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The Neighbour 3: The Party

by hoodedheaven

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© Copyright 2015 - hoodedheaven - Used by permission

Storycodes: MMf/m; M/m; MF+/mf; latex; catsuits; clothing; party; costumes; maid; hood; bond; gags; enema; shock; electro; training; tease; oral; mast; denial; climax; cons; X

story continues from part two

Part 3: The Party


I slept long and deep, a contented mind at peace. When I eventually stirred my mind was filled with thoughts of Rubber Maid, those wonderful moments in the playroom. I wondered if I would ever discover her identity.

Whilst I was wrestling with those thoughts the door unlocked and she entered my room, resplendent in her maid’s costume which shimmered under the bright lights. I sat up in bed and she placed a large lap tray across my thighs delivering a superb continental breakfast with orange juice. She avoided eye contact but I noticed that her hood had a buckled gag attached rather than a completely sealed mouth.

I grabbed her wrist, my fingers sensed the warm glossy rubber as my cock swelled, our eyes met as I reached up and unbuckled one side of her gag. She tugged on the strap and eased a hard rubber phallus shaped gag from her mouth, her full lips and warm eyes were so familiar. She bent forward and we kissed, her warm moist lips tasted of rubber. I was incredibly aroused as she probed my mouth with her tongue, my cock pushing hard against the lap tray.

She placed her rubber gloved hand around my throat and squeezed, my eyes rolled with pleasure as I grabbed the tray to relieve the pressure, my cock sprung upright. She slowly withdrew her tongue, our lips parted and she moved down licking my right nipple, she started to suck and then bit hard.

I screamed out in pain, the cutlery rattled and the orange juice rocked wildly, she tightened her grip around my throat as she traced her tongue down the length of my shaft.

I was helpless, both arms occupied holding the tray, anxious not to spill the contents. My breathing was severely restricted as her mouth enveloped the end of my cock, wonderful warm lips slowly moved down my shaft as she took the entire length in her mouth and down her throat.

My cock was held vice like in her warm tight throat, I admired her control as she gently moved up and down, I knew I was going to finish quickly as I started to twitch. Her hand gripped tighter, my air flow was blocked, my faced flushed and I felt my temples swell.

Bob studied the live computer screen images from Neil’s room as Gimp, kneeling at Bob’s feet was licking the last drops of Bob’s cum from around his lips.

Bob’s voice:

“Good morning Neil, your last and most important day”

Rubbermaid jumped up hitting her head on the tray spilling the contents on the bed and tipping the cold orange juice into my crotch. My imminent climax was gone in seconds, I groaned with frustration.

Rubber Maid was standing to attention, gag already buckled in place as Bob stared out at us from the TV screen.

“Today your training is going to be put to good use. Our guests will be here in a few hours so firstly enjoy a hearty breakfast as you will not have time to eat again today. In a moment Gimp will take you downstairs for colonic irrigation, following that you will be fully dressed by Rubbermaid. Once those tasks have been completed I will talk to you about your role during our little get-together.”

The TV went blank.

I looked at Rubber Maid hoping she would deal with my orange soaked crotch but she pointed to the bathroom for me to shower. The fun was over.

When I returned the bed had been re-made and breakfast was waiting, I feasted and then then returned to bed. After about an hour the door swung open and the menacing figure of Gimp stood in the doorway.  I stood awkwardly, naked and vulnerable, Gimp was encased in black rubber as before, his menacing eyes fixed on mine.

I knew the drill, I had experienced a forced enema before, not something I wanted to repeat but I was resigned to the inevitable.

As I walked to Gimp he grabbed the back of my neck, I felt his warm rubber grip. He grabbed my left wrist and bought my arm up behind my back, I cried out with the pain, much to his amusement I’m sure.

Gimp escorted me downstairs to the Clinic, closed the door and released his grip, I knew what to do, I mounted the Gyno Bench, laid on my back and shuffled into position placing my legs into the stirrups. He wrapped thick leather straps around my chest and waist anchoring my arms in position, he placed a strap around my neck and pulled it tight then strapped my legs to the stirrups.

Gimp went to the corner of the clinic and pulled a chrome trolley towards me, on top was the irrigation machine. He grabbed a clear corrugated tube which was connected to the machine at one end and had a red rubber nozzle attached to the other. He squeezed lube onto the nozzle and roughly inserted it into my rear, he looked at me, his eyes were mocking me. He started to fuck me with the nozzle, the sensation was wonderful but I was keen not to show pleasure. I felt my cock grow as I studied his black rubber enclosed body, his huge cock stretching the material to breaking point.  I closed my eyes to try and blank out the pleasure when the machine bust into life, instantly cold fluid shot inside me and I strained against the restraining straps. I was just about to plead for release when gimp placed duct tape over my mouth, he smoothed out the creases then tapped my jaw mockingly. Water continued to fill me, the pain was incredible and I screamed loudly into the tape gag.

At the point of no return Gimp flicked a switch and the fluid started to drain, the relief was incredible as I watched the debris leave my body. Once fully drained he removed the tube.

He stood in front of me, arms folded, wearing a smug expression under his hood no doubt. He was still obviously aroused. He reached down between his legs to the crotch zip and pulled it upwards to his waist, his mighty cock sprang to attention. He reached for the lube and spread it down his shaft, glossy black rubber fingers massaging his cock while looking at me, I suddenly realised what was going through his mind. He walked close to me pushing the stirrups and spreading my legs wider, my cock grew quickly desperate for his rubber fingers. He held his cock in one hand and gripped my cock with his other hand, I felt his contact with my rear and I closed my eyes.

Suddenly there was a loud crash, I opened my eyes to see Gimp hit the trolley before falling to the floor, he was convulsing as if hit by a Taser. The Clinic door opened and Bob walked in dressed in a full length black rubber cloak with attached hood. The heavy rubber rustled loudly.

“I apologise for Gimp’s behaviour Neil, this was not part of the plan.”

He looked down at Gimp who was starting to recover, he held up the remote so I could observe as he hit the red button. Gimp convulsed wildly again, moaning under his hood.

“He is a loyal servant but sometimes forgets his place!”

He looked at Gimp contemptuously and held up the control.

Gimps eyes were large, he was shaking his head, Bob had delivered his message loud and clear.

He loosened the straps that bound me to the Gyno bench and I carefully eased the duct tape from my lips.

“Go back to your room Neil, Rubber Maid is waiting to dress you. Once dressed you will both go to the dining room to await the arrival of our guests who will be with us in just over an hour. Please remember your training at all times, do anything that our guests request. If you perform well you will have a lot of fun, if not……”

He looked at Gimp on the floor and pressed the red button again, his muffled screams were deafening.

By now I had the measure of this place so I knew that opening dialogue with Bob was unnecessary, I simply nodded and climbed the stairs to my bedroom.

Opening the door I was greeted by a vision of beauty in shimmering black rubber, Rubber Maid stood motionless, dressed in her immaculate costume. She looked at me and gestured towards the bed where my costume was waiting. The prospect of tight rubber enclosure was once again impossible to resist and in seconds I was hard. Rubber Maid walked towards me and gently wrapped her black rubber fingers around my shaft, I reached out to caress her left nipple which was hard and prominent through her rubber top but she pushed my hand away. She pulled my cock hard and led me across the room to a full length mirror. She started to massage my cock while placing her arm around my chest and pulling me close to her warm rubber encased body, my arms were trapped behind my back. She moved her hand upwards and clamped my mouth with her hand knowing the smell and taste of rubber would heighten my pleasure, she was not wrong, in seconds I came over the mirror, writhing with each spasm. She milked me hard then pushed me onto the bed beside my rubber costume.

As I recovered she gestured to the bathroom, I showered as she cleaned the mirror and when I emerged from the bathroom she was holding up my costume. Although the vision was incredible I was drained and hardly stirred, she was smiling behind her mask content with a job well done.

Dressing was quick and business like as the arrival of the guests was imminent, I was dressed as before in black top and skirt, white frilly apron and cap, hood, long gloves and those incredibly challenging thigh length ballet boots. I felt empowered and energised as my entire body was encased in rubber, I loved this feeling and was beginning to wish that I was dressed this way all day and every day.

Rubber Maid studied her handy work and stroked the obvious bulge in my tight skirt, I stiffened immediately, recharged and ready for her attentions.

The door swung open and Bob entered the room followed by Gimp, Bob was dressed in full length red rubber cape with loose hood, his head was encased in tight black hood and he wore tight black gloves and black rubber riding boots. Gimp was head to toe in a skin tight black rubber suit and heavy rubber boots, he carried a tray with three glasses of champagne.

His rubber rustled loudly as he entered the room, I studied everyone appreciating the moment, a scene from my wildest dream was unfolding before me.

Bob reached for two glasses and handed one to Rubber Maid and one to me, he took the third for himself and Gimp left the room.

“You both look sensational, well done Rubber Maid, you have worked hard to prepare Neil. Please drink.”

We both unbuckled the rubber flaps which covered our mouths and savoured the champagne.

“Tomorrow you both return to your normal lives so I hope you both enjoy your last night”

My heart sank at this prospect, I suspected Rubber Maid felt the same.

“You must both remember your training, our guest’s enjoyment must be your first priority, as a mark of trust Neil you have not been fitted with your anal plug however should you deviate from your training your punishment will be unlike anything you have experienced to date.”

Bob finished his drink, and turned to leave.

“Finish your drinks and then take your positions in the dining room, Neil you are in charge of the champagne, Rubber Maid you are in charge of canapés.

Bob left the room and we emptied our glasses. I turned to Rubber Maid

“Ok one last chance, who are you?”

She smiled and then buckled the rubber flap over her mouth, she reached up to my hood and did the same. She took my glass and headed for the dining room, I followed balancing perfectly on the ballet boots.

We entered the dining room where we came face to face with a man in chef whites, he was immaculately dressed, not a stain or blemish in place, I realised that his uniform was made of white rubber.

He handed a tray of delicious looking canapés to Rubber Maid, at this point I recognised him as the Chef and owner of our local French Restaurant, somewhere I ate regularly. I was thankful that my hood hid my identity although I was intrigued that another Rubberist lived so close, I wondered if his wife and Maître d was here too.

The Chef left the room and Bob made one last inspection

“Neil, open a bottle of champagne, fill the glasses and stand by the door with Rubber Maid.”

Bob gestured to a silver tray loaded with Champagne flutes.

I walked tentatively towards to a large oak sideboard struggling to balance on my the ballet boots

“Remember your posture!” Bob barked.

I opened the door to the integrated wine cooler and extracted a bottle Krug Grande Cuvée, my hands were shaking but I managed to pour the precious liquid without spilling a drop. I picked up the tray and stood next to Rubber Maid.

Almost immediately I heard activity outside the room, loud voices and laughing, I stiffened as nerves got the better of me. The first to enter the room was a voluptuous blond woman in a magnificent long red rubber dress and opera length red rubber gloves, her hourglass figure accentuated by the gossamer thin red rubber dress. Her back was facing me as she walked towards Bob with arms outstretched, they embraced and then Bob took her left hand and kissed it. Closely behind was a much slighter woman dressed in an extremely tight black rubber cat suit, crisscrossed laces ran from her ankles to the tops of her thighs and from her wrists to the top of her shoulders. Her waist was restricted by the integral corset, her boots were part of the suit, so was the hood that had a laced tube which held her hair out in a ponytail. Bob nodded to her, I assumed she was not so important, then he looked over to us and gestured.

We both walked over to the threesome as they were engaged in conversation, the blond turned as we approached, I gasped, Tina our local florist! I flushed under my hood as her assistant also turned towards us, her exotic lip piercings giving away her identity despite the tight hood.

The blond walked to Rubber Maid and took a canapé.

“We’re going to have a lot of fun tonight, I have heard so much about you”

The assistant took two glasses from the tray and handed one to her “mistress” who smiled warmly at her before turning back to Rubber Maid. She reached forward and stroked Rubber Maid’s rubber encased left nipple. Maid stood rigid but closed her eyes with pleasure. The assistant looked at me with contempt, I guessed she had no interest in men, something I detected on my last visit to their shop.

Bob took a glass from the tray and then nodded for us to return to our positions, the women’s eyes were on Rubber Maid.

After a few short moments more voices came from outside the room, this time a tall man in a black rubber tuxedo entered the room arm in arm with a women of similar height. She had short black hair and wore a white frilly rubber shirt, long black pencil skirt, transparent rubber stockings and six inch heeled glossy black court shoes.

Again their backs were to us, Bob broke off from the ladies and greeted his new guests, shaking the man’s hand and kissing the lady on the cheek. Bob looked over to us and we joined them.

The man turned towards me first, more embarrassment, my dentist James! He looked me up and down before stoking the bulge in my skirt, I was not surprised, regular visitors to his surgery will know he has no interest in ladies. He smiled at me before taking two glasses.

The lady turned to Rubber Maid and took two canapés, she slipped one into James’s mouth and then took a glass of Champagne from him. I immediately recognised her as Sue, James’s buxom receptionist, well known for her low-cut tops. We withdrew as Bob called over the ladies and Bob introduced the new guests.

By now my head was spinning, several people I knew were in the same room dressed in a variety of rubber costumes, I thought I was alone with my fetish but the notion that so many rubberists were so close was hard to swallow.

My thoughts were interrupted by Rubber Maid who nudged me, the ladies were nursing empty glasses and Bob was glaring over at me. I sparked into action and quickly uncorked another bottle of Krug, filled five glasses and approached the group, Rubber Maid was close behind.

Everyone exchanged their glasses and feasted on the fine snacks, Rubber Maid watched as the canapés disappeared and wondered how she would replenish them, at this point another couple entered the room, Chef Marcel and his lovely wife Ann-Marie.

Everyone turned their heads to view the bizarre vision that greeted them, Ann-Marie was dressed in thigh-high stiletto heeled boots, a micro skirt in black rubber, a black rubber bra with small cone shaped spikes, opera length black rubber gloves and a black rubber Zorro style mask, her magnificent figure enhanced by her wonderful costume.

Her left hand held a leash which was attached to a rubber covered posture collar which gripped Marcel’s neck. His head was secured with a ball gag harness, the ball was strapped tightly pushing it deep into his mouth. He was totally naked, his cock was encased in a padlocked chastity device and his arms held behind his back in a tight black rubber arm binder. Thick rubber straps ran around his waist and chest anchoring an upright L-shaped bar to his back, fastenings secured it to his collar and head harness. The top section pointed forward over his head, attached to the end was a black rubber enema bottle with a rubber tube running down to his rear, half way down the tube was a rubber bulb.  His ankles were secured by heavy rubber straps which were joined by a short chrome chain.

Anne-Marie tugged on the leash and Marcel shuffled forward, the enema bag swung wildly as they approached the group, Bob kissed Anne-Marie on each cheek. I looked at Rubber Maid not really believing my eyes, she nodded towards the Champagne store and reality kicked in, I opened another bottle of Krug and filled a tray full of glasses. I walked forward and almost everyone traded glasses.

Ann-Marie took one glass and stretched up and tipped the contents into Marcel’s enema gag, she squeezed the bulb and forced the fluid deep inside his colon. The acidity kicked in and he writhed in pain, the ladies laughed, I think the men had more sympathy for Marcel. She took another glass and sipped, savouring the wonderful wine.

Gimp walked into the room almost unnoticed and handed another tray of canapés to Rubber Maid who walked to the group. The volume was louder now, everyone was relaxed by the vintage champagne and fine food.

Rubber Maid and I returned to our positions observing everyone, still shell shocked by what was unfolding. Tina and her assistant were entwined kissing each other and looking towards Rubber Maid, Bob and James were close and nodding in my direction and Anne Marie and Sue were talking animatedly as Marcel was still suffering the effects of his Champagne enema.

Both Rubber Maid and I were transfixed by the scene when we were all startled by Gimp who was striking a small gong.

“Ladies and Gentleman” Bob exclaimed.

“It’s midnight, time for us to enter the playroom”

I swallowed hard and looked at Rubber Maid.


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