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The New Spring Line

by RubberH

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© Copyright 2018 - RubberH - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-M; FM+; meeting; offer; latex; suit; reluct; force; control; voy; arousal; pictures; mast; climax; cons; X

The characters and situations in this story are a work of fiction. Permission to use the characters in this story has been given by their original creator, Andy Latex as noted in his blog Smooth Slick N Shiny. This story is meant as an ‘alternate reality’ of his fictional universe.
continued from part two

Part 3

It was late when William finally returned home. Carefully he crept into the house and up the stairs to his room. He laid down on the bed, wanting to sleep. Above him was the poster of Andy and his latex catsuit. He wanted to tear down that and the other posters, but he was too exhausted after his experience at Boy!? After an hour he finally fell asleep.

The next morning William bathed, dressed and was about to tear down the posters when he heard his mother calling him. He walked down the stairs and there was his mother and another person. It was Andy’s Aunt Jane.

“William. You remember Andy’s Aunt, Lady Jane?” his mother asked. William nodded his head.

Lady Jane smiled at William and rose from her chair. He could understand why Andy might become enthralled by her. She was a stunningly attractive woman.  She was dressed in what at first looked like a conservative business suit, but upon a further examination it was made entirely of latex.

“William, Andrew has told me quite a bit about you. My, you are a very handsome young man.” She said.

William looked at her. He had no doubts that she was a part of last night’s humiliation. He wanted to say exactly how he felt, but he couldn’t do it with his mother in the room.

“Why don’t I make some tea? His mother said.

“Yes.” Replied Lady Jane. “William and I have much to discuss.”

Once his mother left the room, William looked at Lady Jane square in the eye. Lady Jane returned the glare with even more intensity.

“So, your mother doesn’t know?” Lady Jane asked, a slight smile on her face.

“NO!… no.” William replied. He was trying to hold his temper without his mother hearing.

Lady Jane sat down and crossed her latex enclosed legs. William could see that the latex fit almost like a second skin. “I have no intention of upsetting her… unless you give me reason.” She said.

“Then why are you here?”

“Because Lady Quirt was very impressed with you. ‘Boy?!’ has a new subsidiary being launched in a couple of months. She needs someone to be the face… so to speak.. of this new enterprise.”

“I don’t crossdress.” William said angrily.

Lady Jane looked at William. “You obviously have short-term memory loss, or you didn’t hear what Lady Quirt said. She doesn’t need a sissy. She needs a young, masculine man for this position. One who will do what he is told; but looks the part of a dominant.”

“And who likes to wear rubber.” William retorted.

“It would help immensely if you did. She could tell that you didn’t object to wearing it until after your discovery…”

“That’s another thing.” William interrupted. “Was this just some plot? Was Andy in on this the whole time?”

Lady Quirt laughed. “Do you really think that someone could come up with this elaborate a ruse? My dear boy, this was just a series of events that happened to fall in just the right places.”

William’s mother brought in the tea and all three of them sat in their chairs. The room was silent for several seconds.

“As I was saying to William.” Lady Jane continued, “I would be happy to represent him as his agent.”

“Agent? “ William’s mother asked “Agent for what?”

“There is a new startup company that wants William to join their firm. They were most impressed with his work.”

“William, when did you start looking for another job?”

“I haven’t mum. I just happened….” William anxiously looked at Lady Jane .

“He was spotted by an old friend of mine. She has been searching for a new face for her company. She looked at William and asked him to interview.”

“Just like that? “William’s mother asked.

“Yes, and I must say she rarely makes snap decisions. But she was very impressed with your son. He has all the.. qualifications for the job.” Lady Jane glanced at William’s crotch and smiled slightly.

“That’s very good news, but William is still going to school.”

“Well, he could take some time off. I do not wish to hamper his studies, but he would be making a substantial income at ‘WORLD’ headquarters.”

“I think Lady Jane, that we could speak about this at some other time.” William interrupted.

“Oh, I’m afraid that the window is very small. She has other applicants and to be honest, it would help me substantially as well if I could act as your agent. “

‘William. I think you should consider Lady Jane’s offer.“, his mother said. “I do not like the idea of your leaving school, but this may the chance of a lifetime. I would hate to see you lose it just because you didn’t want to disappoint me. If it doesn’t work out you can always go back the next term.”

“Mum, things are just fine as they are.” William replied. “Thank you for coming Lady Jane, but I think we can manage.” He rose from his chair. Lady Jane followed and he escorted her to the door.

“Are they William?” Lady Jane asked. “Andrew told me that things are not as good as they appear. Yes, Andrew did repeat what you told him. I’m certain you are angry about his repeating what should have been in confidence. However, Andrew has no secrets from me. You stand to lose your home and your mother may be losing her job as well. It’s not easy being widow these days. “

“Don’t try to use my mum to make me..”

“Make you what? Give her a chance to live comfortably, without having to constantly worry about the next day, or what is going to happen to you?”

William looked at Lady Jane. She had him there. Things, while not desperate, were heading in that direction. His mum had struggled since his dad died. She worked hard to make ends meet while ensuring that he stayed in school.

Lady Jane looked at William with amusement. “Yes, your salary would be enough for her to live comfortably and in a better house than this. Maybe even in Spain or France. She does deserve a better life. I’ve heard Andy tell me about how good a son you are, and you once said that you would do just about anything to pay her back for all she has done for you. I like that. These days there are fewer children who would think of their mother first.” 

Lady Jane stood in the doorway and looked at William. She handed him her card. “I will give you time to consider my offer. If you accept I will expect you at my door within six hours. We can go over the contract and what is expected of you.”

William watched her as she walked down the pavement towards her home. He gazed upon her shapely, latex encased rear swaying back and forth.

Time passed slowly. Too slowly. William thought about what Lady Jane had said. His mum deserved better, but was it worth the embarrassment?  He looked at the mail on the table. Nothing but bills. Lady Jane was going to take as much advantage of the situation as she could. He hated her for it, but at this time she and Lady Quirt had the upper hand.  He cursed himself for not showing more backbone yesterday. Maybe he should have just walked out wearing the rubber suit. Maybe they were only bluffing about their security system not allowing him to leave. At least he wouldn’t have made his discovery about Andy.

Yes, Andy. In all his time he couldn’t stop thinking about Andy. How could he have not noticed before? Every time they would walk by the giant poster and look at the model; yet he never noticed Andy’s looks of embarrassment. He never noticed that the face while made up; while those beautiful, full red lips called out to him; those small breasts just wanting to burst out of the catsuit…..

“Oh shit! What is wrong with me?”, he said to himself. “Why am I thinking about Andy this way? I’m not gay!” Then he realized that his cock was hard. But he wasn’t gay. He wasn’t… No he was a normal straight guy. He was simply fooled by an elaborate use of makeup and whatever. Andy looked nothing like the girl in the poster. Photoshopped pictures… all sorts of tricks.

William’s mother looked at him. She poured some more tea and brought over his cup. “Lady Jane’s offer won’t last long.” She said. “I know you promised to stay in school, but what she said you could earn in just a couple of years…”

“Mum, it’s not the money. It’s what they want me to do.”

“Such as…?”

“It’s a…” William struggled to find the words which wouldn’t worry her. “modelling job.”

“Modelling? Well, that’s not so bad.” She said.

“It’s …well I’d be….”

His mother looked at him and blushed a little. “Oh… I see. Models these days do have to pose nude. I’m not happy, but I certainly am not a prude.”

William looked at her. He couldn’t possibly tell her what he had done last night and what was likely expected of him.

“If I take that job Mum… It might be a bit embarrassing for you. I mean your friends might think..”

“Well, they wouldn’t be my friends if they thought any worse of either you or me. Go ahead and call Lady Jane.”

William smiled at his mother and walked over to the telephone. He dialed the number on the card. After a couple of rings he heard a voice on the other end.

“Lady Jane’s residence.” Came the voice… a now familiar one. William hesitated.


“Andy? It’s me…Will.”

“I’m afraid you have the wrong number.”

“Don’t lie to me Andy. Lady Jane gave me her number.”

Andy began to speak in a hushed tone. “Please, Will. I’m not allowed to talk to anyone without Aunt Jane being present.”

“I want to speak with her about the job offer.”

Andy’s voice became more excited. Not a joyful excitement but more fearful. “Will, don’t do it. You’ll never…”

“I can handle myself. Just let her know I’m coming over.”

“Now?” asked Andy.

“Yes. She told me to come over if I agree to take it.”

“Yes Will… I’ll…. It’s William, Aunt Jane. He said he is on his way over. Yes, Aunt Jane I will set two places.” Andy caught his breath and continued. “She will be looking forward to it.”.

William said nothing, but he set down the phone. He felt uneasy, but he had made his choice.  How bad, he would know shortly.

He went back up to his room to change into something more presentable. Lady Jane was not the denim and t-shirt type. He stood nude in the room and looked at Andy’s poster on the wall. The one which first intrigued him. His fingers touched the full red lips. How could he not have noticed? His fingers traced down the throat. He saw the tiny chain with the name ‘Andy’ on it. How could he have missed it?

Fingers moving down between the small barely concealed breasts. Those eyes. They were the same. Just a bit of liner and fake lashes. Or were they fake? Maybe Andy always had beautiful full lashes and he never realized it. He looked at Andy’s waist and hips. He moved his fingers farther down to where …

Then he realized that while his right hand was caressing the picture of Andy, his left hand was slowly moving up and down his very hard cock. He had done this many times before when he didn’t know the truth about Andy. All he could see was how beautiful the girl in the poster was. His eyes couldn’t look away from her.  How her lips, her moist lips seemed to say ‘I need you!”.

A vast amount of cum erupted from William’s cock. He took his other hand and tried to keep it from hitting the floor. He ran to the bathroom and cleaned himself before his mother found out.

story continues in part 4


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