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The New Spring Line

by RubberH

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© Copyright 2018 - RubberH - Used by permission

Storycodes: F+/m+; D/s; femdom; sissy; slaves; training; latex; clothing; F/m; naked; oral; sex; MM; rom; kiss; cons; X

The characters and situations in this story are a work of fiction. Permission to use the characters in this story has been given by their original creator, Andy Latex as noted in his blog Smooth Slick N Shiny. This story is meant as an ‘alternate reality’ of his fictional universe.

continued from part 9

Part 10

Will was holding Andy in his arms as he slowly woke. Andy, his oh, so sweet and gentle Andy. Despite that Andy was a sissy, William had never felt someone so feminine and responsive before. Andy wanted to please Will as much as possible and shared himself without hesitation or guilt. His soft moans as William thrust inside him. His lips gently travelling up and down Will’s shaft; providing hours of pleasure. Where DID Andy learn this?

Then William felt Bulldyke’s arms wrapped gently around his waist and chest. She was strong, powerful and yet someone who had a vulnerability when it came down to intimacy. After her first couple of orgasms her aggressiveness subsided, and a softer side had appeared. She reacted to Will’s touch and was insatiable in her need for pleasure. He and Andy made love to her as ardently as they made love with each other.

It had been quite a night! But now it was time to get ready for work. Reluctantly, he whispered in Andy’s ear that it was time to get up. Andy turned over and began to kiss Will’s chest, then worked down to his nipples and started to gently lick them with the tip of his tongue. Will began to get hard again.

“We don’t have time…” Will started to say.

“Just for a few minutes; please.” Andy mewed softly.

“We can’t.”, said Bulldyke as she ran her hands over Will’s rear. “As much as I’d like to stay here with the both of you; Will needs to keep on his schedule. As for you Andy, you have your new duties here at home.”

Andy kissed William again. This time much longer and deeper. William returned it with just as much intensity. He was no longer hesitant. Bulldyke firmly but gently separated them, and then kissed William as well. William also returned it without hesitation.

All three showered together and helped each other dress for the day. Bulldyke dressed in her custom-tailored three-piece rubber business suit. Andy was in a very skimpy French Maid’s uniform and William... he only wore a pair of black latex leggings and sandals.

“Bull…Master Bulldyke, is this all I am to wear? It’s chilly this morning.” Said William.

“You are scheduled to be with Mistress Priya. I doubt if you’ll even have those on very long. You are very fortunate that she has agreed to train you. Well, maybe I’m the one who is fortunate.”

“What is she to train me in?”

“Don’t you recall what Lady Quirt said?”

“It all went so fast, she said something about erotic arts.”

“That Lover, is saying it mildly. Mistress Priya just happens to be the High Priestess of a long believed extinct Indian cult. This cult knows more about sexual pleasure… well you heard of the ‘Kama Sutra’?”

“Yes.” Said William “I’ve never read it, but it’s supposed to be the ultimate guide in sex.”

“Well, my dear, what Mistress Priya and her followers know makes the ‘Kama Sutra’ look like a child’s Nursery Rhyme book. ”, Bulldyke laughed. “And both Andy and I will benefit the most from your training. Of course you’ll be in great demand by the Board Members and Executives of WORLD.”

William gulped. Was Bulldyke joking? No, he had seen too much now to realize that he was to become the sexual plaything of Lady Quirt and the others.

Bulldyke looked at William and held him gently. “Oh, I’ve scared you. I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean to. You must have had some inkling…”

“I figured that this was my fate. Is that what you think of me?” Will asked and wondered if he should have remained silent.

Bulldyke looked at William. ”At first in the massage room, I thought so. But then as I learned more about you from Andrew and Lady Quirt I realized that… you were different than the other submissives. I…”

There was the sound of a car horn in front of the house. Bulldyke released William. “We’ll talk about this when you come home.” She then gave him a gentle kiss and watched as he opened the door and entered the waiting car.

 Bulldyke noticed that Andy also watching William leave for Mistress Priya’s.

“Did you want to kiss him goodbye as well?” she asked Andy.

Andy looked and blushed.

“Then go out and give him one.”

Andy paused a second, then hurried down the steps and tapped on the car’s window. William lowered the window and gave Andy a kiss. As the car drove off, Andy realized that he was in his latex French maid’s uniform in full view of the neighbors. But Andy simply smiled and hurried back inside so he could start his morning chores, and he hoped that Will would come home soon.

 Mistress Priya’s home was in a very old and elegant part of the city. These were homes that had housed the rich, famous and near famous. From Generals to Physicians to even Prime Ministers. Andy exited the car in front of a large Victorian-era house. He walked up to the door and rang the bell.

William felt embarrassed at being so skimpily dressed in broad daylight.  Yet no one seemed to notice. He rang the bell again and the door was opened by a girl dressed in a traditional Sari. No wait! It wasn’t a girl, it was one of the Sisterhood’s sissies!

“You are William? “ asked the sissy.  William nodded his head ‘Yes’.

“I am Saffron, Mistress Priya’s maid. You will remove all your clothing and leave it on the floor. All submissives are to remain naked during their stay here. The only exceptions are sissies and they are to be appropriately dressed.”

William peeled off the leggings and slipped off his sandals. As he followed Saffron into the house, William noticed another sissy quickly picking up and putting away his clothes.

They entered a large parlor which was decorated in various Indian fabrics and artwork; primarily erotic artwork. William was lead to a large sofa.

“That will be all Saffron.” Came a voice from behind William. “DISPLAY!”

William instantly assumed the Display position. It was all automatic now.

“Nice… very, very nice.” Said the voice. William knew he had to keep his head perfectly straight. He felt a hand caressing his rear. A finger went up his spine and neck. Another finger came around and began to play with his left nipple. He had just a bit of an erection starting.

Then the person behind the voice walked around him and he stood face to face with an incredibly beautiful Indian woman.  Her eyes matched her black hair and he felt a bit frightened. She looked down and took his cock in her hand.

“Good length and girth when flacid. How big are you when fully erect?” she asked

“I…I really don’t know, Mistress.” , William replied. “I never bothered to measure. I mean, does it really matter.?”

Mistress Priya looked at him for several seconds, then burst out laughing. “Oh, my!  I’m not sure how to respond. Most of the subs who come here either believe they are bigger than they think, or they are smaller than what they believe they are. You are one of the few who has answered without the usual male bullshit. We may get along very well.”

“Thank you?” William answered. Although he wasn’t sure if what she said was a good thing or not.

“The use of the male member is only part of the secret to obtaining the ultimate in sexual pleasure. A big cock is nice, but it’s just a piece of man meat. Without knowing how to use it and when, you might as well cut it off and replace it with a dildo. Also, the penis is only one tool to use when it comes to pleasing others. You my dear, will be taught how to use all of yourself. Not just your body but your mind. How long can you maintain an erection without touching your cock?”

“I don’t know.. A couple of minutes, But I’ve been given a drug which…”

“That is the easy way’ Said Mistress Priya. “What if I said you could be taught to maintain an erection for not just hours, but days and even weeks. Without any erectile disfunction drugs. Would you be interested?”

William slightly smiled. “Well I know someone who would really like that.”

Mistress Priya returned the smile. “Again, you gave a far more fitting answer. The object is not to be selfish and provide pleasure for yourself, but it is to give the ultimate in sexual pleasure to your partners. I intend to teach you how to not only to maintain an erection almost indefinitely, but for you to be able to do so on command. You will learn much and your value will increase greatly.”

Mistress Priya laid down on the sofa and parted her sari. William could see that she had become wet and aroused.

“Release and come here William. “she commanded. William stood by the sofa and looked at her glistening mound. He began to get hard.

“Very nice William, but for your first lesson you will learn the art of oral servitude first. Kneel and pleasure me.”

William did as he was told and began to pleasure Mistress Priya as best as he could.

It was 12:00 when the car containing William entered the parking garage of WORLD. He sat back in the seat of the car, totally exhausted. THAT was to be an introductory lesson? How was he going to survive four times a week for the next couple of months?

In Lady Tawse’s office, William began his orientation in the various IMPACT! Products. There not only were bondage products, but vibrators, dildos, clamps, creams, sounds, enema equipment… you name the fetish, they sold whatever was needed for the practitioner. Leather, latex, PVC, steel and any other material that provided for sexual stimulation.

William also experience using these products and them being used on him. He was gagged with four dozen types of gags. Hoods from supple latex to quarter inch thick steel helmets. Handcuffs, straightjackets, even a head to toe mummy suit. For the next several weeks he dutifully memorized their construction, use and prices. He was going to be their top sales representative, so he had to know their entire inventory, and even some still on the drawing boards.

Andrew and Bulldyke anxiously awaited William to return home every night, to find out what he had learned. Often, he would bring samples of IMPACT! Products and they would spend lots and lots of time using them.

In the meantime, Aunt Jane sat in her house awaiting news as to when Andrew would be released from WORLD and allowed to come home. She sat partly worried and partly angry. What were they doing with him? She should never have allowed him to stay at WORLD for that new photo shoot. The “Boy?!” campaign was taking too much of his time that he could be with her. Could William be responsible? Yes, of course it’s him! Something will have to be done to let William know that Andy is her sissy! Her property!

But what? She looked over her papers and noticed a contract for GB Productions. Yes, this will be perfect. She picked up the phone and closed the deal, authorizing the owner of GB Productions to use William in his next project.


story continues in part 11

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