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Living Their Fantasies in Paris

by CoreDump

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Storycodes: latex; sex; oral; anal; insert; chastity; hood; gag; corset; catsuit; reluct; permanent; X

A couple create new lives in 40 days 

A long, day-by-day account of a happy couple living out their fantasies and fetishes on a life-changing trip to Paris.

(Latex, Chastity, Humiliation, Reluctance, Chasti-Permalock)

Author’s note: This is, of course, pure fiction. In a couple of cases the timeline is somewhat unrealistic (for example: for surgical recovery), but necessary to maintain the flow of the story. Stories of the Chasti-Permalock company and their product offerings have been around for a while, I take no credit for them (I’m not aware of their inventor/author). Please suspend disbelief as necessary and just enjoy the tale…


Continues from part five

Part 6

(Day 20)

It was a bright and sunny morning when they woke. They too felt bright and sunny.

Happy and comfortable, they ate breakfast and dressed for the day.

Cindy’s check-up with the doctor was scheduled for early that morning. The doctor had predicted that the swelling would be almost completely gone and that the bandages would be coming off. They were impressed by the rapid recovery. The doctor was good!

Cindy was really looking forward to being able to admire her new breasts. So was Rob!

Cindy again was dressed and locked in her under-bust, leather corset and high wedge heeled boots. The plug was still in place in her ass, too. She wore one of her new dresses.

They caught a cab to the clinic.

The doctor was all smiles as he met them in an exam room. Cindy was embarrassed when Rob had to unlock her corset so she could strip down for the doctor’s examination, but the doctor didn’t seem to be surprised or uncomfortable.

He quickly declared that everything looked great. The swelling was almost completely gone. He placed bits of tape on her small scars and told her that she was now free to shower and wear normal bras. But she couldn’t walk around braless for another month. He also cautioned, against rough sex and admonished Rob to lay-off Cindy’s breasts for at least another week.

He then bid them farewell and told them both to thoroughly enjoy themselves and Cindy’s new shape. They could call him for any reason – if there was any trouble or if they wanted the implants made larger, or smaller.

Rob laughed and said ‘Never smaller, perhaps larger.’, but Cindy said sternly: ‘never larger’.

They were out of the office in 30 minutes and on their way back to the hotel.

As soon as they were back in their room, Cindy had Rob unlock her before she settled into the bathroom for a long, hot bath. She also took the time to admire her new boobs in the mirror. They did look good and sexy, and huge, but she was starting to feel happy to have them.

Cindy was happily clean, inside and out when she came out of the bathroom two hours later. Her make-up was perfect and her hair long and pretty. She was in a great mood as she got dressed, to go out.

One of her new bras fit perfectly, the other would have to be returned and replaced. She wore her corset and wedge heeled boots, again, and another of her new dresses.

She was looking forward to buying a new wardrobe that fit her new shape. When she mentioned the potential cost, Rob was unconcerned. She and her new body were worth it.

She walked proudly down the street, now garnering admiring looks not due to her outfit, but to her big breasts. Her necklace’s leash rested openly on top of them, bouncing with her boobs.

After a nice lunch, Rob steered her back to the latex store where they were greeted like the good customers that they were.

La Madame agreed that Cindy’s new body would have to be rescanned and that her latex wardrobe modified or replaced. She offered to do it for a minimum charge as they were such good customers.

She would send over an assistant to pick up the older outfits, later in the day. She would have to charge them full price to have the corsetier manufacture the new leather corsets.

After she was stripped and scanned by the computer it was determined that Cindy’s breasts were now an impressive 38 F.

Cindy had been hoping that they wouldn’t be as large as predicted so she was a bit stunned. She was having second thoughts, wondering how she could possibly live with her massive new breasts. All she could think of was ‘slut sized boobs’. Rob, of course, was overjoyed when he heard the numbers.

They were also a bit surprised that her waist had shrunk two inches due to the corseting and she now measured just 24 inches, there. They said that with her new corsets she may be able to get down to just 20 inches.

Again, Cindy and Rob were awestruck, but for different reasons. Cindy couldn’t imagine how difficult it would be to breath or eat if her waist were so reduced. She was aroused by the thought of the restrictions and limitations she would face if she were corseted to that measurement, but still...

Rob was delighted by the thought of Cindy with a 38F-20-33 figure!

As Cindy began getting dressed, Rob took Madam aside and reminded her of the pending Chasti-Permalock delivery and how that would affect the latex suites. She nodded and told him not to worry, they were well aware of the order and would make the necessary adjustments. They had plenty of experience with the fitments.

Rob got back to Cindy in time to lace and lock her back up, she was still a little dazed by her new measurements, Madam told them that it would only take a couple of days to modify the outfits and that she would call when they were ready.

Cindy and Rob walked out and wandered the streets, purchasing new bras and dresses for Cindy at several shops along the way back to the hotel.

They arrived only minutes before the assistant from the latex shop showed up to haul the old latex outfits back to the workshop for the needed adjustments.

For an hour, they relaxed and Cindy modeled her new dresses for Rob. She looked great and sexy, and kind of top-heavy, in a way that Rob just loved. They picked out one particularly low-cut dress to wear to dinner.

Before heading out, Cindy re-did her make-up in a heavier, sexier fashion and Rob had her change into her spike heeled boots.

They then went out to their favorite nearby restaurant – they had been staying at the hotel long enough now that they felt like neighborhood residents. As in the past, they had a great meal and a lot of excellent wine before heading back to their room very much looking forward to a night of great sex.

Along the way, Cindy enjoyed the looks she received from the passers-by. Her breasts were an obvious hit with the public.

As soon as they walked in the door, they began stripping. Cindy had her dress peeled off in no time, but left her bra, corset and boots alone, as she was sure Rob wanted her like that. She couldn’t take them off in any case, as the corset and boots remained locked on.

Rob was soon naked and he grabbed Cindy in a big hug and they began kissing passionately. Eventually they came up for air, mumbling how much they loved each other and moving over to the bed.

Rob turned Cindy around and nudged her onto the bed on her knees and elbows so he could take her in the rear, Cindy complied, although she would have preferred normal sex. Cindy’s new breasts felt like pillows under her chest and hurt a little as she put more weight on them, but it was bearable, especially in her excited state. The constant reminder of her new voluptuous figure really got her juices flowing which helped her come to terms with being taken in the ass, again.

Rob positioned himself and slowly removed the plug from Cindy’s behind, eliciting a moan and shiver from her. He then lubed up his tool and slowly pushed into his gorgeous wife’s behind.

Once he was fully in, he leaned over and reached around to stick a couple of his slick fingers into her pussy. He realized that the lube on his hand wasn’t necessary as Cindy was already very wet there.

Rob’s pumping slowly increased as he got more excited. Cindy began pushing back into his body to improve the force of the action. She was really enjoying the attention Rob was paying to her pussy.

As Rob became more animated and the speed of his pumping reached a crescendo, Cindy maneuvered her own hand underneath her and to her pussy where she took over, freeing Rob to grab her hips with both hands and do a better job of banging away in her ass.

They reached their orgasms at almost the same time. Rob couldn’t hold back any more and Cindy needed another minute to bring herself off.

Soon thereafter they collapsed alongside each other onto the bed.

Cindy’s breasts hurt from the hard action, but she didn’t care. It had been a great fuck even if it hadn’t involved Rob’s cock in her pussy.

They took their turns getting cleaned up and crawled back into bed together, but not before Rob had returned the plug back into Cindy’s ass. She was a little surprised that it felt kind of good; having her plug back in place, filling her ass.

Contented and tired, they were soon fast asleep.

(Day 21)

Rob had no specific plans for the day. He wanted to make sure Cindy didn’t over stress her new breasts. The doctor had said that they were heeling nicely and quickly, but he didn’t want Cindy to suffer any unnecessary discomfort. He didn’t want her to become unhappy with her new, big boobs.

Cindy, when she woke up felt great, and fully energized for the first time since the surgery.

She pestered Rob to get moving and hit the sights. He looked at some of the literature and suggested a trip out to the 19th Arrondissement to visit the Museum of Science and Industry, which was supposed to be fantastic.

Cindy knew that Rob would love the place, but wasn’t sure how much she would enjoy it. He pointed out that the big museum was surrounded by a huge park and gardens, and included a big shopping mall. That sounded better to her so they started their preparations for hitting the road.

Cindy did her normal routine and eventually dressed again in a bra, corset and her white pony boots, with one of her new dresses over the top. Rob told her that she looked beautiful and fantastically sexy. Smiling broadly, she acknowledged that it was exactly how she felt.

They took a cab out to the museum as it was quite a way away from their hotel. After being dropped off, they grabbed a quick byte from a sidewalk vendor of baked goods.

They spent several hours in the museum. Rob had a blast but Cindy eventually got bored, and hungry.

They left the museum in search of a restaurant. It was a wonderfully pleasant day for walking the park, and they found a nice place for lunch.

Afterward, they walked through the gardens and stumbled onto a free jazz band concert at one of the park’s many venues.

They ended their day at the shopping center, where Cindy bought several sexy bras. She had been taken aback by the limited choice in bras. She couldn’t find any that would qualify as ‘delicate’, as in order to fit and hold her big breasts they apparently had to be more solidly constructed than those she used to be able to wear.

Of course, she also picked up a couple of new dresses. With them she was able to find sexy and revealing costumes that she would enjoy wearing, and she was sure Rob would enjoy seeing.

As they walked along, looking at the stores, Cindy kept her eye peeled for a shop that sold latex clothing. She was finding that she really missed her latex outfits and wanted more. She couldn’t wait to get her cat suites back, so she could once again enjoy their slick, tight and clingy warmth.

They made it back to their hotel in time for dinner at one of the nearby restaurants.

When they got back to their room it was late, and they were too exhausted to do much other than strip, clean up and fall asleep in each other’s arms.

Cindy, for a change slept completely nude. Rob figured that she deserved a break from the restrictive and difficult latex and leather gear. He just hoped that the progress they had made in reducing Cindy’s waist and getting her used to the tall heels wouldn’t suffer.

(Day 22) The Chasti-Permalock

Their internal clocks woke them bright and early as they often did.

Cindy rolled over and stretched like a cat before moaning that she was still tired, her legs were sore from all of the walking and that her new breasts were sore.

Rob was afraid that they were pushing her breast surgery recovery too fast. He told her to relax, that they would have room service and spend the morning in bed.

Cindy was happy with that plan. After a small breakfast, Cindy downed a couple of pain pills and dozed off.

Mid-morning, Rob’s cell phone rang. Cindy, only half-awake, understood that something was ready at the latex boutique. She was more interested in getting back to sleep, than with the conversation.

A couple of hours later, when Cindy stirred from her nap, Rob asked her if she was ready for lunch.

She felt fully refreshed, and realized that she was very hungry.

She slowly climbed out of bed, and made her way into the bathroom where she performed her normal cleansing and did her makeup and hair. There was no latex to scrub, which was a blessing.

She still found it difficult to apply her make-up with the long nails. She was getting used to the restrictions and figured she would have to deal with them, probably forever, if Rob had his way.

When she came out, Rob had her bra and leather under-bust corset laid out for her and her Black wedge heeled boots. Cindy was relieved to be wearing them, rather than the more severe pony boots.

Over them she wore a simple T-shirt dress.

She missed her latex, though. She was actually looking forward to getting her outfits back, and the wonderful erotic feelings that they gave her.

They walked out of the hotel and after strolling for a kilometer, stopped in at another sidewalk café.

Cindy’s new breasts drew a lot of stares. She was used to the looks by now, but still enjoyed the attention. Showing off her sexy body and clothes was becoming one of her favorite pastimes.

They took a long lunch. Cindy was particularly hungry. She had two glasses of wine while she ate, and then Rob encouraged her to have yet another while they sat and people-watched for another half-hour.

By the time they left the restaurant and headed to the shop to pick up the surprise, Cindy was feeling no pain.

They grabbed a cab and Rob had it drop them off at the Amour Fétiche.

Cindy was surprised and asked why they were back here again so soon. Were her latex outfits ready?

Rob said, no, but a special gift he had ordered had arrived and would be fitted today.

When Cindy asked what it was, Rob described it as a surprise that he was sure she would enjoy. They would both enjoy, he added with a sly grin.

They walked into the shop and were quickly ushered into one of the fitting rooms in the back. There Rob explained that he had ordered a special set of vibrators that would give Cindy the most incredible sensations and orgasms – much better than the ones that she had been getting in her latex outfits.

Cindy wasn’t sure how they could get any better!

Rob showed her a picture of a woman’s crotch with a contoured silver cover over her pussy.

Cindy asked how it stayed in place and Rob explained that it used a special kind of adhesive.

Just then, one of the sales girls knocked on the door, and came in escorting another pretty woman.

“This is Lucy, she will be installing your new device. She’s the company’s expert at these things.”

Their use of the term ‘device’ made Cindy was nervous. What new torture did Rob have in store for her, now?

She started to object, but Rob shushed her, saying “don’t worry dear, this will be a lot of fun. It replaces the plugs built into the latex suits, serving the same purpose. I promise, it will be more comfortable and functional, and will give me even more control of how good it feels on you.”

Cindy was intrigued, but still nervous. She just sighed and nodded.

Lucy had Cindy lay back into the gynecological examination chair she’d been in before.

Lucy then brought over the thing and showed it to Cindy. “We call this an ‘appliance’, not a ‘device’,” Lucy informed them.

It was silver and shaped kind of like a flattened banana, only more of a ‘C’ shape. Lucy told her that it was made of a polymer that was very light and strong, but allowed some flexing. It was similar to the materials being used in modern pistols, in place of heavier steel. Oddly, she also mentioned that the material itself would not set off airport X-ray machines. Cindy wasn’t sure why that mattered.

Cindy saw that the thing had various protrusions, holes and slots in the lower part of the ‘C’, that Cindy could imagine fitting into her holes. It looked like it would cover her crotch from the top of her mons all the way around to the top of her crack, where it met her tail bone.

It could pass for a solid plastic thong, but there was no waist strap to hold it on.

“How does it stay on?” She asked Lucy.

“Oh, it will stick to your skin.” Was Lucy’s simple reply.

She then gave Cindy a glass of water and a pill, saying that it will help you relax and lay quietly for a while, to allow the adhesive to set. Cindy looked uncertainly at Rob who stood nearby. He nodded reassuringly and watched with a slight smile.

Lucy told her that after it was in place, she would provide Cindy with a complete briefing on how it worked, along with a document providing even more detailed descriptions and instructions.

Cindy was already high and drowsy from all of the wine, so she did as she was told and was soon only half-awake, as Lucy began work down between her legs.

Cindy could barely feel the things that Lucy were doing.

First, she felt Lucy spreading her lower lips and then a slight pressure in her urethra, followed like she was peeing. That was disconcerting, but in her current state, she didn’t feel like doing anything about it.

Cindy then felt a stretching in her vagina, followed by a similar stretching in her anus. Both of her holes were being pulled wide open.

Cindy’s last thought, before she passed out from the wine and drugs was that she was lucky Rob had stretched her ass hole so much over the past week.

Lucy continued with the installation as Cindy dozed. She had coated all of the components with a special chemical that served as a lubricant, allowing easy insertion as well as tissue adhesion. She made sure that the catheter and the two cuffs (that looked almost like napkin rings) were inserted into her two holes. The cuffs were about 1 ¾ inches in diameter.

The catheter ended with a fitting that was held firmly in place by a couple of thin mounts extending in front of the vaginal cuff.

With the fittings in place the device was pressed firmly into Cindy’s crotch. It mated with the catheter and the cuffs perfectly. Custom made, based on the computer and laser measurements taken in the previous sessions, it fit perfectly.

Turning to Rob, “there,” Lucy said. “We’ll wait an hour for the nanites to grab hold, then we can verify the fit of the plugs. In the mean time we can test the vibrators, and I’ll show you the remotes and accessories.”

When Lucy was satisfied with the state of adhesion, she walked Rob over to a table in the corner of the room. Centered on the table was a sizable ‘user’s manual’ and a number of other items.

She picked up and handed him a nice wrist-watch that had numerous extra buttons, like those elaborate chronographs, supposedly preferred by pilots and astronauts.

“Here is the remote. See here, it includes functions beyond the telling of time. To keep it small some of the electronics and the batteries are built into the band. There are on/off and speed settings from 1 to 10 for the three vibrators, clitoris, vagina and anal. The buttons with the key symbols, lock and unlock the two vibrators, vaginal and anal – you won’t need physical keys for them.

“This watch-controller is for you and you alone. It is fully waterproof and virtually indestructible. It is a Permalock device in that once we place it on your wrist, it can never be removed. If tampered with, it will cease to function. Do not try and cut it off. It bonds you irrevocably to your wife and her Chasti appliance.”

Rob hadn’t realized that the controller was configured that way, but he readily accepted the commitment that it would create between him and his wife.

He held out his wrist and Lucy closed the band around it. The watch-controller wasn’t too heavy, nor tight. It was comfortable and fashionable, and would never come off. Lucy then continued with the explanations.

“The remote operates via both Bluetooth and cellular. It can connect to your wife’s Chasti directly via Bluetooth if in range, or via cellular to the Bluetooth station over there, so it can connect to the Chasti, if you’re away.”

Rob looked at a small black box about the size of an old-fashioned cigar box, with a power cord and a long USB cable extending out one side. There actually were two identical boxes. He assumed that one was a back-up.

“The Chasti appliance is only Bluetooth enabled, to save space and battery power. The station must be powered up in order to lock, unlock or adjust the vibrators via a cellular connection. The station also provides power to recharge the batteries in the Chasti. Did you notice the mini-USB port in between the two plugs, at her perineum?”

Rob hadn’t, but he figured it wouldn’t be hard to find.

“The power cord has a proprietary connector that holds it in place. It requires you to squeeze the sides of the plug to release it. That way it won’t fall out while the subject sleeps. The station is usually plugged in next to the bed where the Chasti can be charged over-night. If she travels the station should go with her.”

“The Chasti’s batteries will run down after prolonged use of the vibrators. They will have to be recharged once or twice a week for about 8 hours. The display window on the remote shows you the status of the locks, the vibrators and the battery charge. It also shows the status of the link to the Chasti – Bluetooth, cellular or ‘no connection’. Clear?”

“I understand, but where are the batteries?”

“The Chasti has batteries built into the appliance itself, as well as in each of the plugs. Basically, wherever there was room. This allows it to maintain its charge for an extended period of time. Of course, the plugs can only charge when they are installed, and when the Chasti is plugged into the charger.”

Rob nodded, so Lucy continued, reaching over for one of the plugs.

“Here is the rear plug. You can see that it is a dimensional replica of your own erect penis. The device will fit into the Chasti’s anal cuff and will lock in place. It will form a leak-proof seal.

“The device includes a tube through its center. This will allow fecal elimination as long as an enema is administered beforehand. The opening will itself be plugged by either an enema tube or a solid plug that will seal the tube, preventing any leakage from this exit point.

“So, you can lock the anal plug into the Chasti, and your spouse can remove the tube’s solid plug to insert the enema attachment to administer an enema. Then remove the enema plug to purge herself, and then reinsert the solid plug to seal everything back up again.”

Lucy paused for questions, and Rob spoke up.

“How big is the tube?”

Lucy looked at a page in the user’s manual.

“Well, let’s see. Your erect cock is a healthy 1 5/8 inches in diameter, the tube is just under 1 inch in diameter. That should be plenty large enough to allow full elimination.”

Rob nodded. “OK, so the anal plug itself locks in, but Cindy can remove the tube’s plug whenever she needs to, right?”

“Correct. Now here is the front plug. Like the rear one it is 1 5/8 inches in diameter and is sized to match your erect penis. It too has a tube running through the center, although this one is only ½ inch in diameter. Sufficient for douching. Two plugs are provided, as with the anal device.

“As you can see, there is a difference in the base of this device. It includes a forward extension that reaches to cover the clitoris. This extension also includes the fitting for the catheter in her uterus.

“The cover of the clitoris includes its own vibrator that is independently controlled by the remote. Removing the front plug also removes the cover for the clitoris.

“The catheter fitting remains in place and is usable regardless of whether the plug and cover are installed, or not.”

With that Lucy reached over and picked up what looked like a tiny circumcised penis, but with a finger ring mounted to the top. It was bright red and included an oddly shaped metal tube at the back.

“This device will allow your wife to urinate. When it is plugged into the catheter’s fitting, either with the plug and shield in place or when they’re removed, it will allow the integrated valve to open and urine will flow out. When the mini-penis is removed the valve will close and seal. Oh, and the ring on the device fits on the user’s finger, so it won’t be inadvertently dropped into a toilet, we do provide two of them, in case one does get lost,” Lucy said adding a wink.

She then handed the little thing to Rob. He was fascinated. Cindy would have her own little cock. She’d have to always carry it around with her, so she could pee when needed. How cool was that!

After a moment, Lucy continued, “and here we have the tails you ordered. They will plug into the fitting at the user’s tailbone and be locked in place using this button on your watch.” She pointed to the tiny button that with a press would lock or unlock whatever tail was placed into the connector.

“You ordered the ‘long cat tail’, that is 48 inches long, the ‘short cat tail’ that is 24 inches long, the ‘bunny tail’, the ‘horse tail’ that is 36 inches long and three 36 inch, latex mouse tails in Black, blue and white, correct?”

Rob nodded and began fingering the individual tails that were laid-out on the table.

“Please note that apart from the bunny and horse tails all of them have a stiff plastic core that gives the tail some shape. It pushes the top of the tail out and away from the body – they don’t just hang straight down. The long cat tail, in particular is held in an ‘S’ shape where at the top it pushes out horizontally for several inches before swooping down in a graceful ark and then lifts up again to point almost up, at ground level. Beautiful isn’t it?”

Here again, Rob was blown away. Again, one of his fantasies was being fulfilled. He could picture Cindy strutting around with a tail wagging behind her pretty ass.

“You realize, of course that your wife’s clothes will have to be modified in some fashion to accommodate the tails. Our customers either cut holes in the backs of their dresses or they wear pleated skirts that tent over the tails, “Cindy warned. “It can also be troublesome when the wearer has to sit. Depending on the tail, activities like driving a car can also be difficult, and clients have complained about catching their longer tails behind themselves, in closing doors. I’ve also heard of instances where people pull on their tails, which of course can be unpleasant.”

Finally, Lucy stopped and looked Rob in the eyes. He was lost in a daydream, picturing Cindy walking around in public with the long cat’s tail sticking out of the back of her dress, waving around behind her.

After a moment, he realized what he was doing and snapped out of it, embarrassed.

“I must remind you that the remote has been configured specifically for this particular Chasti. Only it will operate the appliance. A second remote has been built and configured, but it will remain secured, in our possession, as a safety precaution. Should you somehow lose or damage, or if your remote should fail, you can contact us and I or one of my colleagues will hand deliver it to you, and only to you. Not to your wife, or anyone else. Travel expenses for this service will be your responsibility. Also, if your remote is ever tampered with, it will self-destruct, so to speak. It will simply stop working and the configuration data will be irretrievably lost.”

“Why is all that necessary?” Rob asked, not sure how he could ever lose the remote, permanently locked on his arm, as it was. “Why not just give me the spare remote, now?”

“It is for your security, your wife’s and ours too. We assume that you will retain control of your remote at all times. It is, after all, literally the key to your wife. You must protect it at all costs.

Our reputation for total security is at stake, here. We must ensure that the other remote never falls into the wrong hands. By this we mean your wife’s or some other party. Chasti-Permalock could be held responsible should some unauthorized access event occur. We have made your Chasti appliance as secure as we can make it. All communications are encrypted and unbreachable, unless someone gains access to a remote configured to your wife’s Chasti. We will not allow that to happen.”

Rob thought about what Lucy had just said. He wasn’t fully convinced, but he knew that it was too late to do anything about it now, so he just nodded that he understood and accepted the arrangement.

Lucy, seeing his ascent, continued. “Alright, by now the nanites should have completed sealing the Chasti to your wife’s body, both inside to her tissues and outside to her skin. The seal will be water-tight and quite permanent.”

Rob knew that that was to be the case, but hearing Lucy say it gave him a chill. Had he really done this? It fulfilled one of his greatest fantasies, but how would Cindy take it? She had certainly taken in stride all of the other things he had done to her, and certainly appeared to be happy with all of them. But this was a huge step and it sentenced her to a lifetime of control and restriction.

It was, of course too late now to back out. He just prayed that Cindy would accept the new situation and not run away screaming into the night!

When Cindy came to, it was like waking from a pleasant dream. Whatever that drug was, it was great. She felt refreshed and relaxed.

As she took inventory of her body, she felt very full in all three of her holes, her urethra, her pussy and her ass. She’d never had to be catheterized, so that in particular was a really strange feeling.

She reached down and felt the covering over her crotch. As they had said, it seemed solidly glued to her skin. She couldn’t move it, or even slide one of her long nails under its edge.

She dipped her fingers back and into the opening at her pussy. The hole seemed huge, as she moved her fingers forward, she first felt the catheter fitting, and then her clitoris, before the plate closed up over her mound. Of course, touching her clit sent a shiver through her whole body.

Cindy then reached further back to check out her ass hole. It was stretched wide and gaping just like her vagina.

It all felt very weird and very sexy. She was now a sex machine with an ‘appliance’ glued to her most private parts. She could only imagine what it would feel like when Rob inserted the plugs into her two big holes. Oh, what a feeling!

At that point she finally realized that Rob and Lucy were standing nearby, watching. Cindy giggled, embarrassed.

“It feels odd,” she said, “but sexy. What goes into the holes?”

“Well, let’s plug them in, and let you feel them.” Rob said, stepping over to the table full of components.

He picked up the front plug and held it up for Cindy to see. To her, it looked like a fairly normal dildo with an elongated lip at the base.

“This fits your vagina, and covers your clit.”

He lubed it up from a tube that Lucy handed him and reaching over, slid it into its socket until it clicked into place, engaging the lock.

Cindy sighed as she felt it push into her pussy, although the feeling was limited by the collar that held her open.

Lucy handed Cindy a hand mirror so she could see the result.

As she examined the perfect fit of the plug, there was hardly any visible seam, she noted a small knob in the center of the plug along with a small hole in front of it and a plug-like opening behind.

“I’ll explain everything, after I put this one in the back.” Rob said, as he held up the other plug before Cindy could even ask.

The rear plug also looked like a normal dildo, but it had a smaller base, and a larger knob in the center of the base.

As he plugged that one into her ass, he smiled and said: “These are the same size as my cock, and they lock in place. Only I can unlock them.”

“The knobs in their base allow you to remove the center plug so you can douche or give yourself an enema. The little jack in between allows you to recharge the vibrator batteries.

The hole in front allows you to pee, but you have to insert this to open the valve and allow the urine to flow.”

With that he held up a little red penis.

Cindy took the thing from his hand and looked at it with a feeling of disgust. For the first time in a while she was not happy with their fantasy fulfillment game.

“You mean I have to pee with a penis? That’s not right. Rob, I don’t think I like this bit.” As she said it, however, she got a little twinge of stirring in her pussy. There was something exciting about this whole thing.

Rob didn’t want Cindy to be put off. He knew that the more difficult news would be coming soon, and he remained afraid that Cindy would freak out.

“Sorry hon, that’s the way this thing is designed. You have to be able to pee, and a valve is needed to make sure you don’t leak. See, they included a ring so you can just fit your finger through it and plug it in, then your urine will flow until you pull it out. It shouldn’t be too hard.”

He paused to catch his breath, and then continued, “here, let me show you the best part.”

Rob held up his wrist with the new watch-controller and began adjusting the speeds of the vibrators. Starting with the one in her ass.

Cindy immediately felt the familiar sensations. She gave a slight moan as it felt so very good! It was only a little different from the feelings she had become used to from the vibrators that had been built into her latex outfits. As Rob continued to adjust the speed, up, Cindy began to squirm more and more on the table.

“Enough of that, let’s try another,” Rob said with a grin as he turned off the rear vibrator.

Cindy moaned, disappointed.

Rob then turned on the vaginal vibrator.

Cindy reacted even more forcefully to that one. It felt even better. As Rob increased the setting, Cindy’s moaning and squirming also increased, until it was clear that she was nearing an explosion.

Rob, though had other ideas and he quickly shut off the vibrator.

Cindy reacted by growling, “Damn it, don’t stop you bastard!”

Rob laughed, “Oh but the best is yet to come, my dear. Check this out,” and with that he started up the vibrator for her clit.

In response, Cindy almost jumped off of the table. She literally screamed, and quickly reached up and stuck her fist in her mouth to stifle her sounds, while her other hand went to her crotch.

Right then and there, in front of Rob and Lucy she came with an incredible orgasm. And another, and another. Her body was shaking and wiggling, and she wasn’t breathing.

Rob couldn’t believe Cindy’s reaction and stood there transfixed by his wife, and the size and scope of her response.

Lucy reached over and poked Rob’s hand. It woke him out of his stupor and he immediately turned off the device, now worried that Cindy would pass out or even have a heart attack.

Cindy laid there with her eyes tightly closed, panting and moaning for several minutes, while Rob stroked her now sweaty hair and held her hand.

Finally, Cindy opened her eyes, looked up at Rob and sighed, “Oh my God! I’m glad you stopped that, but I didn’t really want it to. That was fantastic!” She reached up pulled Rob down and kissed him with as much passion as she could in her exhausted state.

“God, I love you,” she whispered, “this has all been so much fun I don’t want it to ever stop. Can we just stay here in Paris, and keep playing at our fantasies?” With a laugh she continued, “I guess I’m becoming a nymphomaniac. Is that alright with you?”

Rob chuckled and bent down to kiss her passionately again. When he stopped for air, he whispered back, “I love who you are; who you’ve become. Please stay just the way you are forever more.”

Cindy smiled back and nodded energetically.

Lucy, having stood back while her clients had fun, finally interrupted. “May I do one final check on my client?” She stepped forward. She examined Cindy’s Chasti appliance, prodding and poking, until she was satisfied.

“We need to do a few tests of the appliance, the remote and the Bluetooth control box. Please just allow me to work through the process. It will just take a few minutes, and once I’m done, you’ll be able to leave.”

Lucy then took charge, working dispassionately through a paper checklist. She verified all of the functions of the remote, made sure the connections were good between the three devices, and had Cindy step over to a basin and plug in her mini-penis and take a pee. Cindy found that immensely embarrassing and humiliating. Of course, it also aroused her.

Cindy showed both of them how to plug and unplug the charger into the Chasti’s port. Cindy had difficulty, she couldn’t see what she was doing, and with her nails, manipulating the small jack seemed impossible. Eventually, she gave up and just had Rob deal with it.

Cindy was holding the cord and looking at where it connected to the charging station. She had a charging station!

She felt Rob and the woman doing something behind her but was too entranced by the thought of having to charge her batteries, like she was some sort of device, like a cell phone. Good God! What had they done to her?

Lucy finally reached the end of her checklist and declared the installation complete and the Chasti appliance performing perfectly. She had both Rob and Cindy sign off on the document and gave them a copy.

“With this the installation is complete. It should provide you with pleasure and security for the rest of your days.” She said, as she walked out the door.

Cindy was relieved that the process was over, and that she could get dressed and get out of there. With Rob’s help she stood up for the first time in hours. The Chasti, as Lucy had called it, felt fine, as if it was a part of her body. Cindy was hungry and horny and wanted both food and sex, but she realized that something wasn’t quite right.

“Rob, what did Lucy mean when she said ‘the rest of my days’? And with all of those instructions she never gave us any directions on removing the thing between my legs. Don’t get me wrong, I love it, but I don’t see myself wearing it forever.”

Rob knew that the big moment had come. He reached over and grabbed his dream wife in a big bear hug, and whispered in her ear. “My love, that thing will never come off. I don’t ever want it off. It’s permanently bonded to you. We get to enjoy it forever.”

Cindy at first wasn’t sure she’d heard correctly.

“I don’t understand. Permanent? Forever? You mean I’ll be like this from now on?”

She stood like a statue for several minutes, as her situation sank in.

“I, I…, I can’t believe…” she stuttered, and Rob jumped in.

“My love, this is another part of our adventure. After the past few weeks, and all of the dreams and fetishes we’ve explored, this one is the most special. I’ve dreamed of something like this for as long as I can remember. It is the greatest gift you can give me, and I’ll make sure that you enjoy it as much as I know I will.”

Cindy heard what he was saying, and had to admit to herself that all of the sex had been fantastically great, these past weeks. It had fulfilled her dreams and fantasies, wonderfully. She had enjoyed almost all of it.

Actually, she corrected herself, she had enjoyed everything. Every minute of it. But this thing, permanently covering and controlling her sex was nothing like she had ever imagined.

“Rob, I just don’t know how I feel right now. It scares me. I never dreamed of living like this for the rest of our lives. I did see it as an adventure, but most adventures come to an end. Now you’re telling me that, at least this part will never end. I’m not sure I can handle that.”

“Cindy, I know it’s more than you ever dreamed of, but now we must learn to live with it. I’m sure together we can carry on with this adventure for the rest of our lives.

“Come on, let’s get you dressed and get out of here. I’ve planned a nice dinner for us, back at the hotel.”

Rob helped Cindy don her corset and boots, locking them in place, per usual, and then let her go, to slip on her dress, while he gathered up all of the Chasti-Permalock components into a canvas tote bag that they had provided.

As they stepped out of the treatment room, they ran into the store owner, who greeted them like great friends.

“Oh, there you are.” She said, giving both of them the French double-cheek kiss. “You just missed Madam DeGare. She’s one of our favorite customers and a major investor in this store, you know. When I mentioned you were in to get fitted, she wanted to congratulate you, Cindy, for taking this next great step. Unfortunately, she had to leave for some important appointment.”

“I’m sure you’ll meet up with her again. I know that she is dying to see your new Chasti appliance.”

Cindy was embarrassed to hear that word of her new fixture was spreading. The thought, though, excited her in some new weird way. What would people think of her, when they found out – if they found out. Would they see her as a slut or slave, or as some kind of – what was the term – ‘fembot’, who had no control over her own sex.

Is that what she is, now?

The Madam continued, interrupting Cindy’s musings.

“All of your latex has been modified to accommodate your new Chasti appliance. I’m having one of my team deliver them to your hotel, so you won’t have to haul all of it back to your rooms.”

“Thank you for all of your business. I sincerely hope you both enjoy it all. Especially you, Cindy. The beautiful people who participate in the Chasti-Permalock lifestyle are exceptional and always sexually fulfilled.”

With that the Madam again gave each of them a hug and walked them out the door.

The late afternoon weather was gorgeous, so Rob proposed that they walk back to the hotel. He suggested that it would give them a chance to walk off their emotions.

Cindy sure needed time to think, and walking with the Chasti didn’t seem to be a problem. It wasn’t painful or uncomfortable, although it certainly was distracting.

As they walked, at first, they said very little, both lost in their own thoughts and dreams.

At one point, Rob broke the silence. Holding up his wrist he showed Cindy the watch-controller.

“This watch functions as the controller for your Chasti. It is part of me, just as that is part of you. I can never remove this – it’s locked on. It is just another aspect of this whole thing that ties us together, forever.”

Cindy just nodded, still lost in her thoughts. This was just one more aspect of the new situation to consider. She liked the idea, though. She didn’t want anyone else to have so much control over her life and her sex. She saw that the watch was a commitment from Rob, to always be the one. She liked and wanted him to have control. That was her most important desire.

But this thing was permanent, and it was so mechanically controlling. Her sex was now part of an ‘appliance’!

She could never even touch herself. She would have to give herself enemas for the rest of her life! She had to pee through a penis for the rest of her life!

As she contemplated her fate, she started to cry, softly, realizing that she was now locked forever into the lifestyle that had been created for her, here in Paris.

Rob noticed, and pulled her to his side. Holding her tightly as the continued to walk together like two young lovers, down the charming Paris streets.

By the time they reached the front door of the hotel, Cindy had stopped her tears, and had started to surrender to her new attachment.

They took the small lift up to their room where Cindy immediately went into the bathroom and closed the door.

There, she stripped off her dress and proceeded to examine her crotch and the thing securely attached to her body. She knew it was part of her now, and would be forever.

She pulled the little penis out of her purse and after examining it, she slipped her finger through the ring, sat on the toilet and inserted it into the appliance’s pee hole. Immediately a stream of urine began to flow into the toilet bowl. Although she vaguely felt her bladder emptying, she didn’t feel the passage of urine through her urethra. It just felt wrong.

When the flow stopped, she unplugged the penis and rinsed it out with a little soap in the sink. That too just seemed wrong, but there was no other option.

As she was still locked into her corset, it was difficult to bend too much to examine deeper, but she managed. A hand mirror allowed her to study most of it.

She reached down between her legs and tried to remove the plug in the front. It was difficult with her long, cumbersome nails but she was able to twist and remove the plug that filled the inside of the dildo in her pussy. Well, she thought it wasn’t really her pussy any more. It was a plug mounted in a collar, mounted in her pussy.

She found that it slid out easily. Just as Lucy had explained, she’d be able to give herself periodic cleanings, there.

Her ass hole was next. It was really hard to get to, restricted as she was, but again she was eventually able to reach. The rear plug was just like the one in front. It was longer and bigger around than the one in front. She would be shitting through the hole it left behind.

She hated the thought, but she’d have to experiment with both of her holes and their plugs, later on.

It all just seemed so mechanical. But there was something about it all that aroused her. She was surprised that she seemed to be successfully coming to terms with her new self. When she thought about the vibrators and the incredible orgasm she had enjoyed when Rob had turned them on, earlier, she began to feel a little better – but only a little.

After a while she walked out into the room and up to Rob. She wrapped her arms around him and hugged him tightly whispering into his chest, “Oh master, will you please unlock my clothes?”

Rob hugged her and kissed her passionately. He then started the process of unlocking her corset and boots and undressing her.

When she was fully naked, or as naked as she would now ever be, she nodded and crawled into bed, folded herself into a fetal position and overwhelmed by the events of the day, fell into an exhausted sleep.

Rob, very worried that he may have gone too far with the fetish fulfillment game, sat quietly and read until he received a text message from the front desk that a rather large delivery had just arrived.

He quietly snuck out and retrieved a couple of large boxes, that he deposited in a corner of his room. He knew that they contained Cindy’s modified latex outfits. They could wait until morning.

He used the bathroom and then he crawled into bed, avoiding contact with Cindy. Not wanting to disturb her rest. He prayed that she would be OK in the morning.


End of Part 6

Continues in part seven


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