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The Neighbour 6: The Twins

by hoodedheaven

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© Copyright 2016 - hoodedheaven - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-M; FF/m; FM+/m; latex; catsuits; bond; armbinder; bdsm; drug; contest; audience; electro; probe; tease; torment; denial; climax; cons; X

story continues from part five

Part 6: The Twins

“Remember your choice Neil, number four, The Twins. You have ninety minutes from now.”

I looked back at Nurse who was smiling mischievously, I had not realised that the clock was ticking!

I eased open the door and tentatively walked forwards into a dimly lit corridor, there were doors to the left and right and a door at the end. The floor was covered with black industrial rubber tiles and the walls were painted red. Wall hung uplighters provided a dim but warm glow.

I walked forwards and stopped momentarily between the first two doors which were numbered one and two, after a few seconds there was a loud “CRACK” behind door number one. Looking towards the door I observed a hinged inspection cover, similar to a prison cell door, I looked around nervously then slowly lowered the cover, my heart skipped a beat.

Directly in front of me and facing away from the door was a well-built naked man strapped to a St. Andrew’s cross. He was very tightly secured to the cross with thick black rubber straps which cut into his flesh. His back was crisscrossed with red welts, some were raised and smeared with blood.


Out of site of the inspection cover the bullwhip launched, its thin tail delivering yet another welt to the collection. The heavily restrained victim moaned and dropped his head backwards as the first drop of blood hit the floor.

A clicking of heels on the tiled floor preceded the arrival of number one into view, Tanya! She walked forwards oozing confidence, her hips swaying seductively. Her perfect black rubber encased body looked magnificent under the bright lights as she came fully into view. She moved close to her victim and grabbed a handful of hair and wrenched his head backwards before stuffing a large ball gag into his mouth, she buckled it tightly before pushing his head forwards.

She disappeared from view for a few moments then returned holding what looked like a white cylindrical tube, she moved close to him again raising the tube to his neck height. I looked closely and realised what was in her hand, a salt cellar!

She turned and looked towards the door, I froze, she knew I was watching. She shook the cellar and a few grains of salt landed on the welts near the top of his neck, he squeeled through the gag, she looked towards me and smiled wickedly before shaking more salt into his wounds. His screams were alarming, he was using all of his strength to try and escape his bonds but to no avail, he was there until she decided otherwise. She disappeared from view as he writhed in pain.

I had seen enough and was about to raise the cover when she appeared in front of me.

“Not yet!” she barked, I was glad there was a door between us.

She swaggered forward then turned towards me with hands on her hips revealing a large black rubber strap-on. She shook salt onto the shimmering rod and massaged it all over before moving to his back wiping the excess salt from her gloves into his wounds. He screamed once again, she paused before ramming the thick rubber cock inside him, his screams were deafening despite the gag. She fucked him hard while looping her finger through the ball gag strap and pulling his head backwards. I recoiled in horror at the viciousness of the scene and slammed the inspection cover shut, she laughed out load.

For a few moments I stood motionless whilst I reprocessed the last few minutes. I was shocked by the extreme scenes I had just witnessed but resolved that the victim was actually willing, I felt slightly better as the screams subsided to moans.

I looked down the corridor towards my destination, room four, then glanced over to room two. Curiosity got the better of me and I lowered the inspection cover. Ben was facing me, dressed exactly the same as earlier in a black rubber catsuit, open faced hood with a ball gag harness over his head. He was strapped tightly to a whipping bench.

Standing behind Ben and fucking him furiously was a fat, naked old man who was sweating profusely. Ben looked up to acknowledge my presence his head nodding with each thrust, the fat man was oblivious. For different reasons I found this scene equally repellent so I shut the inspection cover and backed away.

My thoughts turned towards The Twins and the good honest wholesome pleasures that awaited, I headed for room four feeling the oiled rubber suit caressing my skin with each step, I held my rubber clad hands to my nose inhaling the wonderful aroma. Just as I arrived at door four there was a voice from behind me.


I turned to see number three, Amanda peering out of the partially open door. As before she was dressed in a tight pink rubber sleeveless top, frilly multi-layered white skirt, thigh length pink patent stiletto boots and shoulder length pink rubber gloves. She beckoned me over, I obliged.

“You should have chosen me Neil, we could have had so much fun.”

Rubber clad transvestites have always fascinated me and Amanda was no exception, her bizarre appearance made me hard instantly, she spotted the bulge in my rubber suit and smiled knowingly.

“It’s not too late to change your mind Neil.”

She wrapped her pink rubber gloved hand around my wrist and eased me into her room. With some anxiety I glanced over my shoulder to room four evaluating the options before I reached the point of no return, the door closed behind me as I quickly scanned the room. To the left was a long rack of female clothing in rubber, leather and PVC as well as a variety of more delicate female attire. Below the rack were many pairs of footwear, from glossy court shoes to thigh length boots, the common denominator was high heels, impossibly high heels!

To the right was a large dressing table with a huge brightly lit mirror. There were several shelves packed full of make-up as well as many manikin heads adorned with a variety of wigs. In the centre of the room was a large bed covered in pink rubber sheets, huge pink rubber pillows were propped up against a pink rubber quilted headboard.

Sitting on a red rubber gothic style sofa in front of the bed were two bizarrely dressed TVs who were kissing passionately. The one on the left wore pink patent knee-length stiletto heeled boots which were laced at the front, her legs were encased by white rubber stockings which were supported by white rubber suspenders. Her tight pink rubber top strained against huge unnaturally shaped artificial breasts, like Amanda her hair was arranged in a weird cone shape and her make-up was crudely applied with very long eyelashes and bright pink lipstick. Her playmate to her right wore tight thigh length black rubber stiletto boots, short loose fitting white rubber skirt, black frilly rubber top encasing smaller more proportionate breasts. Her head was enclosed in a white rubber hood with eyebrows and eyelashes detail in fine black rubber, her mouth was accentuated with pink rubber lip detail and she wore a black pageboy wig. Both of their huge cocks were exposed and they were massaging in unison, both were moaning during their intimate kissing.

The scene was breathtakingly exciting and I was incredibly hard, Amanda moved behind me and stroked my rubber encased cock.

“Let me transform you into a cissy rubber doll Neil, you know you want it.”

She was right, but what a dilemma, I knew The Twins were waiting for me.

Both rubber TVs moaned loudly as they came together, spunk flowing over their rubber encased hands.

I made a snap decision and turned to face Amanda, I kissed her on the lips and reached under her frilly skirt, I gripped her cock firmly with my black rubber encased fingers, her head fell backwards in ecstasy and I whispered

“Next time.”

I released my grip and exited the door quickly, my heart was thumping with excitement and my cock was twitching furiously.

I walked over to room four trying to compose myself hoping my huge erection would subside quickly, I knocked and waited. There was no answer so I decided to enter, after all the twins should be expecting me.

Once again I suffered visual overload, so much for the eyes to feast upon, it was like walking into a rubber cocoon. The centre piece was a huge ornately carved black painted bed. Thick carved columns at each corner supported a heavily carved roof structure, heavy duty red rubber swags hung down from the side panels and heavy duty glossy red rubber curtains hung from each corner. A single black rubber sheet was stretched tightly over the bed, it was a perfect glossy surface devoid of creases. The walls were hung with heavy duty black rubber curtains and floor standing uplighters provided a dim light, the bed was brightly lit by concealed lighting in the roof structure.

The curtains to the left of the bed the curtains parted and in walked The Twins arm in arm, they walked towards me balancing perfectly on their knee length, front laced ballet boots.

“Neil, we thought you had forgotten us.”

I was mesmerised by their appearance, their perfect black rubber encased bodies reflected the light as they moved forwards, their ponytails rocked from side to side from a tube attached to the top of their open faced hoods. Each one looped an arm through mine and kissed my cheeks.

“Thank you so much for choosing us Neil, we were worried that you had changed your mind, so much time has gone already.”

The twin on the left nodded towards the door, I turned and observed a large red digital clock over the door, it read 71:22 and was counting down. The penny dropped, my stay was limited!

“I am Linda and this is Maria” said the twin to the right.

“We may look the same Neil but that is where the similarity ends, Maria is very submissive but I am just the opposite”.

Linda grabbed my left nipple through my rubber suit and pinched it hard grinning widely.

I was hard and ready for anything, I felt empowered in my black rubber skin.

“Tie me tight and fuck me Neil.” whispered Maria as Linda backed away.

I slipped my hand around her throat and applied gentle pressure before kissing her full red ruby lips, we kissed gently but passionately, her tongue explored my mouth as I caressed her right nipple with the outside of my hand, she moaned as I became incredibly hard. I slid my right hand over her left buttock and then followed the seam that parted her cheeks down to her anus, I applied gentle pressure and felt her tighten, her eyes were wide as she sucked my top lip.

“This is her favourite Neil, be sure to lace it tightly, make her elbows touch.”

Linda was standing next to us, holding up a black lace-up rubber arm binder. The heavy black rubber curtain to the left of the bed was parted slightly, I guessed there was a cupboard full of “goodies” behind it.  I took the binder.

“Turn around, arms behind your back.”

Maria obliged and I started to ease the binder over her lower arms, the inside had been lubricated so it slipped easily into place. I started to tug on the laces forcing her arms closer together, she stumbled as she tried to balance on her ballet boots. I held the laces firmly to help her to stabilise before pulling harder than ever and tying them off, her elbows were pulled tightly together forcing her magnificent breasts forward, inhibitions gone I slid my hands over her waist from behind then up around her breasts, I pulled her close so she could feel my erect cock, she moaned again.

“She likes to be gagged.” said Linda from behind us.

There was a firmness in her voice, perhaps she was jealous of Maria getting all of the attention.

Linda walked into sight and she stood with legs slightly apart, left arm by her side and right hand stretched forward. Her index finger was through the strapping of a ball gag harness which she swung from side to side. I took the ball gag and approached Maria, she grinned seductively and opened her mouth. I eased the large shiny red rubber ball between her lips before positioning the y-shaped strap over her head. She made little squeaks as mock protests, her eyes suggested she was enjoying the process.

I held her shoulders and turned her away from me, she stumbled again as she tried to maintain her balance on the spike heeled ballet boots. I joined the straps from either side of the ball gag to the strap over her head.  I pulled tightly on the fastenings forcing the ball deep in her mouth. A deep groan this time as I pulled the straps a notch tighter.

I glanced up at the time 52:04, another twenty minutes gone, I decided to take the initiative.

“Walk to the bed.” I said firmly.

She blinked her eyes in acknowledgment, and started walking forwards. There is something incredibly erotic about a tightly bound, rubber clad and ball gaged slave struggling to walk on towering heels, the slightly stooped posture and mincing little steps were are a sight to behold.

Linda walked from behind me and slid an arm across my chest and reached forward stroking my cock through my black rubber suit.

“What now Neil, are you going to fuck her?”

“Wait and see.” I said confidently trying hard not to show my pleasure.

Maria walked to the front of the bed, turned towards me then shuffled backwards using the bed to steady herself. I walked forwards and wrapped the fingers of my right hand around her neck and gripped firmly, Maria moaned through her gag and closed her eyes, I pushed her backwards.

She squeeled and looked startled as she fell backwards onto the rubber covered bed. I placed a hand around each ankle, raised her legs and pushed her to the centre of the bed, her glossy rubber body glided over the lubricated rubber bedsheet. I lowered her ballet booted legs onto the bed keeping her legs bent, the stiletto heels dug deep into the sheet. Reaching under her buttocks I found the zip and pulled gently until it reached her waist, she opened up like a rose, beautiful pink petals unfolded covered in early morning dew. She moaned in expectation.

I stood for a few seconds as Linda walked behind me, she reached forward and lowered my crotch zip before easing my cock out, she massaged slowly.

“I think she is ready for this Neil, don’t you?”

I said nothing as I crawled onto the bed, kneeling before my pink rose. Maria looked up at me and tried to speak through the gag, the words were unintelligible but I knew what she was saying

“Fuck me Neil, fuck me, fuck me!”

I placed a hand on each knee pushing her legs backwards before lightly caressing her swollen clitoris with the end of my cock, she was panting through the gag impatient for my cock. I waited a few seconds and teased her again, she was rigid, frustrated and pleading for my cock, I grinned at her frustration before quickly lowering my head.  I placed my thumbs on her labia and stretched her wide to expose her magnificent, plump clitoris. I traced my tongue down its entire length, she squeeled with pleasure as I plunged my tongue deep inside her. She was now so highly aroused I knew which ever action I took next would light the touch paper to start her climax.

I thought for a millisecond before deciding to indulge my impossibly hard cock, I was inside her in a second, she raised her hips to meet me as I pushed deep, she whimpered. I started twitching almost immediately, my spasms were alarmingly strong, her moans suggested she felt the same intensity. I closed my eyes hovering over her as the rise and fall of her hips started the beginning of the milking process, I was in rubber heaven.

Had my eyes been open I would have seen Nurse appear from behind the rubber curtains, I would had seen her walk behind me holding the syringe aloft between thumb and forefingers, I would have seen Linda and Nurse exchange mischievous smiles, instead I was counting down my climax almost oblivious of the sharp pain in my left buttock.

My heart rate instantly slowed, my ears began to buzz and my arms began to buckle. Maria looked up at me alarmed as she felt my erection subside, I looked up into the mirrored ceiling to see Linda and Nurse standing behind me, arms folded and grinning. I could not support my weight any longer and I slumped onto my back next to Maria, Nurse walked around the bed and sat next to me. I watched Linda climb onto the bed, she was wearing a large strap-on cock which she plunged inside Maria and started fucking her furiously.

Maria’s frustration became pure pleasure and she climaxed quickly screaming with pleasure through her gag while I lay motionless.

Nurse was holding a black rubber mask in her left hand which was attached by a corrugated tube to a very small gas cylinder which she held in her right hand. She held the mask over my nose and mouth before opening the valve.

“Do not be alarmed Neil, your climax will happen very soon.”

There was a brief sweet smell before I slipped into a deep sleep.

Awakening from a deep sleep can be very rewarding, in those first few moments you feel satisfied, refreshed and ready to face the day but on this occasion I felt hung over, like I was the wrong side of a heavy drinking session.

My mouth was dry, I had a sore throat and my head was splitting, time to rouse myself and get some medication but that was going to be a problem, I could not move and I could not see!  

I quickly realised that I was heavily restrained in a sitting position. My arms were anchored to what felt like the arms of an upright chair, my legs were spread slightly apart and heavily restrained and a heavy strap across my chest made it difficult to breathe. I felt like I was sitting upright in chair with a large hole in the seat, my buttocks were only partially supported. My head was tilted backwards and a large solid rubber tube parted my teeth, my eyes were open but there was nothing but blackness, something heavy was wrapped around my eyes.

After processing the situation for a few seconds I was aware of other sensations, my anus was plugged, not excessively but I could feel something cool inside me, perhaps a stainless steel plug. My cock was sheathed and I could feel adhesive pads on my nipples.

I was struck by the quietness and the darkness and I relived the last few wonderful hours, marvelling at the complexity and scale of the “Rubber Circle” organisation.  Obviously my rubber adventure was not at an end and I was intrigued as to what was in store for me, I did not have to wait long.

“Ladies and gentleman, welcome to the thirteenth Orgasmatron Challenge”. I did my best to smile, the last time I heard that word was in the Woody Allen film “Sleeper” from the early 70s, I vaguely remember some association with pleasure.

The message was delivered clearly and crisply through ear plugs as my eyes were flooded by the caption “Orgasmatron Challenge”. I was wearing a video headset.

“For those who are new to the challenge here is a brief explanation. Each one of the four guests is secured tightly in an Orgasmatron……”

The caption changed to an aerial view of what looked like three stainless steel boxes in a row which were illuminated from above. The camera angle lowered to show more detail, the boxes were encircled with three heavy duty black steel bands, each secured by a large stainless steel padlock. Protruding from the top of each box was the black rubber encased head of each “guest”, the video head set was clear to see. A black rubber tube ran from the mouths of each guest, over their head and down inside the Orgasmatron.

“……..their rears are plugged with a heavy stainless electro-stimulation device which is positioned adjacent to their prostate gland, their cocks are sheathed in a milking device, more about that in a moment. Their nipples have adhesive e-stim patches attached and their scrotum is encircled with a heavy stainless ring which also delivers electric stimulation. Finally a strap around their chest detects heart rate which will allow us to monitor their arousal during the process. The object of the game is to make our guests climax at exactly the target time, as ejaculation occurs the milking device collects their semen and delivers it down their throat via a tube which is secured in their mouth. A sensors at the end of the tube detects the flow of liquid.”

The camera rose again, level with the head of one of the guests.

“On the top of panel of each box there are four paddle switches which deliver variable current to each device, move it carefully for a trickle of charge or push it at right angles to the panel for maximum effect!”

My mind was somersaulting trying to process the bizarre situation as it unfolded.

“Once the clock is ticking the contestant must ensure that at least one device is operating at all times, failure to observe this rule will lead to disqualification.”

My cock was already hard, I loved the feeling of total immobilisation, the taste of the rubber tube, the feeling of fullness from the stainless plug. I was hoping that the target time will be short, I doubted my ability to last long.

“At this point we must welcome our guests in Berlin”……

The image changed to a small dimly lit room with a series of tables, it looked like a small intimate restaurant. Couples were sitting at the tables but they were no ordinary diners, all were clad in rubber, from glamourous ball gowns to bizarre costumes, this was no ordinary restaurant. Everyone was waving or clapping and cheering loudly.

“and Paris”…..….

A similar image, cheering rubber clad people.

“Barcelona……Amsterdam……..and finally the United Kingdom”.

The UK crowd was the largest, probably over one hundred people all seated in a restaurant. I recognised the décor, it was somewhere in this building. The crowd was enthusiastically waving and clapping, the cheering was the loudest so far.

“And now ladies and gentleman, let us introduce the contestants. Firstly our most successful player to date, with eight wins so far please welcome……..Tanya!”

There was load cheering but I was not sure if it was in the room or from all of the locations introduced earlier.

The camera focussed on the corner of the room in time to see Tanya emerge from the darkness, she swaggered forwards rocking her hips for side to side, her black rubber encased body reflecting light as she walked to the first box. A waiter appeared from the darkness and placed a stool in front of the box, Tanya sat and crossed her legs seductively before reaching to the side of the box, she produced a head set which she positioned over her ears and pulled the attached microphone to her lips. The camera moved in close, she looked into the lens for a moment, at this stage I did not know if I was her “guest”, I was hoping the poor slave I saw earlier was in the box.

She pulled one of the paddle switches to the horizontal position, thankfully I was not her playmate. I watched the head of her partner move from side to side very slightly, only the extreme restraints stopped him from reacting more violently but I knew he was in pain, probably from the plug embedded in his rear. Tanya smiled at the camera and released the switch.

“Our second contestant, a regular at this event please welcome Amandaaaaaaa!!” The announcer was certainly doing his bit to raise the excitement levels!

Amanda walked into the spotlight as loud cheering erupted again, her pink rubber ensemble looked magnificent and fitted “her” trim body perfectly. She waived her pink rubber gloved hands limply at the camera before sitting at the hastily positioned stool adjacent to box number two. She patted guest number two’s rubber clad head confirming that I was in box number three. The camera studied her thigh length pink patent stiletto boots before rising to her costume. She positioned her head set which was difficult given her bizarre cone shaped hair style.

“And now ladies and gentlemen we have Orgasmatron virgins……” I held my breath and tried to cross my fingers.

“…..please welcome……… The Twins!!”

The screen split for a moment showing each location with rubber clad people cheering and clapping then the camera focused on the corner of the room as The Twins walked forwards arm in arm, smiling broadly. I gasped as they walked towards the camera, two perfect bodies encased in black rubber costumes, tightly corseted and perfectly poised on their knee length, front laced black rubber ballet boots.

“Welcome Linda and Maria to your very first Orgasmatron challenge, please take your seats.”

Two rubber uniformed waiters hurriedly positioned the stools in front of my box, they lingered for a moment no doubt mesmerised by the black rubber beauties. Linda who was not backwards in coming forwards gestured for the waiters to leave which they did quickly.

The Twins sat and positioned their headsets as the camera studied their bodies from the tip of their ballet heeled boots to the top of their rubber clad heads, I was very hard indeed.

“Two further bits of information, firstly the prize money for the winning contestant will be a record breaking five thousand Euros.”

Loud cheering filled my ears as all of the venues appeared on the screen.

“Secondly the target time for the challenge is five minutes and forty seconds, whoever climaxes and makes their “delivery” nearest to the target time is the winner. There will be one minute of preparation time and then the challenge begins!”

The noise was deafening at this point.

“Ladies and gentleman no more bets please, sit back and enjoy the thirteenth Orgasmatron Challengeeeeee!” The announcer was beginning to irritate me.

The screen want dark apart from the number 60, which quickly changed, 59, 58…..

“Hello Neil, we want you to completely relax”….

I recognised Linda’s voice.

“We are sorry that you were deprived of your moment of glory earlier but now it is your turn, we will make you cum harder then you have ever experienced before. Just relax during these last few seconds, imagine our rubber clad bodies entwined with yours.”

I felt an enormous twitch between my legs as my head processed the scene, I had grave doubts about lasting for five minutes and forty seconds! Time wound down quickly and my heart raced for the last few seconds.

“Let the challenge beginnnnnn!!”

The number 340 appeared on the screen and started to wind down, the target time got closer as Linda spoke softly,

“Hello again Neil, I am wrapping the thumb and forefinger of my black rubber hand around your sack above your balls, feel the pressure as I squeeze tightly.”

Electric charge trickled into the cock ring, the sensation was exactly as described, I groaned with pleasure and shut my eyes.

“That’s nice? Now what shall I do with the middle finger of my other hand? It is all glossy with lube…….. I know just the place!”

I felt on odd sensation around my anus, a slight itch as the minimum charge activated the butt plug. Then the feeling intensified, the plug appeared to have grown in diameter (impossible as it was made from stainless steel) then the whole surface became energised. I emitted a two-tone groan through the rubber tube which was clamped firmly in my mouth, my breathing quickened. I opened my eyes forgetting that I was in darkness apart from the clock, 219…218….217, I was alarmed that the target time was getting nearer.

“Now let’s see if you can cope with another finger.”

I guessed that Linda was pulling on the paddle switch to send in more charge, the sensation was incredible as the plug massaged my prostate, my cock twitched powerfully in response. She started to vary the current so I felt that my rear was being finger fucked while my balls were in a vice-like grip.

“May I suck your nipples please Neil?” The unmistakable sweet voice of Maria.

I tried to answer but the charge already teased my nipple, it felt like a gentle caress with her tongue, I made a very deep groan as my cock started to twitch alarmingly, 148…..147…..146, I was incredibly hard and my cock strained against the walls of the milking device.

Both nipples were now aroused, my balls were held tightly and my rear was being fucked deeply and rhythmically, my cock was aching for attention.

“I’m going hold your cock now Neil, don’t get too excited.”

I did not even try to respond, my speech was impaired by the heavy rubber tube and I was much too busy trying to hold back the inevitable climax. I imagined myself strapped into the Gyno bench in Bob’s cellar, bound tightly and semi-reclined. Black rubber clad Linda was fucking me with a huge strap-on while gripping my balls with her shiny black rubber fingers. Maria was standing to the side of the bench licking my nipples and moving her hand towards my cock. The light danced off our black rubber encased bodies as I focused on the wonderful aroma of rubber, I tried to resist the bonds that secured me to the chair but there was little movement, I loved the feeling of helplessness and the thought that two rubber clad beauties were playing with my senses was a breathtakingly exciting.

The clock was ticking 67…..66…..65, how was I going to last another minute?

One of the twins activated the milking device as there was suddenly pressure around the base of my cock, I imagined Maria gripping tightly and moving down my shaft. The pressure extended two thirds along my shaft and then fell back to the base, the milking device was working in tandem with the plug.

“Now I’m going to suck your cock Neil, please be good, don’t get too excited.” Maria said mockingly.

The sensation now ran down the entire length of my cock with added pressure at the glans, Marias hand was milking me and her lips were sucking the tip of my cock, 19….18..…17, I started to twitch uncontrollably, I was fighting to control the spasms when all of the sensations ceased. My spasms started to subside 14…..13…..12, my mind was racing as my climax hovered, I closed my eyes and held my breath in horror as my pleasure slowly ebbed away, then the sensations started again, then there was an enormous pressure in my rear as Linda rammed the strap-on deep inside me and started to fuck me hard and deep, Maria massaged my cock furiously while sucking hard, 5…..4…..3, my temples were throbbing as I became light headed, the flood gates opened and I screamed loudly as my cock fired its first high pressure salvo and there it was, a huge load of semen sliding down my throat. I gasped for air and my heart was racing as I continued to spasm as the expertly delivered electro stimulation subsided.

I opened my eyes and light flooded in, “WINNER” flashed furiously for a few seconds before the camera panned around the room. The Twins threw off their headsets before jumping up and down excitedly, holding each other tightly. Amanda ran towards them smiling, with open arms and hugged The Twins while Tanya stood, pushed each switch horizontal for a few seconds before storming off into the darkness.

“Ladies and Gentleman, the winners of the thirteenth Orgasmatron Challenge is……….The Twins!”

Loud applause erupted as the camera quickly visited all of the locations that had participated. Most of rubber clad audience was standing and clapping as the winners savoured the moment.

“In an incredible time of 342 seconds, just two seconds over the target time, The Twins are the winners” said Mr Irritating.

The camera fixed upon a large screen which showed the names of each contestant together with line graphs which tracked the electric feed to each device throughout the challenge, their heart rate was tracked too. My graphs showed a gradual increase of sensation then a dramatic fall towards the end when The Twins killed the pleasure, my heart rate showed an increase at this point as I became alarmed at the failing orgasm, then the graph shoots upwards as the pleasure restarts and I shoot upwards too!!

The scores at the end showed Tanya 335, Amanda 374 and The Twins 342, no wonder Tanya was so upset, it was a close call.

“Thanks to everyone who took part and congratulations to anyone who bet on The Twins who were 50-1 outsiders, please collect your winnings before you leave your locations. May I invite the contestants to join us upstairs for prize giving which on this occasion is a cheque for £5000 Euros.”

More applause rang out as The Twins came back to my box, they repositioned their headsets.

“Thank you so much Neil, we could not have done it without you, you have incredible self-control” Linda said warmly.

“Yes thank you Neil, we are sorry you will not be joining us later as your adventure is over for today” Maria said sadly.

“But we will meet again soon Neil,that has already been decided.” Linda said mischievously.

“But for the moment we have to go”.

I watched them remove their headsets, they both kissed the top of my rubber clad head and disappeared into the darkness. The room was empty apart from the three stainless boxes with their prisoners enclosed. I felt deflated and alone, I wanted this rubber adventure to continue forever, I did not want to return to my dull life, I wanted rubber 24/7, could that be possible?

Nurse appeared from the darkness and walked towards my box, she placed a small gas bottle on the top of the box in front of me, the attached black rubber mask shimmered in the down lighters. She began by unfastening the gag which held the tube in my mouth, as it withdrew the last drop of semen landed on my tongue. She then unfastened the video headset and removed it, I had not realised how heavy it was and I tentatively moved my head to try and unfreeze my neck. Nurse pushed my head slightly forwards then unzipped the hood before easing it off my head, droplets of sweat peppered the top of the box. Next she removed the earplugs.

“Welcome back Neil and congratulations” Nurse said warmly.

“Thank you” I said dryly.

She disappeared for a few seconds before returning with a tall glass of very cold water, never has water tasted so good! I drank quickly and she took the glass away.

“Your adventure is over for today Neil and it is late, I am going to release you from the box, wash and dress you before returning you home, your taxi is waiting.”

I was about to respond when Nurse firmly pushed the mask over my nose and mouth and opened the valve. I had so many questions but the sweet smell of gas had me gone in seconds, the last image was nurse’s shiny black rubber hand holding the mask over my face, wonderful!

A sudden jolt bought me back to life, despite the feeling of intoxication I knew I was being transported back to my home in that wonderful rubber upholstered cab. The diesel engine rattled as the cab slowly negotiated the route, I guessed I was near to home as the narrow roads require cautious driving. I looked down to discover that I was dressed immaculately, exactly the same as when I left the house however long ago that may be.

The cab stopped and the door locks snapped open, I drew in one more lung full of the wonderful rubber aroma before stepping out into the cool night air. I shut the door and the cab drove off into the night. I stood for a moment and looked over to Bob’s house which was in darkness, Heather’s little white car had gone too, what had become of her? I would find an answer to that question later.

My mind was about to do overtime revisiting the experiences of the day but I was incredibly tired. I walked to my front door, inserted the key and walked in, the rest was a blur, I was in bed and sleep came quickly.

story continues in part 7

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