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The New Spring Line

by RubberH

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© Copyright 2018 - RubberH - Used by permission

Storycodes: F+/f; latex; vacbed; sendep; catsuit; gasmask; breathplay; control; gimp; transport; F+/m+; D/s; femdom; slaves; sissy; wedding; ceremony; collar; cons/nc; X

F+/f; latex; vacbed; sendep; catsuit; gasmask; breathplay; control; gimp; transport; F+/m+; D/s; femdom; slaves; sissy; wedding; ceremony; collar; cons/nc; X

The characters and situations in this story are a work of fiction. Permission to use the characters in this story has been given by their original creator, Andy Latex as noted in his blog Smooth Slick N Shiny. This story is meant as an ‘alternate reality’ of his fictional universe.

continued from part 11

Part 12

Blackness! Horrible, horrible blackness!. The white noise. Unrelenting. Never stopping. Can’t move a muscle. Can’t even speak! It has gone on for how long? Days? Weeks?

The vibrators switching on and off. Bringing so close to climax… then shutting down when it was just about to occur! Over and over again!

What is that? Someone’s fingers. Taking hold of the mask. Releasing the catches… Freedom… Sweet Freedom!

It was then that Lady Jane felt the mask being pulled off her face. The light hurt her eyes. The two-foot long penis gag was slowly pulled out of her throat. Two smaller tubes were attached to the end. One for breathing and one for food.  Her eyes adjusted to the light and she saw the face of her tormentor.

“Ah, Jane. You are now returned to the land of the living.”, said the woman. She looked familiar to Jane, but it was difficult to even think straight. Her imprisonment in the vacuum bed had affected her mind. The total sensory deprivation mixed with the subliminal auditory stimulus had nearly driven her mad.

“Where… where am I? Who.. are”, asked Lady Jane.

“I am so disappointed you don’t remember me.”, said the woman. “I thought we were such good friends.”

“I must know her.” Lady Jane thought. Then slowly she realized that it was Lady Flogger! Yes, no she remembered. She was just getting into her new Jaguar when she was seized and shocked several times with a stun gun. She collapsed and the next thing she knew she was in the vacuum bed. The mask was being forced onto her face. She couldn’t fight it as everything went dark.

“Ahhh!” said Lady Flogger. “It’s all coming back now. Poor Jane! You have missed quite a lot this past year.”

Lady Jane’s eyes opened wide. “A… cough…cough… year?” she sputtered. She was shocked and yet regained enough of her senses to start shouting. “Release me you little bitch! Do you know just who I am?”

“Oh, my goodness!.” Mocked Lady Flogger. “Such language! Obviously we should have kept you in here much, much longer. Maybe five years. I could put this mask back on…”

“No, please Jessica!” cried Lady Jane in horror. “I’m sorry…I’m sorry……..I’m sorry… please.”

“Yes, this vacuum bed does have quite an effect on people. The sensory depravation and the constant sexual stimulus usually drives the victim insane when we combine it with hallucinogens and hypnotic drugs. However, I recommended that you be fully aware of your state, and they agreed.”

“Who…who agreed?” asked Lady Jane.

“Oh, Jane… you really went much too far this time. You didn’t just anger Lady Quirt. Or just WORLD, the Sissy Guild or the Disciplinary Committee. You managed to piss off the Domina herself.”

“Why…how?” Lady Jane was puzzled.

“Well, let’s see. You continued to flaunt Andrew around, despite being told to keep a low profile. Your little trip to the United States and your appearance on that talk show was certainly not low profile. The disaster at Club Gummi was your doing. By the way, the partygoers insisted on a full refund and they refused to return. The club is secretly owned by a very senior member of the Sisterhood. Speaking of the Sisterhood, you continued to flaunt their name at every opportunity. Do you remember the movie ‘Fight Club’ with Brad Pitt? There is a line that he says: ‘The first rule about ‘Fight Club’ is you don’t talk about ‘Fight Club’.” Secret societies survive because they stay secret. Oh Jane, you stepped in shit and sank up to your chin.”

“I…I demand an appeal!” Lady Jane shouted.

“Much too late Jane. While you were spending a not-so-pleasant time here, all of your loans were called-in. Your homes, your car and every possession of value were taken. As for your gambling debts, well there are a number of people from the casinos and private gaming parties who still have your worthless paper pledges. Your debtors, especially WORLD, have even claimed your contacts with Andrew and William.”

“Surely I must still have something of value. “ Lady Jane said.

“If there was a way we could sell your title, it would have already been done.”

“Wait! Andrew! What happened to him? Where is my nephew? Is he …”

“Quite safe I believe. You know, I have been so busy I haven’t really looked in on him.”

Lady Jane was beside herself. “Please let me out of this.” She cried.

“That is why I am here Jane. To free you from the bed.”

Lady Flogger nodded to two sissies who proceeded to free Lady Jane from the vacuum bed. Lady Jane was weak from being encapsulated in the thick latex. As she took a few careful steps she saw another sissy carrying something on a hanger. As the sissy drew closer, Lady Jane recognized what it was…

A FULL RUBBER SUIT! On the forehead of the hood there was a name…’GIMP’!

Lady Jane struggled as best she could, but she was far too weak to do anything to escape the grip of the two sissies. It took very little effort to apply the lubricant/contact adhesive and seal her inside.

Lady Jane cried “Please don’t do this. I’ll do whatever you want!”

“You are going to do whatever we want anyway. With or without your cooperation. I would suggest that compliance is much easier than the alternative.” laughed Lady Flogger.

In minutes Lady Jane was inside the gimp suit and the adhesive began to bind itself to her body. As she realized that she would not be freed, she began to cry, tears streaming down her face.

“Now Jane, don’t cry. This is only temporary.” Lady Flogger cooed. Then she held up a gas mask. With very little effort she pulled it onto Lady Jane’s head and pulled on the straps. The gas mask glued itself  to her face. A small clear window allowed her to see the outside world.

“Now Jane, if you ever have any thoughts about escaping… See this remote?” Lady Flogger pointed the remote at her and pressed a button. Lady Jane soon head a loud ‘CLICK’ and in moments the air valve to the mask had closed. Her air had been cut off!

Lady Flogger stood passively in front of Lady Jane, as seconds passed. Soon Lady Jane could only breathe in her expired air. She grabbed the mask and attempted to pull it off without success. She began to panic as she knew that soon there would be no viable air in the mask and she would suffocate. She looked at Lady Flogger who leisurely looked at her watch and began humming ‘God Save the Queen’.

Lady Jane dropped to the floor and placed her hands together, begging Lady Flogger to give her air. Just as she was about to black out, Lady Jane heard another ‘CLICK’ and fresh air entered the gas mask.

“You see Jane. Any attempt to escape or defy us will result in our turning off your air supply. But we won’t do it too long, just enough to incapacitate you. You are going to be a good little rubber gimp this day. So, stand up and follow me.”

Lady Flogger proceeded to leave the room. Lady Jane quickly followed. She still tried to pull on the rubber suit, but it was stuck too fast. Soon she realized that she was walking down one of the corridors at WORLD headquarters.

“Yes Jane. You have been here since we seized you a year ago. It’s our new facility for the conditioning of sissies and rubberslaves. A lot has changed since then.” Lady Flogger said. “WORLD’s fortunes have grown considerably and the Sisterhood has also benefited from that growth. Rubberwear has become quite fashionable thanks to Andrew and William. You’ll learn more about them later.”

They took the lift down to the garage and Lady Jane was pushed into the back of a delivery vehicle. Lady Flogger drove off in what used to be Lady Jane’s Jaguar.

They drove through the London streets and then out towards the countryside. After an hour Lady Jane was tempted to try to escape through the rear door, but as she approached the back, the air valve slowly began to close. Quickly she went back to her seat.

“You should know by now Jane that we take nothing for granted.” came the voice of Lady Flogger.

Lady Jane looked up at the ceiling and noticed a camera looking down at her. There was no escape! She sat down and waited for who knows what was in store for her.

Another hour had passed, and the vehicle slowed down and stopped. After several minutes the door opened and there stood Lady Quirt. She was in a very formal rubber dress as if there was a special event.

“Well Jane, I am so glad that you have been able to make it. Bind her arms and shackle her ankles!” she said to two muscular women. In seconds Lady Jane was once again helpless.

“Just take her to the back and make sure she doesn’t make a fuss.” Said Lady Quirt.

The two women forced Lady Jane to walk into a …churchyard? They then brought her into the chapel and seated her in the back pew. They sat on either side of her to make sure she stayed still and quiet.

After several minutes there was the sound of an organ. Lady Jane was forced to stand up. Then she realized she was at a wedding. The music changed and the bride entered. Lady Jane looked and saw a beautiful figure dressed in the thinnest and whitest latex wedding gown. Then to her horror she saw that it was….ANDREW!

She tried to cry out to Andrew hoping for rescue, but the air valve clicked shut robbing her of air. Rendering her nearly unconscious. After she stopped struggling the air was restored.

“Andrew looks so beautiful doesn’t he?” Lady Quirt said to Jane. “You were right, A perfect sissy in every way. Of course, William looks quite handsome as well.”

Lady Jane looked at her nephew. He was beautiful but it was unfair that he was getting married. Andrew was hers! She would decide when, where and to who he would marry..if at all!

Lady Quirt could see barely through the window of the gas mask, but she could tell that Jane was weeping. “Yes. Crying at weddings is quite traditional. Don’t think of it as losing a nephew. Think of it as losing…oh wait… you are losing a nephew, and a prized sissy at that!” she taunted.

The ceremony concluded with William passionately kissing Andy, his bride. They left the church and headed towards the reception. Once they were no longer in sight, Lady Quirt looked at her captive.

“We are not quite through yet Jane.” She sneered. “In about six hours there is another little ceremony you are going to attend.”

Lady Jane was placed back in the vehicle and held here until nightfall. Once enough time had passed she was removed and taken to another building. The inside was dimly lit except for a large room at the end. Lady Jane was taken inside the room and bound to a pillar with chains. Inside were numerous people dressed in rubber. A party? No, it was some sort of ceremony.

Suddenly from the back of the room walked Lady Quirt. She was practically naked except for a black latex cape, gloves and thigh-high boots. She approached the front of the room and motioned to the back of the room. Lady Jane watch as both Andrew and William, clad in tight fitting white latex catsuits with the word “SLAVE” approached Lady Quirt.

“Good view isn’t it?” said Lady Flogger who had just stood next to Lady Jane. “We wanted you to get a really good look.”

“Why are they tormenting me so much?” asked Lady Jane to herself. “I’ve lost Andrew. What more can they do to me?”

“Oh, poor, poor Jane. Why are they so mean?”. Lady Flogger asked  “We knew that whatever we did to you physically, you would never learn your lesson. You would always revert back to your arrogant self. Your arrogant, and dangerous self. What could we ever do to you that would put you in your place? Then you supplied the answer yourself.”

“William!” Lady Jane realized.

“That is correct. Andrew was too tied to you emotionally. If you suffered he would be there to comfort you. We had to break that bond. William, the boy Andrew secretly loved, was the answer. We threw them together at every opportunity. Your greed and desire to show off your sissy to the world blinded you to the fact you were being manipulated. You are too dangerous to the Sisterhood, Jane. Bulldyke, well she wasn’t in on our plot, but she became a key to keeping William in line. Look carefully Jane.”

Jane watched as Bulldyke entered the room. She was dressed in a black latex catsuit, similar to Andrew and William’s, except it had the word “MASTER” written on it. As she looked closer she noticed something different… she looked closer..closer…


Bulldyke was sporting a bump… a baby bump!

“Yes, Jane. We were all surprised. The doctors initially told Bulldyke that her years of steroid abuse had made her incapable of having children. However, the doctors were wrong and now Bulldyke is bearing William’s child.”

Lady Jane couldn’t believe it! But why marry Andrew?

“When Bulldyke realized she was pregnant she immediately told William. Do you know what he did? He proposed marriage to her. Do you believe that?!  I mean it’s old fashioned, but I was rather touched that he would do such a thing. However, when she told Lady Quirt, she was reminded that as a relatively new domme she was by Sisterhood law forbidden to marry her submissive. Lady Quirt then brought all three into her office and asked them flat out if they loved each other. All three, Andrew, William and Bulldyke confessed that their relationship was more than just submissives and dominant. Then Lady Quirt offered a solution: Andrew and William would marry. Andrew would accept William’s collar, and William would accept Bulldyke’s collar. And so, here we are.”

Andrew knelt down in front of William. In William’s hand he held a special Sisterhood Collar – a “Forever Collar” the two pieces would go together, and two titanium locking pins would engage, preventing the collar from ever being removed except by a plasma cutter. It would be easier to cut off the wearer’s head and reattach it than to cut through it without damage to the submissive.

“Do you Andrew accept William’s collar for the rest of your natural life?” asked Lady Quirt. “To recognize him as your owner and in this case, joint lover?”

“I do accept my Owner’s collar.” replied Andrew.

William placed the collar around Andrew’s neck and snapped it shut. It was done. Now William turned and faced Bulldyke. He kneeled in front of her.

“Do you William accept Master Bulldyke’s collar for the rest of your natural life? To recognize her as your owner and in this case,  joint lover?”

“I do accept my Owner’s collar.” Replied William .

Bulldyke placed the collar around William’s neck. A click was heard and it was done.

Lady Quirt then gave two gold leashes to Bulldyke. “In accordance with the laws of the Sisterhood, the Rules of WORLD, BARE and all other authorities vested in me, I pronounce you Slaves and Master”

The crowd erupted in applause as Bulldyke clipped the leashes to William and Andrew’s collars. She directed them through the guests and into a reception hall

Lady Quirt approached Lady Jane. “Brings a tear to one’s eye doesn’t it … slave?”

Lady Jane looked at her captor. A chill ran down her spine.

“No more vacuum bed for you. Tomorrow you start your new life as a rubberslave. Oh, you won’t be a gimp all the time. Just for the first two years. Then you’ll be a rubber pony for Lady Tawse for another two years, a rubber doggy, a rubber maid, a rubber doll and who knows what else. You’ll serve each member of WORLD for two years’ time. When you are through… then the real torment begins.”

The new rubberslave screamed into the gasmask. In moments the air valve closed and unconsciousness took over.

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