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The Neighbour 7: Fantasy Becomes Reality

by hoodedheaven

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© Copyright 2018 - hoodedheaven - Used by permission

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story continues from part six

Part 7: Fantasy Becomes Reality

As with all other direct and indirect meetings with my “neighbour” I was left deflated once the interaction was over. I yearned for his 24/7 rubber lifestyle and I became increasingly dissatisfied with my mundane life, after all I was in a job with no prospects, my marriage was broken, my social life was a virtually non-existent and I was about to lose my house.

My old car rattled and spluttered as I eased it into a parking space outside my house. It was a dark, cold December evening but it was Friday and after a long uneventful week, apart from the cheery “have a good weekend Neil” from my boss which was totally out of character, I was looking forward to a couple of days of rubber pleasure albeit solitary pleasure. With the prospect of no visitors I planned to dress head-to-toe for most of the weekend.

I locked the car and walked a few paces to the front door, the house was in darkness. I slid the key into the lock, opened the door and flicked on the light switch, the house was cold and uninviting. I scooped up the mail from the mat and walked into the kitchen flicking on the light. I quickly scanned the mail and threw it into the bin, all junk. After turning on the heating I scanned the fridge for something to eat, there was one low calorie, low fun diet meal. I slammed the fridge door irritated that I had not catered in advance.

I headed upstairs to get rubbered up turning on lights and closing curtains. I undressed in the bathroom and talced my body, the slightly perfumed odour was a trigger for thoughts of rubber pleasures past. My cock sprang to attention as I caught sight of my body in the mirror, my regular gym sessions had begun to pay dividends.

I walked across the landing towards my rubber collection in the bedroom at the front of the house leaving white powdery footprints on the red carpet. I pulled open both doors of the large wardrobe inhaling deeply as the wonderful smell of rubber filled my nostrils. I stood there for a moment studying the shimmering rubber garments.

I knew exactly what I was going to wear, god knows I thought about it so many times during the week. First came my shoulder entry black skin-tight rubber catsuit, shined to perfection and lightly powdered on the inside. I took it from the rail, removed the hanger and slid open the zips. After holding it to my nose for a few seconds I eased my left leg in, the rubber glided over my powdered skin. My right leg followed then I pulled the suit up to my waist, I shivered as the tight cool rubber caressed my erect cock pulling it upright against my body. I quickly slipped in my arms and zipped up the suit. I turned to face the mirror, my cock pulsed as I admired my tightly encased body, I was on a rubber high already, all anxieties and stress had dissolved, this is what I wanted.

I returned to my rubber collection and extracted a lose fitting heavyweight semi-transparent suit. I lowered the rear entry zip and slipped inside my second layer, it glided over my shiny black suit with ease. After a short struggle I raised the zip to the top of my neck.

Next came knee length glossy black Hunters then my heavy duty black rubber apron. By now my cock was rigid, the urge for relief was impossible to resist so I was thankful that my transparent suit had no front entry access.

I stood motionless for a few seconds, the wonderful aroma grew in intensity as the rubber warmed on my body, I gripped my cock through the layers and exhaled slowly, this was heaven!

I reached into the wardrobe again and extracted an open-faced hood, I quickly slipped it over my head smoothing out the wrinkles and snapping it into place around my face. Now the pièce de résistance and the latest addition to my collection, a new Discipline Mask from Studio Gum. Made from semi-transparent rubber this anatomically moulded hood was wonderfully bizarre. Black rubber tubes ran from the nostril holes of the mask to each side and fastened near to the ears. The eye openings were covered with mirrored lenses and there were black inflatable ear pads to block out sound. The mouth opening was accentuated by a heavy duty circular black rubber ring. I unzipped the hood and held it up to my face carefully inserting the tubes into each nostril, my eyes streamed as the tubes slid high up into my nose. Keeping the tubes in position I pulled the hood over my face and zipped it shut. The heavy-duty mask stretched over the contours of my face and gripped my neck forming a perfect seal against my outer rubber suit. I pushed a solid penis gag into the mouth opening, the black ring expanded to grip the gag tightly and cut off air flow through my mouth. I grinned inwardly at the notion of sucking a rubber cock. I fixed an inflater bulb to the valve on the left earpad and squeezed until my ear was compressed by an expanding rubber bladder, I lost all sense of sound. I repeated the process for the right valve. 

Finally came the gloves, heavy black rubber elbow length gauntlets, so wonderfully smooth inside I shivered as they slid into place.

I turned slowly to face the mirror, my breathing was rapid and the air flow rattled through the tubes. I stood motionless, arms by my side admiring my ensemble, I loved the contrast between transparent and black rubber, the hood looked amazing, bizarre rubber imagery at its best! I rotated slowly admiring every angle, relishing the feeling of total rubber enclosure.

After a few moments I grabbed my magic wand from the wardrobe and headed downstairs turning off the lights on the way. I imagined the heavy rustling made by my lose suit and heavy apron. I entered the lounge which was only illuminated by street lights outside, I stood in the bay window staring outside towards Bob’s house. I yearned to be there but quickly put thoughts of another assignation out of my head, no time for negative thoughts, tonight was for rubber pleasure only.

I lingered for a few moments as a lady dog walker passed within feet of my house. She was blissfully unaware of the bizarre rubber figure standing in the shadows. I smiled around the penis gag, I liked the danger of being seen in such a bizarre outfit. I withdrew deeper into the shadows, plugged in the magic wand before sinking into my plush leather sofa.

I turned on the tv, the room became partially illuminated and my glossy black rubber Hunters assumed a wonderful lustre, something deeply arousing that was impossible to articulate to the uninitiated. I glanced through the bay window at the houses opposite, all were in darkness but I wandered if anyone was watching. I decided not to draw the curtains, the thrill of discovery was too much to resist. I hit play on my favourite rubber movie, it was professionally made (in black and white) but had the feel of an amateur film as confirmed by the bland title “Rubber Lovers”.

The setting was a brightly lit clinic which had lots of medical toys, a gyno bench, respirators, enema bags etc. etc.  A fit looking couple were in a tight embrace, kissing passionately, both were dressed head-to-toe in skin tight black rubber catsuits. I knew from previous viewings that they were moaning with pleasure but my hearing had been totally impaired by the hood. She had a voluptuous figure, wonderful curves and large breasts which tested the elasticity of her catsuit to the limit.  To enhance her figure, she wore a very tightly laced black rubber corset. Knee length patent high heeled boots and a tightly laced hood completed her ensemble.

He was of a similar height to her and was very well built, his athletic body was accentuated by the skin tight black rubber suit. He wore knee length rubber boots and a tight hood.

 She started caressing the inside of his thigh, I remembered that the rubber creaked as her hand moved over the glossy surface. He moved backwards slightly and his huge black rubber sheathed cock came into view, standing to attention and desperate for her touch.  At this point I switched on the wand and adjusted it to its lowest setting, it hummed deeply as I pushed it onto my rubber layered cock.

Her right hand gripped his cock and the camera zoomed in, her shiny rubber fingers worked his shaft slowly and rhythmically. As the camera panned out he was unzipping her crotch zip, the close-up showed his shiny moistened fingers playing with her clit, within a few seconds he was finger fucking her, slowly, gently, deeply. They both kissed again, moaning in unison.

I turned the control knob on the wand, the vibrations quickened and I started to spasm almost immediately, I eased back the power, I wasn’t ready yet.

Their play was becoming more frantic, they needed to fuck. He removed his finger and she let go, he placed a hand on each buttock and hoisted her off her feet. With one arm around his neck she reached down to guide his cock inside her but he had other ideas. He walked forwards and dumped her onto the gyno bench, passions were running high at this point. He strapped her in place, chest and waist first then legs at thighs, knees and ankles. She was spread wide in front of the camera, moist and ready to be fucked. Her nipples were hard and she was breathing fast.

He reached for a large black rubber dildo then moved to her side, kissed her on the lips and then held up the dildo in front of her. She opened her mouth instinctively and he slid it in slowly. Within seconds it was down her throat, her remarkable self-control allowed her to take it right down without gagging. The action was seamless, just like the transition of a huge cock into a moistened vagina.

By now I was twitching furiously, I had my balls in a tight grip while moving the wand up and down my shaft. The layers of rubber did nothing to soften the effect of the deep vibrations. My increased breathing rate was only partially satisfied, restricted by the diameter of the rubber breathing tubes seated inside my nostrils, I felt slightly light headed which only fuelled my passion.   

He slipped out the dildo and walked in front of her before kneeling. She looked towards him wide-eyed. The camera moved to the side to see his tongue gently caressing her clit as he moved the dildo around her labia.  He used his forefinger and thumb to stretch her wide, the skin over her clit became taught. He kissed and sucked her clit while the dildo slipped inside, she closed her eyes and                      moaned deeply as she took the entire length of the black rod. He stood and held the dildo in place while kissing her tenderly, she sucked her juice from his lips.

He started to fuck her with the rod, slowly at first. Despite the tight straps she managed to raise her hips to meet the downward thrusts, she wanted it in her as deeply as possible. He increased the thrust rate, gripping the end of the dildo in his fist, light danced of his glossy black rubber hand. He placed his free hand over her mouth blocking off the air supply, her eyes opened partially but she was intoxicated with deep pleasure as her climax began to grow.

My climax began to grow too, I increased the power to the wand and the vibrations were deeper than ever. I was twitching more powerfully as I opened my legs wider and sank into the sofa.

A few more thrusts saw her twitching uncontrollably as her climax was seconds away and then without warning he removed his hand from her mouth and withdrew the dildo, throwing it to the floor. She screamed in frustration but he moved swiftly and rammed his cock deep inside her, she was temporally transfixed as her body struggled with the conflicting sensations but after a few deep thrusts her climax has back on track. She worked her hips furiously and clamped his erect cock, eyes wide open and breathing fast. He placed his left hand around her neck and squeezed tightly, that was the trigger point for both of them, within seconds they screamed in unison as they both climaxed together. I climaxed and screamed too, pumping spunk into my suit and keeping the wand in place to extract the last drop, my breathing was very laboured, the hood clamped my face as my lungs grabbed every last drop of air.

Her hips became still and his thrusts subsided, he placed a hand on her chest and withdrew his cock slowly, the black rubber sheath encasing his cock glistened in the light and swayed limply with the weight of his spunk. I discarded the wand and sank even lower into the sofa as he kissed her and the credits rolled.

I turned off the TV and sat motionless on the sofa. Thoughts turned to my predicament, I was hopelessly addicted to rubber, I yearned for the 24/7 lifestyle enjoyed by my neighbour but I was light years away from achieving it. So near yet so far!

Hunger pains gnawed so I slowly got to my feet, spunk dripped down my leg. I closed the curtains and headed upstairs, undressed, showered then washed and talced my rubber gear in readiness for the next solitary session.

I headed for the kitchen and warmed the low calorie, low fun diet meal. I returned to the lounge to eat and watch the national news on TV, both elements were grossly disappointing, the food was bland and unappetising and the news was totally depressing. I placed my plate on the floor and let out a deep sigh as I settled back into the sofa.

The human brain is a wonderful thing, it can process, analyse and react to situations in milliseconds, so when I saw the white envelope on the mantle piece propped up against the mirror I knew what it was in an instance.

I concluded that at some point during the day Gimp had entered my house and delivered the envelope. Based on previous experiences It contained a communication from Bob and it was likely to be very, very exciting.

I sprang to my feet and destroyed the envelope in my haste to read the contents. As before the quality paper had an embossed image of a black gasmask enclosed within a black circle, the logo was titled “The Rubber Circle”. My hands were shaking in anticipation.

“Neil, we at The Rubber Circle would like you to join us for dinner tomorrow night. A taxi will collect you at 6.00pm, please dress smartly, the dress code is black tie.” The note was signed by Bob.

My heart was beating fast as I had forgotten to breathe. As with all previous communications the content was brief but the permutations were endless. Who did he mean by “we” and why dinner?

I went to bed early and slept badly as my mind churned, I relived every single moment of my last visit to The Rubber Circle between short bursts of sleep.

I was up early and tried to keep busy as each hour passed at a snail’s pace. During late afternoon I showered, shaved and dressed and then stood in the bay window awaiting the arrival. I glanced at the clock, 6.00pm, and heard the rattle of a diesel engine, it was time.

I locked the front door and headed for the taxi, it was a dark, wet night, my breath condensed in the cold air. The taxi had passed my front door so I was unable to see the driver, the locks snapped open and the door slid open as I approached. I stepped inside and the door shut automatically.

I had forgotten just how wonderful it was inside, the smell of rubber was intoxicating, wall-to-wall black rubber covered the seating, roof lining, door trim and matting. I sank into the plush bench seat and fastened my seat belt, as we pulled away I closed my eyes while savouring the moment. On this occasion I did not try to work out the direction we were travelling and the blacked-out windows gave no clue, I simply sat back and enjoyed the ride, running my hand over the smooth rubber seating and inhaling deeply.

The journey took longer this time, I estimated about an hour, a start-stop journey impeded by traffic no doubt. We eventually stopped and I heard the clatter of a roller shutter door, after a few moments we moved forwards down a slope into the underground carpark. We stopped and the cab door slid open automatically and once again the driver appeared outside, I stepped out of the cab.

The female driver was the same as last time, stunningly beautiful and dressed in a grey rubber chauffeurs uniform complete with matching rubber cap and shiny knee length flat heeled boots. This time she spoke:

“Good evening sir, welcome back to The Rubber Circle, I hope you enjoy your time with us.”

She smiled warmly and extended a black rubber gloved hand towards me, I took it and kissed the back of her hand, she blushed not expecting this random act of gentlemanly behaviour.

“My name is Jo, if I can help with any of your transportation requirements please ask for me by name.” Her beautiful smile was captivating, as was her appearance.

“I will indeed, thank you very much.” I said appreciatively.

“Thank you, you know your way in?”

She gestured to the glass door in the corner of the car park, I nodded.

“I do. Thank you Jo.”

I recognised the man-mountain standing by the door, dressed in a long black rubber coat he was hard to forget. I walked towards him and he smiled warmly.

“Good evening sir, it is good to see you again.”

“It’s good to see you too.” I replied.

“I am Marlon, head of security at The Rubber Circle, if I can help with anything sir, and I mean anything, you only have to ask.” His grin was wider than ever and I was a bit confused by his words, why was he offering to “help with anything.”

A tip! I was suddenly embarrassed, I did not think to bring any cash. I tapped my breast pocket and said.

“I am very sorry, I forgot my wallet” I said apologetically. He raised both hands, palms facing towards me like two dustbin lids.

“No, no, no sir, we do not take cash here. But I am here to help in any way possible. “Still confused I added.

“Thank you very much Marlon, I will remember that.”

“Thank you sir. I just have to do a quick security check, do you have anything metallic?” He held out a small black tray.

“No, nothing at all.” He scanned my body with a hand-held metal detector, all clear. He gestured towards the lift.

“This way sir, you are going to the top floor, press button number five.”

I nodded and walked in to the small nondescript lobby and pressed the call button. The lift arrived with a “ping”, I walked in and pressed five, heart fluttering with excitement. Last time I was met by a young smiley waitress in a wonderful rubber uniform, I very much hoped for the same again.

The lift arrived with another “ping” and the door slid open, I drew breath audibly. There waiting to greet meet me was a statuesque rubber clad lady balancing perfectly on black rubber knee length rear laced stiletto heeled boots. The heels were all of six inches which forced her to adopt a rigid upright stance. She was enveloped in the tightest black rubber catsuit with attached open-faced hood that encircled her attractive face. A tube extended from the crown of the hood from which her long red hair flowed down towards her rear neck line. Around her waist was a short, tight, black rubber corset. Her elbows were tight to her body and her arms extended forwards as she held a small chrome tray with her shiny black rubber gloved hands.  A short glass was positioned perfectly in the centre. She stood motionless, head bowed.

I lingered for a few moments, transfixed. Light danced off her high gloss rubber costume, my cock stirred. I exited the lift, she raised her head and smiled.

“Good evening sir, Double Gordons Gin and Tonic, ice and lemon?”

“Perfect.”I replied. “Someone has a good memory.”

She smiled nervously as I took the glass and savoured the ice-cold drink.

“Your fellow diners are waiting sir, please follow me.”

She turned and walked forwards into a small marble tiled corridor, her heels clicked deliciously on the hard surface and her pony tail swayed from side to side. The walls were tall for such a narrow space but lavishly decorated with red and gold embossed wallpaper. A small narrow table supported a lamp which was the only source of lighting.

I followed obediently as she laid the tray on the narrow table and walked towards a tall Mahogany door at the end of the corridor. I focused my eyes on her black rubber clad rear which rocked seductively as she walked, her perfectly formed buttocks separated by her tight suit. I could have happily fucked her there and then but it was not necessarily the time or the place.

I noticed a small black box hooked onto the rear laces of her corset, a thin black wire hung from the box and disappeared inside the rear of her suit. Tiny red and green neon lights were permanently illuminated on the front of the box and a small antenna was fixed to the top. I knew from previous experiences that buried deep inside her was a remote-control butt plug, no doubt this young lady was still being trained.

She knocked first then opened the door with her left hand and announced:

“Excuse me sir, your first guest has arrived”. The words “first guest” registered, so I was not the only one with an invitation.

She smiled at me and gestured towards the open door with her right hand, I walked forwards. The room was large with high ceilings and beautiful ornate plasterwork, there was a marble fireplace on one wall and three tall Georgian style windows in the wall opposite. In the middle of the room was a dining table with a white tablecloth, silver cutlery and crystal wine glasses, there were five place settings. A bottle of red wine was positioned in the centre of the table, opened and breathing. Adjacent was a bottle of white wine in an ice bucket. The table was positioned below an enormous crystal chandelier.

Standing motionless in the corner of the room adjacent to one of the windows was a vision straight out of my wildest rubber fetish fantasies. A tall, sleek, partially naked lady stood upright heavily bound by stainless steel restraints. Her head was clad in a tight glossy black rubber hood with large openings for her eyes and mouth. There was a frilly white rubber fringe around the top of the hood which was the only clue to her role as a waitress. Her full ruby red lips protruded as did her extended eyelashes. Her neck was clamped by a tall stainless collar with D-rings attached. Her arms, which were encased by full length glossy black rubber gloves were pulled backwards and secured together with stainless steel restraints which encircled her biceps and wrists. A tall rubber corset had her waist reduced to near impossible proportions, a chrome tray was strapped to her waist and chain extended from the front corners to the D-ring at the front of her collar. Suspenders held up glossy black rubber stockings and her crotch was covered by a triangle of black rubber that buckled to the front and rear of the corset. Her feet were enclosed in 6” glossy black patent court shoes, my all time favourite objects of desire! The vision was too much, I was fighting a huge erection, desperate not to disgrace myself.

I was trying very hard to look composed and assured while processing visual overload, my eyes danced around the room while my brain tried to process all that was unfolding. I immediately recognised Bob who was standing with another tall lean man, both were dressed in immaculate dinner suits matched with crisp white shirts, bow ties and shiny black shoes. Standing next to them was a very attractive lady, slender and elegant, dressed in a very expensive looking cocktail dress. I guessed they were all of a similar age to Bob, maybe around 60 years old. Each held glasses, the men had Whisky and the lady was sipping Champagne. Bob placed his glass on the table and walked forward with his right hand extended.

“Neil so good to see you again and thank you for accepting our invitation.” He shook my hand warmly and touched my upper arm affectionately.

“Neil, may I introduce my old friends Amelie and Miles.” Both stepped forward smiling, we shook hands, Amelie spoke first.

“So good to meet you Neil, Bob has nothing but good things to say about you.” I thought I detected a slight German accent.

“Likewise Neil, I feel I know you already” said Miles. Sounds ominous I thought, I felt my cheeks redden as I realised that my adventures in Bob’s house had probably been shared with all assembled.

“Great to meet you too, how long have you known each other?” I smiled trying to convey an air of calm and confidence.

Amelie laughed out loud. “Much longer than we care to remember Neil, we were all at Oxford together. I was a quiet German girl from a small village, these two dashing gentlemen took me under their wing.”

“Not quiet for long if I remember Amelie.” joked Miles.

“Well we found our common bond didn’t we.” she smiled knowingly towards Bob and Miles. They all laughed as there was a knock at the door, I guessed that it was our missing dinner guest. The door opened slowly and a millisecond later my jaw hit the ground. Heather!

Any hopes of retaining my composure were out of the window, my face was crimson as I relived Heather’s last visit to my house. I swallowed the remainder of my drink.

She looked sensational, her fabulous figure was accentuated by a form fitting long cream silk ball gown, full at the front but cut low at the back. Her jet-black hair contrasted perfectly with the dress. She walked forward to greet Bob.

“Heather darling how lovely to see you.”

He smiled warmly and placed a hand on each shoulder before kissing both cheeks.

“Lovely to see you again Bob.” She then exchanged similar sentiments and kisses with Miles and Amelie as Bob said

“Heather, I think you already met our dinner guest?” She turned towards me, my heart was pumping like crazy. She looked at me blankly.

“Ah yes, I remember, it’s Neil isn’t it?”.

They all laughed loudly, Heather’s blank look melted into a warm smile as she moved close. She kissed me on each cheek, I savoured her expensive perfume. The urge to wrap my arm around her waist end pull her tightly towards me was very tempting but I resisted.

“Lovely to see you again Heather, you never finished my valuation?” Now I was being mischievous.

“She got unavoidably delayed.” Bob added dryly, everyone laughed.

“I think we should eat.” said Bob. We all sat at the table, Heather to my left, Amelie to my right and Bob and Miles opposite.

Bob reached into his jacket pocket as he sat and almost immediately a door at the end of the dining room opened. I guessed that Bob had transmitted a signal from a remote control in his pocket to an electric butt plug embedded in the rear of some poor unfortunate server. The sharp shock would have stirred the owner into prompt action.

Slowly, five rubber clad servers entered the room, each dressed in a black rubber catsuit, tightly laced rubber corset, an open-faced hood and black rubber knee length stiletto heeled boots.  Each had long hair which flowed out of a tube at the top of their hoods, all were red heads, the same as the lady who greeted me outside the lift. The only variation to her costume was the addition of a tightly buckled ball gag harness which forced a shiny black rubber ball deep inside their mouths, they were obviously not required to speak.

Each walked towards the table with exactly the same posture, rigid and upright, eyes forward, elbows tight to their bodies and arms extended but this time holding a white ceramic plate with a domed cover in highly polished chrome. They walked carefully but deliberately, in perfect unison as the light danced off their glossy catsuits.

Each one of them positioned themselves between us, five diners, five servers. At this point I had a stunningly beautiful rubber clad and gagged lady on my left side and on my right side, the smell radiating from their costumes was incredibly arousing and I was grateful that my excitement was concealed under the table.

They stood rigid for a moment then like clockwork they positioned the plates in front of us and removed the covers in an exaggerated fashion, their timing was immaculate, it was pure theatre. Each took two steps backwards then walked in a line towards the door, elbows at their waists clutching the chrome covers with both rubber clad hands. I studied their shiny rears, all were wearing remote butt plugs. I was hard once again.

The door opened and they disappeared as a man appeared in chef’s whites, his uniform was immaculate, no stains or blemishes. I realised it was Marcel, we had met before at Bob’s house during my rubber maid training adventure. Joining him was a tall man dressed in immaculate black suit, white shirt and bow tie. He had a silver tastevin around his neck so I assumed he was the sommelier.

Marcel had a slightly pained expression, feeling the pressure to produce exquisite food no doubt. He looked at me but I wasn’t sure if he recognised me.

“Ladies and gentlemen, we have roasted Cornish scallops with black pudding crumb and cauliflower puree, please enjoy.” Marcel gave a forced smile and left the room.

“Thank you Marcel, it looks delicious” said Bob, trying to ease Marcel’s pain.

The sommelier reached forward to the pre-opened wine in the ice bucket.

“Ladies and gentleman I have selected a white wine for your starters, a 2009 Domaine Huet Vouvray Le Haut Lieu Demi-Sec from Loire, France. I hope you enjoy it.”

He poured a small glass full for Bob to appraise. Bob inhaled for a few moments then drank.

“Excellent” Bob exclaimed, a great pairing, please pour.”

The sommelier quickly filled our small white wine glasses, ladies first. Her looked over towards the gagged waitress and gestured impatiently. She walked towards us perfectly upright despite the restrictions of her costume.

“May I clear your empty glasses?” said the sommelier.

 “Please do.” said Miles.

He quickly removed the pre-dinner drink glasses from the table and placed them onto the tray that was buckled to the waist of the deliciously restrained waitress. He walked towards the door and she followed obediently, eyes forward, head upright.

I looked at the frosty glass of wine and was tempted to take it straight down to calm my nerves but it was a small measure that was meant to be savoured. We all started to eat.

“Neil, I am guessing that you have a lot of questions?” said Miles.

“Indeed Miles.” I answered. “Bob very kindly introduced me to The Rubber Circle some weeks ago but I am intrigued as to how it all started and what exactly is it?” I sliced through a scallop and savoured the flavour as it all but melted in my mouth.

“Good question, to cut a very long story short the concept was born in our days at Oxford. Bob and I shared a room together and discovered that we had similar sexual preferences, in addition we were both hugely aroused by rubber although in those days it was rubber gloves, mackintoshes and ladies rubber bathing caps. In one explosive play session Bob had me restrained and had just slipped a gasmask over my head when our friend Amelie burst in.”

“Your faces were a picture!” laughed Amelie. Miles ate a scallop and took a sip of wine.

“Amelie was wonderful, the reaction of a true friend, supportive and discreet but also massively engaged by the fusion of rubber and alternative play. She was fortunate to meet an Austrian student who shared her passion, they had many happy years together until she sadly passed away unexpectedly.”

I glanced at Amelie who looked down, her eyes moistened. I reached over and placed my right hand on her left, she looked up and smiled. I moved my hand away after a few seconds slightly shocked by my knee-jerk reaction.

“In a flash we had our degrees and we were all recruited by separate Financial Institutions in the City where we all had phenomenal successes trading in futures, we made spectacular profits.” added Bob.

“We remained good friends and regularly met at underground S&M clubs in Soho before holding our own private rubber themed parties. As their popularity grew we decided to purchase this building in 1977 so we could host adult fetish parties. We bought next door five years later and knocked through.”

The door at the end of the dining room swung open and the waitress walked towards Bob slowly and serenely, hips rolling, eyes forward, a short walk executed perfectly despite the killer heels and tight bondage. She knelt between Bob and Miles, head bowed slightly despite the restriction of the tight stainless collar. They stacked their empty plates on her tray then she got to her feet slowly, her face was etched with determination, desperate to provide a faultless service. She settled between Amelie and me, we stacked our plates and Heather passed hers too. I got as close to the waitress as possible, taking time to stack the plates perfectly as an excuse to inhale the wonderful aroma from her warm rubber suit. I looked at her for a second but she kept her eyes on the floor, I realised that I was lingering to long and looked up quickly, Bob and Miles were both looking at me and then turned to each other and smiled, they knew exactly what I was doing. I blushed once again as the waitress stood and retreated to the door.

“The early years were wild Neil, and often got out of control.” added Amelie. “Drink and drugs spoilt the atmosphere so we decided to make the events invitation only. We also started to provide specific play rooms to cater for our guest’s individual rubber related requirements. Making the venue exclusive was a masterstroke, we started to attract people from the crème de la crème of society, people in banking, government, military, national security, finance, business and entertainment. Even a member of a Royal family but we are not saying which country!” They all laughed.

Once again, the five rubber clad servers entered the room followed by Marcel whose chef’s whites were showing signs of toil. The servers assumed their positions and placed dinner plates in front of us and removed the covers in the same theatrical style. They stepped backwards then walked in unison clutching the chrome covers. I could not help glancing over as they left the room, a sight to stir the loins of any red-blooded male, or females suitably inclined.

“Ladies and gentlemen, here we have Loin of Venison with Chocolate Infused Red Wine Jus, Leek and Potato Mash and green beans” said Marcel.

“Excellent work Marcel, thank you.” said Bob, Marcel beamed and left the room as the sommelier walked in with the waitress trailing in his wake. Positioned in the centre of her chrome tray was a large, heavy crystal jug of iced water. She walked carefully trying hard to retain her upright posture as the weight of the jug put pressure on the stainless collar.

The sommelier took the bottle of red wine from the table.

“For the main course I have selected a Hermitage Cuvée Emilie, Domaine des Remizières 2006.”

He poured a small amount into Bob’s red wine glass. Bob swilled the wine around the glass, inspected the colour, inhaled deeply and took a sip drawing air through his mouth. He looked up at the sommelier with an appreciative grin.

“Excellent, a perfect pairing again.” said Bob.

 The sommelier nodded then poured the red wine into clean glasses while removing the used white wine glasses from the table, placing each one onto the waitress’s tray. Without warning he lifted the heavy jug of water and the waitresses jerked backwards knocked off balance by the sudden reduction in weight. The white wine glasses clattered to the back of the tray before she recovered. He glared at her for a moment then poured water into our crystal tumblers. I caught her eye and smiled sympathetically, her eyes returned to the floor. The sommelier left the room and the waitress started to follow but Bob called out to her.

“Come here!” he said sternly.

She walked towards him looking decidedly uncomfortable, she stood to attention by his side as he held a remote control between thumb and forefinger.

“Your training drives home the importance of concentration and attention to detail, does it not?”

“Yes Sir.” she said meekly.

Bob depressed the red button on the remote and her face crumpled in pain as electricity fired through her butt plug, he held it down for a few seconds while she whimpered and shook, the empty wine glasses rattled on the tray. He raised his thumb off the button.

“You should have anticipated the effect of the removal of the wine jug and compensated, yes?”

I looked over to Heather but she was staring at the table, I wandered if she had experienced something similar.

He pressed the red button again as tears welled up in her eyes.

“Yes sir, I am very sorry, it will not happen again.” Tears ran down her hooded face.

Bob put the remote into his pocket and stood. He took a handkerchief from his pocket and dabbed her eyes before kissing her rubber clad forehead.

“Lesson learned?”

“Yes Sir.” she gave Bob a fragile smile.

“You may go.” The waitress left the room in the same perfect way that she arrived.

We started our main course and Amelie broke the silence.

“We became a members only organisation with a very high subscription charge but we differ from most in that membership is by invitation only, you cannot join at will and you cannot propose a member.”

“Does that not limit your revenue?” I enquired.

“Not at all” Miles responded. “Our members subscription fees more than cover our running costs but their spending on “extras” knows no bounds and we certainly have enough experience to cater for their wildest rubber fantasies.”

“So how do you identify potential members?” I enquired.

“In the same way we identified you” added Bob.

“We have IT experts that surf an individual’s rubber fetish web related activities, all around the world. We can access online fetish sites, chat rooms and porn sites. We use their search data to create a profile of interests and compare them to what we provide, if compatible we use our contacts to check their finances and check their credentials, the process is detailed and complex but works well. Once we have a match we deliver an invitation, you have first-hand experience of how it works Neil.” I nodded.

We all savoured the wonderful meal and superb wine as we chatted, Heather remained silent throughout.

“So the poor, decent, honest 100% rubber fetishist on 25K a year fails the financial acid test?”

I instantly regretted my words, my desire for social equality got the better of me.

“On the contrary Neil.” said Amelie coolly “We are conscious of our roots, we are all from simple working families, we never lost sight of that. Consequently, we do have members who pay a vastly reduced subscription rate and get preferential discounted services. It is important for us to have a broad membership of true rubber fetishists regardless of financial standing but we are a business so we cannot open our doors to all.”

“That is very impressive Amelie”. I added sheepishly, still annoyed with myself for raising the point.

The waitress returned to retrieve our empty plates without putting a foot wrong, she was fast and efficient this time. The servers retuned and delivered desert on smaller plates, no chrome covers this time. After another synchronised delivery they retreated as Marcel entered the room.

“Ladies and gentleman, I have prepared an Iced blackberry parfait with sorrel and a liquorice sorbet”.

“Mmmm, excellent Marcel.” enthused Amelie. He smiled, did a half bow and left the room.

I was keen to lean more about the Rubber Circle, I looked towards Bob and Miles.

“So what facilities are available to members and what is the scale of the organisation?”

Bob replied proudly “We have a little over forty permanent employees, eight hundred and forty four members. There are ten pleasure rooms, a small nightclub, a small theatre, an exclusive restaurant, five themed playrooms with bedrooms attached, a ten-roomed exclusive suite, a spa with underground pool and a couple of meeting rooms.”

“We are even hosting our very first rubber themed wedding next week.” said Amelie.

“Goodness!” I was genuinely impressed.

“In addition, we have an IT centre, administration suite and rubber clothing manufacturing facility where we produce everything from conventional daywear to bizarre bondage designs including inflatables.” added Miles.

“I am genuinely shocked at the scale of the organisation” I replied. “It must take and incredible amount of time and effort, are you all involved with the day-to-day administration?” I was now heavily engaged by the business element of the organisation.

“Yes Neil but the demands are growing daily so that is why we have employed Heather.” said Bob, Heather looked up and smiled.

“Heather is here to support our General Manager who is responsible for making sure every facet of this organisation is run to the very highest standards. He has to ensure that our members enjoy the very best experience so we retain their patronage. He constantly reviews all of facilities making personal appraisals, if something is not up to standard he decides on a resolution, we do not interfere providing we continue to grow and prosper. Heather will use her skills to provide professional consultancy and administrative support.”

“Sounds like a challenge, is he from your University friendship group?”

“No Neil, he has not been recruited yet.” The spoonful of sorbet lingered in my mouth until it dissolved, my heart skipped and I blushed profusely, I suddenly realised that this was more than a cosy dinner.

“We would like our first General Manager to be you Neil” added Bob.

Within a second or two I felt like I had run a marathon, my heart was racing and perspiration started to form on my top lip. I stared at the table and dabbed the sweat from my top lip with a napkin, I looked up at Bob.  

“I would be honoured to accept your offer Bob” I said warmly.

I am generally a very canny negotiator, I rarely let an opportunity to drive a deal pass by but this proposal required none of that, I would happily take up the task free of charge.

 “Do you want to hear the terms?” said Miles smiling.

“Of course Miles, but the answer is yes regardless, you probably anticipated that.”

“We were hopeful Neil, yes. You should know that it is not only your passion for rubber that impressed us, you passed our vetting procedure with flying colours which is not easy. Also, we all admire your character, your professionalism, your reliability and your discretion which is very important. We have every faith that you will make this business an even greater success, by the way your ex-boss was very complimentary, he has been one of our members from the very early days.”

I was stunned that my boss had played a part in my recruitment, our relationship had been frosty to say the least, especially during recent pay negotiations. At this point “ex-boss” did not register.

“Before formally accepting the role said Bob “you must understand the level of commitment that is required. As this organisation runs continuously you will be expected to oversee operations at unsociable hours during the week and at weekends, for instance VIP guests from oversees can arrive at any time, it is important that someone in a senior position is available to greet them.”

“For this reason Neil we are providing accommodation on site” added Amelie. “We have created a luxury self-contained flat to be used at your convenience, alternatively you are welcome to live here permanently. You will have access to our underground car park. The flat will be fully serviced, we can even provide someone to cook for you, we have a member who is a very highly regarded chef who thrives on punishment/reward scenarios, I am sure you can use his services.” Everyone laughed, my heart skipped at the prospect.

I began to realise that this offer was a life changer, after decades of frustration I was about to live the rubber dream, 24/7 if I chose. I was also starting to doubt my abilities, could I really be an integral part of the day-to-day running of this exclusive and highly lucrative operation?

“You may feel daunted by the scale of the task you are facing” said Bob obviously reading my mind, not for the first time! “for that reason, we have arranged a seven-day induction where you will be introduced to every facet of your role. Heather will be helping with that.” She smiled warmly, I returned the sentiment.

“We will have dinner here this time next week, and if all goes to plan we sign contracts” added Bob.

“Wonderful.” I said excitedly as everyone stood.

Bob extended his right arm and we shook hands “Enjoy your week Neil” he said warmly.

Miles gave a wink “Don’t work too hard Neil” we shook hands vigorously.

Amelie kissed me on the cheek and whispered “Enjoy your first night, I think there is a little treat in store for you” she was beaming.

They all kissed Heather affectionately then Bob, Miles and Amelie left the room.

Heather and I were alone together and for a brief moment I felt uncomfortable, after all the last time we met was pretty eventful and ended with her being escorted to Bob’s house for goodness knows what! My discomfort subsided as I remembered that she was a willing participant in the adventure, despite the effects of the sedative I had administered.

“Sorry about the hood” she said sheepishly.

“The hood?” I replied knowing exactly what she meant.

“Yes, the hood I attempted to steal from your collection.”

During the visit to my house to carry out a pre-sale valuation Heather attempted to steal a prized rubber hood from my collection. I watched her “crime” on CCTV.

“Oh yes, I remember………no harm done” I said coolly even though I had engineered the whole thing I did not want her to discover the conspiracy that laid bare her blatant fetish for rubber.

“So, I am guessing that you had a very interesting few weeks after we met?”

“Very interesting, to say it was lifechanging experience would be an understatement” she had a serious look on her face. “The meeting with Bob had a profound effect on my life, suddenly the frustrations of being a closet rubber fetishist were lifted, I now work in an environment where rubber 24/7 is the norm, in addition I earn twice the salary I was paid at the Estate Agency”.

“So, you are fully employed here?” I asked.

“Well that depends on you Neil, we have to function as a team and start delivering improvements or I will be out, so I am here to serve you in any in any way necessary to make this partnership a success.”

I laughed out loud but she had a look of total seriousness. She looked hurt at my mockery, I decided to capitalise.

“Good, so we are both being appraised, you have to impress me and I have to impress Bob.” She nodded.

“Ok so what’s next?”

“I am going to take you to your apartment if that’s ok?

“Great, let’s go” I said enthusiastically. I gestured with my right hand for her go first, she smiled and walked towards the door, I followed, eyes glued to her fabulous figure, she was demure, sophisticated and a total rubber fetishist, I wanted her so badly.

We took the lift down one floor, the door slid open into a small room, we turned left through fire doors into what looked like the corridor of a luxury hotel, lush carpets, mood lighting and numbers on doors. We walked to the end and stopped outside room number one, she pointed to the number on the door.

“This is you.” I was not sure if Heather was mocking, she was facing the door so I could not see her expression. She took a door card from her purse and held it to the reader, a green neon flashed and we walked into a small lobby with a door on the left and a door on the right, she turned left and opened the door.

The lights came on automatically to illuminate a very large contemporary designed flat with lounge, kitchen and dining area in one. It was lavishly decorated with huge leather sofas, stylish furnishings, mood lighting and modern artwork. Everything was brand new and immaculately presented. Three tall windows looked out onto the street below, the building opposite were in darkness. Heather took a remote control from the coffee table and hit a button activating the automatic blinds which lowered from hidden recesses above the windows.

“So Neil, this is the main living area….” she made a sweeping movement with her right hand as if showing off the flat to a prospective buyer. She walked to a door adjacent to the kitchen area.

 “…..and through here is the bathroom and the bedroom” she opened the door which led to short corridor, the lights came on automatically.

She pushed open the door on the left and announced


It was a spacious room which had floor to ceiling white tiles and lots of chrome fittings, there was a huge walk-in shower in the corner.

She moved to the right and pushed open another door “….and the bedroom.” she moved to the side to allow me to enter. It was a large lofty room with two tall windows facing the street. Against one wall was a huge bed made up with crisp white cotton sheets. Directly opposite was a wide chest of draws above which hung a large contemporary painting. There was a door in the corner of the room, Heather walked towards it and glanced over her shoulder and smiled mischievously,

“This is my favourite room Neil” she eased open the door and the lights came on.

“The dressing room!”

My heart skipped a beat as she entered the deceptively large room. On the left side was a rail packed with rubber clothing shimmering under downlighters. The predominant colour was black but there were red and transparent versions of some of the styles too. I could see both formal and biker style jackets, trousers, catsuits, full enclosure body suits, capes and aprons. Below the rack were a variety of black rubber boots, from industrial waders to ankle boots, from tight fitting flat heeled riding boots to lose heavyweight boots.

Directly in front and facing the door was a tall mirrored wall and then to the right another rack. I counted twelve different styles of rubber hoods which were suspended from clipped hangers, mostly coloured black. In addition, several pairs of gloves were arranged in size order, some gossamer thin and skin tight and some heavy duty industrial rubber. Half of the rack was empty,

“This space is for your normal clothes, should you decide to wear any again” she laughed.

“What an incredible collection, I dread to think of the cost” I said as I held the attached glove of a heavy black rubber bodysuit.

“They are all made to measure for you Neil”

“Really?” I was visibly shocked.

“Yes” Heather added, “you were fully measured during your last visit when Rubber Nurse put you to sleep after the Orgasmatron Challenge, remember?”

“Yes, so my return here was planned weeks ago?” Heather just smiled. I held the thick glove to my nose and inhaled, Heather moved close and inhaled too.

“This wonderful aroma makes me want to fuck” she whispered. I reached down to her hand and placed it on my bulging cock before pushing her gently backwards into the rack of rubber. I remembered just how receptive she was when I slipped my rubber fingers inside her. She moaned with pleasure then eased me backwards.

“Me too” I whispered.

“I badly want us to fuck in rubber Neil, but not now, there are other things planned for you tonight”.

“I don’t care, I want you now!” I said firmly.

“No!” her reply was emphatic. “Take a shower then dress in these!”

She took a black catsuit from the rail and handed it to me. She then reached down for a pair of knee length flat boots and selected a hood and a pair of gloves from rack opposite.

“I am leaving but I will be back in thirty minutes” she reached down and pinched the end of my still swollen cock. “Be ready, you will learn that punctuality is a key requirement here.”

She turned and left quickly, I had one last glance at her perfectly formed rear before turning to face the mirror, arms full of black rubber. I stood upright and grinned, still finding it difficult to comprehend what had happened in the last few hours. I scanned the room in awe at the selection of brand new rubber garments especially made for me, it must be a dream, surely?

I turned and headed for the bathroom placing the rubber suit, hood and gloves on the bed and the boots on the floor. I undressed and showered lingering for a few moments while I processed recent events, by mind was buzzing, I needed quiet time to reflect but I was conscious of the time. I dried myself quickly then powdered my body from neck to feet. After removing powder from the undersides of my feet I returned to the bedroom and held up the glossy black rubber catsuit. It was perfectly made, no glue residue around the joints. It had heavy duty zips at the top of the shoulders.

I slipped my legs inside and pulled the suit up to my waist, I was instantly hard as the combined effect of the smell and the tightness registered deep in my brain. As I contemplated slipping my arms inside the suit I noticed an attached sheath so I reached inside and located the tip of my hard cock into the opening of the sheath. My cock glided into the pre-lubricated sleeve, it was tight, toe curlingly tight, I spasmed immediately. I made a few adjustments so the sheath enveloped my balls too. I slid my arms in quickly and pulled on the zips, the suit was skin tight without ripples. Next came the hood, after the inevitable lung full of rubber air I exhaled and eased it over my head before zipping it shut. I pulled on the laces then tied them off before pushing the tails inside the neck of my suit. I quickly slipped on the boots and then pulled on the gloves.

Within moments of being dressed the doorbell rang. At home, under normal circumstances I would be motionless, holding my breath for fear of discovery, this was different. I walked to the door, rigid cock swaying, I was bold, confident and ready for whatever was planned.

I opened the door and Heather entered eyeing my rubber clad body.

“Excited?” she said sarcastically. She licked a finger and rubbed a patch on my left arm.

“Back to the dressing room for a moment” she said hurriedly “you have powder stains on your suit.”

We walked back into the room and she grabbed a silicone spray and cloth. She quickly sprayed silicone all over my suit then started to polish. The feeling was sensational, especially when she knelt and worked my thighs. She looked up, we were both thinking the same thing, she grinned and discarded the polish and cloth.

“Ok, we’re finished, follow me.”

She walked quickly to the door, took a few steps across the small lobby, knocked, then opened the door opposite. The lobby flooded with light.

“Have a good evening Neil, be ready for 9.00am tomorrow”. I smiled and walked forward into what appeared to be a brightly lit clinic, there were lots of medical toys, a gyno bench, respirators, enema bags and lots of other medical paraphernalia. I did not hear the door closing behind me.

Standing in front of me was a curvaceous lady dressed head-to-toe in a skin tight black rubber catsuit and a tightly laced hood. She had a voluptuous figure, wonderful curves and large breasts. Her waist was reduced by a very tightly laced black rubber corset which accentuated her breasts and hips. She was balancing perfectly on glossy black knee length patent high heeled boots.

The penny dropped, this was a faithful reproduction of my favourite movie, I was shocked at the effort and cost to turn my fantasy into reality.

She walked towards me, slowly, fixing her eyes on mine. It was not appropriate to speak and this point. She kissed me gently at first, we moved closer, our tongues explored and our kissing became more passionate.

She started caressing the inside of my thigh, the glossy black rubber creaked under her touch, my cock was rigid once again. I felt the warmness of her body through my rubber suit then she moved backwards and gripped my cock, massaging it slowly and rhythmically. I groaned deeply as I unzipped her crotch zip, keen to reciprocate. I licked my black rubbered forefinger and stroked her clit, she whimpered then moaned deeply as I slid two fingers inside her. We both kissed, we knew we were going to fuck.

I pushed deeply and caressed her clit with my thumb, I felt her tremble as intense pleasure rippled through her body. After a few thrusts I removed my fingers, she let go too as I grabbed her buttocks and hoisted her off her feet. She clamped my neck with one hand while trying to guide my cock inside her but the script determined a different outcome. I walked forwards and dumped her onto the gyno bench strapping her tightly, she was spread wide, gloriously wet, nipples proud.  

She looked towards the large black rubber dildo, she knew the script too but I had other ideas. I knelt and traced my tongue along the length of her clitoris, she squeeled with pleasure no doubt heightened by the deviation from the script. I continued to kiss and suck, circling my tongue and teasing her anus which tightened with every caress. She was breathing fast, my cock was so hard it ached.

I stood and kissed her tenderly, she sucked her juice from my lips moaning as we shared this deeply erotic moment. I reached for the dildo and held it in front of her, she opened her mouth and licked the end before sucking it passionately, her eyes fixed on mine. In a second I slipped the dildo inside her and I started to thrust, slowly at first. I placed my free hand over her mouth blocking the flow of air as she raised her hips to meet the thrusts. She sucked hard to force air through my rubbered fingers, her chest was heaving, desperate to breathe so I removed my hand and withdrew the dildo throwing it to the floor. Her eyes were wide open as she was breathing hard, she screamed with frustration and strained against the straps desperate for her pleasure to resume. I smiled and kissed her on the forehead.

“FUCK ME” she screamed, eyeing my erect rubbered cock.

I walked in front of her and teased her clit with the tip of my cock, she shuffled forwards so I stepped back. She screamed again and I laughed but I was keen that her high state of arousal did not subside so I stepped forward in slipped inside, slowly, deliberately. She gripped hard with her powerful muscles, my turn to groan.

She worked her hips clamping my cock, eyes wide open and breathing fast. I started to fuck her hard but the thick rubber sheath slightly dulled the sensation. I thrusted faster and she gripped tighter, I started to spasm as her eyes closed, she was near too. I reached forwards and placed my left hand around her neck and squeezed tightly, that was the trigger point for both of us, within seconds we both screamed loudly, in unison as we both climaxed together. I slowed but thrusted deeply as I expelled the final drops of spunk into the sheath.

Her hips became still too so I placed a hand on her chest and withdrew my cock slowly, she gave a final groan. I walked around the bench unbuckling the straps as my black rubber sheath swayed limply with the weight of my spunk.

She got to her feet but wobbled on her heels. I grabbed her and once she recovered we hugged.

“Thank you, that was wonderful” I said appreciatively.

“The pleasure was all ours” she said smiling.

“What is your name?” I enquired.

“Angel sir” came the reply.

“I will remember your name Angel.”

“Please do sir, it is my first week here so I am hoping to get positive feedback.”

I smiled but resisted heaping too much praise, I did not want to create the impression that I am easily pleased.

“I have to go, I have an early start tomorrow, thank you again.”

I smiled and took one last look at her wonderful black rubber clad figure before leaving the room, I walked across the small lobby into my flat. I went straight to the bathroom, eased off my boots and walked into the shower fully dressed. I lingered for a few minutes allowing the hot water to run over my rubber clad body before peeling off the suit and hood before washing.

I was exhausted so after drying and drinking a glass of water I slid between the cotton sheets, turned off the lights and was asleep in seconds. At this point I had no idea of exactly how exhausting the next seven days would be, ignorance is bliss!


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