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Mrs Andersson

by Marcus

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© Copyright 2022 - Marcus - Used by permission

Storycodes: F+/f; F/m; fpov; bond; hum; ponygirl; gag; cuffs; straps; harness; intubate; corset; collar; buttplug; clamps; toys; insert; latex; catheter; electro; torture; spit; treadmill; machine; tease; denial; squirt; extreme; cons; XXX

(To better understand the characters and story arc, read from part 1 first.)


Huge thanks to the late Mr. Jeff Gord and JG Leathers for a lot of inspiration in this part.

As always, English is not my first language so grammatical and spelling errors will be present.

Part 3b

Once inside Sarah placed Linda in the centre and started to dismantle her by unhooking and removing the control unit for the dildos and electro gear along with it’s wires. She then went to a cupboard to collect the keys needed to release Linda. As she started to unlock all the padlocks on the buckles she said, “I hope you've had a relaxing morning because you are spending the afternoon with me, slut.”

With all padlocks removed, Sarah started to remove the neck rest and then unbuckled all the straps. As the straps were released one by one Linda felt both relief and discomfort. As blood flowed freely again the horrible feeling of a thousand needles pricking her skin swept over her limbs. Linda grunted in discomfort but Sarah paid little attention to it. When Linda was free of all the straps, Sarah took Linda’s legs and folded them forward until her feet were on the ground. The buzzing pain got a hundred times worse as Lindas legs were moved and she started to grunt more loudly. As Sarah started to push Linda to a sitting position she barked, “Shut it! Push through it and do so quietly, otherwise you will regret it.”

When Linda was sitting totally upright Andrea’s panties fell to her lap and she could see Sarah move to lift her up to stand. When she stood up the buzzing pain was almost unbearable but she clenched her teeth around the penis gag and took the torment in silence. Sarah helped Linda limp over to what looked like an examination table and laid her down on her back. Sarah lifted Linda’s head, started to unlace the neck corset and said, “You will have a short moment of rest and then we will start to prepare you for our afternoon session. Thankfully most of your attire needs no change but there are few minor changes and some major additions.”

Once the neck corset was off Sarah started to unlace and remove the discipline helmet. Linda was looking forward to having the horrid thing removed and was hoping it would not be added again for her next session. Sarah pulled the discipline helmet off and Linda coughed and sputtered as the gag and nostril tubes came out, trying to retain as much saliva in her mouth as possible. Sarah put the discipline helmet aside, looked at Linda said, “Fuck your’e a mess.”

Linda worked her jaw in an attempt to loosen it up some and could feel Sarah unbuckle and then unlace her ballet boots. Linda tried to move her arms a bit but the buzzing just got worse so she stopped and just let them lay at her sides. Once she had pulled the boots off Sarah said, “There, be back shortly.”

Linda could see Sarah start to walk towards the door to the throne room but stopped and came back, picking up something from the floor. She went by a cupboard and brought a black rubber muzzle gag with an attached head harness.

“We shouldn’t forget your gift now should we? Open up!”

Sarah was towering over Lindas head with the muzzle in one hand and Andrea’s panties in the other. Linda dutifully opened her mouth and tilted her head slightly backwards for easy access. Sarah spat into Linda’s mouth and then started to fill it with Andrea’s panties.

Linda relished the humiliation as she started to taste Andreas juices. Salty and sour. When the panties all but filled Linda’s mouth, Sarah spat again on top of them and started to put the muzzle in place. It covered Linda’s lower face and once buckled tightly, pressed the panties even further into her mouth and made spitting them out impossible. Not that Linda would, even if she could.

“Eyes closed,” Sarah commanded and started to inhale sharply to loosen some snot from her sinuses. Linda quickly closed her eyes and moments later could feel two very ample gobs land on each of her eyelids. She could feel the excess spit slowly start to run down her temples making her pussy twitch around the vaginal dildo.

“Do not open until I say so.”

Linda could hear Sarah leave through the door to the throne room and was left with only her thoughts.

The hours spent as a chair had been amazing but felt almost like a dream now, as if it was still just a fantasy in her head. Linda moved her arm slightly and felt the buzzing feeling still present. Her experience had been real, that was for sure. At least she was now out of the horrid discipline helmet. The feeling of not being confined in it made her feel… free… and wanting… wanting to be put in it again?! Linda had to question her feelings but she actually did. Deep down somewhere she missed having her head crushed in the “crown”, nasal tubes far down the pharynx and mouth forced to engulf the enormous penis gag.

Surprised at herself she started to think about and visualise the photos of her and Ellie. How sexy she looked and how Ellie would show them to all of her friends. They would all laugh at, or be in shock over, the sick and perverted woman who got off on being treated like furniture. Maybe Ellie would put the photos online and someone, somewhere would make the connection and figure out it was Linda. She would be publically humiliated and shunned by her friends… maybe even blackmailed. Her family would find out and she would be cast out and named names.

The thought was both thrilling and terrifying and Linda decided to not push it further. She tried to just relax and empty her mind.

Linda was startled as she could hear a door open. She had almost fallen asleep. She could hear someone walk around a bit, moving things closer to the table where she was lying.

“Sit up, turn and face my voice slut!”

Linda did as Sarah's unmistakable voice commanded and ended up sitting with her legs off one of the sides of the table. Linda jerked as she felt a towel dry the spit off her eyes.

“Eyes open.”

As Linda opened her eyes she felt some spit was still sticking to her eyelashes and blinked a few times to get it out. In front of her, not surprisingly, was Sarah who had started to remove the muzzle from her head and lower face. Linda had a quick look around and saw the makeup gear and table close by but failed to notice anything to give away the theme of her coming session with Sarah.

When the muzzle finally was off Sarah turned and put it on a nearby cupboard. Meanwhile Linda started to work the panties out of her mouth. When Sarah turned back again her eyes went wild and she promptly delivered a hard slap on Linda’s left cheek.


The panties went flying along with some of Sarah spit coming off them. Linda’s cheek was on fire and her eyes started to well up with tears.

Sarah looked at the panties that landed on the floor and shouted, “Who the fuck told you to remove the panties, huh?”

Linda’s voice almost faltered as she replied, “No one Miss, Sorry Miss.”

“And I got spit on my boot! On your knees and lick that shit off!”

Linda quickly hopped off the bed and got down on all fours in front of Sarah’s boot. She got her head down and started to meticulously lick the spit off it. Linda could see that the boots were very well taken care of and the strong leather taste and smell was wonderful.

Watching Linda dutifully clean her boot Sarah continued, “You and earning demerits… must clearly be a fetish in and of itself for you it seems… Or maybe you are making sure you get the most bang for your buck… Clever!”

When finished Linda sat back, kneeling in the presentation pose.

“Good, now pick up the panties,” Sarah commanded.

“Yes Miss,” Linda said, crawled towards the panties and picked them up with one of her hands.

“No, no, no, with your mouth of course, slut!” Sarah sighed.

Linda dropped the panties in front of her and lowered her head to pick them up again. Using her tongue as help she managed to almost get the whole of the panties into her mouth and sat back up in the presentation pose.

Sarah motioned for her to stand and Linda quickly followed the command, standing up right in front of Sarah, hands behind her back.

Sarah held an unzipped plastic bag towards Lindas mouth and said, “In the bag.”

Linda worked the panties out of her mouth using her tongue and let it drop into the bag. Sarah zipped the bag close, put it on the makeup table and said, “So you can take your souvenir with you home. Now sit back on the table.”

Linda did as instructed and Sarah took a handful of makeup removal pads and started to thoroughly clean Linda’s face and neck. Once done Sarah got a brush and undid Linda’s ponytail. She quickly and gently gave the hair a runthrough with the brush. Grabbing some hair extensions matching Linda’s hair colour, Sarah worked them into Linda’s hair and made a new ponytail. The speed at which Sarah worked must mean Sarah had once, or still did, work as a makeup artist and hairdresser Linda thought to herself.

Next Linda's makeup was redone and once finished, Linda was again allowed to see herself in the handheld mirror. Linda could again see the high end escort girl looking back at her. Moving her head a bit to the side she saw her new pony tail. It was gorgeous. It looked maybe four times as lush and appeared to be over 3 feet longer than before. Linda smiled as she thought she looked almost like a erotic cartoon character.

As if Sarah had seen Linda’s smile she quickly put the mirror away and commanded, “On your feet, stand over there.”

Linda got up and walked over to the point indicated by Sarah. After putting the makeup table away Sarah came over to Linda carrying a plastic container containing what looked like very elaborate black rubber harnesses and cuffs. Picking up a wrist cuff with dual lockable buckles and a large d-ring she said, “Arm!”

Linda offered her right arm to Sarah who put the cuff on her wrist and buckled it tightly. She then picked up a similar cuff and buckled it tightly on Linda’s upper arm, just above the elbow.

As Sarah picked up another wrist cuff she commanded, “Next arm!”

Linda switched arms and soon had a matching pair of cuffs on her left arm. Sarah held her arms straight out and level and said, “Arms out!”

Linda raised her arms to mimic Sarah.

Sarah took a black, six inch wide rubber belt out of the container and put it around Linda’s corseted waist. The belt was buckled with two lockable buckles in the back and had numerous o- and d-rings attached to it. Once in place Sarah took two padlocks and grabbed Lindas wrist cuffs one by one, locking them to the belt at the sides. Making sure Linda was securely fastened she said, “Good!” then moved on.

Next Sarah gathered a web of rubber straps and started to put them on Lindas upper body. The straps were interconnected using o-rings and adjustment buckles in a way so that when Sarah had adjusted and buckled it all tightly, Linda’s posture was forced even more erect. Apart from a strap above her breasts, preventing the shoulder straps from sliding off, the intricate web of straps ran over and around her shoulders, crossed over her back and ended up buckled to the numerous o- and d-rings in the belt. This effectively pulled Linda’s shoulders sharply backwards, leading to the much more erect posture.

The added restriction and adjustment in posture was a big turn on for Linda. She could still not figure out what the session would be like but so far she was eagerly looking forward to it.

Lindas thoughts were interrupted by Sarah adding dual buckled 6 inch wide cuffs to Linda’s thighs. The buckles were, as on the rest of her restraints, lockable. The cuffs were strapped tightly in place so that the upper edge of them was in level with Lindas genitals. To prevent them from sliding down there were two straps connected to the front and back of the belt, effectively holding them up. At the inside and outside of the thigh cuffs were large o-rings.

Sarah put the now empty container away and returned with a latex hood in one hand, a pair of black surgical gloves and a tube of anaesthetic lube in the other. To Linda’s relief it did not look like it was the “crown”, she didn’t want to be put in that again - or did she? Sarah put the gloves on and twisted the hood inside out. Linda could see Sarah start to put anaesthetic lube on a pair of the long, horrid, nose tubes. Examining the hood further she could see it had an opening for her mouth and two beautiful, tear shaped, openings for her eyes. Once the lube had been applied Sarah started to push the tubes through Linda’s nostrils, passed the nasal cavity and down her pharynx. Linda still found the whole thing very unpleasant and coughed and sputtered as the tubes went down. All in all she took the whole ordeal much better than she had done earlier and did not protest.

Pleased with the insertion of the nostril tubes, Sarah took off her gloves and started to work Linda’s ponytail through a hair tube in the hood. Once that was done she pulled the hood over Linda’s head and zipped it close. Linda could feel the hood was a perfect fit, just as all the other latex items had been so far.

Next Sarah fetched yet another plastic container and took a head harness out of it. It was made up of two large black rubber parts held together with several straps. When worn, the two large parts would be on either side of the head. Six straps, evenly spaced from the forehead to the nape of the neck would hold the two parts in place. There was also a separate strap that went under the chin to stop the head harness from being removed. The strap at the forehead was wider than the rest and had what looked like a reinforced slit in it. All straps were buckled in both ends to allow for precise adjustments and a perfect fit. Over the ears were large cutouts to save the wearer's ears from discomfort. The whole thing was beautifully crafted, looked very sturdy yet designed for long term wear. Apart from the straps holding it together, numerous extra straps and d-rings could be seen but Linda could not figure out their use as of yet.

Sarah strapped the head harness in place loosely and then went over all of the straps again, tightening some - loosening some. She repeated the process a few times until she was pleased with the fit and with a smile she said, “Starting to look pretty good now slut, can’t wait to put you through your paces.”

Linda was about to thank her but stopped herself, unsure as to whether Sarah wanted a reply or not. When Sarah casually grabbed the neck corset and started to lace and buckle it in place Linda knew she had made the right choice not to reply.

Once the neck corset was in place, again severely limiting Linda’s ability to move her head, Sarah went to fetch Lindas foot wear. Linda found the restrictiveness of the neck corset to feel strangely comforting.

Sarah returned with a pair of black patent high heeled boots. The boots were knee high, laced in front and looked to have about six inch heels. Only there were no heels. Instead the foot part of the boot ended in a pair of big and shiny hoofs with steel shoes. The boots also had attached lockable cuffs with d-rings at the wrist and at the top of the shaft. Linda’s eyes went big and she smiled as she figured she was being turned into a pony. The added mass to her ponytail, the new hood, the head and body harnesses suddenly made a lot of sense.

As Sarah approached with the boots, Linda met her stern look and quickly wiped the smile off her face. Sandra kneeled in front of Linda and tapped her left leg. Linda took this as a sign to lift her leg which Sarah then took, guided into the boot and started to lace it up. Lacing masterfully done, Sarah closed and fastened the two attached cuffs tightly. Sarah tapped Linda’s right leg and the procedure was repeated.

As Linda lifted her right leg and all weight was put on her booted leg she could feel just how perfect the boots fit her. She also noticed that even though the boots did not have any heels they were very sturdy and gave her more than enough support for balance. When Sarah was done she stood up again and looked up at Linda asking, “Ever worn pony boots?”

“No Miss,” Sarah answered.

“Really? Though a perverted slut as yourself would surely have. No matter, take a few steps to get the feel for them and mind the floor, steel shoes on tiles can be very slippery I am told.”

Linda took a few steps. The boots were quite heavy for a pair of boots but felt really sturdy and secure to walk in. As the boots hit the floor a lovely clopping sound could be heard. The whole thing made Linda very aroused and her juices started to flow.

“That's enough, over here!”

Linda carefully stepped over to Sarah who was holding a big lush tail matching Linda’s own hair. The tail was attached to a triangular piece of black rubber and stood out at an angle through a tube, much like the tube on her hood. Sarah went behind Linda and, holding the tail piece in place just between her hips, started to strap it in place using the numerous straps attached to it. Pleased, she stepped back and looked Linda over again and said, “Nice… very nice.”

Sarah reached into one of her pockets and held a pair of evil looking nippleclamps in front of Linda. The wide base of the clamps had sharp long teeth and could be forcefully closed using a screw. At the other end of the clamp was a small silver bell that would hang freely once the clamps were attached.

Taking one of Linda’s nipples between her thumb and index finger, Sarah started to massage the nipple until it was erect. Linda succumbed to the stimulation and let out a low moan to which Sarah smiled and dug her thumbnail into the nipple and pressed hard. Linda inhaled sharply in response to the pain and held her breath not wanting to cry out in pain. As Sarah let go, Linda exhaled and started panting quickly.

Sarah put one of the nippleclamps to the now fully erect nipple and started to close it using the screw. As it started digging into Linda’s nipple she again inhaled and held her breath. Sarah continued to close the clamp with a big smile on her face and when Linda was about to cry out in pain Sarah stopped. Linda exhaled again and mewed, then started panting. The pain in her nipple was intense but still bearable and a little arousing. As Sarah started to repeat the process to the other nipple Linda felt her pussy twitch and she moaned loudly.

When the second nipple-clamp was in place Sarah said, “Make them ring.”

Linda started to move her upper body from side to side until the bells started ringing and kept going. The movement made the clamps hurt even more and Linda grunted displeasingly.

“Oh my god, that’s SO cute!”

Sarah's face lit up with a smile, her eyes sparkling at Linda who kept going until Sarah's face quickly went back to its stern look and said, “Enough, stop it!”

Linda stopped and stood panting from the pain as she saw Sarah grab some new items from a nearby table. She came back with a horsebit in one hand and three large, black ostrich feathers in the other. Having some equestrian experience from her youth, Linda recognised the bit to be a rubber covered Pelham bit with a fixed tongue spoon. In one of the main rings of the bit hung a one inch wide rubber strap with buckles.

Sarah put the bit on a nearby table and started to attach the feathers in the slit on Linda’s forehead strap. Once done she picked up the bit again and reached towards Linda’s right temple, took one of the extra straps on the head harness and started to thread it through one of the upper rings of the bit. Once securely buckled she held the bit in front of Linda's mouth and said, “Open up!”

Linda did as she was told and Sarah put the bit in her mouth and said, “Bite down!” It tasted quite unpleasantly of raw industrial rubber and the tongue spoon went way back into Linda’s mouth, almost making her gag. Sarah reached towards Linda’s left temple and took the opposite strap on the head harness, threaded it through the unused upper ring and buckled it in place. The bit was now successfully hanging from the upper rings in the bit at a perfect height. Next Sara took the strap attached to one of the main rings of the bit, pulled it behind Linda’s neck and thread it through the opposite main ring. When Sarah tightened and buckled the neck strap in place the bit went even further into Linda’s mouth and stopped just short of having the tongue spoon making her gag. The bit was now pulling against the corners of Linda’s mouth and she started to explore the bit with her teeth and tongue. Her tongue was securely wedged below the spoon and the bit was very secure, it was not going anywhere. Linda moaned as she started to produce saliva uncontrollably due to the tongue spoon. Linda tried to suck and swallow all the saliva but it was a losing battle and she soon started drooling from her mouth.

Linda could see Sarah go and fetch the wheeled full body mirror and place it in front of her. As Sarah got a smaller container filled with silver padlocks and started to lock everything on, Linda examined her reflection in the mirror. What she saw must have been every latex ponygirl’s dream goal.

Her head was covered in a beautiful latex hood that was covered in a very sturdy looking pony head harness. On top of her head was a blond ponytail that seemed to defy gravity itself as the big and lush bundle of hair arched its way from her head down to between her shoulder blades. The blond hair was in perfect contrast to the pitch black latex. In front of the ponytail, attached to the strap on her forehead, sat three large and magnificent looking black ostrich feathers that all bended backwards. The bit in her mouth was perfectly proportioned for her head size and looked as if it was made just for her - the perfect latex ponygirl.

Her latex covered shoulders were sharply pulled back by straps going down her back, buckled tightly to a belt wrapped on top of her corseted waist. Not only were her rubber cuffed wrists padlocked to o-rings in the belt but it also helped to keep a pair of o-ring adorned rubber thigh cuffs in place.

Her latex covered breasts were as beautiful as before but due to her shoulders being pulled back, seemed to shoot out of her chest even more. Her tortured nipples were adorned with very cute silver bells.

From between her hips at her back a wonderful blond tail hung out from a rubber tube in an arc down to knee height. It matched the ponytail on her head in both volume and lushness.

On her feet were a pair of, what looked like to be painted on, black patent leather pony boots. The black and shiny hooves made her look staunch and powerful and the barely visible but definitely audible steel shoes made the ponygirl look complete.

Linda was working her pussy and ass over the dildos, the sight of herself in the mirror made her very, very aroused and she could not wait for the session to begin.

When Sarah had patiently added padlocks to all lockable buckles she got started on shining the latex. Linda was still drooling but did her best to swallow as much of the saliva as possible. When Sarah came to polishing Linda’s face and upper body she took a towel and carefully cleaned all of the saliva off before polishing the just cleaned parts. As she was done, more drool started to flow and drip down again and Linda said, “Shhrroowu Meshhhh.”

The bit did it’s part but the tongue spoon made sure talking with any clarity was impossible.

Sarah looked up at Linda and replied, “Sorry...? Why are you sorry for slut? Surely you must know by now that I have a distinct taste for saliva… mine and others.”

Linda voiced a “Uh-huh” in reply.

When the latex was shining immaculately Sarah went and fetched two catheter bags. Unlike the previously used bags one of them had a very long and sleek design. It also looked to be made out of transparent latex instead of clear plastic.

Sarah crouched in front of Linda and connected the plastic bag to her catheter tube. Linda could instantly feel she was relieving herself as Sarah unclamped the tube and felt a wave of humiliation flow through her. When Linda's bladder was empty, Sarah disconnected the bag, clamped it shut and put it away. She then started to attach the latex catheter bag to Linda’s right leg. Using straps on the bag she secured the top of the bag just below the knee and the top just above the ankle. Once in place the bag fit snugly against Linda’s boot as it was designed to do. Taking the tube running into the bag, Sarah threaded it through one of the o-rings of the right thigh cuff and then connected it to the catheter tube hanging between Linda’s legs.

After standing up again, Sarah got the remote for the dildos and electro gear, took its battery pack out and changed it for a fresh one. Once back in front of Linda she leaned forward and hooked the remote directly into the dildos using a pair of wires. Standing up again Sarah did some adjustments on the remote and Linda could feel both dildos start to vibrate at a medium speed.


Linda moaned loudly and looked gratefully at Sarah who got an evil grin and said, “Ask me to shock you.”

Linda hesitated and before she could speak Sarah lowered the speed of the vibrators and said, “I hate to repeat myself slut! Ask me to shock you!”

“Puaaeesh huuoh mee Meshh!”

Linda tried her best to plead her request and quickly felt her pussy and ass burn in pain.


“Seems to work,” said Sarah and continued, “One more since you failed to follow instructions.”

Sarah raised the shock level even more and pressed the button.


Linda cried out as best as she could in the bit. Her whole body tensed and she took a sort of protective pose and rode through the torturous pain. As Sarah stopped the shocks Linda gathered herself and resumed a more proper pose as her eyes welled up with tears. She did however manage to keep herself from starting to cry.

Snivelling and whining, Linda heard Sarah say, “I expect you to do as I tell you - when I tell you. How hard of a concept to grasp can that be? Stupid… bitch!”

Sarah timed the two last words with flicking the bells attached to Linda’s nipple clamps.

“HHHnnnggghhhh...! NNNaaaggghhh!”

The violent movement of the nipple clamps caused by the bells made Linda’s nipples burn with pain.

Sarah let the vibrators continue to run at the low speed and clipped the remote to Linda’s left thigh cuff. She then went by one of the cupboards and returned with a halter shaft that she clipped to the left bottom ring in Linda’s bit. Taking the halter shaft in her right hand Sarah made two quick clicking sounds with her mouth and tugged at the shaft, prompting Linda to move forward. Linda started to walk forwards next to Sarah, her hooves clopping and bells ringing with each step, making her nipples burn.

Sarah opened the door to the throne room and, pulling Linda down by the shaft so as to not get the feathers clipped, led her through and let the door close behind them.

Entering the throne room Linda was allowed to straighten back up and quickly scanned the room. To her joy she could see Mistress Isabell sitting on the throne reading a book. Not as joyous was that besides her Mistress was a man sitting on his knees.

As the door closed behind Sarah and Linda, Isabell looked up from her book and promptly said, “Ah! Sarah. Come this way will you? I want to assess the craftsmanship of our new gear.”

Sarah immediately changed direction upon Isabells command and walked directly towards her saying, “Yes Mistress, of course.”

Linda followed Sarah’s lead and immediately tried to straighten her back even more and made sure to walk as properly as she could in the pony boots. She must make a good impression on her Mistress.

Each step made all the padlocks, o- and d-rings jingle in sync with the ringing of her two new bells. The bells tugged on her nippleclamps resulting in delicious nipple pain with each step. The clopping sound of her hooves were muffled some compared to when being on the tiles but could still be heard. As the two approached, Linda got a better look at Mistress Isabell who had put the book down and was now standing and awaiting their arrival.

She was dressed in a tight, high neck, oxblood leather catsuit. The catsuit had a 3-way zipper starting in front, passing through the crotch and ended in her lower back. It was made from prime leather and the cut and craftsmanship was amazing. Her hair was made up in a strict Dutch infinity braid and her makeup was as usual, immaculate. Her hands were in a pair of matching tight leather gloves and on her feet she wore matching 6 inch heeled open toe pumps.

Looking at the man kneeling besides her, the same could be said about the leather gear he was wearing. A strict black leather hood with openings for eyes and mouth. In his mouth he had a gag with a small tray attached to it on a 3 inch metal pole. His upper body and arms were bound in a black heavy leather straight jacket. The only other thing he wore was a small, tight, pink chastity device over his cock. On the tray he was balancing what looked like a tall glass of champagne.

Linda looked him straight in the eyes with a mixed feeling of enormous jealousy and a strange familiar bond. They were probably of the same age judging by his lacking physique. Both were here to fulfil their deepest, darkest fantasies, probably risking a lot by coming here. Both wanted to be the best they could for Mistress Isabell and would probably go to great lengths to please her. For these reasons Linda saw him both as an enemy to destroy and as an equal for whom she felt great respect. The slave gave Linda a similar look back and started to grunt as Sarah and Linda approaced.

Isabell turned to the slave and said, “Hush Michael! You know what happens if you spill my champagne. Maybe you want another month in chastity?”

Michael went totally silent and sat perfectly still. A month in chastity. Linda got very aroused fantasising what that must be like. Constantly aroused and not being able to cum, the thought was ravishing.

When they came in front of Isabell Sarah pulled the halter shaft gently backwards while going, “Brrrrr.” When Linda had stopped Sarah unclipped the halter shaft and said, “Stay!” then took 5 steps back, stood with legs apart with hands behind her back, facing the group.

Linda stood perfectly still and dared only follow her wonderful Mistress with her eyes as Isabell circled around her, inspecting the pony gear with great interest.

After circling Linda three times she stopped, looked at Sarah and said, “Magnificent! Sarah darling, remind me to send our compliments to Mr. Roudriges, he has done it again. Surpassing my expectations every time the sly bastard.”

“Yes Mistress.”

Isabell moved in front of Linda, took hold of one of the bit's lower rings and started to pull Linda head downwards. Since bending her neck was not an option due to the neck corset, Linda bent at the hip and slowly followed Isabells movements. Isabell stopped as they were face to face, just inches apart, her green and hazel eyes looking straight into Linda’s.

“Mrs. Andersson, you look fantastic. I almost feel sorry ‘shit for brains’ here takes up my time today, I would have loved to play horsey with you.” As Isabell spoke, Linda inhaled her intoxicating cherry flavoured breath.

In her now forward leaning position Linda started to really drool but did little to stop it, she was transfixed on her Mistress and the words she spoke.

Isabell continued, ”My my, that bit is rather nasty isn’t it? You can thank Sarah, she is the one who suggested it. She is apparently the only one of us here with any real horse know-how.”

Isabell stuck her tongue out as if to lick Lindas lips but merely let the tip of it run through the air just fractions of an inch from them. She then quickly retracted her tongue into the mouth with a sucking sound, let go of Linda, and turned around.

Linda straightened herself up again and followed Isabells smallest movement, mesmerized.

Isabell stepped in front of Michael and said, “Be that as it may, someone will have to pay for you drooling all over my carpet.”

Isabell caressed Michael on his leather covered head, then turned quickly towards Linda again and asked, “Don’t you agree?”

Linda, doing her best to speak clearly, answered, “Uesh Meshhgueshh.”

Isabell laughed, then said, “And who do you think that should be Mrs. Andersson?”

“Mee Meshhgueshh!”

“That's right Mrs. Andersson, you should definitely be the one. After all, you made the mess in the first place, right Michael?”

Isabell quickly turned to Michael who managed to whimper a puny, “Uh-hun” from behind his gag. Isabell turned to Linda again and holding out her hand, beckoned Linda towards her with her index finger.

Linda stepped forwards until Isabell made a stop sign with her hand. Reaching for the remote at Linda’s thigh, Isabell picked it up and said, “Now don’t move a muscle! I love you cute little bells... Why don’t we see if we can make them ring for me, shall we?”

Isabell looked up at Linda who answered, “Uesh Meshhgueshh.”

“She said yes, did you hear that Michael?”

Another puny “Uh-huh” could be heard from behind Isabell.

“All right then, what if we try this?”

Holding the remote so Linda could not see, Isabell turned a knob and then pressed a button. Linda felt shocks in her pussy and ass and tensed in her whole body while closing her eyes. Isabell held the button for about two seconds then let go. She turned to Sarah and asked, “You hear anything?”

“No Mistress.”

“Me neither.” Isabell changed some settings on the remote and pressed the shock button again.


This time Linda let out a low grunt but managed to stay perfectly still. Even though the shocks were more powerful this time they were still mangable. On top of the low vibrations in the dildos it was making her aroused. Isabell looked questioningly at Sarah who said, “No Mistress, nothing.”

Isabell changed settings again and pressed the shock button for a third time.


The pain started to get bad but Linda wanted to please her Mistress more than anything, she would not move!

Sarah shook her head towards Isabell who said, “My my, someone is starting to get real accustomed to the shocks i see. Then let’s make this more interesting, shall we?”

Isabell changed the settings again and pressed the shock button.


Linda closed her eyes and cried out on top of her lounges as she was hit with searing pain in her pussy and ass. She jerked violently and both her nipple clamps moved, making the bells ring multiple times. Behind Isabell a glass could be heard hitting the carpet followed by a “Ffpsssssssshhhh'' sound as champagne spilled out over it. Shortly after a whimpering”Ugh-ugh-ugh” grunt was audible.

Linda was panting from the onslaught and, once she opened her eyes, could see Isabell standing with closed eyes and a look of irritation on her face. When she opened them again she immediately smiled, clipped the remote back on Linda’s thigh cuff saying, “Well even I heard that! Thanks for playing a lovely tune for me but you must realise you failed… I have to punish you for not following my instructions, right?”

Linda looked pleadingly at her Mistress and replied, “Uesh Meshhgueshh, shhrroowu Meeshhguesh!”

Isabell looked at Sarah and said, “I leave it up to you to determine a suitable punishment darling, is that OK?”

Sarah replied, “Yes of course Mistress, it will be my pleasure.”

“Good! Now take Mrs. Andresson away, I have to deal with ‘shit for brains’ here. Have fun ladies!”

“Yes Mistress, thank you!”

Isabell put her leather clad index finger to her full lips, blew a kiss, and placed the same finger at the rubber bit between Linda’s lips. Linda let out a loud moan in reply.

Sarah approached Linda, clipped the halter shaft to the bottom left ring on her bit and made two quick ‘clicking sounds’, signalling to move forwards and turn left. Linda did as prompted and after rounding Sarah started to follow her towards a door in the back wall.

As they left they could both hear Isabell let Michael have it, “Are you kidding me? Are you fucking kidding me? What part of ‘do not spill my champagne’ did you not understand? You know what… Fine, since you are clearly pissing me off on purpose I extend your chastity for another three months. Good luck explaining that to your girlfriend, stupid fuck!”

Linda again had mixed emotions towards Michael. Although reacting to her scream was the cause, it was his fault spilling Mistress champagne. And even though Linda had failed Mistress as well she felt Mistress was more displeased with her rival at the moment which put her at an advantage. On the other hand she was very jealous that Michael was the one now receiving Mistress wonderful attention and wrath. Linda decided to focus on his punishment, three months of chastity… Linda’s pussy twitched and she felt getting more wet at the thought of having to endure that.

When at the door they were going for, Michael could be heard screaming from what must have been intense pain. Linda wanted to turn and see what Mistress was doing to him but felt the shaft being lowered. As Sarah opened the door Linda quickly followed the command, bent forward, and they stepped through the door.

The room they were now standing in was in most parts the same as the one she had been in with Shelly the day before. The furnishing was about the same, a couple of cupboards, a wheeled full size mirror and a bench. On a seperate wheeled table stood a copy of the control machine for pumping and vibrating her dildos as well as to administer the shocks to the various receivers. From the machine ran a bundle of tubes and wires up the ceiling and ended hanging from a winch hook exactly the same as she had been hooked up to yesterday.

There were differences to this room however, especially two things.

First, the floor was not tiled and it, plus the walls, were painted in a matte black. The other big difference was the presence of a large treadmill standing in the centre of the room. The belt of the treadmill looked much wider than normal and unlike treadmills seen at gyms this one also did not have any kind of a display. Linda could see six black metal poles that ended in what looked like small lights or mirrors, three on each side of the treadmill. From one side of the treadmill a thick wire ran up to and into the control machine.

Sarah led Linda towards the treadmill and after stepping up on it and reaching it’s centre said, “Brrrrrr” and tugged on the halter shaft. Linda stopped and Sarah quickly disconnected the shaft and put it on one of her leg pockets. Next she got the remote from Linda’s thigh cuff and after turning the vibrations off, disconnected it’s wires from Linda’s dildos.

The lack of the vibrating in her pussy and ass made Linda mew in dissatisfaction but quickly stopped as she got a stern look from Sarah. Sarah put the remote on one of the cupboards and went to lower the winch and bundle of tubes and wires. Once in the correct height Sarah stopped the winch and started connecting Linda to the control machine. The thought of once again being connected to the machine sent shivers down Linda’s spine but she was also getting very aroused by it. Taking her time to connect everything correctly, Sarah spoke as she was working, “Well slut, as you may have figured you will get a little workout, you need to get used to the pony boots. Since I will be away getting myself ready for the rest of our session, you will do so by yourself.”

Sarah crouched and started connecting the tubes and wires in Linda’s dildos and continued, “And since I can’t be here to monitor you I will set up the system here to do that for me… Promise it will be super fun!”

Sarah got up and Linda could see her start to adjust two of the poles in front of her. Once the first pair was set she commanded, “Left leg up at 90 degrees!”

Linda raised her left leg and bent it trying to keep her thigh at a 90 degree angle. She again noticed how sturdy the hooves made her and how little trouble keeping her balance in them were. Sarah adjusted the next pair of poles in front of her then told her to lower her leg. The pair of poles behind her was next and once done with those Sarah wheeled the mirror in front of Linda and the treadmill. Being able to see herself again was a very welcome change, Linda was again amazed at how beautiful she was and could now see just how much saliva she was drooling. Her chin, top of her chest, between and on her breasts, her cosetted abdomen and even her thighs were to various degrees smeared in saliva. It looked so slutty and erotic.

“Almost set.”

Sarah came over and when standing in front of Linda held up a sports bottle and said, “Lean back slut, time for some goodies.”

Linda had to bend at the knees to follow Sarah's command but was soon rewarded by having a shake slowly poured into her mouth. With the bit and spoon swallowing was real hard but Linda managed even though she did cough now and then as the liquid kept flowing into her mouth. When Linda felt she was about to have had too much the flow stopped and Shara held the bottle down and said, “As you were.”

Linda straightened up again and swallowed what little that was left in her mouth.

Sarah started working her jaw and clear her sinuses and Linda prepared herself to get signed by slightly leaning forward to help. As Sarah took aim and was about to release her projectile the door opened and Linda could in the mirror see Mistress Yua enter the room.

Sarah quickly stopped her actions, swallowed and said, “Mistress, I wasn't expecting you, anything I can help you with?”

Yua walked up to them and joined Sarah in front of Linda ontop the treadmill. She looked directly at Linda and said, “Sorry Sarah, I have a break in my schedule so thought I would come by and see if everything is alright.”

Yua was even more beautiful than she had been the evening before. Her thick black hair was put in a ponytail and her black, smokey eye makeup and deep red lipstick remained the same but she was now dressed in a black latex catsuit. The catsuit looked glued directly to her skin and was cut perfectly. Apart from the catsuit she only wore a pair of ankle high patent leather, six inch, platform heels in black. Nothing more was needed as she looked devine.

“No need to apologise, Mistress. I have just finished setting Mrs Andersson up and was about to start her workout. Then go and get myself changed.”

“Lovely! Any problems so far?”

“Yes, she failed both me and Mistress Isabell earlier and I have, with Mistress Isabell’s blessing to carry out her punishment, therefore increased the punishment twice for this session.”

Yua looked straight into Linda’s eyes and with a surprised look on her face said, “Oh my, wouldn’t want to be in your… hooves that’s for sure, yikes!”

Linda had no idea what Yua was talking about but felt both thrilled and apprehensive to learn what the punishment they spoke of was. Yua was looking Linda over when she asked, “Any problems with the catheter?”

“No Mistress, your guidance was most helpful.”

“Good, seems nursing school finally amounted to something. She is half full, keep an eye on that.”

“Yes Mistress, I changed just before the session so it should be fine.”

“Just saying.”

Yua suddenly raised an eyebrow and said, “Sarah, what level of expertise did Mrs Andersson leave in her form?”

“Very experienced Mistress, why?”

“Look here.”

Sarah focused on Lindas breasts where Yua was pointing while Yua continued, “Does this look like nipple clamps fastened enough for a client who has requested extreme pain and identifies as very experienced.”

Sarah got wide-eyed and replied, “No Mistress, sorry Mistress!”

Yua grabbed one of the nipple clamps and started to close it using it’s screw. Linda, who had almost forgotten about the now dull pain in her nipples, started to whine as the teeth of the clamp started to dig further into her nipple. As Yua kept closing it she said, “Sarah you can’t let Mistress Isabell catch you making mistakes like this or you will never graduate to Mistress. Be glad it was me who saw this and not her.”

Linda had held her breath trying to manage the rising pain in her nipple but finally succumbed to it.


Yua looked up at Linda and said, “Now we’re getting somewhere.”

As Yua kept closing the clamp more and more. Linda again held her breath but finally screamed in agony.


Yua smiled, stopped and said, “Ah! There, that's what we wanted to hear! Sarah, will you do the other one?”

“Yes Mistress, sorry Mistress, this will never happen again!”

As Yua took a few steps back she answered, “No worries, I just think you have a special way with our clients that has been lacking here with us so far. I do not want to lose you! Besides, if we do not give our clients what they are here for we lose business.”

As Sarah closed the other nipple clamp Linda altered by pleading, holding her breath and screaming. Pleads ignored, both nippleclamps were inevitably closed equally tight. Tears were running from Linda’s eyes and she was whimpering submissively. Her nipples were on fire and only the slightest movement made it so much worse. Linda was sure the teeth had pierced the skin. Her masochistic side did however keep her aroused and wet.

Yua looked at Linda and said, “There Mrs Andresson, much more to your liking I suspect.”

Linda managed a whimpering reply, “Uesh Meshhgueshh, shuank eeoo Meeshhguesh!”

“Every one happy then, you were to set her on her way?”

Sarah walked over to the machine and said, “Yes Mistress, I was.”

“But you have not signed her yet, it’s your signature move… Do you mind?”

“Of course not Mistress, please be my guest!”

As Yua prepared a gob just as Sarah had done moments earlier Linda bent forward to make spitting on her more easy for Yua. Seeing Linda make it easier for her, Yua raised an eyebrow in surprise and then spat Linda in the face. The gob was very ample and landed right between Linda’s eyes. As it started to run down past the nose Yua said, “Some one sure is eager to please, that deserves recognition I think.”

Yua quickly prepared a new gob and spat it in Linda’s face a second time. It landed exactly where the first had and added to its volume. As the spit ran over Linda’s upper lip and onto the bit Linda started suck, trying to get it into her mouth. Yua saw her fruitless attempt and asked, “You want a treat?”

Linda looked Yua straight in the eyes and said, “Uesh Meshhgueshh.”

“Mmm’kay, but only this once.”

Linda bent even further forward and opened her mouth as much as she could, causing ample amounts of drool to flow out of her mouth. Yua leaned slightly forward and, when about four inches away from Linda, spat her right into the mouth. Linda quickly straightened up, afraid that Yua’s gob would run out with her own saliva, and said, “Shuank eeoo Meeshhguesh!”

“My pleasure.”

Linda could feel the thicker consistency of Yua’s spit and manage to work it to her tongue. She could taste a faint hint of blackberry perhaps but was not sure. Before long Yua’s spit was too diluted to differentiate from Linda’s own saliva.

Yua smiled at Linda just as if she was aware of what Linda was doing and said, “Have… What will you call her? Has the pony gotten a name?”

Sarah answered quickly, “No, not yet Mistress, I was planning to give it to her after the exercise. I usually call her slut.”

“Perfect… Well, then has the slut been told how this works?”

“No Mistress, shall I?”

“No… I think she will figure it all out. I bet you Mrs Andersson is really intelligent, the deeply perverted ones often are.”

Yua stepped off the treadmill and, looking at Sarah, made a sign in the air as if she was flicking a switch.

The treadmill started to move very slowly, picking up speed. Linda started to match the speed and was soon walking at a quite pleasant speed. Her nipples hurt massively as the clamps swung up and down, bells ringing, with each step. Trying to focus on walking in the boots made Linda pay little attention to anything around her and did not see Yua nod at Sarah who flipped a few switches at the machine.


Linda let out a cry as she was shocked everywhere. The shock was tame but definitely got her attention. Why was she shocked? She was keeping up with the treadmill for sure. Before she could contemplate on the matter further, she was hit a second time all over, this time the shock was much more intense and Linda screamed.


As if the shock jogged her memory she thought of Sarah doing adjustments to the poles and figured they must be infrared beam switches. She promptly started to high step with her thighs in a 90 degree angle and was immediately rewarded with the dildos starting to slowly vibrate.

Yua looked at Sarah and said, “See, wicked smart!”

Yua winked at Linda and passing her on her way out said, “Enjoy Mrs Andersson, you certainly paid for it!”

Linda could not thank Mistress Yua before the door was shut so instead she focused on her high steps. She quickly noticed how wonderful the dildos felt while high stepping as they kept moving slightly up and down, like she was slowly taken in both holes at once. She also noticed that the vibrations were ever so slowly increasing in speed the longer she was walking and Linda wondered if they would keep doing so as long as she performed well?

Sarah flipped a few switches and before leaving as well, turned to Linda and said, “The machine is not set on the proper program so mind what you do! I will be back for you when the time is up.”

Sarah left Linda to her devices but before she closed the door she flipped a light switch.

The room went totally dark except for a single beam of light shining on Linda from high up ahead. The result was Linda could now only see the reflection of herself in the mirror in front of her. It was like she looked at a beautiful latex pony high stepping in an enormous black viod.

As Linda kept stepping she suddenly felt the dildos start to slightly increase and decrease in size with each step she took. The vibrations also started to pick up in speed. Linda’s suspicions were confirmed, the machine would keep treating her better and better the longer she kept performing according to its rules. After a short while the vibrations and pumping of the dildos were at sutch level that Linda felt her juices flow and she was panting heavily around the bit. The pain in her nipples with each step was now sweet as honey.

As Linda started to receive light tingly shocks in her nipples and both dildos she felt she was starting to ever so slowly start to build up to an orgasm. The tingly shocks felt wonderful and boosted her resolve to keep going. Suddenly she felt the tingle disappear and soon after that the vibrations and pumping of dildos started to slowly decrease as well.

Linda figured the machine was keeping track of her speed relative to the speed of the belt. With no visual cues to speak of it was really hard to tell. Linda figured she was too slow so increased the speed of her steps some. Her stimulation kept decreasing so she instead slowed down and felt that pretty soon the stimulation was increasing again. In no time the tickling shocks started again and she was again starting to build up an orgasm. Although she was starting to get a little tired in her legs she kept going - she wanted that orgasm!

The more steps she took the more pleasure the machine gave her. Faster and deeper vibrations, the dildos being pumped up more and more for each cycle, the tingling shocks grew in strength and felt better and better.

Linda was now moaning very loudly and was getting real close to an orgasm, just a little bit more… a little bit more.

She was almost there when she felt the stimulation decrease slightly. Was she fast or slow? She altered her pace and they increased again, then started to decrease. She had to focus, she was so close. Focus on the pace, focus on the goal and focus on reaching the much needed orgasm.

Moments later she felt it coming, this was it!

In her excitement Linda failed to keep an even rhythm and she also failed in taking propper high steps.


Linda was hit with unspeakable pain all over. All the electro-pads, all the electro o-rings and both dildos lit up and felt as if they were burning her skin. The vibrations were gone and the dildos were decreased to the minimum size, not pumping anymore.

The shocks just kept going and would not stop. Linda was stumbling in pace with the treadmill exposed to such pain she never knew could exist. Her mind was totally blank and all she could sense was the pain, it was pure instinct that kept her walking and breathing. After what felt like a lifetime a brief moment of clarity got Linda enough of focus to begin high stepping again and moments later the pain was gone. The shocks had stopped and she was slowly regaining full awareness.

She was crying uncontrollably and was chipping for breath with each step she took. Pure fear of having to experience that kind of pain again was keeping her going. After a while she started to calm a bit and could start to focus on her own reflection in the mirror. Her companion in front of her had gone through the same hellish ordeal she just did. But she still looked like she was glowing in her beautiful latex pony outfit and radiated resolve and that made Linda feel a little stronger. If her friend had the strength left to pick Linda up with her mere beauty and charisma then Linda would do the same for her.

Linda strengthened her pose, took even more distinct and proud steps, and tried to shake the fear away. She could see her reflection do the same and together they kept fighting until they both had stopped crying and the fear was almost all but gone. The dildos had started to vibrate again and the pumping in size started ever so slowly again. Linda started to get aroused and wet and was again focusing on reaching the orgasm she now rightfully deserved.

Step by step she came closer and closer.

By the time she started to feel the tingling shocks she saw Sarah appear out of the darkness besides her.

Sarah was totally transformed. Her hair was now done up in a strict bun and she was wearing a black top hat with a fishnet veil, covering half of her face. She was made up in black, smokey eyes and her lips were done in a black, matte lipstick. Over a white cotton blouse she wore a double buttoned long frac in black with silver buttons. Below that a pair of form-fitting full-seat leather breeches in white and grey, topped with a simple but beautiful black leather belt. Her hands were in a pair of form fitting white leather gloves and on her feet she wore knee high laced riding boots in black. She also had a black riding crop tucked under her left arm.

She looked amazing.

Sarah just stood and observed Linda as she kept going, step by step, towards her orgasms. As Linda felt her orgasm start to build she felt the fear of the horrible shocks creep up on her and she did her best to focus on her steps. Several steps later she was getting real close to the orgasms but again faltered in her rhythm and had to re-focus time and again to keep earning the stimulation so desperately needed to achieve her orgasm. Linda was now loudly moaning and grunting in desperation.

Sarah moved closer to Linda and began to caress her left buttock and thigh, following its movement as Linda kept taking step after step.

Sarah looked up at Linda and said, “Close?”

Linda was unable to meet Sarah’s gaze by turning her head so instead looked straight at her in the mirror and replied, “Uesh Meshh! Puaaees nake nee cung!”

“You want me to make you cum?”

“Ueesh Meesh! Puaaeeess naake ne cuung!”

Sarah turned and looked at Linda in the mirror, meeting her gaze and said, “You will get there… Just keep focusing on your steps and rhythm.”

Linda let out a pleading moan, she needed to cum so much.

“This predicament should be just up the alley of a truly sick and morally depraved pervert like yourself, am I right?”

“Uesh Meshh”

Sarah was right, she was loving this more than she thought possible, was it possible that she craved it? Linda was about to cum when she knew she had failed even before she had. She had lost focus again due to her extreme arousal and took two missteps.


Linda suffered the horrendous shocks again. Like last time her mind went blank. Pure instinct and a will to escape the pain was what got her on track as she started high stepping again.

By the time she was regaining focus the cycle had started again and she felt the vibrators slowly vibrating in her pussy and ass. She was again crying uncontrollably and took comfort in her mirrored friend to calm down.

Sarah was now by the machine and when she saw Linda acknowledge her she said, “Brrrrrr… brrrrrr!”

Linda felt the treadmill slow down to a stop and she was now standing still, panting. The lights were now fully on in the room and she could see Sarah working at the machine and felt the vibrators ramp up to a medium speed. Linda let out a moan and, feeling focused again, started to move her pelvis in an attempt to get more out of the dildos and vibrations. It did little to enhance the experience but her body had not forgotten the two previous near orgasms and was quick to respond to what stimuli it was given. Linda had stopped crying, was very wet and wanted to cum, badly!

Sarah came up to Linda, took hold of both of the lower rings in the bit and made Linda bend forwards to come down to her level. Sarah looked Linda, who was now loudly moaning, in the eyes and said, “You know I set you up to fail right? You understand that no matter what you do, you will fail this task. You will always falter and get the shocks in the end. You will not reach an orgasm.”

Linda tried to nod and said, “Ueesh Meesh!”

“But you will still keep trying if I ask you to, won’t you?”

“Uesh Meshh”

Linda’s eyes welled up and soon tears began to run down her latex covered cheeks.

“Good, because I am asking you to fail again. Will you do that for me slut?

Linda now cried and replied, ““Ueshh Mesh!”

“Thank you.”

Sarah smiled and went over to the machine, starting to set some parameters, leaving Linda in place waiting for the treadmill to start. Instead of feeling the belt move, Linda felt her dildos start to pulsate in size. Linda looked questioningly at Sarah, who was still smiling. Pretty soon Linda was moaning and grunting with her eyes shut as the vibrations kept growing. The size of the dildos was also quickly increasing and Linda was approaching her orgasm.

Then everything just stopped.

Linda opened her eyes, looked and Sarah who was approaching her and mewed disapprovingly. Had she not done what Sarah asked? Why was she not given the chance to prove her worth to her and earn her orgasm. She could beat the machine, it did not matter if she was set up to fail, she would beat it anyhow.

Sarah stepped in front of Linda and started to unhook the tubes and wires from the dildos when she said, “Well done slut! I must say I was convinced you would beg me to stop and not agree to continue. But you did, and that impresses me greatly.”

Sarah stood up, made Linda bend forward, and reaching behind her neck started to unhook the wires there.

“But, I will not let you cum, not now. We have plenty of more time together and I want you to REALLY beg me once I am willing to let you cum.”

Linda mewed submissively but accepted Sarah’s decision. She was more than ready to please her in any way she saw fit in order to win her approval and be allowed to cum.

Sarah went to one of the cupboards and fetched a new battery pack, a couple of wires and two small plastic devices. Picking up the remote on the way, changing its battery, she returned to Linda and clipped the remote to her right thigh cuff. Two wires were connected to her dildos just as before. The other two wires were much longer and bundled together. After connecting these to the remote Sarah carefully threaded them up her thigh and up the back to her neck using o- and d-rings on the way to secure them. She then connected the two ends to two matching connectors at Linda’s neck.

Sarah then crouched and clipped one of the plastic devices next to the remote and connected the two with a short wire.

Stepping back a few steps she held up the other plastic device and Linda saw that it looked like a wireless remote and said, “Slut, simple replies, pussy?”

Linda saw Sarah press a button on the wireless remote and felt a quick and powerful shock in her pussy and grunted, “Uh-huh!”







After successfully checking all connections were properly done and that the wireless remote worked as intended Sarah said, “Good, then we are all set more or less. Let's put these on a good setting, I want to keep you nice and wet!”

Linda felt the dildos start to vibrate on a medium setting. It felt great and she worked the dildos with her pussy and ass as she quietly moaned. Sarah had no reason to be worried, Linda could feel that she was still really, really wet.

While Linda had been working her intruders Sarah had fetched her riding crop, a lunging line and the halter shaft which she was clipping to Linda’s bit. When done she made two quick ‘click’ sounds and pulled the halter shaft forwards and to the left. Linda followed, now high stepping.


Having left the black room behind them, Sarah now led Linda towards the throne. The room was, apart from the pony and her handler, void of participants. Mistress Isabell and Michael were nowhere to be seen. As they arrived at the throne Sarah said, “Brrrrrrr” and signalled Linda to stop using the halter shaft. Linda stopped and could see the spot where she previously had spilled her saliva on the floor, earning her the sweet punishment from Mistress Isabell. The spot on the floor was not almost totally clean and Linda thought that Michael must have been forced to clean it up. She felt enormously jealous again thinking he had no business doing that. It was her mess to clean and then be rewarded for doing by Mistress.

While Linda was pondering about the cleaned up mess Sarah attached the lunging line and holding it short, yanked Linda from her thoughts when making a ‘click’ sound and tugging her forwards.

They walked down towards one of the walls of the throne room and stopped three feet from it. Sarah turned Linda to the left so she was facing along the wall and said, “I had thought of a name for you but it feels unwarranted now, and I have not come up with one that is. I could just call you slut, you listen good to that but i feel you earned a new one. Why don’t I just call you ‘Girl’ until it comes to me. Right, now stay!”

Linda stood and enjoyed the vibrating dildos while Sarah backed up towards the throne letting the lunging line extend as she went. Just short of the throne she stopped and while pressing a button on the wireless remote made a ‘click’ sound.


Linda felt a powerful shock in her pussy and started high stepping forwards. The shock had been short, painful and very enjoyable. After a few steps Linda felt the lunging line gently pull her to the left and she started to follow the line, trying to keep the distance constant between herself and Sarah.

Sarah observed Linda take a few more steps, pressed a button on the remote and said, “Good girl!”


The dildos briefly ramped up in speed for six seconds and Linda moaned loudly in response. Linda kept stepping, enjoying the vibrations and sense of the dildos fucking her ever so slightly. After about a full rotation she felt a four second shock in both her pussy and ass as Sarah said, “Brrrrrrr!”

Linda grunted and stopped after finishing the final step.


She was painfully shocked in pussy, ass, clitoris and nipples and yelped out in pain. It was a far more powerful, three second shock and hurt badly but it still made Linda more aroused. Sarah spoke in a disappointed voice, “NO! You stop immediately!”

Linda felt her ass being shocked and started to step backwards. This was quickly followed by the lovely but brief increase in vibrations and as she moaned in response Sarah said, “Good girl, good girl!”

After a few steps had been taken backwards Linda was again shocked in both pussy and ass. Linda grunted in pain but stopped as fast as she could and stood perfectly still, one leg up in the air at 90 degrees. Her grunt quickly turned into a loud moan as the vibrations increased again.

“Good GIRL!”

The vibration kept going and Linda was starting to build up an orgasm. She kept moaning, only stopping to quickly inhale for more air before continuing to moan. She started to try and rock her pelvis to possibly get the dildos to move again but could not get it to work.


A painful shock in her pussy told her it was time to start stepping forwards again and she immediately complied.

The ritual continued on and on. Forwards, stop, forwards, stop, backwards, stop, forwards and so on. Linda was repeatedly rewarded with increased vibrations after doing a good job but it was never enough to get her past the build up to orgasm. She would do anything to be allowed to cum but Sarah masterfully kept her on the same level of constant arousal and Linda LOVED her for it. Numerous steps later, as Linda was about to pass one of the doors leading into the room, it flung open right in front of her.


Linda was painfully shocked in both pussy and ass, clitoris and nipples.

“BRRRRRR! STOP!” Sarah shouted.

Backed up against the now open door stood a clearly shocked Andrea still holding the handle in one hand and said, “Shit! Fuck that was… oh… Mrs Andrea… You… W O W !”

Linda had managed to stop 3 feet from Andrea, now standing holding one leg in the air. Linda started to moan as she received some well deserved seconds of increased vibrations from Sarah who said, “Yes Andrea… Is there something I can help you with?”

“I was just on my way to let the delivery folks in, they came late today. My GOD she looks fantastic!”

“Yes, I know, she is adorable… and in the middle of a session. If you wouldn’t mind.”

“Right, sorry!”

Andrea was about to cross the room when Sarah said, “Hang on! The delivery is here now?”

“Yes, they phoned in and delayed the delivery. Forgot to tell everyone, sorry!”

“No no it’s OK… Say, it’s usually done by, what’s his name.”


“Right! Alex… Tell you what. Me and my pony will do it for you. We need a change of pace, isn't that right girl?”


Linda moaned as the vibrations increased again briefly. Andrea looked at Linda in amazement and said, “Ok, sure. Fine I guess.”

Andrea went back to the door she came from and, before closing it behind her, looked at Linda and said, “You look divine, I like it A LOT!”

Sarah had walked down to Linda, bringing her riding crop and halter shaft, and was unclipping the lunge line when she said, “What happened this morning. She is a totally different person… Could it be that you are affecting people, huh? Is that it? Good girl!”

Letting the lunging line fall to the ground Sarah clipped the halter shaft to Linda’s bit and pressed the remote.


The shock to Linda’s pussy prompted her to move forwards and, following Andrea’s guidance, started high stepping towards one of the numerous doors in the room. Through the door laid a wide corridor with two doors opposite each other at the end.

As they entered the corridor, Linda could hear the sound of her hooves starting to reverberate loudly. The floor was concrete and the steel shoes sounded fantastic together with the sound of jingling padlocks and bells as they stomped against it. When they reached the end Andrea opened the door to the right and they passed through.

They now entered a large garage with space for four cars based on the four separate raised-panel style garage doors along one of the long walls. The garage was open spaced, had typical white walls and the same clean concrete floor as there had been in the corridor. Along the wall opposite the garage doors were benches, shelves and racks, some of them filled with supplies, some of them empty. There were also a few cardboard boxes along the back wall waiting to be unpacked.

After leading Linda about half the width of the first parking space she felt a painful shock in her pussy and ass. She immediately stopped both feet on the ground as Sarah had timed it perfectly and could hear Sarah say, “Stay girl.”

She let go of the halter shaft and went to a control sitting on the wall between two of the garage doors. As she pressed one of the buttons the doors started to slowly rise upwards along their tracks. Linda noticed they were very quiet and a male voice could be heard that clearly was not aware of how good he could be heard from inside the garage, “Right… Now remember, what they do here is kinda weird as hell but we do not judge OK, this is our best client? Oh and if it’s Andrea she is super hot so give me space.”

As the garage doors opened Linda could see it was late afternoon judging by the sun's location in the sky. Outside the garage was an ample sized driveway running parallel to the garage doors. Beyond the driveway was a small strip of grass and after that a solid tall wooden fence. The fence protected any unwilling neighburghs to see what was happening outside or inside the garage. Backed up against the space furthest from Linda and Andrea was an unmarked van and by its rear doors stood two individuals.

Sarah came by Linda and in a synchronised move both shocked her to move forwards and took hold of the halter shaft. Linda’s hooves started to reverberate loudly in sync with the bells ringing and the shock in her pussy made her grunt in pain. The sounds caught the attention of the delivery crew who were standing by the van. As they approached the crew turned towards the strange noise and the man could be heard saying, “What… the… hell?!“

Sarah smiled and waved her hand holding the riding crop at them and said, “Hi! Alex is it?”

Linda heard that Sarah was altering her voice and it sounded like she was trying to mimic how a typical suburban housewife would sound.

“Eeeeeahhhh yeah, Alex yes, thats me.”

“Thanks for coming, we would not survive long without these supplies you know.”

Sarah and Linda had now closed the distance between them and the delivery crew and as her pussy and ass received the shock Linda came to a halt, both hooves on the ground. Linda’s loud grunt due to the pain made Alex go wide-eyed and said, “Hooooo… shit!”

Alex looked to be the same age as Sarah, in his 30s. He was about at eye level with Linda when wearing the pony boots and he had short blond hair and clear blue eyes. His angular face made him very attractive and he seemed to have the body to match it. Sadly the dark grey overalls and black work boots left it all to imagination.

Besides him, eyes transfixed at Linda stood a short young girl, no more than 20 years old. She had raven black hair set up in bangs and a ponytail. Her icy grey eyes were emphasised by her black smokey eye makeup. Her heart shaped lips were made in a matte black lipstick and her pale ivory skin looked almost white in comparison to her immaculate makeup. Under the collar of her four sizes too big overalls she wore a short spiked black PVC collar tightly buckled around her thin neck.

Linda could see they were both giving her their full attention, staring at her latex covered pony form. Linda felt a wave of humiliation flow over her and she moaned quietly.

Sarah broke the stalemate by looking at the young girl and saying, “And who might this be?”

Alex snapped to and replied, “Oh, yes… This is Evelyn. She is an intern at our firm and has been riding with me all day. Showing her the ropes… so to speak… yeah.”

“Is that so? Charmed! My name is Sarah.”

Sarah extended her hand and Alex quickly took and shook it saying, “Alex… I’m Alex. But you already knew… Eaahhh Evelyn, a hand with the deliveries please.”

“Surely you can handle that yourself Alex, can’t you”

“Yeah, sure I can. Super easy.”

Evelyn, without letting her eyes of Linda said, “Yeah Alex, fix the deliveries will you. What is that?”

She was pointing to the, by now three quarters filled, catheter bag on Lindas right pony boot.

“Oh, that is a catheter bag.”

“A what now?”

“Well you see… Lady here is quite old so we can’t have her running to the bathroom all the time dressed like this can we?”

Sarah got a big smile on her face as her new name for Linda had just come to her.

“So it collects her piss you mean? Nice!”

Out of the back of the van Alex could be heard dropping something as if having reacted to what he was hearing and said, “Damn!”

“Pay him no attention. How old is Lady then?”

“Very old in fact, she is 40 years old I think. Not good for anything more than a broodmare now I’m afraid. How old are you if I may ask?”

“20, well I will be in November.”

“19! Hear that Lady, she could be your daughter.”

“Ha ha, yeah i wish! What’s a broodmare?”

“Oh we use her for breeding. Just earlier 10 men fucked her senseless while she was bound to a breeding frame, helpless to anything about it.”

Linda let out a loud moan hearing Sarah's lie. Why hadn’t she asked for that in the request form?

Alex stumbled out of the back of the van and dropped several boxes of surgical gloves. He quickly started to pick them up again, face red as a tomato. Evelyn laughed at him and then said, “Cool!.. So what, this is like a slave punishment or something… what did she do to deserve this?”

“No… no not at all. You see Lady here is a client of ours, aren't you girl?”

Sarah looked up on Linda who replied, “Ueesh Meeshh!”

“She paid to have this done to her… and she paid handsomely I might add! I am just doing to her what she specifically asked for. And she asked for some very, very perverted and bizarre things, I can tell you that much!”

Evelyn’s eyes widened as she said, “Wow… Can I touch her?”

“Of course you can, go right ahead. She is wearing la…”

“Latex, I know… Perfectly cut and crafted latex a girl like me can only dream of… She sure drools a lot.”

“Yes sorry about that, Lady is not yet accustomed to her new bit.”

“Nah it’s OK.”

Elevlyn touched Lindas latex covered hand and gently ran her fingers over the smooth surface. As she moved towards the fingers Linda could not help but to meet Evelyn's fingers with her own and together their two hands did a short dance together. Evelyn moved closer and started to caress Lindas corseted waist and Linda quietly moaned at the attention she was given.

I felt so wrong but Linda could not help but relish in the humiliation of being examined and asked about by this beautiful young girl. Her arousal was steadily rising and as Evelyn tried to look at the belt Linda was wearing, the cuffed wrist got in the way. When Sarah saw this she said, “Oh, hang on. Let me fix that, hold this please.”

She handed the riding crop to Evelyn and walked towards one of the shelves. Evelyn meanwhile moved her hand towards Linda’s crotch but stopped short of it, looked Linda in the eyes and asked, “OK?”.

Linda wanted so badly to be touched between her legs she risked angering Sarah and said, “Ueesh… Puaaeeess.”

Evelyn raised an eyebrow and as if to clarify what Linda had said, asked, “Yes… please?”

Linda grunted, “Uh-huh!”

Evelyn smiled and moved her fingers down to Linda’s pussy and stopped as she was right on top of it and said, “Whoa! Vibrating plugs?”

Sarah who was returning answered, “Yes, vaginal and anal. They can also be pumped up in size and will also administer shocks when needed.”

“No way! That’s SO cool!”

From the van Alex could be heard saying, “Cool?! She thinks it’s cool.”

Sarah, who was returning with a buckled leather strap, rolled her eyes at Alex's remark, looked at Evelyn and said, “So you are a bit of a latex connoisseur then I take it, wanting to be dressed in an outfit just like Lady’s here?”

“Ppfffff… Hell no! No, I would love to use someone who is of course!”

“Oh really?”

Sarah had a wide grin on her face as she took a small silver key from her pocket and unlocked both of Linda's wrist cuffs while saying, “Master key, for all the locks.”

Evelyn looked at all the locks still adorning Linda’s outfit and said, “Yeah… smart!”

Sarah went behind Linda and locked her wrists behind her back, one on top of the other. Next she thread the tip of the strap through the d-ring in Lindas upper wrist cuff. The tip was then pulled up and through d-rings attached on top of each of Linda’s shoulder straps.Finally the tip was pulled down and through the waiting buckle by the wrist cuff. All done, the strap was thread in a triangular shape pointing downwards on Linda’s back.

Taking the top of the strap Sarah pulled it with great force and slowly started to pull Linda’s wrists and lower arms upwards.


The strain made Linda let out a grunt of discomfort. Sarah took a new hold of the strap and pulled it again.


The strain in Linda’s arms turned into pain and she grunted much louder.

Sarah took a new hold of the strap and turned to Evelyn saying, “Evelyn dear, could you help me. When I tell you, put the prong through the closest hole please.”


Sarah pulled the strap again and as it did not move any further said, “Now, please,” and Evelyn pushed the prong in place.


Linda screamed as tears started to run down her cheeks. The pain in her arms and shoulders were severe but she was too aroused to be turned off by it. In fact it made her more aroused.

Evelyn looked at Linda’s face and said, “Whoa… that must have hurt?”

Sarah made sure the strap was securely buckled and answered, “Yes. And it will keep hurting like hell due to the strain. But you like that, don't you Lady?”

Linda quickly answered, “Uesh Meshh.”

“That’s why you spoke with Evelyn without permission, wasn't it?”

“Ueesh Meeshh!”

Sarah looked at Evelyn and asked, “Evelyn, would you like to help me punish Lady for speaking without permission?”

Evelyn’s eyes lit up and she quickly answered, “Hell yes!”

Alex, who was still carrying and unpacking supplies, stopped and said, “Evelyn, I don’t think we should…”

Sarah interrupted him saying, “Alex dear.”

“Yes Ma’am.”

“Are you done unpacking?”

“No Ma’am.”

“Then I suggest you keep going, we would hate to have to look for a new supplier of your quality.”

“Yes Ma’am.”

As Alex continued to work Sarah had positioned herself behind Linda and lightly kicking her right ankle said, “Spread!”

Linda started to step by step, spreading her legs until Sarah said, “That’s fine, now bend forwards.”

Linda bent forwards at the waist and could see Evelyn back up a few steps as a large amount of saliva hit the floor. Sarah tapped Linda on her buttocks and said, “Hold it there.”

Linda now stood with legs spread wide bent forwards at about 45 degrees. She could feel Sarah start to gather her tail and tuck it under her bound arms while saying, “Evelyn dear, could you go over to the rack there, and bring the metal cane back with you please.”

Linda started to pleadingly whimper as she saw Evelyn walk away saying, “Sure thing. What do I do with the riding crop?”

“You can just leave it at the rack please.”

As Evelyn came back holding the evil looking cane in her hands Linda let out a loud pleading moan. Sarah came around and standing beside Evelyn said, “Hear that? She can’t wait to taste it!”

Evelyn handed the cane to Sarah who continued, “No no, you do it my dear.”

“What! No way… Awesome!”

“Go stand next to her, you will want to hit her buttocks slightly from below just above her thigh cuffs. Make sure to hit her so that each buttock receives the same amount of care.”

As Evelyn got in position Sarah asked, “How many strokes do you think the punishment should entail?”

“Oh I don't know… Eahhh ten?

“BRAVO! I was thinking five but you are the executor so ten it is. Lady, you will keep count for us.”

Linda was awaiting the caning with both dread and yearning, hoping the pain would bring her closer to the beginning of an orgasm. She made sure her posture was perfect, pushed her buttocks up as much as she could and answered, “Ueesh Meeshh!”

“Evelyn, whenever you are ready.”

A faint “swoosh” was heard and Linda felt Evelyn hit her just perfectly. The rather dull stroke made her grunt lowly and said, “Uuaann, shouank eeoo Messhh!

“Why are you thanking me? Thank Evelyn! And Evelyn dear, you have to put your heart into it. The thick latex catsuit takes a lot of the force.”

A much louder “swoosh” was heard.

““NNNNNNhhhhggggggghhh… Uuaann, shouank eeoo Eeooueen!”

Evelyn had upped her game considerably, the stroke was much harder and she managed to hit pretty much the same spot. The pain was fantastic and made Linda more aroused.

“HHHHHHHNNNAAGGGNNN… Kuwao, shhouunk eoo Eeouuuen!”

With each stroke the pain grew and by the fifth one Linda had tears running from her eyes. The pain was exquisite and her masochistic side put her on the beginning of an orgasm. By the eight stroke Linda was screaming loudly and as the tenth landed, having properly counted it and thanked Evelyn, she wanted the punishment to continue.

When Evelyn had laned the final stroke she looked at Sarah with a big smile on her face and asked, “Tail down?”

Sarah returned her smile and answered, “Yes, if you please.”

As Evelyn was loosening Linda’s tail from under her arm she leaned forwards towards Linda’s head and whispered in her ear, “Thank you.”

As Evelyn walked in front of her, giving the cane to Sarah, Linda let out a long excited moan in reply. Linda’s buttocks were on fire and a hot pulsing pain radiated in them. The approaching orgasm was now slowly subsiding and Linda was again left in her highly, but unsatisfied, aroused state. She was still standing bent forwards and could see the pool of saliva was starting to add up quite a bit. Imagining being commanded to clean it up with her tongue made her moan quietly.

Alex, being done with the deliveries, came over with a delivery receipt attached to a clipboard, handed it to Sarah and said, “There you go Ma’am, all done. A signature here if you would be so kind.”

Alex was red in his face and Linda could clearly see he had a raging hardon judging by the bulge in his overall. As Sarah was going through the receipt he said, “Evelyn, in the van. It’s time to go.”

Sarah, having just signed the receipt, moved up to him, put one leg in between his, and with a hand on his chest said, “Please Alex, me and Evelyn are not quite done talking so would you mind go wait in the van. I will send her over as quickly as we are done.”

Alex quickly pushed his pelvis backwards as Sarah put her leg there, took the clipboard and said, “Sure Ma’am… sure thing.”

Evelyn giggled and as Alex was walking towards the van turned to Sarah and said, “How is working here? I guess you are working here, right?

Sarah waved to Alex as he left, turned to Evelyn and replied, “Yes of course I work here. It’s interesting to say the least but very decent pay and a very good employer. It is very demanding but also very rewarding. I’ve had prior jobs and employers but so far nothing beats doing this!”

“Right… right… So you think there would be an opening for someone like me here?”

“Oh...? Did not see that coming. Well perhaps, but it would not be up to me but rather our headmistress.”

“Awesome… so definitely not a no then.”

“Tell you what, next time you do deliveries, leave your contact information to whoever receives the delivery and have them deliver it to me, Sarah.”

“Oh I'll come by tomorrow and do that, no problem.”

“Tomorrow is… Tomorrow is perfect come to think of it. We have an open house so you would be most welcome i guess, i mean it is an open house after all. Leave your information with Andrea in reception when you arrive.”


“Now, before you leave. Would you like to help me make Lady cum?”

“What… like for real?”

“Yes. She has been dying to cum since lunchtime I would say, isn’t that right girl?”

Linda answered a very submissive but assertive voice, “Ueesh Meesh! Puaaeeess naake ne cuung!”

Evelyn went wide-eyed and asked, “Wait, she’s been like this since lunch?”

Sarah took Linda’s head between her hands and made her straighten her back a little so her face was about level with Evelyns face and said, “Thereabouts yes, now spit in her face.”

“You want me to spit in her face?”

“No… SHE wants you to spit in her face.”


Evelyn reached forwards and spat Linda in the face. A cloud of saliva particles hit Linda who closed her eyes at the oncoming spray, then opened them again.

“No no, like this.”

Sarah worked her jaw and cleared her sinuses, then spat a nice gob in Linda’s face. It landed in Linda’s right eye but she managed to close it before hitting her. She was now standing with only one eye open looking at Evelyn who mimicked Sara and spat in her face again hitting Linda on her cheek with a much more ample sized gob.

“There you go! Now take this.”

Linda could see Sarah handing Evelyn the wireless remote as she explained, “This controls the vibrations of the dildos and can also give her shocks to pussy, ass, clitoris and nipples. As you see here she has been running on a nice medium level of vibrations in the dildos for about an hour.”

Evelyn listened with great interest and had an amazed look on her face as Sarah continued, “Now I want you to slowly, and I mean slowly, increase both vibrations and shocks at the same time until she cums. She is probably extremely aroused by now so she will probably cum very easily. When she does just keep going ‘til i tell you to stop, then you press here and here understand?”

“Yes… Oh, should I start with just the shocks until they are level with vibrations and then increase both?”

“Look at you, a natural! Yes, a very good suggestion.”

Sarah bent forward a bit and looking right at Linda said, “Lady, you have my permission to cum whenever you are ready to understand?”

Linda almost started to cry hearing Sarah's words and humbly replied, “Ueesh Meesh! Shouank eeoo Messhh!”

Sarah stepped back and pointed at the remote in Evelyn's hand and said, “Whenever you feel like it Evelyn.”

Evelyn took the remote in both hands and holding it like a smartphone started to manipulate it’s settings. Moments later Linda could feel a buzzing in her pussy, ass, clitoris and nipples. As the power increased, so did Linda’s moans and grunts. Before long the buzz turned into a continuous painful shock and Linda began to really moan and rocking her pelvis unconsciously.

When Evelyn saw Linda start to do so she bent forward and spat Linda in the face and hit her in her open eye. Linda quickly closed the eye as a reflex but opened both eyes again. She could see smears of spit in her eyelashes but did not care, she wanted to see the beautiful girl in front of her bringing her to her orgasm. Linda moaned extra loud as thanks.

Sarah was again very surprised by Evelyn's initiative and bent forwards to spit Linda in her face. As the continuous shock kept growing and growing, Sarah and Evelyn took turns spitting at Linda and her face was starting to look like she had been through a spit bukkake.

As Linda could feel the vibrations start to increase alongside the shock the pain was starting to grow very painful and it was exactly the way Linda wanted it at the moment. Her exhales were now long, loud grunts followed but quick inhales followed by yet another long and loud grunt. And so she kept going.

Linda was now getting very close to cumming and starten to tens up in her whole body. When Sarah saw this she stopped to spit and told Evelyn, “See that, she is very very close now.”

Evelyn picked up on what Sara meant and replied, “Yeah… cool!”


Linda screamed then inhaled deeply.


Linda had never had such a powerful orgams before. She kept screaming as hard and loud as she could, only stopping for a quick breath before she continued to scream. Evelyn and Sarah could suddenly see a clear liquid shoot out between Linda’s legs as her first ever fountain orgasm had pushed its way out between the base of the vaginal dildo and the latex.

Evelyn again went wide-eyed and said, “OH… MY… GOD!”

Sarah quickly stepped beside Linda to support her so as not to fall and said, “Keep going!”

Linda was now over her first orgasm and was feeling light headed. She was panting heavily and fast and was wallowing in pleasure and pain as the vibrations and shock just kept increasing. She wanted it to just keep going and going.

As she saw Evelyn take aim to spit in her face again she came for a second time.


Sarah was supporting her and it was a good thing since Linda got very weak in her knees as she came. She had another fountain orgasm but she did not shoot as much juice as the first time.

Linda felt her ears ringing and before she knew it experienced orgasm number three. Linda was now getting real weak in her legs and Sarah told Evelyn to stop. Evelyn did and got beside Linda opposite Sarahl and with instructions from Sarah they raised Linda up and started to make her put her hooves together. Linda was still twitching and panting heavily and quickly as she felt Sara start to remove the bit. She was still a bit light headed but felt fantastic. Her pussy and ass felt like they were still vibrating even though Linda knew the dildos vere turned off and she had a distinct pain and buzz in her clitoris and nipples.

Sara smiled and nodded towards a gaping Axel looking out through the window in the driver's seat in the van and said, “Thank you Evelyn, I think it’s best you go pick up Alex's jaw and get out of here, don’t you think?”

Evelyn laughed and said, “Yeah… Look, thanks a million… I will definitely come by tomorrow, bye.”

Evelyn was backing up towards the van as she spoke, waving her hand. As she was about to turn she halted, turned to Linda winking her eye, and said “And it was LOVELY to meet you Lady!”

With that Evelyn turned and skipped her way past the front of the van saying, “Shut your mouth Alex, you look like a perv!”

Sarah had loosened Linda’s bit and taken it out of her mouth. Linda was now licking her lips from the lovely nectar Sarah and Evelyn had given her, swallowing as much of it as possible in between breaths. As the van’s engine started and slowly began to drive away Sarah said in her normal voice, “There goes a VERY special young girl, wouldn’t you agree Mrs Andersson?”

Linda swallowed what spit she had collected and said, “Yes Miss… very special.”

“She seemed very fond of you, I must say. Think you have gotten yourself a regular little fangirl there, don’t you think?”

“If you say so Miss.”

The two of them stood watching as the van drove out of sight before Sarah continued, “Now, as much as I hate to admit it, we need to get you out of this lovely outfit and ready for aftercare. Would love to have had you lick the floor clean of your mess but I will see if we have another willing subject.”

Linda looked at Sarah with pleading eyes and said, “But Miss I want to continue being your pony, I promise I can take it! I can clean my mess right away if you let me! You can punish me however you want, just please let me be your pony some more!”

“As much as i know every part of that to be true, we have to get you to aftercare. You have a huge day in front of you tomorrow and believe me when I say this - ending this now hurts me just as much as it hurts you Mrs Andresson, do you understand?”

“Yes Miss, I understand.”

Sarah smiled, spat Linda in the face and started to put the bit back in her mouth and then clipped the halter shaft to it. As Linda felt a shock in her pussy the pair started to walk towards the controls for the garage doors. As they came up to it, Sarah flipped a switch and the doors started to close.

Anyone spying on them from the outside would hear Sarah say, “I think I will have to hose you down before removing anything, you sure are a mess!” just before the doors closed.


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