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The Neighbour 1: Rubber Reveal

by hoodedheaven

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© Copyright 2014 - hoodedheaven - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-M; MF+/m; latex; catsuits; clothing; dungeon; caught; captive; bond; hood; gags; cuffs; armbinder; insert; toys; electro; cbt; tease; denial; oral; climax; cons/reluct; XX

Part 1: Rubber Reveal


My deep sleep was interrupted by bells, alarm bells from my neighbour’s house across the road. I jumped out of bed, opened the curtains and observed the flashing blue neon light on the alarm box.

I groaned inwardly as I knew I had to investigate as I had agreed to keep watch on Bob’s house while he was away. Thankfully my wife was away for seven days on a “girlie” holiday so she was spared the 3.20am alarm call!

I pulled on my dressing gown and rubber boots and reached for my mobile (for emergencies) and walked across the road to Bob’s house. The street is narrow with three storey Victorian terraced houses on each side, all immaculately maintained but lacking car parking space making the street congested with parked cars.

I walked across the road, it was cool and breezy. I slid the key into the lock and opened the door, deafening sirens greeted me so I anxiously punched the disarm code into the alarm keypad. I could hear the residents sigh with relief as the bells stopped!

I slipped off my boots and flicked on the lights and started to investigate the reason for the alarm activation, I entered the lounge and was instantly struck with the style of the decor, Bob obviously had a flair for contemporary design, I wondered if this was his profession.

I knew very little about Bob so I was surprised when he asked me to house sit, he appeared to be a very private person, no partner and no visitors, we had only exchanged a few words since he bought the house three months earlier.

I quickly checked the kitchen and rear door and then checked upstairs. Again superb decoration and wonderful style but nothing obviously out of place. I walked downstairs resigned to arranging an engineer’s call then I realised I had not checked the cellar. All houses along this road had cellars.

I opened the narrow access door from the lounge and flicked the light switch, it didn’t work so I carefully walked down the stairs, I instantly noticed street lights flooding through the small partially opened window, a slatted blind was flapping in the breeze which must have activated the alarm sensor.

I carefully walked over to the window intrigued by dimly lit shapes and then the aroma hit me, the pungent smell of rubber was overwhelming.

I closed the window and observed what looked like a computer desk, I could see the shape of a lamp so I reached over and flicked the switch. The lamp flooded the corner with light, my heart skipped a beat.

I first noticed a rack with what looked like rubber diving suits, all black and very shiny. Hoods, gasmasks, aprons, tubes, gags, gloves, boots and other paraphernalia hung from hooks on the wall. I reached for a bank of four light switches, pushed the buttons and flooded the cellar with light.

I was instantly overcome with the magnitude of what was before me, a heavy duty leather covered table dominated the centre of the cellar, heavy leather straps were neatly fastened down the entire length of the table. In addition a Saint Andrews cross was fixed to one of the walls which faced a mirrored wall, the ceiling was mirrored too.

In the corner was an odd shaped bench covered in leather with heavy straps, possibly to restrain someone in a prone position to receive corporal punishment. The rack of canes and whips suggested this was the case.

I stood speechless at the spectacle but incredibly aroused too. I reached up to one of the hoods, lifted it from the hook and held it to my nose, my cock hardened. Instinctively I unzipped it and started to ease it over my head. The smell was intoxicating as it hugged the contours of my face, it fitted perfectly as I zipped it tightly.

I observed myself in the mirror, my head encased in glossy black rubber. I eased my dressing gown off my shoulders and it dropped to the floor allowing my cock to spring to attention. I pulled on a pair of elbow length black rubber gloves, the sensation was incredibly arousing as tight rubber gripped my arms and fingers, I wondered how it would feel to be totally enclosed as I looked over to the rubber suits.

My cock was twitching uncontrollably, I needed to cum, I gripped my cock with glossy black fingers watching myself in the mirrored wall, my climax was only seconds away. I came with incredible power shooting over the mirror, my writhing body shuddered with excitement as I moaned loudly.

I dropped to my knees, totally drained, gasping for breath when the phone rang. I fumbled in my dressing gown pocket and pulled out the phone, it was Bob!! Before thinking I answered the call:

“Neil, so sorry to call you at this early hour but I have had an alert that my house alarm has been activated”

I was still struggling for breath but had to answer:

“Yes Bob, I’m in your house right now investigating” I said nervously.

“Thanks so much, any idea what caused the activation?”

My mind was racing, should I tell him that it was on open window in the cellar? Best not!

“Yes, one of the kitchen windows was slightly open, the blinds were moving in the wind so I think that was the problem, I have closed it now.  I’m just going to reactivate the alarm”

“Thank you so much Neil, I owe you one, I’m so grateful to you and so sorry to interrupt your sleep. I’ll see you in a few days to thank you personally”.

“Not a problem” I said, relived that Bob was happy and totally unaware of what I had been doing.

“Bye for now”. I finished the call and sighed loudly.

Bob smiled as he placed his phone on the table, he admired his rubber encased body in the full length mirror as the heavily bound and kneeling rubber Gimp worked his mouth expertly on Bob’s cock.

Glancing over to the laptop Bob watched Neil, the hidden cameras feeding live images from the cellar and recording every moment. His arousal and excitement we plainly obvious but his fear of discovery apparent too, something to be used to good effect later. Bob anticipated Neil’s fate as he closed his eyes and shot deeply down Gimps throat.

Spooked by the phone call I hastily removed the hood and gloves and returned them to their original positions making sure they were totally unblemished. I removed several tissues from a box on the desk and wiped my cum off the mirror. I pulled on my dressing gown, turned off the lights and climbed the stairs.

I glanced around anxiously to make sure nothing was out of place then pulled on my boots, activated the alarm, turned off the lights and closed the door. I stood still for a few moments contemplating the events of the last hour then went home.


My sleep was disturbed by what I found in Bob’s cellar, every time I woke up I could smell rubber on my skin, the desire to experience the sensation of tight rubber again was overwhelming and I deeply regretted not trying one of the rubber suits.

It was now daylight, I made breakfast and sat in the front room in a chair where I could observe Bob’s house. I was becoming increasingly obsessed with his rubber dungeon and I made a decision to visit again before Bob returned home. I decided to wait for darkness.

After clockwatching for hours it was time, I left my house at just past 1.00am in nothing but dressing gown and boots, mobile in pocket just in case!

I opened Bob’s front door, disabled the alarm and removed my boots. After closing the door I made my way to the cellar door in darkness, I decided not to turn on the lights to avoid suspicion. I carefully made my way down the stairs and again the smell of rubber hit me, what a wonderful aroma!  I eased my dressing gown off and reached for the lights, again I was overawed and aroused by the rubber dungeon, I glanced at my naked form in the mirrored wall, my cock erect and ready!

I took a rubber suit from the rack, it was black, made from light-weight rubber with hood, gloves and feet (with individually moulded toes) attached, zips ran from the top of the hood, down the back and through the crotch to the waist. I held it up and checked the overall height, it appeared to be perfect so I started unzipping it.

I noticed that the inside of the suit was coated with a lubricant so I started to pull on the rubber skin. My leg slid in effortlessly enveloped by the tight glossy black rubber, I eased my toes into their individual sheaths and then did the same with my other leg.

I eased the suit over my hips tucking my aching cock inside the suit, I glanced at myself in the mirror, half pink skin, half glossy black rubber. I couldn’t contain my excitement as I hurriedly thrust my arms into the suit sliding effortlessly into the perfectly sized gloves.

I studied myself for a few seconds before easing the hood over my head, the lubed surface slid over my skin. The eye, nose and mouth apertures were perfectly placed.

I reached to the top of the hood and slid the zip down to my neck, I then pulled the zip from the rear of my waist up my back to the neck zip, I was totally enclosed in magnificent black rubber. The feeling was sensational, unlike anything I had experienced before, I felt empowered and incredibly aroused as I ran my hand over my buttocks and down my thighs. The journey could not stop here and I scanned the room for the next experience.

At this point I became aware of car nearby, the engine was purring under low revs, it was parking outside. I quickly reached for the light switches and plunged the cellar into darkness, I held my breath as the car doors opened. Two people got out I think, I heard the boot open and then muffled, quiet conversation. The boot closed then footsteps very close by, surely not Bob he’s supposed to be away for a few days.

The footsteps passed to next door, I sighed with relief although I was confused. The house next door had been empty for some time since the owner died but I dismissed the anomaly, I had more important things to do.

After flicking on the lights I walked over to the glass cabinet, I looked at various black rubber plugs, similar in shape but different lengths and girths. I picked up the largest plug and said out load “How on earth could anyone…..” I stopped abruptly as a loud “click” came from somewhere in the room, I instinctively reached for the lights and again plunged the cellar into darkness.

A few moments and then other “click”, it sounded like a heavy bolt sliding open. My heart was racing as I tried to evaluate the situation, should I run? How on earth could I undress and leave in a few seconds? The third bolt slid open so I decided to hide behind the rack of rubber suits, I peered out straining to see in the darkness.

A door in the mirrored wall opened, the cellar was flooded with brilliant white light, I moved back into the rubber rack not daring to breath.

I was aware of someone in the cellar, they moved towards the rack of rubber clothes, I was trembling, the fear of discovery was too much. There was a long silence (of probably just 10 seconds) when a hand gripped my throat and pulled me to my feet, the power of this person was incredible and any thought of resistance evaporated as I felt weak and totally overpowered.

I was in the grip of a man of about 5’8” in height but incredibly muscular. His body was totally encased in black rubber, his large erect cock was sheathed in black rubber. His hood had holes for his eyes, mouth and nostrils. His mouth was filled by a large red rubber ball which was fixed to his head by a leather harness. I was to learn later that he was rarely required to speak.

He was obviously finding my predicament extremely arousing as he slightly tightened the grip on my throat and lifted me so my toes were barely touching the floor. His large cock was horizontal as he became excited by my lack of resistance, I had no illusion as to where he would like to put it!

I looked over towards the other man, taller and leaner and again encased in black rubber but wearing a clinical red rubber apron and elbow length red rubber gloves.

“Hello Neil”

I recognised the voice immediately, it was Bob, SHIT! I agonised how to explain my invasion of Bob’s privacy and my desire to leave as soon as possible but Bob was already streets ahead!

“I have observed your pleasure from dressing in rubber (he nodded towards the top corner of the room to one of the many hidden cameras) so for the next few days I am going to take you on a journey of discovery”

I was now panicking, the situation was bizarre and I wanted to leave but I was in the grip of a menacing figure who I could not overpower so I tried to appeal to Bob’s good nature.

“Bob, I’m really sorry this is a mistake, I apologise for invading your privacy but I would like to leave now please”.

“That’s not possible was Bob’s swift reply”

“Take him to the Clinic please Gimp”


I was frogmarched through the mirrored glass door into the Clinic, a white tiled room with lots of equipment. In the centre of the room was a Gyno Bench, the sort used by doctors for intimate examinations. Over the bench was an “operating theatre” lighting array.

Gimp hoisted me onto the bench which was slightly reclined from the upright position, he placed my legs into stirrups, I felt vulnerable and instinctively lurched forwards. Gimp gripped my throat and dropped the back of the bench to the horizontal position. Bob started to strap my legs firmly into the stirrups and then threaded heavy duty leather straps over my torso securing my arms to my side, he pulled the chest strap very tight which made my breathing more difficult. Another strap was placed over my forehead making me totally immobile.

“I’m going to give you some gas to make you relax” said Bob.

He placed a black rubber anaesthetic mask over my mouth and secured it with thin rubber straps. Attached to the mask was a black corrugated tube which in turn was connected to a gas valve and bottle, Bob opened the valve and I had no choice but to inhale. I instantly lost any will to resist, my muscles relaxed and I became light headed.

“Prepare his cock” Bob said to Gimp. I should have been alarmed at this notion but the gas did the trick. Gimp opened the zip from my waist past my crotch to above my buttocks, I looked down at his shiny black form and felt my cock swell. I was alarmed that another male could have this effect, I considered myself 100% heterosexual yet I was aroused by this mysterious male in black rubber.

I felt a cold sensation as Gimp dripped lube onto my cock before wrapping black rubber fingers around my shaft, I rolled my eyes as the intense pleasure rippled through my body.

Bob placed his red rubber hand on my chest and his rubber apron rustled as he leant over me.

“Relax Neil”

I came in seconds spurting uncontrollably, I wanted to scream with pleasure but the gas made me weak.

In an instant Bob appeared with a length of clear tube attached to a bag, He expertly guided the tube into my urethra, it was a weird sensation as I suddenly felt an uncontrollable release of urine as the tube slid home.

“You’re going to be here for a few hours Neil so I want you to be comfortable” said Bob.

Gimp started to play with my anus circling it with a lubed finger, suddenly something rounded was spreading me open, it felt huge and I groaned as I tried to resist the violation of my rear.

“Relax” said Bob, “We are going to empty your bowel”

He reached for the gas valves and increased the concentration, I felt incredibly drowsy as the huge rounded probe slipped inside me. The irrigation machine started to introduce fluid into my colon, I felt increasingly uncomfortable as the fluid circulated. After a couple of minutes the feeling eased as the fluid was drained out of me.

Bob appeared with one of the black rubber plugs from the glass cabinet, he held it in front of my face triumphantly, his broad grin confirmed the pleasure he was getting from my next challenge.

Gimp removed the enema tube and Bob inserted the plug, it was even wider that the nozzle on the tube but the gas had removed my ability to resist, I felt my anus stretch and then suddenly retract as the hug plug slid home.

Bob looked at Gimp “Clean him up”.

Gimp gently cleaned my cock and rear with warm water and soap and wiped the cum from my suit, I started to swell again but he zipped up the rubber suit holding the plug in place and sealing my cock into its rubber prison.

“Time to relax for a few hours Neil, a little time for contemplation”

Bob smiled before slipping what looked like large welding goggles over my eyes, I instantly realised that they were video glasses as I saw myself from above, Bob and Gimp standing next to my heavily bound body. Gimp reached over and placed headphones over my ears while Bob operated the gas valve, it all went dark as I slipped into a deep sleep.


My sleep was punctuated by vivid dreams, some fantasy some reality, I was also stressed about a variety of things. I wondered what my wife Carol was doing, no doubt enjoying her break from me, we had not been getting on well recently and I wondered if her break away was not a “girlie” weekend but an assignation with someone else. I feared the worse on her return.

I also wondered if my work colleagues were wondering why I had not phoned to report my absence, I felt sure someone would try and make contact, even visit.

Also, did I lock the door to my house, what if it was open, inviting unwanted visitors?

I woke up suddenly and sat upright, I had no idea how long I had been in gas induced sleep.

I was in a large double bed, naked, between crisp cotton sheets. A single table lamp provided a dim light, was it all a dream? I reached down to my rear to check for the plug, nothing but the sensation inside me suggested that it had been there. I noticed a jug of ice water, I was so thirsty, my mouth had a sweet aftertaste of anaesthetic gas. I downed several glasses of water desperate to re-hydrate.

The TV at the end of the bed sparked into life, a hooded face appeared on the screen, I recognised the grin:

“Good evening Neil, you must be starving, please shower and then dress for dinner, I have sent someone to help you”

The bedroom door opened and someone entered the room, it was difficult to see in the dull light but I estimated the person to be around 5’8” in height of slight build, possibly a woman. She walked past my bed towards a door, it opened inwards and after the flick of the switch light flooded into the bedroom. After a few moments I heard a torrent of running water and then she appeared in the doorway, around dressed in long black rubber skirt, tight black rubber top, skin-tight black rubber gloves and  a white frilly apron which was tied tightly her tiny waist and . She wore a tight black rubber hood with small holes for her eyes and nostrils but her mouth was sealed. There was a frilly white rubber cap on top of her head completing her rubber maid’s outfit. She looked magnificent!

She held out one hand gesturing towards the bathroom, I looked around for a dressing gown to hide my modesty but I had to concede walking past her naked. My cock was rigid at such a wonderful sight but she respectfully lowered her head as I walked past.

I entered the large shower cubicle and bathed hoping the rubber maid would assist. It was good to get clean especially as my favourite toiletries were on hand, after showering I shaved and then walked into the bedroom.

I was startled to see the maid standing to attention by the bed, the bedroom was now fully illuminated, her rubber costume was alluring, light reflecting off the glossy black rubber. She gestured towards the bed where my clothes we waiting. She held up a formal white rubber shirt, she helped ease it over my arms, the lubed inner surface made the rubber glide over my skin, I shuddered with pleasure. She buttoned the shirt and inserted black rubber bungs into the cuffs. She then tied a rubber bow tie around my neck, she inhaled my cologne and momentarily closed her eyes, I raised my arms to embrace her but she moved backwards. She handed me a pair of white rubber pants and a pair of black rubber socks, she then helped me with formal black rubber trousers and jacket, I slipped my feet into a pair of black rubber shoes.

Everything fitted perfectly, as if they knew my measurements in advance, and how did they know my favourite brand of toiletries, I looked at the maid, but she looked away, there was something about her, outwardly submissive but a fire burning inside.

The bedroom door opened and the maid stood to attention, head bowed. Gimp entered the room resplendent in a butlers uniform, long black rubber jacket with tails, trousers and white shirt with white bow tie and white gloves. His head was sheathed in a black rubber hood like rubber maid’s, small holes for eyes and nostrils but mouth sealed.

He waited for me to move, his menacing eyes fixed on mine, I dutifully walked forwards and followed him across the dimly lit landing, down the stairs and into the room opposite. I entered the dining room, a large oblong table dominated the room, it was set for two people. The room was decorated to a high standard in a contemporary style, much the same as the rooms I visited on the fateful night of the alarm activation. Gimp pulled a chair from under the table and gestured for me to sit.

We sat for a couple of minutes then the door opened behind me, the loud rustle of rubber greeted Bob’s arrival, his floor length rubber cape shimmering in the dull light, he walked past me to the head of the table, rubber maid following in his footsteps. She reached upwards and undid the clasp which held the cape in place around Bob’s neck, it slid effortlessly off his shoulders. She folded it over one arm and left the room glancing over to me momentarily, her eyes were smiling.

Bob was resplendent in black formal wear, dressed identical to me. Gimp pulled his chair from the table and Bob sat down.

I wasted no time:

“Bob I really must protest, you’re holding me here against my will”

He held a finger up to his lips to silence me. I stood up

“I insist that I leave immediately”

As the last word left my mouth Gimp pounced slapping my face hard. I slumped into my chain, a faint trace of blood in my mouth.

“Neil please try to stay calm, you’re our guest until Saturday so please enjoy our hospitality”.

“My wife will have reported my disappearance to the police by now and people from work will be calling at my home, have you thought about that?” I said assuredly.

“Your wife is on holiday for a week and is not contactable and we made arrangements for you to take a weeks holiday from work so no one will be missing you. Please relax and enjoy your meal”

As Bob’s words faded rubber maid entered the room carrying a black rubber covered tray with two white plates. She served Bob first then me, her black rubber fingers reflected the light, an element of rubber that held a fascination for me.

“Fois Gras” said Bob, “hope you like it”. I nodded trying to hide my pleasure, I love fine dining and this is one of my favourites.

Gimp moved forward and poured red wine into Bob’s glass and then filled mine, Chateau Margaux 2007, how on earth did he know…… I was becoming suspicious, he seemed to know an awful lot about me despite the fact that we had hardly spoken since he moved in.

We finished the starter and rubber maid cleared the plates

“I guess you have quite a few questions for me Neil” said Bob casually.

“Yes, like what the fuck am I doing here“ I said seizing the opportunity, Gimp glared at me.

At this point rubber maid appeared with the main course, rare beef fillet and exquisitely prepared vegetables with a glossy rich gravy, heaven!

“We have been monitoring your internet activity for some time so we are aware of your interests, your access to rubber fetish, bondage, gay and S&M websites is well known to us and we have records of your downloads”

Bob savoured a slice of fillet quickly followed by a mouthful of red.

“In addition we have accessed your diary, we know of your deteriorating relationship with your wife. We know of your attempts to get her to adopt your interests and we feel your frustration” the note of compassion in Bob’s voice was unexpected.

Not for the first time I felt defeated so I concentrated on the wonderful food and drink.

“Think of the next few days as a journey of discovery, an opportunity to savour the pleasures that until now have been locked away in your mind”

Rubber maid cleared the plates and returned with desert, roasted pears with espresso mascarpone cream. I started immediately savouring the wonderful flavours.

“There are some challenges for you in the next few days but those challenges have been engineered by you so please enjoy them and accept them, please do not resist”

He glanced over to Gimp, point taken!

We finished off with fine cheeses and vintage port before Bob stood, immaculate in his formal dinner suit and walked towards the door, Gimp opened it and Bob nodded knowingly.

Instinctively I stood up and walked towards the door, Gimp led the way, up the stairs to my bedroom, he opened the door and I walked past not giving him the pleasure of eye contact, the door clicked shut.

I flicked on the light switch and scanned the room, I opened the heavy curtains and discovered that there were no windows. Also there was no door handle so no exit!

I decided to undress and placed my dinner suit on hangers in the wardrobe, I considered showering but decided to sleep with the wonderful aroma of rubber on my skin. Sleep came quickly.


The TV sparked into life, it was Bob in a red rubber hood with black edging around his mouth and eyes.

“Good morning Neil, we noticed how much time you spend on Female Domination websites so we have engineered a day based on your interests, I advise you to go with the flow”.

The TV went blank as the door opened, I gasped at the vision in the doorway, a goddess in a skin tight red rubber catsuit. Her legs were encased in red rubber thigh boots with 6” stiletto heels, they were laced at the front. Her waist was greatly reduced by a red rubber corset which accentuated her perfect breasts. Her head was encased in a red rubber hood with holes for eyes and nostrils, her mouth was sealed with a detachable rubber flap which was buckled to the hood.

She walked into the room with purpose, I eased myself out of bed learning to come to terms with being naked in front of strangers. She stood close to me, her eyes waiting for a reaction, I raised my arms to place on her hips but with incredible speed she embedded her knee on my scrotum with force. I dropped to my knees, gasping for breath but she was on me in seconds pulling my hands behind my back and cuffing them tightly.

I glanced to the open door, Gimp was there resplendent in black rubber, arms folded with grinning eyes. My resistance level hit the floor as the red rubber goddess wrapped a heavy black rubber hood around my head, zipping it then lacing it tightly. I felt the sole of one of her boots between my shoulder blades, the heel between two vertebrae, she nudged me forwards and I landed face first into the deep pile carpet.

She sat on my shoulders, stunning heels each side of my head, I felt the warmth of her body through her magnificent rubber costume. She hoisted my head backwards and forced a large ball into my mouth, she pulled it tightly forcing my mouth wider than I ever thought possible before buckling into place.

She stood and left the bedroom walking past Gimp, he stood for a few seconds before pulling me to my feet using the gag strap, my mouth spread wider with the force as the ball went deeper. He guided me down two sets of stairs to the clinic room before leading me through a door into the dungeon, the room where my fateful adventure began.

Gimp unlocked the cuffs and then pushed me against the Saint Andrews cross quickly buckling straps around my wrists, elbows, biceps, chest and waist. He was uncomfortably close, his sheathed cock standing to attention, I was beginning to regret watching gay rubber porn.

He knelt and pulled my left leg into position buckling it at my thigh, knee and ankle. He did the same with my right leg. I felt aroused by the situation and my cock began to swell, Gimp stood and moved close tracing his index finger down my shaft, my eyes closed with pleasure as he wrapped his fingers around my cock, I twitched immediately knowing that my climax was seconds away.

A clicking of heels shattered the moment as the red rubber goddess walked through the clinic into the dungeon, Gimp moved away in deference. She walked towards the glass cabinet glancing at my erect member, Gimp left the room closing the door which formed part of the mirrored wall. I studied my outstretched body in the mirrored wall, spread-eagled and lashed to the cross while the red rubber dominatrix reached inside the cabinet.

She knelt in front of me, inches from my cock, I was incredibly hard but that soon changed, she gripped my balls tightly with one hand pulling them downwards with considerable force, I screamed through the gag. She wrapped something cold around by scrotum and appeared to be locking it into place, she stood up and released her grip, that’s when I felt the heavy weight locked around my sac.  

I looked into the mirrored wall opposite, a thick, wide chrome weight encircled my scrotum above my balls. Her magnificent form did nothing to ignite my arousal, the heavy weight put paid to that. She reached forwards and swung my balls from side to side, I heard a muffled giggle then her eyes became intense as she gripped my nipples between her thumb and forefingers, she pinched hard and then pulled firmly. I tried to move forwards to release the pressure buy my torso was strapped tightly to the cross, she pinched harder then released, before I had time to recover she slapped me firmly across the face.

She walked back to the cabinet and then after a few moments returned with a chrome dish, she laid it onto the desk and walked towards me with what looked like two white foam pads, about three inches square. She placed them over my nipples and they stuck fast, I looked down and noticed what looked like a chrome stud in the middle of each pad.

She returned to the chrome dish and pulled on a pair of medical rubber gloves over her red gloves, she held up what I assumed was an aluminium plug, tapered at one but flaring out to and impossibly wide section of about three inches in length before reducing down to a wide flat base.

I clenched my buttocks instinctively as she lubricated the beast, she held it in front of my face (those smiling eyes again) before kneeling in front of me. She inserted lubricated fingers inside me, first one caressing my prostate, then two, finger fucking my anus, then a third stretching me almost beyond my limits. Then the plug, unforgiving and enormous. I worked hard to accommodate it and after enormous pressure it slipped home, I felt fully violated and dreaded what was coming next.

She stood and stroked the end of my cock, pre-cum oozed over her fingers which she transferred to my gagged lips, she pushed her rubber covered body against mine as her fingers wrapped around my shaft, was this it, am I to be allowed to climax? The answer was swift, she slapped my encased ball sack hard making it swing from side to side. The pain was excruciating.

Another visit to the chrome dish filled me with dread, this time she placed it at my feet, I looked down to see her holding a chrome rod about 10” long and slightly curved, she applied lubrication and then gripped my cock with one hand and held it at a right angle to my body making my scrotum feel even heavier. She started to insert the rod into my urethra, slowly and expertly but with determination, I groaned not so much in pain but with trepidation, I had never experienced this sensation.

The rod slid home, the curvature seemed to follow the contours of my anatomy and felt very unusual but not uncomfortable. A small section of the rod protruded from the end of my cock.

I looked down at the dish wondering if there were any more challenges but she was ahead of me again, she squirted lubrication onto my cock the eased a thin, looped rubber tube down my shaft to the base and pulled it tight. She pulled back my foreskin and slipped on another looped tube just behind the head of my cock and again pulled it tight.

She removed her medical gloves and dropped them into the chrome dish before returning it to the glass cabinet. She walked back with an assured swagger admiring her work, perfect bondage and perfect humiliation. I was completely at the mercy of this red rubber clad goddess, she had violated me in every way possible and I could tell she was relishing her work.

I assumed that this challenge was over but I was mistaken, she again emerged from the glass cabinet with some sort of control box, there were various dials and what looked like LCD displays as well as coils of cables, she laid it all on the desk.

She picked up one of the coils of cable and started to unravel it, it was narrow gauge twin core with fittings on each of the ends. She push the two jack plugs into the back of the control box and then attached the remaining two connections to the studs on my nipple pads.

The reality hit home, electro-stimulation! Another one of my internet explorations, my toes curled.

The remaining cables were attached to my butt plug, the weight around my balls, the rubber tubes around my cock and the chrome rod in my urethra. I tried to protest through my gag but my mouth could not stretch further to allow sound to pass my lips, instead strings of saliva hung like stalactites until they fell to the ground.

She held a finger to her lips and then slipped heavy duty glossy black ear defenders to block all sound. Then she attached a thin rubber blindfold to studs that protruded from my heavy rubber hood, there was instant darkness as the blindfold hugged the contours of my face.

I was left in total isolation, head bowed, mouth leaking saliva through the gag, my arms and legs ached and my body badly needed to eject everything that had been inserted or attached. After what seemed like an eternity she was close, I couldn’t hear or see but I could sense her body heat, and then it began.

I felt the faintest tingling sensation at the end of my cock which grew slightly in intensity, I groaned with pleasure, something to savour. I then felt the same sensation at the base of my cock, light tingling growing in intensity, for a moment my entire shaft was tingling and then the pulsating current began, first at the end and then at the base and then the whole process repeated. My cock felt like it was being massaged very gently, an incredible feeling, I moaned deeply.

I savoured the moment before the next sensation kicked in, I felt the same light tingling running through the butt plug, it was breath taking. My anus instinctively gripped the plug enhancing the experience, the tingling started to pulsate, I felt like I was being fucked and wanked at the same time, I moaned as loud as circumstances would allow. As if that wasn’t enough faint tingling pulses hit my nipples, this was just too much to bear, I could feel an orgasm beginning to build and I knew I was going to spurt at high pressure despite the embedded chrome rod.

I felt the first twitch as the charges relentlessly stimulated my body, I imagined the red rubber beauty sitting close by, controlling me in a way I never thought possible, it was wonderful to be under her spell. My well-earned climax was coming, I twitched again groaning deeply, then again, then all of the wonderful stimulations stopped. I gasped desperate for a few more seconds of pleasure as a huge electrical charge hit the ring that circled my balls, I screamed as the shock continued for a few seconds as my orgasm was destroyed.

I felt close to despair, my scrotum was on fire and my body ached. She moved close to me and lifted one side of the ear defenders, I heard the buckle rattle as she removed the rubber flap that covered her mouth, she whispered:

“Sorry that did not work for you, so near yet so far she said mockingly.

“I have set the control box on a timer, the same sequence will happen again in 15 minutes so perhaps you will cum next time”

“Be aware that the chrome rod inside your urethra has a sensor which picks up muscle spasm so if you twitch more than twice before orgasm the sensations cease and your balls get another shock”

I protested through the gag without effect.

“I’m leaving for lunch so I will be away for 60 minutes giving you four opportunities for an orgasm, if not your balls get fried! Remember practice makes perfect”

She slapped the ear defender back into place. I heard the faint clicking of her heels and the dull thud of the door as she left the room. I hung limply on the cross left to contemplate my fate.

After what I assume was exactly 15 minutes the pleasure started again in exactly the same sequence, cock first then anal plug, I worked harder to control my reactions trying to stifle the spasms, I was doing quite well until the nipple stimulation started, stronger than last time. At the same time the cock stimulation grew in power, the programme had changed to match my resistance! I instantly twitched three times and by balls nearly exploded as the power surge hit my sack as the stimulations crashed again.

The same process happened twice again and I failed miserably, I was totally exhausted, in pain just about everywhere, thirsty, hungry and desperate to urinate.

I heard the muffled sound of the door opening then I felt the warmth of someone close. Rubber covered fingers gripped my cock, I felt the chrome rod being withdrawn, it was the strangest experience. Then the heavy duty collar was removed from my balls together with the tubes from around my cock, then the butt plug, instant downward pressure forced my anus wide, I was breathing fast as I eventually rejected the beast dearly hoping that I would never experience it again.

While briefly savouring the removal of the electro stim paraphernalia the adhesive pads were unceremoniously ripped from around my nipples removing masses of chest hair, I didn’t have the energy to protest. My head was pushed forwards and the ear defenders were removed. The ball gag was unbuckled and then eased from between my teeth, I wanted to massage my jaw muscles the pain was so bad. A rubber tube was pushed into my mouth and ice water flooded in, it didn’t touch the sides as I took it all down gasping with pleasure.

Next the straps anchoring me to the cross were unbuckled, starting at my feet and ending at my wrists, I was free apart from the hood and blindfold. I was unsteady on my feet as I massaged the strap marks. The rubber blindfold was detached from my hood, Gimp was standing in front of me not the red rubber goddess who was nowhere to be seen. He gestured to the odd shaped bench which I had earlier deduced was for corporal punishment, once again I was regretting my web activity.

I had learned by now to obey Gimp, I walked forwards and knelt on the bench, face down, leaning forward with my arms dropped to the side. He fixed my wrists and ankles and then passed a very wide strap over my waste pulling my body tight to the bench and leaving my buttocks in the air. He moved in front of me, his magnificent black rubber encased body shimmering in the light, once again his cock rigid at my discomfort.  

She entered the room and closed the door restoring the mirrored well, I glanced at my body tethered to the whipping bench and wearily prepared myself for the next challenge. At this point my eyes were drawn to the black rubber cock strapped to her crotch, my dominatrix “strap-on” fantasy was about to be realised. She move behind me and teased my anus with the huge rubber cock, it was already lubricated and I tried to relax in anticipation. I felt gentle pressure as she leaned forward, I was beginning to learn the art of pushing my body beyond its natural limits. She increased the pressure and I an instance the giant cock slid home as far as she could push it, the feeling was sensational, although it was large it was pliable and forgiving.

She partly withdrew and then pushed deep, I groaned as I watched her fuck me from behind. She continued, rhythmically pounding me with skill caressing my prostate and pushing deep inside me, my cock was rigid as she reached forward and wrapped her rubbery fingers around my shaft.

At this point Gimp moved forward and pushed my head backwards, my face was inches from his sheathed cock. In an instant his giant member was forcing my lips apart, he was in my mouth and then deep down my throat, I gagged struggling to breath but he started fucking my throat. In the meantime the red rubber goddess was slowly and sensually fucking me while expert fingers worked on my cock, gimp withdrew for a few seconds allowing me to catch breath before gliding down my throat again. They were working in unison, perfect rhythm and I was loving it, my climax was coming as I savoured Gimps cock, I felt him twitch too.

My climax was seconds away, I moaned through my cock filled mouth, both goddess and Gimp increased the momentum, she gripped my cock harder and then it happened, I came like never before, screaming wildly, pumping through my cock with incredible force. Gimp screamed through his gag as he pushed ever deeper, I could feel his pulsating cock shooting into the sheath. After a few moments both goddess and Gimp withdrew, I was left to contemplate, totally drained but incredibly aroused by what had just unfolded, probably the most intense feeling it had ever experienced. I just wanted to sleep.

The red rubber goddess left the room, I was still breathing heavily staring at the pool of cum on the floor. Gimp untied me from the bench and pulled me to my feet, he reached over to the rack of rubber suits and equipment and pulled out a large black rubber arm binder. He pulled my arms together behind my back and then slipped the binder into place, straps from the top of the binder were drawn forward and crossed over my chest and under my armpits before being buckled to the rear of the binder. He pulled tightly on the laces that ran down the length of the binder, slowly and agonisingly my elbows came together.

Gimp grabbed my shoulders and steered me through the door into the clinic, I immediately saw the stunning red rubber goddess on the Gyno bench, she was partially reclined with her legs in the stirrups, I stood before her my cock stirring despite the massive orgasm I had experienced before, do I get to make love to this magnificent woman?

Gimp put a hand on my head and forced me to my knees as she placed a hand on her waist slowly sliding the zip through her crotch. Her magnificent labia was before me, glistening and warm, she looked down at me with half open eyes, I could see that the excitement of the moment was almost too much for her, a brief moment of vulnerability.

I needed no encouragement as I leaned forward and lightly traced my tongue from the bottom of her vagina along her labia to the tip of her clitoris, she moaned deeply shifting on the bench, her latex boots creaking in the stirrups as I savoured the warm sweet taste.

I circled her clitoris gently, she arched desperate for heaver contact but I moved away slightly, I was in control now. I flicked her clitoris again before inserting my tongue deep inside her vagina, she moaned deeply as my tongue fucked her, the tip of my nose brushing her clitoris. Her breathing deepened, my cock was hard again, a few deep strokes would finish her off, she was desperate and I was desperate. I started to struggle to my feet, my cock desperate to slide into her magnificent warm hole but Gimp had other ideas, he pulled my head backwards and forced a gag into my mouth, it was shaped like the head of a cock but on the other side, protruding from my mouth was a huge black rubber phallus, Gimp buckled it tightly around my neck.

I leaned forward and teased her clitoris but she needed to be penetrated, she grabbed the black cock and steered it to the opening of her vagina before putting a hand on my head and forcing it deep inside, she groaned again as I started to plunge. She raised her hips to meet my downwards stroke several times before I heard a buzzing noise, she held a vibrator with a little spoon shaped attachment on one end, she tentatively placed it on her clitoris and almost squealed with pleasure. I felt the vibrations through my mouth as her breathing became short and fast, not long now, she was in harmony with the vibrations and my rhythmic fucking so I mischievously withdrew the phallus just as she was about to cum, her eyes opened and stared at me incredulously, I held back for a second and then plunged deep inside her again.

That did it, she frantically moved her hips up and down as the spasms gripped her body, she screamed loudly as she was gripped by her climax, she still had the vibrator pressing against her clitoris so at this point I withdrew and aimed for her anus before forcing the cock inside. That did it, she writhed in ecstasy dropping the vibrator and making fists against her thighs as the cock slipped inside, she was trying to scream but no noise came. After a few frantic moments her climax began to subside, her tight fists loosened and she slowly opened her eyes, I slowly withdrew from her tight rear and she moaned again.

I stood and Gimp removed the cock gag, I caught a slightly respectful glance and I grinned to myself while the red rubber beauty was motionless looking up at me.

Gimp pushed my head forwards and removed the hood, he placed a vice like grip around my neck and marched me upstairs to my room. He opened the door, pushed me inside and closed the door again. I walked over to the bed and noticed several plates covered with chrome dome shaped lids on the dresser. There was also an ice bucket with a half bottle of vintage champagne.

The temptation to sleep was enormous but I decided to shower and then eat the wonderful dinner and drink the champagne. My mind was dulled by the bubbles as I sipped between the sheets, I was gone in seconds.


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