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Love of Rubber

by Willy Jim

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Part One

Time for another business trip. This time I am heading to Europe, England and Germany to be specific. I am scheduled to visit a number of businesses which my company might be interested in buying. Of course that is not my only interest in traveling to Europe. I always try to include my passion for rubber as much as possible during these trips. What better places to explore a rubber fantasy than in England and Germany, the epicenter of the rubber fetish world.

My travel plans have me leaving Chicago on an afternoon flight putting in at Heathrow early in the morning. This allows me to head into London for a couple of morning meetings. My travel attire will once again be my “hero” rubber suit under my dress clothes. This suit has served me well for travel. It is a “Farmer John '' style sleeveless suit with attached socks, no zipper and suspender top. It is invisible to airport security. However this time this will be the only rubber Item I bring from the states. I plan to travel light plus I don’t need customs questioning my belonging. I have other plans. You see, I have plans to use this trip to add some new and delicious items to my rubber collection. I pre ordered several items months ago with the express plans to pick them up at the suppliers during travel. They will be a crucial part of my diabolical rubber agenda.

I am dressed and ready for my flight. I arrive in plenty of time to get through TSA, have a quick drink and board the plane. It's about an eight hour flight and since I plan to hit the ground running, I decide to sleep as much as I can on the plane. No sneaking off to the restroom to pleasure myself this time. I settle down in my seat luxuriating in my warm rubber suit. It takes a while but sleep finally comes.

I managed to sleep almost the entire way, waking as we began to descend. It took forever to clear out the plane to the point I could exit. Customs usually takes about 45 minutes to an hour however this time it took almost an hour and a half. The delay was good in one sense as my bag was ready to pick up. I then head for the “Tube”.  The underground railway gets me from Heathrow to central London in under an hour. Prices are about £5.50, making it one of the cheapest travel routes to London from Heathrow. It requires a bit of walking to the terminal. Notice my rubber suit is heating up a bit. I hope the weather is on the cool side as I will be stuck in this suit well into nightfall. I pop up near Hyde Park. Once I get my bearings I head off to my first meeting near Piccadilly. I flag a taxi and I am there in no time.

Both of my meetings went well. This was only a meet and greet. Factory tours would come in the next few days. I begged off dinner claiming jet lag. Actually I had other plans. I checked into my hotel at the Chamberlain near the Tower. I love these simple pocket hotels. As I expected, there was a package waiting for me. This should be my order from Cocoon Latex LTD. Months ago I ordered two suits from them with instructions to deliver them to my hotel today. The first suit was their PS2 inflatable suit with PS3 inflatable hood attached with glassine eyes. I love these suits. I had one several years ago and alway wanted another one. What I love about this inflatable is that once inflated the inner layer seals tight against my skin without undue pressure. It moves with me in ways that other suits don’t. The second suit is their FM12 which will eventually replace my “hero” suit.

With the package in hand I head for my room. I plan to consummate the inflatable suit this evening. I needed to eat first so I changed into casual clothes and headed out for a meal. I can’t remember where I ate. My mind was on other things but the food was good. I headed back to my room. First order of business was to unpack my new items. I love the smell of fresh latex. It has a chocolate smell. Next I jumped in the shower and removed my “hero” suit. I wanted to experience the feeling of the new suit by itself. I made sure I was completely dry then I retrieved a bottle of talc and puffed the inside of the suit then slowly slipped into it. What a feeling. It’s like I am about to rape a virgin suit. The unsullied rubber suit slipped on like a velvet stocking. I fit perfectly; not as tight as other suits but that would change once inflated. I slipped into the sleeves and attached gloves then pulled the hood over my face. The smell was intoxicating. Lastly I fastened a long lace to the head of the zipper then slowly steadily pulled the zipper up relishing the rubber embrace. Once the zipper reached the top of the hood I inserted a key into the special lining tab and sealed my fate for the next few hours.

All that was left to do was inflate the suit and hood. For this I pulled out a small battery powered inflator that I brought from the states. I connected the inflator to each of the three inflator valves beginning with the lower half. I nearly came as the suit began to hug my lower body. Next came the upper body portion. Again the flush of excitement was nearly overwhelming as the suit tightened against me. The hood was last. I gripped the breathing tube with my mouth. It was a short wait as the hood blossomed out applying sensuous pressure to my face and head. The feeling was total bliss unlike any of my other suits. I have other inflatables but they have thick rubber outer layers forcing severe pressure inward when inflated. This suit has equal weight rubber inside and out. The pressure is ever-present but forgiving. The gentle pressure against my skin is sensual arousing.

Normally I would be hastening to cum but this time I decided to savor the moment and simply lay back and luxuriate in my rubber cocoon. I was literally in a rubber stupor when the long day, the times changed, jet lag and all caught up with me and I drifted off to sleep.

I woke up sometime later. The plastic covered eyes of my blowup hood were steamed over to the point that I could not see the time. Luckily I could tell it was still dark outside so at least I did not oversleep. I was also enjoying my suit too much to get up. I just lay there enjoying my surroundings and planning some of the tantalizing scenarios I proposed for the rest of my trip. This began to stimulate more visceral passions which led me to quickly christen my virgin suit. As I came, I blacked out from the intensity of my climax. I am not sure how long I was out but when I came to I saw a glint of daylight though the steamed over eyes of rubber hood. Reluctantly I realized it was time for me to end my bliss and get ready for the day.

I sat up and removed the valve stems to deflate the suit. The delightful pressure is released from my body. It is then that I discover how much I sweat in the suit. Until now the air seals the suit tight to my skin so I can not feel the sweat seeping out of my pores. I reach for the key and unlock the zipper. I enter the shower before pulling down the zipper. Then I begin to strip out of the suit like a snake shedding his skin. Proper care for a blowup suit takes some understanding on how they are made. They have two layers of rubber. Normally air is pumped between the layers. However if water ever gets between the layers it is impossible to remove. Care must be taken to ensure the suit is sealed before laundering it. I make sure the valves are sealed and then shower myself and my suit. I toweled off the suit and hung it in the closet to dry. I begin my plans for the day. Unlike other trips, my rubber choices were pretty small. That would soon change. My choice today would be the second suit I bought from Cocoon which was a clone to my “hero” suit. Much like last evening I savored the thought of wearing a new suit for the first time. It did not disappoint.

Dressed and ready for business, I headed out to meet my clients at their factory. A car was waiting for me and we headed out. I was off to visit a factory in Birmingham. I was particularly interested in the company as they make latex rubber items for other industries. My mind was full of potential opportunities should I acquire this company. It is about a two hour drive. Travel along the M1 is not particularly interesting but as my rubber suit began to heat up and so did I.

We arrived at the factory. After greetings we toured the factory. It was not a huge operation but looked very efficient. They were dip molders with vat after vat of liquid latex. I immediately wanted to jump in and see how it felt to swim in a vat of liquid latex. They dip various shaped molds made out of ceramic. They hang up the shapes to dry then peel off the rubber. They were making industrial rubber gloves today. They required several dips into the latex to build up thickness. I wondered how many dips I would need to cover my body with a couple millimeters of rubber. Once cured the gloves were chlorinated in what looked like washing machines. The end product looked great. They showed me some of the unusual items that have been manufactured. They have made everything from bellows to balloons. They even showed me what looked like a rubber guitar neck that was used by a Swedish company as a mold to make instruments.

After the tour we sat and talked. My mind was elsewhere but I listened and pretended I cared. They brought in lunch and as we relaxed a bit. I asked them what was the strangest thing they were asked to make. They looked at each other and one guy blushed a bit and said there was a company in San Francisco that buys “kinky” stuff from them. Of course I asked what they bought. They stammered a bit and tried to describe the items in their best, very proper British. Translation, they sell rubber hoods, cock and ball sheaths, rubber shorts, gloves, and rebreather bags to “San Francisco”. Apparently they do so twice a year.

“My,” I said, “isn’t that interesting?” All the time I was thanking my tight rubber pants for restraining my raging hard-on.

Everyone laughed and we finished our lunch and I told them I was very interested in their business and had some ideas how we could expand their markets into the US. I asked for some samples to be sent back to my hotel along with a customs declaration. I would then forward the samples back to my office in the states. Half jokingly I ask them to include some of those “kinky” items as it would be fun to show them to the staff although I knew they would never see them. The drive back to London had my mind in a whirl. This is a Willy Wonka scenario. I obviously had work to do to see if the financials work but this could be a good catch all the way around..

I returned to London at about mid day. My afternoon was free so I decided to make the best of it. I am off to Covent Garden to visit Libitex’s Liberation shop. When in Rome… Besides, I pre-ordered some items that I needed to pick up. I ordered items that would work out better should I want to attend any rubber social fetish functions. Their boutique in London not only stocks a wide range of their latex clothing, but they claim to be central London’s only latex clothing store. They call themselves “London’s coolest kink boutique” They claim to be well supplied with a good selection of garments from the Libidex latex collections, and offer a fascinating range of adult toys and a few kinky antiques. Sounds like my kind of place. They also sell tickets for many major fetish events in the UK. Who knows there might be something going on while I am here.

I arrived at the Libation shop around 2:00PM. The staff was very welcoming. I introduced myself and told them of my preorder. They went off to find my items. Within a couple of minutes they returned with a package. Inside were two delicious items, one was a “Male Bianca Jumpsuit”. This is a loose fitting suit ideal for lounging around in rubber. The second was an “Evolution Catsuit”. This rubber catsuit comes with an attached full face hood, glove, and “T” designed shoulder zips. Either one of these would be better suited for rubber social events. I was asked if I wanted to try them on in one of their dressing rooms. I declined since I was already wearing rubber. I decided to look around before paying for my order. I found a pair of “Chuck Taylor” style shoes in latex. I bought them as well. They would be great to wear when in hidden rubber out among the vanillas. Before I left they informed me that there was an upcoming rubber fetish party later in the week that might interest me. I considered it since it coincided with my return trip to the states.

I returned to my hotel around 6:00 PM with my new items anxious to add them to my rubber choices for the evening. I was greeted at the desk with a rather large box fresh from my friends in Birmingham. I gathered up the box and headed to my room to further explore my prizes. I removed my Libitex items and placed them in the dresser. I then opened the box of samples to see what they sent me. I was immediately overcome by the rubber fragrance coming out of the package. I quickly rummaged through the various items looking to see if they added some of San Francisco's finest. They did indeed. Three luscious hoods in three different colors, three ball and cock sheaths, a pair of elbow length gloves, and a pair of rubber shorts with attached sheaths. The hoods must have come directly out of production as the breathing hole had yet to be punched. So much the better. The rest of the items were interesting but of little concern to me at this point. I took out the kinkier items and added them to my growing rubber stash. They may prove handy later in the evening.

I was getting hungry and decided to return to the restaurant I visited earlier. I ate and returned to my room to lay things out for the evening. Even though my rubber collection was growing, none of these items were as extreme as I am used to. I would just have to make do. I rummaged through my rubber quarry from Birmingham and decided that I could put something together which would be sufficiently entertaining. I pulled out the gloves, a hood, and the shorts with attached sheaths. I slipped into the shower and removed my new “hero” suit. I had sufficiently christened it with sweat and pre-cum.

I then donned the sheath pants, gloves, and my new Bianca Jumpsuit. I loved the way this suit with its flowing folds of rubber caresses my body without any restriction. I turned on the television. laid back, and gently stroked myself though the folds of my rubber suit. I eventually came seduced by my new rubber surroundings. All the pent up passions of the day melted away as I succumbed to my orgasmic afterglow. I came several times as the evening progressed, each more intense than the other.

Finally I was getting tired and decided to end the evening with a bang. I grabbed one of the rubber hoods and stretched it over my head. I held my breath as long as I could, realizing that when I finally tried to breathe there would be no air available in this tight rubber hood. I stoked myself with a frenzy forcing myself to cum once again before removing the hood. Which would win out, my libido or my starvation for air. I could no longer hold my breath and I frantically tried to inhale. Nothing came through the tight rubber layer on my face. I felt the hood suck into my gaping mouth. Suddenly I exploded in my sheath with a torrent of passion. I grabbed the edge of the hood and removed it just in time. I lay there gasping for air feeling like I was in a free fall. Even though I was hot beyond belief, awash of sweat in my new suit, and overflowing with cum, I quickly drifted off to sleep. A slumber of a thousand raptures.

I woke up the next morning once again swaddled in rubber. I slept later than I planned so I reluctantly got up and readied myself for my final day in London. I will travel to Germany later this evening. I cleaned up myself and my rubber, dressed and headed out to meet the car waiting to take me to a factory in the Docklands. For the first time I did not take the time to dress in any rubber. As a result the day dragged on excessively. I was not impressed with the factory operations. We maintained a pleasant conversation but I think they realized that I was not interested in their company.

They delivered me back to my hotel. I needed to first of all pack, then make plans to package up some of my newly acquired rubber items and ship them home. There would be more to come as I had further plans while in Germany. I packaged up my inflatable suit, and my non-kinky Birmingham rubber items and arranged to ship them home. The rest I packed in my luggage to stay with me for the duration. I was looking forward to Germany. I had been in contact with several rubber vendors searching for a special item for my collection. I am anxious to see what they came up with. For now I need to finish packing my stuff and dressing for the flight. My “Hero” suit will do nicely. I love how it feels under my street clothes. Bag in hand I head for the taxi stand then off to the London City Airport. It's smaller and more convenient than Heathrow, especially for short flights. More adventures to come.

Part Two

My stay in London was fruitful but now I am off to Germany. I take a taxi to the London City Airport. Once on the plane it will take about three hours. I plan to catch some sleep once I settle into my seat. After sorting out our queue on the runway, we are quickly in the air. Next thing I know we are landing in Munich. Again there is a car waiting to take me to a factory. The drive takes about forty minutes and we end up in a small town where the name is too long to pronounce. Everyone was very friendly and the meeting went well. The only catch was when we toured the factory floor. It was swelteringly hot. I was roasting in my rubber suit. I am sure my face was flush by the time we ended the tour. No one said anything but I am sure they noticed. Once we finished our business talk, they invited me to lunch. We went to a local cafe in this little village. Unfortunately we sat in the sunshine and I continued stewing in my rubber. After lunch we exchanged final pleasantries and I returned to the car where I welcomed the air conditioned comfort.

I headed back to Munich. This would be a short day for at least business wise. My hotel this evening would be the Hotel Im Hof in city central. This is ideal as Munich is a treasure trove of fetish shops within walking distance. I expect I will be visiting as many as I can. We arrived at my hotel and I checked in. I needed to change into something casual but first I needed to pleasure myself. All the hot steamy rubber had taken its toll on my libido. I stripped down to my rubber suit and quickly raped the pillows and bedding. Refreshed and revitalized, I dressed again and headed out for an evening full of fetish and fantasy.

My first stop would be DeMask. I preordered a fair amount of items which I planned to retrieve, some I will send home and some I will use for the rest of my trip. ( I was sorry to hear that this shop closed shortly after my trip) It’s a short walk to the shop, I was excited about the whole idea of “shopping” for rubber instead of just scanning websites. This is a new one for me. I arrived at the store. It's a small shop but has a decent selection of rubber items. After a friendly greeting for the staff, I told them of my order. They were delighted to retrieve it. I had ordered an inflatable Ultima sleep sack with a hood. I had it custom made for solo play.

New is a rubber bondage hammock, also with a hood. This seemed like an interesting item. I have yet to figure out how I will use it without outside help. The next item is a twin rebreather bag outfit with upper harness and front and rear detachable piss bags. The bags have a built-in pipe for breathing. This pipe is attached to a blind rubber hood. Trailing off the bottom of the front and rear bags are short tubes with valves. The last item is a pair of rubber piss/enema pants with attached double Bardex tube. This will go with the previous item and used to give self-enemas. While I was in the store, I picked up a Higginson syringe. This is an essential addition to the above. They asked me if I wanted to unpack and inspect the items. I said it wasn’t necessary. Since this was a large order, I asked them to deliver it to the hotel under my name. I paid for the items and departed.

The remainder of the evening was spent window shopping the various fetish sex shops. I must have hit 8 or 10 shops before heading back to my hotel. I was anxious to unpack and perhaps try out some of my new purchases. I found that I had walked a great distance from my hotel. I was steamy hot in my rubber suit. I have been wearing it for over twelve hours and the sweat and cum has almost breached the confines of my suit. I finally reached my hotel. My packages were waiting. There were so many that I had them delivered to my room. I expect the DeMack labels on the packages probably provide a source for rumors around the front desk. Once the packages arrived in my room I immediately began to unpack my quarry. Once again the bouquet of new rubber was intoxicating. I put them all out on the bed. The bigger items almost took up the whole mattress. I desperately wanted to try all the items at once but only the Ultima sack made sense at this time.

With that I repacked the remaining items and prepared myself for the evening. I considered taking off my hero suit. It was quite sodden by now but the thought of squandering all that luscious fluid seemed wasteful. I kept the suit on and eagerly anticipated the next step. I laid out the Ultima sack. It had an attached hood with just a small breathing tube. Once zipped and inflated, I would be sealed up inside my own rubber world. I slithered into the sack then began inflating it while I still had use of my hands. The sack began to tighten around me. I zipped the zipper up leaving the air pump attached to the inflator valve. The unit had an auto shutoff feature. I waited for it to reach maximum pressure. The sack was getting perilously tight. I worried that the inflator auto-shutoff that wasn't working at the sack would continue to inflate to the point of bursting, not to mention the crushing force it would subject my body to. I lay there not hearing anything except the inflator pumping away. finally it stopped. By now my body was floating on a cushion of air between two sheets of heavy rubber. My body could not move an inch. I was a prisoner reduced to a mere drone in a rubber cocoon. Then I realized that the fluid in my inner suit gave me enough movement to hopefully maneuver myself enough to get off. It was a struggle and I worked up quite a sweat but I finally climaxed throwing my entire world into a rage of ecstasy. I passed out.

It seemed like hours before I finally came to. My whole body was numb to the outside world. I was in a rubber nirvana suspended in a zen-like state. I lay there for what seemed like an eternity before a glimmer of reality began to creep into my psyche. How do I get out? I had specified that the sack be designed for solo play which included an internal zipper handle and a remote air valve attachment which could be opened to let the air escape. The problem was that this valve was now connected to the inflator pump. There is no way air can be released through it in fact should any air escape, the pump will automatically replace it. I am trapped!

Now what? I try to move my arms to possibly reach the zipper tab. The more I try to move the inner skin of the sack stuck to my skin. I am truly sealed in. By now the sack is getting hot inside. My struggles and near panic frenzy produces even more sweat. How long will I be stuck in this thing? Horror strikes as I realize that I hung the “Do Not Disturb” sign on the door. Even house cleaning will be no help. The more I stew over my situation the more I begin to sweat. Suddenly I manage to move my arms a fraction of an inch. Seems the sweat is acting like a lube allowing me to move. The more I sweat the more I am able to move about in the sack. My hope is with more sweat I might be eventually able to move my arm close to the zipper tab and release me from the bag. I start to struggle hoping I will sweat more. This arouses me. Despite my perilous predicament I feel the need to cum. Next thing I know I am vigorously humping the sack. The effort leaves me roasting in the heat of the sack. The sweat which may well be my salvation, is pouring off me. My orgasm hits me like a tsunami. I once again lapse into a drunken state.

When I recover, I realize I can move. A thin layer of sweat has coated the inner sack enough to move my arm. After some struggle I reached the zipper tab. It refuses to move. Must be the pressure on the outer layer preventing the zipper from opening. I decide to roll on my side hoping it will reduce the tension on the front of the sack. It works. The zipper moves a fraction of an inch then stops. Panic returns. I don’t dare jam the zipper or all is lost. I work the zipper closed again then try again to open it. I got a couple more inches. By working the zipper back and forth I finally get an opening large enough to slip my hand and arm out of the sack. Reaching the inflator valve is another matter. I eventually manage to reach the tube and then the control unit. By some miracle I am able to pull the tube from the control unit allowing the air in the sack to finally release. It takes several minutes for enough air to escape to finally release the zipper. The cold air of the room hits me like a bombshell. I am finally free. I find that I am laying in puddles of sweat. Sweat which eventually saved me. I lay here for several minutes regaining my faculties and eventual struggle out of my sodden sack. I immediately head for the shower. I struggle out of my hero suit. by now it seems to be a part of me. I luxuriated in the shower for ages and was completely exhausted. I return to the room only to face a maelstrom of rubber and a tempest of sweat soaked bedding . I know I need to address this but I am completely drained. Rather than address the obvious. I decided to succumb to it. I return to my sweat soaked sack, zip it up and concede to its embrace. I remain as such til dawn.

Morning comes and I find myself in a sea of sweat and deflated rubber. I have to struggle to free myself from the rubber embrace. I trudge off to the bathroom to take a shower leaving my sweat filled embryo behind. I shower then set about to clean up my sodden mess. Fortunately I have to eventually move on to Berlin, but I will have time to properly take care of my rubber items before I move on. I took out my rubber sack as well as my “hero” suit and dried them as best as I could before hanging them up in the closet. It is important that the sack is treated properly as I plan to ship my heavier items home making ready for other rubber articles I plan to acquire later.

Necessities taken care of, I dress ready to head out. I retrieve my second “hero” suit as my foundation for what looks like a long day. We are heading for Berlin today. I needed to get a cab to the München HBF station where we will meet my client and catch the DB ICE train to Berlin. The factory we will be visiting is a few miles outside the city. After a pleasant greeting we head for the train. I grab a window seat so I take in the picturesque landscapes, charming towns, and rolling countryside which I read about. The trip was pleasant and it only took a little over three hours to get to Berlin. A car is waiting for us and we drive almost an hour to the factory. We are visiting an optic company today. The meeting was cordial and there seemed to be some mutual interests in working together.

Everyone was in a joyous mood and insisted that we celebrate once we returned to Berlin. It was midafternoon by the time we got back to the city. We discussed plans to have dinner then take a later train. I made some flimsy esquire to want to spend some time seeing Berlin before returning to Munich. They offered to host a tour but I begged them off saying I had promised myself that I would visit some shops if ever in Berlin and that I would maybe meet them at a restaurant of their choosing. It worked and to shed off my obligations, I headed for my “shop”.

I grabbed a cab and headed for Seelower Strasse and the Blackstyle retail shop. I have a special item that I always wanted to discuss with them and now I have the perfect opportunity to talk to them in person. They have a long line of rubber and leather masks. I have had a special mask in mind that I wanted someone to make for me. Right now there are several versions of what is referred to as a padded isolation hood. There are many versions in real and PUV leather. I want one in rubber, heavy rubber, 2.0mm rubber with all the typical straps and buckles that you see on these masks. My hope was that Blackstyle might be able to fulfill my dream. Before long I was in the shop. I told them I was inquiring about a custom item. They excused themselves and returned with a gentleman who seemed capable of understanding my needs. We discussed the options and while he could not guarantee that his suppliers could help, he was willing to pose the idea to them. We exchanged contact information. I thanked him and he departed. I decided to shop a bit while at their store. I bought a head harness with a muzzle. A handy little item for this evening’s adventure. I met my business guests and we had a delightful dinner then they drove me to the Hauptbahnhof Station and I headed back to Munich and my evening escapades.

It was late by the time I returned to my hotel. As I was leaving tomorrow I decided to keep this evening’s festivities simple. I undressed and removed my hero suit. I washed it and dried it in hopes to wear it again tomorrow. I retrieved my “Evolution” catsuit, a hood and gloves from the “Birmingham" collection and dressed for the evening. Once dressed I busied myself packing up the heavier items for DeMask to ship home. I made out the shipping tags and custom forms and packed the times in a large box. I had prearranged for pickup in the morning. All that was left was for me to enjoy my last evening in Munich. And that last evening would be in rubber.

My last evening in Munich was not as eventful as others during this trip however I managed to once again bring myself to the brink. The “Evolution” suit was delightful. It fit perfectly. I added elbow length gloves before settling down for the evening. The bed was a welcome sight after this long day. The bedding was fresh which made me feel a bit embarrassed realizing the horrid mess I left behind this morning. I climbed into bed swaddling myself in the heavy covers reflecting back on my long productive day. Productive yet without a single cum. I had a quick remedy for that. I brutally pleasured myself twice before finally drifting off to sleep.

About three AM I awoke with a craving for another cum. This time I upped the ante. I reached for one of the Birmingham blank face hoods as well as my newly purchased head harness. I took a deep breath then slipped the hood over my head then came the harness. I know this was a terrible danger but that just drove me further. I know I could hold my breath for a minute or so. After that I knew I was only one exhale away from total suffocation. That gave me a little over a minute to cum before I started to struggle. And so it began. Hood and harness in place I lay back and attempt to cum. As luck would have it I overestimated my ability to hold my breath. I only managed thirty seconds before I lost it. And lose it I did. I exhaled and the hood ballooned then all the air escaped. I was airless and beginning to panic. Yes, I could just rip off the harness and hood but it seems that I was too far down the road to an orgasm to save myself. I came violently. The euphoria was inhibiting my judgment and my need to survive. I once again found myself on the brink. At the very last second I fumbled for the buckles on the harness, removed it and the hood gulped for air. I laid there in a semiconscious state swooning from the afterglow. I quickly fell asleep

I eventually woke up. It was the middle of the night, I struggled to shower and remove my suit. I washed and dried it sufficiently to pack it with my belongings. Tomorrow is another day of travel. I was heading for Frankfort. This would be my last official business stop for this trip.

Part Three

Another morning and another day of travel. I was heading for Frankfort. This would be my last official business stop for this trip. Again I will be traveling by train but before I left I had a decision to make. What should I wear rubber wise? Since I was traveling alone and would not meet anyone until tomorrow, I thought “Why not stay in the full rubber suit?” Nice idea but the attached hood might give it away so I decided on the trusty hero suit instead. I showered, cleaned myself and my Evolution suit. Once it was toweled dry, I packed it with my belongings, boxed up my heavier items for shipment, and dropped them off at the desk for pickup then headed for the train. The train ride is about three hours so I arrived in Frankfort in no time. It was early and I had no business plans until tomorrow. However I did have other plans. I needed to go to Schlüchtern so I rented a locker at the station and parked my bags for the day. I navigated my way to the Schlüchtern train and was on board in no time. I was heading for Studio Gum who are headquartered there. I had ordered some items and arranged a meeting to review them. Two of them were custom made in extremely heavy rubber masks and I wanted to make sure they fit properly before receiving them. This trip presented the perfect opportunity. Once I arrived I found my way to their showroom at Krämerstraße 51 Schlüchtern. I was anxious to view my purchases but I was a little early for my appointment so I decided to have nothing to eat. There was a little cafe called Cafe Wohnzimmer nearby so I ducked in there for a quick breakfast.

I entered the shop and was immediately bombarded by the intoxicating fragrance of latex. I was greeted; I stated my business and was escorted to the rear of the shop. They immediately arranged to have the three items I had ordered brought out. The first item was a 4mm anatomical latex mask with fixed nose tubes and inflatable butterfly gag. My concern was a mask this heavy either fits or it doesn’t due to the fact that rubber this thick does not stretch. I was asked if I wanted to try it on. I did not hesitate and dove into the mask. I slid the nose tubes up into my nose and to my delight the mask was a perfect fit. They asked if I wanted it zipped up. Of course I did. I was totally engulfed in rubber, sealed in with absolutely no sense of the outside world. Perfect! “Do you want to try the collar? '' Absolutely! I almost orgasmed right there in the shop.


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