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Mrs Andersson

by Marcus

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© Copyright 2022 - Marcus - Used by permission

Storycodes: F+/f; fpov; bond; forniphilia; hum; cuffs; collar; leash; gag; spit; spreader; electro; intubate; catheter; toys; insert; buttplug; latex; catsuit; corset; hood; chair; paddle; torture; mast; extreme; cons; XXX

(To better understand the characters and story arc, read from part 1 first.)


Huge thanks to the late Mr. Jeff Gord and JG Leathers for a lot of inspiration in this part.

As always, English is not my first language so grammatical and spelling errors will be present.

Part 3a

Linda was laying in bed in the aftercare room, naked except for her restraints. On her head was a leather ring-gag head harness and her wrist and ankles were locked in leather cuffs. Her neck was wrapped in a two inch leather collar. The restraints were softly padded for comfort and even though they did the job was meant to be comfortable, perfect for sleeping in. The wrist cuffs were locked together and then locked to her collar forcing her hands up to her neck next to her chin. The ankle cuffs were also locked together and then to one of the bedposts with a chain. She could have left the bed if she wanted but would only get so far. But Linda did not want to leave the bed.

She had woken up restrained to the bed and now lay thinking back to her session and aftercare she experienced a few hours back. At Least she guessed it was a few hours back. She had no way of telling time since there were no visible clocks anywhere and Linda had not seen the outdoors since she entered the house.

Even though the preparations with Sarah and session with Shelly had been real rough and at times was far beyond what she had been ready for, she now reminisced it fondly. The sheer terror and sometimes torture she endured was now turning her on, just as her fantasies of it had when she put it in the request form 4 weeks ago. She felt she was perhaps now more prepared for the remainder of her stay and even though the panic and terror had scared the shit out of her it was a turn on. At least in retrospect. Furthermore, the aftercare was amazing. She had fallen asleep after the bath with Yua, during her reconstructive massage only to be woken up to be given an enema. That was perhaps 15 minutes ago but again, it was hard to tell.

Looking over her naked body she could just see traces of the session yesterday and her vocal cords felt surprisingly well. The steam inhaler must have worked wonders but she had yet to try her voice due to the ring gag.

Before she could ponder further the door opened and Sarah walked in dressed in her prep gear. Without a word she went up to Linda and unlocked her from the bed and also removed her wrist and ankle cuffs. After clipping a leash to her collar Sarah commanded, “Follow!”

Linda got up and stood beside Sarah. She could feel the strain from the prior session in her feet but mostly in her calves. Sarah looked questioningly at her and said, “Do you really think you are walking? Think again and act like a bitch.”

Linda got down on all fours. Sarah started walking out the door and Linda dutifully followed as best as she could. She held her head a bit lowered and focused on the black combat boots in front of her. They went through the now empty throne room and into the preparations room. Sarah stopped in the centre, unclipped the leash and said, “Presentation pose!”

Linda compiled and took the pose as quickly yet elegantly as she could. Being forced to crawl on all fours through the house had made her wet from arousal and she was very much looking forward to her next session. Stealing a quick glance around the room revealed little about what to expect but she could see most of the gear she was in hours ago, including the dreaded discipline helmet. The thought of being forced into it again made Linda whimper but still turned her on.

Sarah was preparing some gear and looked at Linda and said, “Don’t worry, your next setup is not going to be as hard on your feet as the past one. Can’t imagine why Mistress Isabell would choose to spare you, makes no sense. You clearly need and want to suffer.”

Walking over to Linda she took a handful of her hair and forced her head backwards. Linda did not resist and was now looking straight up at Sarah who said, “You will get fed later but I have a treat for you. I know you want it.”

Sarah started to move her jaw in a circular motion as she took a few deep inhales to loosen some snot from her nasal cavity. She then let it slowly drip from her mouth and aimed it perfectly into the centre of Linda’s ring gag. Just as it started to enter through the ring she let it go. It landed far back in Lindas throat and she coughed as it hit but managed to swallow the gob. The humiliation was wonderful and Linda could feel her pussy twitch.

Sarah waited until Linda stopped coughing, inspected to see that Linda had swallowed and said, “What do we say, slut?.

As best she could in the gag, Linda answered, “Fshank Ouu Mishh.”

Sarah unlocked and removed the collar and ring gag. After putting it away she started the same routine she had done yesterday. First she put the metal pole with the spreader bar in place and, placing Linda by it, bound her wrists to the spreader bar. Sarah then got the makeup kit and applied Linda's makeup. Linda was again shown the result in the hand held mirror and could see the thrilled and anticipating high end escort girl looking back at her. Next Sarah started to attach all the electro-pads and electro o-rings with wires. As the o-rings snapped around the base of Linda’s nipples and clitoris it hurt much more than the first time. Linda let out a painful grunt each time even though deep down it felt great. Her body had recovered a lot but it was clear it was not back to its normal state.

What came next was new. Sarah went and got what looked like a catheter and some other equipment. After donning a pair of black surgical gloves and spreading Linda’s labia open, Sarah started to add some anaesthetic gel and clean the area around the urethra. Once done she wiped the area off and started to insert the catheter. Linda made some disgruntled sounds as the catheter went up her urethra, it felt VERY weird yet strangely thrilling.

Once urine started to flow, Sarah pushed the catheter in about an inch extra and started to fill the catheter bladder with a sterile water solution, expanding it. Linda felt very humiliated not having control of her bladder anymore and led out a loud moan.

Sara retracted the catheter slightly to make sure it had settled properly and said, “There we go slut, no need to visit the bathroom anymore is there? Good thing too because you will not be able to, I can assure you of that.”

Next came the vaginal and anal dildos. Even though wearing them for a considerable time the past session, they still felt huge and hurt going in. Once settled they did feel good and made Linda more aroused. Sarah next added the latex panties and continued to give Linda a full body rub of silicone oil.

Sarah continued to add latex stockings, then put her in the latex catsuit and finally added the latex gloves. Once the gloves and suit were on Linda started to get aroused for real. Her mind was racing, trying to figure out what was in store for her. Which of the delicious scenarios she had dreamt up for herself was she going to have to endure.

When the corset had been put on and laced tightly, Sarah got the wedge ballet boots from the rack. Linda was confused, didn’t Sarah say her feet would be spared? She decided not to make a fuss about it. Knowing Sarah, things could get much worse if she did.

Once the boots were on and the spreader bar raised to accomodate for Linda’s new height, Sarah went to get a catheter bag. Sarah had carefully run the catheter tube out through the cutouts for the vaginal dildo and once the bag was connected to the tube she attached the bag to the d-ring at Linda’s left knee cuff on the ballet boots.

Next came the “crown”, the discipline helmet. It was configured with the four inch penis gag but had a stopper on the outside. Linda was starting to dread what would happen next and no matter how much she tried to compose herself she started to whimper and shake.

Knowing she was not supposed to and would probably suffer for it Linda still pleaded in a weak voice, “Please Miss Sarah, I… I know I have asked for it but I really do not like it. I had no idea what I was asking for when I filled out the request form. Can’t we… Can’t you just remove the nostril tubes and gag? No one will be able to tell and I promise to keep it a secret!”

Sarah smiled as she added anaesthetic lubed the nostril tubes and said, “Please Mrs. Andersson. You think I'm so gullible? First chance you get you would rat me out, but I tell you what. I can understand this thing is a bit rough, I mean I would never use it on any of my regulars. So I am willing to… help you put your mind on something else as I put it on.”

Sarah got a big evil grin as she continued, “Let’s say I sign my work before I put it on. That way I would be with you through the ordeal so to speak, how does that sound?”

Linda did not need to think about it, anything to make it easier was welcome and said, “Yes please Miss Sarah, I would love to be signed before you put it on.”

Sarah once again moved her jaw in a circular motion, took a few deep inhales and then put two large gobs on Linda’s face. Both landed on Linda’s forehead and started to run down her made up face. One went down between her eyes, past her nose and over her lips, down on her chin. The other landed above her right eye. As it ran down, Linda closed her eyelid and let pass. As it was running down her cheek she opened her eye again. To Sarah's credit it actually worked, Linda felt her pussy twitch and she let out a moan as Sarah started to put the tubes down her nose. It felt horrible, and Linda coughed and sputtered just as she had done last time but. At least this time, she was still aroused as the discipline helmet was fully on and she also hadn’t panicked.

Once the discipline helmet and neck corset were both laced tightly Sarah said, “There we go slut, now you can feel me on your face until the crown comes off. Consider it a privilege and do not expect this kind of leniency from me again any time soon.”

Sarah stood back to look Linda over and checked the list to make sure nothing was forgotten. Satisfied nothing was, she went behind a clothes rack and pushed something out from behind it. She emerged with something that looked like a wheeled office chair but the seat and backrest had been taken off, leaving just a steel frame with armrests.

As Sarah came closer Linda bent forwards to be able to look down and inspect the chair and frame closer.

The frame and backrest were made from blackened metal tubing, about an inch and a half in diameter. The backrest was wide at the base of the chair and became more and more narrow at the top. Where the seat should have been was a padded, narrow board with peculiar cutouts, welded to some vertical bars. All along the “seat” and backrest were several wide, very thick, rubber belts that would be fastened with locking buckles. At the sides were rather normal looking rubber padded armrests. The swivel base was also different to normal chairs in that it instead of normal casters had bigger more rugged wheels.

The whole thing looked rather uncomfortable to sit on. Figures, thought Linda, why would my chair be comfortable?

Sarah released Linda from the wrist cuffs and beckoned Linda to sit down as she held the chair by the backrest. Linda walked over and carefully sat down and started to inch her way back towards the backrest. Sarah sighed deeply and said, “No, no. Ass at the edge, then lay on your back!”

Confused Linda moved forwards and sat at the edge of the seat board and then carefully started to lay down on her back. As she leaned back Sarah guided her head through the backrest frame. Once on her back Linda’s head was positioned behind the frames of the backrest, looking straight up. The cutouts in the board and the padding she was now laying against made it actually quite comfortable. Sarah kneeled and put Linda’s arms through the backrest frames and then put them both behind Linda’s back against the bottom part of the board she was laying on. Attached to the bottom of the seat board were two pairs of cuffs for wrists and upper arms.

As Linda felt her arms being buckled tightly into the cuffs her mind started racing. She was not being bound in the chair, she was being turned into the chair. Her juices started to flow.

Sarah adjusted Linda's body on the board and made sure she was settled just right. She then unclipped the catheter bag and attached it to a d-ring at the backrest frame. Next Sarah took both of Linda’s legs and started to fold them up against her chest. The strictness of the latex and the corset made the position very trying and by the time Linda’s upper thighs touched her breasts she was starting to pant for air. Sarah quickly started to belt Linda’s legs and buckled them tight. She then buckled an additional strap over Linda’s neck. Linda was now truly bound to the chair and could only move her lower legs. This was rectified next as Sara took Linda’s lower legs and started belting them against the backrest frame.

When Sara was done she stood up and looked at the chair. Linda’s position and bondage now allowed a person to sit on the back of her thighs, which acted as the seat, and then lean back on the back of her calves and boots, which acted as the backrest.

Linda was now very aroused. The bondage was very strict and try as she might, could not move an inch. The idea of being reduced to a mere thing, an object, felt extremely humiliating and erotic. Linda loved it and moaned. In her position she could only see straight up and could only hear Sarah collect something before returning.

Sarah attached what looked like a neckrest that would sit above the soles of the ballet boots to the frame. She then mounted a control box for the dildos and electro gear at the back of the backrest. Taking a bundle of wires she then went ahead with connecting everything. She carefully routed the wires to the control box so they would be out of the way for the user of the chair. Done with the routing, Sarah pushed a button on the control box and got a wireless remote from her pocket. She lowered her head, looking right into Lindas eyes and said, “Let’s see if this works properly.”

Linda let out a loud moan as the dildos in her started to slowly vibrate with a low humming sound. The tightness of her bondage made them feel even better than during her last session.

“Vibrations working… check! How about the shocks?” Sarah said smiling and pressed another button on the remote.


Linda's clitoris and nipples felt like they were on fire. The pain was direct and overwhelming. Sarah, still smiling, said, “Guess the shocks work as well but just to be sure…”


Linda tried to move as best she could to escape the blinding pain. She did not move an inch. Again her clitoris, nipples but also her pussy and ass was on fire. Sarah held the button for 8 seconds. 8 seconds that felt like a lifetime to Linda. The pain was not pleasurable and once Sarah let go of the button Linda began to whimper and cry.

Sarah laughed and stood up, putting the remote into one of her pockets. Linda could not see what she was doing but shortly after Sarah loudly proclaimed, “Let's fluff the seat cushion a bit shall we?”

Linda was still crying and wondered what she possibly could mean by that remark. A few seconds later she found out.

“Swoooosh… SMACK!”

Linda let out a guttural growl in pain.


Sarah had brought down a paddle on Linda’s left thigh with full force. Before Linda had much time to ponder the pain her right thigh received the same attention. Linda did all she could to escape the onslaught but she was going nowhere. Try as she might she didn't even manage to move an inch and she finally stopped to try and accepted the situation and the pain it entailed.

The paddling eventually stopped and Linda was left sobbing with a now burning hot ass and thighs.

Linda could feel, and after a while see, Sarah starting to polish the latex making the chair nice and shiny. Linda started to slowly switch her sobbings to moans as she grew aroused by the much appreciated caresses from the polishing. The pain she had just endured also made her hot.

When Sarah was done she looked over the chair again and tightened some of the straps a few holes more. Linda grunted as she was even more compressed and bound. Next Linda could hear clicks from padlocks as Sarah went over all the buckles and locked them. Almost in sync with the locking padlocks, a pair of high heels could be heard walking over the tiled floor.

Linda could hear a voice say, “Everything going as planned?”

“Yes, Mistress. She is just about ready for your session,” Sarah answered.

It was Mistress Isabell. Linda wanted to break free and position herself in a perfect presentation pose in front of her Mistress but she was going nowhere. Suddenly Mistress Isabell came into Linda’s view as she crouched down at the back of the chair and held Linda’s head between her hands.

Looking her straight in the eyes she said, “About that, there has been a change in the schedule. One of my regulars has requested an expedited session within the hour and he takes precedence over Mrs. Andersson. Give her to Andrea. You don’t mind, do you Mrs. Andersson?”

Linda grunted, “Yes, I DO mind!” as best she could, but from behind the four inch penis gag it came out as a muffled sound.

Hearing Linda try to say something, Mistress Isabell just smiled and answered, “See, you don't mind at all, you would do anything for your Mistress, wouldn’t you Mrs. Andersson?”

Looking up at what must have been Sarah, Mistress Isabell continued, “So no trouble at all setting her up then?”

“Well she did try and talk me out of using the discipline helmet Mistress,” Sarah replied.

Mistress Isabell looked into Linda’s eyes again and said, “Really, now why would you ask for that Mrs. Andersson? Not only did you pay for it, you are the one who requested it.” Mistress Isabell raised one of her eyebrows and continued, “We always fulfil our clients' wishes to the dot here in my realm.Especially clients who threaten me if their wishes are not met. Unless you… Ah, Sarah, the remote if you please.”

Linda could see Sarah handing the remote to Mistress Isabell who again spoke, “You want me to punish you, don't you Mrs. Andersson? I knew you were a pain slut after our first session! Happy to oblige, see this as compensation for not being able to take care of you today.”

Mistress Isabell turned a knob on the remote and pressed a button. Linda, who was totally transfixed by the view of her beautiful Mistress, had just caught up to what was about to happen and was just about to protest when…


Linda screamed as best she could and tensed every muscle in her body as her pussy, ass and nipples were hit with torturous pain. The setting must have been set close to maximum. Mistress Isabell held the button for about 10 seconds before letting go. When the shock was over, Linda caught her breath and started to scream for mercy as she started to cry out of control.

Mistress Isabell had fire in her eyes as she said, “Oh, you like that, don't you? I would love to hear who took you deeper into your masochistic urges after our first encounter some day. Must have been someone special considering what you are asking and paying for. But since you are here now it obviously did not last, lucky me!”

Mistress Isabell paused and then continued, “Either way it matters not, we will give you what you want and gladly benefit from it. But I sure would want to know about your special friend. It will be a conversation for the future, don't you think?”

Linda could no longer see her Mistress clearly due to the tears and was unable to prepare herself as Mistress Isabell once again pressed the button.


Linda screamed as the button was held for another 10 seconds and once released she could hear Mistress Isabell say, “I have the best job in the world!”

With that Mistress Isabell handed the remote over to Sarah, stood up and left the room saying, “Although Andrea has more or less no experience with clients, surely she can handle a chair. See to it that she is well informed on how to change the catheter bag and how to feed it.”

Sarah gathered a few empty catheter bags and what looked like sport bottles filled with a light grey liquid and replied, “Yes, Mistress, I will inform her.”

Linda was still crying and sobbing due to the torture she just experienced but also the fact that she would not be cared for by her Mistress. As she was wheeled out of the preparations room and into the reception Linda calmed down a bit but was still crying.

As Andrea saw Sarah and Linda coming through the door she asked, “What’s this? You are not supposed to come this way with clients. And what the hell is THAT?”

Sarah wheeled Linda around the counter and placed her beside the office chair Andrea was sitting on saying, “This is your new chair, so get off your arse so I can switch.”

Andrea looked surprised and answered, “What? No, you must be mistaken, I don’t interact with clients. Who is that? Is that crying I hear?”

Sarah motioned Andrea to stand up and said, “THIS is a chair and IT is yours to use by order of Mistress Isabell. If it makes any noise it must be because it is old and well-worn. Do I need to get Mistress Isabell here to explain it to you, or are you going to do as I tell you?”

“No, no need to get the Mistress… my god, is that Mrs. Ander… what do I do with… her… sorry, IT?”

Andrea got up and moved her regular chair out of the way. Sarah then wheeled Linda in place at Andreas' workstation. From her new position Linda could see them both talking, even though they were a bit blurry due to her tear filled eyes.

“You just use the chair as a chair, easy as pie,” Sarah replied.

She then started to explain how to use the remote, how to change the catheter bag and how to connect what Linda now understood was bottles filled with protein shakes. Linda could see Andrea was a bit shocked by everything explained to her and once Sarah was finished Andrea said, “Why anyone would like to have this done to them is beyond me but if it floats her boat i guess…”

“You sure are blonde... This is not a person, it is a piece of furniture, a thing!”

Sarah laughed and turned Linda slightly, making sitting down easier. As Andrea sat down on Linda’s thighs the added pressure made her grunt as her breathing became even more elaborate than before, it felt great. Andrea shifted around a bit to find a good seating position and as she moved in front of her workspace said, “Surprisingly comfortable. Very weird but comfortable.”

Sarah gave Andrea some final notes and waved her hand as she passed Linda’s field of view saying, “Remember, she paid good money for this so make sure she gets what she wants. She loves pain as much as pleasure so if she starts crying it’s all fine, just means you are doing the right thing. Oh and under NO circumstances are you to change her outfit or bondage in any way, OK?”



“You said ‘her’, it’s a piece of furniture remember?”

Sarah left pushing Andrea’s office chair in front of her when passing through the door to the preparation room said, “Fuck you Andrea.”

As Andrea got on with her work in front of her computer Linda began to consider her situation. She had stopped crying and was now getting aroused. Being used as a mere object was a big turn on, just as she had imagined it would be. Andrea totally ignored her as she was typing on her keyboard and all Linda could see from her perspective was Andreas' elbows moving as she typed. Apart from that the only thing in view was part of the back wall and the ceiling, not very arousing.

It was really hard to tell how much time had passed but all of a sudden Linda could see and feel Andrea shift and turn in the chair to look behind and down at her. Andrea opened her mouth as if to start talking but then smiled and turned back towards her workstation. All of a sudden Linda could feel the vibrators in her pussy and ass spring to life and ramp up to a medium speed.


Linda let out a long moan and closed her eyes. She tried to ride the dildos but in her current situation she could not move her pelvis an inch. As she opened her eyes she could see that Andrea had continued to work. Linda was getting very aroused but was well aware that she would never be able to cum under current circumstances. The initial high of just being an object was wearing off so she figured she would just have to enjoy what stimuli she was given and be glad that she was given any at all. Andrea might not have been very experienced but at least she was giving Linda something. As Andrea turned a second time Linda tried to look back at her as best as she could and grunted. She wanted more stimuli.

Before Andrea could react to Linda’s appeal there was a sound of a telephone ringing. Andrea shifted back and Linda could hear her pick up a phone and say, “Yes?... That’s right, I have you booked in three weeks Mam… Oh… I am very sorry to hear that… Why don’t I let you in and we can talk about it in person instead.”

Linda could hear Andrea put the phone down and shortly after the dildos stopped vibrating. Linda let out a dissatisfied grunt but got no reaction from Andrea who said, “Welcome, I thought it better to speak in person… wait… Ellie? Is that you?”

“Yes, hi… I don’t… have we met?” a voice replied.

“Yes, I’m Andrea, we were in the same class in high school, remember?”

A loud gasp could be heard followed by the voice that said, “Oh my god, Andrea, I did not recognize you. Look at you, you look fantastic! How long has it been… 5 years?”

The voice, Ellie, continued, “Wow, this has become way more embarrassing now, I had no idea you worked here. But yes, I have a session booked but got cold feet and did not know how best to contact you about it. So I came here in person, hope that is OK?”

Linda could feel Andrea shift a bit in the chair as she most likely straightened her back a bit and said, “It’s been 6 years I believe and you have nothing to be embarrassed about. How can I help, you wanted to reschedule your session or cancel it all together?”

“Well I don't know actually, I have to admit I pretty much guessed my way through the request form. I had just binge watched the 50 shades movies,” Ellie replied and giggled.

Andrea typed some on her computer and said, “Let me see… yes. You have booked a one hour session with light bondage, tickling and light domination. Some nice lace underwear and 4 inch heels and you are entered as a novice. You do not feel comfortable with those choices?”

“Yeah I don’t know, I… OH MY GOD! What are you sitting on?”

Andrea sighed and responded, “I just got it, boss's orders.”

Andrea tapped Linda’s buttocks between her legs making Linda let out a moan in response to the added stimuli.

Ellie gasped in shock and said, “Wait! Is that a real person?”

“Yes… well I am not supposed to refer to her as a person, she is to be treated like a chair I’m told.”

Andrea held up her arms in a whatever-pose and continued, “To be frank I have no idea what it’s all about. I am usually not involved with our clients, I'm just the receptionist.”

Linda could all of a sudden see Ellie come into view looking her over. Ellie had a very pretty face and very modest makeup. She seemed to be wearing a regular black t-shirt and blue jeans. Compared to the staff here at the realm she wouldn’t turn heads in the streets Linda though.

The insight of being inspected by a total stranger was a real turn on for Linda who started to moan as she started to feel her juices flow. Ellie looked at Andrea, pointed at Linda, and with a questioning look on her face said, “Hang on, she's a client?”

“Oh yes, she arrived yesterday… Actually not supposed to talk about it but since it’s you… she booked a three day stay.” Andrea whispered the last part just as if not wanting anyone to hear and then continued, “Insane if you ask me but then she seems to be a real weirdo.”

Ellie looked down at Linda with wide eyes and said, “Wow, three whole days. That sounds pretty hard core. Three DAYS!” Ellie got a judgemental expression on her face and continued, “Also, I can’t for the life of me understand why someone would pay to have… THIS done to them?”

Andrea had now turned around in the chair and was looking behind her again, down at Linda, and answered, “Right?! That’s exactly what I have been saying, it’s crazy! You should have seen her yesterday. Utterly insane! And THIS ain’t cheap, not cheap at all... But she is good for it, married rich apparently.”

Linda was now slowly moaning repeatedly, the humiliation was delicious. Ellie took a step back and pointed toward Linda again and said, “You don’t think I could…”

“Have a seat? I don’t know…”

Linda tried to nod as best as she could and started to grunt “Uh-huh” repeatedly. She wanted to be used so badly. Ellie picked up on Lindas futile attempts to be heard and stretched out her arms towards Linda and said, “Oh come on! Please… Remember who helped you when Mark the mucus was all over you? Also the… ‘chair’… certainly seems to want me to.”

Andrea stood up and replied, “OK, but just this once… And since you were so helpful back then, you can help me with something.”

Ellie started clapping and jumping with joy and said, “Yes, yes, yes, yes. What can I do?

Andrea took an empty catheter bag and gave it to Ellie and replied, “Here, hold this. Need to change bags.”

Ellie took the bag and stood wide-eyed as Andrea disconnected the now half filled bag and handed it to her. As Andrea took the empty one from Ellie and started to connect it to Linda’s catheter tube Ellie said, “Is this what I think it is?”

Andrea took the partly filled catheter bag from Ellie and replied, “Yes, no going to the bathroom in this setup.” She then clamped it closed and put it away.

Ellie laughed and listened with great interest as Andrea started to describe Linda’s setup and how the remote worked. When Andrea came to the more bizarre parts of the setup, the discipline helmet, the catheter, the electro setup and the dildos, Ellie was gasping in shock.

Linda was reeling in humiliation and was moaning loudly again. Ellie crouched down by Lindas head and looked at her through the lenses and said, “So the vibrators are on right, sounds like she is having a good time?”

“No they're off, everything is off actually,” Andrea replied as she took up and looked at the remote.

Ellie looked confused and asked, “So why is she moaning like a bitch in heat then?”

“I guess… Well I guess she gets off on the humiliation maybe. It is apparently a pretty big thing considering how often it is requested.”

Andrea put her hands at the waist and continued, “Heck, I don't know, it’s all totally weird to me, I’m just here for the money.”

Ellie took the remote from Andrea and looked down at Linda smiling and said, “Well then why don’t we give the rich lady some value for her money.”

Ellie got up, turned Linda a bit for easy access and then sat down. Not long after she had sat down Linda felt the vibrators start to vibrate again and let out yet another long moan. Ellie kept slowly raising and lowering the speed of the vibrators all the while Linda was moaning and grunting in sync with the waves of vibrations she was given.

Giggling, Ellie said, “This is actually pretty hot. I mean I would NEVER want to be in her position but up here on top, quite nice actually. Think i am getting a bit of a rush from this!”

Andrea meanwhile had gotten a protein shake and had attached it, stopper pointing downwards, at the back of the chair. She then pulled the stopper from Linda’s gag and put it aside. The ability to breath through the hole in the penis gag was a welcome one for Linda. As Andrea attached a transparent tube to the stopper in the bottle she said, “It’s a chair Ellie, remember, not a person.”

“Right… right… well in any case… I’m getting turned on! What’s that?”

Andrea connected the loose end of the transparent tube to Linda’s gag and as she opened a valve on the bottle's stopper said, “Nourishment.”

As the liquid ran down the tube Linda prepared as much as she could for it but even though the gooey liquid went pretty much directly into her throat it still felt weird and discomforting. Linda started grunting and wheezing and Ellie, who was now looking at Linda with a queasy face, said, “Yuck! That is not right! I am SO glad I came by. I am clearly in over my head here. This is all so wrong…”

Linda was still fighting the unpleasant feeling of being force fed but managed to focus on what Ellie just said.

‘She’ felt in over ‘her’ head?! Linda was the one turned into a chair, being force fed while a complete stranger used her! If anything, clearly Linda was the one in over her head. But she had to admit, the thought of doing something that someone else found unthinkable, just made her more aroused.

Andrea was now leaning lazily on the desk and said, “As much as I agree with you, you have to remember, she wants this. I mean why would she have asked for it if she didn’t. Doesn’t make sense right? Also your session would be far from this extreme. We are talking about a totally different playing field. No, we are talking about a totally different sport actually.”

Ellie looked at Andrea and replied, “I guess you are right. Reminds me, you spoke of electro shocks, how does that work?”

Andrea leaned forward and took the remote from Ellie and replied, “Yeah those… I really feel uncomfortable giving the shocks.” Andrea pointed to her own crotch and continued, “She gets them down there… and other places.” Andrea sighed, “But I was told to give them so if you want to help out you use this knob to set the level, these buttons select what parts to shock and then you press this button to administer the shock.”

“I am more than glad to do it if you are too chicken,” Ellie said and grabbed the remote. She then turned the dial, selected some areas and then pressed the button quickly.


Linda let out a quick yelp and she could feel a mild shock in her nipples, breasts and clitoris. The shock came as a surprise but was too quick to let her experience any pleasure or pain.


Linda received another short shock but this time it was only her ass that was the receiver. Again the shock was very abrupt and Linda could hear Ellie giggle and say, “Wow, this was way more fun than I thought!”

Ellie suddenly put her hand into her jeans pocket and pulled out a smartphone.

“You HAVE to take a photo of me!”

Andrea shook her head saying, “No no, absolutely not, we have a strict no photo rule here.”

“Come on! When will I ever have a chance to do this again? Pleeease!”

Andrea sighed and replied, “You know I can’t say no to you. Besides Mistress never said anything about there being a no photo rule here in the reception.”

Andrea leaned forward and while taking Ellie’s phone said, “I'm getting so fired over this. OK you have to PROMISE never, ever, to show these to ANYONE, OK?”

“Yeah yeah, sure thing!”

Andrea crouched down beside Linda and holding up the phone asked, “OK with you?”

Linda was still riding her wave of humiliation and being photographed while some one used her as a chair felt very erotic. She grunted an “Uh-huh” and tried to nod but her head did not move at all.

“I don’t know, was that a yes or a no?” Andrea said and looked unsure.

Ellie turned in the chair, looked down at Linda and said, “Pfff… Amature, like this. Hey, blink once for ‘OK’ and twice for ‘not OK.”

Linda looked Ellie straight in the eyes and shut her eyes once, then opened them and made sure not to blink.

Ellie smiled and said, “That was a clear ‘OK’ if ever I saw one.”

Andrea agreed and stood up, backed up a few steps and positioned herself so that both Linda and Ellie would fit in the photo. She held up the smartphone and said, “Cheese!”

Linda felt Ellie pose on her and once Andrea had taken the photo asked, “Good?”

“No it’s all blurry.”

“You have to turn the flash on.”

“How do I do that, I don’t know…”

Ellie reached for the smartphone and said, “Here, gimme.”

After enabling the flash Ellie gave the smartphone back to Andrea and continued, “There, that should do it.”

Andrea took a few new photos all while Ellie was posing on her. When Andrea felt they had the photo she held it towards Ellie.

“No, wait! A few when I shock her!” Ellie said laughing and picked up the remote.

Andrea sighed and backed up and held the smartphone up again.

“Three, two, ONE!” Ellie counted down and as she got to one pressed the shock button on the remote.


Linda let out another yelp as Andrea tried to sync the photo with the shock.

“One more,” said Ellie and counted down again.

Linda yelped again and when the photo was done Andrea handed over the smartphone to Ellie and said, “Enough, no more photos.”

Ellie took the smartphone and started to browse the photos of her and Linda.

“Yes, yes. Nice, these came out real good!” Ellie said and lowered the smartphone towards Lindas so she could see.

“Look, I look fantastic don’t you think?”

Linda let out a loud moan as she saw herself and Ellie in the photo. Ellie was doing a weird pose, holding up the remote in one hand, clearly showing her pressing the shock button. The other hand was making a ‘victory sign’. The flash made the photo look very ad hoc, giving it a sense of realism and authenticity. What got Linda aroused though, and the cause of her moan, was seeing herself for the first time since being made into a chair. She looked amazing! The bondage was very strict and her latex outfit, shiny and tight, looked to die for.

Ellie turned back into the chair and put the smartphone into her pocket.

“What is it about these shocks that you feel uncomfortable about?”

Andrea looked at Ellie and replied, “You have not seen nor heard when she receives far more powerful and lengthy shocks. It looks and sounds like pure torture and I just can’t stomach it.”

Linda could just about see Andrea from her position and saw that she looked a bit concerned as she spoke. Ellie turned around in the chair again and looked down at Linda with a big grin on her face and said, “Well good thing I’m here to help you then isn’t it. Study buddies and all that right?”

Ellie held up the remote so Linda could clearly see as she turned a knob and then pressed the shock button. Linda was just about to cry out in mercy as she was hit with searing hot pain in her nipples, clitoris, pussy and ass.


Linda screamed as best she could and almost choked on the protein shake still flowing down her throat. As she was coughing and fighting to settle down she saw Ellie sporting a big, surprised grin as she turned to Andrea and said, “Wow, that was awesome! That must have hurt like hell, I could feel myself rising a bit when her body tensed up.”

Ellie laughed and turned to look down at Linda again and asked, “You liked that huh? Let me guess… Rich husband doesn't do it for you anymore so you have to go to extremes to get off? Fuck I hate you priviliged people!”

Ellie had a fierce look in her eyes as she pressed and held the shock button again.


Linda screamed into the penis gag again. She was more prepared this time and managed to keep the flow down her throat in check. The pain was again overwhelming but in a good way and she felt she was actually getting more aroused. Her masochistic side was taking over. Once Ellie let go of the button Linda looked over at Andrea and saw that her posture and presence had changed significantly. She was ever so lightly biting her lower lip and was slowly rocking her pelvis back and forth. Linda let out a moan as she realised Andrea was getting aroused seeing her like this, enduring her predicament.

The moan was cut short as Ellie once again pressed and held the shock button. Linda screamed her way through the pain and saw Andrea wince and bite her lip a bit harder, smiling. One of her hands had quickly moved to her crotch as if she was shielding herself from the pain and her reaction fueled Linda’s arousal.

Once Ellie let go of the button Linda moaned more loudly and Ellie was quick to give her another lengthy shock. Watching Linda suffer was clearly turning Andrea on and after a few more shocks, Andrea herself let out a low moan.

Ellie, who obviously heard her, looked up at Andrea with a surprised look on her face and said, “Look at you all turned on, seems to me you like this you liar!”

Andrea got flushed and immediately stood up and checked that her skirt was not creased.

Laughing, Ellie got up from the chair much to Lindas dismay who let out an unsatisfied moan. Ellie handed the remote to Andrea and said, “I have warmed her up for you but leave it up to you to finish her off darling, I have places to be” Ellie looked down at Linda and continued, “I’ve had a blast, but have decided that a session here is not for me. This is WAY too bizarre and I am not sure about submitting to someone any more. Please cancel my session, would you?”

“Yes of course,” Andea replied.

Ellie took a pen from the desk, wrote something on a piece of paper, then handed it to Andrea and said, “Would love to keep in touch though, I think we both found out something about ourselves today.”

Andrea took the note and got a kiss on the cheek from Ellie who said, “Come on, give her what she wants… you know you want to.”

Andrea smiled as Ellie turned and walked towards the exit and said, “Thanks for letting me play with your chair and hope to hear from ya baby, bye!”

Andrea looked at the remote and answered, “Bye, it was great to see you too Ellie.”

She then turned a knob on the remote and Linda could feel the vibrators increase slightly in power. Linda let out a loud moan of gratitude and pleasure as Andrea unhooked the feeding bottle and removed it’s tube from the gag. As Linda could breathe more easily again she tried to say “Thank you!” through the gag but it just came out as garbled mumbo jumbo.

While Andrea took the stopper for the gag and re-inserted it, she looked into Lindas eyes and said, “Back to work then I guess.”

Andrea sat down on Linda and got back to working on her computer. Now and then she lowered the power of the vibrators only to increase them again later, just as Ellie had done prior. Linda both loved and hated her for it. She was kept constantly aroused but never taken far enough to be even close to an orgasm. After what could have been everything between 10 minutes to an hour, Linda could feel Andrea stand up from her. From her position Linda could just about see that Andrea was pulling her skirt up and then reseated herself on Linda.

After a few moments Linda could feel Andrea moving her pelvis up and down and thought that she must be masturbating. Sure enough, moments later Linda could hear Andrea moaning as her pelvic movements got more noticeable. Hearing Andrea pleasure herself while using her as a chair got Linda more aroused but still not near enough to approach an orgasm. As Andrea was starting to pant the phone ran. Linda could hear Andrea pick up the phone only to slam it right down again while cursing, “Fuck’s sake, not now!”

Andrea barely missed a beat in her masturbating and was soon panting loudly. Linda wanted to join in her approaching orgasm but there was just no way she would achieve that under current circumstances. Seconds later Linda could feel Andrea tens up and let out a low pleasurable exhale. Moments later the rocking continued and shortly after Andrea let out a loud moan as her body was shaking.

Andrea was just sitting still with her arms slumped at her sides, breathing heavily. When her breath was back to normal Linda could feel Andrea stand up and go around the chair, ending up in plain sight for Linda. Andreas face was rosy and sweaty and Linda could clearly see her panties were wet around her vulva. She was smiling and her eyes were sparkling. Andrea started to pull her pencil skirt down her legs and made sure to iron out any creases. Once done she looked down at Linda and silently worded “Thank you” with her lips.

Linda could only moan in response, glad that she had been of service to Andrea.

Andrea seated herself on Linda again and continued to work, alternating the power of the vibrators, up and down. Linda was starting to feel she was losing her mind and thought she would pretty much do anything at this point to be allowed to cum. She had an itchy feeling down her lower back and suspected it was her own juices, flowing past her anus and down her back inside the catsuit. Linda moaned loudly as Andrea yet again raised the power to the vibrators slightly. If she could have, she would have pleaded with Andrea to let her cum. She really needed to cum.

Her quiet pleas fell on deaf ears of course and Linda settled in and rode the continuous increases and decreases in dildo power, trying not to go insane.

Suddenly she felt the vibrators go up higher than usual. The change made her moan loudly and grunt “Uh-huh” repeatedly in an effort to let Andrea know that she approved. After a while the power was again raised and Linda was now starting to feel an orgasm building. As she tried to make the most of the added stimuli she could hear the phone ring again and Andrea picking it up.

“Yes?” Andrea answered and listened for a while and then replied, “Yes, don’t know what happened, there was no one on the other end when I picked up the phone.”

Andrea listened to the caller and raised the power of the vibrators some more, making Linda moan even louder. Andrea then said, “Right, so deliveries will be a bit late today, is that what you are saying?”

Linda could see Andrea turn in the chair and look down at her. In one of her hands was the remote and she held her thumb at the shock button. Andrea pouted her lips and blew a kiss as she pressed and held the button for a few seconds.


Linda creamed in her gag as her nipples, clitoris, pussy and ass were once again burning in pain. As the shocks stopped she started panting loudly. The shocks, even though tortuous, had just made her more aroused. Lindas masochistic side was truly in control again. Andrea kept looking at Linda as she continued, “No, that's quite alright, you can come by at a later time, just use the intercom by the garage as usual…” Andrea got a questioning look on her face and said, “What’s that?... No… Oh, it could be my chair, it’s rather old and makes funny noises now and then when used.”

As Linda looked straight up at and into the eyes of her beautiful tormentor she could see Andrea holding up the remote again. Linda could clearly see Andrea put her finger on the shock button while saying, “Did it sound something like this?”

Andrea pressed the button for a few seconds and Linda let out another guttural scream. Andrea smiled, winked her eye at Linda and continued, “Yeah that's the chair… No, no, I am quite fine, no cause for alarm. Appreciate the concern though.”

Linda felt the vibrations increase in power and shortly after that she was again hit with a few seconds of horrible pain from the shocks that had increased in power as well.


Linda screamed in pure pleasure and pain, she was getting real close to cumming. Andrea giggled and continued her conversation with the caller, “Well maybe it's the phone that makes it sound strange, I am not that technical… Really I am just fine… OK then… Yes… Have a great day Sir.”

Linda could see Andrea put the phone down, turn back and seemingly continue to work. Linda was on the edge of cumming and was grunting loudly in displeasement when suddenly she felt the shocks again. The power was increased again and Linda was now experienceing truly torturous pain. Andrea kept holding the button while increasing the power of the vibrators and before long Linda came.

Andrea could hear Linda holding her breath and could feel her tens in her whole body for about 8-10 seconds before she let out an animal-like scream.


The vibrations and shocks kept going. Linda took a deep breath, held her breath and came again.


Linda screamed, she had cum a second time but Andrea was still holding down the shock button. Linda was floating in a sea of pain… pain and pleasure. As she panted heavily and was chipping for air she came a third time.


As the third orgasm subsided the pain and vibrations all stopped. Andrea had shut it all off. Linda was still panting and tried to draw as much air as she could through the nostril tubes. Her vision was blurred but returned after a few moments when she got her breath back. Looking up towards Andrea she could see she was again working away on her computer ignoring her totally.

As Linda was winding down she started to feel her body aching. All over. The more she wound down the worse it got and eventually she started to grunt and moan in discomfort. After what felt like way too long Andrea acknowledged her pitiful sounds as she started Linda’s vibrators on a low setting once more. It was just enough for Linda to start getting aroused again and before long the ache in her body started to dissipate.

What followed was a near repeat of the build up to, and fruition of, the inevitable orgasms Linda had experienced the first time around. Just like the time prior Andrea had made herself cum first before letting Linda do so. This time though Andrea hadn’t bothered to get up and show how wet and aroused she was before it was Linda’s turn.

Three times in total the cycle was completed. Numerous bottles of protein shake had been consumed and several catheter bags changed.

As the vibrators were again turned on at the low setting after Lindas third set of orgasms, Sarah burst through the door from the preparation room pushing Andreas normal office chair in front of her. She went in front of the reception desk, turned to Andrea and said, “Sorry, been busy and could not come by and check on you two. Enjoyed the chair?”

Andrea stopped typing, sat back comfortably and as she tapped Linda on her left thigh replied, “As a matter of fact, yes I have! Would not mind if this became a recurring thing in fact.”

Shara went wide-eyed and said, “Really?... Not what I expected to hear. What about the chair, has it been used properly?”

Linda could feel Andrea stand up and walk around her. Looking down at her she said with a smile on her face, “Used and abused.”

Sarah went around the reception desk and put the normal chair beside Linda. She then started to collect all the empty bottles and filled catheter bags and put them “on the seat” of Linda. Next she disconnected the attached catheter bag, clamped the catheter tube coming out of Linda, and added the used bag to the pile. She was about to wheel her away when Andrea grabbed her arm and said, “Hang on, one sec.”

Sarah could not believe her eyes as she watched Andrea dig under her skirt and start to remove her panties. Once off she held them up in front of Sarah in all their soaking wet glory.

Sarah was stunned and said, “Who ARE you, and what did you do to Andrea? Look, I appreciate you obviously have had a great time but… Yuck! I’m not touching those!.”

Andrea turned up her eyes and said, “Not for you, for her!” Andrea took her panties and put them over Linda’s face, right on top of her nostril tubes and repeated, “They are for her.”

Linda’s vision went darker and all she could now see was parts of Andreas wet, lace panties. As she inhaled Andreas' sweet and musky scent she moaned loudly.

Sarah just shook her head as she rolled Linda through the door into the preparation room again.


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