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The New Spring Line

by RubberH

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Storycodes: FM; office; offer; M+/m; bond; latex; sling; gag; porn; video; F+/m+; D/s; femdom; slaves; sissy; cons/reluct; X

The characters and situations in this story are a work of fiction. Permission to use the characters in this story has been given by their original creator, Andy Latex as noted in his blog Smooth Slick N Shiny. This story is meant as an ‘alternate reality’ of his fictional universe.

continued from part 10

Part 11

Lady Quirt wiped her rubber gloved hand across the shelf of the display case and looked at her fingers. There was only a tiny amount of dust. The owner obviously had some pride in the condition of his office. As she looked at the various awards in the case, she noticed that some of these were from well-respected advertising organizations and trade associations, although some years old.

The door of the office opened, and the owner of GB Productions entered.

“I apologize for keeping you waiting.” The man said.

“That is quite alright.” Replied Lady Quirt. “I was examining your accomplishments.”

“Well, I wouldn’t say they were anything major, but in my business any accolade is appreciated.

Lady Quirt read off some of the engravings. “’Best Adult Film 2014, 2015 and 2016’, ‘Best Threesome’, ‘Most Intense S&M’ and then this one: ‘Top Commercial Production 2008’. That’s somewhat out of place with the others.”

The man looked at Lady Quirt. “Things change over time. Yeah, I made lots of mainstream television and radio ads. I was pretty good for a small shop. But other agencies hired away my best people and I lost business. Then I got into this to pay the bills.”

“Yes, some call you the best Porn Producer in the country.”

 “A complement is a complement. It’s gotten me into a few awkward situations. Well, you don’t tell your kids you make porn for a living. I had a teacher and parent conference one time… I’m not boring you, am I?”

“No, go ahead. It must have been difficult.”

“Well, I try to say I’m a film producer and the teacher starts asking what films I’ve done. I give an example of the last mainstream job I did, but the teacher asks what else I did. I try to rush it off by saying it was of no importance, but she is insistent. So, I tell her my most recent film was ‘Lesbian Rubber Vixens’. “

“And what was her response?” asked Lady Quirt.

“She couldn’t say anything at first, then blurted out that it was her and her girlfriend’s favorite.”

Lady Quirt laughed for a few seconds. The man smiled and they both knew that the ice had been broken.

“I also forgot to introduce myself, Geoffrey Banner. President of GB Productions.”  He held out his hand.

“I am Lady Quirt. President and CEO of WORLD. Owner of ‘Boy?!’ and ‘Impact!’.” She replied and they shook hands.

“Oh yes, I’ve been in a ‘Boy?!’ store and I’m anxious to check out ‘Impact!’, Some of the previews look exceptional. What would bring you to my business? “

Lady Quirt made no delay in what she wanted. “I hear you are starting a new film.”

“Yes. It’s called ‘1000 Days of a Rubber Prisoner’” Geoffrey replied. “Top grade fetish film with a heavy gay theme.”

“And you just hired someone to play the…’lead’?”

“Yes, a new face, among other things. I made a deal with a friend of yours, a Lady Jane…”

“Not exactly a friend.” Said Lady Quirt. “In fact, she is improperly using one of ‘Impact!’s’ prized assets.”

“Hey, my deal was 100 percent aboveboard. She showed me her contact to act as William’s agent, which gave her the right to negotiate for his services. If you want to take legal action, take it up with her.”

“I have no intention of taking you to court. You were duped, just like the others she defrauded. I’m here to correct an awkward situation. You see, if William becomes part of your film, then it will damage the carefully constructed image of him we have been creating these past two months.”

Geoffrey looked at Lady Quirt. “Well, I can’t say I’m not sympathetic to your situation. But I will lose out on the advance sales of this new film. He is perfect for the part and recasting may take time.”

“I was thinking about your scrapping the entire film.” Said Lady Quirt.

“And just what could convince me to give up a sizable profit?”

“I was looking at your mainstream awards. Very impressive. I remember that baby food commercial you did back in 2007. You have talent. Talent that WORLD could use.”

“Keep talking.”, said Geoffrey. “I think I know what you want, but I’ll let you finish your offer.”

“’Boy?!’ and ‘Impact!’ will roll out their joint print campaign for the new spring line in a couple of months. But print media isn’t enough. We will have an internet campaign, but we need something else. Something more mainstream.”

“Like television and radio commercials?” he asked.

“Yes. For the most part it will take a lot of creativity to produce commercials which will be allowed for prime-time broadcast and cable/satellite distribution.”

Geoffrey paused for a few moments. Lady Quirt was wondering if it was a good pause or a bad one.

“That’s an interesting offer.” He replied. “But I think I’m going to need more than just an occasional ad every few months or so.”

Lady Quirt looked at Geoffrey. “True, so here is a little something else: We will allow your existing film library to be stocked at all ‘Impact!’ stores, and we will have you produce some special videos.”

“Special?” he asked. Lady Quirt took a piece of paper and handed it to him.

“Special ‘instructional’ videos for ‘Impact!’s clients. These are the subjects.”

Geoffrey looked at the list. He gave a low whistle as he read each item.

“Whew!” he finally exclaimed. “I’m familiar with almost everything on your list. A couple of these…well it would be interesting to try.”

Lady Quirt could tell he was interested. “Then, we have a deal?” she asked.

“You know, if that Lady Jane had presented this offer to me, I’d probably tell her to stick it. She was an arrogant bitch, pardon me, and treated me like I was scum. My business may not be as high-end as yours Lady Quirt, but it is my business.”

“I’m sorry to hear you were so badly treated. Yes, she has an attitude.” Replied Lady Quirt. “Something that will need to be addressed.”

“This is a very reasonable offer and I would be happy to accept.”

 “Thank you. In the meantime, let me collect William and we will meet on Thursday to go over details.”

“Please follow me to the set.” Said Geoffrey.

The both of them made their way through a couple of corridors filled with used furniture, papers, costumes and other equipment. Finally they reached the set.

Hanging from the ceiling of the set was a sling made of heavy duty rubber. In the sling, a young man was bound, floating above the floor. Lady Quirt guessed that it was William.

He was nude and a heavy-duty rubber gasmask was fitted over his head. Around his balls a steel cable was wrapped and padlocked. A heavy lead weight dangled from the end of the cable. Several other weights lay on the floor, to be added later. His arms were bound and a second cable wrapped and padlocked around his wrists. The end of the cable was pushed through a pulley fastened to the floor. The cable went to a second pulley a couple of feet away and other end went up and was secured to the back of the gasmask. As the sling rose, the bound wrists also rose and the cable forced his head farther back. Lady Quirt could hear William’s muffled cries for mercy. Out of the corner of her eye she saw two large men dressed in nothing but rubber harnesses and boots.

“OK boys. We’re going to wrap this up. Ian, Peter please unbind William and clean him up.”

“We were just ready to start. It took about a half hour to get him set up, and we haven’t recorded anything.”, said one of the men.

“Change of plans” said Geoffrey, “And yes, you’ll get paid for today.”

Then men took William down from the ceiling and removed the restraints. He was checked for any injuries and except for some minor abrasions, he was in good shape.

“Lady Quirt!”, said William . “Thank…”

“Display!”, commanded Lady Quirt. William immediately complied.

“Now, William. Explain just how you ended up in a porn film.”

William told her how he had left WORLD’s offices and was going to take the bus home, when he was intercepted by Lady Jane. She threatened to give the ‘Display’ command right there in the street unless he did as she ordered. She took him to this studio and told him he was contracted to make a half dozen films. All Gay S&M films. He would have refused, but she was still a member of the Sisterhood and he was taught to obey. Lady Jane had told him that Andrew was hers and once he saw William in these films, Andrew would see just how pitiful and low he was.

 Lady Quirt was livid! This was the last straw! Months of work and expense ruined because of Jane’s arrogance and her unseemly obsession with her sissy nephew!

Her anger subsided enough to give the ‘Release’ order. She allowed William to dress and she took him home to Bulldyke and Andy.

Several weeks later, in the boardroom of WORLD, the members watched as the screen lit up. Soon they saw Andy’s image appear. He was lying on a bed, looking up at the camera. Two red latex bows were wrapped loosely around his body.

“ Heelloo.”, he purred. “This holiday season unwrap something really special.” He reached up with both hands and brought over two objects. “With every ten inch and larger anal toy you buy from ‘Impact!’ or ‘Boy?!’, you get a free tube of ‘Dr. Schneider’s Butt Butter’. The same lube that Will and I always use.”. He then placed the two objects in front of the camera. They were two tubes of lubricant. “’Dr Schneider’s’ comes in regular unscented and the new ‘Moonlight Passion’. Oh, and for those who are bold enough, a free copy of our new instructional video ‘Will and Andy’s.. Best… Anal… Ever!’” when you buy….” There was a pause and Andy said in a more passionate sound voice, “BIG RED!”.

The ‘Boy?!’ and ‘Impact’ logos appeared on the screen and went to back. The Board members sat looking very amused.

“And this has already been approved by the networks?” asked Lady Flogger.

“Andrew is covered enough to pass the censors. He only suggests and does not perform any sexual acts. Now this advertisement will be played on late night television. However, we have less suggestive ads which will be seen in prime time and on certain niche networks.” Said Lady Quirt.

“I can’t argue with success.”, said Lady Tawse. “Since the opening of ‘Impact!’ WORLD’s profits have increased by 400%. The new spring line was sold out and I mean sold out before the paint had dried on the Tokyo store.  I’m optimistic and you know when it comes to finance, I take a more cautious approach.”

Lady Quirt was beaming with pride. “I thought you might also like to see something else that will delight all of you.” She had one of her sissies hand a copy of a magazine to each member.

“Oh, my….”, exclaimed Mistress Priya. “Is this real?”

Lady Quirt held up a copy of an American weekly magazine. “Yes, my friends. This is a mainstream magazine. Seen in supermarkets, doctors’ offices, libraries and other places throughout not just the United States, but in Canada, Australia… I mean worldwide.”

On the cover of the magazine was a picture of William and Andrew. They were at a Hollywood party. The caption read: ‘Will and Andy - This Year’s and this Decade’s Hottest Couple’.

story continues in part 12

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