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Living Their Fantasies in Paris

by CoreDump

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Storycodes: latex; sex; oral; anal; insert; chastity; hood; gag; corset; catsuit; reluct; permanent; X

A couple create new lives in 40 days 

A long, day-by-day account of a happy couple living out their fantasies and fetishes on a life-changing trip to Paris.

(Latex, Chastity, Humiliation, Reluctance, Chasti-Permalock)

Author’s note: This is, of course, pure fiction. In a couple of cases the timeline is somewhat unrealistic (for example: for surgical recovery), but necessary to maintain the flow of the story. Stories of the Chasti-Permalock company and their product offerings have been around for a while, I take no credit for them (I’m not aware of their inventor/author). Please suspend disbelief as necessary and just enjoy the tale…


Continues from part four

Part 5

(Day 15)

Cindy woke up early, her bladder screaming for release. She rolled over and nudged Rob. When he opened his eyes, she grunted at him and pointed at herself and then at the bathroom. He nodded his understanding and began the process to unlock her from her latex. It took a while, but eventually she was naked, dancing around and holding herself to avoid an accident. Rob chuckled at the sight told her to go and get cleaned up, inside and out, and to do her make-up and hair – the same old story. When she started for the bathroom, Rob stopped her and handed her the high-heeled mules that she was supposed to wear, whenever she wasn’t wearing a pair of boots.

“Remember the rules, my sweet.”

She gave him a ‘drop dead’ look and moaned in frustration before she slipped them on before wobbling into the toilet.

She spent quite a while in the bathroom, deciding that she needed to relax a bit. She started the tub filling and gave herself her morning enema, now used to the process and the feelings. She then settled into the tub, soaking luxuriously in the bubbles until the water had cooled and she was happily relaxed. She worked on her hair and makeup for quite a while, perfecting her look. She’d started to change her look a bit, going for a sexier and even more slutty look. Rob seemed to be enjoying it.

After brushing her hair, she stepped out, wearing only her mules to see what outfit Rob had selected for her, today.

But instead of immediately handing her an outfit, he told her that he had just received an email invitation to a dinner at Madam DeGare’s house, for that evening. The good lady had apologized for the short notice, but after meeting them, she had wanted to get better acquainted and had already planned a small dinner party with some close friends. She wrote that she thought they would fit in well. She had also mentioned that the guests, tonight were also lovers of latex and fetish sex, and that she hoped Cindy would be wearing one of her new outfits.

Rob had already replied that they would be happy to attend, and had received an acknowledgement and the particulars, time and address.

They discussed the implications for few minutes. Both were excited about the adventure. Meeting sexy people into the fetish lifestyle that they were only just starting to experiment with. They were also both nervous about what they might be getting into. They decided, in any case, that it would most likely be a fun and exciting evening.

The commitment made; Rob handed Cindy the black body suit. She liked the idea of having bear arms for a change, especially after yesterday. Of course, Rob added the corset and pony boots, over tall stockings to the outfit, and locked everything in place.

They headed out to breakfast and tour.

When the passed a nail salon Rob stopped and said, “How about a manicure?” I think your hands need some pampering after yesterday’s restricted adventure.”

Cindy liked the idea and they walked in to see if there was a technician available. Cindy was happy to be told that there was, but when Rob described what they wanted, she grew less enthusiastic.

Rob told the nail technician that they wanted acrylic extensions placed on Cindy’s nails that would extend a full inch (2.5 cm) beyond the ends of her fingers. The woman described several options at differing price points depending on the strength of the materials and glues used. Of course, Rob chose the most durable and long-lasting option.

The beautician told them that their top-of-the line nails would be almost indestructible and would last for several months. Rob was pleased as he loved long, sexy nails and the ones Cindy would be wearing would certainly qualify as ‘long and sexy’.

They, mostly Rob, then picked out a bright pink color for the polish.

Cindy was a little nervous. She had never had nail extensions like this before. She had grown her own nails out until they were about ¼ inch beyond her finger tips, but had found them to be cumbersome and difficult to work with. But as she had been doing with all of Rob’s wishes, she just went along.

As she sat down at the workstation, Rob smiled at her warmly and told her that he’s be back in an hour or two, when the treatment would be done.

When Rob returned, per the plan, he was delighted, not to mention turned on, by the sight of Cindy’s hands. They were gorgeous and very sensual looking.

Cindy thought so too, but was already troubled by how difficult everything now seemed. Even rubbing her eye was difficult and dangerous. She had to make sure she didn’t poke her eye out!

She realized that this would pose another challenging restriction on her daily life. One more to go along with the latex, boots and corset, not to mention the vibrators that filled her holes. 

After a late lunch, where Cindy struggled to maneuver her new fingers, they headed back to the hotel.

They wanted plenty of time to rest up and prepare for the night’s event.

As soon as they were in their room, Rob unlocked Cindy’s boots and corset, as well as her body suit’s crotch. He took out her front vibrator but left the rear one in place, and adjusted its speed up to a much higher setting. He then laid Cindy gently on the bed and they made quiet, relaxed love, that they both enjoyed immensely.

Afterwards, it was time to start getting ready for the party.

Rob ducked in to the bathroom to get cleaned up, first, as they knew that it would take Cindy much longer.

As soon as he came out Rob unlocked the body suit and stripped it off of her. She then headed in. It did take her longer, especially with her new nails to get all cleaned up and made-up.

When she was ready, Rob helped her get into her royal blue catsuit, the black over-bust corset and the black pony boots. All were locked into place, per usual. Rob set the vibrators to a ‘low simmer’ speed to keep Cindy occupied. 

So as not to cause a stir as she walked out of the hotel, Cindy slipped on one of Rob’s button-up shirts on over her cat suit. Its long tails covered her body, but Rob wouldn’t let her button it up the front. She was barely decent.

She couldn’t wear the matching latex gloves as they wouldn’t fit her new, longer fingers. Cindy missed the gloves, but like the look of her new nails, as troublesome as they were.

Right on time, they were ready to go.

They took a cab to the address provided by Madam DeGare. The cab driver was obviously impressed by Cindy’s attire. She giggled when she saw his expression and gave him a wink. The home was out in the 18th Arrondissement – Montmartre, and was elegantly large. The lady was obviously wealthy.

Upon arrival Rob took the shirt, leaving Cindy in just her catsuit, corset and boots, and tossed it onto a nearby bush.

They were met at the front door by a maid who didn’t react at all to Cindy’s outfit, and shown into a lounge where several people were chatting and drinking.

Madam DeGare, Simone to her friends, greeted them warmly and introduced them to her guests, two other couples.

Simone was wearing a striking floor length, latex opera dress, in grass green. Low cut and tight to all of her curves. Although there was a slit at the bottom, it didn’t extend very high so she could only take small steps in her high heels.

Both of the other women were also wearing latex. One seemed to only have dark grey latex leggings with an elegant little black dress. and hoof boots like those Cindy wore. The other was wearing a latex party dress. It had a sheer white top and a short, tight skirt. Included was a tall and very tight yellow belt that doubled as a waist cincher.

The two men were casually dressed. No latex there. One was a doctor, a cosmetic surgeon – that explained his perfectly beautiful wife.  The other man was the president of some large company, and was apparently very wealthy.

Vickie was standing in the background, wearing just a red latex cat suit that completely covered her from head to toe. Her body was beautiful and she looked fantastically sexy. Only her alluring eyes and pretty mouth were visible. Her long blond hair cascaded from a hole in the top of her hood, down her back to her shapely ass. Her breasts looked large and firm, with her nipples tenting their covering nicely. Her legs were long and shapely and she stood tall in red leather ballet boots. The heels and toes of the boots only touched the floor at two points about the size of dimes. In those things, she couldn’t really balance and stand still, so she was constantly doing a little dance, shifting her weight and her feet, to remain standing in one place. 

After the introductions the party progressed as most do. Drinks, friendly chatter and good food, served by the maid who had greeted them at the door.

All of the discussions were in English out of deference to Rob and Cindy, who’s French was nowhere near good enough. 

Although many of the discussions were on local news, the arts and local culture, others touched on sexual topics and the local fetish environment. Simone’s friends were all very open and comfortable talking about those subjects, that could never be discussed so openly in the U.S.

Rob joined right in, and seemed to enjoy the talk, immensely. Cindy was shyer about the topics, but was deeply aroused by the things she heard. So much of it was in tune with her fantasies and dreams, the things she used to masturbate about when she was younger. She often just sat quietly, enjoying the feel of her latex covering, and getting more turned on by the minute. She found that in this company she wasn’t embarrassed at all in her latex outfit, and she was pleased to see that she wasn’t the only one in Paris wearing the tall pony boots.

At one point, Simone mentioned that Vickey wore her full latex outfits almost 24 hours a day. She was only allowed to remove it for washing and when public events required her to wear more mundane clothes. Apparently Vickey had only recently graduated to wearing the ballet bots full time. Her legs and feet still ached constantly, but Simone expected that to pass before long.

There was no mention of whether this was all Vicky’s choice or whether it was a requirement dictated by Simone. Cindy was fascinated by Vicky’s situation and would have loved to discuss it with her, but never got the chance. 

During after dinner drinks, while Cindy was talking to Simone about her experiences at the Amour Fétiche, Rob struck up a side conversation with Dr. Frontier.


The doctor commented about how good Cindy looked and Rob replied that he wished that Cindy had larger breasts like the doctor’s lovely wife.

The good doctor assured Rob that with his modern methods, breast implant surgery could be done quickly and efficiently with perfect results and only a short recovery period. Of course, there would be a couple of months before the implants would be completely healed, but after the first few days his patients could usually resume normal activities and careful sex with only a limited amount of soreness.

Rob was openly excited about the idea and asked if the doctor could possibly squeeze Cindy into his schedule any time soon. The doctor checked his cell phone calendar and verified that since he usually did not do procedures on days like tomorrow, he would be happy to bend his schedule to perform surgery on Cindy the very next morning.

Rob was overjoyed, and thanked him profusely – we’ll be there! His mind awhirl with the situation and his cock rock hard at the thought.

Eventually things wound down, and the businessman offered Rob and Cindy a ride to their hotel. The other couple led the way out to their car, as they said their goodbyes to Simone.

She asked them if they had enjoyed the dinner, and more importantly the company and the kinky environment, obviously concerned that it may have been too much for them, or somehow offensive. When both Rob and Cindy admitted to being fascinated by the discussions and by the details of the other couples’ lifestyles, she was happily relieved.

“In that case,” said Simone, pleasantly, “I’ll send you an invitation to our big get-together scheduled for ten days from now. It will be here, again, but will have a big crowd, perhaps as many as 50. All of them will have similar lifestyles. I do hope you will come.” After a pause, she continued, looking at Cindy. “Oh, and by the way, outfits like yours will be the norm. Please do come.”

Cindy looked at Rob who nodded with a smile.

“We’d love to, it should be fun and ever so interesting. I do feel very comfortable among you and your friends.”

Simone was pleased. “Great, see you then.”

The two of them then waved goodbye as Rob grabbed the shirt for Cindy and they got into the back seat of the car. It carried them swiftly back to their Hotel. They thanked their new friends and headed up to their room.

Rob and Cindy were both exhausted and tipsy from all of the alcohol, but they were both so turned on by their evening that as soon as the door to their room was closed and locked, all they wanted to do was screw each other’s brains out.

They jumped into each other’s arms and began hugging and kissing like a couple of horny high-school kids. Rob eventually broke it off and gently pushed Cindy onto the bed. He unlocked her crotch and as he had done that afternoon, removed the front plug and turned up the rear one. This time however he took out the blue hood, the one with the collar that held Cindy’s mouth open in a big ‘O’, and slipped it over her head. Cindy wasn’t really thrilled with the move as all she wanted was to feel Rob’s cock in her pussy.

As soon as the hood was tightened and locked in place Rob quickly moved to push his hard cock into the mask’s opening and into Cindy’s wonderful mouth. She dutifully began licking and sucking the sensitive tip, eliciting happy moas from her lover. She also used her long nails to gently scratch up and down his body. When she worked her way to his balls, his moans got louder and he unexpectedly lost it and filled Cindy’s mouth with his cum.

Surprised, but turned on by Rob’s reaction, and her new ability to push him over the edge, she dutifully swallowed his spunk.

Rob moaned and apologized for cumming so quickly, but he explained that the sensations of her long nails on his balls drove him wild. He just lost control. 

Cindy couldn’t talk with the collar holding her mouth open, and when Rob inserted the dildo plug in, she could barely make a sound.

Rob, though was anxious to make it up to his wife, so he squirmed down her body, stopping to lick and suckle on her nipples for a while before he worked his tongue into her wonderfully wet pussy. She was so aroused that it only took him a few minutes work to bring her to her first orgasm. He gave her a few minutes to rest, as he slowly massaged her lower lips, before he started again in earnest and brought her to a second, even better high.

They finished off the night with Rob pumping his rested and reenergized cock in her pussy, where they both orgasmed simultaneously.

The night ended when Rob reinserted Cindy’s front plug and zipped up her cat suit. He then removed the hood so they could both get a drink of water, and talk about their impressions of the dinner.

They talked for a while, before falling exhausted to sleep. Both had agreed that the party had certainly been eye-opening. As they rested between orgasms, they discussed the lifestyle that had been in evidence that evening. How sexy the others had all been, and how open and comfortable they were with their fetishes. They all seemed so very happy with their existence.

(Day 16) New Breasts

They awoke slowly, having had an exhausting evening and sex-filled night. 

Rob made her wait for a bit before he started undressing her. When she was naked, Rob kissed her and asked her to get moving as they had an appointment in 90 minutes and he wanted to get some breakfast on the way. He wouldn’t tell her what the appointment was about. She suspected it would be another something sexual, exciting and probably humiliating – for her.

Cindy took over the bathroom and about 40 minutes later came out, ready to get dressed. Rob had gotten impatient, but realized that that was probably the best she could do, performing the necessary enema, shower, make-up and hair work involved. All with her exceedingly long nails.

Without comment, Rob didn’t present her with any latex. He proceeded to lace her into her leather under-bust corset. After locking it on, he helped her with a pair of stay-up nylons and her wedge-heeled boots. When in place he locked both the boots and her corset. They then picked out a nice dress and Cindy slipped it on.

They then hurried out. Cindy again felt odd walking around without a latex covering, let alone with no panties or bra. The air movement up her dress was distracting, to say the least.

After a quick breakfast near the hotel, Rob flagged down a cab, and about 20 minutes later they were outside a medical clinic.

‘What now?’ Cindy thought as she climbed out of the car.

Rob gave the receptionist Cindy’s name and a few minutes later they were shown into an exam room. A short while later, there was a knock on the door and the Doctor from last night’s dinner at Madam DeGare’s walked in and greeted them like they were old friends. 

Looking at Rob, he said, “so you’re here to take me up on the offer to make your dear wife even more beautiful, eh?”

Rob nodded, and the doctor turned to Cindy.

“You’ll be even more stunning with larger, firmer breasts, my dear, and your timing couldn’t be better as today’s light surgical schedule will allow us to get it done immediately. Our newest procedures using the latest micro-surgical techniques will have you out of here by lunch time. The excellent procedure along with our special drug regimen will allows you to be sufficiently healed and up and about in just a few of days.”

Cindy was a bit overwhelmed by the whole situation. To tell the truth, she had been expecting something like this after the way Rob had been pushing her into the padded breast cat suits. But it was all happening so fast.

She didn’t really hate the idea, but was nervous and concerned over how she’d look and feel with bigger boobs.

The Doctor could tell that she was a bit uncomfortable. He offered to give them a little time to discuss the deed and to decide on the size of the implant. He handed Rob the paperwork, showed them where Cindy needed to sign and finally pointed to the line where they needed to fill in the desired new cup size. He then stepped out and closed the door, promising to return in 10 minutes.

Rob immediately went into his sales pitch on how great she’d look, and how both of them had discussed this step in the past. He also pointed out how good she had been looking in her padded-out latex outfits. 

She couldn’t disagree with how sexy she looked with the bigger boobs the latex outfits gave her. The stares of all of the men on the street were evidence that Rob was right on that point.

With everything else they’d done to and with her body, over the past weeks, she finally decided that this would be just one more fantasy fulfilled.

She signed the form and then told Rob that she would accept implants that would take her up from her small C to something larger, perhaps a D cup.

He accepted that, happily, and filled in the form for the Doctor.

Soon thereafter she found herself on an operating table with an anesthesiologist putting her to sleep.

Just as she was going under the anesthetic, she heard the Doctor say something that sounded like ‘F cup’, to Rob who was nodding, but she passed out before she could say anything.

A couple of hours later, Cindy came to, in pain and feeling the new weight on her torso. Bandages covered her chest, holding them firmly in place. The doctor, shown her under-bust corset said it would be perfect to support her new breasts.

They’d need support for the next few days. No bouncing, no massaging, no touching!

Remembering the comments, but unsure because of the drugs, Cindy asked why they were so big. The Doctor explained that it was the expected swelling and the bandages that made them look so huge. They’d settle down to a beautiful size in no time. 

She rested in the recovery room for another couple of hours, talking quietly to Rob, and watching something on a TV mounted in the room.  Eventually they got her out of bed and into her clothes. Her dress stretched tightly over her bandaged and enlarged breasts. They gave her a shawl to help hide the situation and helped her into a cab for the ride back to the hotel.

The ride in the car and the fresh air, with the windows rolled down, helped revive her further and she was able to walk, with only a little help from Rob through the hotel lobby and up to their room. 

Once there, she striped off all of her clothes and collapsed into bed where she slept soundly, with no latex and no sex for the first time in days.

(Day 17)

Cindy awoke mid-morning, having slept for almost 24 hours. The drugs had finally worn off and she was in pain and in dire need of food and drink. Rob immediately called room service and ordered a huge breakfast for her. 

He wasn’t quite as hungry as he had snuck out, once Cindy had passed out, and eaten a healthy dinner, celebrating this latest upgrade to his woman.

She ate propped up in bed, not saying much. She was still a little in shock over yesterday’s event. 

It was still hard to fathom that she had had surgery, and now would have to deal with yet another change to her life-style.

Rob kept a low profile, still not sure how Cindy was feeling about her new breasts. 

After she had finished all of her food, and some of his she laid back down and said “I’ll need all new clothes.” Before closing her eyes and drifting off to sleep once again.

Rob took her comment as a good sign. Cindy was accepting things as they were and planning for the future.

Cindy slept pretty much all day. She woke around two and ate another room-service meal. She was still sore and had no desire to get out of bed. She did crawl out to use the bathroom, walking carefully and keeping one arm holding her breasts from moving in the support bra that the doctor had provided. After her short trip, she slid back into bed and drifted back to sleep.

Rob ran out and picked up a nice bottle of wine to have with dinner, whenever Cindy woke up next. 

Cindy was still out when he returned, so he settled into a chair and read a novel.

Later in the afternoon Rob received the invitation for the kink club party more than a week away. He accepted it immediately. The thought excited him immensely. He could only imagine all of the perversions that they might witness at a gathering like that. If the people at the dinner were any indication, it would be a very kinky evening. He also visualized what Cindy would look like with her new breasts and the other changes he had planned for her. 

It was after seven when Cindy woke and again worked her way into the bathroom. This time she spent some time washing and brushing her hair. 

She came out of the bathroom looking much better, more alive, and wearing a robe.

She was still in pain and her new breasts felt heavy and cumbersome on her chest. Standing up still wasn’t comfortable, so she crawled back into bed. Sitting was also difficult so she just propped herself up on the pillows.

Rob put down his book and smiled at her. “You’re looking better. Ready for dinner?”

“Yes,” she said, “I’m not so sore anymore, but I still feel wiped-out. I want to eat, but something lighter now, perhaps just a salad.”

So, Rob ordered room service again for a light meal for the two of them. Then he opened the bottle of wine and poured Cindy a large glass, that she readily accepted. 

When the food arrived, she was already on her second glass.

After the meal was cleared. Cindy had her third glass and drifted back to sleep.

Rob read for another couple of hours and then, careful not to wake her, crawled into bed, himself.

(Day 18)

In the morning, Rob rolled over in bed to find his wife sitting up and quietly reading from one of the novels she had brought on the trip. She stopped when she noticed him awake.

“Good morning, lover,” she said with a smile.

“Hi, you look like you’re feeling better, my dear,” he said happily. 

“Yes, I feel a lot better. My chest is still sore, mind you, but I’m feeling rested and I think I’ve gotten over the anesthesia and surgery. I did take a couple of pain pills, though.”

Rob was relieved, he had been worried that she might be pissed at him for springing the breast implants on her like he had. It seemed that she had come to terms with her new breasts.

“I do have a question for you,” she continued, “how big, really, are my new boobs going to be?”

Rob smiled sheepishly down at her. “Well my love, your latex suits were padded out to F-cups, and you looked so fantastic with those, I asked the doctor to take you to that size. Please don’t be angry with me, I couldn’t help myself. You’re the girl of my dreams and in my fantasies, you always had nice big knockers.”

Cindy sighed and stared at him for a long pause, “You’re just lucky that I love you so much, and that I always wanted bigger breasts. But I never dreamed of F’s. Did the doctor, by any chance, tell you how I’m supposed to avoid massive back trouble?”

“As a matter of fact, we did discuss it while you were in the recovery room. He said that as long as you stick with wearing corsets, like those you have, you shouldn’t have any trouble as they will support your back and the weight of your new breasts. He did say that the corsets would need to be well constructed and heavily boned to do the job properly.”

Cindy nodded, now deep in thought with the realization that she would now have to keep wearing the sexy and constraining item of clothing constantly, and probably for the rest of her life. The thought both scared and aroused her, as it fit in with the fantasies she had often dreamed of, and masturbated to.

Rob, got up and ordered breakfast from room service. “We’ll spend today resting. You deserve to take it easy. I want you to heal and be comfortable. Cindy agreed; she wasn’t ready to go out quite yet.

While eating breakfast, this time sitting at the small cafe-table in their room, she brought up her other new challenge. 

“You know these new nails are really a giving me trouble. Every time I go to pick something up, they get in the way. I’ve never had fingernails this long before. I guess I’ll get used to them.” Looking up at Rob, she grinned, “I guess I’ll have to, won’t I?” She was hoping that he would relent and allow them to be cut back, but then she got her answer.

“Yes, you will,” Rob said with an authoritative voice, “They’re too pretty and sexy to do without.”

Cindy nodded her understanding, while she delicately maneuvered another piece of toast into her mouth.

As planned, they spent the day in their room. Reading and watching the television. 

It seemed that with every hour that passed, Cindy felt a little better. She still wasn’t sure about her new, giant breasts, but decided to give them a chance to heal before making any final decisions. She was curious to see just how they would feel and look. She knew that Rob would love them, and so too would every man on the street. That was a turn-on.

Rob was being extremely attentive and caring. He was obviously excited. She liked that.

She felt comfortable knowing that she could always demand the implants’ removal or reduction and Rob would comply, or she thought that he would…

(Day 19)

After breakfast, the next morning Rob ran out to a women’s store to get a big sweater for Cindy to wear when they went out later in the day. 

Cindy was feeling much better, and wanted to get out of the room. They would go shopping for clothes that would fit her new shape.

When Rob returned, Cindy was back asleep, so he read until she woke up, hungry for lunch. They ate room service again and then lounged around until mid-afternoon when Cindy declared herself ready to venture out.

She crawled out of bed and stretched slowly, being careful not to agitate her breasts. The support bra helped a lot. They did add a lot of unusual weight to her front. She slipped on her mules and wobbled a little, out of balance, as she walked into the bathroom.

“I know you can’t shower yet, but you can clean inside.” Rob reminded her with a devilish grin.

Cindy just sighed, in response.

Walking out of the bathroom, after washing up, Cindy complained again about how difficult it was to apply her make-up with the long nails. But she had to admit they did look very sexy, and the additional restriction on her every-day life kind of turned her on.

Rob agreed on how sexy her hands looked with the new nails. He loved them, and wanted her to always keep them that way. He promised to help her any time she needed it.

As she walked out, Rob handed her the butt plug and sent her back into the bath to put it in its proper place. She complied as it had been several days now since she’d worn any plug, front or back, and she missed the full feeling and arousal that they provided.

She realized too, that she really missed her latex outfits, and the sexy feelings that they provided. Damn, she thought, I’ve become such a slut. The thought made her laugh, and drew a look from Rob.

She dressed in her corset and boots, which Rob then laced and locked in place, stepped into a skirt and the oversized sweater that Rob had picked up. The corset did help, as the doctor had predicted.

Rob then swiveled her necklace so the leash was in front. She hadn’t worn it like that for several days and now found the leash to be another strong reminder of who she had become. She had certainly become a different person, a much sexier person – almost a nymphomaniac! 

They left the hotel, walking slowly and casually. Cindy was happy to be outside, but still had to be careful not to jiggle her big boobs.

They stopped into a women’s boutique and Cindy tried on a couple of bras, she realized that their sizes were probably not right – that once the swelling had completely gone down and the bandages were removed she would need to reexamine their size, but she needed something better to wear than what the doctor had provided. She picked up two, of slightly different sizes, both with F-cups. She wore one as they left the store.

They then visited another shop where Cindy picked up a couple of dresses that fit, and showed off her new, expanded top.

Finally, they stopped into a nice restaurant and had an excellent dinner, and a lot of wine.

Cindy was feeling good, as they walked back. Her breasts weren’t giving her any pain, although she could feel their increased size and weight with every step. Her arms brushed their sides as they swung and her view of her feet and the sidewalk was defiantly reduced. It was yet another restriction imposed by her new sexy lifestyle. It only added to her near-constant state of arousal.

When they got back into the room, Cindy quickly stripped off her outer cloths and grabbed Rob.

“Please master, ravish this poor girl. She hasn’t had sex in days.”

Rob grabbed her and laid her gently on the bed, still in her corset and boots. He was careful not to lay on top of her new breasts. 

They spent the next hour making slow love to each other, using their mouths and tongues, as much as his hard cock and her wet pussy. 

At one point, Cindy used her nails to gently scratch and tickle Rob’s body. When she used them on his hard cock, he moaned, and jumped like he had been shocked by an electrical wire. Cindy giggled, and he purred deep down like a lion.

Eventually they were both spent. Rob unlocked Cindy’s corset and boots and helped her take them off. He played with her necklace and leash for a few seconds before releasing her. Cindy had grown used to sleeping with it, although it did get tangled, on occasion. Just part of her new persona.

They cleaned up a bit and then fell fast asleep.


End of Part 5

Continues in part six


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