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Mrs Andersson

by Marcus

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© Copyright 2021 - Marcus - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/f; fpov; latex; hood; catsuit; straps; collar; cuffs; gag; mast; heels; tease; climax; feet; cons; X

Linda Andersson, self-proclaimed trophy wife, accidentally comes in contact with latex and BDSM. Before long she is ready to not only tip her toe in - she dives into the deep end of the pool.


It’s been a very long time since I wrote and published anything but some late art by Formant ( got some scenes stuck in my mind that I had to write down. I never meant for this to become so elaborate but it just grew the more I wrote. Thus, the scene that I had planned is not even in this chapter. This chapter works as a gateway to that scene so with enough interest I will continue the story (and get to the real good stuff).

This chapter is kind of tame compared to some of my prior works but future chapters will quickly become more rough and kinky.

As always, English is not my first language so grammatical and spelling errors will be present.

Checking her outfit a final time, making sure there were no unwanted creases, she pushed the call button by the door.

A female voice came over the intercom.


“It’s Linda Andersson, I have an appointment with Mistress Isabell.” Linda said.

Linda felt her voice falter a bit, she was nervous. Or horny. Or was it a mix of the two?

“Yes, Mrs. Andersson, you are expected. Please come in.”

The electric lock buzzed as it was unlocked and the automatic door slowly opened. Linda took a deep breath and entered. She walked through a short hallway and ended up in a small reception. Behind a desk sat a beautiful female with a big smile on her face. She had immaculate make up, hair put in a strict bun atop her head and a white lovely blouse. Linda imagined her wearing a skirt and heels matching her appearance but sitting at the reception desk, it was impossible to see.

Linda had visited Mistress Isabell once before and had left feeling out of this world. She never knew she had a submissive desire nor did she know she had a craving for latex and strict bondage.

“Mrs. Andresson, you are just on time. Personnel will be with you shortly. In the meantime, would you please look through your list and make sure that your preferred desires correspond to what you chose when you booked the session.” the receptionist said.

Linda was handed a clipboard with a printout of the form she filed when booking the session online. It all looked correct and just reading through the list of things she was willing to pay for to have done to her was making her wet.

Linda had not always been the sexual deviant sitting here, waiting to be dominated. That journey had started just about a year ago.

Linda Andersson; blond, blue eyes, 38 years old, 178 cm tall, 76 kilos. She had nice, perky breasts that were really good looking for her age, she was actually quite proud of them, especially since they were the real McCoy’s. Linda was for the lack of a better word a MILF. Well a MILF plus plus really, at least according to herself. Not only was she very good looking, she was also a trophy wife, and that was her own choice. She was sick and tired of all men who dated and fucked her for their own pleasure. So she had started to, and succeeded in, visiting renowned hotels and casinos in search for a man who she could just live off of.

She had, against all odds, managed to wed the more or less world famous William Andersson. A 64 year old, widowed investment banker that was good for... well she actually did not know the actual amount but it was a lot. She was unsure of what she “had” that none of the other hyenas trying to get to his money had, but she was pretty sure it had to do with her striking personality and humor, again, at least according to herself.

Now, anyone thinking this just made Linda a “dumb blonde”, who just wanted a high society lifestyle without putting the effort in, would be sorely mistaken. Linda had a Masters in product design, landing her a real good salary as a project manager at a local firm, but after her last break up with her ex she had decided that enough was enough. It was her time to be pampered and enjoying life on someone else's dime.

That's how she finally met and remarkably quickly married William about a year ago and thus, quit her job and moved into his main mansion. Linda quickly grew accustomed to the luxury, hired help and her own personal chauffeur.

At first everything was perfect. She had her own allowance, far greater than she had ever imagined making it possible to live a life she had only dreamed about. She got to go to all the fancy restaurants, clubs, galleries and fundraisers she had only seen in the media before. Her wardrobe quickly filled with haute couture with matching, one off, boots and shoes. Getting used to all the hired help took a while but once used to never doing actual house work anymore, it quickly became the norm.

But after six months she re-evaluated her decision. William was almost never home. And when she was able to spend time with him it was almost always at some sort of event, meaning she did not have him to herself. To be clear, she did not marry him out of love, she was a trophy wife after all, but she missed the human interaction and more specifically, she missed the sex. Sex had always been a part of her previous relationships but she must have taken it for granted. It was only now, when there was none, that she started to really miss and crave it. To make matters worse, Linda and William did not even share a bed. They even had separate bedrooms in different parts of the mansion. She could count the times she had coerced him to have sex with her on her fingers. On one of her hands. And when she did get some sex… it was really lacking.

Sure she could buy, and had, all the fancy sex toys one could imagine but they just made her want “real” sex even more.

This is where Rebecca came into play.

Rebecca was William's only child and sole beneficiary of his inheritance. Rebecca, 32 years old and absolutely gorgeous just like her late mother, had made it very clear that she did not like Linda at all when she started dating William. She even told him Linda was just after his money on numerous occasions before the wedding. Sometimes even when Linda was present.

Other than the occasional time when they both were required to be present, Rebecca and Linda never saw each other. Rebecca was always with her friends or contemporary boyfriend or girlfriend. William owned a lot of real estate over the globe and Rebecca spent most of her time traveling between them hosting grand parties, chilling and living life. At least that was what her Snapchat and Instagram told Linda.

It was after Rebecca had spent a few days at home, spending time with William, that Linda one day discovered that Rebecca had forgotten to bring her tablet. Overtaken by curiosity, Linda had brought the tablet to her room and opened it. Let’s just say she was very curious about her stepdaughter, who she barely knew at all.

To her surprise the tablet was not locked so Linda started going through it’s contents. Having gone through web history and some messages, finding nothing really worth noting, Linda started looking through the galleries. Most were selfies, party images and videos but she eventually came across a folder named “xyz”. Linda thought it was some form of systems folder but to her surprise the folder was filled with videos. Pornographic videos.

Linda clicked the first one and was in for a bit of a shock. A woman in what must have been a black latex outfit was bound to a sort of a cross and tormented by another woman dressed in what could only be described as the porn version of a school teacher. Linda caught herself getting turned on by what she was seeing and had to stop and reflect on what she was feeling.

Was she into this? How come she never looked into this before? Did William know his daughter was into this? Probably not the last part, but the more she continued to watch video after video, the more she felt she was getting wet and horny. Was this something that she had wanted all her life but never knew she did?

Having spent two hours, and having more orgasms than she was willing to admit, Linda put the tablet away and continued with her day. The videos she just saw constantly replaying in her mind.

The next morning she went online on the hunt for knowledge. She made sure she was surfing in private mode, there was always the chance William was keeping tabs on her. Search after search pulled her deeper and deeper into the intoxicating world of latex and BDSM. She learned about things she could never have guessed existed. Sure she knew of latex and BDSM, but not of practices like pony play, breathplay, forced orgasm, orgasm denial, strict bondage, predicament bondage, gas masks… some of it very weird, all very intriguing and most highly erotic.

Over the next couple of days she spent most of her time online, abusing Rebecca's tablet during breaks for her daily fix. After a couple of weeks she was registered on numerous BDSM and fetish related forums and chat rooms.

After some time she became very good friends with an online persona she had started chatting and exchanging messages with right from the start. Well, if you can call an anonymous person you only talk to online to, a friend that is? It was a woman, or at least Linda thought it was a woman, calling herself “onmyknees_girl68”. “onmyknees_girl68” had been very kind and welcoming, a nice break from the numerous guys only after a quick wank. She was clearly very much into both latex and BDSM and she gave Linda tips on gear, as it was commonly called within the scene, that suited a newcomer such as herself to make her home sessions a bit more interesting.

Linda, or “sub_and_maybee_slut123” as she called herself online, had taken all of the tips to heart and soon had some of her own gear. Praying William did not keep tabs on her credit card, Linda had ordered a few things. Some really nice black, 6-inch thigh high leather boots. A pair or latex knickers with a slit for easy access to her vagina. Some Velcro arm and feet cuffs for light self-bondage. She even bought a latex hood with attached penis panel gag, blindfold and collar.

Although the gear made Linda's sessions much more enjoyable, she quickly hit a wall, as her sessions became more and more just like normal masturbation. Linda wanted, no she craved, to experience the intoxicating high she had felt when she first discovered the videos on Rebecca’s tablet.

“onmyknees_girl68” told Linda that to truly experience the lifestyle as she called it, and get the highs Linda wanted, she had to experience BDSM in real life. Videos, self bondage and masturbating could only take her so far. And Linda knew she was right. The gear made her sessions so much better but in the end it was not enough, she wanted more.

One thing leading to another, Linda later found herself on a website called “Mistress Isabell’s realm”, a web page that among other things offered live, in person, domination services in the area that William and Linda lived. “onmyknees_girl68”, who suggested it to Linda, had never used it’s services herself but she had heard very good things about it among the online community.

Entering the web page for the first time, Linda had become awestruck. In the center of the page was a photo of what could only be Mistress Isabell herself. Dark skinned, possibly of south European origin, dressed in a lovely white latex blouse and black skirt with matching corset. Knee high black leather boots, at least 6 inches. Black latex gloves. Black shiny hair made up in a ponytail. To put it short she had the looks of a goddess.

Even though all the attributes made her look divine, it was her face that made Linda's pussy twitch and start to get moist.

Piercing green and hazel eyes peered out from under what must have been the most well kept eyebrows Linda had ever seen. Perfectly matching eye latches, fake or not was impossible to tell. A pair of full lips showing a perfectly wicked smile. Makeup was of course spot-on. Linda acknowledged that she had gotten a crush on Isabell right there and then.

Mistress Isabell’s realm was pretty straightforward as far as homepages offering sexual domination services comes. There was a short but sweet preview page with a few images and video trailers. A members section for paid members containing loads of images and videos and finally the section that Linda was most interested in. Live sessions.

The live sessions page presented the would-be client with a form to fill out and submit. After approval the client would be contacted with a time and place along with the fee needed to be prepaid.

Linda was at first very hesitant about whether or not she should go through and book a live session. Apparently she was a lot more into women then she ever knew but wasn’t having a session like this cheating on William? What if she explained it all to him, letting him know that she craved something she almost certainly knew he did not approve of.

But then he probably just think she was a freak, or even worse, divorce her out of fear that Linda's sexual deviancy would hurt his business.

No, if she was to try this, it would have to be secret, done behind Williams' back. Behind everyone's backs come to think of it. No one, not even her chauffeur, could ever know or suspect she had done such a thing.

Linda spent the following days and nights thinking about whether she should go through with booking a session. In the end the fantasies she masturbated to convinced her that she needed to try this. At least try. The worst, or maybe best, thing that could happen was that reality didn’t live up to her fantasies. If the moisture between her legs was any indication, Linda was sure she would probably love it.

The next day Linda found herself on Mistress Isabell’s web page yet again. With trembling hands she started to fill out the form for a live session. William was abroad on some global investment thing and she had not seen Rebecca for weeks so she felt now was a good time to do this.

The form was pretty straight forward. After a section of rules and regulations, stating pretty obvious things like expected conduct, Liability clauses etc, there was a list of fetishes and BDSM practices with a tick box in front of them. There was also a text field for additional comments next to each item on the list.

Linda started to go through the list, finding things she had never heard of, even though she had really done her research.

Latex clothing, bondage, domination, high heels and forced orgasm. Scrolling through the list numerous times Linda finally decided on those five things. There were far more fetishes and practices she would like to experience but she felt she should not go overboard with her first session.

Below the list was a section dedicated to body measurements, shoe and bra sizes. Although stating that all measurements should be taken by a second person, Linda did not have that choice without raising unwanted questions. After finding some tips online on how to measure yourself she did the best she could. They sure wanted a lot of measurements but from what she could tell it was very important to get the proper fit of latex clothing.

At the bottom were three tick boxes stating the clients experience. Novice, experienced and very experienced. Linda checked the box in front of “novice”.

Taking a real deep breath, picturing Mistress Isabell in her mind, Linda entered her name, contact information and clicked send.

There was no turning back now.

A confirmation pop-up thanked her for her interest in Mistress Isabell’s services, and told her to, if accepted, to expect a booking confirmation shortly.

What did shortly mean. A few minutes, days, weeks. God forbid months.

It so happens “shortly” in the world of Mistress Isabell is 2 days. 2 days of second guessing her decision. 2 days of longing. 2 days of wonderful mornings and evenings in her gear, fantasizing about submitting to Mistress Isabell.

She even came so hard one evening that one of the hired help came by her bedroom door, knocking to inquire if everything was alright. In sheer panic Linda managed to remove her Velcro cuffs and gag. With heart pounding so hard she could hardly hear herself speak she shouted that all was OK, lying that she had just hit her foot on one of the chairs.

Asking if medical services were needed and getting a “no thanks” for an answer, the hired help excused herself and went on with her evening routine.

Once the panic resided and Linda's breath returned to somewhat normal, she started to fantasize about the hired help coming in and finding her all tied up on her bed, wearing all her gear. Would she take the opportunity and exploit her vulnerable state?

Of course she would.

Linda shoved the penis gag back into her mouth and fastened the buckles on the side of the hood. She reattached the Velcro cuff and let the imagination of the hired help, running her hands all over Linda's bound form, push her over the edge and enjoying yet another powerful orgasm.

Later, when cleaning and putting away her gear, she made a mental note and giggled to herself. Yes, the hired help would hopefully have taken the opportunity and it would have been divine, but it would also have led to her being fired. And William divorcing Linda.

One morning she had a new message on her phone. No caller ID, just a subject stating “Your session.”

Linda made sure she was alone and opened the message.

It read:

You have a session booked with Mistress Isabell on Wednesday, 4th of June at 09.00. The session will last 2 hours plus 1 hour each of preparations and aftercare.

The below amount has to be paid a minimum of 2 days in advance or your session will automatically be cancelled.

Below that was the cost of the session and an address to the facilities.

The message ended with: Dress smart and be on time!

It was really happening.

The session was only 4 days away so Linda wasted no time getting her credit card and, following the provided link, made the payment. It was not cheap but she did not expect it to be. In the end she had the money. Well in reality William had the money, but Linda was allowed to use it as she saw fit. Not sure paying for domination services was what he had had in mind making that statement.

Stepping out of the taxi 4 days later, Linda found herself in front of a rather typical large family house right at the edge of town in a very nice housing area. It had a well kept garden with a couple of fruit trees and even a set of swings. Had she gotten the wrong address? After paying for her ride, starting to walk up towards the house Linda checked her phone, she was almost on time. Walking as fast as she could in her tight skirt and 4 inch heels she hurried up the stairs and over the pathway leading to the front door.

She had dressed in one of her old business suits. Dark grey pinstriped jacket and skirt, white blouse and tasteful stockings. Her 4 inch heels were in black and had a chunky heel, much more comfortable during long office days then her new 6 inch ones would probably have been.

Next to the door was an intercom with a call button labeled “Sessions”. She must have had the right address. Linda was literally shaking, part fear - part expectation, as she pressed the button.

A female voice came over the intercom.


“Hello, yes, my name is Linda Andersson. I have a session booked. With Mistress Isabell.” Linda answered.

“Welcome Mrs Andersson, you are expected.”

The electric lock buzzed as it was unlocked and the automatic door slowly opened. Linda made sure her skirt was proper and entered the house.

She walked through a short hallway and ended up in a small reception. Sitting behind a desk, looking up from behind a monitor, was a beautiful woman. She had immaculate make up, hair in a strict bun atop her head and a lovely white blouse.

The reception was sparsely furnished with only a single chair and small table apart from the reception desk. To the right was a door labeled “Entry”. Next to the door was a numerical keypad, presumably the code lock for the door. To the right was a similar, unlabeled, door.

“Welcome Mrs. Andersson. Would you please be so kind and look through your list and make sure that your preferred desires correspond to what you chose when you booked the session,” the receptionist said.

She handed Linda a clipboard with a print out of her choices made for the session. Linda took the clipboard and quickly read through the choices she had made.

“Yes, it all looks good Mrs…?” Linda replied with a questioning look on her face, handing the clipboard back to the receptionist.

“Miss. You can call me Andrea. Please have a seat, someone will be with you shortly to take you to preparations.”

Linda sat down, feeling a bit more relaxed and starting to get a bit turned on. Preparations, just the word made her hot.

She had barely sat down when the unlabeled door swung open and a woman in a black t-shirt, khaki pants and combat boots came through the door.

“Mrs. Andersson is here for her session. Please take her through preparations, will you?” said Andrea, handing the clipboard to the woman.

“Sure thing, right this way Mrs. Andersson, my name is Shelly,” the female said and extended her arm towards the door labeled “Entry” with a smile.

“Thank you” Linda said, got up and walked towards the door.

Shelly quickly passed her, typed in a 6 digit code, and held the door open waiting for Linda to pass through. Linda gave her a thanking nod and stepped into yet another hallway.

“I see you take your security very seriously,” Linda said. She was nervous, she talked when she was nervous.

“Oh yes, everything to make the client feel safe Ma'am of course, but also for our own safety. We do not want anyone who doesn’t belong to enter our facilities for all sorts of reasons.”

They passed a few doors, and ended up in a small room. The room was fully tiled in white and in the center of the floor was a drain. The walls were lined with cupboards, clothing racks and shoe and boot stands. In the center there was a chair, a bar-stool and a wheeled table. Centered at the far wall was a single red door.

The smell was fantastic. Latex and leather mixed with an almost hospital-clean kind of smell.

“Are you an all female staff here?” Linda asked.

“Yes Ma'am, will that be a problem?”

“No… no, it's just i have never. I have never “been” with a woman,” Linda answered.

“Oh, it’s your first time Ma'am, my pleasure for sure. Do not worry, this is my job and I promise you you’re absolutely safe and I will be very gentle,” Shelly replied.

“Please go over there and take your clothes off, you can place them in the plastic container on the table over there.”

Shelly pointed to a container atop one of the cupboards. Nervous as she was, Linda tried not to think about the fact that she was about to undress in front of a complete stranger. She walked over to the cupboard and started taking her clothes off, folding them and putting them into the plastic container.

“All the way?” Linda asked.

“Yes please Ma'am,” Shelly replied.

While Linda was busy undressing Shelly went around the room with the wheeled table, read off the list, and gathered items. When Linda was done undressing she stood and waited with her hands held together in front of her. Standing there, stark naked, in her smoothly waxed female form, Linda started to relax.

“Very good, now come over here please Ma’am,” Shelly said.

Linda went over to the center of the room. Shelly handed her a clear bottle with a thick liquid inside and said.

“This is silicone oil, it will help with getting the catsuit on. Please apply it richly all over your body Ma'am.”

Linda took the bottle and poured the silicone in one of her hands and started to apply it to her body. When reaching her vagina she skipped past it and went further up her thighs and stomach.

“All over please Ma'am, it’s for your comfort,” Shelly pointed out.

“Oh… right, sorry.”

Linda smeared the silicone all over her vagina and behind. Although her hands were covered in the thick oil she could feel how wet she was. The totally new experience of undressing in front of a complete stranger actually turned her on way more than she had imagined. It felt wonderful, different but wonderful. When Linda had applied the silicone all over her body Shelly once again spoke.

“Since you have labeled yourself a novice, I will ask a couple of questions as we progress, is that alright with you Ma'am?”

“Yes of course,” Linda replied.

“Great, have you ever worn a latex catsuit and hood before?”

“A latex hood with a gag and blindfold but sadly never a catsuit.”

“No problem, I will help you with them both but for the hood I need to put your hair in a ponytail. If I may?”

“Please, go right ahead.”

Shelly took a brush and rubber band from the table and asked Linda to sit down on the chair. While brushing and putting Linda's hair into a ponytail, Shelly spoke.

“Since you have not specified what gear you desire in detail, I have selected a black catsuit with a through-the-crotch, three-way zipper for today's session. You will also be wearing latex gloves and an open face hood with a ponytail attachment. Lastly, your feet will be adorned with a pair of ankle high boots. What is your preferred height of heel Ma'am?”

Linda felt she was being read the menu from the maitre d’ in a fancy restaurant.

“I wear a 6 inch at home,” Linda replied.


Taking the catsuit from the table Shelly opened the zipper and asked Linda to take a seat on the bar-stool. Starting with one leg and then the other Shelly started to pull the catsuit up Linda's legs. The feeling was incredible. Linda got goosebumps as the cold, tight material engulfed her limbs. As she closed her eyes and imagined how it would feel when the whole suit was on, a low moan escaped her lips. Linda was instantly embarrassed and felt she was turning deep red. Shelly however continued to pull the catsuit over Linda’s thighs and, carefully placing Linda's breast in the breast cups, started to zip her up.

Again the feeling was to die for. The goosebumps were all gone and instead of cold Linda was now hot. In all of the ways you can be “hot”.

Once done Shelly took a pair of gloves and asked Linda to put them on. They felt pre-lubed and easily slid on. Again they were tight and felt lovely, a perfect fit. Shelly in the meantime had gotten the open face hood and went to stand in front of Linda.

“Look at me please Ma’am,” she said.

Linda looked straight at Shelly and for the first time since she got to the house reflected over how beautiful she was. Shelly had a bit of a tom-boy look. She was a bit shorter and wider than Linda and had a real edgy hairdo. Buzz cut on the sides with the short hair left on top combed to one side. Black at the roots with a transition to deep red at the ends. Deep brown eyes and like Andrea, very professional makeup. Her clothes were, now that she thought of it, simple. But considering the sort of job Shelly was doing, it made a lot of sense.

“Since you have good experience with hoods, this will not be any problem,” Shelly said with a smile.

Putting Linda's ponytail through the appropriate tube on the top of the hood, Shelly began to pull the hood over Linda's face while at the same time feeding the ponytail through the tube.. When in place Shelly looked it over to make sure it was on properly and once pleased, said.

“Now, time for the boots.”

Shelly took the pair of black, ankle high, platform boots from the table and started to lace them on Linda's feet. Linda got a bit worried, she had never worn platform heels, especially not ones with a 2 inch platform. Having no time to dwell on it Linda was surprised, even though she shouldn’t have been, at how fast and tight Shelly was able to put them on.

Once done she stood, looking at Linda's face and said.

“Just a little touch up of the makeup and some shine and you are ready to go Ma'am.”

Shelly got a makeup kit from one of the cupboards and started to reapply some of Linda's makeup.

“Do you offer your services to both men and women?” Linda asked.

“Yes we do Ma'am, we do not make any exclusions based on gender:” Shelly replied.

“Sorry, I was not implying that…”

“Not a problem Ma'am, your question is valid, and yes we cater to men as well and females. And to those who do not identify as either of them as well of course.”

Linda remained quiet, feeling a bit dumb.

Shelly, done with Linda's makeup, got a sponge and a bottle containing what Linda guessed was the shine she spoke of. Putting a rich amount of the liquid in the sponge Shelly started to polish Linda from head to toe.

Being touched and polished all over by this almost total stranger felt amazing. Linda reflected over the fact that she had gone from never being with another woman in any sexual context to feeling very turned on by one in a matter of minutes.

“There you go Ma'am, all dolled up and looking very beautiful if you don’t mind me saying,” Shelly stated as she took a few steps back to admire her handywork. Shelly walked to one of the walls and rolled a full size mirror in front of Linda. Shelly was right, Linda did look just like a beautiful latex doll. Linda carefully explored her latex covered body and replied.

“Thank you, I feel amazing! Why haven’t I tried this earlier?”

“If this is how you feel now, just wait, the real fun is about to start,” Shelly said and gave Linda a mischievous smile as she pointed to the red door and said.

“Your Mistress awaits.”

Linda stood up and walked without trouble towards the door. Thank god she had gotten the boots and had a lot of practice at home. With the nervousness back on full blast Linda put her hand on the handle and opened the door. Before she went through she Shelly spoke again.

“Oh and just so you know, you were almost two full minutes late.”

Linda did not register what Shelly had told her as the door closed behind her. Linda was now in the corner of a much larger room compared to the preparations room. The walls, as well as the ceiling, appeared to be painted all black. The walls were empty apart from a couple of large double doors. In the center of the room was a big chair lit up by a single or perhaps a pair of spotlights. It looked more like a throne than a chair actually. Under the throne was a big red, circular carpet. The lack of additional lights made the scene look very mysterious and a bit scary.

Linda stood mesmerized and took it all in. After what felt like hours she slowly started to walk towards the throne. As she came to the edge of the carpet a female voice sharply spoke.

“Stop! You never enter my carpet without permission.”

“I… Hello?” Linda stammered.

From behind the throne a female figure stepped into the light. There was no mistaking her for who she was. It was Mistress Isabell.

Linda felt her vagina twitch and stood awestruck ogling the woman in front of her. She was just as beautiful as her photos showed, no photo retouching done there for sure. Isabell was dressed in a lovely white blouse, a black leather waist cincher and tight black leather pants. Her feet were draped in knee high black, patent leather boots. Her hands were covered in what looked like black leather driving gloves.

Isabell walked to the throne and gracefully sat down, crossing her legs. She spoke.

“This being your first time, I will be lenient with you Mrs. Andersson, but be assured this is the only time I will be so. For any future sessions I expect you to have learned, either from today's session or otherwise, how to properly behave in my house. If not, you will most definitely suffer the consequences.”

“Yes, sorry, I didn't mean…” Shelly cut her answer short, biting her tongue. “Yes Mistress, I understand.”

“Good, you seem to be a quick learner. I prefer quick learners, having to repeat myself is something I really hate. Now be a good girl and get on all fours at the end of the carpet.”

Linda had very mixed emotions. She was extremely turned on yet felt very humiliated by the command. But the humiliation got her, not surprisingly, even more turned on. Wasting no more time pondering on her feelings Linda got down on all fours, lifting her head and looked straight at Isabell. The carpet was surprisingly soft, like it was padded.

“Crawl towards me,” Isabell demanded.

Linda started to hurriedly crawl towards Isabell.

“No, no. Slow and gracefully. Lower your eyes.”

Linda halted and then started to crawl again, this time slowly and hopefully more graceful. She kept her head lowered and her eyes looking at Isabell's boots. Linda was almost at Isabell’s feet when she spoke.

“That's far enough Mrs Andersson. Acceptable but your crawl needs a lot of work wouldn’t you say?”

“Yes… Yes, Mistress.”

“It sure does. Now on your knees, hands on your thighs.”

Linda sat up on her knees, trying to make it as comfortable as possible sitting on her platforms.

“No Mrs Andersson, your legs should be spread open to offer me your lower abdomen and your palms should be facing up. We call this the Nadu pose or as I often refer to it, the presentation pose,” Isabell said and let out a sigh.

Linda quickly adjusted her pose after Isabell’s instructions as best as she could.

Isabell rose from the throne and slowly started to circle around Linda. Linda's feelings were on a roller coaster. She could feel how wet she was between her legs, she was really turned on. Yet at the same time she felt extremely vulnerable, like an animal being observed by an apex predator. She wanted to close her eyes but dared not to. Instead she suppressed her instinct to follow Isabell with her eyes and stared straight at the now empty throne.

“Mrs Andersson, I must admit that you are quite beautiful for your age. Back straight, present those lovely breasts of yours!” Isabell commanded.

Her words got the juices flowing even more between Linda's thighs. She promptly straightened her back, making her breasts stand out even more prominent. It dawned on Linda that she never considered Isabell’s age. She must clearly be younger than herself. Linda settled on around between 25 to 30 years old making her even more aroused knowing she was being dominated by a significantly younger woman.

All of a sudden Isabell stopped right in front of Linda and crouched down leaving them face to face. Isabell spoke.

“I shall have you know, I do not accept all applicants who seek my services. But I must say I get very intrigued when a woman, again of your age, is willing to submit to me. Proves you are still adventurous and have not given up on life. Good for you.”

Her breath was warm and smelled of cherry sweets. The smell was intoxicating and Linda had to stop herself with all her might not to lean forward and give Isabell a kiss.

“I mostly have to deal with men, the old married kind, that do not have the balls to ask their better halves to do to them what they desire. Quite pathetic if you ask me.” Isabell continued.

“Makes me very curious about whether Mr. Andersson knows of your whereabouts today. Or perhaps it’s Mrs. and Mrs. Andersson?"

Linda started to feel panic rising. Did she know? Was William already informed and waiting in the shadows with divorce papers? Or worse, William and Rebecca both. Rebecca would have loved to catch Linda in this situation, tossing the divorce papers in her face telling William how she was right all along and what a whore Linda was.

The mere thought of how humiliating that situation would be was enough to let a low moan slip past Linda's lips.

“Sorry Mrs. Andersson, did you say something?” Isabell asked.

“No Mistress.” Linda replied.

“Very well then.” Isabell said, stood up and walked over to the throne and sat down, legs crossed.

“Now I want you to understand that even though you pay me, you are here for my pleasure. Your pleasure is always second to mine and if you are given any pleasure at all, it is to be considered a reward. If you want quick and cheap thrills I can refer you to more than a handful of Mistresses who do that line of work. I do not, have I made myself clear, Mrs. Andersson?”

“Yes, Mistress, I am here for your pleasure, not mine.”

“Very good Mrs Andersson, now come here and start to polish my boots.”

Linda hesitated, what did she mean?

As if reading Linda's mind, Isabell clarified.

“Yes, Mrs Andersson, I want you to come over and clean my boots with your tongue.”

Linda slowly crawled closer to Isabell’s boots. Bending her arms to get closer, Linda got her tongue out and started with the boot closest to her. She licked it from the bottom, working her way up over the foot and finally the shaft. The smell and taste of the boots were lovely. New leather, no smell like it in the world Linda thought, well apart from latex of course. The pair worked in almost perfect sync, just as if they had rehearsed it all beforehand. As Isabell felt Linda was done with one boot she slowly shifted to cross her legs offering the other boot. Linda was surprisingly quick to take the hint and swiftly yet with sexual grace switched and started using her tongue on the next boot. Linda found the hardest part was the timing of moisturizing her tongue when it went dry. At first she made funny noises when doing so but a gentle yet firm kick on her cheek from one of Isabell’s boots made her stop.

Linda was by now extremely aroused. Here she was, face down, cleaning a Mistress’s boots with her tongue just as she had seen in numerous videos she had been masturbating to.

Isabell kept switching boots for Linda to clean and all but too soon Isabell found her boots sufficiently cleaned and spoke.

“Good work Mrs. Andersson, let's move on shall we?”

Linda got back into the presentation pose and retracted her by now pretty sore tongue, back into her mouth for some much needed moisture and spoke.

“Yes Mistress, please Mistress.”

Out of the corner of her eye Linda saw Isabell turn her head a bit and spoke out into the darkness.


To Linda's shock she saw Shelly emerge from the shadows carrying a bundle of what looked like leather straps. Shelly walked straight up to Isabell and handed her the leather gear. She then turned around and disappeared into the shadows just as quickly as she had emerged.

Linda's mind was racing. Had she been there all the time? Seen her licking Isabell’s boots. Witnessed her failed attempt at a sexy crawl. She kept getting more aroused from the humiliation and was most likely wetting the carpet with the juices escaping through the zipper between her legs.

“Stand up!” Isabell commanded.

Linda rose as quickly as she could, almost falling over. Her legs were more tired than expected. Isabell gave Linda a inquiring look and rose from her throne, putting some of the leather gear on the seat of the throne.

Isabell held up what Linda thought was some form of collar and wrist cuffs combo. It had a 2 inch collar with dual strapped, lockable buckles. From the collar a wide leather strap ran down to two wide leather cuffs that also had lockable buckles. The wide connecting leather strap had a buckle to adjust length. Isabell put the collar around Linda's neck letting the connecting strap and wrist cuffs fall on Linda's back and said.

“I have selected leather restraints since you did not specify anything else, i hope you don’t mind, I love leather restraints.”

Isabell pulled the straps tight, very tight, and fastened the buckles. She then got two small silver padlocks from the throne and with two clicks the collar was securely locked around Linda's neck.

Isabell, wasting no time, moved behind Linda's back. As if anticipating what was to come, Linda bent one of her arms to 90 degrees and Isabell took her wrist and buckled one of the cuffs tightly around her wrist. The same was done to the other wrist. Again two clicks could be heard as Isabell used two more padlocks.

Still behind Linda, Isabell started to fiddle with the strap connecting the collar and the wrist cuffs. It did not take Linda long to find out what was going on. All of a sudden Isabell tightened the strap making Linda's wrist, and therefore also her arms, move further up her back. The added pressure from the collar around her neck mixed with the added strain and pain in her arms made Linda let out a cry of agony. Isabell drew the strap two more notches before securing the buckle. Linda tried to stand up on her toes in a failed attempt to release some of the tension on her arms, failing to realize it made no difference whatsoever. She started to take tiny steps and move forth and back.

“There, there, Mrs Andersson, try and relax. Remember, you are here for my pleasure are you not?

Linda tried to focus and came to halt, regaining her balance and she stood back down firmly on her heels.

“Yes Mistress. But please Mistress, it hurts!”

“My pleasure, remember. Besides, pain is just a higher form of pleasure I've been told. So you will stop complaining and endure it, won't you Mrs Andersson.”

Before Linda could utter her complaints a second time, Isabell continued. “Now I know that you did not request any gag for this session Mrs. Andersson, but it would please me very much if you would allow me to use one on you today? Do you have any prior gag experience Mrs. Andersson?”

“Yes Mistress, I own a panel gag with a penis plug.” Linda answered, trying to find a spot in the ceiling to focus on. She had her head tilted backwards in an effort to relieve some of the strain, again it made little to no difference.

“Oh, very good Mrs. Andersson, very good. So... would you mind?”

“Not at all Mistress, I would love to wear a gag for you.”

“Good. Head harness with panel gag and 2-inch cock!”

Again Shelly swiftly emerged carrying what Isabell requested.

“Open wide,” Isabell said with a smile on her face.

Linda opened her mouth and felt the two inch cock being shoved into her mouth. It was bigger and longer than she was used to. It felt like it filled her to the brink of her gagging. She loved it! Exploring the cock with her tongue she found it tasted of raw industrial rubber. The cock quickly became a sort of a comfort for Linda to suckle on, trying to get her mind off the pain.

Isabell arranged the array of straps around Linda's head, some even passing under her chin, effectively making spitting the cock out impossible. After the head harness was tightly strapped and buckled, six distinct clicks from padlocks just cemented the fact further, the cock was in Linda's mouth until Isabell decided otherwise.

Isabell again started to circle around Linda, again making Linda feel very vulnerable. After a few laps, checking that everything was nice and tight she stopped in front of Linda.

“Legs wide, I want your face directly in front of mine.” Isabell commanded.

Linda realized she was a few centimetres taller than Isabell and spread her legs as far as she dared. She still had to lean a bit forward to end up just in front of Isabell’s face.

“Now Mrs Andersson, should we continue on to the good stuff? No need to try and answer verbally. Just blink once for yes, two for no.

Linda looked straight into Isabell’s eyes. She was starting to enter subspace for the first time in her life. The latex. The strict and painful bondage. The beautiful Mistress standing in front of her. The assistant in the shadows, watching her submit to a woman younger than herself. The fact her husband was hopefully and blissfully unaware that his wife was spending his money on her own sexual pleasure. Linda felt an orgasm coming.

Linda focused and blinked once. Slowly and deliberate to make sure her answer could not be mistaken.

“So we shall.”

Isabell put her hand on the back of Linda's head, pushing Linda’s face closer. Looking her straight in the eyes she kissed Linda ever so gently on her panel gag, pushing the penis-gag a tad further down Linda's throat.

It was just enough to push Linda over the edge and she came. Not hard. Not at all. Linda experienced a new kind of orgasm. It felt… unsatisfactory. She wanted more, a real orgasm, a rock my world orgasm. Linda moaned loudly like a wounded animal and started to instinctively rock her pelvis back and forth as if she was riding something.

A hand gripped and pulled her sharply forward and downwards. Isabell had grabbed the o-ring attached to the front of Linda's collar in an attempt to calm the ruttish mare. Linda almost fell over but managed to just keep her balance.

“Mrs. Andersson, behave!” Isabell almost shouted in a very strict tone.

“I will not allow this kind of disobedience! You never, ever, cum without my strict permission. Is that understood?” Isabell was clearly displeased. “Finish her bondage, I will take a short break. For both our sakes.” Isabell delivered the last sentence looking straight into Linda’s eyes. Linda could both see and feel she was in trouble.

As Isabell left, Shelly emerged and went by the throne to pick up a pair of cuffs and padlocks. Kneeling beside Linda she tightly strapped a pair of leather feet cuffs to Linda’s ankles. This was followed by the, by now, very distinguishable sound of four locking padlocks. Shelly told Linda to get on her knees, standing by to help her if needed. Linda managed on her own but was surprised at what Shelly asked of her next.

“Now fall into me Mrs. Andersson, trust me I will catch you.”

Feeling she had no choice Linda let herself fall forwards and sure enough, was caught by Shelly who expertly let her down on the ground. Linda was trying to get accustomed to the new position when she felt Shelly locking her feet cuffs together. Using what must have been another leather strap, Shelly proceeded to put Linda in a way too tight hogtie. Linda grunted in discomfort. The added strain and pressure made the pain in her arms come to life again with a vengeance.

“I know, I know, Mrs. Andersson. But Mistress Isabell expects it to be tight. And if she finds I have been lacking it’s my ass… sorry, I mean, I will be in real trouble.”

Shelly did a round trip to the throne and continued.

“That is also why it kind of pains me to have to do this. But I will tell you this Mrs. Andersson, Isabell NEVER kisses a novice, never. She must really like you.”

With that said, Shelly went ahead and put a leather strap between a D-ring on top of Linda's head harness and her feet cuffs. Figuring out what was about to happen Linda let out a muffled cry of mercy.

“Sorry, sorry, sorry… but in the end you wanted this right, so you can’t blame me Mrs. Andersson, I’m just doing my job. Giving you what you paid for.”

Linda felt her head forced backwards making the collar gripping her neck even more tight. Just as Linda felt she was slowly beginning to faint, Shelly stopped and fastened the buckle, added a padlock, and left.

Linda was in hell. She could hardly breathe. Every breath left her nose with a wheezing sound. The pain in her arms was excruciating. She hated it. Yet she felt a new orgasm coming. How could she be so turned on by a situation she hated?

She started to test her bonds, wriggling left to right. Her breast started to just barely move across the carpet but it was enough for some friction between the latex and her nipples. They quickly became fully engorged and the feeling was fantastic! She started to moan again. Moans of pleasure. She tried rocking her pelvis against the carpet in an effort to come closer to that sweet lovely orgasm.

The rocking did nothing of the sort. Why on earth had she not asked for a dildo or a vibrator? She was, as Shelly painfully reminded her, here as a client. She was paying for this, paying good money in fact. Trying to put her shortcomings when it comes to planning aside, she continued to wriggle and moan, wriggle and moan.

“Someone sure is enjoying themselves, aren’t we Mrs. Andersson?”

Isabell was back.

As if being caught doing something very wrong Linda uttered a muffled and whimpering moan.

“I hate to tell you, but our time is soon up Mrs. Andersson. We do have a few issues left to resolve before I let you go though. First of all, you have actually surprised me today, performing far better than expected. That will be rewarded.”

Isabell put her hand on Linda’s thigh and gently caressed it. Linda in turn tried to move her body closer, trying to show that she very much approved of Isabell’s touch. Isabell stopped what she was doing and stood up saying:

“But then again you have also failed to follow my instructions, haven’t you Mrs. Andersson?”

Isabell now stood in front of Linda as she spoke. All Linda could see in her bound state was the lower part of her boots. An instant urge to clean Isabell’s boots hit Linda, if she would just be allowed to lick the boots and show her love for Mistress.

Slowly Linda registered Isabell’s last statement. Failed to follow her instructions. What did she fail at? Isabell spoke and answered her question.

“Do you know how late you were for your session today? Of course you don’t! Two minutes... you were two minutes late. Normally that means one infraction per second. 60 seconds in a minute makes for 120 infractions, Mrs. Andersson, doesn’t it?”

Linda was sinking deeper into subspace. 120 infractions, what could that mean. Hoping Isabell would punish her as she saw fit, Linda let out a moan of pleasure and expectations.

“If you were one of my regulars that would mean, in your current position, 120 licks from my paddle. But as you are new to all this I will settle on 12.”

Linda was still processing what Isabell had just said as the first blow hit her left buttocks. She cried out in pain.


The blow from the paddle was direct, purposeful and hard.

“Since you do not have the ability to, I will count for you Mrs Andersson. That's one.”

Isabell had just finished her sentence as the next blow hit Linda. Same buttocks, same place.


This one was way worse than the one before, her bottock was on fire. Linda could feel tears swell in her eyes. She was now struggling furiously to get free.

“That's two.”

The assault continued and by the 6th blow Linda was still wriggling furiously. Only now it was mostly from arousal. Sure the blows hurt like hell but they also gave a warmth and satisfaction Linda had never felt before. She was also getting more and more close to that sweet, sweet orgasm she craved so much right now.

Isabell switched to the right buttocks and although the first couple of blows hurt as much as the first on her left buttocks had done, they quickly became the wonderful strokes of love that kept pushing her towards the edge.

All too soon the assault ended and Linda let out a most disappointing and frustrating moan. She wanted more.

“Oh… Mrs Andersson, you surprised me yet again. I will keep that in mind for any potential future sessions. But alas we will have to move on to the rewards.”

Linda felt Isabell putting one of her boots at her side and with a firm push made her turn over to one side. Again the pain in her arms and the trouble with breathing came back as she shifted in her bondage. All Linda could do was to grunt in distress and try to focus on her breathing.

Isabell crouched beside Linda and started to play with her engorged nipples through the latex. She flicked them between her fingers, occasionally pinching and carefully twisting them. Linda just moaned in response.

Suddenly she felt like a jolt of electricity had been placed on her clitoris. Linda yelped in surprise only to quickly continue with her loud moans of pure ecstasy. Isabell had put a powerful vibrator right on top of Linda's clitoris. Linda started rocking her hips trying to get more pleasure from it and hopefully let it settle just… at... that… magical… place. Trying to make any difference proved near impossible. Her bondage was way too strict for her to be able to move as she wanted. Still, Linda kept on fighting her bonds out of pure spite making her more and more exhausted… more and more aroused.

She was in pure heaven. Never in a million years would she have seen herself here two months ago. All dressed up in lovely latex. In strict bondage. Pleasured by a beautiful Mistress.

Isabell worked Linda's nipples with one hand and the vibrator with the other. As she felt Linda start to stop moving, tensing up and more or less stop breathing she knew what was about to happen. As Isabell set the vibrator to max she leaned forward and softly spoke directly into Linda's ear.

“Yes Mrs. Andersson, you may cum.”

One would never have known Mrs. Linda Andersson was able to vocalize such a raw and guttural sound. It was like she wasn’t even gagged.

Linda came so hard things went black for a while. She came like she never had before, riding the wave of orgasm after orgasm. She shook violently and rocked as best she could in her bondage. As the orgasm subsided Isabell removed the vibrator from Linda's clitoris and turned it off.

“My, my. Mrs Andersson if I didn't know better i would say you just came. You are welcome. That only leaves my pleasure, doesn't it?”

Linda was still groggy from the amazing orgasm she just had as she felt the vibrator yet again being pushed against her clitoris and turned on.


Linda cried into her gag. Her clitoris hurt and she felt extremely mixed emotions. She wanted it to stop so badly yet could not wait for another orgasm. The pain turned to pleasure and soon Linda had her second mind blowing orgasm.

To her dismay it was not over. Isabell again let Linda come to her senses and then gave her the vibrator again.

Time stopped to exist. Linda was in limbo between heaven and hell. All she could do was to endure. Try to focus and endure. Ride the orgasms and except she was fully at the mercy of her Mistress.

Linda found herself panting heavily through her nose. She opened her eyes and looked straight into Isabell’s boots again. She had been flipped on her stomach. Her clitoris felt like it was still vibrating all on it’s own. Linda felt Isabell’s hand on her cheek as she spoke.

“That concludes our session for today Mrs. Andersson. I hope it was as enjoyable for you as it was for me. I really hope you will consider visiting me in the future. I really, really do.”

With that the bots went out of sight and Linda was left on the floor in her hogtie. Everything was aching. Her neck. Her jaw. Her arms.Her clitoris. Even her feet ached.

After what felt like an hour but was more likely only a few minutes, a pair of black combat boots came into view.

“OK then Mrs Andersson. Why don't we get you out of that bondage and start to get you ready to go home.”

Shelly was back and started to remove the strap holding Linda's head back. The release of tension on her neck was met with a moan of pure joy from Linda. Shelly then proceeded to unbuckle and remove the head harness and panel gag. As the penis plug plopped out of Linda's mouth, saliva started pouring onto the carpet. Linda started to work her jaw and managed to whimper: “Fhank yo Mishtress.”

Clearly Linda's jaw was not working as intended yet. Shelly just giggled and said.

“Now this might be a new experience for you, one of many today I would think, but you might feel some discomfort as I loosen your bondage. Just ride through it. It will be over before you know it.”

As Shelly unbuckled the straps and cuffs, blood started to flow back to Linda's arms and legs. The buzzing feeling and pain from what felt like a thousand needles pricked into her limbs all at once was excruciating. Linda almost wished she was still gagged.

“No, no, no! Make it stop.” Linda was again in a form of weird pain. All she could do was lay flat on the ground, grunting and hoping for it to stop. Moving anything just made it worse.

Shelly gathered all of the gear taken off Linda and said, “I will let you cool down for a minute or two and then I will be back. We have some work to do in recovery and then, you will be ready to go home.” With that Shelly left and Linda was left alone with her thoughts.

Go back home… She just had the experience of a lifetime. What could possibly interest her back home after this?


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