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Love of Rubber

by Willy Jim

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[Caution: this story describes scenes of dangerous rubber self-bondage that readers should not attempt to recreate]

Chicago Style

Part One

I just arrived in Chicago from my European rubber adventure. I touched down, cleared immigration, picked up my bag and shuttled through customs. My car was in the extended lot so I took the tram over to retrieve it. All I could think of are all those glorious packages waiting for me in my office. I went directly to my workplace. I was greeted by everyone all interested in the results of my meetings. I said I would call a meeting with department heads tomorrow to review things but first I need to unpack my notes and settle in. I headed for my office. There they were greeting me like old friends, the boxes from my trip. I inspected them to see if anyone tampered with them. All was well. Now on to real world business.

I asked not to be disturbed then I sat down at my desk. Admittedly, I was out of sorts from the jet lag but I began to pull together some notes. This was not as easy as other trips as I did not take notes along the way. I need a bit of a pickup to stimulate me enough to get things started. Perhaps a little rubber play might do the job. I looked longingly at my boxes but decided against tearing into them. Something simple would do.

I rummage through my desk drawers and find a condom. Not sure why it was there but it might be just the thing I need. I took off my jacket and proceeded to remove the condom from its foil pack. It was lubed and felt almost alive as I pulled it out. I think I am going to enjoy this, I thought. I opened the condom and stretched it out by inserting both hands inside and pulling it apart. I pulled it apart enough to stretch it over the top of my scalp. It was lubricated allowing it to glide down over my head. The condom now passed over my eyes, blurring my vision slightly. As it did I took a deep breath as it covered my nose and mouth. It then snapped around my neck sealing my head in a thin transparent latex membrane. I exhaled, inflating the condom like a balloon around my head. I inhaled and the condom collapsed tight over my face. I love the feeling. I lifted the condom under my chin allowing the air to escape from the condom. I let go of the condom sealing it around my head. I tried to breathe in sucking the latex condom tight against my face, smothering me. I opened my mouth wide in an attempt to get air and the latex was sucked in. My tongue is coated in latex. It felt amazing. My lungs were begging for air.

I exhaled again and the condom inflated. As it did it lifted from my face. It then clung tighter as I inhaled. I wanted to reach for my penis grasping it through my pants and rubber suit. I reach my penis to pleasure myself. I was forced to lift the edge of the condom to get a small gulp of air. I let it snap back. My eyes widened as I gasped.

I enjoyed being smothered but realized I was being suffocated by the condom. I began breathing faster, the condom inflating and deflating smothering me with every breath. Stars began to appear and I was fading until I suddenly reached a climax. I immediately pulled the condom off my head not a moment too soon. I was gasping for air and took a full two minutes to recover. Once I recovered, I sat back and laughed and said, “Welcome home.”

I was now refreshed and I began preparing my notes for tomorrow then started putting them into a PowerPoint. I knew this would take some, so I buzzed my assistant and told her that would be tied up (I only wish) and that she may leave early if she chooses. It was 7:00 when I finally finished my presentation. My next concern was to get my packages home. I decided to borrow a cart from the mailroom so I could wheel them to my car. The building was deserted and in no time my boxes were loaded in my SUV. I returned the cart and proceeded to drive home.

I live in Western Springs which is about 20 minutes from the city and 15 minutes from work. The Springs is an older community with some great old homes. I was lucky to find mine several years ago. My house was built in the ‘30s and has a lot of character. I have remodeled it extensively to “meet my needs”. One of the features I like is that the garage is under the house. This allows me to drive in and immediately access the house through the basement. This will make removing my boxes much easier. I start moving them right away.

My basement is divided in half. As I first walk in I see a very traditional “recreation room” with bar, fire place, and seating area. What you do not see is the second half of the basement, my play room. I unlock the door. The lights automatically go on to review a large room with stark white walls. In the center is a large king size bed draped with a heavy rubber cover. Surrounding that are various pieces of exercise equipment. Against one wall are some unusual pieces of rubber tubing, bellows, rubber bags, and metal frames. The other wall is lined with closets. All are locked and contain my “play things'' which will soon see appreciable additions. There is also a wet bar and a restroom off the side. The last area contains a small sauna.

I begin bringing in boxes as well as my suitcase. I start with the boxes. This is like Christmas! I opened the first box only to find the suits I packed up and shipped to make room for my purchases. They will have to be cleaned and pressed. The second box contains my Cocoon inflatable suit plus various bits of rubber from my Birmingham connection. I proceeded to hang the suit in one of the closets. The second box contains my DeMask items, the rubber hammock, the inflatable sleep sack, the Ultima sleep sack, the twin rebreather bag outfit, and rubber enema pants with attached double Bardex tube. I store them as well.

The next box has my Studio Gum Items. This was my custom 2mm prison suit with MFM 6 multi function hood attached. Also picked in a small bag were several different attachable gags. This reminded me that tomorrow I need to ask the team about my special project rack to store the monster suit. Then came the inflatable anatomical bondage gloves, some tubing, a urine inhaler, and a ventilator bag. The last item was my 4m M4Z heavy hood. I stored them away as well. The last item to open was my suitcase. I removed the clothing and set them aside for laundering.

I then got to my final rubber items. First was my 1mm anatomical latex mask with fixed mouth lining and mirrored lenses, my second hero suit, my “Evolution” suit, another Bardex tube and the Higginson syringe, “Male Bianca Jumpsuit” and finally my naughty bits from my Birmingham source. It was quite a hall although for some reason I thought I bought more. I was tired, too tired to even calculate how long I was up or how long I wore this hero rubber suit. I went upstairs and grabbed something light to eat before heading to bed. Tomorrow will be a long day catching up on all that happened in my absence, but first I have to pee. Instead of using the toilet, I peed into a larger container stored in the bathroom.This will come into play later. I slipped into a bed rubber suit and all. I was even too tired to cum. 

Morning came too early. I just had time to shower, shave and dress for work. I peed into the container again. No time to cum this morning. I promise myself that I will make up for it tonight. No rubber for me today. The punishment for owning a company. I grab a quick bite and off to work. My company is located in Vernon Hills. It should only take me 20 minutes to get to work at this time of day. I pull into the garage and head for my office. I typically beat the staff into work. Today is no exception. Once in my office, I power up my computer and check my evening’s work. Seems to be OK.

Eventually the staff arrives. My door is usually open so a fair number of people popped in to say welcome back. My assistant arrives and we proceed to go through messages and meeting schedules and of all matters including plans for my next trip. Seems I might go to Hong Kong for a week next month. Hmm! Rubber in Hong Kong! Sounds delightful. I stammer back to the conversation. The management team arrives and I head off to update them on my trip. We discuss the various potential synergies with my contacts and after an hour or so we end the meeting. I told them of the rubber dip molding but did not reveal my true thoughts on a business arrangement. Before everyone leaves, I stop my head of R&D and ask about “my project”. He seems excited for me to see it.

My R&D group is quite extensive and they are quite busy this time of year. I almost hesitated to give them my project, emphasizing the “almost”. Over in one corner of the lab on a riser was this magnificent metal piece. One would think it was a sculpture. The tubing was polished stainless, the straps were black canvas with polished buckles, The seat was black leather and running down the center was a motorized hoisting gear. It was just as I designed but way better than I expected. They demonstrated the device; it appeared to work flawlessly. Someone in the group asked about its use. All I could say was it was for NASA and then proceeded to congratulate them on their efforts. I asked if it could be broken down for shipping and they demonstrated that it could. Within a few moments it was apart and stored in a custom black canvas bag. I chuckled thinking how I really intended this rack to work. It is designed to hold up my monster Studio Gum suit so I can wear it solo. Well you might say it is for a “special” space suit.

My day continues with meeting after meeting updating me on the various projects in the works. I work until six looking forward to a good meal and catching up on my much deserved rubber deviations. I wait until the R&D group leaves to retrieve the black bag full of NASA goods. With that I head home first stopping off at Davanti Enoteca for some ricotta gnocchi and some house Chianti. The food was delicious as usual. Once at home I unload my prize then head for my playroom. My need to be in rubber has me randy as hell. I set my bag down in the corner promising myself that this weekend would be nothing but two days in a monster rubber suit.

It was late so I decided to keep it simple when I remember that I forgot to clean my hero suit from the trip. It should be well marinated by now. I think I will put it back on as is. After all, I did not violate yesterday. It is due. I run up and fetch the suit. Yes it is quite ripe and saturated with day old sweat and precum. I strip down and slide into the suit. The inner juices act as a perfect lube. Before long all these vial juices are sealed up with me inside. Of course I will need more.

Back down to the playroom and after a quick survey of my collection, I grab an older inflatable suit. This one is particularly nasty as the outer layer is 2m thick meaning when inflated the inner pressure is intense. Just what I needed. I lay the suit on the bed then grab the inflator. I slip into the suit, stinky inner suit and all. I stuck my head into the inflatable hood then struggle to zip the suit. This will be another candidate for the “NASA rack” as I plan to call it.

I then lay back on my rubber topped bed, screw in the inflator tubes then begin to inflate the suit and hood. The inflator has a preset pressure before shutting off however I forgot to check the setting. Shouldn’t be a problem. My suit begins to inflate and as it does it begins lifting me off the bed. I find myself pleasantly packed in the suit when the inflator shuts off. All seems OK. All of a sudden it starts again. Now what? I fumble to place the unit in front of my plastic sealed eye openings. I am shocked. The pump says 35lbs. That’s impossible! Why did I possibly set it that high? Then I remember. I used it to inflate a tire before my trip. I was shocked. This will crush me. Where is the switch? I have to turn it off.

The pressure is increasing making movement almost impossible. I can no longer flex my arms and barely move my fingers. I fumbled but could not find the switch. My only chance is to pull the plug from the wall. I can scarcely move my head to locate the cord. The pressure is increasing. I attempted something desperate. I rolled off the bed and began bouncing and rolling around on the floor until I saw the cord through my eye holes. I grab the cord and pull it but I pull the wrong way and proceed to pull the inflator off the bed. I pull the other way and finally get the plug from the wall stopping the inflator. By now I can not move. The pressure is too tight and the suit obviously over inflated. My legs and arms are forced straight out with no hope to flex them, plus now I am laying on the floor. I struggle to roll on my stomach in hopes that I can somehow squirm my way to my tools or at least find a way to get to my feet. 

I did manage to squirm my way to a stool and after quite some time was able to use my arms enough to climb up the side of the stool and eventually get myself upright. I laugh at my sight in the mirror. I am huge. Now what? There is a pressure release on the inflator. This is how I would normally release the air to get out. I look around to see where the inflator landed. It didn’t help that my plastic lenses were steaming up making it difficult to see. I began pulling on the tubing attached to my suit hoping that I could reel it in. It was then that I saw it wedged under a leg of the bed. My only hope was to fall to the ground again, squirm to the bed and access the inflator. Down I went. After bouncing a couple of times I luckily landed near the bed. I reached the inflator and pressed the release button. I then just laid back and waited for the suit to deflate. Pity the release valve is small as it takes a long time to release the air in the suit.

I am not sure how long it took to release enough air to get to a tolerable level. Eventually enough air was released to open the zipper. As usual the inside of the suit was full of sweat and I was literally swimming in my inner suit which had become even more pungent during the ordeal. I bailed from the outer suit and quickly checked my skin for pressure marks. I only found two on the backs of my arms. My guess is my sweat soaked inner suit must have produced enough of a lube effect to protect my skin. 

I was out of the heavy suit. All that was left was to clean and dry it before putting it away. I did so while still wearing my sweat filled hero suit. I seemed to be getting used to the smell. Now came time to clean myself. But first I promised myself a cum. I laid an old rubber sheet over my bed to protect it and proceeded to ravage the bed. I came and I came strong. I lay there in my sweat soaked suit reeked of day old human marinade. Finally I knew I would need more than a shower to remove the nasty extract that coats my body. I went upstairs and filled the jet tub, stripped off the suit and soaked myself for about an hour. I then got out, grabbed my hero suit and marched to my laundry to soak it in a bleach solution for the evening. I then grabbed a robe and headed off to bed… It was a busy day.

I woke up before the alarm this morning. I was excited to go to work this morning. Today is Friday and I have a few things to deal with from my trip plus make preparations for the weekend. I showered again to make sure I washed off all the stench from last night's adventure. The last thing I did was pee. Instead of the toilet, I again peed into the container instead. I then dressed and headed for work. I was early again and immediately set out to get a few things done before the crew showed up. My first task was to call a friend. The Birmingham rubber dip molder I visited in England was too much of a jewel to not take advantage of. I knew my friend would agree plus looking ahead to a weekend of rubber bliss required some planning.

Part Two

I had to make a phone call to a friend of mine, actually two friends. They are a gay couple living in Minneapolis. They have normal jobs during the day but after hours they buy and sell all manner of sex toys. They approached me wanting to know if I knew any manufacturers who could make some highly “unusual” sex toys for them. I gave them some contacts in China who apparently helped them out. I had a proposition for them. 

One of the partners, Tommy, answered the phone. After exchanging greetings I laid out my proposal. “How would you like to be in the kinky rubber business?”

Tommy hesitated for a minute then said “Tell me more.”

I told him of the dip molder and his San Francisco connection. Tommy was intrigued. I told him there were bigger fish to fry. “I want them to make rubber suits. We can call them “dry suits' ' and sell them to both vanillas and kinks. They would be like the old Scooba Totes dive rubber suits of the “60’s.”

“Let me get Bob.”

They went on speaker phone and I laid out my plan. I would front for the costs of the molds if they would front for the sales of the suits. There would be two styles. One would be like the original Totes and sold as such. The other would have deliberate changes to the design to cater to the rubberist community and be sold through their kinky sales group. They were ecstatic. I told them I would contact them in a week to work out the details.

The day was pretty normal with a few meetings to update me on projects. At noon I stepped out to pick up some supplies for the weekend. My plans would have me on a full liquid diet for the weekend so I needed to pick up some sports drinks, electrolyte-replacement drinks, protein shakes, liquid food pouches, and ingredients for smoothies. I headed to a couple of stories including a health store and came back with a healthy choice of products.

Once back in the office, I made a list of things I needed to get from my R&D lab. I needed various lengths of latex tubing, tubing connectors and small shutoff valves. I would pick them up after hours. Settled in the fact that I was sufficiently prepared for the weekend, I finished up my work and was packing up my things to go home. My assistant popped in and wished me a happy weekend and said she would see me Tuesday.

I said, “Tuesday?”

She replied, “Yes, Monday is a holiday.” Even though we are not a bank or government agency, I decided to honor all national holidays for my workers. I simply forgot. My mind was clear on other things lately.

I said, “That’s right. See you Tuesday. Have a good one.” I stuck around for some time knowing that on Fridays the building will clear out fast. I head to R&D and collect my supplies. On the way out I found an interesting little item. It was a mini fluid pump. Now that might come in handy. I added it to my collection and headed home.

The week was finally over and I had three days to myself. I planned to use them to the max. My first order of business was to prepare the special meals necessary for the weekend. That completed I headed down to my playroom. Next I laid out all my supplies from work then proceeded to assemble my “NASA Rack”. It took me a while to figure it out but finally got it together. I then pulled on the heavy Studio Gum suit and hung it on the rank…

So far everything looked to work as planned. Next I need to choose a suitable inner suit. I have an older face entry suit that should do the trick. It is only 0.25M so it is extremely comfortable to wear long term. I also have a three way crotch zipper which I will need for my plans. I also laid out my Demask twin rebreather bag outfit with upper harness and front and rear detachable piss bags. The bags have a built-in pipe for breathing.This pipe is attached to a blind rubber hood. Trailing off the bottom of the rear bag is a short tube with a valve. The last items were rubber enema pants and piss pant combo with attached double Bardex tube along with the Higginson syringe, a urine inhaler, and a ventilator bag.

Satisfied with my selection I now needed to begin my personal preparation. First I had to pee. For this I added it to my container in the bathroom. Second, I needed to give myself a cleansing enema. This was critical for any long term play. I then made sure all my nourishment items were prepared and ready. I anticipated that my tactile abilities would be compromised so I took extra care to make sure they were in a form that I could easily use. I was now ready to begin my decadence. I made sure all the drapes were drawn, the alarm was on, and the doors locked then headed down to the playroom.

Waiting for me was a handsome pile of rubber items and an assortment of dubious accouterments. I fetched a bottle of personal lube. My first item would be the enema pants and piss pant combo with an attached double Bardex tube. I slipped into the pants, lubed the Bardex balloons then inserted the first one. I inflated the balloons assuring that nothing would get in or out of me except through the attached tubing. I then pulled up the pants ensuring that my penis was properly located in the front pouch. I then grabbed several lengths of latex tubing and attached them to the Bardex and piss bag tubing. I made sure the valves were open.

Next I lubed the face entry suit. This is difficult to put on but I have mastered it in the past. I begin to slip into it adding more lube as needed. I alway amazes me how I can get my entire body through such a small opening. Eventually I manage to wiggle my way into the suit. It is a lovely feeling. I opened the crotch zippers and retrieved the piss bag and Bardex tube then zippered the crotch zipper far as possible. I am now sealed in my first layer. 

Next I need to assemble my accessories in such a way as to be able to access them when needed. I laid them out on the wet bar. Next I detach the blind rubber hood from Demask rebreather outfit. I will not need this hood today. Now comes the pièce de résistance, My heavy Studio Gum suit. I hesitate for a moment looking at the suit hanging in my NASA rack almost as if it were alive beaconing me. I slowly walk toward it with a combined desire and consternation as in a daze. I shake myself out of my trance then proceed to finish attaching the suit’s zippers to the track mechanism on the rack. Then it was suit time. I backed into the rack and began to step into the legs of the suit. The rack was designed so that I could easily access the sleeves and hood. I slid my arms down the sleeves until they reached the gloves. I then grabbed the hood and hoisted it up on my head. The suit is loose but the hood is not so it took a bit to align everything. The thick gloves did not help but I finally succeeded. The hood is their MFM 6 style with detachable face plate with three breather inlets. I left the faceplate off for now. One more thing needs to be done. I needed to gather up my inner tubing and extend them out of the suit through the zipper. Satisfied all was in place I activated the mechanical zipper pulls and just like clockwork. The zippers were secure and I was sealed in the incredible suit for the duration.

“The duration.” I began to sink in. Ignored until now, I realized that I now have three days to enjoy my decadence. I sat there for a moment pondering my choices. I then got up and for the first time realized the full weight of this suit. I could move freely but its presence was always felt. This plus the thought that I was sealed within it for what could be three days set my mind spinning. I went to my bed and laid down to unwind from my dizzying state. It was more than I expected. The suit was a loose fit but not so loose that it was cumbersome. It still felt a part of me. I barely felt the 0.25m inner suit but the interaction between the two was electrifying. I began to sweat immediately. This would be my life for the near future.

I need release, sexually that is. I got up and rummaged through my closet and found a bag with the various Studio Gum accessory gags and attachments. I grabbed the inflatable butterfly gag, inflated it, and snapped it to its place. Now my breathing was restricted a bit by the nose tubes. I went back to my bed then proceeded to pleasure myself rutting around like a captive wild animal. I was quickly overwhelmed. Suddenly sparks fly as a tempest of emotions suddenly cascade over me. A cannonade of cum bursts into my front pouch and my already ragged breathing becomes nothing more than repeated gasps. As I recover I think to myself “Let the games begin!”

At this I thought I should try out my food and drink system to see if I planned well. I needed to go to the upstair’s kitchen. This was quite an effort in this heavy suit. Interestingly I remember thinking about hiring another vendor to make this suit on 4M rubber. Now I am glad I did not. I make my way up the stairs and to the kitchen. I needed to drink to keep up my fluids. Early indication was that I would quickly sweat out my reserves. I removed the butterfly gag and was able to drink my sports drink through a straw. Refreshed, I decided to try my semiliquid food. I hoped the pouches I bought would work. They did and I could now relax knowing extended rubber play would work. I then waddled back to my playroom for the next phase of my confinement. 

What goes in must come out. Sweat would not consume all of my hydration. I would have to pee. Not wanting to pee in my suit, the plan was to hook the piss pants tube up to a rubber leg bag. I found one in my stash and attached it to the piss pant tubing. That was only the first step. More would come later. It took a great deal of time to get kitted up. It was getting late by now and I knew I would soon need to settle in for the evening. Tomorrow will be a long day and I will need my rest and strength. To prepare for the night I once again rummaged through my gag collection and snatched an inflatable breath through gag. I snapped it on my mask then, inflated it, and proceeded to zip on the outer face plate, then I screwed in a breathing tube.

I have slept in heavy rubber hoods before and have found trouble sleeping soundly plus wearing all this rubber could be a challenge. My solution is a modified CPAP machine that uses standard gas mask fittings to provide a low constant low level air source. I find this makes a great deal of difference in sleep quality while sealed in rubber. I retrieved my CPAP, attached my breathing tube from the side port of my mask. I am greeted by a gentle flow of air. I add a rubber rebreather bag to the port on the other side. Satisfied with my situation I lay back on my rubber topped bed and begin to attempt to sleep. The bed is heated so I now find myself warmly cuddled up heavy layers of rubber. I eventually drift off to sleep. Tomorrow will be another day, another challenge.

Part Three

I woke up suddenly. The room was pitch black. It took me a few moments to comprehend exactly what was going on. I sat up in bed and my movement activated the automatic lights. Bright light flooded my hood. As I gathered my thoughts, I gradually became aware of my situation. I was sealed in a heavy rubber suit, wearing a Bardex plug, a double layer hood, inflatable gag and I had to pee. I had no idea what time it was. I did realize to my delight that I was pleasantly rested considering my situation. I have slept in rubber before but I never woke up this reinvigorated.

As my senses returned I the only sound I could hear was the sound of air moving. I realize I was still hooked up to my CPAP. I unhooked it and turned it off. I was anxious to find out how long I slept and then there is that pee thing I need to tend to. I staggered to my feet and attempted to walk to the door. There was a significant amount of sweat in my inner suit making walking somewhat of a task. I made it to the door and eventually up the stairs. The lenses in my outer hood were pretty well steamed up so I removed the face plate and the gag and gazed at the clock. It was 8:00 AM. Wow, I must have slept well to make it to 8:00. 

Pee! That’s right I must pee. So I let go and fill my piss pant pouch. Unfortunately nothing enters the leg bag. I guess the tubing is either kinked or gravity is not working to my favor. I go back down to my playroom and fetch my Higginson syringe. I install it between the piss tube and the leg bag and begin to pump. It works and eventually my leg bag is full. Over that crisis, I headed up stairs. I empty my leg bag into the piss storage container in my bathroom. The two day old urine is getting nice and ripe. Should be just right by this evening.

I’m getting hungry. Been some time since I ate anything. I first down some sports drinks then begin to prepare some “food”. I squeeze a tube of semi liquid paste into my mouth. I needed something else so I decided to make a smoothie. I look at my food stocks and see a banana smoothie mix. I grab some ice and fill the mixer with both ingredients. I thought maybe a little honey would be nice so I added some to the mix then crank up the blender. Once mixed I pour it into a pastry bag then squeeze it into my mouth. It is delightful.

I cleaned things up after my “meal”. The reality of my situation kicks in. You read stories about long term bondage but what they often omit is the fact that it’s boring. I suppose if you are hanging on a rack or trussed up in a sleep sack that’s all that you can expect. I am mobile and have many many hours ahead of me. Normally I would go out in my rubber hidden under my clothes. Not the case here. So what do I do with my time? I suddenly gaze over at my honey jar. It comes to me. I raise my own bees in my backyard and it has been some time since I checked on the hive. I wonder if I can possibly fit the monster suit into my keeper outfit. Then I could wander about my back yard tending to my bees without scaring the neighbors. That’s it. This afternoon will be bee time.

For now I plan to relax. I grab my remote, my bluetooth headset and head for the couch. I turn on the TV and decide to catch up on the news. I’ve been gone for a while and need to reacquaint myself with the outer world. I sat down on my leather couch thinking to myself admiring how content I was. Normally by now I would be randy as hell and shagged my rubber suit a dozen times. I am sure that I will later but for now I am content to sit here and relax as if I am normal (pity the thought). I must have sat there for at least an hour before deciding I needed a change. I got up and retrieved my gag and faceplate zipped it on then returned to the couch. After some time my old demons began to reemerge and I needed a trip to my playroom to remedy the situation. 

Back in my room I mused about what I could add to my rubber confinement that would spark some action. I thought why not try my heavy Studio Gum M4Z rubber hood. It is a full cover hood with a built-in mouth gag and no openings yet. The only time I tried them on was at the Studio Gum store and I almost came on the spot. I quickly removed my faceplate and gag and found the heavy hood. I was heavy indeed. I must have weighed a couple of pounds. I went over to my bed, sat down and dove into the mask. I sucked the built-in gag, then reached back and pulled down the zipper and fixed the collar.

I could have locked the zipper for effect but figured I was beyond that by now. I was suddenly in a rubber fantasyland. The compression on my head was perfect without distress. The isolation factor was ten for ten. No light, no sound, no facial movement, just solitariness in its highest form. I lay back and relish in my own rubber galaxy. Before long my sexual lust took over and I began stroking myself incestuously raping my inner suit. Suddenly I exploded in my pouch with a torrent of passion. I grabbed the edge of the bed to steady myself. I lay there gasping for air feeling like I was in a free fall. I was awash of sweat in my new suit, and overflowing with cum, I passed out. 

I awoke dazed and in the dark. I wanted to keep this hood on forever. The solitude provided me something I needed. Suddenly I was able to shut out the world and all of its pressures. I never felt that way before. I must have laid there for hours. The only thing that brought me back was another urge to cum. I once again rutted about in the sodden suits until I reached another life-altering orgasm.

I rose and reluctantly removed my mask. The room light was blinding. Recovering from my existential experience. I got up and staggered to my feet. I stored the mask and slowly walked up into my recreation room. I opened the drapes and gazed out into my back yard admiring the summer day. It was perfect. As I began to focus more, I also noted the lawn needed mowing. Strange thing to think about wearing two layers of rubber. I immediately wondered how I could possibly mow the lawn under cover without anyone seeing my rubber finery. I began a plan in my mind.

It’s Saturday. Everyone is mowing their lawn. Mine needs mowing so why not join the bunch. I can’t let a few layers of rubber, a Bardex plug and piss pants stand in the way. I figured out a plan. I would put on the set of heavy coveralls I have in the garage. That would cover the suit. As for my head, I would put on one of my silicone real face masks, a hat and glasses. Would stick to the back yard which is fenced in. Someone might see me from their upstairs window but I would look like any other yard worker ( In two layers of rubber, a Bardex plug and piss pants).

I ready myself for the yard work of the century. I fetched my coveralls to make sure the big suit would fit. It did but it was extremely tight. I rummaged through my rubber stash and came up with a silicone head mask. I slipped it on over my rubber hood and arranged the mask so I could see and breathe. I looked in the mirror. Hey, it worked. I found a large straw hat and sunglasses in the garage. I put them on then opened the garage door and drove out my mower.

I thought to myself, “Look folks. I am outside dressed in full rubber.”

I drove the mower to the back gate, opened it and drove into the back yard. I admit the Bardex was giving me a little problem as I bounced across the yard and then I was hit by the sun. This I did not expect. Two layers of rubber plus a heavy pair of coveralls, plus a silicone mask was like an oven. I immediately began to break out in a torrent of sweat. I soldiered on. It took me about an hour to mow the yard area. The sun was relentless. Without a cloud in the sky the sun baked me the entire time. Finally finished, I headed back to the garage. 

I was sloshing in my suit as I struggled to get out of my coveralls and hood. I headed for the kitchen. I desperately need fluids. I grabbed a bottle of sport drink and began to slowly drink it. I sat on the couch and drank a total of one and a half bottles of sport drink while sitting there. I was beginning to cool down. My next thought was that I need to somehow siphon off some of this sweat. No way I could slosh around in this for another two days. I had a thought. Why not pump it out?

I headed for my playroom and fetched a wash tub. I found the mini pump I acquired from work. I attached tenths of tubing to the pump. I opened the zipper on the big suit far enough to feed one end of a rubber tube into the suit. I made sure it fed down one of the legs. I then simply turned on the pump. It took a minute then fluid came out of the other end of the tubing and splashed into the washtub. I retracted the hose and fed it down the other leg and repeated the process. I was still hot and sweaty in my suits but at least the worst was not removed. I took the tub of sweaty rubber upstairs and added it to my piss jar. No need to waste it.

I took it easy the rest of the day. I peed once which was good. Other than that I sat on the couch until evening dinner time. I “ate” dinner if you could call it that. It actually tasted pretty good but I wonder if I would enjoy it for two more days. I then began preparations for the evening’s fun. I had planned this in my mind since my trip to DeMask. I first grabbed my container of fermented piss. It was ripe indeed. I brought it down to my playroom. I went to my closet and removed the twin rebreather bag outfit. The plan was for this outfit to be a part of me for the duration of my confinement. The plot thickens.

The first order of business is to fill the twin tanks with the piss/sweat mix from the container. Once filled the hoses were then reattached. This outfit is diabolical. It straps with a harness, with front and rear 5 liter each detachable piss bags, plus tubes and taps that attach to breathing tubes, piss tubes and even a Bardex anal tube. For now all I will need are the breathing tubes. I sit back with some trepidation as I look at what is about to happen. Once I enter into this madness there is no going back. I will spend at least the next two days wearing all that is before me. I proceed. 

First I lift the twinset over my head and position it so one bag is in front and one in back. I next reach for the inflatable breath-through gag. I added a plug to the end of the gag. I snap it on then inflate it. Next comes my face plate. I zip that on. I then retrieve a locking collar, buckle and lock it. I am now only able to breathe through my nose. Nothing, no food or water can get into the mask from now on. What comes next can only be described and a brutal assault on the senses.

Part Four

I attach the breathing tube to the side port of my mask. I am suddenly assaulted by the most vile, revolting, obnoxious, pungent odor I have ever experienced in my life. I have smelled piss before but this goes far beyond anything I expected. I almost vomited but I knew that would mean my end. There is no way I could remove this mask in time. I was forced to take it no matter what. I know that was the plan but boy did I pull one over on myself this time. The more I breathed the worse it got. Each time I exhaled the piss would bubble in the bags almost aerating the smell and when I inhaled, the assault continued. I was trapped, hopelessly imprisoned in layers of rubber breathing piss and sweat laced secretions for what will seem like a lifetime.

I staggered to my feet and walked to the recreation room. I suddenly realized that even the slightest movement affected my breathing. The breathing tubes were too small. I walked slowly to a chair near the bar. I needed to be careful how I sat in a chair so as not to crush either the front or back bag. If I collapsed either bag, it would send vile piss plunging into my face and nose and I would drown. How’s that for edge play?

I dropped the front bag over the back of a chair and sat facing the chair backwards. Wheeze, bubble, wheeze bubble is all you could hear in the room. I was now officially in bondage not unlike someone on a rack or trussed up in a sack as I mentioned earlier. There is nothing to do but breathe and that comes at a cost. My mind went to work. What else could I do to make it worse? I must be crazy to think that but what else can I do?

I head back to the playroom. The twinset comes with a wide variety of tubes, connectors, and valves. I begin to rummage through them. I found a couple of “T” fittings and some valves. I attach a “T” fitting to the tube attached to my mask then connect a long length of rubber tubing. I unzip my suit far enough to slip in the open end of this tube. Now I am sucking air from my sweaty suit as well as the piss bags. My suit suddenly became like a giant rebreather bag. 

I look around the room for a suitable place to sit and it seems my best bet is back in my NASA rack. So I sat down and reevaluated my situation. I am experiencing torture at a level I have never known. Each breath violently attacks my sinuses with a stinking stench of raw urine. I feel my brain is being permeated by the smell. I never for once in my life did I think something simple would have such an effect. 

My plans for an entire day like this looked highly unlikely. For one thing I am continuing to sweat more now than ever. I will need hydration. Second I did not figure in the inability to sit or lay with these bags. I needed to resolve these issues. So I decided to run the eventual gambit as planned only to complete it sooner. So I made ready for round two extreme bondage Saturday. I got up and retrieved more tubing and valves. With my self-imposed piss inhaler running full force, I managed to pull together the supplies needed to take it to the next step.

I first connected the tube from my Bardex to the bottom of the rear bag making sure the valve was closed. Next I removed the plug from the breath-through gag and connected a tube from the bottom of the front bag. Again making sure all valves were closed. I then closed the valve between the back bag and the breathing tube. So as it stands my gag is hooked to the front bag. The back back bag is hooked to my Bardex plug and I am still breathing rancid stale piss for the front bag. All there's left is to start the action.

The first move is to crack the valve on the back bag. Instantly the piss begins to enter my bowels, slowly at first but eventually 5 liters of rancid putrid piss will fill me to the max. While that is going on I crack the valve in front and I am suddenly forced to drink this foul concoction. I taste worse than it smells. It Is totally vile. I go back to the rack and wait for what is sure to be a crescendo as my bowels and belly filled up with this cesspool of piss. The rear bag is slowly deflating. I help it along by siding back on the rack and putting pressure on the bag. The force is abrupt and painful. The front bag is also gradually deflating. Seems I am getting the hydration I need, be it forced and foul.

The crescendo comes while the rear bag is half empty. I could never hold 5 liters of liquid so I shut off the back valve but continued to drink from the front one. So the challenge, despite all of the obvious distress, is to cum two times before removing anything. This will not be as easy as I first thought. There are a lot of distractions here. I decided to add another. I turn off the breathing tube to the bag. All I can do is suck piss and suffer. 

It works. My sex craving comes alive. I desperately begin to drop and massage myself in order to come before I suffocate. I finally make it just in time and reopen the breathing valve. I am nearly shattered by my orgasm. The front piss bag jumps to life with an explosion a piss and bubbles. It is a virtual frenzy of liquid hysteria. This eventually settles down as I regain my breath. I am still breathing the foul rancid piss.

So it worked this time but time is not on my side. The pain in my bowels is increasing and my stomach is beginning to churn and spasm. Unfortunately a second orgasm will not come as soon as I would like. I realize now that my plans to stay in this suit all weekend on a continuous basis are becoming less and less likely. I need out. I have two more days to wear this suit and lots of new plans to enjoy it, but for now I need relief. I need to go out now. I set my two cum goal aside and proceed to remove the breathing tube. Close all the valves and sit back in my NASA rack and extricate myself from this monster suit. 

I successfully hook up the zipper pulls to the rack mechanism and press the start button and wait for the rack to take over. Nothing happens. I press the button again. Still nothing. By now I am frantic. My bowels are ready to burst. My bladder is painfully full and I am stuck. I decided to go the manual route. These suits are made to zip without a mechanism so I attempt to get up to manually unzip the suit. I can’t. The zipped attachment device will not release the zipper. Why me? Why does this always happen to me?

My distress is becoming unbearable. Something has to be done. First I need to be able to release the enema so I try to pull on the tube that is hooked to the Bardex. After yanking on it for several minutes the tube is finally free. That’s the good news. The bad news is the vile from my bowels is now filling my suit. Well at least relief will finally come. Slowly the piss leaves my bowels through the tiny Bardex tube. Next I need to pee real bad. I begin to fill the piss pouch on my piss pants again and nothing enters into the leg bag. I reach for the Hotchkiss pump and accidentally pull the tube out of the end of the piss pouch and all my piss is now draining into my suit. 

Relief from my internal pressure finally comes. But no relief comes for my bigger problem. I am still stuck. Here I am stuck to the blasted rack sitting in a monstrous heavy rubber suit filled with probably a gallon or more of rancid piss, locked in a hood and gag with no plans as to escape. I must have sat there for hours thinking about how and when they would find my piss marinated body. Hell, just bury me in the suit. Why not?

I sat there impotent and powerless looking around the room as if help would suddenly fly my way. I looked down in disgust at my absurd invention when something caught my eye. There was a button on the control unit. I squinted through my steamy hood lenses only to see a label that said “RESET”. I pressed it and the rack released my zipper pulls. I was free from the rack. The suit and its evil contents was another matter. I immediately wadded over to the closest to fetch the key to unlock my collar. I moved my faceplate and the insidious gag. I need to get upstairs. somehow drain this suite and work the zipper open.

The stairs were a struggle as my now bulbous suit sloshed about like a bowl of jello. I finally made it to the bathroom and into my walk-in shower. I managed to get the zipper started enough to drain the suit. The smell was awful. I hope the shower stall will survive the assault. Once drained I began to manually work the zipper. Eventually I was able to open it enough to struggle out of the suit. To do so I had to actually duck my head into the belly of the suit. I thought I would pass out from the stench. Once out I turned on the shower and began to strip out of the inner suit, removed the Bardex, and enema/piss pants. I let everything fall to the bottom of the shower and began to wash myself. I spent nearly a half hour under the shower.

Out of the shower, I toweled myself off and grabbed more towels to wrap around the wet pile of rubber still in the stall. It was extremely heavy but somehow I needed to get it to the laundry and soak it if I had any hope of saving it. I finally managed to get it all in the large wash tub, filled it with water, added some bleach and let it soak. 

I was exhausted. I needed rest. I slipped into another of my hero rubber suits and I went off to bed. Tomorrow will be another day.

Part Five

I woke up Sunday morning lamenting over yesterday’s debacle. I promised myself a weekend in rubber and I barely lasted the first full day. I realize I need to get busy if I was going to save the rest of the weekend. Waiting for me was a pile of rubber in my wash tub. Rubber typically does not want to soak but I had no choice as they were situated with the foul piss and sweat and needed attention. I retrieved the smaller items first and toweled them off. The horrid smell seemed to be gone. They seemed OK except for some gray areas that were waterlogged. I knew this would pass in time. The heavy suit was another issue because it is….well….heavy. I wrestled it out of the water making a complete mess of my laundry room. There was too much water in this rubber heap to towel off so I tossed it in the washer with several dry towels and set the washer on spin. The monster suit made the washer shake and wobble as if it was alive but eventually it ran the cycle. I pulled it out. I was glad to find that the added towels helped dry the outer surface leaving this side dripping wet. I began toweling the inner part off to the point it was just damp and clammy. I thought to myself, that’s good enough for me. I just jumped into the suit.

I endeavored to don the suit over top of my hero suit. I was struggling a bit with the weight until I pushed my head into the hood and arms into the sleeves. The suit was bone chilling cold. I knew how to change that quickly but first I needed to get the zippers closed. It took some time and a bit of calisthenics but I succeeded. This makes me realize even more how useless my NASA rack was to begin with. 

The suit was extremely cold, so I headed for my playroom. The first thing I did was to head for my sauna and turn it on the low setting. I then gathered up my breath through gag and faceplate. Once the gag was in place and inflated, I attached the faceplate, and buckled the collar. By now I am shivering in the suit waiting for the sauna to warm and get things started. The indicator light on the sauna flashes. It’s ready. I step in. I do not feel any heat. Concerned, I checked the temp and it was 125ºF (51ºC). Hot enough for the five or so minutes I plan to be in the sauna.

It takes a while before the heat begins to permeate the heavy suit. Eventually I begin to feel it. I relax thinking how great it feels to be sealed in this suit all cozy, warm and comfy. I begin to relax so eventually I fall asleep. I tend to do that a lot. Not sure how long I was out but when I woke up my suit had become almost too hot to the touch. The dampness left in the suit has turned it into a Turkish bath. I immediately get up and exit the sauna. My body is completely saturated and my hooded head feels like it is about to melt.

The suit began to gradually cool down once out of the sauna and away from the heat. Can’t say the same for me. The residual moisture in the suit retained an enormous amount of heat. Within minutes my inner hero suit was full of sweat. I was literally bathing in it. It actually felt good. I was off to a good start. Now I need to plan for the day. I decided to start with breakfast. I went up the stairs to the kitchen. Sticking to my semi liquid diet, I grabbed a food pouch and hooked the spout to the end of the breathing tube on my gag. I gave it a squeeze. This is the first time I force fed myself though a gag. It worked so I decided to try a smoothie. I mixed one up, added some honey, and sucked it down through a straw. It was quite refreshing. Now on to whatever today brings.

I recall yesterday trying to find a way to tend my bees. I thought I would give it a try. I headed for the garage to find out if my bee suit would fit over my monster rubber suit. I pulled the bee suit off its hanger and attempted it on. It was close but the rubber suit was a little too bulky. Then I spotted the shop vac in the corner and thought I would try something. I opened the front zipper a few inches then stuck the vacuum hose in the opening. I turned on the vac and immediately the suit began to shrink sucking tightly to my skin. I quickly jerked the hose out and zipped the suit at the same time so none of the air would return. Instantly my movement was severely restricted and I now had to work hard against the heavy rubber to move. I trodden over to the bee suit and to my delight it now fit over my suit. I grabbed the bee hat to hide my rubber hood and headed out into the back yard. 

Movement was an effort but fortunately the sweat and moisture in the suit worked to lubricate it enough to make moving possible. I walked out toward my bee hive. My yard is fenced in but I am sure my neighbors could see me from their upper windows so I proceeded to try to look as normal as possible. I reached the hive. I pulled off the top. Holding the frame by the top I inspect the brood thoroughly. I use the bee brush to gently brush the bees off that frame and back into the hive. The honey was not ready to harvest. I’d check it again in a couple of days.

Since this was just an exercise to wear a rubber suit outdoors rather than actually harvesting honey, I pretended that more needed to be done so I could stay out longer. I stood by the bee hive for about a half hour, stalling all the time enjoying the sunshine beating down on my rubber covered body. I decided to stay out even longer. I walked over to a lounge chair and managed to sit down in the chair. My movements were somewhat stiff but I managed to sit and relax admiring the lovely sunshiny day.

My guess was it was about 10:30 AM. The day was still somewhat cool. I would have normally cum in my rubbers by now but it didn’t occur to me at the time. At the moment I was content enjoying the feeling of my double rubber suit. I just laid back and chuckled and thought to myself. “Those vanillas don’t know what they are missing. Everyone should be out in their backyard wearing two heavy layers of rubber.” I soon dozed off and fell asleep yet again. 

I eventually woke up. My cozy comfy situation had suddenly changed. I was boiling hot. My suit was on fire. My eye covers were nearly all steamed over but I could see enough to realize that the sun was straight up in the sky and I was sitting here in the full heat of the day. They predicted today would reach the high nineties (30’s C) and I was in the midst of it. I tried to get up out of my lounge chair. Seems it was easier getting in. I wallowed like a beached whale trying to free myself from the chair. I need to get out of the sun. I finally tipped over the chair and rolled out on the lawn. Getting up was not easy. My heavy suit weighed me down. I finally struggled to my feet. I was weak in the knees by the time I reached the house. I knew from experience that relief would not come quickly as my rubber suits would retain the intense heat for some time. I moved into the garage and finally into the house. I stripped off my bee suit and headed to the kitchen. I desperately needed hydration and some means of cooling down. I guzzled down a bottle of sports drink as fast as my gag would allow. Cooling down was another matter. I would just have to suffer hoping the air conditioning would eventually do the job. For now all I could do was return to my playroom and wait.

It felt like my suits would never cool down completely. The outer suit was still vacuum tight to my body. I opened the front zipper enough to let some air into the suit. That seemed to help a bit however the damage was done. My suits were steaming wet inside. The only way to address that was to remove the suits just like I did last night. I refused to do that again. I was determined to stay in my rubber this time no matter what. I wanted to be sealed in heavy rubber for three days, and I was determined to stay for at least two days. 

My suits finally cooled down and I was left in a fog of sweat. My inner suit was sliding over my body as if I was swimming in a lube. Composed from my morning experience, I began to feel visceral needs returning. I felt the almost primeval need to cum. All the memories of the events so far made me horny. I needed a release. I felt how my hood engulfs my head and face, the inner suit that slithered over my skin like a slippery eel and my heavy suit that holds all these bestial secretions hermetically sealed against my body. The feeling was licentious as I found myself totally captive of this sinful suit.

I decided to lock the zipper of the outer suit, totally sealing me off from the world, eliminating any hope of removing it. I would later freeze the key in an ice jug to insure that I keep my resolve. I staggered to my bed and began to rape my bedding with abandonment. I struggled to breath. I discovered that once again the nose tubes were not totally adequate for the volume of air one needs while having a screaming orgasm. My mouth gag contained my shouting. Stars began to appear in my plastic covered eyes as I exploded its total rapture gasping for air. I almost lost consciousness. I finally gained control. Once composed, I lay there for more than an hour totally immersing myself in my rubber state, stewing in my impenetrable rubber suit. Once able to move again I retrieve the key to my locking collar and lock it to my hood as well. I then took both keys to the kitchen to seal them in a large plastic bottle of water. It will soon become a block of ice thus ensuring that what happened last night would not repeat itself. 

I returned to my playroom. By now it was midafternoon. I have an evening and another day to plan for and a treasure trove of rubber to incorporate into my fiendish schemes. For now I will just sit and plot out my fate. I take inventory of the situation I find myself in. First I am locked into a twin layer rubber hood with plastic eye covers and face plate. Locked in this hood is an inflatable breathe through gag. Second, I am locked into a heavy rubber suit with attached gloves, hood, and feet. This suit has an airtight zipped sealing inside. Third, inside this suit I am wearing a “farmer John” style rubber suit with attached feet and suspender top. The keys to the outer suit and hood are now in a bottle of water soon to be frozen so I cannot retrieve them until at least tomorrow evening. At this point the suit is filled with steamy hot sweat and recently added cum. I am virtually left to marinate in my rubber for the next day and a half. The thought of all this excites me. Next I will plot my course for this evening's fun.

I rummage through my extensive rubber stash to see what else I can add to the mix. I always love layering rubber. The more layers the better. Unfortunately whatever I choose must fit over the heavy suit. I need to try a few things first before I commit myself to my evening attire. I tried on my inflatable suits with no success. Next I try my sleep sacks. My Ultima sack might work but I think I will hold off on that until tomorrow. Then it dawns on me. I have one item that I purchased that I have never used. It is my DeMask rubber hammock with a hood. It is a loose fit item surely big enough for my heavy layers. All I need is to figure out how to hang it so I can use it. This begins to sound like the perfect solution. I can occupy what would otherwise be just boring time sitting around and hopefully have something ready for this evening. I immediately begin to collect some tools and material from the garage to set things in motion.

I decided the best place to hang it is between my wet bar and the nearest wall. I stretch out the hammock and it looks like it will work. The wet bar is pretty well built and attached to the floor. All I need to do is find hangers strong enough to hold my weight. I headed to the garage to rummage through boxes of extra hardware. Unfortunately this is tougher than I thought. First the garage is not air conditioned and is stiflingly hot. I would normally open the garage door to get air circulating but I know I would scare the neighbors. Second, my boxes of hardware are in the attic above the garage which at this time of day is hot as an oven. I soldier on and climb the stairs to the garage attic. I Immediately feel the heat coming through my breathing gag followed by my rubber layers quickly heating up. Once again my suits are getting hotter by the minute. I click on the light and begin to rummage through boxes. My hood lens begins to steam up again making a bad situation worse. I must have been up there at least a half hour. Between the heat and the heavy suit I was beginning to actually pant like a dog. Finally I found some heavy eye bolts and anchors that should be due. I hastened my retreat from the heat and headed into the house as quickly as my sweat filled suits would let me. At this point all I could do was collapse on a couch and wait for my suits to cool off. 

My panting subsided after a few minutes. As usual my suits took longer to cool off. Heaven only knows how much sweat and funk had collected in my sealed suit. Walking was difficult. Once I was able to collect myself, I headed back to the playroom. I needed to remove the bulk of the sweat from the inner suit. The best thing I could think of was to lay on the bed and raise my legs to force the nasty fluids up and hopeful out of the inner suit through the open top and into the confines of the outer suit. It eventually worked and the inner suit, while still full of sweat, was drained of the excess. But now the sweat was in the big suit sloshing around my feet. I need a workable solution to extract this sweaty mess.

I tugged at the front of my locked zipper hoping I could get some movement. It worked. I got a fraction of an inch movement. It was enough to push a small rubber tube far enough into my suit to reach the bottom. I then remembered the little pump I took from the R&D shop. I hooked it to the end of the tube then walked to the wet bar and turned on the pump. At first I thought it was not going to work but eventually liquid came out the end of the pump and the vile liquid it was. It smelled like a combination of old rubber, vinegar, and rancid milk. I knew then that once I broke the seal of the heavy suit I would be reliving the same nasty situation as last evening. I continued to work the tube around to extract as much fluid as possible. Alas I was still destined to marinate in what remained.

I removed the tube and closed the zipper. I immediately began the work of hanging the hammock. I then began by installing the eye bolts. I made sure I hastened them to the wall studs to insure the hammock would hold my weight. I stretched the hammock between the eye bolts and hooked them up. The hammock hung perfectly between the wall and the wet bar. It was about three feet for the floor which should be ideal for getting in and out. Once satisfied that the work was done, I felt I needed a reward. I thought at least two orgasms were due as payback for my efforts. I went to my rubber covered bed and proceeded to give myself pleasure as I began to envision this evening’s adventure.

Part Six

It was evening. I ate my semi-liquid “banquet” and a sports drink. I checked on the jar containing the keys. It was frozen. I figured if I took it out in the morning it would melt and release the keys by late tomorrow evening. Until then I am sealed and secure in my rubber hot house. I head down to the playroom to prepare for the evening. Once there, I inspected my hammock and even sat down on it to test it to make sure it would hold me. Seems more than adequate. Once I am in the hammock, I intend to stay there for the entire evening so I decide little rubber play is in order before I settle in. Where should I start?

I rummage through my rubber stockpile. I even pull out some of my older items. I am somewhat limited as to what I can make use of since I am already constrained in my heavy rubber layers. Breath play comes to mind. That always seems to work as a warmup. My hood has three openings, one on each side and one in the front. My inner mask has nose tubes and finally I am gagged with a breath through gag. I pull out a collection of 40mm NATO gas mask hoses. I attach one each to the side ports of my mask. Next I find two 5 liter rubber rebreather bags and screw them on the open ends of the hoses. The bags sputter to life inflating the deflating cadence with my breathing. The only fresh air now comes through my mouth gag. That is soon to change. 

I grab a long length of rubber tubing. I then yank on the end of my zipper pull to see if I can once again open it enough to slip the end of the tubing into the suit. It works and I feed it well into the depths of the heavy suit. I then make my way to the bed. With a very little ceremony, I attach the other end of the tube to my mouth gag. I am hit with a torrent of odors from the inside of my suit. The rubber smell is obviously the strongest. The sweat and cum give off a strong musty smell. I can almost taste the heat from inside the suit in my mouth.

I lay back and proceed to pleasure myself all the time watching the rebreather bags twitch and flutter as I rebreathe the same air over and over. I know I am safe for now because the big suit has a fair amount of air, be it tainted with a foul odor of sweat, cum, and rubber. My urges are taking over. I need to cum. The heavy outer suit makes it a bit difficult to feel any stimulation. I up the game and go for a vibrating wand. This should speed things. up. It does and soon I find myself ready to peek almost immediately. I cum. I am gasping for air but all I get is the stagnant oppressively dank air inside the suit. The tube is way too small to keep up with my struggle to breathe. I threaten to pull it out but before long my composure returns and my breathing stabilizes. I am not sure how much air from the suit is still useful but I decided to go for at least one more cum before removing the tube. 

For now I just lay there on my bed sucking air through my gag listening to the rubber bags balloon in and out. I almost doze off but quickly snap back realizing how many other close calls I have had lately. If I fall asleep I could run out of air before I wake and end up suffocating myself. I shake it off and try to remain alert. The hollow sucking sound of the breathing tube and dull muted flapping sound of the rubber rebreather bags is mesmerizing. Their cadence is almost hypnotic. I finally succumb to it and despite my best efforts, fall asleep.

I doze in a semiconscious state for a minute or an hour I am not sure. All I know is I woke suddenly gasping for air. This time it was not induced by cartel lust. I can not breathe. I can suck air for all it’s worth but there is nothing there. All the oxygen is gone. I sit up suddenly scratching and pawing at my mask. The more I gasp the more I realize that I need real air. In desperation I tug at my breathing tube. It is stuck. I panic but finally get it to release from my gag tube. I am floundering like a fish out of water. I am not getting enough air. I frantically tug at the rebreather hoses trying to remove them. I manage to finally unscrew one of the rebreather bags and fresh air begins the whistle through the hollow hose. I begin to recover. I unscrew the hoses from the mask then flop but on the bed fighting to breathe. It takes several minutes to recover. Another close call. Too many to count. Too many to take for granted. I tell myself that I have to stop this solo breath play or next time I will not be as lucky, but for now I just lay there trying to recover.

I eventually sit up and remove the hoses and tubes. I close the zip of my suit. My throat is parched from all that mouth breathing. I slowly get up and sluggishly get up and head for the kitchen for a drink. By now my suits have become a burden. The mere act of walking is a struggle. As I suck my spots drink, I wonder if I can make it another day. I pull out my frozen bottle of water wondering if I should break it, retrieve the keys, and get out now. I must have stood there for at least fifteen minutes staring at that bottle. I finally put it back in the freezer. By now I was too tired to think rationally. I needed rest. I know I can last through the night.. I will hold off at least until tomorrow.

For me sleep will only come one way and that is in a rubber hammock. Back in the playroom, I begin to prepare my refuge for the night. I unzip the rubber cover and proceed to lay down in the confines of the hammock. It takes a bit to stabilize and entering the hammock with this ponderous suit took some time. I finally sink into the center and immediately begin to sway back and forth. I now have to fold the rubber cover over the top of me. With it comes a loose rubber hood. I adjust the hood so I can breathe. I only have one hole in it so I will be in the dark all night. Eventually everything seems to be in place so I begin to zip the cover up and over me. Now I can relax. As I settle in I begin to gently sway back and forth. It is an extraordinary feeling. It is almost womb like cradled in the bosom of this all encompassing rubber sarcophagus. I quickly drift off to sleep.

To my surprise, I slept through the night. I was amazed considering my condition and all the constraints on my rubber covered body. I lay there for a bit enjoying the sensation of my hammock realizing that this will make my go-to toy list for sleeping from now on. I eventually begin to stir. I unzip my rubber cover and remove my rubber hood. The room is still dark except for some small safety lights. I attempt to get out of the hammock but eventually end up rolling out onto the floor. Seemed to be the easiest way. I got up off the floor amazed at how refreshed I was. I thought to myself, I just might make it until this evening. I head for the kitchen. As I woke I realized that I needed to pee. This would be the first time since yesterday. Normally I can balance my fluid intake and sweat output and not have to pee as often. This is the longest I have gone sealed in complete rubber. It was probably inevitable that I would have to pee eventually. The inevitable is about to happen. All I can do is let go after all this is not the first piss this suit has seen. I continued to walk while peeing as I went.

I reached the kitchen and proceeded with the eating and drinking ritual. I hope that my semi liquid diet and initial enema will prevent my need to avoid it at least until tomorrow. The food has become almost tasteless. I hunger for some real food but tomorrow will come soon enough. I suspect the frozen bottle contains my keys. I set it on the counter to melt. Hopefully I will be able to retrieve my key this evening. But for now, I need to plan for the day.

Bondage is boring. There I said it. I am almost always in rubber but worn under street clothes I can live a somewhat kinky life. I began to wonder if I could do the same now. I remember that I did go outside disguised in my coveralls and mask when I mowed the lawn. I wonder if I could do the same and go out among the vanillas again. Seemed like something to try. I headed to the garage but realized that my piss had settled in my inner suit. I left it there since I knew I would be out of my suit in a few hours. I can only imagine that the cocktail inside my suit was getting very ripe by now. Fortunately the suit is sealed air tight so none of the foul smell escapes. 

I once again head for the garage. I decide to once again try to vacuum the air out of my suit so my coveralls will fit better. I crack open the zipper and stick the end of the vacuum up tight against the opening. It takes a bit longer but eventually the suit is tight to my body. I will admit the exhaust for the vacuum was almost overwhelmed by the stench coming from the air in my suit. I now struggle into my coveralls. They fit much better but the vacuumed suit once again makes movement difficult. My next challenge is to disguise my rubber hooded face. This would not be as easy as before. I now had the outer hood locked on… I have an idea. I head back to my playoff and receive my silicon real face hood and stretch it over my double hooded head. From the nose up everything looks good. From there down the breathing ports stick out. I think for a bit. Why not wear another mask this time a paper PFE mask. Everyone will think I am wearing a COVID mask to protect others. I go upstairs and rummage until I find a mask. I try it on and it covers my lower face. iIt might work if I keep my distance from real people.

I am now excited at the prospect of leaving the house. I grab some drinks and head for my truck. The thought of being dressed in overalls while driving a truck would seem more logical. I slide into the truck and once again check myself out in the mirror. I can’t believe I am doing this driving off sealed in two rubber suits with my head in no less than four masks. I must be crazy. I hit the garage opener and began to back out of the garage. 

Today is sunny but thankfully cooler than yesterday. The sun does begin to slowly heat up my rubber but for now it is bearable. Once at the street I put it in drive and I am on my way. One more glance at the mirror and I realize I will need sunglasses to disguise the static look of my mask. Speaking of looks, my vision is somewhat restricted by the double mask. I have no peripheral vision so I will have to be extra careful driving. I also realized that my silicone mask covers up my side breathing ports making my gag the only source of air. Best not get too excited or I will be in trouble breathing. 

Well I am officially out and about. It is a nice day for a ride in the country. The only problem is where I live is far from “country” driving. I head west on Ogden heading out toward Aurora. It takes about an hour to get to the “country”. I head down some back roads not knowing exactly where I am heading. I ended up in the city of Yorkville. Nice little town with a big water park. I realize that I am a long way from home by now and I need to begin to head back. I also realize that I need gas. This should be interesting. Fortunately I did have the presents of mind to bring my wallet. Getting out of the truck and exposing myself might prove compromising. I drove for a while looking for a gas station with remote pumps. I pull into a large gas station and head for the far pump. I get out and register my credit card and begin to pump my gas. Sure enough someone goes pump behind me. He gets out and begins to talk to me about the great weather. Great, now what? I just nod hoping he does not come any closer. The best I can do is grunt a response. He looks at me strangely but before he can react my tank is full, I wave and get back in my truck and drive off. That was too close for comfort. 

I head straight back home by the fastest route. My near miss brings reality to my situation. “Today a man in a heavy rubber suit and several masks was picked up while driving in the western Chicago suburbs. More details at eleven.” I could almost see the headlines. I finally made it safely back to my house and into the garage. I was relieved and more than a bit excited by my adventure. I remove my coveralls and head back into my playroom. This whole exploit has me randy as hell. For now I leave all of my masks on and head for the bed to release the beast. I rutted around on the bed until I finally came in a flurry of passion. As expected my outer masks made breathing demanding so I removed my outer masks and gradually regained my composure. 

My suit is still vacuumed tight to my skin so I decide to leave it that way until I have to remove the suit late this evening. That reminds me to check the frozen bottle. It should be half melted by now. When I finally reach the kitchen I realize that the bottle is still frozen as hard as this morning. This is not good. At some point I will have to heat the bottle to melt the ice. So much for good planning. I headed back to my playroom. As I walk in I realize I made quite a mess to the room rummaging around looking for rubber items so I busy myself pricking things up and storing them back where they belong. As I am finishing I realize I need to pee again. Having no choice, I let go. My inner suit filled up so I laid down again and raised my legs to allow the piss to flow from my inner suit to my outer suit. I will be out of my suits soon and I can drain them properly.

It is now late afternoon and I thought I would rest up before the big event. The hammock should do the trick. I once again jockey to get in but am soon saddled in my rubber cocoon gently swaying back and forth. I feel another orgasm coming on so I just let it roll over me like a warm embrace. It is intense. I eventually drift off to sleep. I guess I slept for an hour or so. I did not want this moment to end so I just laid there for a couple of hours thinking about my “rebirth” from my suits after two days being hermetically sealed. How would it feel? How would I look? I am not sure I want to know how I will smell. 

It is evening and time to finally get out of all this rubber. I go up and retrieve my jar of keys. It is still frozen solid. I need to thaw it to retrieve the keys. I decided to put it in the sauna and watch it melt. I turn the sauna on to 180º F (80ºC). I set the jar in the sauna and wait for things to heat up. It will take some time but eventually I will have my keys and I can unlock my suit and hood. 

Well it looks like the finish line is near. It has been a long three days and despite some misfortunes I managed to stay in a heavy rubber suit for almost all of the three days. All I need is to extract the keys, head for the shower and shed this rubber cocoon. By now the sauna is heated up. I duck into the sauna to check on the bottle. I see some liquid in the bottom so the ice is melting slowly. The time in the sauna is roasting hot. I can not waste a minute getting out. I decide to head to the recreation room and watch some television while I wait for the key to be released. Seems I have had quite enough rubber play for now. 

Another hour goes by and I head to the sauna to check on the progress. I see more liquid in the bottle but there is still a lot of ice. Again the brief encounter with the heat is staggering. I return to the TV. It is now getting late. I worry that it is taking too long and I will be up all night. Another hour passes and I return to the sauna. This time my eye lenses steam up and I am forced to hit the torrid heat until I can see the bottle. By now a third of the ice has melted and the keys are somewhere in the remaining ice. I scurry out of the sauna and return to the rec room. There was nothing on the television so I turned it off and lit the gas fireplace and just sat there in the glow of the flames. It was obvious that I would be sealed in this suit until morning. Even if I got out earlier I would be a sodden mess. I needed to contact work. I would normally leave a voicemail but I doubt they could understand gags-speak so I typed an email to my assistant as best as I could with these heavy gloves.

I then sat back down by the fire. The flames were mesmerizing and I soon drifted off to sleep again. I woke up sometime later only to see sunrise peeking through my closed drapes. I looked at the clock. It was 5:30AM. I was still tired but I desperately needed to get out of this suit. I struggled to my feet and returned to the sauna. Once again my lenses steamed up and I was forced to endure the heat until they cleared. Good news. The ice had finally melted and there in the bottom of the bottle lay my precious keys. I rushed to the wet bar and poured out the water. With keys finally in hand I proceeded to unlock my collar. Finally I was able to remove my face plate. The gag was next. It was a tremendous relief to not have that bulbous monster in my mouth. Doubt I will want to taste rubber again for some time. 

I grabbed the keys and headed for the upstairs shower. Before I stepped in I wanted to at least unlock the suit. I then stepped into the shower turned on the water ready to crack open this rubber embryo and release myself. I pulled at the zipper and it didn’t move at first. I was terrified. But then it began to move. Air entered the suit releasing the vacuum. I could finally move freely and was quickly able to open the rest of the zipper. The smell emulating the opening was staggering. I knew I would have to endure the stench and proceeded to strip out of the outer suit. Getting out, I was accompanied by a rush of sweat and piss flooding the shower floor. My body was coated with a nasty layer of funk. 

My skin was tender to the touch. Even the spray for the shower seemed to hurt. I stayed in the shower just long enough to strip out of my inner suit. The black rubber of this suit was ashen gray from being sweat saturated all these hours. I turned off the water and left the pile of rubber in the bottom of the shower. I headed for the whirlpool bath and began to fill it. I was freezing the whole time. Once filled I stepped in and turned on the air jets, gently at first. I must have soaked for an hour. During that time I took inventory of my condition. My hands and feet were like prunes. This will take some time to get back to normal. Thank goodness I do not have to go to work today. Thinking back on how the weekend went, with exception of a few twists of fate, everything went as planned. Who am I kidding? Hardly anything went as planned but I loved every minute of it. If I had the energy I would cum on the spot.

I knew that eventually I would have to get out of the tub, clean up my nasty rubber suits and ultimately return to the real world. Another rubber adventure accomplished. I would need a little recovery time after this one. I expect that I should be ready for another rubber exploit during my upcoming trip to Hong Kong.


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