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Love of Rubber

by Willy Jim

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My latest adventure in rubber takes me overseas to Hong Kong. Two weeks ago I headed off to Hong Kong on a business trip. I usually travel there at least two times a year. I’ll spend a couple days at our office in Hong Kong then spend a couple days in Shenzhen, Guangdong Province, China visiting factories. The trip has become fairly routine with a thirteen hour flight from Chicago, arriving in Hong Kong about six in the evening, trying to get enough sleep in the hopes that I will be awake enough to function the next day.

This trip was different from any of my others. For this trip I planned to bring along some entertainment. I wanted something that would spice up the trip, something to take my mind off the drone of the thirteen hour flight plus something that would act as a pleasant distraction during those dull business meetings. Lastly I needed something that would be discreet. I wanted nothing that would tip off the source of my “entertainment” other than perhaps a content smile on my face. Finally I needed something that would get me through TSA security as well as any security checkpoints I would incur entering and leaving China.

My choice? A rubber suit or course. This particular suit is a one piece “Farmer John style suit without any zippers. I call this my hero suit as I wear it too often. Once I slip it on I am committed to it for the duration. I knew from experience that they can not be detected at screening checkpoints. Even x-ray fails to detect it. They appear as normal clothing. But they are far from normal. They elicit pleasure with every step and once juices begin to flow they perform an erotic massage with each movement. My hope was that my choice would bring me some pleasure on this otherwise boring trip.

I typically fly from Chicago on Wednesday evening. This put me in Hong Kong Thursday evening. That gives me Friday and half of Saturday in the office and to get my day visa for China. Sunday I have off and am on my own to explore. Early Monday morning I will leave for China.

Packing for the trip is also pretty routine. I pack light normally, packing half of the clothes I will need and making use of hotel laundry to replenish my wardrobe as needed. I travel in casual clothes, saving suits and ties for meetings. This time however I will have a few extra items included. Now comes time for the rubber suit. I unfold my freshly raced rubber suit. The fragrance is intoxicating. I immediately step into the suit. Resisting the temptation to “jettison early”, I dress in my regular traveling clothes, grab my bag, passports and tickets and head out to the airport.

Airport security was packed by the time I got there. It was hot and I was sweating as the line inched forward at the pace of a gastropod. By now my suit is on fire. I swear if I could open it steam would come out. Finally it is my turn to go through security. Having done this hundreds of times, I thought nothing of it until I was stopped. Panic began to set in as the fear that my steamy rubber suit set off some sort of alarm. I was relieved when a small amount of change in my pockets triggered the alert. Quickly resolved I was off to the gate then on to the plane.

As you can imagine, thirteen hours sitting on a plane is normally boring for anyone else on the plane. Not so with me. I was looking forward to this trip more than any I had experienced up to this point. For some reason they insist on feeding us right away once the plane is in the air. By this time my desire is for something other than food. I thought this would be a great time to slip off to the restroom and christen my new steam filled suit. However with the flurry of serving carts driving up and down the isles, I was stuck for what seemed to be an eternity.

After dinner and cleanup the cabin lights were dimmed for those who wanted to sleep. For me, sleep would have to wait as I had other things on my mind. There was a line to the restroom. I had to stand in the aisle inching my way towards the bathroom. I was a bit self conscious as I moved slowly up the aisle. Is my suit crinkling in such a way as to out me? Is any of my steaminess seeping out to cause notice? Would the tell-tale fragrance of rubber give me away? If they did, no one seemed to care. Next thing I know I was in the restroom finally able to pleasure myself. I was pretty randy by this time so pleasure came fast and furious. I tried not to make any noises even though my orgasm was intense. I recovered as fast as I could knowing that any delay would irritate all those waiting in line. I flushed the toilet to cover any noise. I then cracked open the door and stepped out of the bathroom. I tried to gauge the looks of their faces to see if I could detect a hint of indictment from anyone suspecting what I was really doing there.

I found sleep came easy to me. Apparently my episode of self-gratification seemed to help greatly. I woke up occasionally each time I made it to the restroom for pleasure and each time I returned to my seat rejuvenated and relaxed. I slept. I repeated this routine for the duration of the flight. For the first time flying, I was refreshed by the time I landed. However my suit had taken on a whole new meaning. it was full of cum, sweat and any other secretion imaginable. By now I figure I had spent close to twenty hours in my rubber suit. That was close to the limit before I began to worry about leaks. There is nothing in there to absorb all those juices sloshing around. I still had to make it through customs. a cab ride to the hotel and check in before I hopped to deal with my sodden suit. I figure I have at least another hour before I make it to my room at the hotel. This would be tight. I only hope my suit seals were as tight.

We deplaned. I was on a 747. The plane was full. Disembarking took forever. Fortunately they pumped up the air conditioning so while we were packed in balls to butts, it was at least comfortable. I realized why as I crossed the threshold to the jetway. The outside temperature was horridly hot. I was saturated with sweat by the time I walked the length of the jetway. Once in the terminal things cooled off but the customs hall was packed as usual. More balls to butts as we snaked through the queue. I finally made it to the “line” which is the line in the floor where you stand just before approaching the customs window. I hesitated but eventually looked down to see if any leaks showed on my suit. Luckily I was dry at least on the outside. The customs official stamped my passport with little notice of my concerns and I headed to baggage claim. Again there was and an insufferable time was we all waited mesmerized by the constant movement of the turnstile and the tumbling of the baggage. At least we could all stand our distance from each other. After what seemed an eternity, my bags tumbled down. I quickly retrieved them and exited the area.

I reached the cab stand and quickly found a cab. I sat down in the cab and was quickly reminded of my fluid filled rubber. It was nearly an hour since I was seated on the plane. I was awash in my suit. I believe I faintly heard a sloshing of liquid as I sat down. The airport is on Chek Lap Kok Island. The trip to Hong Kong central takes about forty minutes. By now my only concern was to get to the hotel, check in, and get to my room as quickly as possible.

I finally arrived at my hotel . It was in Kowloon rather than Hong Kong Island. I paid the cabby and carefully exited the cab hoping I could make it through these last hurdles without embarrassing myself. I checked in without incident and headed for my room. Once in my room I was still not out of the woods. I had to wait for my luggage to arrive before I could disrobe and assess the suit-filled carnage. After what seemed to be hours, my luggage arrived and I was finally alone.

I tried to calculate how long I was in this sodden suit. My guess was at least twenty four hours and countless cums. I quickly undressed to find that my concerns were well founded. Free of my outer clothes, my rubber was positively bulging with liquid, a virtual swamp of secretions. My suit had stood its grounds and successfully fought back the torrent of fluid in my suit.

Now comes decision time. Do I clean up and possibly don fresh rubber for the evening or do I simply slip into my total rubber suit on top of my existing suit. I went with plan “B”. After all, I had a lot of “invested” in my rubber. It would be a shame to waste a drop of that precious bodily extract.

So as one would expect, I slid into the T. E. suit, phoned the desk for a wakeup call, slipped into bed and promptly pleasured myself before drifting off to a well earned sleep. Tomorrow will be another day and another challenge.

The phone rang, shocking me to consciousness. It was my wake-up call. I asked for an early call to get myself cleaned up and ready for a day of business at our Hong Kong office. I was a mess and my rubber suits were worse for wear. The fluid finally breached the first suit but fortunately the outer suit contained the flow. This made the slipperiness of the double layer too tempting not to take advantage. So I pleasured myself for one last time before “cracking the seal” and removing my rubber layers. This would be the first time in nearly thirty hours that I was free of my sodden suit. The odor was intense. Some might find the smell offensive. I loved it knowing that these rubber suits did such a great job sealing in all my bodily excretions for the entire time.

Now it was time to get real. A car would pick me up in an hour, so I had a fair amount of cleanup to do. I also had to decide how and if I would dare try to wear another rubber suit for the day. I showered with my under suit and carefully washed it out. After drying us both I noticed that the suit is actually no worse for the wear. In fact, they looked as good as new.

Time to dress. What to wear? A suit of course. Remembering how sultry the weather was last evening, I decided that if I wore a rubber suit I would have to provide extra security. My choice was to wear two suits at once. Just for kicks I chose the hero suit for the first layer with a fresh wrestler style suit on top. I slipped into my first layer carefully not to get too excited. It would be a long day and I did not want to relieve all the worries of yesterday with a cum filled pair of suits early in the day. I then slipped into the second suit. This only enhanced the temptation to cum. I reluctantly resisted and continued dressing without incident.

I had no time for breakfast, so I grabbed a cup of coffee from the complimentary cart in the lobby just as the car from the office pulled up in front of the hotel. I quickly jumped in the car barely noticing how hot the weather was. I was glad that I did not christen my rubber suits as I was enjoying the relative dryness with just enough calmness to remind me that I was wearing them.

Traffic was packed as usual, but otherwise the drive was uneventful. I was glad for the car ride as the underground rail is notorious for being inhumanly packed at this time of day. I sat back and enjoyed the drive traffic and all. We finally reached the office on the island side. I once again darted into the building in an effort to escape the heat. I stopped at a kiosk in the lobby and grabbed a couple of baked char siu bao Chinese style BBQ pork buns before heading to the elevator. I reached the office floor and once the doors opened I was immediately greeted by an entourage of smiling faces. After greeting all around we headed to a conference room. They settled me in and shuttled off for some tea to drink while I ate my char siu bao. I was a little early for our meetings, so I enjoyed my buns and tea completely forgetting what I was wearing under my suit. I finished my food and someone came in and cleaned the table. Shortly after that people started to gather as it was time to begin.

My entire morning consisted of representatives for Chinese factories parading in one after another with their folders full of photos of brightly garbed workers all sitting in long rows busily working on products of one kind or another. Conversation on my end was very sparse. Most of the presentation was in Chinese directed at my office staff. I didn’t mind. In fact, I was feeling a little spark in my rubber suits noticing what was probably a little pre-cum coating. I squirmed a little, enjoying the feeling.

Lunchtime came and by this time I wish I could come as well. I excused myself and scurried off to the restroom hoping I would be alone in there for a little “ME” time. Wasn’t to be, so I made the best of it and washed my hands and exited the restroom even more aroused than before.

We ate lunch at a nearby restaurant which is obviously a favorite of the office staff as the entire office showed up. The big guy from the states is here to pick up the tab so all aboard. I didn’t mine. They all seemed to enjoy these luncheons, and it was a treat for me as well. Besides, the diversion served to quell the savage storm brewing in my rubber suits. We had traditional Dim Sum. Most of the conversation was in English for my benefit with a few private jokes in Chinese on the side.

After lunch, we walked back to the office. That is when I began to notice the insufferable heat in midday Hong Kong. I fortunately left my jacket in the office, but it was still sweltering hot. I especially felt the heat building in my rubber suits. Apparently the double rubber layers were producing more heat than normal. I was hot. I was roasting hot. Sweat was pouring into my suits, sweat which would be trapped in my suits for the duration of the day.

The afternoon meetings went agonizingly slow. First off none of the factories we met with could come close to meeting our needs. Second I was on fire both sexually and fiscally. After surviving yesterday’s state of affairs, I was confident that I would not leak any of the volumes of sweat stewing in my suits. This was little relief as my real problem was lust. Frustration became so high that I am sure it began to show. Luckily my office staff seemed to believe it was due to the lack of success finding a new factory and not that my lack of sexual release.

The meetings were finally over. I knew members of my staff were hoping we could get together for dinner and talk over the next steps. Additionally, we were scheduled to travel to China in a couple of days, so plans need to be made. I desperately wanted to beg off and rush back to my room and pleasure myself till rapture. I quickly devised a plan “B”. I’ll “freshen up” and meet them at a restaurant. Not an ideal situation but the best I could do.

I was lucky to find a cab right away and it whisked me back to the hotel. Once in my room I quickly assess how much “refresh time” I had before I needed to meet the crew. I had an hour and a half minus travel time, so I got right to work. Slipping off my clothes I jumped on the bed and proceeded to violate my pillows by humping them mercilessly. The release was magnificent. All the waiting drove me to an amazing climax. I quickly assessed my rubber suit situation to figure out if I could make it through the night without changing. There is no way I could continue without at least draining the molten contents of my suits. They were totally saturated with sweat, pre-cum and my recent eruption. Despite this I felt they were serviceable, and so I stepped out of my outer clothes and stood in the shower long enough to pull down my suits and release the tidal wave of sweat. I mopped myself with a towel and struggled back into my rubber. I then dressed and headed out to meet the guys.

The evening was superb in an outstanding way. The food was excellent and we had a great time. It was an important dinner for my crew, and I was almost ashamed how I felt earlier about ducking out of the dinner for pleasure. Almost. It got quite late. I made an executive decision. Tomorrow was Saturday and that meant a half day in the office. I said let’s meet with everyone for breakfast then call it a day. This seemed a good idea and after a few more drinks it seemed an even greater idea. With that in mind we parted for the evening and I caught a cab back to the hotel.

Once in my room I ‘hit the wall’ That's an expression among travelers when jet lag, time change and sleep deprivation suddenly hits you, and you feel like you are going to collapse. That is pretty much what happened to me. It was three o'clock in the morning when I finally arrived back in my room . I had apparently passed out. I was sprawled spread eagled over the entire bed with all my clothes laying on suits and all with all the lights on wondering where I was. Once I was able to shake myself out of this stupor, undress down to my fluid filled suits, pleasured myself one last time then went to sleep. I barely had time to give a thought to tomorrow’s activities.

Part 2

I woke up after literally passing out last night. Jet lag and time change had finally caught up with me. I was refreshed after a good night's sleep. Then I suddenly remembered what I discussed with my crew last evening. I gave them a day off today. More importantly, I gave myself a day off to do as I pleased. My only commitment was breakfast with the staff then off to seek my desires.

I was a sodden mess and desperately needed to clean up. I realized I was still wearing two sweat filled rubber suits. I also admired how well they held up during all that time. I also recognized that I had once again worn them for twenty four hours and I had only violated them twice in all that time. I somehow found that exciting and decided to cum one more time before exiting my well worn rubber suit and cleaning up for the day. It did not take long to cum.

I recovered from my pleasure filled haze and began to prepare for the day ahead. First order of business was to call the laundry and ask them to press my suit. It needed freshening up after sleeping in it most of the night. I then headed for the shower. It felt great to clean up. As I removed my suits, the shower suddenly filled with the fragrance of sweat and cum. It is intoxicating. I let the suits fill up with the hot shower water before stepping out of them. I stood under the hot shower for at least fifteen minutes before exiting and drying myself. I examined my rubber suits after all I abused them quite a bit yesterday. I was pleasantly surprised. Both suits were in great shape ready to serve my pleasure again.

I glanced at the clock and realized that I had about forty five minutes to dress and fetch a cab to meet the gang. My thoughts then turned to plans beyond breakfast. I remember yesterday’s heat and with that in mind I recognized that I would be out in this heat for hours and would once again need “extra protection”. I decided that I would again need at least two layers for extra security. I decided that my “hero” suit would once again be my first layer. I quickly slid into the suit. Feeling the silky smooth rubber on my thighs made me want to cum on the spot. Allas there was no time for pleasure. I quickly dressed in some casual clothes more suited for my city adventure then headed for the lobby.

I grabbed a cab and gave him the name of the restaurant. Fortunately he knew the place and we arrived in short order. The crew was waiting for me. The group was smaller than I expected. Apparently my manager had the good sense to call the staff and offer them breakfast as an option. I was glad he chose to do so. After our morning greetings, we sat down for a traditional Chinese breakfast. Food was good and we chatted mostly about non-work subjects. I almost forgot I was wearing two layers of rubber under my Dockers.

After breakfast we parted ways. They took my passport to get my visa papers added for my trip on Monday and I headed off.

It was a glorious day and relatively cool for the moment. That would quickly change as the day wore on. My first thought was to take a ferry to Hong Kong island and walk the city eventually going to Victoria Peak for shopping. It was early so many of the shops were not open. So my first stop would be Hong Kong Park in central. It is a beautiful park especially in the morning. If I am lucky I will get to see a group of locals performing morning Tai Chi exercises in the park. I was lucky and I saw two groups in action.

I found a quiet spot to sit near the butterfly garden wishing I would have thought to buy a coffee to sip while resting. I sat in the shade but I was beginning to feel the heat growing especially in my rubber suits. It occurred to me that my choice to wear two suits might be wise from the point of leaking but not for the point of comfort. I was content to sit and enjoy my suits beginning to slip and slide across my body.

I sat for about an hour when it dawned on me that here I was sitting in a park in Hong Kong on a sunny Saturday morning wearing two hot rubber suits in public with absolutely no chance to pleasure myself until I returned to my hotel room. This both excited me and concerned me at the same time. I imagined that my frustration level would increase as the day wore on. I felt I needed to walk this off.

I decided to head for the Victoria Peak Tram. The Galleria shop should be open by now. It is about a fifteen minute walk. My suits were beginning to stick to my thighs as I walked. It was as if they formed a vacuum against my skin. It was a pleasant almost erotic feeling but I was becoming aware of the crinkly sound they made as I walked. Fortunately Hong Kong streets are always noisy and only I was aware of the sound. I finally reached the tram. The tram runs from Garden Road Admiralty to Victoria Peak It provides the most direct route and offers good views over the harbor and skyscrapers of Hong Kong. It has been in operation since the 1800s. I was glad to sit a bit after my walk. The suits were clinging to my thighs more and more and beginning to restrict my walking. They were no doubt a poor choice for today’s adventure. The Tram ride took about fifteen minutes to get to the top of Victoria Peak. Once there I hopped off the tram and headed for the Galleria. First off I bought coffee and sat on the veranda overlooking the Kong Kong harbor. It is an impressive sight. It suddenly occurred to me that here I was sitting in public, wearing rubber suits, sipping coffee, without proper identification. I had to surrender my passport to get my China visa. I hope for God’s sake no one of authority decides to question me for any reason. I suddenly had visions of me sitting In a Hong Kong brig wearing hot rubber. Must mind my behavior less I become compromised. I shrugged it off and soldered on.

The shops at the Peak are very high end. Lovely to look at but expensive. This is Hong Kong. I needed to shop the bargains that Hong Kong is noted for. The Jade Market, that’s where I need to go next. I headed for the tram and retreated from the Peak. It is about a twenty minute cab ride to the Jade Market. I am glad I didn’t need to walk. My suits were now beginning to heat up and fill with sweat, making walking that much more difficult.

It was getting hot out. The Jade market is outside and while under cover it is still subject to the heat of the day. In addition there was no air movement in the market area. It was crowded teeming with tourists. I was continuing to regret my choice of things to wear. The double layer was quickly steaming up. While leaking was not my concern, surviving the inferno in my suits was. I had to try to keep my mind off my dilemma.

I found a couple of jade items that looked good to me so we began the traditional haggling process which starts with the vendor flashing a calculator with a price number. A quick no and I begin to walk away. A new number appears. I hesitate and once again a no. Finally a third number appears and we make a deal. I think the first two numbers were bluffing and I probably bought the jade for the price she really wanted. With my purchase complete my mind returned to my dilemma. I was hot. My suits were a torrid of heat. They were quickly filling with sweat and by now an amble amount of pre-cum and non possible way to relieve myself in this public place. I was quickly getting quite randy and desperately needed to get back to my hotel for relief.

I could not find a cab. Where did they all go? Damn! I guess I'll have to hoof it to the MTR station. It is about a ten minute walk to the Jordan Station that is providing you are not wearing sweat filled rubber suits. Once there I bought a ticket and headed for the crowded platform. The train came and we jammed into the car. Riding an underground in Hong Kong at midday can be what you might call “intimate”. Today was no different. Fortunately the ride was short as people bumped into me sorry for rubbing me in the wrong way and in the wrong places. I was hot, horny, and ready for a cum.

Free from the train I headed for my hotel. Fortunately it was only three blocks from the station. By now my runner suits were sucked tight to my skin making it extremely difficult to walk. Once at the hotel, I immediately headed for my room. Once in my room I immediate tore off my clothes and rape the pillows on the bed. Relief came quickly but the orgasm lasted an eternity. I was awash in visceral ecstasy. It took me several minutes to regain my wits. I basked in the afterglow and decided to remain in my room for the duration of the day taking full advantage of the privacy. I repeatedly pleased myself to the point of exhaustion and finely drifted off the sleep.

I woke up hours later. I realized that I hadn’t eaten since breakfast. I was hungry but determined not to punish myself with room service. The hotel restaurant was excellent so I dressed in my Dockers and shirt, fluid filled suits and all, and headed down stairs to eat. The food was superb. I enjoyed some excellent wine while dining. After dessert I could not help but notice that the conversation of surrounding tables seemed to be more intense than usual. I asked the waiter if there was something wrong. He informed me that a typhoon was scheduled to hit Hong Kong early tomorrow and would probably last throughout the day. This detail seemed to escape the conversation with my crew today. I thanked him and asked for my check. I then returned to my room thoughts of tomorrow looming in my mind.

Another typhoon! This will be my third time while visiting Hong Kong. What this means is tomorrow will be a shut-in day. I was disappointed. I usually spend my Sundays in Hong Kong visiting some of the outer islands. Lamma Island is one of my favorites. That was clearly off the table. I was stuck in my hotel room slated to watch the torrents of rain and wind pass my window with little else to do. It was then that I perked up. A day in my room might prove to be amusing after all. I just might be “forced” to stay in bed pleasuring myself senseless. Not a bad Idea. With that though in mind I undressed and slipped into bed to “have my way with my steamy rubber suits”. I pleasured myself to sleep once again.

I woke up around eight in the morning almost forgetting where I was. When the fog finally lifted I was reminded of my situation. I was in Hong Kong in a hotel wearing two layers of rubber and about to witness an entire day stuck in my hotel waiting out the impending typhoon. Now what?

My first thought was to clean up. I was a mess and my trusty rubber suits were so full they were leaking. My bedding was soaked and needed changing. So did I. I jumped in the shower and stripped off my suits and began a long, hot, pleasurable shower. Once out and fried off, I began to consider my limited options for the day. I looked out the window. All was calm for the moment. I knew that would change but for now the calm before the storm could allow me to dress and escape the hotel and at least get some fresh air.

I dressed. I kept it simple. Just my hero suit for now, then my Dockers, a shirt and shoes and out I went. I stopped at the desk and unapologetically asked that my bedding be changed. The streets were surprisingly deserted. Hong Kong has a protocol for typhoon prep. Most businesses close. All loose signage, outdoor finishings and anything not nailed down is brought in. Commercial trucking is stopped and a curfew is set on the use of bridges and overpasses. Fortunately there were a few local cafes still open serving the few of us out and about. I headed for one.

I guess breakfast was good although I frankly don’t remember what I ate. My thoughts were elsewhere. Today I would be shut-in so plans needed to be made. Knowing that I did not want to be disturbed in my room. It was hot for this time in the morning and the air was ominously calm. It was as if the air was being sucked out. After breakfast I walked for a bit. I needed to stock up on some supplies including some food and drink for the duration so I found a shop to stock up on supplies. Finally it began to rain. I knew this was the beginning of the storm. The rain was refreshing but I knew it was time to return to my hotel.

Greeting me in the lobby were an unusually large number of guests mulling about with signs of apprehension on their faces. They didn’t know what was about to happen nor what to expect. I did, so I headed for the bar. When I got to the bar there were only three of us. My guess is, like myself, they had been through this before. We immediately struck up a conversation to share our mutual experiences. Slowly the bar began to fill up as guests realized they had few options. The chatter became annoying so I bid my new acquaintances goodbye and headed for my room.

I returned to my room hoping the bedding was changed; it wasn’t so I knew I needed to kill more time. I found a quiet place on the corner of the lobby to sit and wait. It was then that I was reminded of my rubber suit. All the heat and walking has produced quite a mixture in my suit. It made me even more eager to return to my room. So I sat there watching out of the large hotel picture windows as the winds and the rain increased. There were a few brave souls still out and about. This was only 10:00 AM which meant the worst of the storm was hours away.

I think I dozed a bit before deciding to get up and check my room again. I grabbed my supplies and headed for the elevator. Upon reaching my floor I notice the cleaning crew just finishing my room. I decided to walk past my room not wanting any unnecessary exchange. They packed up and headed for the elevator. Once the coast was clear, I rushed into my room and immediately hung the “Do Not Disturb” sign. First I stashed my staples then I began laying out all of my other rubber suits, hoods, masks, and assorted toys. Next I open the drapes. Normally I would close them for privacy but since I had a first hand view of a typhoon I decided to take advantage of it. I had at least twenty four hours before the storm would pass and I intended to spend every minute sealed up in several layers of steamy hot rubber.

I began to dress without hesitation. My first item was a rubber hood. The hood had openings for eyes, nose and mouth. This hood with the shoulder part attached. Once I add a full rubber suit the hood can not be removed. Next I eagerly slipped into the first rubber suit. This was a front zip suit with attached feet only. My hands and head were free….for the moment. A second hood would be added later. This hood was a pull-on style with only nose tubes. All sight and sound would be removed. From that point on I would be deprived of any sensory input. The nose tubes are designed to protrude a couple inches into my nose. I love the longer tubes that go all the way down my throat, but I find that I can not go more than an hour with them in place. These tubes would prove to be my only lifeline once in the second hood. Under this hood would be a gag to keep things quiet. This is a particularly intense version of a gag. It is a tongue gag that fills my mouth completely, as well as the space between the teeth and lips. Once in place, my screams of ecstasy will be reduced to a moan. This intrusive gag will be sealed under my second hood. This hood will be reserved for later in the evening.

Now for my second rubber suit. This was a loose fitting 2.0mm, full closure, with hood, attached feet and gloves with mouth, nose and eye holes. The tubes from my first hood are fed through these nose holes. This suit is patterned after an Aquala drysuit with air/water tight zipper. Once zipped in I was totally sealed in. I remember the warning that came from the manufacturer of the suit: “Due to the heavy latex thickness, long-time wearing in hot conditions may be hazardous.” Let’s hope so.

The whole dressing process took nearly an hour. I was exhausted and immediately sought the first comfortable chair to collapse in. I sat in a side chair and began to relish my situation. I have been layered in total rubber on many occasions. Each time I find myself totally absorbed by the rubber, sealed away from the outside world with the knowledge that nothing can get in or out of my rubber layers for hours to come. My hood allows me to breathe, but that’s all. Bliss, pure bliss.

Sealed in three layers of heavy rubber, I begin to sweat immediately. Sweat, copious amounts of stringy pre-cum and other pre-orgasmic excrement are all now trapped in my rubber suit under layers of impenetrable rubber. I was like I was swaddled in a prenatal cocoon immersed in ecstasy. My first order of business was to pleasure myself properly. All those slippery secretions were captured in one place deliciously coating the inner layer of my rubber encapsulation. I begin to gently stroke myself in this visceral fluid then things turn to fever pitch. All I see are stars in my blackened rubber state. The worries of the world are no longer. I am in a state of euphoria.

So now what you ask. What does one do for 24 hours completely sealed up in rubber suits? You zone out. I find myself in what I would describe as almost a semi-conscious state luxuriating and almost floating in my rubber cocoon. The whole situation is almost womb like in nature.

I snapped out of my rubber stupor. Every inch of my body was steamy with sweat, yet none will escape. Totally sealed for the duration. At this point I again feel certain urges crop up. The need for pleasure becomes evident. However, I find that after pleasure comes a sense of woah. The realization that I am trapped in layers of hot sweaty rubber suddenly becomes alarming leading to a desire to escape, to peel off all my layers and return things to normal. Fortunately this feeling is temporary and typically passes quickly. This is where my seduction to bondage kicks in. Bondage by definition is a state of being bound usually by compulsion. Sealed in three layers of rubber meets that definition. When I stand all the sweat goes to my feet or down my sleeves. I expect there will be a substantial amount of sweat by the end of this ordeal.

Afternoon comes, and I know I need to eat and hydrate before I attempt to carry on to the next phase. The mouth portion of my masks are open (at least for now) so eating is possible. Hydration is critical considering how much I sweat in my suits. Sports drinks are my drink of choice. I begin to rummage through my bag of staples to see what I can find. I down some sports drinks to replenish my liquids. By now I can hear the sloshing that now resides in my suits. I chuckle at the thought of all that liquid inside my suit, yet I am bone dry outside. I eat a few small items from my Bento Box Lunch. I see I have so yeung chow fried rice, some umeboshi, a slice of broiled salmon, a rolled egg, a piece of chicken, and some fresh vegetables. It is a light meal but it will do for now. I also have some sandwiches for later. I now realize that I have to pee. There is no choice but to add to the concoction of fluids currently built up in my rubber cocoon. I resist the urge as long as I can, but I inevitably lose the battle and let loose with a torrent of piss. My suit is suddenly awash with sweat and piss.

On to the next phase. By now my urges return and so does my need for more adventure. I return to my stash and retrieve some of my last items namely the second rubber hood and my gas mask and my mouth gag. I struggle a bit getting the gag in place. It is truly a “mouth full”. I then stretch the second hood over my head carefully to insert the most tubes into the nose holes of the first rubber hoods. I am now completely and totally sealed in rubber minus my sight and my ability to speak or hear. Next comes the gas mask. I strap it on tight. Attached to the mask is a hose. I am immediately treated to the cadence of the valves clicking in the gas mask. That sound will change in a moment. Next comes one of my favorite kinky treats. I unzip a small section of my airtight zipper and stick the open end of the hose in the suit. The smell is intense. It is intoxicating. My visceral instincts spring to action. The air trapped in the suit is limited and I have little time before I begin straining to breathe. I have committed myself to cum before I can take a fresh breath. My breathing becomes distressed but I am resigned to cum. Dangerous as this is to practice breath play alone, the exhilaration spurs me on. My breathing becomes reduced to a raspy snuggle for air. I finally cum just as I struggle to breath my final air. It is an explosive orgasm. I again see stars again, this time from the extreme breath play and the intense pleasure to cum. I retrieve the end of my gas mask hose from my suit and gasp for several minutes to catch my breath. I then zip the suit shut and begin to enjoy the afterglow of my self-indulgences. Once recovered I repeat this ritual several more times throughout the afternoon.

It is late afternoon when I recover from my intensive interlude. I remove my gas mask and hood. I mark this as half time as I plan for more extreme playtime for the remaining hours. I look out the window again only to see complete calm. No rain. No wind. The sun is actually streaming in from above. I realize this is the eye of the storm, those brief moments where the storm pauses at its core before beginning the second half. It is sort of half time for the storm. Soon the rain starts and the wind picks up, signaling that there will be more storms to come.

I decided to sleep a bit before continuing with my debauchery. By now I am awash in heat and sweat. I swaddle myself in the blankets and quickly fall asleep. I finally woke up some hours later. I look out again and the storm has regained its fury. I know I need to eat and hydrate again before I attempt to continue with my plans. I also realize that I have to pee. Once again I am sealed in layers of rubber so I have no choice but to add to the concoction the substantial amount of liquid built up in my rubber cocoon. I let loose another torrent of piss. I feel I am now floating in fluids.

I reach for my stash of food and drink. I eat a couple of sandwiches from my basket and drink a container of sport drink in hope of regaining some of my lost fluids. Refreshed by both sleep and sustenance, I move on to my next challenge. By now it is getting late, and I plan my next adventure will last me the rest of the evening and overnight. The case requires the last item of my rubber “wardrobe”. It is a rubber inflatable ball hood. This particular one has some intriguing modifications. Like most ball hoods there are three breathing tubes that lead from the mouth area to the top of the hood. These have been modified to suit my purposes. First the mouth portion has a gag attached. This gag is similar to my earlier gag in that it is a complete mouth and tongue gag. This gag has the three breathing tubes attached. This is my only connection with the outside. The second modification is at the end of the tubes exiting the top of the hood. They have valve connectors attached. With a simple twist I can shut off any of all breathing tubes. In addition the valves are designed so rubber tubes can be attached for extra play value.

The preparation for this final phase is simple. I don the hood. Aligning the mouth gag takes some time as I struggle to force it into my mouth. Once in I then inflate the hood to the maximum. I love how this inflatable rubber hood feels on my face and head. There isn’t a lot of pressure on my head but the inside layer sucks tight to every inch of my face. This feeling is like no other. Added to this is the feeling of isolation. The loss of eyesight and muting of any sound puts me in a subspace. I can drift off in my own personal nirvana. This is truly the ultimate way to enjoy a rubber encapsulation.

To for some play time before I drift off to sleep. This is where the breathing valve comes in. I can breathe freely with all valves open. Close one valve and breathing becomes restrictive but bearable. close two valves as breathing becomes almost painful. Close them all and, well you know what happens.

Now the fun begins. I closed one valve. For some reason breath play excites me. I quickly became aroused. I become turned on and begin a journey toward a maximum orgasm. I blindly find the bed and lay down. I cover myself with the heavy down covers and settle into my steamy rubber world. I briefly fixate on my current situation. Rubber suit, three layers of rubber, two hoods, and my glorious inflatable hood. I simmered for a while struggling a bit to breathe.

Things are heating up physically and sexually. I feel relief is needed. I begin the process by stroking my groin. Everything contained in my rubber suit acts as a sensuous flowing substance lubricating my every move. My excitement grows. As it builds I find my gloved hand reaching for the second valve. I closed it. The struggle begins. I am now straining to breathe. Each breath takes me higher and higher. I feel that I am close to a climax. Stars begin to form. The end is in sight. All that is left is to close that final valve. As I struggle for my last breath I explode with a magma of cum which seems to last for hours. I fear I will pass out so I quickly open the valves and desperately gasp for air gulp it like a fish out of water. I see a galaxy worth of stars in my eyes and eventually collapse into a semiconscious state where I float some time then drift off the sleep as if I am floating in my mother's womb.

I awake after what seems to be a day worth of sleep. I have no idea of the time. I figure the night is still young and I have time and enough stamina to continue. On to round three. For this escapade I will have to somehow find my rubber stash and retrieve the three long pieces of rubber tubing. I blindly grope around the room until I find my quarry. One, two, and finally all three tubes are found. I grope my way back to bed and resume my rightful place swaddled in my heavenly cocoon. With tubes in hand I begin to attach one to each of the breathing valves. My breathing became a little labored. Once again the excitement begins. I settle in for a few minutes once again savoring my situation. Once comfortable, I reach for the loose end of one of the tubes. I struggle to open a small gap in the water tight zipper on my suit. I force the end of the tube into the suit as far as it will go and zip the suit closed tight around the tube. I am now breathing a combination of room air and the by now totally piss, sweat and cum saturated continue of my rubber suit. The smell hits me like a train. It is like I am rebreathing my sins. It begins to plunge me into a deep sense of depravity.

My excitement builds. Even so I want this moment to last as long as it can. My breathing slowly begins to quicken as I realize that I am slowly evacuating what air there is in the suit. It only intensifies and aroma comes through this tube. I lay there for what seems like hours savoring luxuriating in my steam filled encasement. Finally the need to pleasure myself becomes apparent. To up the ante I decide to make use of a second tube. This one I connect to the inflator valve for the hood. I then clamp the third tube and open the valve. Now I am only breathing air from inside my hood and inside my suit. I know that breakable air from both sources is limited. I try to relax and let the whole experience wash over me. I begin to feel the air getting thinner and thinner. Pleasure must come soon. I begin the process. I find that even though I have cum many times today that at this moment I am still as randy as a bridegroom on wedding night. I begin to cum once again. The air is now oppressively heavy, lacking in oxygen. My head is steaming hot as my breath has now heated up the hood. The stars start coming out. I finally cum with all the intensity of the typhoon that continues to rage outside my window. It is as if all the pleasures of the day are gathered together and funneled into the last orgasm. The flood gates open and I climax with more intensity than I have ever experienced. I quickly remove the tubes, close the inflator valve and the suit zipper and lay back to catch my breath. By now I am exhausted and quickly fall asleep.

Morning comes. I did manage to eventually find a restful sleep. By now my rubber suits were to the point of bursting. I remove my ball hood and realize it is 9:00am. I have been sealed in rubber layers for close to an entire day. Despite being tired in all my layers, I found it exciting to realize what I accomplished and the level of pleasure I attained. Once I regained my wits, I decided I needed to get up, clean up and plan for the day. A quick look out the window and I was delighted to see that the storm had passed and the sun had returned. Still suited, I made some coffee. I was parched, tired, and by now my liquid filled suits seemed to weigh a ton. I had to pee again, and so I once again added more to the mix while I drank my coffee. It is time to shed my cocoon and return from my bliss to the real world. To keep things reasonably clean as possible I headed for the shower to disrobe. With the shower running full blast, it took at least fifteen minutes to get down to my rubber suit. It was hard to gauge how much fluid was in my layers. My inner rubber suit was nearly full to my thighs with fluids. Some had seeped to the outer suit but nothing leaked out. I was a mess. Once out of my suits and hoods, I remained in the shower for nearly thirty minutes. Once out I dried myself. I look like a prune from my head to my toes. It will take some time to recover. Now I had rubber to clean up. After that I need at least a day to recover. I was exhausted and slept most of the day. By evening my rubber suits were dry and ready to pack up.

Tomorrow I meet with my Hong Kong staff for the last time. Seems our trip to China is off due to damage from the typhoon so I’ll catch the evening flight home to the US thus ending my business and adventure in Hong Kong. I think I will dig out my “hero” rubber suit for the trip.

Part 3

I met my managers again for breakfast. They apologized for the canceled China trip as if it were their fault. I assured them that they had nothing to do with the typhoon that leveled the factory we planned to visit. I thank them for their concern. They asked about my return flight. I told them all flights were booked and it is going to take a few days before I can return. My lead manager offered to play host during that time. I thanked him and suggested we plan dinner some evening before I leave. He agreed and we finished our meal and left promising that I might drop into the office later in the day.

I decided to check out the fetish opportunities in Hong Kong. I was told there's one shop on the west side (closest to Nathan Rd) of Fa Yuen St. I grabbed a cab and headed there. It is an actual shop, not one of the stalls in the middle of the road. It is supposed to be about a block from the top end of the market. That's about as accurate a description I was given. It was not that difficult to find. They didn't seem to have a very big range of any sort of fetish or rubber items but I hoped they would be willing to provide me with the lay of the land rubber-wise. If nothing else I was near the Women’s Market. I understand they have fetish goods there. Might be another source for information. The Fa Yuen shop had more nipple rings and body jewelry than anything else. They weren’t much help however a customer from the store caught up with me later on the street and asked what I was interested in. I was careful not to be too specific. He caught on and wrote down a contact number should I need “more assistance”.

I chose not to go to the Women’s Market but chose rather to go to the San Yee Street Garden area. It is small but it has a lovely flower display. I sat there for a while. It was hot and my rubber suit was doing its thing to heat me up. I needed something cold to drink. I spotted a Getto Burger shop. They have these incredibly huge burgers. For now I would settle for a cold drink. The inside of this place is great fun. It is full of graffiti. More important for my situation was the air conditioning. I ordered a frozen juice drink and cooled off before heading back to the hotel.

Out on the street and into the heat, I grabbed a cab to the hotel. We pulled up out front. Instead of goin in, I decided to walk a bit even as my rubber suit was continuing to heat up. I could see the Hong Kong Observation Wheel off in the distance and thought I would try to walk to it.. There is the AIA Carnival nearby which should make it worth the walk. It would be a great place to spend the afternoon providing I could stand the heat without melting.

I finally made my way to the carnival, paid my $95HK and walked in. It truly is a fun place. It is almost like a European Fair but Hong Kong style. There is a circus, rides, a community stage, and for this sweaty old soul like me, cool drinks. I stayed there for a couple of hours but by now I was ready to burst my rubber suit. I headed for the exit and hailed a cab to take me a few blocks back to the hotel.

I was exhausted with the day’s events and immediately sought the first comfortable chair to collapse in. I found a recliner in the room, tipped it back and began to relish my situation. I have been layered in total rubber on many occasions. I love it when I find myself totally absorbed by the rubber, sealed away from the outside world with the knowledge that nothing can get in or out of my rubber layers for hours to come. Bliss, pure bliss.The whole situation is almost womb like in nature. This zoning phase can last as little as a few minutes or for many hours. I felt the insatiable urge to cum. The sweat in my inner suit worked like a natural lube bringing on a magnificent orgasm so strong that I passed out.

I woke up after my orgasm-induced nap a bit weary at first. I then looked for and found the note I was given near the shop in Fa Yuen. I decided to call the number. A young female voice answered the phone. She said “Nǐ hǎo” in Chinese.

I responded in English as did she. Her voice was cute with a slight Cantonese accent. I told her how I got her number and asked if she could help me find some ‘friends’ to meet and greet. She got down to business and asked what exactly I was interested in so I told her. “I am into rubber and latex.”

She replied without hesitation. “Yes, I can help you.” but she said that she would have to meet me in person to insure I was legitimate and not from the police. I agreed and asked for more details. She said I was in luck and there was a Pride Rally going on this weekend and if I was familiar with the Hing Yip Street area. We could meet there. I just needed to set a time and describe what I would be wearing so I could be recognized.

I thought for a minute and said “Why rubber of course.” and described that I would be wearing black rubber tights and a black cotton jacket.

She said, “delightful,” and we agreed on a time and that I would meet on the south end of the street. We bid each other goodbye and hung up.

The best rubber for the occasion would be my hero suit again. That and a light cotton jacket some be all I need to wear. That meant I needed to strip out my rubber layers. I was reluctant to do so but I needed to clean the hero suit. I headed for the shower, suits and all. I washed both of them and myself, toweled everything off and hung the suits to dry for an hour or so. It was time to go so I took down the hero suit. polished it inside and out and slips into it as I have done so many times before. I put on my cotton jacket and my rubber “Chick Tayler” shoes then headed out. From the outside my rubber suit just looked like leggings. A few lobby guests seemed to notice but no one seemed to mind. I grabbed a cab the told the driver where to go. The driver said “Oh, Pride Parade?”

The parade was fun. It is very tame compared to those stateside and elsewhere. Most people were dressed in normal street clothes holding signs and marching. Homosexuality has been legal in Hong Kong since 1991 but there is no legal recognition gay-sex relationships or protection against discrimination. Also the police have been cracking down on lascivious activities. Perhaps that is why this parade was less ruckus than what I am used to.

That said there were some attendees who dressed the part and added flair to the event. One such person approached me. She was wearing a loose fitting purple rubber haram outfit. It looked fetching on her. She spoke to me and asked if I was the man on the phone.

I said perhaps. “What did we talk about?” I asked.

She told me almost word for word. No doubt she was the one I spoke to on the phone. She then winked and gave me an address and a phone number . Seemed risky of her since she did not know if I was legit. She whispered in my ear “Your heart's desire.” then winked again and walked away.

The LA Confidential movie quote had me wondering exactly what she meant but after all she was a lady in rubber. That says a lot. I enjoyed the parade and even walked in it for a few blocks before ducking out to catch a cab. I returned to the hotel. I went directly up to my room but not after getting a few strange looks at my rubber suit and jacket.

Once in my room I hopped on my computer to do a little sleuthing regarding the address. I have access to a S&M database. I typed in the address and it popped up as a known dominatrix who specializes in rubber bondage. At least this way I have an introduction. I checked their webpage and they seem to have all the goods.

I called the number and got another “Nǐ hǎo.”

I said hello and again everything switched to English. “Can I help you?”

I told her of the young lady in purple rubber and suddenly I got “Yes, we have been expecting you,” as a response. “Would you like to make an appointment?” I said yes and she gave me several time slots for tomorrow. I picked one for midafternoon. “See you then,” and just like that I was set up for an appointment with what looks like a first class rubber dominatrix. I can’t wait.

I decided to keep tonight’s activities on the tame side. I might need my strength for tomorrow. I stayed in my hero suit. I grabbed my inflatable ball hood and a lockable collar. I have great fun with this hood using it in very creative ways. I pull the hood over my head and lock the collar before inflating the hood. I set the key on the night stand within reach. I grope for the inflator and begin inflating the hood. I love the way the inner rubber surface caresses my face and head. I just lay back and enjoy the experience.

The inflatable hood has three breathing holes at the top with short rubber tubes and shutoff valves attached. This can make for some interesting breath play scenarios. Shut off one valve and breathing becomes labored. Shut off two and you are gasping for air. Shut off all three and…well you get it. To begin, I shut off one valve. My libido springs to life. I can still breath but barely enough air gets in and as I get more and more excited, I shut off the second valve. The air becomes less and less until I feel I am going to peak. At the last second I close the third valve. I desperately try to inhale. Nothing but rubber enters my mouth. Just then my orgasm hits me like a tsunami. I suddenly see a galaxy of stars. I gasp for air but none comes. I am slipping but my orgasm is not over. Finally I have to breathe and I panic trying to reach any of the valves. By now I am kicking and screaming and bouncing all over my bed. At the last second I manage to reach the valves to open all three. Saved again. I survive to see another day. Exhausted, I quickly fell asleep.

I woke up some time later dazed and confused not knowing where I was. Everything was black. I could not tell it it was night or day. I was still wearing the inflatable ball hood. This along with my sweaty suit was sweltering. Once I figured out what had happened I tried to remove the hood. I then realized that I was wearing a locking collar and remembered that the key was on the nightstand. I reached for the key. It wasn’t there. That is impossible, I thought. I know I put it there. I sat up and blindly felt about the nightstand and the floor beside it. No key. I am stuck in this scolding hot hood and roasting in the sweaty suit. I must find the key. What could have possibly happened to it. Then I thought back to my breath play when I was hurdling myself all over the bed. I must have knocked the key off the stand. Desperate, I rolled onto the floor and began fumbling around blindly searching for the key. I found nothing. But now I am starting to despair realizing the serious situation I am in. In my hopelessness I think maybe the key somehow fell into the bedclothes. I immediately begin to ransack the covers hoping to find the key. I swear I searched for an hour before I finally felt something hard. It was the key. Relieved beyond belief, I unlock the collar and pull off the hood. The cold air hit me with a jolt. My head was dripping with sweat. I got up and got hold of a towel for the bathroom and swabbed my swollen face. I noticed the clock. It was only 3:00AM. Totally drained, I collapsed on the bed and fell back to sleep.

Morning did eventually come. I woke up unsteady from a very restless night. What was supposed to be a harmless night of rubber sex turned into a maelstrom of rubber ravishment. I would need to rest up if I had any hope to withstand any serious rubber play at hands of a dominatrix. I got up and decided to order room service hoping to regain some strength. I first had to start the room a bit. The bedding was tossed all over the room. Next I hid all the rubber items that I pulled out and grabbed a robe to cover up my rubber finery.

Room service came. I tipped the steward and he left. I was starving and ate quickly. I checked the time. I had about four hours to prepare for my rubber degradation. I remained in my rubber suit even though it was heavily ladened with buckets of sweat. I lay back in my bed and thought of the most mindless thing I could do so I turned on the TV and watched cable news. I lay there several hours zoned out to mindless chatter when I decided to clean up. Washing myself and my rubber is a regular routine.

I dried off and took care of my suit. It dawned on me that I needed something appropriate to wear this afternoon. My hero suit has had quite a workout so I need to choose something else. I almost forgot about one of the suits I packed. It is a 0.25mm neck entry suit. This should be ideal. I don’t usually wear this suit under clothing because it has a zippered crotch. The least little sweating will result in tell-tale leaks and sweat stained clothing. No doubt the suit will be hot and I am sure to sweat, I will add a pair of rubber shorts as a precaution. With that in mind, it is time to dress. I lube the suit and squirm my way into it. I then add the precautionary rubber shorts before dressing in street clothes. I am ready.

I exited the hotel and grabbed a cab and gave the driver the address. I was right in that wearing a rubber suit in the weather would be a challenge as I immediately begin to sweat. It takes us about fifteen minutes to reach the destination. We pull up to a nondescript storefront. Next to the store is an alleyway. The driver indicated that my destination is somewhere down this alley. I exit the cab and begin to walk this narrow alleyway until I see a door with an intercom next to it. I press the button and a voice responded with “Nǐ hǎo.”

I state my name and I hear the door lock click open. I entered and there was an elevator. I entered it and pressed the only button on the panel. I seemed to go up a few stories. The door opened and I found myself in what looked like a small business office. Certainly not what I expected. I began to think I was in the wrong place. A voice over a speaker called out my name and said “Enter.” I proceeded through the only other door only to be greeted by all manner of rubber and bondage delights. There was a vac bed, several gyno beds, steel racks and cages. The walls were filled with gas masks, rubber hoods, rebreather bags, hoses and bubble bottles, straps, cuffs, sleep sacks, heavy harnesses, and standing in the corner was the most intriguing item. I recognize it as a Serious Kit rubber suit complete with hoses and attachment. I was in rubber heaven.

A young lady steps up to me and greets me by name. I recognize her as the person in the purple rubber harem outfit from the parade. She welcomes me and asks if I want a tour. I responded in a shaky voice, “Yes, definitely.” She took me by the arm and escorted me around the various rooms. There are several all seeming to cater to a different fantasy.

We end up at a small counter where she presents me with two papers. One is sort of a menu of “fantasies' ' and the second is a waiver agreement. She again quotes the LA Confidential phrase,”Anything you desire.”

I look over the list and one stands out. It is the Serious Kit experience. I point to it on the page and she says “Excellent Choice. How long?” I noticed a choice of long or short sessions. I choose long. She then says,”Please sign.” indicating the waiver. I eagerly signed it. She then takes me to a changing room and says, “Please disrobe.” I enter and strip down to my rubber suit.

What happens next can only be described and the ultimate rubber journey for any rubberist. I re-entered the main area. She looks at what I am wearing and says, “I approve”. She ushers me to one of the rooms with a gyno bed surrounded by all manner of tubes and polished metal paraphernalia. She asks me to “stand here please.” We are joined by two other girls in extraordinary rubber outfits. They begin to touch me and rub me all over my body. Then one of the girls produces a bottle of some liquid and begins to cover my entire body leaving nothing uncoated. Next I see two other girls carrying the heavy rubber suit from the other room. It takes all four of them to get me into the suit after which one of them begins to describe what one next. I find this whole account to be stimulating foreplay.

“Serious Kit Is the ultimate rubber experience.. You will enjoy the ultimate combination of rubber stimulation and pleasure. Once zipped into the suit, you are hermetically sealed. The full use of the vacuum milker will actuate both air and fluids – creating an unbeatable sensation of whole-body wet rubber suction, with the option of e-stim panels and compatible with a selection of SPTs, nipple devices and probes, this suit can make your wildest fantasies a reality. The next question is which devices should we include: ‘Total’ cylinder penis pump, testicle ‘Pump & Stim’ tubes, nipple suction and stimulation, scrotal suction, and/or, anal sphincter probes?”

I hesitated and then managed to croak out an answer,”All.”

They then prepare me by adding the various devices to the appropriate locations. Once everything was in place they put me in the suit and helped me onto the bed. The suit is very bulky and it took time to arrange everything. The girls were obvious experts at this.

Once in place all of the tubes, hoses, and wire were connected to various ports on the suit. This took several minutes. Once everything was connected the last piece of rubber apparatus was produced. I was a rubber hood with several tubes attached. They slipped this over my head and asked that I bite down on the tube in front so I can breathe. I hear a voice ask, “Are you ready?”

Then it hit me. As soon as the hoses are connected to the milker, suction quickly builds. The suit tightens until the suit fully ‘grips’ you. Pulsations begin. The wet interior of the suit and the close contact of the conductive rubber on my skin. This pulsating suit covers my entire body. This will be the sum of my wet rubber dreams. Soon the penis pump kicks in and even though I am driven to an early orgasm the pump continues. Next a gag inflated in my mouth and the vacuum tubes in my hood are activated and the hood sucks tight to my head.

Now the conductive rubber electrodes built into the suit come to life. Then one by one the nipple electrodes, a pair of abdominal electrodes, and a pair of buttocks electrodes, the anal probe, and the scrotal stim come to life. My body joints to life. They begin sending waves of pleasure inside, outside and all over my body. There’s no getting away from it. It is a very strange feeling indeed to have one’s internal muscles clenching without any conscious effort. This combined with the pulsating suit put me in a frenzy.

I cried out as I felt my penis gripped again by the suction. When all the E-stims kicked in then my eyes shut, my mouth gaped open. Quivering, moaning I began bucking and twitching like a fish out of water. I started gasping on my rubber hood. Sensing my reaction, the girls in a diabolical move, shutoff the air to my hood. I was frantic. My mind and body went into overdrive. I came again. As if somehow they knew, they opened my airway. I gulped for air like a drowning man. And, yet the assault continues.

“Oh My God!" I scream through the gag. I now joined the chorus of sounds of pleasure in the room, my hips thrusting against nothing. It wouldn't be long before he came again if the sensation continued. Then the E stims slowed and became less intense, slowing to almost a tingle. It stayed that way for several minutes then rapidly sped up again with its intensity increasing. The urge to orgasm was building mercilessly and I felt my testicles tighten in the Scrotal Suction device. I whimpered with pleasure, my anal probe seemed to dance to the sensation surrounding it. Soon I was so close to the edge I felt as if my cock would explode if I didn't cum within the next few seconds. My balls were a knot now and the pleasurable sensation of pressure deep in his groin built signaling the beginning of his climax. I screamed “It is too soon.” Then, right as I came to the edge of orgasm, the pulsing sensation ceased. Everything subsided down to a low pulse again. Seems someone is playing the devil’s hand.

The suit brought me to the edge and back four times. My body quivered near the end, my balls aching and swollen, the pain of the persistent and my arousal boring deep into my soul. When I neared the edge the last time, the sensations continued then increased and I felt myself go rigid from head to toe, my back arching as far as the suit would allow. My orgasm was the most intense, violent climax I had ever experienced in my life. I felt my semen first pour then erupt in frantic jets and heard it splattering the shield. At the edge of my awareness, I heard the girls say something and giggle loudly in response. The odd sensation of draining in my groin of their seminal vesicles fluid amused them. Sweating and gasping, I finally collapsed and passed out.

When I came to, I found that all the sensations of the suit were reduced to an almost soothing level. All the vacuum and E-stim pulses were still present but pleasant almost like a tranquilizing effect. I lay there for quite sometime cherishing the moment. I am more than sealed in a suit. I am consumed by it. It is like I am now part of another living organism living within it. The gentle pulsation continues until suddenly they don’t. I am shocked out of my stupor. The first assault comes to my breathing. It is shut off. As I struggle for air, the shocks and vacuum pulses commence a frenzied pace far more intense than before. It was such an intense ride up the peak and then… FIREWORKS, roller coasters on my cock, my prostate pulsing and I fucking CAME! Oh GOD did I CUM AGAIN?! The insanity and intensity was amazing, it was like I was together with the suit. I ejaculated like a 20 year old. Again sensing my triumph, air was restored.

After this last assault, I was once again allowed to rest in total tranquility. This time the rest period was shorter. Then it started again. The next ensuing assault was more intense than the last. There were three more attack/rest cycles before I was finally left to lay there and recover. I was totally debilitated. I could not move a muscle. It is as if every bit of flesh and sinew had been totally depleted.

I finally heard voices. “You OK in there?”

I managed to grunt a response. Then my gag was deflated and my hood removed. My head looked like some poured a bucket of sweat over it. The girls gradually removed the tube and wires. I attempted to slide out of the bed but could not seem to regain my equilibrium. Three of the girls almost had to carry me to a chair where they removed all of the accessories then finally peeled me out of the suit. I felt like a gelatinous blob void of bones and muscle. The girls began to towel my drink every surface they could. Unfortunately nothing could be done about the sweat inside my rubber suit. I would have to deal with that myself after I return to the hotel.

I finally got my bearings and was able to stand on my own. The girls helped me to my changing room. I believe I even heard one of them apologize for not being able to dry me off better. I gathered my clothes and rubber shorts and redressed myself. When I emerged from the room, I was greeted by my hostess who had a big smile on her face. All she said was, “You did well.” We went back to the counter and I settled the charges. She offered to call a cab for me. I agreed and she escorted me to the door. “Come back any time. We have much more fun for you.”

I departed and rode the elevator to the first floor. I waited a few minutes for my cab. I told him the name of my hotel. As we headed there I wondered if the cabby knew of this place and if he had any idea of what might have happened to me. We returned to the hotel. I headed directly to my room where I immediately fell onto my bed clothes and all and quickly fell asleep.

I woke up sometime later. It was about midnight. As I looked around the room, I saw the blinking message light. I listened to the message. Seems there was an opening for a flight to the states tomorrow morning. All I needed was to confirm which I did. Much needed to be done before morning so I immediately began to clean up and pack all of my rubber playthings and get ready for the trip home.

It was 6:00am before I finished cleaning and packing. My luggage was waiting by the door. All I needed was to dress and leave for the airport. My wardrobe for the trip? My rubber hero suit and casual clothes. I could not help reflecting on my trip and feeling that it was probably the most remarkable rubber experience of my life. My next adventure. I leave for Paris and Amsterdam in two months. I will see if I can top this trip.


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