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The Neighbour 5: New Recruit

by hoodedheaven

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© Copyright 2015 - hoodedheaven - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-M; M/f; F/m; latex; fetish; catsuits; hoods; drug; capture; tease; club; choice; enema; shave; oral; denial; cons; X

story continues from part four

Part 5: New Recruit

The weeks that followed were a great disappointment, as predicted my wife’s affair with my brother-in-law resulted in the break-up of our marriage, she never returned home. More disappointing was my sister-in-law Annabelle’s return to her parent’s home in Ireland, I really thought our relationship would flourish, those wonderful intimate moments we shared were constantly at the forefront of my mind. She was magnificent as “Rubber Maid” and appeared to relishthe role, I was confident that we would meet again and explore our interests together but sadly it was not to be, a short letter explained that she needed time away, no promise of a meeting in the future.

I was in limbo after the wonderful rubber adventures at Bob’s house across the road, after being entrapped I experienced all the rubber deviations I had dreamt of, it was an incredible experience and I wanted more, but how? I knew a direct approach would be a big mistake, I had learnt to respect Bob’s authority and did not wish to incur his wrath especially as his “Gimp” had taken an instant dislike to me and would relish the opportunity to punish me for an unwelcome approach.

It was late on Friday night, I pulled on my skin tight black rubber suit followed by my heavy total enclosure Studio Gum suit. Usually this process would set my heart racing withexcitement but I was just going through the motions. I trudged upstairs to a darkened front bedroom and sat in an easy chair overlooking the street with a direct view of Bob’s house. I observed the glow of light from the small cellar window remembering the wonderful trials I had endured.

I removed the top from the poppers bottle and inhaled, my heart fluttered as I reached for the magic wand. I flicked the switch and it jumped into life emitting a low humming sound, I pushed it against my cock and groaned deeply, I closed my eyes and leaned backwards into the chair. I replayed the final night in Bob’s house, deviant rubber images flashed through my mind as I started to twitch. I inhaled once more from the poppers bottle before pushing a rebreather mask over my mouth, rubber tainted air from the rebreather bag filled my lungs as I imagined Rubber Maid at my knees sucking my cock.  My breathing quickened as I struggled for air, the spasms were impossible to control and I climaxed spurting powerfully into my suit. Breathing heavily I moved the wand up and down my shaft keeping the orgasm alive until I had no more to give.

Exhausted, I flicked the switch and dropped the wand before removing the mask and slumping onto the bed still breathing hard. In my mind Rubber Maid was looking up at me, licking her lips and enjoying the last traces of my cum, I smiled, I felt good for a few moments before I drifted off to sleep.

I had always found it difficult to sleep fully enclosed and last night was no exception, I was glad to see day break even though it was a cold, dull November day. I reflected upon an enjoyable session before heading off for a shower. I stood under the warm cascade of water still fully rubbered letting the water penetrate my rubber skin and then after a few minutes I peeled off both suits and washed them thoroughly before completing my shower.

Energised I hung up my rubber suits to dry and walked downstairs in dressing gown and slippers. Passing through the hall I scooped up the post and newspaper and walked into the kitchen.  I made tea and toast and sat down at the kitchen table.  I quickly thumbed through the post, a collection of bills, junk mail and one large white envelope. I took a bite of toast, opened the envelope and eased several sheets of paper out onto the table, I gasped! The first sheet of paper had an image of a black gasmask (S10 type) enclosed within a black circle, the title under the logo was “The Rubber Circle”.

My hands were shaking as I read the letter:

Dear Neil

I was saddened to hear that your relationship with Annabelle did not develop, I had hoped that you would be joining us as a couple at our forthcoming events, Rubber Maid was a natural and you had your uses too.

I now have a vacancy for a trainee Rubber Maid and I would like you to help me finda suitable replacement.  After monitoring the web activity of several local people I have chosen a candidate, her details are attached.

I reached for the second sheet of paper headed “Profile”

First name:                      Heather

Age:                                      26

Occupation:                    Business owner (Estate Agency)

Status:                                 Single

Orientation:                    Bi-sexual

The next section was very enlightening and I could not help butto admire the quality and depth of the research.


Primary web activity centres on rubber fetish themes. She is particularly drawn to profiles on Fetlife when there is a dominant rubber master or mistress with a rubber clad submissive partner, male or female. She appears to favour same sex couples although not exclusively. She frequently views rubber related pornography especially S&M scenarios, she also subscribes to several pay sites. Apart from the obvious her search activity suggests an interest in Forniphilia, Asphyxia and Sensory Deprivation. She also has a keen interest in kidnap and enslavement scenarios, especially where rubber is concerned. We monitored several role play chat sessions where she had an evolving relationship that started with her abduction and led to rubber enslavement. Also she has a particular interest in the work of John Sutcliffe and has recently purchased several vintage copies of Atomage magazine.

“Marry me” I whispered.

I continued to read:

Social Life

Email activity suggests a broken long-term relationship two years ago with several short relationships since then, one with a woman. There does not appear to have been any dating activity in the last four months.

Neil, I have concluded that Heather would be perfect as “Rubber Maid” but I am going to rely on your judgement. I arranged for one of my female friends to contact Heather as your wife, she has arranged a valuation of your property at 5.30pm this afternoon. It is up to you to coax her into your home, obviously your wife will not be there so you will have to use your charm. Once in your home you will have to find a way to introduce her into our rubber community.

You have probably found a small plastic re-sealable bag of white powder in the envelope…

I shook the envelope and it dropped onto the table, I held it up and studied it for a moment before reading on

…this is a powerful sedative, it’s designed to induce a sense of deep relaxation, limbs become very heavy but senses are not dulled. It is odourless and tasteless, dilute in any drink and once consumed it will act very quickly.The effects will only last for a maximum of two hours.

Finally, a word of caution, for some people fantasies are best kept in the mind, not everyone desires to turn those thoughts into reality. Making a misjudgement could prove to be very costly for you!


My mind was racing and my cock was hard, the prospect of helping Bob to deliver a willing Rubber Maid to the fold was breathtakingly exciting, but how?

The next couple of hours dragged as I sat pondering the task ahead. I thought long and hard as to how I would greet Heather, how I would convince her to come into my home without my “wife” being present. How would I introduce rubber into the conversation, how would I administer the sedative and how would I deliver her to Bob?

I made another cup of tea and formulated my plan. After several hours of preparation and contemplation I was ready, everything was in place. It was 4.30pm, one hour before Heather’s arrival. I went upstairs to the bathroom, powdered my body and pulled on my favourite skin tight black rubber catsuit that I had washed earlier. I shivered with delight as I pulled it over my legs, my cock sprang to attention as I continued to dress sliding my arms in place. Finally after closing the shoulder zips I used a damp cloth to remove any excess powder.

The down lighters produced an incredible shine, I admired my glossy black rubber form in the mirror, my cock harder than ever. I returned to the bedroom with my clean black Studio Gum suit and after placing it on the bed I pulled on casual clothes over my suit. I opened the wardrobe door and selected my favourite hood and short skin tight black gloves and placed them on the bed, I put the Studio Gum suit back into the wardrobe and closed the door making sure that a triangle of black rubber (from my full length cape) was trapped and visible from the bedroom.  

I skipped downstairs into the kitchen and placed the hood and gloves in a draw and then poured a glass of water. I sat at the kitchen table running through the next few hours trying to think of every possible scenario, I glanced at the cooker clock, 5.20pm, 10 minutes to go. I drank quickly and put the glass in the sink.

I closed the kitchen door, walked into the hallway before climbing the stairs into the bedroom overlooking the street. I looked through the window, it was dark and raining hard. I glanced over to Bob’s house, no sign of life apart fromthe glow of light from the small basement window. I watched and waited, heart racing and enjoying my rubber enclosure. After a few minutes a small white car moved slowly towards my house and then parked in a space opposite, the headlights dimmed and the door opened, I held my breath.

I saw the car door open and could just about make out the silhouette of a person easing themselves out. It was difficult to see through the driving rain but I was confident it was Heather. I watched as she ran towards my house, the unmistakable sound of stiletto heels clicked loudly as she headed for cover, my heart skipped a beat in anticipation.

A few seconds later the doorbell rang, I waited a few seconds before walking down the stairs towards the front door. She would have seen me coming through the glass panels but I could not see her as the porch light had failed. I opened the door and light flooded out, I gasped inwardly.

She stood in the doorway in a magnificent black rubber mackintosh tightly belted at the waist, she was holding a black umbrella in one hand with and a black glossy black briefcase in the other. She was soaked, rain dripped freely off the bottom of her mackintosh, she lowered the umbrella and looked confused, I seized the initiative.

“Hello, you must be Heather?” I said warmly.

“Yes.” she said warily.

“I’m really sorry but my wife has been delayed, she will be here in about 15 minutes.” I held my hands up defensively, palms facing forwards. “I fully understand if you would rather wait in your car until my wife arrives home….”

She looked over her shoulder through the torrent of rain, the elements were with me.

“No it’s not a problem, I am happy to wait inside.” She collapsed her umbrella and left it dripping in the porch.

I smiled reassuringly stepping back and ushering her into the hall, she smiled nervously.

“Let me take your coat.” I said trying to stifle my excitement. The bright light illuminated the wet rubber, my cock stirred.

She placed her briefcase on the floor, loosened her belt and unbuttoned the mackintosh, she eased it off her shoulders and handed it to me. My fingers connected with the smooth rubber, I had to use all of my self-control not to groan with pleasure.

She was dressed very smartly with tailored white shirt and black slacks. She wore glossy black stiletto heeled footwear but I could not tell if they were shoes or boots due to the length of her slacks.

She was very attractive, exquisite features with dark eyes and jet black hair cut in a crisp pageboy style.

I placed her mackintosh onto the coat rack and turned towards her and smiled.

“Filthy weather but you look to be well protected.” I said mischievously.

“Yes, it was very expensive but it certainly does the job.” she said confidently. I resisted the temptation to elaborate.

I gestured to the lounge door.

“Please come in, we can wait in the lounge.”

She took her briefcase and smiled warmly before opening the lounge door, I followed behind her studying her wonderfully shaped rear.

“This is a lovely room, very cosy.” she said.

She was right, my wife had a flair for interior design, one of her better qualities!

“Yes, we like it, please take a seat.” I gestured towards the plush black leather sofa.

She settled into the chair and placed her briefcase onto the coffee table next to a pile of magazines. Her slacks rode up exposing more of her footwear, exquisite black rubber stiletto boots.

“Can I get you a drink, tea, coffee?”

“Tea would be nice, thank you” she replied.

I left the room and entered the kitchen turning on the small TV.

Some years ago I was convinced to invest in an elaborate security system to protect the house. As well as an alarm I invested in a camera system which covered the exterior, front and back and the interior, hall, lounge and landing. This enabled me to monitor the house anywhere in the world through the internet.

I watched Heather looking around the room and then down at the coffee table, something caught her eye, she looked up briefly towards the door and then reached forwards and selected the magazine at the bottom of the pile. I had arranged it in such away that the first four letters of the magazine were visible ATOM………

Atomage Bondage Magazine No.3 has breathtakingly exciting front and back covers, on the front is a black and red rubber clad lady wearing a tight hood with zippered eye apertures. The rear cover has the same lady being taken from behind by a rubber clad master. I get massively aroused every time I see these images.

The expression on her face was a picture, she was open mouthed and instantly flushed. She studied the front cover for a few seconds and placed a hand between her legs, she quickly thumbed through the magazine and then flipped it over to the back cover. Her fingers worked her swollen clitoris through her slacks as she settled back into the leather chair.

I hit the dial button on my mobile and the house phone rang. She was instantly startled by noise, I watched as she quickly inserted the magazine into the pile and retained her composure. I walked from the kitchen into the hall and picked up the phone from the cradle.

“Hello?” brief silence.

“Hello darling……. what’s up?”

“You’re joking!! pause….. Well you can’t do that on your own, I’ll get help. Where are you?” long pause.

“Ok got it, stay with the car and I will get someone out as soon as possible”.

I placed the phone back in the cradle hoping that Heather was convinced by the dialogue, I walked into the lounge.

“Everything ok?” Heather said with a concerned look.

“Not really, my wife had a blow-out of one of her front tyres, I have to get help to her.”

“Of course, I’ll go and come back next week.”

“No, that’s not necessary.” I said quickly.

“If you can start the survey upstairs I will arrange help for my wife.”

“Are you sure?” she said with a concerned look on her face.

“Yes of course, please go ahead”.

She grabbed her briefcase and headed upstairs while I took the phone from the cradle and walked into the kitchen.

I watched her progress on the TV, she entered the master bedroom first which was at the back of the house. She was out of sight but no doubt measuring and appraising.

I started the fake dialogue with the break-down company.

Next she visited the box room and then the bathroom before entering the bedroom at the front of the house. The landing camera faced the open door, she walked inside and turned right towards the window which was out of sight of the camera. After a few moments she walked back into view towards the wardrobe, she had spotted the triangle of rubber trapped in the door.

She looked towards the landing nervously as I continued my fake conversation, she eased open the door and lurched backwards. Several rubber garments including my heavy Studio Gum suit fell to the floor, she dropped to her knees and frantically scooped up the pile of rubber.

At this point I finished my fake call:

“Thanks very much, so you will be with my wife in 30 minutes, that’s great, bye for now.”

I called up to Heather

“Everything ok?”

“Yes, fine, nearly done.” I detected tension in her voice.

“OK, I just have to call my wife and let her know what’s happening.”

I made another fake call to my wife while watching Heather cram the rubber back into the wardrobe. Despite the pressure of the situation she buried her head into my black glossy rubber suit and then lingered for a few moments as her mind raced to process the situation. This made up my mind, her reaction was one of a true rubber fetishist savouring the wonderful aroma and texture of my rubber suit. I felt much more confident that she would enjoy any rubber related adventures that were to come her way.

She pushed the rubber back into the wardrobe and after shutting the doorI noticed that there was something in her hand. She held up one of my hoods, smelt it and then slid it into her briefcase! I smiled and whispered.

“Verrry naughty girl.”

She composed herself before walking down the stairs

“………OK darling, they will be with you in about 30 minutes, stay safe, bye.”

I walked into the hall and placed the phone back in the cradle. I turned to her as she came down the stairs.

“Sorry but my wife will not be able to join us.” I said apologetically.

“No problem.” She had a slightly tense look, her cheeks glowed.

I gestured towards the lounge.

“Have a seat and I will make tea.”

I went back to the kitchen and started the tea making process observing Heather on the TV, she sat and placed her briefcase on the floor then went straight for the Atomage magazine again studying the back cover.

I poured two cups of strong tea and placed them on a tray with a small jug of milk and a bowl of sugar cubes. I opened the re-sealable bag and emptied the contents into the cup on the left. It fizzed for a couple of seconds as it dissolved.

I returned to the lounge, the magazine was back into position. I placed the tray on the table and handed Heather the cup on the left. She poured in a spot of milk, no sugar, I did the same.

“So how is the housing market at the moment?” I feigned an interest.

“Quite good, houses in this particular area are selling well, in fact I have a copy of a recent report confirming this.” She reached inside her briefcase and fished inside, my heart was racing in anticipation, desperate for her to drink.

Heather presented me with a photocopied article, I pretended to be interested.

To try and move things forward I took a sip of tea, she followed suit. I studied the article and drank again, so did she, job done! I settled back into my seat which she did too.

“Sorry, I forgot biscuits.” I stood up quickly not waiting for a reaction and headed for the kitchen. I stood in front of the TV and watched her reach forward to the magazine once again, this time she did not make it, after leaning forward she slumped back into the chair.

I quickly removed my casual clothes and draped them over the back of a kitchen chair. I opened the drawer, pulled out my favourite hood and carefully unzipped it, relishing the process. I held it to my nose, inhaled deeply and then slipped it over my head and after smoothing it into place I pulled on the zip stretching the rubber tightly over my head.

I glanced at the TV to see Heather slumped motionless in the chair.

Black rubber gloves next, slipping my hand into each glove I smoothed the creases from each finger. I opened the door leading from the kitchen to the laundry and observed my shiny black Hunter wellingtons standing to attention next to the back door, I eased my feet inside feeling them grip my feet. I stood and looked at my reflection in the half glass door, I folded my arms feeling quite satisfied with myself and energised by the rubber enclosure.

I glanced at the TV, Heather was subdued by the heavy sedative, her movements were slow and laboured. I had a sudden rush of panic, what if she did not want the rubber abduction scenario that was about to unfold? I recalled Bob’s letter about her interests.

“She also has a keen interest in kidnap and enslavement scenarios, especially where rubber is concerned.”

I felt a little better but I realised my neck was on the block, if Bob had made an error it was me in the Police cell tonight!

I took a deep breath and walked from the kitchen into the lounge, I stood in front of Heather, arms folded. If she was fully alert I am sure she would have jumped to her feet with shock, and possibly run from the house screaming but she was motionless, unable to move, eyes wide and staring at me intently. My heart was racing but I continued with the dominant persona.

I walked to the side of the black leather sofa and reached down to her briefcase, I opened it and rescued the hood she had hoped to acquire. I pushed it into her face, she inhaled deeply drawing in the smell, I lingered for a moment while she whimpered.

Standing behind I pushed her head forwards and eased the hood into place before zipping it tightly, there was no resistance

I pulled out the magazine from the bottom of the pile and sat next to her.

“Atomage Bondage No.3, probably the best front and back cover in the entire Atomage magazine series, don’t you think?”

I held the back cover in front of her face, she whimpered again.

“Do you want to be this lady?”

She used all her efforts to whisper back.


The feeling of relief was enormous but I did not show it, I placed the magazine on the table in front of her.

She slowly raised her right hand and loosely grabbed my left wrist before placing my hand on her thigh. I noticed her nipples, hard and erect through her white shirt, this was not a lady being forced against her will, I savoured the relief once again. Needing no further encouragement I gently parted her legs and noticed a large moist patch, evidence of her obvious excitement.

I stood and walked behind her and placed my black rubber clad hand over her mouth and nose, she momentarily closed her eyes and whimpered once again. I reached forwards and lowered the zip on her slacks, she tried to draw in air so I parted my fingers slightly so she could inhale the rubber infused air. Her white panties were almost translucent with the wonderful juices that betrayed her arousal, herswollen clitoris prominent through the tight material. I traced a finger over her bulge, in seconds I felt her tremble as the first tiny spasms of her climax rippled through her body, I clamped my hand firmly over her mouth and nose again. I eased her panties to one side and slipped a finger inside her warm, tight vagina. She moaned again, louder this time. I felt her tighten up, she needed air but I kept my hand in place as I slipped a second finger inside, she was red in the face, eyes wide open and looking sideways at me, I pushed both fingers deep inside, her eyes lowered as she was gripped by her orgasm. Her movement was minimal but her pleasure was obvious, her chest heaved as I released my grip. She gasped for air as her body trembled all over. I waited a few moments as her pleasure subsided then slowly slipped out my fingers caressing either side of her clitoris, she squeeled with pleasure. I pushed my moisten fingers inside her mouth, she eagerly savoured her own juices.

“This is just the beginning of your weekend of rubber adventures.” I said mischievously. She looked at me and groaned, I smiled, satisfied and relieved.

I was just contemplating the next move when the phone rang, I let the answerphone deal with it but I listened intently.

“Hello Neil.”

It was Bob’s unmistakable voice.

“I see our new recruit is ready, well done.”

I looked up at the hall camera which partially covered the lounge, we were in full view, my camera system had been hacked! I felt defeated.

“We will call to collect Heather in ten minutes, please remove the hood and dress her in the mackintosh.” Bob hung up.

I sprang into action, there was no other option, I knew not to disobey.

Heather was already showing signs of recovery, there was limited movement in her arms and legs, I had to move fast. I eased her head forward and unzipped the hood dropping it onto the table. I walked into the hall and retrieved her coat to find Heather holding the hood to her nose.

“Where is your wife?” she said weakly.

“There is no wife.” I replied.

She smiled

“What’s going to happen to me?”

“You and I share a wonderful fetish.” I said excitedly.

“There comes a time when you have to turn fantasy into reality, this is your time, do not be afraid.”

I kissed her on the cheek, she smiled again.

“We have to get you dressed, can you stand?”

“I think so” she grabbed my arm and I helped her to her feet.

She straightened her clothes and pulled up the front zip of her pants, she looked at me coyly.

“That was wonderful, thank you.”

“There will be plenty more moments like that, just enjoy the next two days, everything will have been arranged in advance, there is nothing to worry about”.

There were three heavy thumps on the front door, I knew exactly who that was, Gimp!

“Quick, hold out your arms.” I said hurriedly.

I quickly wrestled the black rubber mackintosh into place, it crackled and rustled and smelt wonderful. I quickly buttoned it and then pulled the belt tightly.

Three heavier thumps this time. I rushed into the hall and opened the front door, Gimp stood there in a full length heavy black rubber coat with collars pulled up around his neck. He was hooded and wearing a rubber homburg hat. It was raining harder than ever, water ran off his coat in rivers.

He pushed past me saying nothing as usual and went into the lounge. I looked outside anxiously to make sure there was no one about, not necessary, it was a monsoon outside!

I walked into the hall and watched Gimp take Heather’s arm gently, she look distressed.

“Don’t worry…” I said supportively “his bark is worse than his bite.” Gimp turned to me and fixed his eyes on mine, I looked away in defeat.

“Remember this is the beginning of a wonderful adventure” I said excitedly.

Gimp eased her forwards, she stumbled slightly still intoxicated by Bob’s sedative. Gimp showed remarkable compassion as he guided her from the lounge to the hall. I squeezed by and opened the door to let them out, as Gimp passed me he stopped and drew out an envelope from an inside pocket. He held it up then playfully slapped my left and right cheeks before throwing it onto the hall table.

They walked into the porch and Gimp grabbed Heather’s umbrella pressing the button on the handle to open it automatically. They marched forward into the rain which rattled on the umbrella, Heather briefly looked back towards me before they disappeared into the darkness.

I closed the door and stood at the floor for a few moments, exhausted by the emotions of the last two hours. The cool air made me shiver so I went upstairs, undressed and then showered. I stood under the warm cascade revisiting every moment in my mind, I was satisfied with the outcome, Heather had embracing the moment and more importantly there were no repercussions but I was disappointed too, I badly wanted to be part of Heather’s initiation.

After getting dried and pulling on my dressing gown and slippers I went downstairs to spend the last couple of hours in front of the TV, as I walked through the hall I noticed the envelope on the hall table.

I opened it and firstly pulled out a hand written note.

“Neil, as a thank you for your efforts I have arranged a little treat for you. A taxi will collect you at midday tomorrow, please dress smartly, the dress code is black tie, enjoy!”

Also inside was red glossy card. In the centre near the top of the card was the “Rubber Circle” logo followed by the word “Premier Invitation” in large gold letters.

At the bottom left in black print was the words “Please present on arrival” and in the bottom right the number “078”.

The lack of information was intriguing, given my past experience of Bob’s “hospitality” my mind worked overtime to evaluate the meaning of the word “treat”. I gave up and went to bed.

I slept remarkably well under the circumstances and after a light breakfast I showered, shaved and then dressed in my formal evening wear, I studied myself in the full length mirror.

“Not bad, not bad at all” I said, slightly embarrassed with my self-congratulation.

Midday arrived and bang on time the black cab arrived. I grabbed my keys, wallet, phone, and the all -important invitation before closing the front door and heading for the taxi. The road I live in is very narrow, there are parked cars either side with just about enough room for traffic to flow through the centre. The cab had parked adjacent to the gap between two parked cars so I could get access to the rear door but not see the driver. The door slid open sideways as I approached, I climbed in and it closed behind me. The smell hit me immediately; the cab interior was entirely fabricated in black rubber, the upholstery, the roof, door trim and matting. I sat back into the plush seating, fastened my seat belt and ran my hands over the smooth black rubber.

I noticed that all of the windows were blacked out and the panel behind the driver was solid so there was no way of communicating. Also there were no door handles so there was no way out.

Initially I was able to track our journey based on the number of left and right turns but I soon lost my way, I reached for my phone and activated the live mapping but there was no signal. I decided to settle back and enjoy the ride.

After around 35 minutes we stopped, I pushed my face against the side window but it was completely opaque, I heard what sounded like a roller shutter door, clattering as it raised. We drove forwards and the door closed behind us. Once the door noise had stopped the cab door slid open automatically and the driver appeared outside.

Standing before me was a stunningly beautiful lady dressed in a grey rubber chauffeurs uniform complete with matching rubber cap. Her narrow grey rubber trousers were tucked inside black, shiny knee length flat heeled boots. She smiled warmly and extended a hand towards me, I did not need help to step out of the cab but I took her silky rubber covered hand regardless.

I stepped out of the cab into a small underground car park which was more like an exclusive quality car showroom, there was everything for Rolls Royce and Bentley to Ferrari and Lamborghini. Thankfully I was spared the embarrassment of arriving in my five year old hatchback! 

The “chauffeur” gestured to the corner of the car park where there was a glass door, positioned each side were tightly clipped bay trees in glossy chrome planters. Down lighters in the panel above the door illuminated a man-mountain in a long black rubber coat, I walked towards him tentatively, he studied my progress. 

“Good afternoon sir” he greeted me warmly. “Do you have anything metallic sir?” He held out a small black tray, the light danced off his glossy black arm which was the size of a small tree trunk. I obediently dropped my mobile and keys onto the tray. He then scanned my body with a hand-held metal detector which beeped at my breast pocket, I pulled out my wallet and looked at him quizzically.

“You will not need that today sir, I will take good care of it”. I was not going to argue.

He laid the tray on a small table, finished the scan and stood to the side as he pushed open the glass door and ushered me towards a single lift door.

I walked in to a small nondescript lobby and pressed the call button.

“Second floor sir, someone will greet you.”

I nodded and watched him resume his position, the lift bell pinged and the door opened, again nothing out of the ordinary.

There were button numbers zero to five, I pressed two as instructed, in a couple of moments another ping and the door slid open, my heart was racing.

A young smiling waitress, arms behind her back, greeted me as I stepped out of the lift. She was dressed in a conventional waitress uniform which included a white shirt and black bow tie, an emerald green waistcoat, knee length black skirt and black glossy 6” court shoes, all made from rubber.

“Good afternoon sir, my name is Lisa, may I see your invitation?”I slipped it out of my jacket pocket and presented it to her.

“Thank you sir, please follow me to your table.”

She gestured towards what looked like a small bar area and started to walk, I followed. It was a small intimate area with five tables each with two chairs, the chairs were upholstered in red rubber and had high backs and sides which arched over to completely envelop the occupant. They were adequately spaced to ensure total privacy. The room was opulent and very tastefully decorated with quality soft furnishings, lots of reds, blacks and golds, the high ceilings suggested an old building.

I sat in a red rubber upholstered cocoon.

“May I get you a drink sir?” Lisa asked.

“Double Gordons Gin and Tonic please, ice and lemon.”

Of course sir, I will get that for you, please relax, your hostess Judith will be with you shortly.

I quickly scanned the room, there was another couple opposite but their chairs were facing away from me, I could only see the legs of the occupants, one pair clad in formal looking black rubber trousers and formal shoes, the other in knee high, tightly laced red rubber ballet boots.

I waited for a couple of moments then Lisa returned with my drink and placed it on the table.

“If you need anything else please do not hesitate to call me.” she said quietly, then walked away.

I reached forward and took a sip of my drink, no lemon, damn! A gin and tonic needs lemon, oh well better not complain I decided.

Moments later a stunning lady appeared at my side. She had wonderful long shocking red hair, a tight full length red rubber dress split to the thigh, long purple rubber gloves and six inch heeled patent redcourt shoes. She was every bit as glamourous as Jessica Rabbit!

“Hello Neil nice to meet you, I am Judith.”

I stood to attention and extended my hand which she grabbed loosely and we kissed on both cheeks.

“I will be looking after you this afternoon, may I sit?”

“Please do.” I said in a voice that sounded like I was being strangled.

She placed her drink and mobile phone on the table.

“Ah Gin and Tonic I see Neil, no better way to start the day, but no lemon? Lemon is an essential component for me”

“I did order lemon actually but I think the waitress forgot but it’s not a problem”.

Judith frowned, took her phone and punched in a couple of numbers. In the background there was a short high pitched scream followed by a crashing sound and then breaking glass. Frantic clicking heels followed and Lisa appeared at our table, Judith stood and slapped her across the face.”

“Did you forget something?” she growled pointing to my glass.

Lisa looked confused.

“Lemon!!” Judith shouted.

Lisa looked horrified and took my glass.

“I am so sorry sir.” she said earnestly.

“It is not a problem, don’t worry.” I said feeling sorry for her.

She headed off quickly as Judith turned to face me.

“So Neil, welcome to the Rubber Circle Club, your first visit I understand?”

“Yes indeed, I am not quite sure exactly what is planned.” I said nervously.

Judith smiled.

“You are here for an afternoon of pleasure and relaxation Neil although on this occasion you will not be dining or staying overnight in one of our pleasure suites. Once we have finished our drinks I will take you to the selection suite.”

Lisa appeared with my drink and placed it on the table and turned to leave. Judith punched her phone and Lisa fell to her knees in front of Judith groaning deeply. Judith looked at me then dug her stiletto heel into Lisa’s left thigh.

“All of our staff wear remote anal plugs, we use them as training devices but also our guests use them to convey their satisfaction…. or lack of satisfaction!”

“Did you forget to say something?” she barked at Lisa.

“I am very sorry for not including lemon with your drink sir.”

I was about to answer but Judith barked.

“Good, about time!! Now go.” Lisa moved away quickly.

“As I was saying Neil we will go to the selection suite in a moment where you will choose a playmate for the day. You have several choices tailored to your preferences.”

“Preferences?” I asked.

“Bob provided some anecdotal information on the basis or your “adventure” but we also keep records of your internet browsing history, we know what turns you on.”

She grinned knowingly, I looked at the floor and took a large mouthful of drink. Judith’s phone buzzed.

“They are ready for us now Neil if that is ok with you?”

Judith stood and Lisa hurried over with her tray taking our drinks from the table.

I stood and Judith threaded her arm through mine then we walked towards the back of the room towards a large mahogany panelled door. Lisa rushed forwards and opened the door while balancing the tray of drinks with her free hand. We walked into a small dimly lit room, there was a double sized chair of a similar style to chairs in the bar with high sides and an arched over top, again upholstered in red rubber. In front of the chair was a low table. The room was decorated in a similar style to the bar, superb quality furnishings of the highest standard.

The chair was positioned in front of a wall, half solid and half glass. The subdued lighting in the room made it impossible to see behind the glass.

Lisa laid our drinks on the table and then left. I noticed a remote control on the table, we sat and Judith handed it to me.

“Neil, there are buttons one to four on the remote, once you have made up your mind select the number of your preferred playmate, you can only make one choice so think carefully.”

The lights dimmed and a spotlight illuminated the left hand corner of a small stage behind the glass screen. We were also illuminated by a narrow shaft of light.

Judith sat back in the chair,

“Number one is Tanya, she enjoys nothing more than torturing men, making them beg for mercy, she has no compassion so beware!”

Clicking heels from knee length rubber stiletto boots heralded the arrival of Tanya. She was dressed in a skin tight black rubber catsuit and an open faced hood, her waist reduced to tiny proportions by a black rubber corset. Her left hand held the handle of a riding crop which she bent over with her right hand. A black ponytail sprouted out of the back of her hood, her suit looked as if it had been sprayed on, it hugged the contours of her fabulously shaped body. A chrome chain supporting a circular disc with “No.1” hung from around her neck. She walked forwards under the spotlight onto a rotating plinth, she looked magnificent. As she rotated she turned her head slowly fixing her eyes on mine and then at the point of no return she quickly swivelled her head to lock eyes again, this lady had attitude! Judith looked at me mischievously and said.

“Number two is Ben, apparently he has the tightest ass here, perhaps you would like to confirm that Neil?”

She laughed as a second spotlight illuminated an area adjacent to Tanya.

Ben hobbled forward, again dressed in a black rubber catsuit with an open faced hood. He wore a ball gag harness over his head, the large red ball stretching his jaw wide. He walked forward awkwardly his No.2 disc swinging from side to side. His ankles were encircled by leather straps which were joined by a short chrome chain, his exposed cock was encased in a transparent plastic chastity device. He stood under the spotlight and started to rotate revealing that his arms were clamped together with an impossibly tight rubber armbinder.

Judith reached forward and stroked my hard cock through my trousers.

“Thought so!” she said mockingly, I stared straight ahead.

“He will do anything you ask Neil, and I mean anything!”

My mind was doing somersaults trying to absorb what was unfolding before me.

“Now Neil, you may be interested in number three, Amanda. She is a real girly girl, so sweet and not so innocent”

Number three walked forward into the light, she was dressed in a tight pink rubber sleeveless top which was stretched over her slightly artificial looking breasts. She wore a very frilly multi-layered white skirt which stiffly protruded at almost right angles to her waist. The outfit was complimented with thigh length pink patent stiletto boots and shoulder length pink rubber gloves with a disc bearing No.3 attached to her left wrist. Her hair was arranged in an elaborate cone shape and she wore excessive make up with incredibly long eye lashes, dark eye shadow and bright pink lips. As she started to rotate she pulled up her skirt to reveal a huge flaccid cock.

“Does that turn you on Neil?” Judith whispered as she lowered my zip.

“Do you want to suck her cock?” she wrapped her rubber covered fingers around my cock, I lowered my eyelids and groaned with pleasure.

“You have three very different opportunities so far, now for number four, The Twins!” she said triumphantly.

Two stunning ladies stepped forward tentatively; both wore knee length ballet boots which were tightly laced at the front. They held hands (probably for support) as they walked under the down lighters, their black rubber encased bodies shimmering under the light. They wore open faced hoods which framed their perfect features, they smiled towards me as they stepped onto the rotating plinth. Facing each other they embraced warmly and kissed slowly and sensually moving their hands down to cup each other buttocks. Both wore No.4 discs on their wrists. They were both exactly the same height with exactly the same figures, shapely and voluptuous.

“They are not biological twins Neil but they are very close as you can see.” Judith continued to massage my cock which was now harder than ever.

“Don’t worry” she continued.

“They love men too.”

I was already twitching, the urge to settle back into my rubber cocooned chair and enjoy the moment was difficult to resist. I scanned the stage observing my potential playmates rotating before me, all clad in shiny black rubber, each one offering different opportunities, all carefully selected to appeal to my deviant mind.  Unexpectedly Judith leant forward and encircled my cock with her warm lips, in a millisecond my cock was down her throat. I responded with immediate spasms and I was instantly seconds from climaxing. She withdrew and pinched my cock hard, I groaned with the pain and the pleasure.

“Not yet Neil!” Judith said firmly, “Be patient!” 

I reached for the remote control and pressed button four. Instantly all lights were extinguished apart from “The Twins.” They slowly rotated to face me holding each other tightly but smiling triumphantly, the stage lights died and the dimmed room lights came on.

“Good choice Neil.” Judith said as she eased by semi-hard cock back into my trousers. She raised the zip and then stood up.

“Now, before you embark on your pleasure time with the twins the nurse will prepare you, please enter the clinic.”

Judith pointed to a door adjacent to the glass screen before turning and leaving through the entrance door, the latch clicked loudly, I guessed the way out was barred, not that I wanted to leave.

I tentatively walked forward to the door, my heart was racing again as I opened the door. I was instantly struck by the brightness of the room and had to lower my eyelids to adjust. The room was quite small with walls covered in white glossy tiles and floor in heavy duty black rubber tiles. There was a mirrored door facing the entrance door, the ceiling was mirrored too. In the centre of the room was a gynaecological bench and in one corner was a tallscreen clad in medical red rubber and in the other corner a stainless steel sink. Against one wall was a tall glass cabinet packed full of a variety of chrome medical implements. Hanging from a hook on the door I had just entered was a black rubber suit with attached feet, gloves and hood. I stood scanning the room when the mirrored door opened, I gasped inwardly as a large lady entered the room clad in a full length medical green rubber robe, similar in style to an operating theatre uniform. She wore a full length white rubber apron, heavy duty transparent elbow length rubber gloves and an open faced matching green rubber hood. The heavy rubber uniform rustled loudly as she entered the room, the door closed behind her.

“Hello Neil, welcome to the clinic.” she said warmly.

“I am going to prepare you for The Twins, please undress and place your clothes on the hangers.”

She pointed to the rubber screen.

“Quickly please, your time is limited.”

I walked behind the screen, there were three hangers on hooks and there was also another hidden door. I undressed quickly intrigued by the variety of noises as the nurse prepared her implements. I walked boldly from behind the screen, I resisted the temptation to hide my manhood, I guessed that the nurse had seen it all before.

“Climb onto the bench please.” she said firmly. At the foot of the bench was as medical stand with a red rubber enema bottle with coiled red rubber tubing, there was also a small table with a kidney shaped chrome dish on top, I could not quite see inside. I hoisted myself onto the bench and sat upright.

“Lay flat please, I am going to shave you first” I obeyed as she took a large tube of gel and started to massage it onto my skin, legs first moving up my shins to my thighs. I studied the scene in the mirrored ceiling, the rubber clad nurse working my body was too much, the inevitable happened, I sprang to attention hard as hell, I blushed. She avoided my cock and massaged my tummy, chest and arms finally rubbing gel into my neck.

“Do not worry Neil, I have not been instructed to shave your head, at least not this time.”

So there’s going to be another visit I said excitedly without uttering a sound, she gripped my cock and massaged the shaft before moving to my balls. I tried to catch her eye but it was not about eye contact, this was a task to her, nothing else.

The electric shaver sparked into life and she worked my whole body carefully and systematically removing every last hair. She grabbed my shaft and shaved the base of my cock and my balls, my toes curled as the shaver nibbled away at my skin. Happy that I was smooth all over she switched off the shaver and placed it into the chrome dish.

“Turn over please.”

I obliged and felt the cool gel squirt onto the base of my spine. She massaged it all over my body finally smoothing between my buttocks. The shaver started again, back of my legs first then quickly the rest of my body, she parted my cheeks with thumb and forefinger then shaved dangerously close to my anus, my toes curled again. After a few minutes the shaver stopped and she dropped it into the dish.

“Next step is to clean you inside, you have experienced an enema before haven’t you Neil.”

“Yes” no need for me to confirm, everyone appeared to know my past.

“Good, here we like to do things the old fashioned way.”

“She walked over to the sink and tipped the contents of large sachet into tall plastic jug. She filled the jug with a mixture of warm and cold water, stirred it vigorously before testing it with a thermometer.

“One hundred and five degrees Fahrenheit, perfect!” she exclaimed.

“Just above core body temperature, we do not want to make you uncomfortable do we?”

No answer was required.

She walked to the enema stand and carefully filled the suspended red rubber bag with the liquid before manoeuvring the enema stand behind me. The was a few seconds of silence then my cheeks were parted before a lubricated finger slid inside me, I groaned a little as she rotated her finger and massaged my prostate before inserting the nozzle. I felt the liquid start to trickle inside me.

“Relax for a few moments Neil while the liquid does its job.”

She disappeared behind the screen, I heard the door open and close. The enema worked quickly, my muscles started to spasm in an attempt to expel the liquid, I needed the toilet urgently.

“Nurse” I called out with some urgency.

The door opened and she walked back in the room, I detected a slight grin. She slowly withdrew the nozzle from my anus, the urge to evacuate was virtually impossible to control. I carefully got to my feet.

“There is a bathroom behind the screen, once you have expelled the liquid please shower. When you are dry make sure you oil your body all over, even your hair, there is a bottle next to the shower cubicle.”

I was through the door in seconds and enjoyed a fabulous release. Afterwards I did as instructed, showered, dried and then massaged oil into my body including my face and hair. I walked back into the clinic and “Nurse” was waiting for me, both arms outstretched with the black rubber suit draped over.

“Time to dress Neil”

I took the suit and lowered the rear zip, I slipped my left and right legs in first pulling the suit upwards, the rubber clung to my body and glided over my oiled skin.

“One moment.”

I looked at the nurse, she dripped oil onto her clear rubber encased hands and massaged it into my back and buttocks then once again slipped fingers inside my anus. I groaned with pleasure.

“Pull the suit up to your waist Neil” I obeyed.

“We have to make sure the sheath is in position, bend forwards slightly.”

Once again I obeyed and felt her fingers inside me, she pushed deeply before replacing her finger with something larger.

“Just relax Neil, I need to make sure the sheath is deep inside you.”

I felt pressure against my rear, I tried hard to relax and after a few seconds of pressure something very wide and very long slipped into place penetrating me deeply, I moaned again and stood to attention.

“Well done, we will leave it in place for a few moments, stand upright please and reach down into the arms of the suit.”

I straightened up and slipped my arms into position, she pulled on the back of the suit and my arms glided in, my hands effortlessly sliding into the attached gloves, another groan of pleasure.

“And now the best bit.” she whispered.

She reached forward and pulled the attached hood over my face, I was incredibly aroused, the feeling of total enclosure was heavenly. She pulled tightly on the rear of the hood and then lowered the zip from the top of my head to the base of my spine. The black rubber slipped into place as the zipper tightened the suit.

“Perfect, now I have to polish the suit and then you are ready for The Twins.” she said excitedly.

She sprayed and polished all over and then stood back and admired.

“Your suit is a perfect fit Neil. I am always amazed at the workmanship and attention to detail. A perfect fit every time.”

Obviously I am one of many to experience this induction process.

Nurse gestured towards a mirrored door.

“Your adventure begins Neil, the twins are waiting for you”

I walked forwards and caught my reflection, she was right, I was covered head-to-toe in creaseless black rubber, a perfect fit. I stood in front of the mirror for a moment, she came close behind me and reached forward with one hand and gripped my cock through the rubber suit.

“You have forgotten one thing Neil.” she said mischievously as she pushed the plug in a little deeper then withdrew it quickly, I shivered as it slipped out. I concluded that a session with the rubber nurse would be very rewarding.

“Now you are ready.”

I reached out to the door handle………

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