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The Neighbour 4: Rubber Relations

by hoodedheaven

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© Copyright 2015 - hoodedheaven - Used by permission

Storycodes: MF+/mf+; M/m; F/f; latex; catsuits; clothing; maid; hood; bond; gags; playroom; tease; strapon; breathplay; oral; mast; sex; group; climax; cons; X

story continues from part three

Part 4: Rubber Relations

Bob led the way to playroom with Gimp following closely. I was unsure if I should follow when Sue, James’s receptionist linked arms:

“Come this way, you will be looking after us tonight” she nodded towards James and then kissed the buckled rubber flap that covered my lips.

I studied her fine breasts straining against the white frilly rubber shirt, her wonderful hourglass figure embraced by the tight rubber pencil skirt. My cock was hard in seconds aching for her touch when James moved close behind and ran his fingers over my bulge. My eyes closed, intoxicated with the scene that was unfolding, my dentist was stroking my cock while I was arm-in-arm with his rubber clad receptionist!

Tina walked across the room towards Rubber Maid, her long red rubber dress rustled as her hips rocked from side to side. She reached up and unbuckled the flap that covered Rubber Maid’s lips, her opera length gloves encasing her arms tightly as if they had been sprayed onto her skin. She held up the rubber mouth cover and her assistant took it from her.

“Thank you Beth, she has such sweet full lips, what do you think?”

I studied Beth’s tight black rubber cat suit, I imagined tightening the crisscrossed laces that ran from her ankles to the tops of her thighs and from her wrists to the top of her shoulders. I imagined pulling her corset and hood laces stretching the rubber tightly to encase her trim body with the glossy black rubber skin.

Beth placed her hand around the back of Rubber Maid’s neck and kissed her firmly on the lips, I watched Maid struggle momentarily before slowly raising a hand to Beth’s rubber clad breast, her eyes were wide surprised by Maid’s reaction. She raised her other hand and stroked the inside of Beth’s thigh.

Tina looked on impatiently.

“Enough Beth! Escort her to the Playroom”.

Beth jumped to attention pulling Maid’s arms behind her back, and pushed her forwards.

I glanced over my shoulder to catch Rubber Maid’s eye, she grinned back at me obviously relishing the situation.

Sue tugged on my arm and we followed Bob and Gimp into the Playroom.

Walking through the door I was immediately struck by our reflected images in the mirrored walls and ceiling, shiny rubber clad figures appeared to fill the room. The huge circular bed sheathed in a tight black rubber sheet took pride of place in the centre of the room.

I watched Bob walk to a throne like chair the corner of the room, his immaculate black rubber cloak looked magnificent as it shone under the down lighters. He sat and Gimp knelt beside him looking as menacing as ever as he fixed his eyes on me once again.

I observed Tina walk into the room in her full red rubber glory, Rubber Maid followed closely escorted by Beth.

Last to enter the room was Ann-Marie and Marcel. Her thigh-high stiletto heeled boots clicked on the tiled floor as she pulled on the leash attached to Marcel’s collar. They walked to a corner of the room opposite Bob and Gimp. Marcel attempted to kneel but the ankle bindings made it difficult so Anne-Marie supported his shoulders as he fell to his knees with his back to the bed, his rubber enema bottle swung wildly from the L-shaped bar above his head.

“Ladies and Gentleman, please enjoy”. Bob gestured to the bed.

Everyone turned towards our group, I stood awkwardly. Sue unbuckled the rubber flap from my mouth, placed a hand on my left shoulder and pushed down.

“Kneel and unzip my skirt” Sue said firmly. I dropped to my knees and she turned away from me.

I reached up to the zip at the top of the waist band admiring her wonderfully shaped rear encased in tight black rubber, I pulled on the zip slowly exposing her milky white buttocks, her transparent rubber stockings supported by black rubber suspenders.

I kissed her buttocks as the skirt fell to the floor, the room was silent. She lifted her feet out of the skirt, her magnificent glossy high heeled courts reflecting the light. I anticipated her turning and her expectation, I would not disappoint. The room was quiet, anticipating my actions.

Sue turned slowly when Tina’s red rubber gloved hands covered my eyes.

“Open your mouth Neil and stick out your tongue” said Tina.

I obliged anticipating Sue’s warm moist labia.

I felt her close, then the lightest touch of her skin on the tip of my tongue, I prepared to probe deeply when my mouth was suddenly filled. Tina removed her hands from my eyes, I gagged as Sue’s cock pushed deep into my mouth. I gagged and attempted to recoil but Tina pushed my head onto her cock.

The room erupted in cheers, everyone was clapping, even Bob was standing, savouring the moment.

My mind raced to analyse the situation, this incredibly sexy woman, someone I had known as my dentist’s buxom receptionist was in fact a man, or certainly used to be a man!

I decided to embrace the situation and gripped the base of her cock firmly with my left hand wrapping my tongue around the tip. I circled her balls with the thumb and forefinger of my other hand and began to suck her cock. She moaned deeply then held my head between her hands and looked down at me.

“Let’s move to somewhere more comfortable” she whispered as she walked towards the huge rubber bed.

She arranged a few rubber covered pillows at the top of the bed and eased back into them, her slender rubber clad legs were bent but close together, the heels of her court shoes stretching the rubber to breaking point. I knelt on the bed in front of her and eased her legs open, her cock was long and hard. She looked at me longing for my touch, longing for my mouth, she smiled and then closed her eyes in expectation.

I leaned forward placing my hands on the bed close to her buttocks, I traced my tongue down the length of her shaft kissing the glans, she moaned as I took her entire length down my throat. Earlier experiences had taught me to control my gag reflex and I used my throat muscles to grip tightly. An immediate twitch from her cock forced me to slow down, she was going to climax quickly, I had her under my control. I released my grip and playfully licked and kissed her shaft when I was distracted by a stiletto heeled boot that appeared on the edge of the bed next to me, I glanced up to Beth who was fingering her crotch zip slowly opening it to show her shaved crotch. I badly wanted to kiss her rubber stiletto boots and bury my face in her crotch but I was otherwise occupied.

Sensing the distraction Sue pushed my head down onto her cock forcing me to throat fuck her, she squeeled with pleasure.

I looked up at Beth again to see her inserting a double ended dildo deep inside her vagina, she pressed a button in the centre of the shaft and it started to vibrate, she slowly tilted her head backwards as it slipped deep inside. She wrapped straps of a black rubber harness around her rear securing the dildo in place allowing the other end to stand erect like a huge black cock. She massaged lube down the shaft and the realisation struck home, my backside was in the air, a sitting target! I instantly clenched my buttocks.

Sue started to spasm so I squeezed her balls tightly trying to slow her climax. At the same time Tina lay on the bed next to us, her silky blond curls framed her face perfectly and were a stark contrast against the black rubber pillows. She lay flat, her movements restricted by her long red rubber sheath dress, she laid her hands flat on the bed looking up into the mirrored ceiling. Rubber Maid appeared next to her and knelt on the bed, she reached forward and slowly unzipped the front of the rubber sheath dress exposing her silky white legs and shaved crotch. Tina raised and opened her legs, her red patent heels pushed deep into the rubber sheet. Without hesitation Maid positioned herself between Tina’s legs, moved down slowly kissing the inside of her thighs before tracing her tongue over Tina’s swollen clitoris, she moaned deeply.

I glanced upwards to catch the unfolding scene in the mirrored ceiling as Beth walked around the bed behind me, the huge black rubber dildo standing proudly to attention. Much to my relief she knelt on the bed behind Rubber Maid and lifted her flowing rubber skirt to expose her buttocks. She slid her hand between Maid’s legs who briefly looked up before resuming her position. Beth teased Maid’s crotch with the huge rubber cock before easing it inside her, Maid looked up again and moaned deeply as it slid home, the vibrations teasing both of them in unison.

My mind was racing, I was enjoying the control I exerted over Sue who was desperate to cum by now, I was intoxicated with the bizarre rubber imagery which was reflected in every facet of the room. I was in a wild rubber dream, everything I found sexually exciting was before me and I didn’t want it to end. As I wallowed in the moment I felt pressure on the bed behind me, looking up I saw James, his erect cock protruding from his Tuxedo trousers. He moved behind me and raised my rubber skirt up over my buttocks. He pushed lubed rubber fingers inside me it was my turn to raise my head and moan. He slipped inside me and then in seconds he was fucking me vigorously. I realised he was not going to last long.

I decided to let Sue have what she craved so I licked my black rubber encased forefinger and started to tease her anus, I resumed work on her cock and took it deep down my throat, she moaned so deeply and started to spasm. At this point James growled as his climax started to build, he gripped my hips tightly as he pounded me hard, eyes closed in his own rubber fetish world.

Rubber Maid read the signs and sucked Tina’s clitoris while sliding rubber fingers deep inside her, Beth fucked Maid hard and both moaned as the double ended dildo worked its magic. Tina’s breathing quickened as she raised her hips pushing her crotch firmly into Maids face.

I quickly glanced to the side to see Bob standing near to the bed, his shiny black rubber cloak looked magnificent as it reflected the light. I could make out the shape of Gimp kneeling under the cloak, no doubt working hard on Bob’s cock.  To the other side of the bed was Marcel and Ann-Marie, he was upright in his tight bondage while Anne-Marie held a vibrating magic wand onto his chastity device.

Sue’s breathing quickened and her whole body tensed, I slipped a finger inside her anus then released her cock from the grip of my throat quickly wrapping black rubbery fingers around her shaft and pumping hard. James screamed as his orgasm rippled through his body, he pushed ever deeper inside me.

Sue came spectacularly, high pitched whimpering ushered in the first pulse of cum which shoot high into the air landing on my shoulder. I pushed my finger deep inside her rectum and she oozed cum over my hand. James withdrew and crashed onto the bed gasping for air.

Tina, Rubber Maid and Beth were still locked in their rubber heaven when muffled groans came from behind Marcels gag, cum dripped from the chastity device that encased his cock as Anne-Marie expertly milked every last drop from him.

Bob’s head was arched backwards as his hands rested on Gimp’s head which was buried under the cloak. He was pushing his hips backwards and forwards fucking Gimp’s mouth.

I released my grip on Sue’s cock and she lay motionless, eyes closed and in deep recovery mode. Tina moaned as Rubber Maid stretched her labia wide and probed deeply with her tongue, both Rubber Maid and Beth were moaning loudly as the double ended vibrating dildo bought them to orgasm. Tina responded to join the chorus of pleasure as she orgasmed too. Rubber Maid dropped to the bed extracting herself from the huge dildo, Beth collapsed next to her.

I stood and surveyed the room, virtually everyone had experienced earth-shattering pleasures and were lying prostrate on the bed, Bob was seated, head back as Gimp knelt beside him.

I felt quite jealous, I badly wanted to climax, a final gesture before my rubber adventure ended. I heard heels clicking, an arm wrapped around my chest. Ann-Marie whispered:

“I think we’re entitled to a little pleasure too don’t you?”

She dropped to her knees and lowered my skirt, my cock swelled quickly as she took it in her mouth. She looked up at me through her Zorro style mask, clasping my buttocks with her black rubber encased hands. I closed my eyes, and groaned as her warm mouth enveloped my cock. I had not noticed that everyone had recovered their composure and formed a circle around us until a red rubber covered hand cupped my nose and mouth, I turned to see Tina behind me smiling mischievously. I inhaled the wonderful rubber aroma already fighting the urge to cum.

My arms were suddenly and forcibly drawn behind my back by Gimp while James pulled on a rubber arm binder, it was very restrictive but very arousing, I was as hard as I have ever been and really struggling to stifle my orgasm.

Tina removed her hand from my mouth and nose and Beth stepped in to push a huge ball gag between my teeth, she buckled it tight pushing it deep into my mouth.

Anne-Marie stood and walked over to the whipping bench in the corner, she removed her rubber micro skirt and knelt forward over the bench with her legs apart, she looked over towards me.

Gimp gripped my neck and escorted me to Anne-Marie, I didn’t need any encouraging, I positioned myself and started to tease her with my cock.

“Not there” she said gripping my cock and pulling it towards her anus. Sue walked behind me, I could feel her erect cock between my buttocks, she nudged me forwards as Anne-Marie’s anus stretched to accommodate me, gripping me tightly.

I started to fuck her rear, gently but deeply, she moaned with pleasure as Sue entered me. My turn to gasp, Sue was bigger than James although a lot gentler.

Just as I thought it could get no better Beth knelt next to Anne-Marie and gently stroked her clitoris with a vibrating magic wand, I felt the reverberations through her vagina, my powers of resistance were now being tested to the limits as I started to fuck Anne-Marie hard as Sue remained stationary allowing me to ride her huge cock. My breaths were shorter, I was starting to spasm as Gimp slid a plastic bag over my head and clamped it around my neck. I started to breathe harder as the air in the bag became devoid of oxygen, I became light headed just as Ann-Marie screamed with pleasure as her orgasm enveloped her body. That was the final straw, I withdrew spurting all over her back, the plastic bag crackling as I desperately inhaled. Sue reached forward and massaged my cock vigorously, I started to squirm as my climax had ended but I felt spasms once again, my whole body shook and I screamed wildly as I had a second orgasm. Gimp removed the bag and pushed me onto the bed.

My heartbeat was thumping loudly in my ears while I gasped for air, I had been perilously close to unconsciousness but that state had heightened my pleasure to levels I had only dreamt of. I realised this had been another facet of my adventure that had been carefully orchestrated by Bob, his direct access to my web browsing history would have shown my interest in erotic asphyxiation.

While I recovered Beth removed the ball gag from my mouth and James removed the arm binder, I slowly pulled myself together and sat on the corner of the bed. The rest of the group were standing next to Bob and facing me, Bob was sitting in his throne-like chair with Gimp kneeling beside him.

“Well Neil, your adventure is over” Bob said.

“Hopefully you will have realised many of your fantasies thanks in part to these fine people” Bob gestured to everyone standing around him.

“You will probably have recognised some of the people here, firstly your dentist James and his lovely receptionist Sue”.

James did a theatrical bow and Sue blew a kiss in my direction.

“You have probably bought flowers from the lovely Tina and her assistant Beth”.

They were arm in arm smiling warmly at me.

And no doubt you have eaten at the wonderful French restaurant owned and run by Marcel and his lovely wife Ann-Marie.

Marcel nodded, still in his tight bondage with the rubber enema bottle swinging above his head. Ann-Marie had an arm around Marcel’s shoulder and smiled towards me.

“Neil, there are two people here whose identity you do not know, the first is Tom”

He looked at Gimp and unzipped his hood easing it off his head.

“You will probably recognise Tom as the man who works for your cable TV provider, he installed the equipment in your home but more important installed a gateway to your internet browsing history. You have Tom to thank for making your fantasies become reality.”

“Finally and most importantly for you no doubt is the identity of Rubber Maid”

Bob gestured towards her and she knelt next to him facing me, my heart skipped a beat. Several times during the last few days she has been familiar to me, certain looks, certain actions made me feel as if I knew her.

“Neil, I am pleased to introduce………”

Bob started to unzip Rubber Maid’s hood, my heart was beating fast.

“………..Annabelle, your sister-in-law”

My mouth dropped open as our eyes met, she looked embarrassed, reticent and no doubt anxious about my reaction.

“Annabelle joined us very recently Neil, she was instrumental in your inclusion here”.

Everyone clapped as I reached forwards and helped Annabelle to her feet, I took her in my arms and kissed her on the lips, I could feel her relief as she melted in my arms.

“Neil, welcome to the Rubber Circle, an exclusive club for likeminded rubber fetishists. In the coming weeks and hopefully years you will be invited to lots of events like tonight, in return you will help recruit fellow rubber fetishists, your job in the bank security department will be very useful. Every moment of your stay has been recorded and you will soon have access to your adventure through your cable connection. I must stress that you must never discuss details of the Rubber Circle with any outsiders, we hold evidence of your adventure here as security, make no mistake if you compromise our organisation in any way you will suffer extreme punishment”. I glanced at Gimp who already had me fixed in his sights.

In the meantime you two have a lot to talk about, I suggest you go to your room, it’s going to be a long night”.

We said our goodbyes and shared embraces with everyone, I even shook hands with Gimp before Annabelle and I left arm-in-arm and returned to my bedroom.

I had always felt close to Annabelle, we had a similar sense of humour which was lost on our partners, she is stunningly attractive with a warm heart. In the following hours we talked long and hard about our lives, about our frustrations of having partners who did not share our love of rubber. After preparing me for bad news I was shocked to discover that my wife was not away on a “girlie weekend” but was away with Edward, my brother in law, Annabelle’s husband! She explained that she had discovered emails that detailed how they were planning a life together and fully expected him to return this weekend and pack his bags, my wife would be doing the same. She also explained  how her job as a rep for a medical company bought her together with our dentist James, she was demonstrating the latest range of latex gloves and deduced that his reaction suggested he had more than a passing interest. After a few chats introduction to the “Rubber Circle” followed.

We talked for hours but finally gave into sleep after removing our rubber for the last time and showering, we slept in each other’s arms, happy and content.

The next morning we dressed without saying much, we were both weary with life and desperate for a happy resolution after the impending doom.

We said goodbye to Bob and Gimp then walked outside for the first time in several days. People were going about their business oblivious of what existed behind Bob’s front door.

Annabelle and I embraced, she held back tears as she got into her car. She waved limply and then drove off into the distance. I walked over the road to my house hoping that Annabelle and I would be starting a wonderful life together very soon.

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