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Mrs Andersson

by Marcus

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© Copyright 2022 - Marcus - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/f; M/f; fpov; bond; latex; electro; pain; spit; urine; urophagia; buttplug; toys; catsuit; hood; corset; climax; hum; predicament; armbinder; tease; forniphilia; torture; cons; reluct; XXX

(To better understand the characters and story arc, read from part 1 first.)

WARNING! If you have problems with urine and wet play I suggest skipping this part and go directly to part 5. A short recap will be given there.


This part owes a huge thanks to the art of GG63 plus some technical aspects and ideas from the story “The Exposition of Modified Women” by Benfan.

As always, English is not my first language so grammatical and spelling errors will be present.

Part 4

Sarah had not been joking when she said she would hose Linda down. As they arrived in the disrobe room Linda had been clipped to an o-ring in one of the corners and left alone. Ten minutes later Sarah had returned, having changed into her black t-shirt and cargo pants. After removing the tail and pony boots Sarah hosed her down with a simple garden hose. The water was surprisingly at a perfect temperature and the whole process was more enjoyable than she thought.

Sarah had then spent close to half an hour stripping Linda of all the gear and latex. Removing the nipple clamps had been pure torture and Linda had been given a few moments to calm down and stop crying. Apart from that, the whole procedure went without a hitch. Standing now naked Linda wanted nothing more than to be put into all the gear again but knew not to beg and kept it to herself. Being naked made her feel insecure and weak.

After being put in a three inch leather collar and leash Linda was made to walk on all fours behind Sarah to the aftercare room. Once inside Sarah had commanded her into the presentation pose next to the bed and then unclipped the leash. She then crouched in front of Linda and said, “Mouth open, tongue out!”

Linda quickly complied and tilted her head slightly backwards. Sarah smiled and said, “As I mentioned earlier, I really enjoyed myself today and that was, in part, thanks to you Mrs Andersson. You grew on me today.”

Sarah put one hand over Linda’s pussy and started to fondle her labia and clitoris. Linda twitched at the initial touch but soon started to slowly moan as Sarah continued, “Get a good night's sleep you will need it.”

Sarah removed her hand from Linda’s now ample wet pussy and used one of her naked breasts to clean as much of Linda’s own juices off on it as possible. Before standing up, Sarah spat a big gob in Lindas face, and then walked out the door leaving Linda alone in the room. Linda dared not move and could feel Sarah’s spit had landed in a long diagonal over her face, some of it landing on her still outstretched tongue. Sarah’s attention had been very brief but Linda was now very aroused and wanted nothing more than to masturbate.

Holding her tongue outstretched was more strenuous than Linda had imagined. Her tongue muscles had started to ache by the time Shelly walked into the room. She stopped dead in her tracks still holding a hand on the door handle as she said, “Ah for fuck sake’s Sarah!”

Shelly was wearing a lovely pair of high waist latex panties and a latex bustier in black. At her feet she wore four inch open toe pumps in a matching black. Shelly walked past Linda and sat down a black plastic container she had been carrying next to the hot tub. As she was unpacking the container Linda could hear her talking to herself, “When leaving the client for aftercare, make sure the client is left in a comfortable and relaxed state… How hard can it be!”

Shelly came back and crouched in front of Linda as was about to clean the spit off her face with a towel. Linda looked with pleading eyes at Shelly and went, “Nah-hu!”

Shelly stopped and with a look of not being surprised said, “You want it in your mouth so you can swallow it?”


“As you wish.”

Shelly started to scoop up as much as she could of Shelly’s spit with her index finger and then held it over Linda’s open mouth. As it started to slowly drip down on her waiting tongue Linda moaned and then whined in disappointment as most of the spit was still on Shellys finger. Shelly laughed and said, “It’s OK Mrs Andersson, you may lick my finger.”

Shelly had barely finished her sentence before Linda shot up and put her lounge and lips around Shelly’s finger and slowly licked it off. Once she had run her lips all the way down she sat back in the presentation pose and said, “Thank you Miss!”

“Don’t mention it, now up on your feet and into the tub - we have aftercare to do.”

Linda did as she was told and put her arousal in the back of her mind. Shelly was right, this was aftercare and was meant to let her wind down and prepare for tomorrow. Following a wonderful time in the hot tub where Shelly mastefully cleaned Linda with a soft sponge Linda was put through a therapeutic massage. During the massage she was made to drink a lot of different shakes. She was then put in hot towels and had to breathe through the steam inhaler for a while. By the time she was done Linda had almost nodded off a couple of times and by the time Shelly had her bound to the bed in her sleeping restraints she was already asleep.

Waking up Linda felt extremely well rested and vigorous and was just laying and thinking for a while when Mistress Yua came to see her. Instead of bringing her to the preparations room she had put Linda on a diet of shakes and hydration liquids. She had also given Linda a few enemas and then left her bound in bed again stating that she should rest and that someone would come get her when the time was right.

Linda had dozed off a few times but was awake as Shelly came through the door dressed in her t-shirt and cargo pants. She released Linda from the bed and removed all of the sleeping restraints. After putting a collar and leash on Linda, Shelly was now walking towards the preparations room with Linda on all fours besides her. As they passed through the throne room Linda had a quick look around and saw that it had been altered since yesterday. Scattered about were low and high tables with lounge chairs and barstools, a whipping bench, a bondage cross and even the treadmill Linda had used the day before. Furthermore, there was a raised stage along one of the walls with a tall walled stall standing on it. There was also a bit more light in the room than usual. Linda figured this all had to do with the open house she had heard Sarah talk about. The thought of being used in front of a larger crowd made Linda aroused and she felt she was already starting to get wet.

As they entered the preparations room Linda saw Sarah, dressed to match Shelly, sorting some things on a table. As she saw Shelly and Linda enter she stopped what she was doing and said, “Put Mrs Andersson in the centre Shelly if you please”.

Shelly did as Sarah had suggested, unbuckled the collar and joined Sarah at the table. Walking back they were carrying the equipment needed to do her makeup and a tall stool for Linda to sit on. While Sarah did the makeup, Shelly braided Linda’s hair into a long single braid. The large wheeled mirror was already in place and Linda could see in real time as the high end escort girl started to take form. When done she looked not only beautiful and sexy, but also fierce and powerful.

Sarah and Shelly continued to prepare Linda with great proficiency, they had clarely done this as a duo before. The dressing process started out like last time with the insertion of a catheter, adding of electro pads and o-rings and finally the two dildos. The dildos were still big and hurt going in but Linda took the pain and discomfort in silence.

This was her last day and she was going to enjoy it to the max, no matter what was done to her. She was after all experiencing her own deep and dark fantasies. And even though she had wanted, and would have quit many times during the past two days if given the chance, she was glad she had been forced to go through it.

As Shelly held the dildos in place and Sarah fetched the latex panties Linda saw the first deviation from previous dressings. The latex panties were semi transparent yellow instead of black but otherwise exactly the same as she had worn earlier. The stockings, gloves and catsuit put on next were all also in the same semi transparent yellow latex.

Seeing herself in them in the mirror Linda thought she looked fantastic. Blurry but clearly visible features like the black electro pads with wires and her bodily features like the areolas could be made out. It all looked very erotic and bizarre.

The corset and wedged ballet boots were next and were the same ones Linda had worn previously. The black latex and leather made for a very eye-catching contrast against the semi transparent yellow, Linda loved it. Sarah attached the semi transparent catheter bag to Linda’s right boot and connected it to the catheter. Next up was the hood.

The hood was also made in the semi transparent yellow latex and was a new design. It had a hair tube, open teardrop shaped holes for the eyes and long nostril tubes. At the mouth was a two inch diameter solid opening. After the nostril tubes had been lubed and the hood was held up in front of Linda’s face she could see that the opening was a short tube that would sink one and a half inch into her mouth. Shelly took hold of the nostril tubes and said, “Open wide Mrs Andersson!”.

It was the first thing anyone had said in quite some time and Linda happily obliged. The nostril tubes still felt horrible going in but Linda had kept relatively cool during the process and now she just wanted them to settle in place. Shelly carefully aligned the tube to Linda’s open mouth, shoved it in place and zipped the hood closed.

The hood was of course a perfect fit. Linda got very aroused by looking at herself in the mirror as she now looked like a semi transparent yellow sex doll with her mouth open for anyone to use. She explored the tube in her mouth and seeing her tongue sticking out of it looked truly bizarre. The tube was keeping her jaws stretched to the max and Linda could already feel them starting to ache. On the outside the tube had a thin aluminium ring around the gaping hole.

Sarah stood in front of Linda and smiled. In one hand she had a four inch penis-gag with a wide two inch base. At the base was a big o-ring that she held her index finger through. She looked at Linda and said, “This must be what they mean by an ‘open goal’ or what do you think Shelly?”

Shelly looked up and rolled her eyes at Sarah and said, “Yeah, I guess it is.”

Sarah started to push the penis-gag into Linda’s mouth who tried to take the invader as best as she could. As the base of the penis-gag was pushed against the outside of the mouth tube there was a metallic ‘clink’ sound and Sarah started to twist the penis-gag by the o-oring clockwise. The twisting top of the penis felt weird and Linda coughed a bit but also got very aroused as she realised the gag was being screwed in place. Once in place the seal between the gag base and mouth tube was totally airtight and Linda had to breath through her nose. The feeling of once again having her mouth filled made Linda moan.

Sarah looked pleased with the result and with a smile on her face said, “There Mrs Anderson, just how you like it isn’t it?”

Linda wanted to start touching herself all over due to her arousal but remained still and grunted a submissive, “Uh-huh.”

Meanwhile Shelly had fetched the black latex single glove Linda was in on her first day. Seeing it made Linda shiver both in trepidation and anticipation reminiscing her first time wearing it. Shelly did not have to ask Linda to put her arms behind her with hands together since Linda was standing ready to be put in it.

Shelly started to put Linda’s hands into the pocket for the hands and said, “You seem eager today Mrs Andersson… it feels like you are hell bent on going ‘all in’ today. Well you are going to need a spirit like that, believe me.”

Sarah looked at Shelly with an angry expression as if trying to stop her from saying too much. As Shelly zipped the heavy duty zipper up, closing the single glove Linda gunted and moaned loudly. It hurt so bad in her arms and shoulders but she wanted it - she wanted it badly. Once the straps around Linda’s wrists and elbows had been tightened Sarah looked at Shelly and said, “I believe Mrs Andersson wants her elbows to touch, keep going!”

Shelly looked at Sarah and replied, “You know, just as I do, what will be done to her later. Give her some slack.”

“Going soft? Why don’t we ask Mrs Andersson what she wants shall we?”

Sarah took Linda’s head between her hands, looked her in the eyes and said, “Mrs Andersson, are you pleased with how Shelly has bucked your single glove?”

Linda shook her head slightly and grunted, “Nah-uh.”

“Mrs Andersson, would you like Shelly to tighten the belt around your elbows until they touch?”

Linda nodded her head and grunted, “Uh-huh!”

Sarah smiled, looked at Shelly and said, “Miss Shelly, if you please.”

Shelly just shook her head and took hold of Linda’s single glove. Using one arm to crush Linda’s arms together she tightly buckled the strap around them. Linda closed her eyes and held her breath for about 10 second, savouring the extreme pain in her arms and shoulders. She then let out a guttural scream and started to heavily moan and grunt. Her eyes were on fire, not from anger but from lust.

Sharah looked at Linda with joy and surprise and loudly said, “Mrs Andersson… you are an absolute ANIMAL!”

Linda was high on the pain as she was already in full masochistic mode. Her juices were flowing freely and being given the chance would have begged to be allowed to cum on the spot.

As Linda stood and rode her pain Sarah had handed the black neckcorset to Shelly who was now tightening it around Linda’s neck.

The duo then started polishing the latex and padlocking all the buckles. As they did Linda was admiring the process and herself in the mirror. A yellowish latex playdoll in heavy latex restraints was being tended to by two of the company's employees, preparing her for transport to her new owner. Linda smiled as best she could around the penis-gag and her pussy twitched as she fantasised about being sold and used by a total stranger.

Linda was starting to come off the peak of her high but was still enjoying the extreme pain from the single glove when Shelly connected a remote to Linda’s dildos and started them on a low to medium vibration. Linda let out a loud moan and looked at Shelly with dreamy eyes as she fastened the remote to one of Linda’s thighs with a simple black latex strap.

Sarah and Shelly then inspected Linda and her gear, and when satisfied they had done everything according to the list and down to the T, clipped a black leather leash to the o-ring in front of the neck corset. Sarah handed it to Shelly and said, “Will you do the honours dear? I have some more stuff left to do.”

Shelly took the leash and started to walk with Linda in tow towards the door to the throne room and said, “Sure thing, no problem.”

As they left Sarah added, “Mrs Andersson, I will see you later dear!”

Walking in the ballet boots felt more easy then last time and the constant movement of the vaginal and anal dildo felt fantastic. Linda loved the feeling of being led by Shelly and the experience was about to become even better. As they had passed into the throne room Linda had submissively held her gaze down towards Shellys boots as best as she could in the neck corset, but looked up as someone let out a loud gasp and said, “Oh my god!”

Linda raised her eyes and saw that the throne room was now filled by numerous people. She figured it was a mix about 50/50 between men and women and she counted about 15-ish people dressed in a very mixed array of clothing. Everything from black t-shirts and combat pants to smart suits and dresses. If the wardrobe was to be used as a means of measurement, the room consisted of people from all levels of society.

They all had two things in common though. First off they were all most likely here because of their interest in fetish and BDSM and were either already clients of the establishment or were interested in becoming sutch. Second, they all wore masquerade masks to hide their identities. Masks varied from very simple ones you could buy at a party shop to elaborate handcrafted ones.

Actually they all pretty much had a third thing in common. Most of them were staring at Linda as she was being led by Shelly across the room. The attention fueled Lindas humiliation and she straightened her posture, proud to be on parade.

As they were nearing the throne most patrons had stopped looking at Linda and were back to idle chatting in between them. As they came up on a couple standing next to the throne, Shelly stopped and said, “I’m very sorry to disturb you Mistress, but your doll is ready.”

The couple stopped talking and turned around. It was Mistress Isabell. Linda’s eyes widened as she saw her beautiful Mistress. She was dressed in a lovely white blouse, a black latex waist cincher and black latex pants. Her feet were draped in knee high 5 inch patent leather boots in black. Her hands were covered in black leather gloves. Unlike her companion, Isabell did not wear a mask.

The female Isabell was talking to was dressed in a red long sleeve blouse with a flower pattern and high waist blue jeans. On her feet she wore a pair of four inch platform pumps in beige. Her face was partly covered in a golden rabbit mask. Although masked, Linda could see she was shocked by what she saw and nearly dropped her champagne glass.

Isabell quickly stopped her from dropping the glass and said, “Easy there dear… Thank you Shelly, you are excused.

Shelly gave the leash to Isabella and before leaving replied, “Most welcome Mistress, thank you Mistress.”

Isabell looked at Linda as if inspecting her outfit and moments later said, “Presentation pose!”

Linda managed to somewhat elegantly get down on her knees, spread her thighs wide and straighten her back pushing her chest out, eyes straight forwards.

“So, you were saying that from what you see here you would be interested in maybee booking a session?”

Isabell’s question janked Rabbit Lady back to reality who stopped staring at Linda and replied, “Yes… yes. Well no, not for myself, for my husband. Our sex life has been rather… Well lately it has been very lacking frankly so Ernest, my husband, suggested some fantasy roleplay. We did a few things but clearly it was not for me but he rather got a taste for it and has been bugging me about it ever since. His birthday is coming up and after hearing about your… establishment… I thought, why not inquire if you could help satisfy his tastes?”

“Say no more, I know exactly what you mean and of course we can cater to your husband.”

“Yes… yes of course, probably pretty common I guess, silly me. Sorry I have to ask, is… she… your slave?”

Isabell looked down at Linda and said, “This one? No no. I do not have a personal slave. This is a client of the realm.”

“A client? You mean she came here to have this done to her?”

“Yes. That is what we do here, fulfil desires. Granted, this doll is not a representation of our usual regulars and visitors. No, this one is in a league of her own and has requested things most would only fantasise about but never dream of doing for real.”

“I… I… I don’t know what to say. I have never seen anything like it in my life”

“You do not have to say anything dear.”

Rabbit Lady pointed at Linda’s hood and said, “Can she breathe in all that?”

“Oh yes of course, she has breathing holes in the hood for her nostrils. Although… one moment, hold this.”

Isabell handed the leash to the woman and left. Linda could see she was being watched and inspected closely by her new leash holder. But not even as Rabbit Lady was right up in her face, staring into her eyes, did Linda dare to avert her eyes and meet her gaze. Isabell returned and the woman stood back up and smiled at Isabell who held up a small rubber item and said, “These are plugs for her nostrils and will render her totally breathless, observe.”

Isabell took Linda by the neck in one hand and held the small dual rubber stopper in the other. Then she waited for Linda to exhale and, just as she was about to inhale, pushed the stopper into both nostril tubes in the hood. With the stopper inplace Linda looked like she had a black rubber septum piercing. Isabell stood up, took the leash and said, “There, NOW my doll can’t breathe at all as you will soon see.”

Linda tried to inhale but Isabell was right, there was no air coming either in or out with the stopper in place. Linda had never tried breath play before but had marked it as optional in her request form. As she was getting both a little scared and more aroused she wished she had marked it as necessary like most of the things on her form. As she felt her body and mind start to crave air she heard Rabbit Lady ask about the catheter bag and Isabell gladly explaining it to her. Linda was now starting to panic, she really needed air and let out a whimper but remained still. Isabell acknowledged the whimper and said, “Ah!… Hear that? The doll’s body and mind is now starting to crave air.”

Rabbit Lady watched in amazement and asked, “So we remove the plug right?”

“No. Not until I decide the doll can breathe again. The doll has no rights, she forwent them when she stepped through the doors here two days ago.”

Isabell was caressing Linda’s cheek and smiled wickedly at her as Linda started to slightly trash about trying to shake the plugs out of her nostrils but it was to no avail.

Linda grunted louder and looked over at Rabbit Lady who with a look of shock asked, “She has been here two whole days? Oh my! Are you sure we shouldn't let her breathe again?”

Isabell just looked at Linda who was now perfectly still, eyes closed, facing the fact that she was not getting any air and thrashing about was not going to help.

Isabell looked at Rabbit Lady again and with a displeasing look said, “No… I will however discipline her for making such a fuss in front of a possible client.”

Isabell hunkered down beside Linda and took the remote for the dildoes from her thigh. After standing up she addressed Rabbit Lady by stating, “The doll needs strict punishment when she does not act according to her orders sadly. But rest assured, this will hurt me more than her.”


Linda screamed into the penis gag as her pussy and ass was suddenly on fire. Isabell had all but maxed the level of the shocks and gave Linda a good 6 seconds of sheer tortuous pain.

Suddenly the pain was gone just as fast as it had come and Linda could feel Isabell taking hold of the stopper and yanking it out.

Linda took a long and deep breath and then exhaled quickly and took another long and well deserved breath. She then looked submissively at Isabell and moaned as if to thank her.

Rabbit Lady held a hand to her chest and said, “Wow… that was intense!”

Isabell started to unscrew the penis gag while saying, “Just a simple demonstration my dear, think nothing of it.”

Once it was out Linda swallowed and could hear Rabbit Lady gasp and say, “Oh my god, that thing is huge! How can she have it all in and not be sick?”

“The doll requested the size herself and my guess is she practises often with objects down her throat if you know what i mean. Now doll, thank the nice lady for suggesting the breathplay demonstration.”

Linda thought for a split second then quickly bent forward, put her tongue out of the gag tube and started to carefully lick and clean Rabbit Lady's shoes. Linda could hear her say that a thanks was not necessary but Isabell ascertained that it was. Linda could not help but moan from pleasure servicing Rabbit Lady's shoes, a woman she had never met and most likely never would again.

Moments later Linda could hear Isabell say, “Please excuse me, I need to mingle some. If you have any more questions regarding booking a session for your husband please come find me or any of my staff OK?”

“Yes of course. I will! Book a session I mean… nothing like this though but… Thank you for your time!”

Signalling Linda to stop cleaning Rabbit Lady's shoes and sit back up by lightly yanking the leash, Isabell inserted and screwed the penis gag in place. Isabell then commanded Linda to stand, nodded at Rabbit Lady, and began walking the room with Linda in tow. Being paraded around among the guests was a real turn on for Linda and was a welcome distraction from the pain in her shoulders. Her arms were pretty much numb but she definitely could feel her shoulders. Isabell would stop and talk to some of the guests of whom all wanted to ask about Linda, her gear or to touch her bound, latex form. Linda started to fantasise about being led around by Mistress Isabell outside, in full view of the public. The thought added some more juices to her already soaking wet groin.

At one point when Isabell spoke with a male patron, a young female in a tight, cropped, blue t-shirt, red PVC hot pants and knee high black combat boots came up with a big smile on her face. Without disturbing Isabell and the male she was speaking to, the young girl started to caress Linda’s body all over as if she was inspecting every nook and cranny of her outfit. As the young girl was done she looked straight at Linda, gave her a hard spank on one of her buttoxes and before turning and leaving said, “Awesome!”

Since the young girl wore a mask covering her eyes Linda was not sure but she figured it had to have been Evelyn, the girl she had had the pleasure of meeting the evening before.

Sure enough as Isabell was done talking to the man she continued to lead Linda around the room and said, “I saw that our latest, and youngest, Mistress in training came over and gave you some attention. She seemed VERY impressed with you when she approached me earlier today begging for an internship. Not sure what she could possibly mean but I finally agreed to take her in just to shut her up. Apparently Sarah sees something in her so it can't be all bad I guess.”

After mingling for about an hour Linda could see Sarah and Shelly approach Isabell. As they did, Isabell saw them and handed Linda’s leash to Sarah and said, “Ah yes, it’s time I suppose.”

Sarah took the leash and said, “Yes Mistress, we will be back when she is ready.”

Linda was led away from her Mistress and towards the stage along one of the walls. The stage was about 30 inches high and measured 15 feet wide and 10 feet deep. On the stage stood a stall up against the wall. It measured 10 by 7 feet and had 10 feet high walls with swing doors at either side. At either side of the stage were steps to make the transition up on the platform convenient.

Linda was led up one of the stairs, through a swing door labelled “entry”, and into the stall. The stall had deep red walls and the ceiling was all mirrored. On the opposite wall that they had entered was the other swing door labelled “exit” and next to that a black basin with a mirror and cupboard. The floor was made out of black, laminated tiles and along one of the long walls was an odd round cut-out centred between two tiles, leaving a hole in the floor. On the floor next to the hole lay what looked like three big moulded plastic pieces in a high gloss white colour. There were also a few plastic containers with tools and gear Linda could not identify.

She tried to figure out what it was all for but failed to think of something. The only thing she knew for sure was that she had been very aroused for a long time now and was ready to face her new ordeal hoping it would put her further along her journey towards a much desired orgasm.

As Linda was pondering her coming fate Shelly had unlaced and removed the neck corset from Linda. Next, Shelly and Sarah each took one of the big moulded plastic pieces and held them up towards Linda’s upper body from the front and behind.

Looking at the piece Sarah was holding in front of her, Linda could now see that it was perfectly moulded after a female body from about the waist all the way up to the chin. Along the edges of the mould was a raised, two inch stringer with holes separated by 15 inches and there was also a two inch stringer running vertically between the breast cups at the front, probably for structural stability. A third stringer ran horizontally at about mid breast level and also had holes in it at about 15 inches apart. The inside of the mould was lined with what looked like a deep orange, padded pvc material.

Sarah was starting to look impatient holding the moulded piece as Shelly was fidgeting with something at Linda’s neck and said, “Are you done yet?”

“Just about, just need to connect the last two… there, all done!” Shelly replied as she connected the last of the wires gathered at Linda’s lower neck to matching connectors at the neck part of the piece she was holding.

Shelly and Sarah then put the two pieces together trapping Linda in between. As the parts started to come together they carefully aligned guide pins to their respective holes. As the two parts met Linda let out a moan due to the added pressure on her body but also by the fact she was now unable to move her upper body and bound arms at all. Her head was also immobilised and forced backwards so she could now only look up into the mirrored ceiling.

As Shelly held the parts together as best as she could, Sarah fetched a handful of chromed carriage bolts with nuts and started fastening the two parts together using a ratchet wrench. Linda was watching herself and her caretakers in the ceiling mirrors and saw that the moulded pieces fit her perfectly. Her upper body was now totally covered in a white, high gloss surface that followed her bound form perfectly..

Pleased with the fit, Sarah disconnected the remote on Linda’s thigh and removed the strap holding it. She and Shelly then carefully guided Linda sideways towards the hole in the floor. While Shelly held on to Linda, Sarah opened the two adjacent floor tiles next to the hole using a recessed handle and said, “Mrs. Andresson, I need you to step backwards carefully into the hole, one leg at a time. Shelly will hold on to you and I will guide your boots and legs to the proper places OK?”

Linda, looking at the whole operation in the reflection above them, replied, “Uh-huh.”

With Shelly as her support Linda stepped down backwards into the hole while Sarah guided her legs and boots until she was sitting on a padded surface in a kneeling position with her legs spread at about an 90 degree angle. Once in place the horizontal stringer rested perfectly on the floor tiles. While Sarah was adding straps to her thighs, buckling her in place, Shelly started to add carriage bolts through the holes in the horizontal stringer and matching holes in the floor. As soon as Sarah was done with the thigh straps she began adding nuts to the now inserted carriage bolts, fastening them with the wrench. After crawling around Linda making sure all bolts and nuts were securely fastened, Sarah did some work around Linda’s crotch and then came up from under the floor with tools and Linda’s catheter bag. Putting the tools and bag aside, she and Shelly put the tiles besides Linda back in place and then stood up and observed Linda from above. From their perspective Linda seemed to have sunken into the floor and only her upper torso and head could be seen encased in the while plastic mould.

Linda’s head was now situated at about knee height of her caretakers and the angle at which her head was forced into made her look straight up at them. Sarah was sporting a real sadistic smile while Shelly looked genuinely concerned. Linda paid little attention to it as she tried her new position out, seeking a way to come closer to that sweet, sweet orgasm she desperately needed. It was of course pointless since Linda was truly bound in place and could not move at all.

As Shelly unscrew and removed the penis gag Sarah went and brought the third and final moulded piece from the floor. Before helping Sarah with the final piece Shelly took a dual nostril stopper and put it on Linda. Linda could now only breathe through her mouth but it was a welcome relief since breathing through her nostrils had been rather strenuous in her position with the added pressure of the tight plastic mould.

Linda could see Sarah and Shelly carefully start to lower the final part over her head, aligning guide pins in the upper part to holes in the bottom ones around Linda’s face. As it was lowered Linda could see that part of the mould had a clear transparent part, skillfully moulded after her upper face, and just below it was a cutout that would match the gag tube in her hood.

As the piece rested in place, and Linda could see herself again in the ceiling mirrors, she let out a panicked scream and started to cry. It had finally dawned on her that the final piece was the only thing missing from making her into a human urinal.

Sarah and Shelly ignored her and as Sarah fastened the final carrier bolts and nuts joining the top part to the two bottom ones, Shelly used a crank pulley wrench to fasten the urinal drain to the tube opening in Linda’s. When the drain hole and gag tube were finally fastened tightly together Shelly stood up, turned to Sarah and said, “That’s it, I'm leaving the final touches to you. This is so far beyond what I feel is OK.”.

Sarah, going to one of the plastic containers to pick some things up, replied, “Sure, I don’t mind, go right ahead.”

Shelly hunkered down in front of the still panicked and screaming Linda and said, “Shhhhhh… Shhhhhh… There, there Mrs. Andersson. It will all be OK in a while I'm sure, but this urine thing is too much for me so I will say my goodbyes now. I truly hope we will meet again in the future under less… extreme circumstances.”

With that Shelly stood up and left the restroom through the exit doors.

Linda was still too scared and panicked to have rational thoughts but had stopped screaming when Sarah took Shelly’s place, hunkering down in front of her.

As she lowered a sink strainer into the urinal drain, ie. Linda’s mouth, she said, “She is right you know, this is some pretty bizarre shit if you ask me but clients wishes are client’s wishes right?”

Linda was too terrified to even try an answer as Sarah continued, “Now as you clearly have figured out, you are to be used as one of the event urinals by anyone who wishes to. As they do they are free to reward or punish you as they see fit, preferably in accordance with your performance as a urinal.”

Sarah stood up and pressed and held one of ten green buttons placed on top of the urinal. Linda felt her vibrators ramp up to a high setting and she unconsciously let out a soft moan.

Moments later Sarah pressed one of ten red buttons and Linda let out a cream in pain as her nipples, tits, clitoris, pussy and ass received a painful shock.

Sarah looked down at Linda and said, “See how that works? Better be on your best behaviour… That is if urinals have behaviour, not sure about that… ”

Sarah had a querying look on her face as she once again hunkered down and put a round cake into the sink strainer and said, “Salt and minerals, trust me you will need them this afternoon.”

Looking over the urinal a final time, making sure everything was as it should, Sarah stood up and walked out waving at Linda saying, “It has been a pleasure Mrs. Andersson. If we do not see eachother again today I sure hope you will visit us soon again.”

Linda was slowly coming to terms with her predicament. She was still in panic but could now for the first time since being turned into a urinal see herself in full clarity. She truly WAS a proper urinal. The moulded plastic pieces had an impeciple finish that made it look like high grade white porcelain and contrasted nicely against the red walls and black floor. The only things giving away the true nature of this urinal was the somewhat odd, female shaped base and the clear, transparent plastic part in the sink clearly showing Linda’s latex covered upper face from her upper lip to mid forehead. As Linda started to slightly calm down she could clearly hear the event go by outside of the restroom and figured that there had to be some form of audio enhancer used like speakers or something helping her hearing. Logic stated that she would not be able to hear that good due to the plastic covering her head if not.

She also started to accept her situation as she now clearly recalled what she had asked for regarding wet play in the request form. Having read and seen some piss play online she had wanted to try it. Only thing was, the men and women in the videos she had seen had been kneeling in a shower and had someone piss on them, sometimes into their mouths. But NONE of them had been turned into a real urinal. She cursed herself and her hornyness when filling out the form and was really concerned that this would not end well.

After what could have been as little as five minutes or as long as an hour Linda could both hear and see a pair enter the restroom she was installed in and she immediately tensed up, fear and panic starting to rise. The sides of the urinal sink around her face blocked the view of the patrons entering but she could see them “from above” in the ceiling.

As the par came into view Linda felt a wave of relief as she saw Mistress Isabell accompanied by a slightly obese man. He was dressed in a black t-shirt, a pair of green shorts and white sneakers. His face was partly covered in a black simple masquerade mask.

“Pleash Misshtresh gek meh hout oh heve, ei hab magh ah theviibleh misshtak!”

Linda pleaded as best as she could to be let out of the horrible situation but her pleas fell on deaf ears. Isabell just looked at the man and said, “Did you hear something?”

“No, not a thing,” the man replied.

“Urinal could be clogged, let me try something”.


Linda was hit with searing pain all over her body. Isabell had pressed one of the red buttons and kept pressing it for ten seconds. As she released the button Linda started to pant heavily as best as she could through the sink strainer.

“There, much better”, Isabell said as she carefully hunkered down in her heels and continued, “Dear Mrs. Andersson… you are my ‘pièce de résistance’ at this event and I have no inclination to neither let my guests down nor break our contract. You of all people should know that by now so stop pretending this is anything but what you specifically asked for!”

Isabell stood up and, putting a hand on the man’s shoulder, continued, “This is Michael… the slave I attended to yesterday if you remember? Anyway he has… well he has a score to pick with you we could say.”

Isabell looked at Michael who was still staring Linda in the eyes and continued, “You see, Michael here is a switch, and so is his girlfriend. Both are clients of mine of course. Now since you scared Michael into spilling my Champagne yesterday, resulting in me adding 3 months to his chastity, he will not only not cum for a LONG time. No… He will also have to wear his cock cage for the coming period when it is his turn to dominate his girlfriend.”

Isabell moved her hand and groped Michael in the crotch, playing with the chastity cage through his shorts. She continued, “A dom not being able to use his cock properly is not what Michael had in mind and thus he is pretty pissed with you. It all seems pretty hilarious to me though…”

Isabell let go of Michael and stepped beside him and said, “So, when I proposed he could be your first customer he jumped at the chance.”

Linda could see Michael unzipping his shorts and tried to pull his chastised penis through the slit. As he realised he would most likely piss more in his shorts then into the urinal he said “Ah, fuck” and unbuttoned his shorts compleatly and let them fall to his ankles. His briefs followed suit revealing his pink cock cage and he was now inching forward making sure he would not spill when urinating.

Ah Michael let out an audible sigh Linda could clearly see the stream of dark yellow piss fall towards her face from the tip of the chastity cage and instinctively closed her eyes and tried to pull her head out of the way. Her head was of course not going anywhere and before she could ponder on it she felt her mouth fill with warm, bitter, urine. Linda stopped the urine from going down her throat with her tongue as best as she could but quickly realised that if she wanted to breathe ever again, she better swallow. With tears swelling in her eyes she accepted her fate, opened her eyes and started to swallow the bitter liquid.

She felt sick. Michael’s urine tasted horrible and was nothing like she had imagined urine would taste. It had all looked kind of erotic in the videos she had been watching but here and now reallity was something compleatly different.

Gulp after gulp Linda downed the piss in her mouth all while witnessing the downpour through the clear plastic. Just as she started thinking she would drown the waterfall of piss stopped and Michael let out a satisfying grunt and started to knead his cock as best he could through the cock cage to expel every drop.

As Linda swallowed the last gulp she took a very deep breath and started to whine loudly through the sink strainer. Michael smiled wickedly at her and said, “Yeah, thanks for nothing bitch!”

Linda’s whines turned into a painful scream as Michael, clearly not satisfied with the urinals performance, pressed one of the red buttons on the severe end of the scale.

Linda was suddenly deeper down in hell. She had just been force drink this man’s vile urine and now he was torturing her for her efforts. The last drops of piss going down through the sink strainer was the only thing cutting Linda’s scream for a second, being forced to try and swallow it, before the scream continued. As if taking real pity on her, Isabell stepped forward after what felt like a lifetime and forced Michaels hand off the button and commanded, “Enough! She is supposed to last the entire afternoon Michael!”

“Yeah whatever!” Michael retorted and pulled his briefs and shorts back up. He left the room saying, “See you outside.”

Isabell stood looking in the direction he left and said, “Didn’t even wash his hands…”

She then approached Linda and started to press and hold some of the green buttons. Despite her situation Linda started to moan and tried to rock her hips for added pleasure as the vibrators sprung to life and gave her some much needed stimuli. To her surprise she was starting to get aroused. Still alternating the speed by pressing the green buttons Isabell looked down at Linda and said, “I have to say I was unsure this contraption would ever work but it seems that I must compliment the contractor yet again. You know who came up with the idea for it? The internet… Honestly, I asked some of my followers in an online chat session and this is what they came up with. Sick minds are true delight, don’t you agree? Of course you do!”

Isabell let her leather clad fingers run along the edge of the urinal sink, clearly admiring the craftsmanship. Letting out a quick sigh she stood up and pressed one of the green buttons a final time, stating as she was leaving, “Bye for now Mrs. Andersson. I will see you later I'm sure.”

As Linda could hear the swing doors close she was again alone to ponder her predicament. Just as she had been numerous times before the last days, she was not entirely sure how she felt about her situation. Her masicistic part and a healthy dose of the vibrators had herstarting to find her predicament somewhat erotic. She also felt proud to have endured it, being used as a urinal, swallowing urine from another human being. But she was done now, curiosity fulfilled, she wanted out!

Sadly no one came to let her out and it was not long before she could hear the doors open and she could see yet another man enter the restroom. Linda felt her panic rise again and started to whimper thinking of what was to come. The man who had entered was dressed in a dark blue, two piece suit with a white shirt and matching tie. His face was covered by a spiderman mask, most likely bought in a toy store, and on his feet were a pair of black leather loafers. As he heard Linda’s whimper he got startled and when realising an actual human being, a woman, was trapped in the urinal he quickly left saying, “Oh my god! What kind of place is this!”

Linda almost felt sorry for him but was also extremely relieved he had not used her.

Her victory was short though as moments later the same man came through the doors again, clearly needing to urinate badly. As he undid the zipper and pulled his penis out he said, “When in Rome I guess…”

Linda was fully focused as the urine came crashing down on her covered face and as soon as the piss entered her mouth she started to swallow the vile, warm liquid as quickly as she could. She knew she was not getting out of this and wanted it to be over as fast as possible. Gulp after gulp she downed the warm piss hoping he would be done sooner rather than later. As the stream finally started to subside Linda took one final gulp of the bitter piss and could breathe again. Panting heavily she looked straight into the man's gaze as he slowly realised what he had done. With a look of utter disgust he quickly folded his penis back into his pants and zipped up.

As if unsure what to do next he reached down towards Linda’s face and said, “Oh my god, I am SO sorry… what have i done…”

He exited as fast as he came in and Linda, still tasting his bitter urine in her mouth, noted that this man also did not wash his hands. Even worse, he did not give her any kind of stimuli. None. Linda found herself thinking she would even prefer some horrific shocks to getting nothing at all. The realisation that she was starting to find the situation even more erotic and also sinking deeper into her masochistic persona made her let out a moan, wishing for another patron to use her - at least in her fantasy.

Her fantasy was shortly granted as Linda could first hear and then see two female patrons enter the restroom. Linda was again joyed to see Mistress Isabell with a beautiful female in tow. The woman wore a lovely white blouse tucked into a pair of high waisted tight PVC pants in black and on her feet she wore 5 inch strapped sandals in black. Her face was covered by a beautiful black half face mask with small antlers, embroidered with gold, making her look like a deer.

The duo was in mid conversation as they entered and Linda could hear Deer Lady say, “… so yes you could say I came to see if your business is something worth investing in.”

Isabell smiled and replied, “I understand completely. You need to see if we are and do what we claim to do. I would be doing the same thing if our roles were reversed and that…. is why I brought you here my dear.”

Isabell was still smiling as the Deer Lady got a weird look on her face and asked, “You brought me to the restroom… I’m sorry Isabell but I think you lost me there.”

“Not to worry, let me clarify dear”

Linda let out a loud moan as Isabell pressed and held one of the green buttons obviously scaring Deer Lady as she took a few steps back before stopping and while bending forwards as if to see a bit better said, “No, no, no… there’s a person in there?”

“Yes of course! One of our later clients actually, who is sadly leaving us today after a three day visit. It is only her second visit with us but she is most likely the most extreme client we have ever had. I brought you here to show her to you so you would understand the dedication we put into fulfilling our clients wishes.”

Deer Lady started to slowly approach the urinal until she was hunkering down right in front of it, looking Linda straight into the eye’s. Deer Lady went wide eyed as she said, “No way… no way in hell…”

She paused as if to gather herself then continued, “Isabell you HAVE to tell me how this… this… thing works!”

Isabell hunkered down beside Deer Lady and replied, “Gladly my dear. First off, our client here is very, very experienced and wished, among other things, to experience extreme urophagia, to drink urine. “Wet play” as it is commonly called today is for the most part never even close to these extremes but again, we are proud to be able to give clients what they desire.”

Linda was getting more and more aroused as she could see her Mistress start to point to various parts of the contraption as she continued, “The client is totally covered in high end custom latex and restraints that we sadly only see a very small part of now but rest assured you would have agreed with me if you had seen us earlier. Her pussy and ass are filled with top of the line dildoes that can…”

Linda continued to softly moan as Isabell continued to explain her setup in minute detail, all to the apparent surprise and joy of Deer Lady. As Isabell was explaining how the urine would flow into Linda’s mouth, pass the sink strainer with the salt and mineral cake, forcing her to swallow it all before being able to breathe, a low humming sound could be heard from below the floor tiles. Isabell smiled with a surprised look upon her face as she stated, “Ah! As if scripted we shall get a demonstration of that just now I think.”

Seconds later Linda could see a yellow liquid start to flow from the top of the urinal and run down towards the drain. As the liquid entered Linda’s mouth she immediately started to swallow it and realised it was urine. After two mouthfuls the humming sound stopped and so did the flow of piss. Isabell continued, “I forgot to mention that our client has a urinary catheter and her own urine is collected under the floor and pumped up into the urinal as the container collecting it starts to get full.”

Linda let out a loud moan of pleasure as she heard she had just been forced to drink her own piss.

Deer Lady was gasping and asked, “But… she gets off on this right? I mean she likes it in an erotic way?”

“Oh yes, as with any fetish, she gets very aroused by what is being done to her right now.”

Biting her lip ‘beer lady’ replied, “This is all so fucking wierd yet strangly erotic… would not mind beeing a man right now and find out what it is like to use her.”

Isabell stood up and winking to Deer Lady said, “Not a problem, we can help you with that.”

Deer Lady stood up and watched Isabell fetch something from the cupboard under the sink near the exit. She returned with what looked like a weirdly shaped pink plastic funnel. Isabell handed the funnel to Deer Lady and said, “This is a female urinal. Just push the big opening towards your genitals and you will be able to pee through the pipe standing up, just like a man.”

Both Deer Lady and Linda were equally surprised as they had never seen such a thing before but were both very pleased it existed, for very different reasons.

As Deer Lady handed the female urinal back to Isabell and started to take off her PVC pants Linda started to moan with every breath as she knew she would soon be servicing a woman. As the tight PVC pants were worked down Deer Ladys’ toned thighs, Linda saw she was wearing a pair of beautiful black lace panties. When both pants and panties were down below her knees, Deer Lady started to inch forward until she was just in front of the urinal. Holding the female urinal tightly against her genital area she arched forwards making sure not to miss. Linda was still moaning and was steadily getting more and more aroused as she could see Deer Lady standing with mouth open, looking very focused yet seemingly excited about what she was about to do.

After about a minute or two of waiting for something to happen Linda could hear Deer Lady state, “Damn, this is harder than it looks!”

Isabell smiled and replied, “It takes some getting used to for sure. I find it easier if I hold onto something for support to help me relax.”

Deer Lady took the guidance to heart and put one of her hands on top of the urinal for support.


Linda let out a cry of pleasure and pain as Deer Lady had inadvertently placed her hand so it pressed both red and green buttons simultaneously. Linda’s dildoes was vibrating at a high speed and she was furiously shocked everywhere. She felt she was approaching an orgasm.

The added support must have helped since Linda shortly after could see pale yellowish piss start to flow from the pipe end of the female urinal, hitting right on the face cover. As she started to swallow the woman's warm urine, still being shocked and vibrated, she felt her whole body tense up as she was finally brought over the edge and finally orgasmed. And she orgasmed hard!


As she came, Linda screamed as best she could with her mouth full of piss making some of it shoot back up through the sink strainer like a little piss fountain before running back into it and Linda’s mouth.


As she continued to swallow the last of the piss she had a second orgasm just as Deer Lady was finished and took a step back from the urinal, letting go of the buttons.

Deer Lady was clearly excited by the experience and had a big smile on her face as she handed the female urinal back to Isabell and started to pull up her panties and PVC pants. As she zipped the pants up and buttoned them she said, “Well THAT was a new experience for sure. Think I actually enjoyed it to be honest.”

Isabell took the female urinal stating, “I’m pleased you found it exciting.”

After cleaning it in the sink and putting it back in the sink Isabell continued, “I will leave you to collect yourself for a minute and then maybe we could meet again outside to continue our discussion about the possible investment. See you soon.”

Linda was still coming down from her last orgasms as she watched Deer Lady go over to the sink, washing her hands. Done, she checked her makeup in the mirror and said, “My oh my, that was a ride for sure. I can’t believe I got so very aroused by that.”

The woman went back and hunkered down in front of Linda, looking her straight in the eyes and continued almost whispering, “I knew I would find you here… But never in a million years did I think you were such a perverted freak!”

As she spoke the woman slowly removed her deer mask and Linda was suddenly looking straight into the face of her step-daughter. Her mind went totally blank and Linda felt an orgasm approaching extremely fast.


Linda came hard again.

Rebecca giggled and still whispering continued, “I could barely hide my excitement when I saw it was you looking back up at me from under there, I always admired your eyes.” She looked over her shoulder to make sure they were still alone before continuing, “I had a hunch you were going behind dad’s back but this is WAY beyond what I thought you were up to… mother!”

Rebecca started to run her hand along the outside of the urinal and continued, “Finding out was not hard though. I let a tech savvy friend go over my tablet and she could easily track your usage of it and I must say I was surprised we shared certain… interests. After that we started to track your purchases and finally the money brought me here, to your… spa.”

Linda was now coming down fast from her third orgasm and was starting to ache all over her body. Her arms and shoulders were totally numb at this point but Linda was now starting to feel real discomfort. As her mind cleared and she for real realised that she had just been used as a urinal by her step-daughter she immediately felt she was starting to get aroused again and let out a long moan.

Rebecca smiled and said, “You REALLY like this don’t you mother? In fact I bet you even get off on having me here… Using you… You sure are a sick puppy. I thought you were here fulfilling some silly 50 shades fantasy but… this… THIS!..”

Rebecca stood up and, still looking into Linda’s eyes, continued, “Well, this has been all fun and all but I need to see a certain Mistress about an investment opportunity. See you later at home mother and don’t be late will you, dad will probably have a few rather important things to discuss with you.”

As Linda let out a loud moan at the prospect of being confronted by William, Rebecca pressed some of the red buttons and Linda let out a scream in pain as her step-daughter shocked her.


Letting her suffer for way over ten seconds Rebecca finally let go of the buttons and left a sobbing but aroused step mother as she exited the restroom.

Linda did not have much time to ponder over what would happen when William found out about her adultery since she was visited and used by yet another man. He was clearly sadistically inclined as he let small amounts of urine out at a time and tried to give her severe shocks as it entered Lindas mouth. After he was finished Linda could see him start to masterbate while calling her out as the freak she was. Just as he was about to explode he hunkered down and made sure his load went into the sink strainer.

As the man's cum started to slowly drip down into Linda’s mouth he stood up and started to give her shocks of alternating strengths. Linda was so humiliated by the situation that she managed to bring herself over the edge and had yet another wonderful orgasm.

The patrons kept coming over the final hours of Linda’s service as a urinal. The most pleasing visit had been by Evelyn who had hunkered down in front of her and explained how excited she was to start as a Mistress in training. As she talked she stopped now and then to spit into the sink strainer and give Linda a few shocks and pleasurable vibrations making her cum before saying goodbye, leaving Linda with a final big gob of spit to swallow.

Sarah and Mistress Yua had eventually entered the restroom and declared that the event was over, and so was Linda’s stay with them. After carefully disassembling the urinal around Linda they had helped her out of the restrooms and into the throneroom where a wheelchair was used to wheel Linda into the disrobe room and get her out of all of the latex gear. After a shower and short rest Sarah and Yua had helped her dress and given her a makeover to hide the most revealing marks from her ordeal. Having said goodbye to Sarah and Mistress Yua, Linda found herself passing by Andrea who thanked her for her stay and hoped they would see her soon again. Linda barely managed to answer as she exited the house, heading for the waiting taxi that would bring her to her doom.

During the ride home Linda felt sick. She was unsure if it was due to the fact that she had swallowed large amounts of others and her own urine, or if it was due to the fact that her secret was not a secret at all anymore. For fuck sakes, she had even drank her own step-daughters piss! Oh and some cum as well…

Her pussy twitched as she reimagined Rebecca standing over her and pissing into her mouth.

She had almost asked the driver to let her out a few times on the way but had come to the conclusion that she had nowhere to go. On top of that she had nothing. Well maybe not nothing but she had very little of her own. Apart from a few personal items and the clothes she was wearing at the moment, everything belonged to William, the prenup made sure of that.

Having wasted her chance to bail out, Linda sat in silence with head and eyes lowered, as the cab finally entered through the gates of her destination.


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