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The New Spring Line

by RubberH

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Storycodes: Solo-M; F/m; D/s; femdom; naked; public; elevator; F+/m; latex; suit; tease; fondle; bimbo; oral; force; denial; sissy; voy; arousal; cons/reluct; X

The characters and situations in this story are a work of fiction. Permission to use the characters in this story has been given by their original creator, Andy Latex as noted in his blog Smooth Slick N Shiny. This story is meant as an ‘alternate reality’ of his fictional universe.

continued from part 5

Part 6

William closely followed Bulldyke down the corridor. The anal plug moving inside him as he walked. He didn’t enjoy its presence, even though it was now easier to endure its intrusion in his rear. Well, maybe it was a bit pleasureable. He just felt so humiliated and ashamed for allowing this to happen to him. They took the lift up to the 30th floor. Bulldyke turned and placed her hand on his chest, gently pushing him to the back of the lift. Smiling she said “Display!”. Quickly William assumed the Display position. The doors to the lift opened and Bulldyke walked out. The doors then closed, and William was left alone. After several seconds he thought that Bulldyke was playing a joke on him. He considered pressing the button to open the doors, but then saw the camera looking down at him. He decided to stay as he was.

Then he heard a ‘ding’ and the lift began to descend. William’s heart began to race as he realized that he was headed down towards the main floor of the building. When the car reached the bottom, the bell sounded and the doors opened. Before him were several women dressed in rubber outfits. They entered the lift; pushing buttons to various floors. The doors closed and the lift began to rise. The women said nothing as they took their journey through the building. But William soon felt someone’s hand squeezing his left asscheek, and another hand on his right thigh. The woman in front of him reached back, took hold of his cock and began to stroke it. William bit his lip as the woman picked up speed as the lift went past the tenth floor.

The bell sounded and she stopped. The doors opened and she released his cock and stepped out without even a look. Another of the passengers took her place in front of him. As the doors closed William felt her rubber covered rear rub against his cock. She only stayed until the fifteenth floor and another woman took her place. This time the passenger grabbed his balls tightly and gave them a slight squeeze. He let out a slight moan as she tightened her grip.

The lift stopped one more at the 30th floor. The women got out and William thought it was over, but that was not the case. The doors closed, and the lift once more made its way to the main floor. This would continue over and over. Passengers would enter and continue the assaults on his body. He was pinched, fondled, stroked and otherwise humiliated. Not one of them would say a word.

William looked at the clock next to the floor indicator. Two hours had passed since he had been left there by Bulldyke. It was on one trip that the lift had stopped at the 20th floor. The door opened, and William could see only a single passenger, but it was a bizarre looking one. The passenger was dressed in a skin-tight rubber minidress. She had gigantic tits and her platinum blonde hair was teased a ridiculous amount. She was wearing platform heels of at least 7 inches or higher. Her waist was tiny and her ass was large and very well rounded. But it was her face that gave him pause. Her lips were unnaturally huge as if they had been injected with something. What was truly disturbing was the expression on her face. It had a huge grin on it, but her eyes had this blank look, as if she was incapable of having a single intelligent thought in her head.

The blonde looked at him for several moments and tilted her head to the side. She looked down at his cock and smiled even more. “Daddy!” she cried as she scooted into the lift. As the doors closed she dropped to her knees right in front of him.

“Oooohhh Daddy!. You’re SO BIG!!”” she squealed and immediately took his erect cock into her mouth. “OH, MY..GGG..”. William wanted to say as the blonde took the entire length without hesitation and gave him one of the most intense blowjobs he ever had. He was about to finally cum after hours of frustration when the lift rose and stopped back at the 20th floor. The doors opened, and William saw two women dressed in what resembled security guard uniforms, except of course they were in seamless black rubber.

“Bad Bimbo!” shouted one of the guards and tried to pull the blonde off William. The blonde wrapped her arms around William’s waist and continued sucking his cock.

“All right, we do this the hard way.” Said the other guard. She produced a stun gun and delivered a shock to the blonde’s back. She spasmed but kept sucking on his cock. The first guard took her own stun gun and gave the blonde a jolt. “God! What’s keeping this bimbo up?” the first guard said in amazement as the blonde held tight and refused to stop.

“Shit, it’s the dress. The fucking rubber is acting as insulation.” The second guard said as she took her stun gun and this time touched a bare spot on the bimbo’s neck. Instantly she went unconscious and she released her hold on William. Her head fell back and his hard cock popped out of her mouth . ‘Shit!’ thought William ‘I was just about there.’

One of the guards’ radios crackled “Is there a problem down there?“ The first guard replied, “We caught the bimbo on the lift. Had to incapacitate him.”

The voice on the radio responded. “Bring him back to the lab for examination. If he’s undamaged we’ll pack him up and ship him out.”

“Will do.” Said the guard. She looked at William. “Release!” She commanded. William almost moved but then remembered Bulldyke saying that only the person who gave him the ‘Display’ order could give the ‘Release’ command. He stayed in place and the guard tapped her stun gun. “Very good.” She replied and smiled broadly. As he saw the two guards drag the bimbo away, the doors closed and he was left alone in the lift. He felt frustrated that he was just this close to cumming. That bimbo was fantastic. Creepy, but fantastic.

After a minute William thought about what the guards had said. They said “Had to incapacitate him.”


Oh shit, that was a guy! Another one of Lady Quirt’s sissies. He had been given a blow job by a sissy!

The lift rose and William was returned to the 30th floor. Bulldyke stood smiling. “Did you miss me?” She asked. William nodded his head. “Release.” She said and William finally dropped his arms. “That was your punishment for making our chauffeur late.” She continued. “A mild one, but I think you now know your place here. Do you agree?”

William looked at Bulldyke. “Yes… Mistress.” he replied.

She looked at him and chuckled. She took her hand and caressed his face. “No, not ‘Mistress’. I am simply ‘Bulldyke’. Mistress and Master are titles reserved for those in power. I am property of the Sisterhood, just like the others here. Just like you. But I am honored that you called me that.” She looked at his cock which was covered in the bimbo’s drool. “What happened to you?” she asked.

William relayed his experiences in the lift and when it came to the bimbo he began to blush.

“You didn’t expect that, did you?”. William nodded his head. “Did you cum?” she asked. William shook his head. “Good.” She replied, “That means your balls are nice and full. If you ever want relief you’ll do exactly what you are told without objection or hesitation. Do you understand?”

“Yes… Bulldyke.” William responded.

“Now we’ve wasted too much time this morning. We have a lot to do before you meet with Lady Quirt and the rest of the Board of Directors.”

Bulldyke signaled William to follow her down the corridor. As they walked William could see that the walls were floor to ceiling glass. The first room on his right had a number of desks where sissies were doing mundane tasks like typing, photocopying and making tea.

“These sissies are being trained to be secretaries and personal assistants.” Said Bulldyke. “The room on the left is for those who are being trained as waitresses.” William noticed the sissies who were dressed in both modest restaurant attire and those who were dressed in skimpy uniforms, if you could even call them that. They were repeatedly drilled in taking orders and delivering them. They had to bend at the waist so that their cleavage was clearly in view of the customer. “Those ones will work in strip clubs and casinos.” commented Bulldyke.

The next set of rooms had a group of maids. Each one dressed in different styles. From rigid Victorian era uniforms to exaggerated French Maid outfits. “Our most popular sissies are trained as maids. But you might find the ones across from here more to your liking.”

William looked in the room. There, several sissies were dressed in rubber tights, leotards and other dancewear. They were all at the barre performing warm up exercises.

William watched as they all took turns stretching and performing their exercises. Even though he knew they were male, they were all pretty and feminine and …

… In the middle of the group was Andy!

“Ah, you noticed.” Said Bulldyke, “Andy is one of Madame Olga’s best pupils. If Lady Jane had not been so possessive, Andy could have been given higher level training and maybe even recruited by a professional company.”

William watched as Andy began performing pirouettes and other moves. Andy was so graceful, and he maintained the ‘en pointe’ position with little effort. He was far more delicate and feminine than the girls William had dated. His cock stirred as Andy moved so beautifully.

“I see that Andy means more to you than you first let on.”, chuckled Bulldyke. William looked at her but said nothing.

“That’s nothing to be ashamed of William. I’m quite attracted to Andy as well. I can only imagine how Lady Jane feels about him.”

Bulldyke took William’s hand and they proceeded to the end of the corridor. They entered a room that had a circular glass chamber. In the chamber were a number of mechanical arms attached to a device in the ceiling. Next to the door of the chamber was a small table with a couple of small trays. “Now we have to measure you for your new outfits. We want them to be an exact fit, so this chamber will perform a series of laser measurements which will go into a computer-based fabrication system. So, let’s get you prepared.”

Bulldyke went over to the table and removed a half ping-pong ball sized piece of plastic. She then took an eyedropper, filled it from a small bottle and emptied the contents into the plastic. She motioned for William to stand next to her. She pushed his head back and placed the plastic over his right eye. Instantly William’s sight was gone from his right eye. Then she did his left eye. He was frightened as he was now totally blind!

“Relax, William.” She said softly “These are to protect your eyes while you are in the chamber. Just listen to my voice and follow my instructions.” She took his hand and pulled him to the chamber. She positioned him in the center. “Now I want you to stand with your legs slightly apart. Not as wide as the Display position, but place your arms level with the floor. I will tell you to change positions and you will comply.”

“Yes, Bulldyke” William replied. He was still scared but did as she had said. After a minute he could hear a humming sound and a series of ‘clicks’ as he could sense the mechanical arms were moving slowly around him.

“Display!” said Bulldyke and William complied. The Release command was given after a few minutes and he was then told to kneel, squat and other positions.

“We are finished.” Said Bulldyke as William was in a ‘push-up’ position. Bulldyke entered the chamber and removed the plastic covers.

William squinted as his eyes adjusted to normal light again.

“You did very well William. Now I’ll let you wash up a bit and we can present you to the Board.”

story continues in part 7

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