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The New Spring Line

by RubberH

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© Copyright 2018 - RubberH - Used by permission

Storycodes: FM+/m+; discovery; sissy; cd; fem; force; model; studio; latex; catsuit; photoshoot; bdsm; bond; nipple; torment; arousal; mast; climax; hum; reluct; X

The characters and situations in this story are a work of fiction. Permission to use the characters in this story has been given by their original creator, Andy Latex as noted in his blog Smooth Slick N Shiny. This story is meant as an ‘alternate reality’ of his fictional universe.
continued from part one

Part 2

William looked down at the model. Those eyes, nose and mouth were becoming more recognizable. Why didn’t he see it before?

“Andy?” he asked softly. The model nodded yes.

He opened his hands and dropped the leash. He took a step back while staring at the feminine figure encapsulated in the tight white latex and wearing a metal collar. Yes, he could now see it was his friend Andy, but yet it wasn’t.

William now had a wave of different emotions hitting him all at once. His fantasy woman, the one whose posters he masturbated in front of. Those lips and eyes which made him burn in lust and whose touch on his latex-covered cock and balls made him want to……

He turned and ran back to the dressing room.

“Where the hell are you going!? “ yelled Steve the photographer. “I’m not finished with you!”

William frantically tried to find his clothes. Where were they? He reached up and attempted to unzip the catsuit. His fingers met a padlock of some sort. “Get me out of this!” he screamed. He tried to pull on the latex, hoping to tear it off but it was too tight to get a good grip and the material was too strong. It would not tear or rip.

“It’s not coming off that easily.”

He looked at Lady Quirt who was holding the key to the padlock.

“Get me out of this thing.” William shouted. “Get me out or…”

“Or what? You’ll call the police? Good luck with that. Our offices are quite soundproof. Don’t think you can just leave. You can try. However, your visitor’s pass contains a microchip that is needed for you to access the lift or the fire exits.” She held his pass in her other hand. “Without this, your options are limited.”

“Look, I’m not going to cause any trouble…. Just give me back my clothes and let me leave. I won’t say a word to anyone.”

“The Agreement you signed has already assured us of your remaining silent. What I expect you to do is to continue the shoot.”

“Not with that… that..” William stammered.

“You didn’t hesitate before. “

“That was when..”

“You thought Andy was just another hot model… female that is.”

“I’m not gay.”

“I don’t care if you like girls, boys or even sheep. You agreed to model with Andy and model you will.” Lady Quirt said firmly.

“I can’t go back there knowing…”

“That it’s your little friend. The one you played with. The one you shared a locker room and shower. Oh yes, all those showers where you never realized how much you were attract…”

 “Stop it!”, William shouted.

“All it took was a little lip gloss, makeup and a small pair of breasts, and you were wanting to get him into bed with you.”

“That’s not true!”

“OK… skip the bed. Maybe just bend him over the kitchen counter.”

“Why are you doing this to me?”

“You are exaggerating your own importance. We didn’t deliberately target you. You just happened to be at the right time and place.“ Lady Quirt walked up to William and placed her hand on his chest. “You fit our current needs. You’re young, virile, nicely built..” she looked down at his crotch. “…and a far better than average set of equipment.”

William’s cock and balls were still quite pronounced, even though his erection had subsided. The latex gripped tightly and even though he could deny it, it felt good.

“You’re not turning me into a… a..”

‘The word is sissy.” Replied Lady Quirt. “There are other terms people may use, but sissy is the most appropriate. You may relax a bit. I have no intentions of doing that to you.”

“Then what do you want?” William asked.

“At this point in time, for you to finish the shoot. You are to go back and let Steven complete his work. Follow all of his instructions and when we are finished you will be allowed to change and then leave.” Lady Quirt moved her hand down his chest and began to caress William’s latex covered manhood. “Or you may stay.  I’m having a late supper and maybe … a little dessert.”

He wanted to push her hand away, but he did not want to risk her anger at his rejecting her advances. William just nodded his head. “I’ll stay, but just until I’ve finished the shoot. Then you get me out of this thing and let me leave.”

“Of course.” Replied Lady Quirt.

When he returned to the studio Andy was still kneeling on the floor. William refused to look him in the eye.

“Well, look who’s back.” Said Steven sarcastically. “Are you quite ready to continue?”

“Yes” replied William.

Andy looked at William. “Will, please. I’m so sorry…”

“Quiet!” shouted Steven.  “I’ve already wasted time. Let’s get this done. Oh, wait a minute.” He went over to a table and removed a blue pill from a small bottle. He walked up to William and handed him the pill. “Take this. Your little friend needs to wake up and stand at attention.”

William realized what it was. He was suspicious. Maybe this isn’t what he thought, but then what choice did he have? He swallowed the pill. In a few moments, William felt his cock getting hard again. He looked down and saw his erection trying to burst out of the tight latex.

“and now, if you are finally ready… we may continue.”

Andy picked up the end of the leash and handed it to William, who gripped it tightly.

“Pull tighter on the leash and draw Andy close.”  William pulled on the leash and felt Andy trying to pull away. He pulled the leash some more until Andy’s face was nearly touching his latex covered manhood.

“Good” said Steven “Lower your hand a bit William so I can see Andy’s face. That’s right, now smile slave.”

Andy gave a slight smile.  “Too fake… I want a big smile.” Andy complied. “Now stick out that lovely tongue.” Andy did as he was told and his tongue touched William’s rubber encased cock.

“Hold it right there..” The camera’s shutter snapped a couple of times. “Now move it up and down.”

William grew more embarrassed as he felt Andy’s tongue going up and down the length of his cock. He wanted to push Andy away, but he knew that he had to finish the shoot or else. While his face was now reddened in embarrassment, he was feeling something else. He felt his cock getting harder as if it was even possible.

“Next pose.” Said Steven and Andy still kneeling placed himself between William’s legs, his back to the camera. “William, lift the leash higher… just a little more. Good, hold it.” and he clicked off some more frames. “Now place your hands on the back of Andy’s head, keep holding the leash. Let it drop over Andy’s shoulder… and hold it.” More frames were taken.

Steven moved back. “Now look down at Andy. Close your eyes a bit and open your mouth just a little more.” The shutter clicked a few more times. Then Steven took another camera and walked over to the William and Andy. He began taking pictures from different angles.

“Good. We’re done with the leash. Now let’s go to the other accessories”

Steven picked up a tray and brought it over to William. “First, we’ll do the nose hooks” and he pointed to a set of silver plated hooks that were connected to a chain. “Slip the hooks into the nostrils and pull the chain over the head and connect it to the back of the collar.”

William did as he was told and heard Andy whimper as the hooks were pulled deep into his nostrils, forcing his head back. Steven clicked off several frames.

For the next few hours, William and Andy posed with various devices. Andy was the recipient of numerous pinching, biting and other painful devices. They bit into his ears, nose, tongue and nipples. William would always be the one applying, tightening or pulling these cruel things on Andy.

William was starting to feel sorry for Andy, rather than for himself. He could see that Andy was not enjoying this at all, even though it appeared he was doing this voluntarily. Maybe he wasn’t willing. Maybe like him, Andy had been somehow coerced or forced into this.

“Andy?” William asked softly. Andy looked at him with tears in his eyes. The gag he was wearing forced his mouth extremely wide as if his jaws were going to be dislocated. “I’m sorry. I don’t want to hurt you. Do you want me to stop?”. Andy started to nod his head, but then froze when Lady Quirt entered the studio.

“We are just about done Lady Quirt.’ Said Steven. “Just this… whatever.”

“Ah yes.” said Lady Quirt. “The Liberty Bell. That’s what we will call it for our American market.” She withdrew a metal bell from a box. Barbed clamps were connected to a bronze bell by chains. Lady Quirt approached William and held out the device. William took it and he could tell that the bell was very heavy. The clamps were made of two sets. A large clamp that would hold the outside of the whole breast, while a smaller clamp would take hold of the nipple.

In the meantime, Steven had positioned Andy over a whipping horse and secured him to it. Once he was certain that Andy could not free himself, he went back to his cameras.

“Now William. This will be the last set of frames.” Said Lady Quirt. “We’ll do this without interruption as our little sissy will not be able to perform any re-takes. “ She pointed to the bound Andy.

William walked over to his helpless friend. He squatted in front of Andy.

“Nipples first.“ said Steven. William squeezed the small clamp in his left hand and let it slip over Andy’s latex covered nipple. He released it and the barbs bit hard into the sensitive tissue. Andy gasped as the sharp tips bit hard into the latex and then into his nipple. Steven took frame after frame as William applied the right clamp. Andy struggled against the restraints and moaned as his right nipple was violated.

“Please Lady Quirt. “ shouted William “It’s too much.”

“Andy has taken much more than this. Now the large ones.” She commanded.

William opened the large clamp and placed it over his friend’s left breast. “Andy, I’m so… so sorry.” And he released it. The right breast was clamped and Andy looked straight ahead, more in shock than in pain.

“You may drop the bell William.” Said Lady Quirt. Knowing what would likely occur, William dropped the bell. The heavy metal bell fell towards the floor, only to be stopped by the chains. Andy began to scream and shake in pain as the bell began clanging. The shaking of the bell pulled the clamps tighter.

“That’s enough!” shouted William. “I won’t do any more to her.”

“Her?” asked Lady Quirt slyly. ”My, my. You seem to have forgotten something.”

“Her, him… I don’t care. This is my friend and this is torture!”

“Do you want it to stop?”


“Stand right behind Andy.” William did as he was told.

“Place your hands on his shoulders. You’ll need to get a lot closer. Now hold tight.”

William was now pressed against Andy’s backside. His cock was almost between Andy’s cheeks.

“Tighter William… much tighter. Now you know what I want to see.”

William gritted his teeth and began to grind his hips against Andy’s rear. His sense of shame returned but it was either this or let Andy be tortured further.

Steven took numerous frames. Full body shots and close ups. William wished he could shove that camera down his throat.

Then he felt it. He didn’t want to, but he couldn’t help himself. He was feeling sexual pleasure from each stroke. He tried to fight it, but it was useless.

He felt his cum erupting from his cock. He grunted as he now pushed hard against Andy’s rear. He stopped as he realized what he had done. The sticky cum began to trickle though his suit. He looked at Lady Quirt, who was smiling. Steven set down his camera and removed the clamps from Andy.

William staggered towards Lady Quirt. He was drained both physically and emotionally.

“Are you satisfied, you bitch?” William asked.

He looked at Andy, who was now silent and appeared to be in some sort of trance.

“What did you do to Andy?” he asked.

Lady Quirt looked at Andy. “I would say that the pain was too much to handle so our little model went deep into subspace. It won’t last long. “

Lady Quirt held out both the key to the suit’s lock and the visitor’s pass. William grabbed them and headed towards the dressing room.

Steven brought Andy over to Lady Quirt and forced him to kneel.

“You have done well Andy.”, said Lady Quirt. “William is just what we need for our new campaign.”

“Please Lady Quirt.” Andy said weakly. “He’s my friend. Don’t turn him into a sissy.”

“I already told him that sissyhood is not in his future. After what I have just seen I have special plans for you two. Both of you will become even closer than you are now.”

story continues in part 3

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