot.

Lady Jane continued, “This recording is a copy of what took place last night. It does look like you are rather enjoying this…”

“Just stop it!” William shouted. After several seconds he spoke in a much more muted voice. “You win….”

“Sign on page 3, initial here, here and over here. Then on the Contract sign on page 4.” Replied Lady Jane. “If you wish to read these go right ahead. In the meantime…” She pressed the button on the remote and once again Andy was subjected to the toy’s stimulus. William quickly signed both of them. Lady Jane took a more relaxed stance and switched off the remote.

“You’ll never be able to enforce these.” William said. “I’ve heard enough to know that a coerced signature can’t be used..”

“Do you think that you could bring me to court, or even find someone foolish enough to represent you against WORLD and the Sisterhood?”

“Who are…” William started to ask.

“WORLD stands for World Organization of Rubber and Latex Devotees.” Replied Lady Jane. “The Sisterhood is an organization whose origins have gone back centuries. Its influence is throughout every aspect of modern society. One of the purposes of the Sisterhood is to create obedient sissies for the use and pleasure of its members.”

Lady Jane smiled at William. “The Sisterhood would never allow their existence to be exposed, and any attempt to do so will result in extreme consequences.”

“So, Andy is just a plaything for you and your friends.”

“Not entirely. On occasion my friends and other members of the Sisterhood may wish to experience Andrew’s rather unique talents. However, I have a deep affection for him and believe it or not, I do not wish him to be used like so many others.”

“Then why did you let him be used like that last night?”

“That is none of your business. “

William stood silent for several seconds. He looked at Lady Jane with distain. How could she be so cruel as to let Andy be abused like that, yet profess she had affection for him? He could hardly wait to leave.

“Are we through? Can I go home now?” he asked.

“Our business is concluded for today. However, you are to report to WORLD headquarters at 6:00 in the morning. A driver will pick you up.”

“Why so early?” he asked.

‘Why to be fitted for your new wardrobe as well as to be prepped for your meeting with the Board of Directors.” She responded. “Also, to kick off your new job as a model and spokesman for ‘Impact’. Now I am going upstairs and take a bath… unless you wish to join me.”

William dressed and once Lady Jane had gone upstairs he approached Andy.

“Are you alright?” Then he realized that Andy was still gagged. He undid the strap holding the oversized rubber ball . Slowly Andy began to move his jaw and open and close his mouth.

“I’m better now.” Said Andy . “But you shouldn’t have come here. I tried to warn you…”

“That’s not important Andy. While your Aunt is upstairs we can escape.”

“Escape? “ asked Andy “Why would I want to escape? Aunt Jane has been good to me.”

“Uh, Andy. She makes you dress up in a rubber maid’s dress and sticks vibrating toys up your backside.”

“I.. like wearing rubber. I also like being made up like a girl.”

William was a bit shocked. “What?”

“I was embarrassed at first… well it took me some time, but I like being a sissy. I like being feminine and all soft and… do you like me as a girl?”

William stood and stared at Andy. He tried to picture Andy as anything other than what he was seeing in front of him. Gone was the awkward boy who was his football teammate. Instead a pretty and delicate girl stood there. Her red lips parted slightly. Her eyes looking at him with softness and …

William took hold of Andy and brought his face next to his dream girl. His object of desire… and he kissed those beautiful lips. He stepped back and looked at Andy.

Then Andy smiled and kissed him back.

story continues in part 5

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