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Mrs Andersson

by Marcus

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Linda is back and lusting for more. This part is more extreme. As it stands now this will be a 3-4, maybe 5 part journey.

As always, English is not my first language so grammatical and spelling errors will be present.

(To better understand the characters and story arc, read part 1 first.)

Part 2

As the buzzing sensation went away in her arms and legs, Linda slowly managed to sit up. She flexed her limbs as best as she could to work out the remaining stiffness. The light reflecting in the catsuit mesmerised her and she found herself twisting and moving her arms and hands, following the reflections as they moved. It felt great, the silicone made sure the latex glided effortless over her skin.

She sat up on her knees and found she inadvertently had spread her legs as done in the presentation pose. Looking down she saw that the carpet was stained where she had been situated during the session, especially around where her crotch and gagged mouth had been.

Putting a hand between her legs she carefully massaged her crotch. She shuddered as her fingers passed over her latex encased clitoris. Even though it was still very sore, Linda immediately started to slowly get turned on again. The way it made her feel, the material had to be magical, she thought.

Removing the hand from her crotch she saw it was covered in a thick gooey substance. Her juices must have penetrated the zipper and leaked out. Curiously she lifted her hand to her face and smelled it. A warm odour rich with sweat and her own juices hit her. She opened her mouth and was about to lick her finger when Shelly spoke, scaring Linda half to death.

“Not that I don't like the look of a latex clad woman savouring her own juices, but we really have to get going. We have another session booked after yours Ma’am.”

Linda quickly put her finger in her mouth and licked it clean. Salty, with a hint of sourness, maybe a bit metallic. Linda would have loved to explore her taste more but got up and followed Shelly through one of the opened double doors.

The doors led into a white tiled room, more or less exactly the same as the preparations room, except it was far more sparsely furnished. There was a stainless sink and a mirror on one of the walls next to a simple shower. In the centre of the room was a single bench, and placed neatly beside it were a couple of empty plastic containers. There was also a door labelled “Exit”.

“Front and centre if you please, Ma’am,” Shelly requested.

Linda did as she was told and stood directly over the floor drain. She started to caress her crotch with one hand and fondled one of her breasts with the other. She could not help but let out a few moans.

“Really Ma’am, I know how you must feel but you have to stop touching yourself,” Shelly barked.

“Sorry… I just… It feels so good,” Linda replied.

“Don’t I know it, please have a seat, we will start with the boots.”

Linda sat down with a whimper, her buttocks still sore from the assault of the paddle. Shelly knelt in front of Linda and unlaced and removed her boots. Linda wiggled her toes, it felt good to have them off. The catsuit and gloves were next to come off and Shelly put the used latex items in one of the empty plastic containers. Not surprisingly Linda was covered in sweat and her own juices. The air hitting her now naked and wet skin made her shiver. She held her arms up to her body, trying to preserve some warmth. Shelly saw that Linda was cold and said.

“Just the hood left and then I suggest a quick shower before you get dressed.”

Shelly helped Linda take the hood off and undid her ponytail. Linda quickly tip-toed towards the shower but stopped to look at herself as she passed the mirror. She was a mess. The makeup had smeared down her face. Her mouth and chin were covered in saliva. Linda expected nothing less. Not expected however was that her body and face were covered in red welts, especially around her joints and where restraints had been. She touched some of the welts on her face left by the head harness when Shelly once again spoke.

“Don’t worry, they will be gone in a few hours, I will help you cover the worst ones on your face but I would suggest you minimise any socialising as much as possible until tomorrow if you want to keep today a secret.”

Linda was conflicted. Part of her was angry, no one had told her she would leave the facilities marked. What would people think if they saw her?

The other part of her thought back to the session she just had with Mistress Isabell and felt proud. She earned these marks. They were a sign of her dedication to pleasing her Mistress. A dedication to her own self indulgence.

Linda suddenly had an epiphany and turned around and looked at her buttocks in the mirror. To no surprise they had big red marks where she had been paddled.

A quick shower later and Linda was made up and dressed in the outfit she arrived in. Shelly had done a fantastic job at hiding the welts on her face, you had to really know they were there to see them.

Shelly guided Linda towards the exit but before walking out to the reception Linda spoke.

“I have to ask, if you don’t mind, are all who work here into the scene?”

Shelly smiled and answered, “I think it takes a special kind of person to do what we do. Most here love the job and I think they are all into the scene in one way or another, we also get great benefits.” Linda raised an eyebrow. “We get to use the facilities and gear ourselves during down times. I really can’t tell you any more I'm afraid. Confidentiality and all that you know. I might have told you too much already. Take care now Ma’am and I hope we will see you again soon,” Shelly said, waving goodbye.

Linda left the house, thanking Andrea as she passed the reception. Andrea informed her a taxi was waiting to take her home if needed.

The ride home was dead silent. Linda caught the driver throwing looks at her repeatedly through the rear view mirror. Every time he did Linda tried to cover her face with her hand, trying to make it look like the sun was in her eyes. There was an overcast.

Linda tried to ignore the looks and instead focused on her session. Her session with Mistress Ibabell. Mistress Isabell. Linda started to think she had a crush.

Once back home Linda went straight up to her room and stayed there until nightfall. She was afraid someone would notice her welts or inquire about her day. No one did.

The next few days were tough. Linda had real remorse mixed with memories of pure ecstasy. On one hand she really had been having an affair behind her husband's back and it made her sick with guilt. On the other hand she had been to heaven and back. Licking the boots of her Mistress. Fighting the pain in her arms. Having the best orgasm, no orgasms, she ever experienced. Tasting herself for the first time.


As the days turned into weeks, Linda finally accepted her actions and felt she was really not doing anything wrong. She had, at least in her opinion, just been to a very, very special therapist or masseuse. What could possibly be wrong with that? She would absolutely keep it a secret though.

Weeks passed and Linda had on numerous occasions wanted to book a new session but was afraid that a significant withdrawal from her credit card too soon after the first one would raise questions. It was the same deal with getting new gear. She had spent days browsing and finding the most incredible toys and latex outfits but dared not order any. She made due with what she had.

She did however dare to dig deeper, much deeper, into the online world of latex and BDSM. The further she dug, the more extreme practises and gear started to turn her on. Things she would have considered sick and perverted were now recurring fantasies during her self pleasure session. Her online friend, “onmyknees_girl68”, had even at one point said that Linda now surpassed her by a mile and some of the things Linda liked to discuss were too extreme for her. Linda was not too upset by it, if her online friend could not stomach Linda’s new found fetishes, it was her loss, not Linda’s.

Things like enduring breath play with a gas mask tightly strapped to her head. Being dressed up and used as a pony. Strictly bound in a predicament leaving her the choice of pleasure or pain, or even better, leaving her the choice of alternating between two kinds of pain. She had fantasies of being used as a sex object at parties. Forniphilia, used as mere furniture. The list of depraved things she wanted to try was long and dark, and the more she dug, the longer the list became.

Her darkest fantasy even scared her a little of herself. She was totally covered in latex, tightly restrained and wearing ballet boots. Then bound in a restroom, used as a urinal while having to endure a mix of electro shocks and teasing vibrators. As she “served her customers” she was kept on the edge and not allowed to cum. Hour upon hour, patron upon patron.

Linda wondered how she had gone from finding some light latex BDSM on a tablet to masturbating to a fantasy of being… that thing?

It reminded Linda that she had had a close call with Rebecca only a few weeks after her session. One morning Linda found her step daughter in the kitchen. Without even saying good morning, Rebecca asked if Linda had seen her tablet, the one she had forgotten last time she visited.

Without thinking before answering, Linda replied.

“Sure, it’s in my room.”

Linda quickly realised her slip up.

“I’m sorry, what! You have my tablet in YOUR room? What the hell is it doing there?” Rebecca shouted.

“When I found it I assumed it was yours and put it in my room for safe keeping, you know how hired help can be. Thieves, all of them.”

“I swear to god, if you have used it I will…”

Linda cut Rebecca off, “Rebecca I would never, ever do such a thing. I know damn well what you think of me and I really don’t want to pour more gas on that fire.”

Rebecca replied, “For your sake, I hope that is the truth!”

Rebecca stormed out of the kitchen. Linda could hear her running up the stairs, go down one of the hallways and enter Linda's room. Linda started to follow her, and as she got to the bottom of the staircase, Rebecca emerged from Linda's bedroom. Rebecca saw Linda and said, “Well at least you have kept it charged all this time, so thanks for that i guess. But you are never to touch any of my stuff again bitch, is that clear?”

Linda looked up at her stepdaughter and with her most sincere voice said. “Of course Rebecca, you know I won't.”

With that Rebecca went to her room and the potential crisis was averted.

It took nearly five months before Linda had built up enough courage to make another huge purchase on her credit card. She had been close to do so a few weeks prior but lost her nerve in the end.

But this time she would go through with it, she had to. She was losing her mind. Her fantasies had such a grip on her at this point, that she was afraid she would become depressed if she did not satisfy her dark desires. Regular sessions with a psychiatrist, well, a “normal” one, was the last thing she needed. She also found it harder and harder to cum while masturbating. She felt she had seen all the videos, read all the stories. Even her all time favourites sometimes did not satisfy her. She got her laptop out and opened Mistress Isabell’s web page.

Sitting with the request form for a live session at Mistress Isabell’s in front of her once again, Linda was clicking tick-box after tick-box. Her knowledge and dark desires made filling out the form a lot more complicated this time. She had her mind set on trying as much of what she was curious about as possible. It turned out it was a lot and Linda quickly realised a simple two hour session would never be enough. Linda decided she would ask for a full seventy-two hours stay, preferably Friday to Sunday, making it a long weekend. It would cost an arm and a leg but at this point she did not care. Even if it meant William finding out and divorcing her, she had to do this!

Linda spent over an hour filling out the form. She carefully thought and reflected over each option and selected most of them, then thought on some of the choices and opted out. But her curiosity would always win in the end and she would opt back in again, putting her concerns in the back of her mind. It was a meticulous process but she felt it was important to get everything just right, she did not want to make the same mistake and miss something like she did her first time.

She had made additional comments for more or less all entries selected in the form, going into great detail about the gear she wanted, what toys to use and how she wanted things done to her. She also used the “additional comments” field to specify that she wanted the full seventy-two hours stay and also left some additional comments for Mistress Isabella.

To be able to provide better measurements Linda had visited a local tailor and brought a print out of the measurements required. Insisting the measurements were to be taken while Linda was fully naked the owner had first refused. Offering to pay far more than requested, the owner's daughter had stepped forward and offered to help. As she was measured, Linda lied, telling the young girl she was getting a new wetsuit made to measure. The look on the girl's face made it obvious she was not convinced.

Entering all the new measurements Linda lastly checked the “novice” box and was about to hit send when she stopped herself. If she wanted a real experience, surely the novice level would not be sufficient? But then again she was a novice. During her first session she did experience some discomfort but how big a difference could it be? Linda clicked “experienced”, then changed it to “very experienced” just before she quickly hit send.

Fuck it, she thought. I want the real experience, Mistress Isabell would surely adapt to Linda’s level of experience if needed.

A feeling of calm flowed through Linda. She was finally going to see Mistress Isabell again, experiencing some much needed domination.


Later the same day Linda got a reply confirming her session. Since she had requested a seventy-two hour stay some detailed planning was apparently needed. The stay would be divided into smaller sessions that would not be revealed beforehand. In addition her list was very extensive and very detailed, some purchases and possible remodelling was needed. Further, most of her requested outfits and gear had to be made to measure. This meant she would have to wait four weeks for the stay. There was also a list of things she would have to do in preparation. Wax and remove all body hair except for her head and face. Only eat light meals seventy-two hours before the stay, preferably protein shakes. Last but not least, have an enema within an hour of arriving for the stay. Linda had never had en enema but knew she could get one at her local spa.

The spa would also work as her cover for being away for such an extended time. Linda lied and told everyone she was taking a long weekend at the spa to wind down. William, being home for once, found it unfortunate since he had planned some time together with his wife. But there would always be another time. He was pleased Linda was taking some time off to look after herself. In a way, he was not wrong, Linda was about to look after herself. Or rather, to be looked after, as in taken care of.

Before closing the message, Linda followed the link provided and paid the ridiculously high fee, then settled in to wait for four very long weeks.

The wait had been torture all in itself but here she was again, looking through the list handed to her by Andrea, the receptionist. Her juices had surely gone though both panties and skirt by now. Good thing the seat was leather, otherwise she would no doubt leave a spot.

Reading through the list she surprised herself. She must really have been in a masochistic mindset when filling it out four weeks ago. Starting to really doubt some of her choices, ready to opt out of some of them, she quickly handed Andrea the list and stated that it was correct and to her satisfaction. Her heart started racing as her pulse went up and she became even more aroused.

Andrea smiled and went back to work on her computer.

A few moments later the “Exit” door opened and a very fit woman stepped through. Andrea handed her the clipboard and said, “Sarah, this is Mrs. Andersson. Our seventy-two hour VIP. Would you be so kind and take her through preparations please?”

Sarah took the clipboard and looked it over. Sarah was, just like Shelly had been last time, dressed in a black t-shirt, cargo pants and combat boots. She was very beautiful, just like all the other staff of the house Linda had seen. Sarah’s muscular arms hinted towards an active fitness lifestyle. She was just the right amount of fit with clearly defined muscles without looking butch. She had dark brown shoulder length hair and perfectly full lips. Her dark brown eyes appeared almost black and made her look thrillingly dangerous.

Having finished checking the list Sarah looked at Linda and said, “Mrs. Andersson, it is a real pleasure to meet you. It is sadly very seldom we get a client with your devotion. Please come with me, we have a lot of preparations before us and we do not want to make you late for your first session.”

As they entered the preparations room Linda went to the centre like she had been told the time before. The room looked the same apart from the added amount of clothing and gear. Packed racks and extra wheeled tables could be seen. The smell was still the same. Latex and leather mixed with that clean hospital smell. In short, very intoxicating.

Linda started to scan the room, getting more wet looking at all the gear, imagining herself in it. Linda wondered what kind of session she would have first and asked.

“Would it be cheating to tell me what I will be doing first?”

Sarah walked straight up to Linda and slapped her hard over her left cheek. “You do not speak until spoken to slut! Now strip!” Sarah's voice was low but firm. She meant what she just said.

Linda let out a gasp in shock. Her cheek was on fire and her juices started flowing. Sarah was nothing like Shelly. Linda, finding the whole situation rather sexy, decided to play along and quickly got undressed, tossing her clothing into an empty container. She then quickly got on her knees in the presentation pose.

Sarah meanwhile had gotten a metal pole, similar to a stripper pole. Next to the floor drain she knelt and unscrewed one of several metal caps placed near and around the drain. She then placed one end of the pole into the now exposed hole and with a thud, firmly anchored the pole in place. Looking at Linda she commanded.

“Up. Over here!”

Sarah pointed to the pole and Linda was swift to do as she was told. Sarah took a short metal spreader bar and attached it to one of several d-rings at the top of the pole with a carbine hook. The spreader bar had d-rings at it’s ends and attached to them, a couple of wrist cuffs. Sarah wasted no time and tightly strapped Linda’s wrists one by one in the cuffs. Linda was now standing with her arms slightly above her head, back turned against the pole. She was getting real turned on and hoped Sarah would give her crotch some much needed attention.

Sarah came up to Linda carrying a small, tall table and placed it next to her. She then went and fetched a makeup box and a hand held mirror. Sarah started to remove all of Linda's makeup and when done, started to reapply it according to Linda’s comments on the list. Five minutes later Sarah held up the mirror in front of Linda’s face.

The makeup was perfect and just as Linda wanted it. Black smokey eyes with matching thick eyeliner. Her eyelashes were somehow longer and lusher the usual even though no fake lashes had been applied. Her lips were just a touch darker than her natural tone. She looked like a high class escort girl, perfect!

Not waiting for some form of approval from Linda, Sarah put the mirror down on the table and carried everything away.

Next Sarah gathered a pair of lock ring pliers and a handful of wires with what looked like the pads seen on heart monitors, only they had different sizes and shapes and were in black instead of white.

Starting with Linda’s thighs, Sarah applied six pads, three on each thigh. Continuing upwards she then applied four more pads to each buttocks, evenly distributed just like on her thighs. Finally six pads were applied to her breasts, three per breast. The pads felt like they had a very potent adhesive and once put in place would need a lot of force to be removed, possibly even requiring some form of solvent.

Picking up the lock ring pliers and three wires with small rubber o-rings at the ends, Sarah put her face to one of Linda’s breasts and gently blew on one of her nipples. The already semi erect nipple quickly became fully erect. Carefully expanding one of the rubber o-rings with the pliers, Sarah positioned it at the base of the nipple, wire pointing upwards, and let go. The o-ring snapped back to its original size and successfully wedged itself tight around the base of the nipple. Linda tensed and bit her lip as a slow burning pain started to form in her nipple. Sarah continued to do the same to the other nipple.

Her clitoris was next. Sarah first made sure the area around the clitoris was dry and clean and then, using the pliers, snapped another o-ring around it’s base making sure the wire from it would run up over Linda’s stomach. Again Linda tensed up and a let a surprised “Whhoooaaaa…” past her lips. She started to feel the same burning pain to form in her clitoris.

Sarah then took a set of additional adhesive strips and started to arrange the wires up along Linda’s body, placing strips to hold them in place as she went along. When finished all wires ended up in a neat bundle at the base of her neck. All connectors were colour and/or pattern coded.

Finishing with the wiring, Sarah donned a pair of black surgical gloves and took a bottle from one of the tables and commanded, “Pussy out!”

Linda pushed her pelvis forward as much as she could and arched her back until she was up on her toes.

“Good girl,” Sarah remarked.

Sarah poured some lube from the bottle and started to thoroughly lubricate Lindas pussy. Linda threw her head back and let out a loud moan, it felt amazing. Finished, Sarah poured some more lube and started to lubricate Linda's ass.

Linda was a bit of an anal virgin, having only played with smaller butt plugs the past months. She loved the feeling but usually decided not to use one due to the mess it made after use. Maybe she should have gone to the spa for an enema far earlier.

Next Sarah got a pair of evil looking dildos, one a bit bigger with a wider girth than the other. They were made out of black rubber and the base had a metal cap with what looked like connections for tubes and wires. Along the sides of the dildos shafts, a pair of metal looking strips ran from top to bottom.

Sarah started lubing both dildos, starting with the bigger one. Once lubed, Sarah pushed it into Linda’s pussy. It felt huge, like it couldn’t possibly fit. Ignoring Linda's whimpers of protest Sarah worked the dildo into her pussy. The dildo did not feel solid but instead felt like it was filled with some form or thick, heavy liquid. It gave way a little under the pressure as it was pushed inside Linda and eventually settled in all the way.

Linda, now starting to really get into her submissive mindset, let out another loud moan and started to flex her vaginal muscles around the intruder.

Holding the bigger dildo in place with one hand, Sarah got the smaller dildo and started to push it up Linda's ass.

It hurt a lot, but Linda was so turned on she moved her pelvis up and down to help the dildo enter her. Despite getting more turned on it really hurt and tears started to swell up in Linda's eyes. Linda composed herself and shook her head slightly to calm down. She had to protect the makeup, crying was not an option. She tried to relax her sphincter muscle as much as possible and in no time the anal dildo also settled in place.

As Linda explored this second intruder she felt it was not solid but filled with some liquid, just like the vaginal one. She never felt this full but she was loving it.

“Stop moving! You do not want to know what happens if you drop those.” Sarah looked straight into Linda’s eyes.

Linda stopped flexing and carefully stood back up straight, careful not to do anything that would compromise the position of the dildos. Deep down Linda’s masochistic side played with the idea of pushing them out just to see exactly what Sarah meant, but the more sane part of her vetoed that idea.

After tossing her surgical gloves in a trashcan, Sarah picked up a pair of black latex panties and started to work them up Linda’s legs. She carefully arranged them so that the two cutouts in the crotch aligned with the dildos. As the panties settled in place they pushed the dildos further into Linda who let out a quiet moan. The cut outs had a smaller diameter compared to the dildos and effectively held them in place. The latex panties were made in a rather thick latex and felt very sturdy. Linda had requested thicker latex than she had worn her first session and imagined how the rest of her outfit would feel.

Sarah went and got a pair of black, thigh high stockings. Sarah knelt and started to put the pre-lubed stockings on Linda. Linda helped by raising her legs for Sarah, one by one. The stockings were also in a thicker gauge of latex and felt great once on.

Sarah next went to one of the clothes racks and fetched a beautiful black latex catsuit along with a bottle of silicone oil. Wasting no time Sarah swiftly applied silicone all over Linda’s body and stockings, careful not to interrupt any of the pads or wires. When done, she opened the catsuit using the back zipper and started to work the suit up Linda’s legs. Sarah worked methodically and again, took great care not to disrupt any pads or wiring.

As Sarah got to the hips, Linda saw the catsuit had, just like the panties, cutouts for her vaginal and anal dildo. The cutouts looked reinforced with extra lining. Sarah pulled the catsuit over Linda's thighs and it snapped in place around her waist. As it did the added tightness pushed the dildos even further in. Linda refrained from moaning but she absolutely loved the sensation.

Linda could feel this catsuit was much thicker than the one she used previously, just as she had specified. A great decision since it felt like a totally new experience, far exceeding her previous one. She felt more compressed, more rigid.

Before continuing, Sarah reached for Linda’s wrists and released them from the cuffs. Linda let her arms hang and shook some much needed blood back into them. Sarah spoke for the first time in a while.

“Stop fiddling slut, or I will make sure you regret it.”

Linda immediately stopped.

Sarah collected a pair of shoulder length, black latex gloves, and helped Linda to put them on. These were, just as the stockings, pre-lubed. A quick once over the gloves with some more silicon oil and Sarah continued with the catsuit. She took both of the catsuit sleeves and started to simultaneously work Linda’s arms into them.

Looking down to investigate the upper part of the catsuit, Linda noticed that there were thick straps at the base of the breast cups. There were also two reinforced cutouts for her nipples, for easy access no doubt.

Just before Linda's arms were fully into the sleeves, Sarah took one of the suit's breast cups and started to push and feed Linda's left breast into it. At first it seemed someone had made a mistake and made the cups a couple of sizes too small. But with finesse and patience Sarah eventually managed to push the breast into the cup. She immediately started to do the same to Linda’s other breast.

The sensation was great. The reinforced base of the cups were smaller than the base of Linda’s breasts making them literally be pushed away from her body and into the cup itself. The cutout for the nipples were positioned perfectly and would give very good access indeed.

As both breasts were firmly seated in the cups, Sarah went behind Linda and worked the last slack of the sleeves up and over Linda’s shoulders. Sarah took the wires and fed them through a small overlapping slit next to the zipper, just below the neck of the catsuit. She then zipped it up.

Linda swayed deeper and deeper into her submissive persona. The tightness and rigidness of the catsuit was even better than Linda had imagined. She could also feel her breasts start to swell due to the constriction of base. Linda’s nipples were also fully engorged and pointed straight out. The catsuit felt painted on, it fit her perfectly. She was glad she went and had her measures taken. The immaculate craftsmanship that had gone into making the catsuit was well worth the four week wait.

Sarah circled Linda’s now latex clad body and when pleased with the results, took her wrists and again bound them in the cuffs on the metal spreader bar above Linda’s head.

Allowing Linda no time to reflect over the new sensation Sarah picked up a black, metal boned, rubber corset. It would encase Linda from her hips to just under the beast cups. It would actually go a bit past the cups and thus the front parts of the corset were tailored to follow the bottom part of the cups. There were straps at the top that would go around the back and over Linda’s shoulders. The straps were adjustable using buckles. There was also a crotch piece attached to the bottom of the corset, also with straps and buckles to hold it in place. The crotch piece had the familiar cutouts for the dildos. At the back Linda could see four straps that would be buckled once the corset was properly fitted.

Sarah opened the clasps in the front of the corset and, putting it around Linda's back, fastened the clasps again. She proceeded to buckle all the shoulder straps, adjusting them until the corset was properly positioned over Linda’s waist. With expertise Sarah started to lace the corset. She worked fast and effectively. Linda’s waist was quickly reduced by three inches and she felt her breathing instantly becoming more elaborated. She could no longer use her lungs to their full capacity.

Tying off the laces in the back, Sarah fetched a pair of black patent, wedge heeled, knee high ballet boots.

Linda had never worn ballet boots but loved the look. Having no experience, she had requested a wedge heel instead of the traditional spiked one in hopes it would make walking a bit easier. Linda took ballet and dance classes in her youth but had not practised it in over 20 years. She hoped some of her flexibility and experience were intact.

As Sarah put one of her feet into the boot and started lacing it up Linda began to second guess her choice of footwear. The boots were way more strict than she had anticipated. She felt her ankle strain under the rather extreme angle they were being forced into. She quickly gathered herself and decided now was not the time to chicken out. Linda stood and suffered in silence as Sarah tightly laced the boot all the way up. Lacing done, Sarah tightly buckled the two cuffs attached to each boot. One at the ankle and one just below the knee. Both had d-rings on both outside and inside.

As Sarah picked up the second boot and ushered Linda to place her second foot in the boot, Linda had to put all of her weight on the already booted foot.

The feeling was amazing but she could already start to feel some pain in her toes. She seemed to have no problem standing in them and hopefully she would be able to walk fairly easy as well. In no time, both of Linda’s legs were tightly laced and buckled.

Linda was now much taller than before so Sarah got on her toes and raised the spreader bar to a higher ring forcing Linda’s arms to about the same height as they had been prior to the boots.

Next it was time for some more corset lacing. Sarah continued to tighten the laces and when Linda started to feel taking a single breath was a chore, Sarah stopped and tied the laces off. She then tightened the four straps over the lacing and buckled them in place. Linda’s waist was by now reduced by almost five inches.

Feeling her juices really starting to flow as her masochistic side started to surface more and more, Linda tried to focus on her breathing and simultaneously, disregard the growing pain in her toes.

Sarah had gotten a brush and was collecting Linda’s hair into a ponytail. When the ponytail was finished it was held in place with a thick rubber band.

Sarah had taken a few steps back, observed Linda and then spoke.

“Starting to look proper now. Why anyone would pay to have this done to them is beyond me but you must really love it, don’t you freak? Don’t answer that! Your body and face don’t lie. Now to one of my favourite accessories, time for your crown, your highness.”

She went to one of the tables and picked up the next item.

The crown, as she jokingly called it, was a black rubber discipline helmet. It was laced up in the back and had a tube for a ponytail at the top. At the eyes were two circular tubes that protruded about half an inch each. Inside them would be ample room for eyes and even some real long eye lashes. At the end of the protruding tubes were a pair of clear lenses. It kind of looked like some kind of integrated goggles. There were also two big holes under the nose for the nostrils. The mouth part was totally smooth except for a small, round, reinforced hole that seemed blocked .

After turning the helmet almost inside out, Sarah donned a pair of surgical gloves again. Once inside out, the helmet revealed two long tubes running from the nostrils. In front of the mouth was a very intimidating three inch penis gag. The base of the gag sat in a sort of thick, circular, latex wedge. Most likely designed that way for the penis gag to be exchangeable between different sizes without having to have multiple discipline helmets.

Sarah took some anaesthetic lube and lubed the nostril tubes properly as she moved towards Linda. Linda had second thoughts again and felt she had to say something, she had changed her mind!

“No… please, wait. I’m not sure I want the tubes, I have clearly not thought this through.”

“Well ain’t that tough, I really don’t care what you want.”

Sara took a firm hold of Linda’s neck and started to forcibly insert the tubes past her nasal cavity and down her pharynx.

“Stop it! I reall… chaugggghh… hauunnnnghn… please… ple…as… cthhhggghh… wait, jus… mmmmmmmblgrrrrrhhh…”

Linda’s pleas fell on deaf ears and pretty soon Sarah had more or less pushed the tubes all the way in and started to push the penis gag into her mouth. Linda, finding it now almost impossible to breathe, panicked and tried to silently protest but Sarah’s grip around her neck was like a vice, her head barely moved.

Starting to pull Linda’s ponytail through the tube it was not long before the discipline helmet settled in place over Linda’s head.

Linda was having a stimulus overdose. As soon as the discipline helmet snapped in place the tubes also moved into place and she could feel her breathing return to its strained pace. If she could have, she would have ripped the helmet off her head. The tubes felt totally alien, they were not supposed to be there. Meanwhile the penis gag was filling her mouth and Linda felt she might gag but managed to repel the urge. Reflexively she constantly tried to swallow as saliva started to mass produce. She could feel some saliva going down her throat. Some went up her nasal cavity. The rest somehow escaped past her lips and onto her face. Linda coughed and sputtered between breaths. She slowly started to cry and whimper as the panic grew.

Sarah paid little to no concern to Linda’s protest and had started to tightly lace the discipline helmet. The feeling of her neck and head getting crushed under the thick latex and feeling the penis gag going further down her throat pushed Linda over the end. She started to cry and shake uncontrollably. She was panicking for real now.

Satisfied with the lacing, Sarah tied it off. Then out of what must have been a tiny trace of empathy, she went and fetched what looked like a remote and connected it to the dildos between Linda’s legs using two wires.

Linda suddenly jumped and held her breath. The dildos were suddenly vibrating. As the vibrations grew in her pussy and ass she regained control and stopped shaking. Soon after she also stopped coughing and sputtering, desperately swallowing the excess saliva. She could see Sarah take a seat, leaving her alone. Linda slowly grew accustomed to the new sensations the discipline helmet brought and, after about ten minutes, started to get turned on again. She slowly started to rock her pelvis, riding the dildos as much as her outfit would allow, which was more or less not at all.

Sensing Linda had calmed down, Sarah lowered the speed of the vibrators to almost nothing and unhooked the wires. Despite being unhooked from the remote the vibrators kept running. The lowered intensity of the vibrations made Linda loudly moan in protest. The panic was now all gone and in its place Linda’s masochistic desires had her juices flowing. She wanted nothing more than for the vibrators to be sped up again, if only for a short while.

Her eyes now clear of tears, Linda could see Sarah approach her holding a heavy duty, black latex neck corset. It was of a fairly simple design. Thick and boned, cut to follow both her neck at the bottom, and jawbone at the top. It was laced in the back and had a large o-ring at the front. Just as on the corset, the lacing would be covered partly by three straps with buckles once the lacing was done. After placing it around Linda’s neck, threading the laces and starting to lace it tight, Linda quickly felt she had to raise her head a bit for it to settle properly. Once laced tight and all the straps were tightened and buckled, Linda found she had no chance of looking down. She could not move her head nearly at all. To look around she would have to turn her torso or even her whole body. The humiliation of this new strictness and how silly it must make her look made Linda moan again.

Sarah started to uncuff Linda’s wrists. Linda started thinking that she was finally ready and would soon be in the hands of the lovely Mistress Isabell. But she was sadly mistaken. Leaving Linda to get used to keeping her balance in the ballet boots. Sarah unhooked the spreader bar from the pole, fetched a new pair of carbine hooks and attached them to the ends of the bar.

Sarah then attached one end of the spreader bar to the top most d-ring she could reach on the pole, and after moving Linda into position, attached the other one to the d-ring in front of her neck corset. Linda was left leaning slightly forward and, fighting to find her balance, put both of her hands around the pole for support. She was now in a sort of rigid leach. Having moved her feet around Linda was reminded of the ever growing pain in her toes and grunted as much as she could under the discipline helmet.

As her neck corset restricted her head movement to more or less zero, she twisted her torso as much as the corset allowed and could just about see Sarah grab a black single glove made from heavy rubber. As far as single gloves go, it also had a pretty normal design. At the bottom was a pocket for the hands and at the end of the pocket was a large d-ring. Up the middle of the sleeve ran a heavy duty zipper. The sleeve was form cut for a quite flexible subject. Thick straps with buckles, for added restriction, were placed around the wrists, around the elbows and around the upper arms where the sleeve ended. At the top were two heavy duty d-ring on either side of the zipper. Two wide shoulder straps decked the top of the glove.

Shelly unzipped the single glove and commanded.

“Arms behind your back, slut! Hands palm to palm.”

Linda obeyed as best as she could. The masochist in her was still taking her inch by inch towards an orgasm and she wanted, for the moment, more strict bondage.

With some help from Sarah, Linda’s hands were soon firmly inside the pocket. As Sarah started to close the heavy duty zipper she had to use her free arm to physically press Linda’s elbows together in order for the glove to be fully closed. The result was a most pleasing sight. The elbows were kept forced together but not enough to touch.

Linda let out an almost primal roar that continued with every breath she took. She had grossly overestimated her flexibility in arms and shoulders. The pain was instant and fierce and she could already feel her arms go numb. In spite of the added pain, Linda got more aroused and felt an orgasm start to build.

Sarah giggled to herself as Linda started to roar and tightly buckled the three straps on the single glove. Picking up the clipboard, Sarah went over the list and checked that she had not missed anything. The punishment if she did was not something she wanted. In Sarah’s case she would get a significant deduction in pay. Going through the list a third time she found something she missed. Add a pair of thigh cuffs and after that give the slut a good polish. Then Mrs. Anderson would finally be ready for her first session.

Sarah moved up in front of Linda and unhooked her from the spreader bar. She dragged her holding the o-ring in the collar and placed her right over the floor drain, then let go and went to fetch the thigh cuffs.

Linda had to take a few tiny steps to find her balance, the pain in her toes a constant reminder of her ballet boots.

The thigh cuffs were, just as Linda’s other restraints, made out of heavy duty rubber. Apart from the obvious strap and buckle keeping it closed, each cuff had two straps that would be thread through d-rings at the bottom edge of Linda’s corset, one in front and one in the back. The straps would ensure that the cuffs would stay in place and not start to slide down or off. Each cuff also had two large o-rings that would end up on the outside and inside of the thigh once properly fastened.

Once the cuffs were strapped tight and buckled in place, Sarah walked over to the wheeled full size mirror. She spoke as she wheeled the mirror, backside first, in front of Linda.

“Mistress Isabell instructed me to let you see yourself when you were being polished, and I intend to follow her instructions. Though I can't for the life of me understand what purpose it fulfils.” Sarah started to turn the mirror around and continued, “I mean surely you are experiencing first hand what i have done to you right?”

Linda let out a long, loud moan. Yes, she was truly experiencing it first hand. And even though she was still properly regretting some of her choices, she was ever so slowly coming closer and closer to having the orgasm.

Once the mirror was fully turned Sarah said, “Unless you are a freak, and get off on actually seeing what you have paid good money to have done to you…”

Linda didn’t comprehend what she was looking at at first.

Standing in front of her, looking straight at her, was one of the most beautiful things she had ever witnessed. A tall, curvaceous female, dressed in black latex from head to toe. Her head was covered in a most bizarre looking discipline helmet with googly eyes and holes over her nostrils. She had no mouth, just a big smooth nothing with a small dimple where the mouth should have been. Through a tube on top of the helmet a beautiful blond ponytail protruded, falling ever so gracefully down her back. Looking through the lenses on her hood, Linda saw she had lovely bright blue eyes, and perfect smokey eye makeup.

The discipline helmet almost made her look like some sort of deeply erotic insect. Her neck was wrapped in a tight neck corset forcing her head upwards making it impossible for her to move her head at all. Two perfectly sized breasts seemed to shoot out of her chest and revealed the only bare skin on her body that Linda could see. Through two cutouts in the breast cups were two fully engorged nipples pointed straight out. Her waist was wrapped in an extremely tight laced corset. Between her legs Linda could see she had some form of toys inserted, guarded by several layers of latex. Her beautiful long legs ended in a pair of very sexy looking balled boots. Her arms must have been bound behind her since all that was visible was her shoulders that looked painfully forced backwards.

Linda let out a loud moan and took a step forward. She wanted to compliment this highly erotic vision, this goddess of a woman, this black rubber doll.

In doing so, Linda saw the female take the very same, mirrored, step towards her. It finally dawned on her that she was admiring herself. She was herself the bound rubber goddess of her dreams.

The realisation was enough to push Linda over the edge. She came, and she came hard. She started shaking violently and screamed into the penis gag as she rode her wave of ecstasy.

Sarah, who had started to polish the latex, was taken by surprise when Linda suddenly came. Thankfully she was quick to figure out what was happening and grabbed Linda to stop her from falling over. As Linda's orgasm started to abate she let out a big laugh and then said.

“Oh… my… god! Mrs. Andersson! You truly are a freak aren't you. My god, what kind of woman are you? I haven’t worked here for many years, but you have to be the most depraved thing I have ever worked with. Well I hope you enjoyed it, you will pay for that orgasm later.”

Sarah slowly let go of Linda and made sure she found her balance. Sarah continued to speak as she continued to polish the latex.

“Come to think of it, I think I kind of find you a bit arousing… In a weird way. I wouldn’t mind having a front row seat during your session, just to see what kind of fucked up things you have payed to have done to you. I mean looking at you now I would imagine you are pretty fucking far out there, isn't that right… Mrs. Andersson?”

Sarah, done with the polishing and not expecting an answer, put the polish and sponge down and took a few steps back. Say what you want, she thought, but the freak is at least very shiny.

Linda was coming down from her orgasm high and felt her body start to ache. Her arms, hands and feet were especially bad. Having just barely registered what Sarah said, she looked at herself in the mirror and had to agree, she had to be some kind of freak. At least she was an extremely sexy looking freak.

Sarah, having fetched a leather leash, clipped it to the o-ring on Linda's collar and stood up on her toes. She looked Linda straight in the eyes and asked.

“I hope my queen is ready for the festivities?”

Linda could only moan in pain and she was forced to follow Sarah, literally tip-toeing, towards the red door. They had but taken a few agonising steps when all of a sudden Sarah stopped dead in her tracks making Linda almost walk into her. Sarah spun around and with a wicked smile said.

“You truly are an annoying distraction! I forgot another thing… no wait, actually two things. Good thing I remembered!”

Sarah let go of the leach and went back into the room. Linda slowly started to turn herself around to see what Sarah was doing. Each step hurt real bad but she was too curious to stop. She just finished turning around when she saw Sarah returning with a clear plastic bag filled with silver padlocks and the remote for the dildos.

Crouching down she started to add padlocks to all the buckles on the ballet boots. She continued and did the same to the thigh cuffs. Next was the corset, the single glove and finally the neck corset.

Counting all clicks, Linda added them up to twenty-four. Twenty-four padlocks.

Finished, Sarah said, “We wouldn’t want you to feel unsafe, now would we slut?”

Linda could only moan in response. She tried as hard as she could to keep her balance without moving her feet. Every step was now torture and it kept getting worse. Her post orgasm high was definitely over. If she could have, and had the strength to, she would have put up a fight demanding to be let out. Truth was she had surrendered to her current situation long before her orgasm.

She had chosen this for herself and was willing to endure the consequences.

With tears starting to swell she could at least rejoice in the fact that the tubes down her nasal cavity and pharynx were starting to feel normal. On top of that her arms were by this point totally numb meaning she no longer felt any pain in them, just a throbbing buzz.

Sarah connected the remote to Linda’s dildos and held it up to Linda’s face. She pushed a button and said, “No more pleasure, freak, hope you enjoyed it while it lasted!”

Linda had forgotten the dildos had been slowly vibrating this whole time. Now that they had stopped she instantly missed the pleasure they had given her. Her arousal, what little was left went away. Instantly her feet started to smart even more, the tubes did not feel that normal anymore and she started to feel the pain in her arms. It was enough to make her start to cry and sob again.

Sarah looked surprised and asked, “Oh come on, they were hardly even on. Surely it can't be that bad, can it slut?”

Again not waiting for an answer, Sarah disconnected the remote, grabbed Linda’s leach and led her sobbing dolly towards the red door. The added padlocks, together with the D- and O-rings in the gear, made a jingling sound as Linda walked. She sounded like a team of reindeer at Christmas. Entering the main room Sarah did not walk towards the centre of the room as Linda had predicted. Instead they seemed to be heading for the far wall.

As Linda twisted her torso to look at the throne she saw it was empty. The room however had a prior occupant. In front of the throne, laying flat on his back was a near naked muscular man. His feet were put in what looked like two sizes to small black leather pumps. His head was wrapped in a brown, sheer stocking. A pair of pink panties were wrapped around his face so the groin part of the panties covered his nose and mouth. His cock was pressed into a small metal cock cage.

Sarah saw Linda looking at the man and tugged on her leash, saying, “Pay him no attention, that's what he’s paying for.”

As they kept walking, Linda felt that the pain in her feet was actually reducing. Each jingly step felt better and better and Linda started to slowly appreciate her situation again. The alleviation of pain meant she now discovered what an amazing feeling the dildos gave as she walked. The movement of her hips and legs made the intruders just slightly move up and down inside her. Linda started to flex her vaginal and sphincter muscles trying to sync with the movement of the dildos. As they reached the far wall Linda was softly moaning again.

In front of them was a door Linda had failed to see the first time she had been here. As Sarah opened the door and walked through she noticed Linda’s change in mood and stated, “Oh my, you really are on an emotional roller coaster, aren't you?”

They stepped into a much more brightly lit room and it took a second for Linda’s eyes to adjust. The room was fully tiled with turquoise walls and white floor. Centred in the floor was a drain and metal caps just like the other tiled rooms. There were also several load brackets recessed into the floor. The walls were decorated in strategically placed O-rings and load brackets. There were a couple of cupboards, a wheeled full size mirror and a bench sitting against one of the walls. In the ceiling Linda could see a big electrical winch mounted to a pair of sturdy looking metal beams.


What really caught Linda’s eyes was a wheeled small table with a box shaped machine. It had a control panel that looked as if taken from the bridge of a late eighties sci-fi spacecraft. It had two LED displays and was littered with buttons and dials. At the back of the unit, a bundle of neatly joined tubes and wires went down to the floor, forming a little pile. From the pile the bundle continued to run up one of the walls and across the ceiling. It ended up twisted a few laps into a loop, attached to the winch hook.

Sarah unclipped the leash, left Linda by the door, and went to put it away. She then moved to one of the cupboards and picked up a remote. With a humming sound the winch came to life and lowered the hook along with the bundle of tubes and wires. She stopped the winch as it reached chest level. From another cupboard Sarah took out a short, heavy duty, metal spreader bar. The centre of the bar had a huge o-ring welded to it. At the ends huge springs were attached to a pair of d-rings. The springs reminded Linda of the kind used in raised-panel style garage doors.

Sarah attached the spreader bar to the winch hook, untwisted the bundle of tubes and wires and then raised the bar to about head height. She beckoned Linda to step forward towards her, and when within reach, guided her to stand under the spreader bar.

Sarah attached the springs to the two heavy duty d-rings on top of the single glove. She then started the meticulous task of pairing and connecting all the colour and pattern coded wires at the back of Linda’s neck. It took some time but when she was done she continued to attach two tubes and one wire to each of Linda’s dildos.

As the tubes were attached the pressure needed was enough to push them both slightly deeper into Linda who let out a loud moan.

Linda was starting to get more aroused, juices starting to flow again. She was still experiencing a lot of pain in her feet but at this point it started to work for, rather than against her, as her masochistic side once again peaked around the corner.

Sarah used the remote again and started to raise the winch. As it rose and all slack was gone in the springs, Linda felt like some unknown force was lifting her up by her arms. This meant two things. The pressure on her feet almost went away completely and was a much welcoming relief. Sadly the strain in her arms and shoulders took over much of the pain. Linda grunted as the pain shifted but all in all she was still getting more aroused.

Sarah stopped the winch just as Linda’s ballet boots were about to leave the floor. Linda was now semi suspended in the air.

Sarah went over to the machine and spoke, “There Mrs. Andersson. All set up and ready for Mistress. Would love to stay and watch but sadly, previously engaged.” Sarah slightly nodded past Linda, out towards the Throne, “Before I go though, I will leave you with a treat.”

Sarah walked over to the machine and pressed a few buttons. Then slowly turned one of the dials. Inside Linda the two dildos sprang to life at a low speed. The vibrations took her by surprise, making her start to tip-toe around as much as her semi suspension would allow. The support of the springs made moving around feel like walking on clouds compared to earlier. However, the pain in her shoulders increased making Linda let out a series of pleasurable moans and painful grunts.

As she settled to a halt, Sarah pressed a few more buttons and then turned a different dial. The low, barely audible, sound of a fluid pump and valves opening and closing could be heard.

Linda let out a loud moan as the dildos started to slightly expand and contract in size on a slow loop. They were on an alternating pattern meaning that when the dildo in her pussy expanded, the one in her ass contracted. Her juices really started flowing and Linda rocked her pelvis back and forth in rhythm with the pulsing dildos, trying to fuck herself.

Sarah went up to Linda and looked her straight in the eyes and said, “Almost forgot to sign my masterpiece.”

Sarah started to move her jaws in a circular motion as she took a few deep inhales to loosen some snot from her nasal cavity. Pleased with her projectile, she puckered her lips and fired a proper gob right in between Linda's eyes. Linda could not see due to her protruding lenses but the gob slowly started to run downwards, like a snail in a hurry, leaving a sticky trail. Down passed her nose, over her smooth mouth and over her chin. As enough gob had collected under her chin it started to slowly drip down on to and between her breasts.

The humiliation was exquisite and Linda loudly moaned her thanks. Pleased with her signature, Sarah grabbed both of Linda’s nipples between her thumbs and index fingers. Letting her thumb nails dig in deep she twisted them hard.

Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmpppphhh! Linda moaned even louder into her penis gag. The pain in her nipples felt amazing.

After holding for a few seconds Sarah let go of the nipples. While walking out the door, closing the door behind her, she loudly said, “Have fun, freak!”

As her nipples were let go of, Linda let out another loud moan and then started to quietly grunt to the rhythm of the slowly vibrating, pulsing dildos.

As the door slammed shut Linda was left alone to endure the result of her perverted fantasies. She was frustrated, highly aroused and in manageable pain. Linda was loving every second of it. Feeling she gradually started to inch towards a new possible orgasm Linda closed her eyes and really tried to focus on maximising her pleasure. She quickly lost track of time and jumped as the door slammed shut again. Finally she thought, finally my Mistress is here.

Opening her eyes expecting to see Mistress Isabell, Linda got a small shock seeing Shelly walk into the room. Instead of her usual t-shirt and cargo pants combo, she was dressed in beautiful latex. A latex push-up bra in black with red trim and matching panties. On her feet she wore black, knee high, wedge platform boots in patent leather. Around her neck she wore a thin spiked collar. Her makeup was much more elaborate than last time they met. She looked like a perfect goth mistress. Now more or less naked, Linda saw that Shelly had a very trimmed body, not an ounce of excess fat anywhere. Her firm, small breasts looked amazing in the push-up bra and was a perfect size for her narrow waist and hips. She did not look as muscular as Sarah but it was enough for her to have a barely noticeable six-pack.

Shelly walked in front of Linda, scanned her from top to bottom and spoke.

“Mrs. Andersson, you look absolutely divine. A perfect, black and shiny, rubber doll… I see that Sarah signed you… lovely.”

Shelly paused for a brief moment.

“But I can see why, Sarah did a fine job setting you up, I bet you had a lot of fun. I can only find a single thing that needs fixing, good on her. Oh… and she informed me of your ‘happy accident’.”

Shelly walked up to Linda, they were almost the same height thanks to Shelly’s platform boots. She took a firm grip over Linda’s mouth, pushing the penis gag further down Linda’s throat.

Linda moaned and swallowed. Looking Linda in the eyes, Shelly said in a menacing voice. “Why don’t we start by fixing Sarah's little oversight OK?”

Shelly walked over to one of the cupboards and came back with a single silver key. Moving behind Linda to the single glove, she unlocked the strap around Linda’s elbows. Shelly then, with what must have been all of her strength, tightened the strap, notch by painful notch, until Linda’s elbows were touching. She then locked the buckle with the padlock again and went to place the key back in the cupboard.


Linda screamed on top of her lungs as the new, much more intense, pain from her shoulders hit her. It felt like her shoulders would pop out of their sockets. Linda kept screaming until she started to run out of breath and started to settle down.

Shelly grabbed the remote for the winch and started to lower the spreader bar just enough for the garage springs to become slack. Linda immediately felt the pain in her feet come back. Not as bad as it had been and nothing compared to the pain in her shoulders.

Shelly looked at her with a questioning look and asked, “Hurts?” Then turned to one of the cupboards again and added, “Good! You just wait…”

Shelly returned with two menacing looking nipple clamps. Unlike most nipple clamps these were not connected but were instead separated. They had really evil looking, sharp teeth and could be tightened and released with a screw. Opposite the clamp's mouth were small O-rings.

Shelly took one of the clamps up to Linda’s right nipple and started to close it using the screw. As it started to bite into Linda’s nipple she moaned. But as it went further in her moan gradually changed into a scream. Just as Linda was sure the teeth had started to pierce the skin, Shelly stopped. “One down, one to go. Bet you can’t wait!”

Shelly repeated the exact same thing to Linda’s left nipple. Linda was thrashing and screaming with every breath she took. Her nipples were on fire, hurting like never before. She was stepping around as much as the springs would allow, furiously shaking her torso in a desperate attempt to get away from the pain. Shelly quickly backed up a few steps and commanded in a loud voice.

“Mrs. Andersson, calm down! I mean it Ma’am, you have to calm the fuck down! It’s only pain, break through it!”

As if the words somehow spoke to Linda’s subconsciousness, she started to stop moving and finally stood perfectly still, still screaming with every breath, eyes pierced at Shelly who spoke.

“Good, now stop screaming, it won’t do you any good.”

Linda swallowed as best as she could and stopped screaming. Instead she started to quietly whimper.

Shelly stepped up to the, now more calm, rubber doll in front of her. She placed her hands on Linda’s hips, looked her in the eyes, and spoke.

“Now that I have your undivided attention, let me just say that even though I know this is exactly what you want, I am quite new to this form of extreme treatment. Therefore I will set you up and make you earn that sweet, sweet orgasm you had earlier and then leave you for a while. I have to gather my thoughts. OK dolly?” As if reminded by something Shelly spoke again. “Oh… right! Not that it matters in your current configuration but you are to address me as Miss Shelly, understand? Still earning that “Mistress” title.”

Linda badly wanted her to stay. Shelly’s treatment of her, no matter how horrific, would be far better than to be left to endure her current torment in solitude. She started to grunt a negative “nah-uh, nah-uh…” repeatedly.

Shelly had in the meantime fetched a pair of long wires. At one end was a small snap lock attached to a black rubber band, eight inches long. Attached to the rubber band was a long thin wire that also had a snap lock at the end.

Shelly attached the ends with the rubber bands to the o-rings in Linda’s nipple clamps. Linda winced in pain as they were attached and started to breathe more quickly. She knew what was coming. Shelly saw Linda’s reaction and said.

“You know, when I walked in here today and saw you… saw this doll… I was first awestruck. Don’t get me wrong, I still am. But I also couldn’t help thinking what a big whore you are. But I was wrong. You are not a whore, are you Mrs. Andersson? If anyone is a whore in this room, it’s me.

Shelly started to stroke Linda’s cheek with one of her hands.

“No you… you, Mrs. Andersson, paid ME to do this to YOU. That doesn't make you a whore, no Ma’am. That makes you, your very own… evil… sadistic… John’…”

Shelly started to back up towards the wall behind her holding the wires in her hands. Linda’s eyes widened as she desperately tried to follow her. But soon the slack in the garage springs was gone and to continue moving forward became very hard. Linda fought the springs, fought to keep her balance, but it was a losing battle. She arched her back as much as she could in hopes to gain just a few parts of an inch. But she could not move forward anymore and the nipple clamps started to pull on her nipples.

“Hmmmmph… Hmmmmph… Hmmmmph… Hmmmmph…”

Linda started to loudly grunt into her gag again. As the clamps felt like they were about to tear from her nipples, Shelly attached the wires to two o-rings at each side of the wheeled mirror that was standing by the wall. Linda found herself fighting the garage springs, constantly trying to inch forward to relieve her nipples of the excruciating, burning pain. She gave Shelly a terrified look as tears started to swell in her eyes.

Shelly paid no regards to Linda and walked behind her, picking up a long, thick and wide rubber band on the way. Holding the elbow strap on Linda’s single glove in one hand, she put the rubber band between her elbows and around the strap until it came back out.

Linda screamed as her crushed elbows slightly moved.

Shelly pulled most of the rubber band through and stopped when one end was resting on top of the single glove. Walking to an o-ring in the wall behind Linda, Shelly looped the rubber band through it, and walked back to the single glove. Holding both ends of the rubber band Shelly began to pull the ends together.

Linda could feel how her arms began to be pulled back and upward and started screaming again. When the single glove was at about an forty-five degree angle from Linda’s back, Shelly stopped pulling and tied a knot. Linda had stopped screaming but was panting and grunting heavily.

Shelly walked in front of Linda again, turned towards her and said, “Now, let's make you pay for that orgasm, shall we? How, you ask? Well I will tell you dolly! I once came by mistake when Mistress Isabell was teaching me to idolise my own pussy.” Shelly turned around and got something from a cupboard and continued, “That cost me forty lashes from the crop. So I think it's only fair that your orgasm costs the same.”

Sarah walked behind Linda again, holding a menacing looking metal crop. She put her free hand on Linda's buttocks and thighs, stroking them as if to inspect the impact zone. “I will have to really lean into it due to the thickness of the latex, but here goes, ready?”

Linda was not ready but could hear the unmistakable loud swooshing sound of a crop about to hit it’s mark. It hit right where her buttocks met the thighs with a loud SMACK! At first the pain was dull but it quickly rose to an excruciating level. Linda’s whole body tensed as she screamed.


Shelly continued. Swoosh… SMACK!


Again. Swoosh… SMACK!


Shelly spread out the impacts as evenly as she could over Linda’s buttocks and upper thighs. As the assault continued Linda began to cry. The pain was almost deafening, every hit hurting more than the one before. Gradually the hits became less and less severe. Shelly was beginning to get tired in her arm. After the forty strokes were done Linda was still crying and sobbing. The backside of her upper thighs and buttocks were on fire and must have been hot to the touch.

Almost panting, Shelly put the crop away and walked over to the machine and said.

“I will put you on a conditioning program that Mistress Isabell herself programmed for you. I hope it will be everything you wanted.”

Shelly pressed a few buttons and turned some dials. Once the LED displays showed the information she wanted she pressed one final button.

Linda felt the speed of the vibrations and the size of the expansion of the dildos increasing. Shelly turned the mirror around so Linda would be able to see herself. She ducked under one of the wires connected to Linda’s nipples and, as she passed her on the way out, ghosted Linda completely, while saying, “Stay put, I will be back.”

Linda could finally see the full extent of her predicament. No matter how much pain she was in, she loved what she saw. Looking at her face she could see the trail of the gob Sarah had given her. The by now almost dry, whitish, trail of it ran down her face and chin. At her chest and breast, part of the gob was still moist and gently swayed in rhythm with her breathing. Linda’s pussy twitched. Looking herself into the eyes she knew that Shelly was absolutely right! Linda was truly looking right into the soul of the mastermind who orchestrated her current, delicious, humiliation and torture!

Linda was still trying to find the perfect balance between the nipple clamps pulling her forwards and the rubber band pulling her backwards. The effort made Linda run out of breath. The tight corset and tubes down her nostrils were not giving her enough air.

The vibrations and expansions of the dildos kept increasing and Linda was fast becoming very, very aroused. All of a sudden she felt buzzing, almost tickling shocks pulsate slowly in her thighs, then her buttocks and finally her breast. The shocks were following a pattern. They felt like a wave that slowly rolled up her body only to die out and then start rolling again.

This new, and in fact welcome, sensation made Linda cease her effort to keep moving back and forth. Taking small steps to adjust, she found a tolerable position between the excruciating pain in her nipples and burning torture of her shoulders.

The speed of the vibrations, the size to which the dildos expanded and the intensity of the shocks all kept increasing. Pretty soon Linda was panting quickly as she came closer and closer to a new orgasm.

But after a while she started to get anxious. The dildos were starting to hurt as they expanded. They were past what Linda thought were her limit. The vibrations seemed to slow down instead of speeding up. The shocks had increased so much that it started to hurt.

As if the machine could read her mind her nipples and clitoris started to receive low, gently burning, shocks. These were on a different pattern than her thighs, buttocks and breasts. Instead of being on a synced, repeating pattern, there was no pattern at all. The shocks were totally random. The randomness added yet another sensation to keep track of. But Linda liked it, she liked it a lot!

She could also feel a low constant buzzing shock in her pussy and ass. Seems the dildos were truly multitasking.

Despite the pain, starting to get real bad from the other things the machine controlled, the shocks in her nipples, clitoris, pussy and ass continued to push her towards the orgasm. Linda started moaning and grunting as her climax came sneaking up on her.

After some minutes her hopes were sadly shattered. The newly added shocks eventually started to decrease in strength and more or less faded away. The vibration in the dildos were gone and had been for some time.

To make matters even worse, the pumping of her dildos and the shocks to thighs, buttocks and breasts all started to engage randomly, with a lot more intensity than she had experienced so far. Her mind and body started to betray her as the arousal quickly went away, she now only experienced pain seemingly all over her body.

She began to move in a futile attempt to somehow find a new position that would at least relieve some of the pain. Tears were pouring from her eyes and she started to have real problems swallowing all the saliva. She grunted and sputtered in a random pace, trying to counter the onslaught of torture she was experiencing. She sounded almost like a dying animal.

Thankfully her masochistic side was still with her and kept her in check. Otherwise she would probably have given up long ago and just let herself go limp, putting all faith in the garage springs to support her.

Suddenly everything stopped. There was nothing. The machine had stopped and although the liquid pump was still running it did not pump anything at the moment. Linda settled to a halt and opened her eyes. In the mirror she saw a very blurred version of herself due to all the tears. Did the machine break?

It had not.

As if hit by lightning Linda’s whole body tensed and she let out a raw, animalistic scream.


The machine was engaging everything connected to it, at the same time, at full intensity. Vibrations at full speed. Both dildos quickly expanded to full size. Every pad, rubber o-ring and both dildos started to shock her on max level.

Linda was in hell, she felt the horrific pain flow through her as if her whole body was on fire. It lasted for about ten seconds and then, just as quickly as it had started, the machine disengaged it all.

NNNggghhhhhhnnnn…. NNnnnhhhggggpppfttsss… NNnnghnnnffghhhh…

Linda’s mind was in overdrive. She had never experienced such intense, searing pain. She would never have thought such pain could even exist. Before she could ponder on it any further…


… she was hit with another ten second phase of pure torture.

She lost count of the number of times she had endured the ten second intervals, but eventually they stopped and she started to register the low vibrations and pumping pattern of the dildos.

She was a wreck. She was sweating profoundly and her calves were cramping like crazy.

After some time the shocks started in her thighs, buttocks and breasts again, just like the wave she experienced before. Linda realised the machine was programmed to run on a cycle and she had just begun a new one.

The closer to the end of the cycle she got, the more aroused she became. Her masochistic side was now very much present. But as the cycle once again was nearing its torturous end her masochistic side bowed down and gave way to reason. Linda started to mildly panic.

She was done, she did not need to experience the end of the cycle again. She had proved to herself that she could experience horrific pain, and somehow still come out fairly OK at the other end. There was no need to experience it again. She started crying as she knew that no matter how much she wished for it all to stop, it wouldn’t. The inevitable would happen, the cycle would reach its end.

As the end of the cycle was imminent, in the pause before the gates of hell were to be swung open, Linda felt her whole body shake and she was whining rapidly.

“mmmnnnnnnph… mnnnnnnnmph… mmmmnnphh… mnnnnmmmphh…”

For the first time since she entered the house this morning, she felt genuine fear. Linda closed her eyes and accepted her fate.




The machine was for a second time running the end of the cycle, forcing Linda to ride ten second phase after ten second phase of searing hot pain. She again lost count and still had no idea of how many phases of hell the end of the cycle contained.

As she composed herself, feeling the whole cycle had started again, she opened her eyes and found Shelly standing in front of her, blocking the mirror. Shelly was standing with her legs spread wide, head lowered a bit, biting her lower lip. Her eyes were looking straight into Linda’s. She was massaging one of her own breasts with one hand, the other held a powerful vibrator at her crotch. Linda instantly got aroused by what she saw and began to loudly moan and grunt.

Each moan coming from Linda seemed to echo as pure pleasure in Shelly who closed her eyes and let her head fall back. Linda could hear her moaning as well.

Lifting her head again, Shelly walked towards Linda and put a hand on her cheek. As she started to caress the cheek she started to speak in a low, very erotic, tone.

“Mmmmmmm… you are such a fucking freak… aaaaaaahhhhh… I LOVE it!”

Linda moaned as loudly as she could in response. Shelly moved her hand to one of Linda’s breasts and started to fondle it.

“Uh huh… you like it too don't you? Like what you have done to yourself… Oooooooh MY GOD… wicked little doll!”

Shelly was clearly very aroused and started to slowly approach an orgasm. As the cycle kept advancing, Linda found the added pain and discomfort only made her more aroused as well. Her juices were really flowing.

Shelly, still holding her vibrator to her crotch, was now panting out words in cynk with the thrusting of her pelvis.

“You… must… be… ahhhhhhhh… totally… insane… mmmmmm… who… would… ever… imagine… OH MY… GOD… AAAAAAAAAaaaahhhh… wicked… little… aaaaaaa… DOLL… wicked… little… freak…

Shelly continued to moan loudly as she worked her vibrator over her clitoris. Linda was now approaching her orgasm. Despite the cycle starting to reach its end phase, giving Linda nothing but pain, her masochistic side was now in full control. She was moaning loudly in sync with Shelly. The two of them continued their intimate moment, bringing each other closer and closer to climax.

As the machine’s cycle neared its end for the third time, Shelly put one hand around Linda's waist. Pressing her pelvis towards Linda's, she firmly wedged her vibrator between them.

The added, powerful vibration, made Linda tens her whole body. Her eyes stared, wide open, straight into Shelly’s erotic gaze.

The end of the cycle was imminent and in the pause, just before the ten second phases began, Shelly said.

“Mrs. Andersson… you may cum!

As the first wave of torturous pain hit Linda she came. Shelly’s permission, the added powerful vibrations and the searing pain all pushed her over the edge.


Linda screamed.

As Shelly saw Linda’s body tense up and then both felt and heard her cum, so did Shelly. They started to scream in unified pleasure as wave after orgasmic wave hit them both.

Shelly’s orgasm was first to subside. She stepped back from Linda, all sweaty and spent, and put the vibrator down. She then went and unhooked the wires holding Linda’s nipple clamps from the wall and let them fall to the ground. Linda instinctively took a few tiny steps back as the pull in her nipple clamps went away. The single glove was still raised behind her back but not as bad as before.

Linda was still riding the last waves of her orgasm as Shelly unlocked the padlocks on Linda’s neck corset and began to take it off. Once off, she started to unlace the discipline helmet.

As Linda could start to focus again she felt Shelly start to pull the discipline helmet off her head. As the tubes started to move up from her pharynx and through the nasal cavity, Linda started to thrash about. It was a very unpleasant feeling. As the helmet came off in its entirety a big lump of saliva poured out of Linda's mouth and landed between her breasts with an audible splotch, adding to Sarah’s gob. As Linda started to work her jaw to relieve some of the pain she looked at herself in the mirror. She was still in her full gear apart from the discipline helmet and neck corset. Her deep red face was smeared with saliva all the way from her neck to just above her nose. Her makeup was a total mess. The once beautiful, high end escort girl was all gone. In her place was a beautiful but cheap whore who just endured a spit bukakke.

Linda had a hard time collecting her thoughts. The high of the past orgasm was all gone. Her masochistic side was just able to keep her away from a breakdown. She could feel the machine was still running its cycle. Panic was building.

As Shelly stood and cleaned the nostril tubes in the discipline helmet and reapplied some new anaesthetic lube she spoke in a very caring tone.

“Wow, I… I am so sorry. I hadn’t planned on doing that but I just couldn't help myself. Then again… my pleasure. You are here for my pleasure…”

It was as if Shelly reminded herself of the power balance in play. Finished reapplying the lube to the nostril tubes, Shelly took a firm grip around the penis gag and with a bit of twisting and turning managed to loosen it from it’s wedge.

As the buzzing started in her thighs, buttocks and breasts again, Linda started to panic and managed to stammer an attempt to plead to Shelly, “Shelly… Miss Shelly! I… It’s OK… I…”

Shelly cut her off, “Shhh, let me finish. You are quite an intriguing woman and after leaving you I could not for the life of me get your beautifully tortured form out of my mind. All I could think of was me being in here with you controlling the machine myself.”

Shelly had now gotten a near identical penis gag from one of the cupboards and started to twist it into the circular wedge in the discipline hood. Once in place she moved towards Linda.

The cycle had been continuing and the machine was constantly raising the levels. Linda felt her panic rising and tears starting to swell in her eyes, she again tried to plead to Shelly, “Miss Shelly, it’s OK… really… but you mu-”

The cycle kept advancing as Shelly cut her off again with a smile, “Now, let's get this horrible thing back onto your head, shall we?”

As Shelly was about to start feeding the tubes down Linda’s nostrils again. Linda tried to speak in a more powerful tone, “No! Please Miss Shelly, not the tubes again! I’m begging you! Set me free and let me go home. Let Mistress Isabell know I am more than happy with my stay and that you all have been fantastic. The experience has been truly mind blowing but I feel I am WAY out of my depth here…”

Shelly had stopped what she was doing and had a questioning look on her face as she cut Linda short.

“But Mrs. Andersson, You are only four hours into your stay. I would not dream of cutting it short now, we just began. Besides, you made it PERFECTLY clear in your request form NOT to let you go before your time was up. No matter how much you begged us. You even threatened to cancel your payment if we did. I call your bluff, you are just testing me! Did Mistress Isabell put you up to… Doesn't matter, now be a good slut and open wide! I have added the four inch penis gag now as you requested. Might as well change it now and skip having to redo the helmet one more time later.”

Linda was now crying and sobbing. Shelly again moved in to start feeding the tubes down Linda’s nostrils. The cycle was by now just giving Linda pain, the end of the cycle was closing. She had to gather herself as she spoke.

“AaaaAH… OUCH! FUCK! Now just wait, WAIT! I really hate the shocks and some of the things I put in the form are pure fantasies! I never intended to experience them for re… chaugggghh… hauunnnnghn… ple…as… cthhhggghh… WAIT, jus… mmmmppphhhffffmmmblgrrrrrhhh…”

Shelly started to feed the tubes through Linda’s nostrils while feeding her ponytail through the tube in the discipline helmet. As the four inch penis gag entered Linda’s mouth Shelly more or less yanked the helmet in place.

Linda was still shaking and crying from her mild panic but instantly noticed a difference in the penis gag. It was obviously longer and went further down her throat. Her gag reflexes must have been more or less fully subdued since she felt no need to gag at all. She did however start to produce lots of saliva again. While swallowing as much as she could she noticed the other change, the penis gag was hollow and she could breathe through it.

Shelly meanwhile, was done with the lacing of the helmet and had started to put the neck corset on again. The machine was now shocking Linda randomly and the dildos were expanding to painful levels. As Linda started to grunt and moan, Shelly spoke again.

“Just between you and me, no one believed Mistress Isabell when she told us you booked a seventy-two hour stay. No one has ever done that before. But Mistress assured us you were the real deal and even showed us what you had paid… just WOW!”

Shelly smiled and looked into Linda’s eyes. She continued.

“There is a bet. All of us here, Mistress Isabell excluded of course, and a few outsiders have bet on how many orgasms you will have during your stay. I feel I might have set my goal a bit high but I hope your depraved libido will make sure I win the pot. I will help you win it for me as much as I can… I REALLY need that money!”

As Shelly had just locked the buckles on the neck corset, she grabbed a still unused tube from the bundle attached to the winch hook. She walked in front of Linda who was still grunting in pain and moaning of pleasure.

Linda had slowly accepted that Shelly was not going to let her free. She would have to endure the torments she had devised for herself for the remainder of her stay. The realisation had put her in full masochistic mode again and she was, surprisingly, longing for the end of the cycle to begin. She was relishing the pain and wanted more. Linda was entering subspace.

Shelly placed the new tube in front of Linda’s face and pressed the tube into the now open hole in front of her mouth. As it was connected, Linda could no longer breathe through the penis gag and was again forced to take more shallow breaths through the nostril tubes. She moaned loudly as the restriction made her more aroused.

Shelly smiled at Linda’s reaction and said, “You are now hooked up to the feeding system. Protein shake… yummy. We do not want you to faint due to malnutrition or dehydration, do we?”

Shelly picked up the wires hanging from Linda’s nipple clamps and as she started to rapidly back up towards the wall she said, “Come along freak, we need to hurry! I want this done by the end of the cycle and we are running out of time.”

Linda dutifully hurried as fast as her tortured feet would carry her and was soon arching her body trying to put as much slack into the rubber bands attached to the nipple clamps as possible. The added pain made her start to pre-cum and was again moaning as loudly as her elaborated breathing allowed for. She suddenly felt a thick liquid being pumped down her throat. She was being force fed the protein shake and although she did not need to, swallowed as best as she could instinctively.

Shelly had just about attached the wires to the wall when the end cycle started and the first ten second phase with everything set to max started. Linda tensed up and let out another animalistic roar.

In the first pause between phases Shelly said, “Damn, I just love my job!”

Second phase hit and Linda was shocked again, screaming into her penis gag.

10 seconds later, in the next pause, “I am leaving you again, I do not trust myself around you at the moment.”

The third phase hit Linda. Shelly spoke as it paused, “You have four hours remaining… enjoy!”

Shelly was waiting for Linda to get hit by the fourth phase and put a finger on one of the wires running from Linda’s nipple clamps. Timing it just right, she flicked the wire like a guitar string as the pattern hit Linda.

The added pain granted Linda, who was now howling, another powerful orgasm. Walking up to the bound, bucking wild animal, Shelly gave Linda a kiss on the cheek and left the room.


Linda was left to endure cycle after cycle and she was by now pretty deep down in subspace. She managed to cum more or less every time the cycle ended but with each orgasm the intensity of the climax was reduced. Her body and mind got more and more used to the torment and eventually she was so saturated with pain that she did not manage to cum at all anymore. She just endured and longed for it all to be over.

Shelly had been visiting her a few times to check on her and make sure the machinery and equipment worked as intended. Each time Linda’s spirits were lifted and she got aroused as she hoped for some form of extra stimuli to break the monotonous situation. Shelly usually gave Linda a few licks with the crop or pulled her nipple clamps but it was mostly frustrating since it did not last.

As the session was in its final hour and Shelly came for another checkup she had brought a guest. As she heard the door open, Linda pleadingly moaned for Shelly to do something, ANYTHING to her. To her surprise she saw both Shelly and Andrea duck under the wire and stood in front of her. Andrea, apparently shocked by what she was seeing, held a hand over her open mouth as she stared at the bizarre rubber doll in front of her. The humiliation of Andrea's shocked expression made Linda moan and she started to rock her pelvis in an attempt to get any pleasure from her now totally numb lower abdomen.

Shelly started to explain the set up to Andrea. She spoke in a low voice, pointing to specific areas of interest, explaining their function and purpose. Andrea carefully listened to what Shelly was saying. She was nodding to herself hearing some of the facts and was gasping in horror as Shelly described some of the others.

As Linda witnessed the lecture Shelly held and saw Andrea react to it she grew more and more aroused and could feel a new orgasm start to build up. Linda started to moan repeatedly. Her vocal cords hurt from all the screaming, grunting and moaning and her moans now sounded more like they came from a big, black, rubber bird.

As the shocks grew in intensity to where they would start to pleasure Linda she felt she was getting real close to the orgasm. Her moans came at a quicker pace and although she was totally drained started to rock her pelvis more forcefully.

As Shelly noticed she leaned in to Andrea and whispered something. Andrea replied with a surprised look and said, “No… No, I won’t do that.”

Shelly leaned in again to whisper some more, seeming to insist. She also made a gesture with one of her hands like she was grabbing something in the air and quickly pulled it towards her.

Linda, who had figured out what Shelly was implying, shouted as hard as she could into the penis gag hoping it would sound like “Yes, yes, yes. Do it!”. She was also nodding her head as much as the neck corset allowed at Andrea.

Shelly pointed at Linda. “Come on, do it! Just look at her, she wants you to do it!”

As the machine started the end cycle and gave Linda some real pain again, Andrea slowly raised her hand towards one of the wires connected to Linda’s nipple clamps. Biting her lip, she quickly grabbed the wire and pulled it hard towards herself.

The rubber band quickly stretched and the nipple clamp tugged ferociously at Linda’s nipple. The pain was exquisite. “Mm…aa…rr…gg…hh…aa…rr…ff.”

Linda finally came again and screamed as much as her vocal cords allowed for. The orgasm hardly gave her any pleasure at all, her body was not delivering anymore. Linda felt robbed and started to whimper and tried to move forwards with all of her strength. With pleading eyes she looked at her tormentor, trying to beg for more.

Andrea was again totally shocked by what she witnessed and shook her head as she ducked under the wire moving towards the door saying.

“No! I can’t watch this anymore. I’m leaving! Who in their right mind would…”

Andrea's voice trailed off as she went out the door. Shelly was laughing so hard she bent over and slapped her hands on her thighs. She yelled to Andrea, “Ha ha ha ha ha! Too much for you baby?”

As she stopped laughing Shelly looked at Linda who was trying to come closer to Shelly instead. Linda was still moaning pleadingly and Shelly looked at her and blew her a kiss. She then ducked under the wire and left, closing the door behind her.

Linda was left squirming alone. Her only friend now was the rubber doll looking back at her in the mirror, and she was just as exhausted as Linda.

Not all too soon Shelly was back and went straight to the wall and unclipped the wires to Linda’s nipple clamps to which Linda let out an exhausted sigh. Next Shelly went over to the machine and pressed a few buttons to turn it off. She then went behind Linda and untied the rubber band holding her single glove. Next she started to disconnect all wires and tubes, starting with Linda’s feeding tube. As the last drops of the protein shake went down Linda’s throat, air started to flow through the hole. The extra air meant Linda could now breath more easily and immediately felt a bit more alert.

Linda realised it felt like she was still vibrating, still buzzing, even though the machine was clearly turned off. Her nipples and clitoris felt like they were twitching. Strangest of all was that it felt like she had no arms or legs. She could literally see herself in the mirror, standing in her ballet boots with her arms crushed into the single glove at her back. Yet she felt like she was just a limbless body.

When Linda was unconnected Shelly started to remove the neck corset and discipline hood. As the helmet was pulled off Linda's head, she made a mess of herself again as saliva ran uncontrollably down her chin and dripped down on her breasts and chest. She looked at Shelly, barely managing to keep her eyes open. Linda was totally exhausted and almost started drifting in and out of consciousness. Linda tried to speak but all that could be heard was a low rattling sound. Her vocal cords were shot.

Shelly walked up to her and with a soft sponge started to wipe the saliva on her body and said.

“Shhhhhhhhh… Easy Mrs. Andersson… try not to speak. Conserve what energy you have left.”

As Shelly wiped Linda’s body and breasts she started to get turned on. Shelly’s touch felt divine through the latex. As the chest and breasts had been wiped, Shelly started to wipe Linda's face and continued.

“You have been a real learning experience for me today. I must admit I was really concerned at first but as you kept cumming and cumming I realised. You want and need this.”

Shelly was smiling and looking right at Linda. Shelly’s words had made her more turned on. She was horny. Horny and… horny and proud. She felt proud.

Shelly continued, “Sorry I'm rambling, I just… Thank you Mrs. Andersson. Now… let's get these horrid clamps of your nipples shell we?”

Linda nodded and managed to croak a low response, “Uh huh.”

Shelly unscrewed one of the clamps and jerked it open. As the blood started to rush back into Linda’s tortured nipple she screamed but only a wheezing low tone escaped her lips. She felt searing pain and then everything went black.

As Linda came to it took her a few moments to get her bearings. She was lying in a soft bed. She was naked. At least she thought she was naked. It was hard to tell, she was still more or less totally numb. She tried to lift her arm to check but it barely moved. As she did, a shock of pain shot through her shoulder and she quickly let it fall to the bed. Linda pulled an agonising face and heard steps coming towards her. A new face emerged by the side of the bed and spoke.

“Easy Mrs. Andersson. Try not to move. My name is Mistress Yua, I will conduct your recovery before your next session.”

Yua was of Asian descent. She had thick black hair put in a ponytail on top of a soft angular face. High arched eyebrows sat on top a pair of bright green eyes. Her black, smokey eye makeup and deep red lipstick made her look mythical. She was wearing a deep red latex body with long arms. It had black trim. On her feet she wore matching red, open toe platform pumps with a five inch heel.

Yua grabbed Linda by her arm and said, “You need to try and stand up. Trust me, I will not hurt you… not tonight at least.”

Yua had a wicked smile and she started to help Linda up. Everything ached and her muscles were not working as intended. Linda behaved as if she was drunk. Yua felt she needed more support and kicked off her pumps.

As Linda got up she scanned the room. In the middle of the rather small room was the single bed that Linda had woken up in. It stood on a black soft carpet that covered the whole floor. The walls were deep red and the ceiling painted black. Apart from the bed the only other furniture in the room was a hot tub in one of the far corners. The near wall had a single white door.

Yua helped Linda towards the hot tub. The pace was very slow, Linda's legs hardly carried her, and Yua practically dragged Linda forward.

As they got to the hot tub Linda managed, with the help of Yua, to climb over and sit on the edge of the tub. The warm, scented, water felt like a smooth caress on her legs and feet. Linda scanned her body. She had big red welts all over her body. All her gear had more or less left some mark. Worst of all were her arms. They went from a rather healthy looking tone at her shoulders and became more and more red towards her hands that were almost blue. Linda moves her finger. It hurt a lot.

Yua got into the tub. She got some floating devices from the surface and gently put them on Linda. A big one around her neck, two smaller at her elbows and wrist and finally two more around her knees and ankles. She extended her hand towards Linda and said, “Come now Mrs. Andersson, in we go.”

Linda managed to push herself forward. Yua gently caught her and let her slide into the water, submerging her fully for just a moment. It felt divine. The flotation devices made Linda’s body float just under the surface. Her whole body except her head was submerged. Soft water jets kept Linda constantly centred in the tub. Yua moved up to Linda’s head and took some of her blond hair away from her face and said.

“We will stay in the tub for about an hour. I have some nice hot water with honey and lemon for your voice and we will also use a steam inhaler. No one wants an orgasm to be silent right?

Yua smiled and continued.

“Later I will give you a long reconstructive massage. Your feet and arms took quite a beating and you need to be ready for a very early morning.”

Linda saw Yua take a sponge out of the water and after wringing some of the water out started to carefully massage Linda’s face.

She smiled and thought, this spa is really not that bad.


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