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The New Spring Line

by RubberH

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© Copyright 2018 - RubberH - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-M; teen; admire; pictures; model; mast; F+/m; studio; latex; costumes; catsuit; photoshoot; arousal; discovery; cons; X

The characters and situations in this story are a work of fiction. Permission to use the characters in this story has been given by their original creator, Andy Latex as noted in his blog Smooth Slick N Shiny. This story is meant as an ‘alternate reality’ of his fictional universe.

William checked his reflection in the mirror. He adjusted his trousers for the fifth time and made sure his shoes were clean and polished. He wondered if he should have asked for a shorter haircut and chose his blue shirt rather than the green. Maybe they wouldn’t matter to her. Maybe she won’t notice. Won’t notice… Would she just brush him off as another admirer? She must have dozens. Probably professional athletes, businessmen and maybe even those with family titles. A young university student may be beneath her. Worse than that. A student still living with his mother and needing to take the bus and the tube to get around the city. Oh, why did he think he could even get within a mile of her?

When he saw the first advertising poster he couldn’t take his eyes off the beautiful young woman. The bright red catsuit which matched the lip gloss. Beautiful lips with a little bit of a pout. Her eyes partially closed while posing her body quite sensuality. The catsuit was unzipped in front but only halfway, only showing the slightest bit of cleavage. He and his friends stared at the poster; admiring the model whose red hair almost matched the tight rubber catsuit.

The poster had been placed throughout the city. He had seen announcements that the model would be making personal appearances in several stores where the lip gloss was sold. He had gone to the stores to see if he could catch a glimpse of her in person, but the lines were too long and she would only be there for a brief stay before going to the next location. It was by luck that the last store had leftover promotional posters and he managed to get the last one. He cleared off one wall of his room and fastened the poster on it. The image of the model would be the first thing he saw when he would wake up in the morning, and the last thing he saw before going to bed. Each time he saw it he felt his member stiffen.

His mother saw the poster and thought it as just another crush. One day while watching a morning news show there was an interview with the young model’s agent. The woman was Lady Jane Fullerton-Jones, who just happened to be the Aunt of William’s friend Andrew. She telephoned Lady Jane and asked her if there were any new posters of the model that William could have. With luck, Lady Jane informed her that the model had been signed by the new ‘Boy?’ boutique chain and that two new promotional posters were available for their stores. It would be no problem to give William extra copies.

The posters were a surprise and William wasted no time in placing one of these on the wall next to the wardrobe. The other he placed on the ceiling above his bed. The reason that one was placed there because it showed the model practically naked. She was reclining on a garden bench; her back towards the camera and with a heavy leather collar around her neck. Her head was turned toward the camera and her tongue was licking her bright red lips. At night William would lie back on his bed and stare at the poster. As he looked into the model’s eyes he took hold of his manhood and stroked it until he could no longer contain it. He gritted his teeth and stifled his cries as his cum came out in a steady stream. He quickly cleaned himself and the mess he made. The last thing he wanted was for his mum to discover his reason for wanting the posters.

He had showed only his best friend Andrew the posters and especially the one on the ceiling. Andrew appeared to be embarrassed at what he saw. William couldn’t understand why Andrew was acting like that. He was pretty sure that Andrew liked girls. Maybe his Aunt was strict with who he associated. Most times when he was not in school, Andrew had to stay in Lady Jane’s home and was not allowed to leave. His only socializing was during the time he went going to and from classes. It was funny though as William would occasionally go past Lady’s Jane’s home and see numerous women arriving and leaving.

William tried to find the ‘Boy?” boutique website to see if he could find the identity of their model. However, it was just a generic site with a special ‘members only’ link. He even attempted to become a member, but the security was extremely sophisticated and he was rejected repeatedly. Even his friends at school who were experienced hackers couldn’t break through.

He decided to contact Lady Jane to see if she would allow him to meet her client. He left several messages on her voicemail. He even repeatedly called his friend Andrew to see if he could get his Aunt to reply, but without any luck. Finally he decided to give up. He figured that Lady Jane thought he was some kind of stalker.

It was later that week he received a call from Lady Jane. Because he was Andrew’s friend she would take the chance and have him admitted into the ‘Boy?’ boutique headquarters. This was where all company advertising was created, including their website catalog and in-house displays. They would be working on the new Spring Line for next year the following evening. If he arrived at 5:00 PM he would be allowed to visit and meet their primary model. William accepted immediately.

He checked the bus schedules and boarded one which would stop only a couple of streets away from the ‘Boy?” headquarters. It was in the heart of the fashion district. William was allowed to sign in and given a visitor’s pass. He was escorted to the lift which took him to the twenty-third floor. There he waited to meet the girl of his fantasies. He looked at the posters on the wall. There were the ones he already had, and some which were brand new. All of them had her in various latex outfits. From evening gowns to catsuits to even skimpy French Maid uniforms.

It was not long before he felt the presence of someone behind him. He turned around and saw the model looking right at him. He cleared his throat and he gave a raspy ‘Hello’.

The model blushed and quietly said ‘Hello’. William was surprised at how shy she was. She was nothing like the posters which were almost raw in their sensuality.

He knew he had to say something else. “Ah… Andrew..”

“What?” came the startled response from the model. Her eyes wide open in surprise.

“My friend, Andrew Watson. His Aunt is your agent. She invited me here.”

The model looked at William. She looked frightened but William pressed on. “I told her I was a big fan of yours… I mean I don’t know you but I’ve seen all your posters for that lip gloss, and now for this boutique. I mean… I don’t want you to get the wrong impression. I just… this is getting harder to explain.”

“Why did you want to meet me?” the model asked. William looked into her eyes. She wasn’t heavily made up. She was more girlish now rather than a professional model. Her lips were now painted in a soft pink gloss rather than the sensual red.

“I thought I’d impress my friends if I could get a selfie of the two of us. They go on about how hot you look… err sorry. I don’t want to offend you. You probably get this all the time.”

“No… Well yes I do. Although not directly.” The model said.

William looked at the model more carefully. He gazed at the figure in the tight latex catsuit. She had curves but not overly so. More of a Keira Knightley body. But there was something very familiar about her. Something he couldn’t explain. Maybe she was another student and working here at the same time. He took out his phone and set it for pictures. ‘May I?” he asked.

The model hesitated then shook her head yes and William stood next to her. As he felt her next to him the feeling of familiarity became stronger. He lifted up the phone and took the picture.

“What’s this?” came a voice. William saw a woman in the entryway. She was dressed in tight latex with sky-high heels. “Are you stealing our designs?”

“No… No” replied William. “I’m just getting a picture with..”

“Relax’ said the woman. “I am Lady Quirt. I own ‘Boy?’ Boutiques. Lady Jane told me you were her to meet our prized possession. You are very welcome to stay and watch the photoshoot.“

William relaxed. “I didn’t realize you were working. I didn’t want to disturb you.”

“There is no problem with visitors here. You just need to sign a confidentiality statement so you do not reveal our company secrets. That is what I was bringing over to you. If you sign this you can stay and maybe we’ll let you in on our big surprise for next spring.”

William agreed and quickly signed the form. He looked at the model who appeared to be even more apprehensive.

Lady Quirt looked at William and smiled. “Why don’t you come into the studio and make yourself comfortable? Andy has to change for the next setup.”

William was escorted to a small chair covered in thick padding and a layer of latex. He sank into the soft cushion and looked around the studio. He saw the photographer checking the lighting and adjusting the camera.

“Hi Andy. Lady Quirt said…”

“My name is Steven, not Andy.” The photographer replied bluntly. “Andy is changing.”

William was a bit puzzled. But she probably meant someone else. After all, ‘Boy?’ Boutiques was a big company and probably had dozens of people employed here. He waited quietly as he photographer completed his setup.

Soon the model entered the studio. The figure was in a brand new outfit. Tight pink leggings, a blue crop top and on the feet were a pair of blue ballet boots. William marveled at how the model could walk so easily on her toes, as if she had worn these all her life.

Numerous frames were taken. Each one the model moved according to the photographer’s instructions. William was impressed at how easily she made it look, even though some of the positions were very uncomfortable.

Three more outfits were photographed. Each one more sensual than the other. The last one was a transparent latex evening gown with a pink latex thong to protect her modesty. William was finding it difficult to maintain composure, and to keep anyone from noticing his now very pronounced erection.

William felt a hand on his shoulder. “So what do you think?” asked Lady Quirt.

“Very.. very nice.” He replied, soon realizing that it was a stupid thing to say.

“Oh yes, nice. It’s definitely that and a little more. “ chuckled Lady Quirt. “Would you like to do something that would make your friends really jealous?”

William looked at Lady Quirt. He was puzzled.

“How would you like to be in this next set? It’s for a brand-new product we haven’t done before.”

“You mean, pose with…?”

“Of course. You’ll be paid of course. Not supermodel wages, but something a lot more than what you would get working at the supermarket.”

William quickly agreed. He was taken back to the dressing rooms where he was asked to undress. He hesitated when it came to removing his underwear, but there was no way the outfit could be put on over his shirt and briefs. As he stood naked in front of the mirror, Lady Quirt and the model entered the room.

He tried to cover himself, but Lady Quirt smiled and caressed his shoulders. “Relax.” She said softly. “This is strictly professional.” He did relax a bit as she massaged his shoulders, neck and back. He became less tense.

The model brought over a bottle of lubricant and proceeded to apply it to William’s body. She did only the places where he couldn’t reach himself. She left him the bottle for him to complete the task. Then Lady Quirt brought over a black latex catsuit. She and the model helped him into the suit. It was tight.. very tight. It was a struggle to get it on, but after about a half hour all the creases had been smoothed over. There was one thing which couldn’t be concealed… The very large bulge in front. His cock and balls were clearly defined.

“While Andy is getting finished, walk around a bit. Try to get it to move with you. You’ll be surprised at how good it feels.” Said Lady Quirt.

After a few minutes, the suit no longer felt as restrictive as when it first went on. He looked at himself in the mirror. There was something in white printed on his chest. He looked closer at the backwards RETSAM. It was the word ‘MASTER”. He was called over to the studio for the beginning of the shoot. He was positioned in front of a backdrop that looked like a dungeon. The photographer picked up a leash, placed the loop in William’s left hand. The other end of the leash with the clip was placed in his right. William then saw the model approach him. She was wearing a white rubber catsuit but with the word ‘SLAVE’ written across the front. She took the clip from William’s right hand and attached it to the heavy metal collar which was locked around the neck. She kneeled and looked up at William. A delicate hand reached up and was held against William’s straining erection.

The photographer then started taking pictures. “Now this time I want you to look at him with obedience, and yet with lust. This is your MASTER. You need to really feel it. You understand Andy?”

William looked down at the model. The lips were slightly parted and moist. The eyes looking at him with an intensity he never saw before. The face… something about that face… it was so familiar.

He looked around the studio. The only people there were Lady Quirt, the photographer and the model. Who was the photographer calling Andy?.....

Then the shock hit him as the model’s identity became quite clear.

story continues in part 2

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