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The Neighbour 2: Rubbermaid Training

by hoodedheaven

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© Copyright 2015 - hoodedheaven - Used by permission

Storycodes: MMf/m; M/m; latex; catsuits; clothing; boots; costume; maid; hood; gags; toys; insert; shock; electro; training; tease; mast; denial; climax; cons/reluct; XX

continued from part one

Part 2: Rubbermaid Training


The door opened shattering my deep sleep, vivid dreams of rubber, bondage and sex had occupied my subconscious, my rigid cock was testament to those thoughts.

I sat up in bed as light flooded the room, Gimp swung open the door and Rubbermaid entered carrying a tray, resplendent in her black rubber uniform. The combination of the rustling rubber and the reflective glossy black surface made my cock twitch.

Rubbermaid laid the tray over my lap observing my erect cock under the sheets, she looked into my eyes before reaching under the sheets and wrapping her black rubber fingers around my shaft. She removed the chrome lid from the plate on the tray to present a hearty full English breakfast, I wasn’t interested, my eyes closed as her grip got tighter and my urge to cum surged.

She released her grip, I knew she was smiling wickedly despite her face being sealed behind her tight hood. She left the room and I feasted, then after resting for a few minutes I showered. As I re-entered the bedroom the television sparked into life, Bob’s face appeared, head enclosed by open faced brown rubber hood.

“A very good morning Neil, I hope you have enjoyed your journey so far?”

I wasn’t required to answer.

“Tomorrow night I am holding a drinks party for four good friends and you will ensure that their needs are met in every way. The success of a good party is to ensure that your guests want for nothing, my parties always live up to expectation.”

My mind was racing, I guessed he was not talking about the quality and quantity of food and drink.

“To ensure that you perform to the highest standard I will take charge of your training today assisted by Gimp. Rubbermaid will help you to dress, please be in the dining room in half an hour.”

The screen went blank and the door opened, Gimp stood in the doorway arms folded. I stared blankly at the floor pondering the next challenge as Rubbermaid re-entered the room, in one hand she held a large black rubber holdall, in the other was a hanger which she carried at shoulder height, it appeared to hold a duplicate copy of the uniform she was wearing.

She hooked the hanger onto the top edge of the wardrobe, the black rubber shimmering in the bright light, she then placed the holdall at the foot of the bed over my feet. Peeling back the sheets she gestured for me to get out of bed, I slid out of the sheets and stood before her total naked, Gimp walked forward and stood next to her.

I glanced at both of them and read their eyes, Gimp wanted me tied tight, his rubber plaything for the day and Rubbermaid wanted me to tie her tight and tease her unmercilessly before fucking her slowly and sensually. I felt empowered by the situation but that didn’t last long, Rubbermaid reached into the rubber holdall and removed a stainless steel butt plug, long and very wide with a reduced girth at the base to ensure my anus gripped it tight. She flicked a rocker switch at the base of the plug and a tiny red LED lit up.

She reached inside the bag and pulled out a tube of lube and squirted it onto the plug, her fingers spreading it over the entire surface. As I was contemplating the upcoming task gimp grabbed me around the neck and forced my head into the bedclothes, he tapped the inside of my ankles with his rubber boot and I knew to spread my legs. I was helpless and not considering resisting. In an instant Rubbermaid moved close and inserted two fingers inside me spreading lube and stretching me wide, I knew why, the cold stainless plug was in position, I took a deep breath and then the pressure began. To my surprise I didn’t resist, I relaxed and allowed it to slip home, practice makes perfect I thought. Her rubber fingers rested on my buttocks as the plug slipped home, her frilly rubber apron caressed the tops of my thighs, I was in heaven.

Like all experiences in Bob’s home euphoria does not last long, Gimp held a mini remote control in front of my face, I noticed three buttons, Red, White and Blue, he hit the blue button and a pulsating  electrical charge hit my prostate. I stood up automatically clutching my buttocks with both hands as the spasmodic stinging shock was impossible to ignore. I reached out to Rubbermaid’s shoulder for support but she slapped me firmly across the face reinforcing my vulnerability.

Gimp hit the blue button again and the pulsating charge subsided, I stood motionless while I went into recovery mode.

Rubbermaid reached into the bag and emptied the contents onto the bed, firstly a pair of thigh length black rubber stiletto boots with 6” heels, then a black rubber corset, long black skin-tight elbow length gloves, a black lace-up hood, a white frilly apron and a frilly white rubber cap.

She grabbed the boots first and knelt before me, a sight to behold. Her trim rubber clad body at my knees, head angled upwards with expectant eyes. This was too much, my cock stood to attention and I was desperate to slip it deep down her throat. This wasn’t to be, she read my mind and pinched the end of my cock, I gasped with the pain and her actions had the desired effect, I stood before her limply.

I pointed the toes of my right foot and slid effortlessly into the boot, the cool rubber enveloped my leg as she slid the zip from ankle to the top of my thigh. I slid my foot into the left boot and instantly became unstable on the spike heels, I started to fall to the side but Gimp pounced, clamping my shoulders with both hands to keep me upright. Rubbermaid zipped the left boot and Gimp released his grip, I instinctively placed my arms out at right angles to my body to help with balance. Rubbermaid stood up next to Gimp, I could tell they were enjoying my discomfort. She grabbed the corset from the bed and then walked behind me, reaching forwards she wrapped it around my waist, the cool rubber caused me to flinch sending me toppling off the heels, Gimp saved me again.

Rubbermaid quickly pulled the laces tight crushing my waist and transforming my figure to hourglass proportions, breathing was difficult, standing was difficult too. Next came the gloves, I lowered my arms and wobbled on the heels as Rubbermaid enveloped my arms in tight shiny black rubber, the sensation was incredibly arousing, I cupped my nose with my left hand and inhaled, my cock was instantly rigid again. She gripped my shaft with both hands and started massaging, my eyes closed and I gasped for air, I was ready to cum over her rubber apron when she pinched again, harder than ever. I screamed and started to topple, this time Gimp let me fall. I got the message, I had to learn to control my emotions!

Gimp reached forward holding out a hand, those smug eyes staring at me (I badly needed revenge), I grabbed his wrist and he hoisted me to my feet. Rubbermaid took the maids uniform from the hanger and slipped the tight full length skirt over my boots up to my restricted waist, a perfect fit. The rubber top was next, skin tight with a high collar, she eased it over my head while I guided my arms into the long sleeves, my rubber enclosure was almost complete as I fought to keep my cock under control.

Gimp placed a hand on each shoulder and pushed down, my signal to kneel. I started the process awkwardly, it was very difficult to bend my knees in the thigh high boots but protesting would have been a waste of breath, after a lot of manoeuvring I was at Rubbermaid’s feet.

She walked to the bed and picked up my hood, black rubber lace-up style with openings for eyes, nose and mouth. Moving behind me she reached forward and pushed it into my face. At this point I realised that she appreciated my love of rubber, she was allowing me to savour the moment and it was wonderful, I drew in deep breaths and filled my lungs with the intoxicating aroma of rubber.

She unzipped the hood and started to pull it over my head carefully tucking my hair inside, she also pulled at the nose section to ensure that the attached short rubber tubes located inside my nostrils. She zipped it and then laced it making sure that the rubber was stretched perfectly over my head, she tied off the laces at the neck ensuring a perfect seal between the hood and the high collar of my top.

Rubbermaid slipped the white frilly cap on my head then Gimp gestured for me to stand, after a lot of effort I was upright but still very unstable on the towering heels. The apron was next, maid slipped the top strap over my head a then tied the apron tight against my body. My arms were almost horizontal again as I struggled to balance, Rubbermaid took advantage and pushed an inflatable gag inside my mouth securing it to studs embedded in the hood, she partially inflated it and then stood back to admire her handy work.

Gimp walked to the door and gestured towards me before walking out of the room, in a flash Rubbermaid stroked my cock through the apron before leaving the room, looking back with mischievous eyes. I walked forward awkwardly onto the landing my movement severely restricted by the sheath skirt, I saw the dining room so I headed for it using the walls for support. Once inside I saw Gimp and Rubbermaid standing to attention next to the dining table where Bob was seated, the mini remote for my butt plug was in his hand. I hobbled over to the table and rested my hands on the polished surface for support.

“Hello again Neil, I hope you are comfortable. As I explained I have four dear friends coming over for drinks tomorrow night and you will be helping to make their visit as comfortable as possible.”

I watched him toy with the remote dreading an accidental activation.

“Neil you will be responsible for the needs of two of my guests and Rubbermaid with tend to the other two. We have to ensure that you are fully up to speed with our requirements so your training starts now”

He depressed the white button on the remote and a searing pain enveloped my sphincter, I fell flat on my back, like I had been shot with an elephant gun.

In an instant Bob was towering above me, he was dressed in glossy black riding boots, cream rubber jodhpurs, brown shirt, brown open faced hood and brown gloves. He pushed his riding crop into my chest and said angrily:

“Never place your hands on this table again! Clean off the smears and stand to attention!”

Rubbermaid walked forward and dropped a duster onto my chest before resuming her position next to Gimp.

I struggled to my feet again and studied the highly polished surface of the table, I noticed my finger prints immediately. I rubbed vigorously and restored the perfect surface and then threw the duster back to Rubbermaid. She stood motionless and let it fall to the floor, Bob raised the crop and struck me across the face. I wobbled in pain and shock and rubbed my cheek.

“While dressed as a maid you do as you are told, you do not speak, you do not think, you simply do as instructed. I did not instruct you to hand the duster to Rubbermaid did I?”

Again, no response required.

“Now stand to attention, arms by your side, eyes forward, head up, heels together with toes pointing forwards and shoulders back.”

I responded immediately desperate to please, I was beginning to understand the power Bob exerted over everyone. He walked around me then nudged my chin upwards with the crop.

“Very good Neil, remember this position for the times when you are standing, waiting for instructions. Now let’s see how you walk, complete two circuits of the dining table”.

I started walking with small mincing steps, the rubber skirt restricting my movements. I held out my arms to help with balance but the crop struck my forearm:

“Retain your posture while walking. Arms by your side!” Bob shouted.

I started the first circuit, Bob following behind me. He jabbed the crop into the small of my back:

“Shoulders back, head upright!”

My ankles wobbled as I completed the first circuit, the heels were incredibly difficult to navigate but I was determined to get it right, another shock from the plug would be unthinkable”.

“Another circuit, no wobbles this time, eyes forward, chin up!”

Bob stood still and watched my progress as I started to glide, I’m sure it looked easy but the effort required was sapping my energy. I passed Bob.

“Once more for good luck”.

Easy for him to say!

The last circuit was perfect, no wobbles, exactly as requested, but the pain in my calves and ankles was unbearable.

“Very good Neil, I do believe you’re got it. Now, one more challenge”

He nodded towards the table where there was a round silver tray with four crystal flutes filled almost to the top with champagne.

“Tomorrow night is a drinks party so amongst other things you will be serving drinks, you will do this precisely, subtly and without spillage. Pick up the tray carefully.”

My confidence melted, walking was enough of a challenge but this was going to be impossible. I walked to the table and slid my fingers under the lipped edge of the tray, I raised it and bought it tight to my body. The liquid in each of the flutes rocked from side-to-side but to my relief didn’t spill.

“Your posture must be the same as before but with your arms at right angles to your body with the tray in front. You will walk up to a guest and wait for them to take a drink, you will not touch the glasses, keep your head upright as discussed, do not look the guest in the eye. Once they have taken a drink you will continue to the next guest. Once the glasses have gone, replenish the tray and return to the guests offering your tray for empty glasses, understand?

I nodded, the inflater bulb of my gag swung wildly, Bob steadied it and pumped more air inside forcing my cheeks to bulge.

“Ok Neil, two circuits of the table please”

I tentatively started my walk, two steps later the glasses were rattling together and the liquid was perilously close to spilling.

“Stop!” Bob walked towards me. “Keep the tray away from your body, relax your arms a little. Now walk.”

I started my walk again taking Bob’s advice, the glasses were remarkably stable and the liquid hardly moved, I completed the first circuit and was about to pass Bob when he held up the remote.

“Always be prepared for the unexpected and always retain your poise.”

He pressed the blue button and the spasmodic stinging shock pulsated through my rear, my arms tightened and I bit on the gag. The glasses rattled as I shuddered but I kept the momentum and continued with the second circuit.

“Excellent Neil, well done. Unfortunately this is not exactly how you will be dressed for the evening, your costume will be slightly more challenging. Place the tray on the table and then sit on the chair”

Bob nodded to a large high-backed upright chair. He looked at Gimp and Rubbermaid.

“You two know what to do.”

I sat feeling the plug slip deeper inside me, Bob left the room with Gimp following while Rubbermaid knelt in front of me. She eased up my skirt and starting unzipping my left boot and eased it off, then my right boot. She looked at me and then watched Gimp enter the room with a large black rubber covered tray, I could see lots of rubber, chain, laces and straps.

He dropped a pair of boots at my feet, I gulped. Knee length lace-up black rubber Ballet Boots! I had seen these worn in fetish movies before, no doubt noted by Bob when he was trawling my website activity. They looked impossible to walk in and I dreaded the next few hours.

Rubbermaid rolled up my tight skirt and guided a boot over my left foot, the design forced my foot forward so it was pointing to the ground, as if I was on tiptoes. She laced the boot quickly and expertly so they gripped my ankles tightly, essential support for such an unnatural foot position. She continued with the right boot and then lowered my skirt before grabbing my hands and hoisting me to my feet. I wobbled uncontrollably and placed my hands on Rubbermaid’s shoulders for support, she immediately started walking backwards making me follow. My toes creaked under the weight and I was desperate to fall to the ground but I suspected Bob would reach for the remote if I was in that position when he returned.

Rubbermaid pushed my arms from her shoulders and I was on my own, instinctively my arms were out again, as if I was walking a tight rope. I slowly completed a circuit of the table trying to figure out the best way to walk but as I passed by Gimp he grabbed my outstretched arms and forced them behind my back. Rubbermaid was behind me quickly after grabbing a black rubber arm binder from the tray. She quickly eased the rubber sheath over my arms which instantly stressed my shoulder joints, Gimp moved in front of me gripping my throat to stabilise me as Rubbermaid laced the binder, she pulled on the laces forcing my elbows to touch. Gimp grinned under his mask as he squeezed more air into my gag restricting my airflow.

Once Rubbermaid finished with the laces Gimp loosened his grip on my throat before wrapping a heavy duty leather posture collar around my neck. A stainless steel ring in the centre of the collar rattled as he tightened the buckles forcing my head upwards.

Finally Gimp grabbed the tray and held it against my waist, Rubbermaid threaded the straps that were fixed to the side of the tray around my waist buckling it tightly at the back. Gimp threaded a chain that was anchored at the front corner of the tray through the ring on my collar to the opposite front corner where he clipped it to an anchor ring. The tray was suspended from my neck, perfectly level.

Gimp moved away and I was on my own. I stood motionless, my mouth filled with an inflatable gag, my head forced backwards with the thick collar, my arms bound tightly behind my back and my feet forced into an unnatural angle by the boots. I was sheathed in tight black rubber and I was plugged.

Rubbermaid grabbed the front edge of the tray and pulled me across the room and positioned me in front of an ornately framed full length mirror. She started to spray polish onto my rubber clad body carefully shining me as Gimp left the room closing the door behind him. She sprayed my hood first then moved down my back to my buttocks, she pushed hard on the base of the plug forcing it deeper inside me before moving to the front. She squirted polish onto my skirt and polished my cock through the rubber, I was hard in seconds my cock straining against the tight rubber skirt. Rubbermaid was on her knees in her wonderful black rubber uniform, toying with me, not for the first time.

I admired my glossy rubber form, bizarrely encased and pleasured, I was extremely uncomfortable but incredibly aroused. I closed my eyes and prepared to climax as Rubbermaid polished with skill working her hand up and down my rubber encased cock.

The door handle rattled and Rubbermaid jumped to her feet, as the door opened she started polishing my hood vigorously, Bob walked towards me with Gimp following.

“Excellent job.” He smiled at Rubbermaid. “Now place the champagne flutes on the tray”.

She took the glasses from the table and transferred them to my tray then stood next to Gimp.

Bob walked around me and prodded the bulge between my legs.

“Nice to see you are aroused by your challenge Neil, clearly something has caught your interest. Two circuits of the table please”.

I started walking, slowly and carefully taking very short steps while observing the liquid rise and fall within the confines of the glasses. The short restricted steps helped control the movement of liquid and I started to feel confident that I could complete the task when Bob held up the remote, with mocking raised eyebrows he depressed the blue button. Strong pulsating shocks invaded my rear, the tight rubber skirt forcing my buttocks to grip the plug tightly.

I continued walking without interruption starting to savour the plug, the spasmodic shocks felt like I was being fucked and my cock responded forcing my skirt to bulge.

“Keep walking around the table Neil”,

Bob studied my progress with arms folded.

“Excellent Neil, excellent, I think you are more than ready to serve our guests”.

I sighed inwardly, relieved that the ordeal was over and hopeful of being released from these impossible boots.

“You will spend the rest of the afternoon helping Rubbermaid prepare the playroom for tomorrow. It must cleaned to perfection. I will inspect it in two hours, remember Neil I will hold you responsible for every deficiency.”

He looked towards Rubbermaid.

“Remove the tray, arm binder, collar and gag but he must stay in the boots”

She nodded as Bob left the Room with Gimp following. Moving behind me she unbuckled the belt which secured the tray to my waist before detaching the chain from my collar. She then unlaced the binder and slipped it off my arms, I tentatively reached forward, the relief was incredible. Finally she removed the collar, deflated the gag and pulled it from my mouth, I swallowed the rubber tainted saliva.

I wanted to converse with Rubbermaid, I had so many questions but it was pointless, her mouth was sealed behind the immaculate rubber hood. She took my hand and led me from the dining room onto the landing towards the door adjacent to my bedroom.

She opened the door and switched on the lights, my heart skipped a beat. The entire room was mirrored, walls and ceiling. In the centre of the room was a huge circular bed, at least 12ft in diameter and covered in black glossy rubber sheets. In one corner of the room was a stainless steel meshed rack packed full of anal plugs, strap-ons, vibrators and other sex toys as well as a variety of lubricants. Bob’s description of a “playroom” was apt, there was no bondage furniture of S&M paraphernalia like in the basement, this room was for fun.

I caught sight of myself in the mirror, clad head-to-toe in rubber, perched on ballet heeled boots but looking in control. I watched Rubbermaid close the door, she came up behind me and stroked my cock through the skirt. I moaned and leaned forward placing my hands on the mirrored wall watching her hand work my cock. In an instant my skirt dropped to the floor and my cock sprang to attention, she wrapped her glossy rubber fingers around it and began to milk me.

My head fell backwards as my cock twitched, she looked over to the door anxiously as I started to cum, she worked harder and just as I was about to climax she pushed the anal plug deeper inside me. I screamed with pleasure as I shot over the mirror pumping wildly and gasping for air.

In a room upstairs Bob watched the activities in the playroom on a huge wall mounted TV. He forced himself deeper in Gimp’s rear as he pulled hard on the leather straps that were attached to each side of his bit gag. Gimp moaned with pleasure, enjoying Bob’s cock and the tight, restrictive rubber straitjacket.  Bob came with the same energy Neil had just enjoyed.

She released her grip and I slumped on the bed.  Rubbermaid walked to the centre of one of the mirrored walls and opened a hidden door to reveal a small cupboard, there was a stainless sink inside and it was full of cleaning equipment. She threw a cloth at me and gestured to the cum-splattered mirror, I was in no mood to work but then I recalled Bob’s threat

“….remember Neil I will hold you responsible for every deficiency.”

I knew Bob had the power to punish, the remote anal plug embedded deep inside me was an effective tool, I remembered the effect of the blue button’s pulsating charge, the white button’s debilitating electric shock, I had yet to discover the effect of the red button and I was in no hurry to do so.

I sprang to attention, pulled on my skirt and started to clean.  Firstly I wiped away my cum and then with a soft cloth and spray, cleaned every wall mirror. At the same time Rubbermaid cleaned the latex bed and polished it. She gestured to the rack of sex toys and we systematically cleaned them and returned them to their original position. Finally we dusted, swept the floor and used the vacuum cleaner to extract the last speck of dust. We were finished so we stood facing each other waiting for Bob’s inspection. I looked at Rubbermaid, her eyes were familiar, she looked down. I placed my forefinger under her chin and raised her head.

“I know you” I said.

She pushed my hand away defiantly. My mind was racing trying to identify this Rubber clad beauty, I grabbed her shoulders.

“Who are you?”

She raised her knee and planted it firmly between my legs, thankfully my tight skirt softened the blow however it was painful nonetheless. I rocked on the towering heels.

The door opened unexpectedly and Bob walked in, Gimp stood in the doorway. We both instinctively stood to attention while Bob scanned the room.

“Happy that everything is clean Neil?” He held up the remote control, I clenched my buttocks.

“Yes” I said timidly.

He took a tissue from his Jodhpur pocket, wiped it along the skirtings and then studied it.

“Good, good”.

Next he studied the mirrors for smears, I looked at Rubbermaid as he knelt and looked in the area I climaxed. I didn’t know it but Bob was being mischievous, he had studied our every moment in the playroom, he knew exactly what we had done. He stood up.

“Very good Neil, the mirrors are perfect”.

He walked to the rack and studied the contents, he picked up a large black glossy rubber strap-on and studied it for smears.

“Excellent, all is in order” he exclaimed. “Well done both of you.”

I sighed with relief.

“Neil, it’s time for you to return to your room where dinner awaits. Rubbermaid will undress you and clean your costume for tomorrow. Enjoy your Dinner and have a relaxing evening, Breakfast will be served late tomorrow morning after which you will be dressed again, sleep well tomorrow will be a very long day.”

Bob and Gimp left the room, Rubbermaid looked at me and then walked onto the landing opening the door to my bedroom. I followed walking perfectly on the towering heels, Rubbermaid avoided eye contact as I walked into my bedroom.

She worked quickly removing my uniform and boots and then gestured towards the bed rolling me on my side and pushing my knees up towards my chin. She pulled gently on the plug and slowly extracted it wiping away any residue. I felt naked in every way, I missed the rubber enclosure and I missed the full feeling of the plug. She rolled me on my back and kissed me on the lips through her hood, those familiar eyes again, soft and misty.

She stood and gathered up my uniform before leaving the room, the door clicked shut as she left me to my thoughts.


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