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The New Spring Line

by RubberH

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Storycodes: F+/m+; D/s; femdom; slaves; latex; clothing; vehicle; club; M+/m+; lapdance; strip; rescue; rom; arousal; caress; oral; sissy; discovery; anal; strapon; sex; climax; cons/reluct; X

The characters and situations in this story are a work of fiction. Permission to use the characters in this story has been given by their original creator, Andy Latex as noted in his blog Smooth Slick N Shiny. This story is meant as an ‘alternate reality’ of his fictional universe.

continued from part 8

Part 9

Bulldyke sat back in the limo’s back seat. She caressed the rubber upholstery. It was soft and slick for it had recently been cleaned and polished. She looked at William and Andrew kneeling on the floor in front of her. She felt a little strange. Lady Quirt had rarely allowed her to assume the dominant role in all the years she had served her. It was going to take a little time to adjust, but she was looking forward to it.

The driver received a phone call. All Bulldyke could hear was “Yes, M’Lady. As you wish M’Lady”.

“What was the call about?” Bulldyke inquired.

“It was from Lady Fullerton-Jones, Master Bulldyke.” The driver replied. “Andrew and William are required to be at the ‘Club Gummi’ after your dinner. I am to drive them there.”

Bulldyke was surprised and quickly called Lady Jane. “What is this nonsense about Andrew, William and Club Gummi?” she demanded.

“They have been contracted to make an appearance at the club’s VIP lounge.” Replied Lady Jane. “Their contracts with WORLD allows them to be booked by their agent, which is myself, for special appearances, parties and anything which does not divert from their regular duties.”

“That’s ridiculous. It’s been a long day and they need…”

“To honor their contracts… You may check with WORLD’s legal counsel, but at this hour it may be difficult to confirm. Don’t embarrass yourself Bulldyke by challenging me. I’m quite within my rights as Andrew and William’s agent. My positions in both the Sissy Guild and Sisterhood are far superior to that of a former dungeon minion.”

Bulldyke heard the ‘click’ as Lady Jane simply ended the call.

Will could see that Bulldyke was seething, but eventually she composed herself by taking several deep breaths and digging her hands into the seat.

Dinner was held mostly in silence. Neither Will or Andy were comfortable with speaking out of turn. Bulldyke for her part, was unhappy with Lady Jane’s interference with what she had hoped would be a pleasant evening. She had been looking forward to showing off both William and Andrew; dressed in their tight and shiny rubber outfits.

Club Gummi was the newest hot spot in the city. As the name implied, it was for those in the rubber and latex scene, although the general public was unaware of its existence. The club maintained a strict policy of protecting its clientele from curiosity seekers. That is why sports stars, actors and actresses and all other major and minor celebrities could be seen there dressed in all manner of fetishwear. The tabloids would have paid a fortune for even just one photo, but not a single taker came forth.

The VIP lounges were the club’s greatest secret. Amongst the members whatever went on there was a complete mystery. Those who were invited to those rooms maintained a code of silence about the activities.

Bulldyke delivered Andy and Will to the club’s manager. She looked them over and smiled. “Very, very nice. “, she said. “The boys will be excited about having the newest modeling sensation for their party.” She then looked at Will. “And you… well you are just icing on the cake.’ She pointed to a set of stairs which lead to the party rooms.

Andy eyes were wide open in fear. “Please Master Bulldyke. Don’t make me go up there.”, he cried.

“You know I can’t do anything.” Bulldyke replied. “Your Aunt Jane made the deal and you have go through with it.”

Will saw how frightened Andy was. “… Master Bulldyke.  I’ll take care of her… him.”

Bulldyke looked at the manager. “William and Andrew are the primary models for “Boy?!” and the new ‘Impact!’ stores and very valuable property. I’ll expect that no harm come to either of them.”

“Of course… but you must stay outside.”

Bulldyke would have refused, but there was no real choice. She looked at Will and nodded her head. Will took Andy’s hand and they went up the stairs and they entered the party room.

Within the room were several men. All of them were very athletic, and somewhat drunk. The minute Andy and Will entered the room they were surrounded by the men.

“Well look at who showed up! The girl on all those posters!” said one of the men, who appeared to be in charge.

“Who’s this?” asked another partygoer.

“Who cares? Nice bum though.”

Another man placed his hand on Andy’s rear. “Can you dance?” he asked.

Andy was frozen in fear. The man sat down in a chair and crooked his finger at him. “Let’s go sweetheart.”

“I can dance. “ Will said.

The men looked at him and laughed. “Well, let’s see just how good you are.”

The manager had escorted Bulldyke to a VIP booth in the main room and ordered her a drink. She sat quietly at the booth sipping her drink and looking frequently at the door to the party room.

The manager returned to the booth and sat down next to Bulldyke. “Boyfriend or Girlfriend? “

“What?” replied Bulldyke.

“Which one is it you’re worried about? Your girlfriend or your boyfriend? Mind you, I’d take either one.”

“Neither one.”, replied Bulldyke. “I’m just their handler.”

“Really? That is too bad, not being able to take a taste. They are spoken for?”

“Yes, they are.” Bulldyke rudely replied.

“How about you?” smiled the manager. Bulldyke looked at her. She took hold of the manager’s hand, looked into her eyes and began squeezing tightly. The manager started looking uncomfortable as Bulldyke tightened her grip. The manager let out a small cry as Bulldyke’s powerful hand increased in pressure.

“Oh yes…you know … how to get a girl’s… attention.”, said the manager and she began to grit her teeth. “OK…Please stop. I won’t bother you anymore.”

Bulldyke tightened her grip more. The manager’s eyes began dripping tears. “I give…I give.”, she cried.

Bulldyke released the hand and the manager gasped and carefully opened and closed it.

“So what kind of party is it?” Bulldyke asked.

“It’s private, I can’t…”

Bulldyke grabbed the manager’s hand again. “You really enjoy this?”

The manager looked for help but the security people were keeping others out of the VIP section, not watching what was going on inside.

“Go ahead, scream.”, said Bulldyke quietly. “By the time someone gets here, every finger will be broken, and this pretty little wrist will be fractured in several places.”

“It’s a celebration for some professional rugby players. I can’t tell you who they are, but you’d recognize them on sight.”


“They won a championship, so they decided to party here…. and they have been partying. You just delivered the entertainment.”

Bulldyke sat up. “What kind of entertainment?” she demanded.

“The usual kind here. Don’t worry. The guys will play safe. Plenty of condoms available.”

Bulldyke stood up and ran towards the party room. The manager signaled for her security people to stop Bulldyke from crashing the party, but it was too late. Bulldyke burst through the door.

Both Andy and Will were in a state of undress. Andy was down to his pink latex thong, and William was totally naked. They were giving the partygoers lap dances; although not very good ones. Neither one was sure what to do but the partygoers didn’t care. They were having the time of their lives.

Will looked at Bulldyke with extreme distress. He was being touched in his most intimate places and he could not protest. Andy was close to being penetrated by one of the players.

“I think that is enough!” Bulldyke shouted. “William, Andrew… time to go!”

“Hey! Who are you and what business is it of yours?” said one of the players.

“I’m their Nanny, and it’s their bedtime.”, retorted Bulldyke.

The player walked up to Bulldyke and stared at her. “We’re just starting to have some fun. Maybe you want to join in.”

“I already had an offer tonight, and I’ll give you the same answer.” Bulldyke moved towards Will and Andy but the player grabbed her arm.

“Bad idea.”, said Bulldyke.  In moments the player was on the floor trying to recover from a well-placed knee to his groin. The others stood there as their captain writhed in agony. Drunk as they were, they were aware that this huge woman could probably take them all on… and win.

The manager and her security entered the room. “I’m calling…”

“The police?” asked Bulldyke. “And we can report sexual assault, attempted rape and who knows what else… Not exactly in line with your privacy policy.”

“Just get the fuck out of here.”, said the manager. Her hand was covered in an ice filled towel.

“William, Andrew. Let’s go home.” Said Bulldyke. Andy and Will then dressed and followed her out of the club.

A half an hour later the limo stopped in front of a house located in one of the city’s poshest neighborhood. The limo drove away and the three of them entered. Will looked around. It was decorated very tastefully with modern style furnishings. There was a now very familiar smell. He touched the fabric of a chair and discovered that it was upholstered in rubber. All the furniture was covered in rubber instead of wool or silk. The curtains were rubber. The carpets were rubber. The flooring was rubber. The wallpaper was rubber. Liquid latex was used instead of paint.

“Welcome home William.”, said Bulldyke. “I’m certain you are tired, so let’s go to bed.”

They went up the staircase and entered the master bedroom. Against one wall Will could see a bed, but it was a huge bed. Much larger than anything he had ever seen.

“Yes, it’s for all of us. “, said Bulldyke. “No separate bedrooms here. It’s share and share alike.”

Andy had already undressed and had slipped under the rubber sheets. “I couldn’t find a nightgown.” He said.

“You won’t need one.” Said Bulldyke. “William… Undress and Display!”

Will immediately stripped and assumed the Display position. It had become automatic to him. Bulldyke stood in front of him and began to undress herself. Slowly she slipped off her jacket and then undid her skirt. Both items dropped to the floor, leaving her wearing only her high heels. She walked around Will and he felt her hand against his back.

“Bend over.” She said. Will complied and soon felt Bulldyke’s fingers against his rear. Soon he felt the anal plug being pulled out. He had forgotten it was even in him.

“Clean yourself up and get into bed. I’m going to call Lady Quirt and tell her what happened.”

Will did as he was told. When he was finished he approached the bed. Andy was shaking.

“Are you alright Andy? Did they hurt you?”

“No, Will. I’m not alright. I’ve never been so frightened before. They were just about ready to …..”

Will touched Andy’s shoulder. “Don’t think anymore about it. You’re safe here… with me.”

“Hold me Will.” Said Andy. Will at first hesitated, then wrapped his arms around Andy. It didn’t matter anymore. Boy, Girl or whatever. Andy needed him and he, well he needed Andy. Soft, gentle and oh so feminine Andy. As he held Andy close, Will felt a stirring in his body. The drug had worn off quite some time ago, but now he had developed a pronounced erection. He felt embarrassed.

Then Will felt something else. Andy’s hand had taken hold of his cock and began to stroke it. He looked at Andy who gave a slight smile.

“I… I love you Will.”, Andy said softly.

Will held Andy closer. “I’m not gay.” He said to himself. “I’m not g… Oh what the hell! Andy’s more woman than most of the girls I’ve been with.” He kissed Andy and Andy kissed him back. They caressed each other and began to make love.

Will looked at Andy’s naked body, taking in every inch. He looked at Andy’s face and then lowered his gaze to see the small but perfectly-formed breasts. The narrow waist and then…

Then he saw something that didn’t belong. No, it wasn’t Andy’s genitals… it was a smooth piece of flesh-colored plastic. It covered Andy’s entire groin. Will took another look and saw that the plastic had numerous holes.

“They used surgical glue and sutures.’, said Andy. “They said it was more efficient and secure than a chastity belt. The holes allow water in to keep the area clean and allow me to urinate. I can’t remove it without severe pain and damage. “

“But why?” asked Will.

“To remind me that I’m a sissy. I’m no longer a boy, but I’m not a girl. When you first visited me at the studio they saw that I was attracted as much to you as you were to me. When you realized who I really was they expected you to back away. When you didn’t it was decided to ‘nullify’ me. But since I was too valuable as a sissy, instead of surgery they would simply seal me up.”

Will was bedside himself. “I’m so sorry Andy.”, he said. “If I knew that this would happen to you..”

“That’s alright Will. We can still make love.” Andy then crawled down to the edge of the bed. He took hold of Will’s cock and placed it gently into his mouth.

At that point it all became a blur to Will. Andy’s tongue and lips played with his cock in ways… well there was no describing it. It was pure pleasure. “Where did Andy learn this? “, Will thought. “It’s…OH. MY GOOO…. FUCKING FANTAST…!!!”

Will came hard. Harder than he had ever done before.  Andy was not finished. He quickly brought Will to full erection.”

Will looked at Andy, who was still enthusiastically working on his cock.

“No, not fair.”, Will gasped and he pushed Andy away. Next, he climbed down to the foot of the bed. Took hold of Andy’s legs and pulled him to the edge of the bed. Andy was on his stomach and he parted his legs.

“There should be some lube in the nightstand. Aunt Jane says that it’s essential to any boudoir.”

Will pulled opened one the drawers. As Andy said there was not one, not two, but three very large tubes of something called ‘Dr. Schneider’s Butt Butter’. Will took one of the tubes opened it and coated his cock with the contents. He approached Andy, his cock still hard. He was a little worried. He had only done anal once with a girl named Sherry, and that didn’t go very well.

“It’s alright Will.”, Cooed Andy. “I know you’ll be gentle.”. He pulled his cheeks apart, inviting Will to enter.

 Will slowly pushed himself inside of Andy’s rear. He heard Andy groan and thought of backing out, however Andy said, “Oh Will! … Love me!”, and Will began a slow, rhythmic series of strokes. As Andy’s moans became louder and more passionate, Will’s desire became more intense.  Andy felt Will tense up and he knew that it was just a matter of moments.

Will was about ready to cum again… But then felt a presence behind him. Bulldyke’s hands roamed his body, and then kicked apart his legs.

“You used up the entire tube.”, Bulldyke said. Will heard the night stand drawer open and close. After a few moments Bulldyke’s hands were on his rear…. and something hard and slippery entered his rear

“Let’s dance, lover.”, said Bulldyke and she began pushing and pulling the large strap on dildo in and out of Will’s rear. “In and out… In and out.. Let’s go, lover”.

Soon Will and Bulldyke had synchronized their thrusts. Him into Andy and Bulldyke into Will. In minutes both Will and Andy were moaning in pleasure. A few moments later Will’s semen pumped into Andy’s rear.

Bulldyke played with Will’s nipples for several seconds. “It’s my turn.”, she said and withdrew the dildo from Will’s rear. She took hold of Will’s arm and guided him onto the bed. She turned him onto his back, then taking concealed shackles from each corner of the bed, secured him spread eagled. Then she removed the strap-on and impaled herself on his shaft. Above the bed was a metal bar with two chains on each end; like a trapeze bar. She grabbed the bar and began to pull on it. Raising and lowering herself on his cock.

“Remember lover when we first did this? I couldn’t wait to be with you again. This time, I want you to make me cum over and over until I tell you to stop.”

Over an hour went by as Bulldyke rode Will’s cock. She would cum and then he would cum. Occasionally they would cum together.

Andy watched quietly. Bulldyke noticed his silence and said, “Join us Andrew. Remember, in this bed it’s share and share alike.”

Andy crawled over and the three of them made love until dawn.

story continues in part 10

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