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Living Their Fantasies in Paris

by CoreDump

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Storycodes: latex; sex; oral; anal; insert; chastity; hood; gag; corset; catsuit; reluct; permanent; X

A couple create new lives in 40 days 

A long, day-by-day account of a happy couple living out their fantasies and fetishes on a life-changing trip to Paris.

(Latex, Chastity, Humiliation, Reluctance, Chasti-Permalock)

Author’s note: This is, of course, pure fiction. In a couple of cases the timeline is somewhat unrealistic (for example: for surgical recovery), but necessary to maintain the flow of the story. Stories of the Chasti-Permalock company and their product offerings have been around for a while, I take no credit for them (I’m not aware of their inventor/author). Please suspend disbelief as necessary and just enjoy the tale…


Continues from part three

Part 4

(Day 12)

When Cindy awoke, she realized that she was sucking gently and rhythmically on the plug locked into her mouth. She couldn’t believe that she was barely awake but already so aroused.

When she turned over, the movement woke Rob, who had apparently only been lightly dozing. Cindy pointed toward her mouth and Rob obliged and removed the plug. He then started reaching for the lock at the back of her hood. Feeling impish, she reached up and stopped him. He looked into her eyes questioningly, but she ignored him, sliding down his body until her head was at his waist, she slipped her hands around his cock and began massaging it slowly and sensuously. As soon as it began to harden, she slipped it into the socket that was her mouth and began licking and sucking it through the cuff that was held in place by her hood.

Rob was in heaven. Cindy was performing beyond his wildest dreams. He knew that last night when he put the hood on her, she wasn’t exactly thrilled and that when he had inserted the plug after she had blown him and had a mouth full of his come, she was upset. Now here she was this morning fully embracing her mouth bondage.

As she worked his cock, he reached over to the remote and set both of her plugs to high speed’.

Cindy paused for a minute, but then resumed working his hard cock, while moaning and squirming under the assault of the dildoes in her two lower holes.

It only took a few minutes more for Rob to fill her mouth with another load of come. Cindy continued to suck until he was dry. Then she too exploded into a huge orgasm. One that had her panting through her nose tubes to such an extent that she had to quickly swallow the load and then pull off of Rob’s cock, so she could get more air through her mouth.

Cindy collapsed on Rob’s crotch while she tried to recover. But the vibrators were still going strong within her. She was soon swept up in another orgasm. Rob reached down and began gently massaging her latex covered head. His touch, through the latex reminded her of her latex slut status and the very thought brought her to yet another orgasm. The third one of the morning, it completely exhausted her. Realizing this, Rob grabbed the remote and turned off the vibrators for the first time in the last 24 hours.

Cindy moaned again, but neither of them knew if it was out of relief or because she missed their effect on her body.

Several minutes later, she stirred and slithered back up to lay on his chest.

They lay like that, resting for an hour, until Rob realized that Cindy’s drool, out of a mouth held open by the hood’s cuff was dribbling down off his chest and onto the bed’s sheets.

Rob gave her a hug then pushed her off and onto her back on the bed next to him. “You relax for a bit. I’ll take a shower and then you can take a long hot bath. You deserve it. We’ll head out when you’re ready. And don’t forget your enema and to clean the suit.”

He then crawled out of bed, and stumbled into the bathroom.

Cindy lay there happily worn-out, wondering what she had become, and how her life could possibly become any sexier. She was living every fantasy she’d ever had, and she thought it was the same with Rob. At least she couldn’t think how he could possibly have any unfulfilled fantasies left. She giggled to herself, thinking that if he did have any others, she would happily participate in satisfying them.

When he emerged from the bath, holding his towel, naked and still dripping, she was again enthralled with how much she loved this man, and how much she loved Paris and everything that they had done here.

Rob walked over to the bed and matched her thoughts. “God, I love you. Thank you for this, for everything. I couldn’t be happier.”

Cindy was in ecstasy. His loving words matched her feelings exactly.

She purred like a kitten as Rob helped her out of bed and began unlocking and undressing her. The first item off, was the hood. She moaned when the cuff was pulled out of her mouth. Her jaws had been stretched open for so many hours, they were cramped and sore. After working and massaging them they settled down to a dull ache.

The removal of her boots, corset, and body suit with its plugs went as usual, leaving her feeling empty and missing the feelings of compression, warmth and restraint.

Finally, nude, she slipped on her mules, and Rob walked her to the door to the bath. He had started the water running after he’d gotten out of the shower, so it was ready for her, now.

He left her there to relax as he got dressed and powered up the TV to watch and try to get caught up on the international news. He hadn’t paid much attention to anything other than his wife and their sexual games for almost two weeks. It didn’t really matter, he realized. Their private little world had been perfect.

An hour later Cindy emerged thoroughly refreshed, with her hair and make-up perfect. She was wearing her mules as she stepped into the bedroom.

Cindy sauntered over to Rob, naked and hairless, and bent over to kiss him passionately. “I’m starved. Let’s get me dressed in some sexy latex, and get some breakfast, or is it lunch, now?”

“This late, it’s lunch,” he laughed, “I have your wardrobe all set, my lady.”

Everything was laid out on the bed. She sighed, another day in latex cat suit, corset and hoof boots. But she realized that it was getting easier each day. She was used to the restrictions of the latex, holding her body everywhere in its warm embrace. Her body was becoming accustomed to the limitations the corset enforced, and her legs and feet were not generating as much pain as they once did.

All in all, she was enjoying the outfits, the routine and the sex more and more, constantly aroused, and if this morning’s experiences were any indicator her orgasms were better, more mind blowing than they’d ever been.

She started in with the lube. Again, she would be wearing the black cat suit, Rob must really love those huge breasts, she thought. She also noticed that again the butt plug seemed a bit larger than the previous day’s and it was the vibrating one. She felt a thrill just thinking about the feelings it would deliver. Black latex gloves were also included. The black thigh-high hoof boots were next, followed by the black corset. Each of these were laced tightly and everything was locked on. Over the top another simple but elegant stretchy, sheath dress in emerald green was slipped over her head.

Looking into the mirror she saw a shapely, sexy, latex covered girl.

Rob saw the same thing. He loved the look.

As soon as she finished dressing, they headed out for another quiet walk along the wonderful sidewalks of Paris. Today they headed into the 8th Arrondissement and the wonderful Boulevard Haussmann.

Rob waited until they hit the street, before he turned on the vibrators. It felt like the one in front was on low simmer, while the one in back was on medium distraction.

Cindy felt wonderfully sexy. She was now used to the clip, clop of her pony boots. The tightness of her latex, the breathlessness and restricted movements imposed by the corset, the stares and lustful looks of the passers-by, and of course the constant arousal caused by the vibrators. The humiliation and constant frustration also contributed to the constant demands of her pussy, screaming ‘I want to be fucked, right, this minute’.

They soon found a nice place to sit and have lunch. The food was good and the wine excellent.

The table Rob selected put Cindy on display to everyone walking by, and Cindy in all her glory attracted a lot of attention. She was able to ignore most of it, in part due to her own personal distraction delivered by the vibrators and the light torture of having to sit on the small hard café chair in her restrictive outfit.

After lunch they did more window shopping. Picking up another dress, or two that would fit her latex covered and corseted body.

After a couple of hours Cindy was getting tired, when Rob walked her into a jewelry shop. The shop was empty except for a dignified looking older man, obviously the proprietor and jeweler. He looked up from some work he was performing when they entered and seemed interested, but not particularly shocked when he saw Cindy and her outfit.

Rob looked around until he found a nice but large chain necklace in a display case. Calling the proprietor over, he asked to see it.

Cindy wasn’t sure what was going on, so she just kept quiet and waited to see what Rob was about.

Rob looked at a couple of the chains, and apparently finding one he liked he motioned Cindy over and placed it around her neck. It was intended to be a loose choker necklace with a clasp at the back, and it was solid gold and very expensive. The beautiful necklace was heavy, solid, and its links were oval with a twist and about ¾ inch long. It had about eight inches of slack around Cindy’s slim neck.

Rob asked the jeweler if he was capable of making adjustments to the chain, and was assured that anything was possible.

Rob first asked him to adjust the chain so it was tighter around Cindy’s neck. He didn’t want it to choke her, but he wanted it to be snug. Rob also wanted the clasp removed and a solid ½ inch ring put in its stead. The remaining links would be left to dangle down from the ring. The ring itself would be soldered closed. He also wanted a one-inch ring put in place at the end of the loose length of chain. The Jeweler agreed that it could all be easily done, in just a few minutes.

With the talk of soldering the ring, Cindy realized that Rob wanted the necklace to be permanent. She would be wearing the thing forever, or until it was cut off.

While they waited for the jeweler to gather his tools, Cindy pestered Rob with questions on what he was thinking. He just smiled devilishly and told her that the beautiful necklace was a sign of his love for her and that the cost was nothing compared to how much she was worth to him. He then added that the permeance was another sign of how much they loved each other and how they would always be together. Cindy loved what he said but remained unsure about the permeance aspect.

The jeweler proceeded to measure Cindy’s neck with a cloth tape. He then proceeded to laboriously cut the hard chain to length. He held it up and around Cindy’s neck, just above the edge of her latex and asked Rob if this was the proper tightness. Rob fingered the chain and Cindy’s neck and asked for one more link to be removed.

The jeweler did as request and then put the chain around Cindy’s neck and used a big pair of pliers to close the one, open link. He then looked to Rob for his opinion. Rob said that it was perfect, but Cindy thought it was a little too tight. She could breathe just fine, but when she swallowed, she could feel a little tension on her throat.

When she mentioned it, Rob just told her to relax, it would be fine.

The jeweler then asked Cindy to have a seat in his chair, and bend her head forward. With difficulty, because of the chain’s tight fit, he slipped a piece of heavy cloth between the necklace and the nape of Cindy’s neck. Cindy definitely felt the constriction on her throat, but held still, not wanting to get burned.

He then fired up a small torch and proceeded to solder the last link of the chain closed.

It only took a few seconds, and didn’t hurt Cindy at all. When it was complete, the Jeweler polished the new join, slid out the shield, and declared it finis.

With the necklace securely in place, Rob handed over his credit card, and while the proprietor was completing the payment transaction, he reached up, placing his hands on both sides of Cindy’s face, pulled her to him and gave her a passionate kiss. Coming up for air he said. “you are now truly mine; I own you, forever.”

Cindy wasn’t sure if she loved the idea or hated it. She was concerned that Rob was looking at her as a sex slave. A Latex, fetish sex slave? One thing she did fear is that everyone else would see the chain and believe her to be one. She wasn’t ready to deal with that. She didn’t really think she ever would be…

Looking into her eyes, he turned her to look into a nearby mirror. As she looked at her new jewelry, she realized that the chain, as big as it was, could easily be seen as just a snug choker. The sight made her a bit more comfortable with the thing.

With the purchase complete, they walked out of the store with Cindy’s new necklace feeling heavy and restrictive on her throat.

Not long after, they stopped for a rest and something to eat. As soon as they had settled into their chairs at a small table, Rob looked at her and said, “turn it around.” When she was slow to respond, Rob gave her a look that she knew indicated anger, so she reached up and swiveled her necklace around until the loose length of chain was in front, at her throat. Cindy was embarrassed as she knew that the dangling chain with its ring at the end could easily be interpreted as a leash. She still wasn’t ready to be a sex slave, but apparently Rob wasn’t going to allow her to have any choice in the matter.

The little leash dangled in front of her all through dinner, and during the walk back to the hotel. It added yet another mortification to her already humiliating appearance. As with everything else done to her, or forced upon her in the past weeks, it also turned her on, and had her pussy was dripping and begging for a good fucking.

When they got back to their room, Rob helped her undress, but of course the chain stayed in place. Out of habit, she had slipped on the mules as soon as the boots came off. Seeing her do so, Rob smiled.

She was sent off to get cleaned up and ready for her normal nightly latex outfit.

Back in the bedroom, in her mules, she accepted the night’s outfit with both excitement and a little dread. Even though she was becoming used to all the latex, and enjoyed the feel and compression immensely, the corset and boots were always difficult to live with. She was also starting to realize that Rob was requiring her to wear it always, day and night. How long would this continue, she thought.

Rob had laid out the black body suit. As she pulled it on, she noted that tonight the front vibrator plug was mounted in the crotch, but the rear one was missing. She knew what must be coming. It frightened her, but also interested her, she could feel her pussy getting wet as she thought of one more kink being crossed off her list, and she knew it was one of Rob’s too. She recalled thinking long ago that anal was disgusting and degrading, but with all they’d been doing over the past weeks, her inhibitions were almost totally gone – worn away in a sea of latex, plugs, vibrators and fantastic orgasms. She also realized that with the gradual increase in the size of the plugs Rob had required her to wear over the last few days, taking him in her ass shouldn’t be too difficult or painful.

Another 30 minutes later she was fully dressed in her leather under-bust corset and her black hoof boots, all locked tightly in place. She was also wearing the black latex hood and she felt fully aroused and ready for all the sex she could handle.

Rob laid her on her back and reaching over to the night stand set her pussy’s vibrator to the medium speed. He then began hugging and kissing her passionately. They huddled on the bed for quite a while, all the time the vibrator, and Rob’s hands and body were working on Cindy. She was panting and purring like a cat. Obviously ready for a good screwing.

Finally, she begged “Rob, please take me, I’m going to explode if I don’t get an orgasm soon.”

“Oh, poor thing, are you ready to try it in your back door? I’ve been dreaming of it for a while now.”

With only a moment’s hesitation she responded. “Yes, please anything, I need to come, so badly.”

With that, Rob rolled her over and pulled her hips up into the air until she was fully on her knees, but her head and shoulders still on the bed. He unlocked the zipper on her crotch and opened it all the way up to her tailbone, to expose her exciting ass hole. It was open slightly after the last few days of stretching.

This is the degrading part, Cindy thought. Now I’m just a hole for him to use. I can’t see him or touch him. But I need this so badly…

Rob lubed his straining cock with one hand while he grabbed the remote and switched it to ‘high’ with the other.

Cindy moaned in response, and began bucking.

He then began pushing his cock into her slowly and gently, pushing in and pulling out, going farther in with each stroke.

Meanwhile Cindy was feeling the strange sensations. At first it felt like she was pooping. Then as the vibrations in her pussy distracted her, she was able to relax a little and the feelings from her behind started to feel better. She was also enthralled with the feelings of total submission to her man, that she had on occasion fantasized about.

She began playing with her neck chain, fiddling with it with her fingers. It seemed to calm her nerves, as it reminded her of her new-found desire to submit to her husband.

Cindy began feeling Rob’s hips hitting her ass cheeks with each stroke, and realized that he was fully inside her.

When he reached around and began tickling her clit she exploded into an orgasm. Panting and moaning, she was pushing back into him and riding his cock as it pumped in her ass.

After a minute Rob slowed down to allow her to come off her plateau and catch her breath. Then he resumed as he himself approached orgasm. He was loving the feeling of dominance, and the tightness of Cindy’s rear hole. He was over-joyed that she was enjoying this, and was preparing for his own mind-blowing orgasm. When he shot his load into her ass he was panting and moaning as she had been, moments ago. He shuddered like he was having a heart attack.

Rob’s orgasm tripped another one in Cindy. She had never heard him so excited, and that pushed her over the top, for a second time.

Soon thereafter Rob pulled out and collapsed onto the bed, next to Cindy who had flattened on her belly.

They were both spent in that pleasant, orgasmic afterglow.

Rob found the energy to turn Cindy’s vibrator down to low speed, just to keep her happy.

He was overjoyed not only in how good it had felt, but that Cindy seemed to enjoy it also.

Cindy was pleasantly surprised that she had survived the session without any negative feelings. She did feel the submissive emotions she had expected, but she was neither disgusted nor turned off by the experience. She lay blissfully in place on the bed.

Rob crawled out of bed and used the bathroom. When he came back, he broke the mood, “I’m sorry lover, but I think you need to clean up and then spend the night with me, without any latex.”

Cindy sighed, but understood that she would need to empty out Rob’s deposit before too long. So, she crawled out of bed. Rob stood up and unlocked and undressed her, leaving only the chain in place around her neck and hanging down her chest. When she bent to slip on her mules, Rob gave her a hard slap on the butt, making her squeal, and turn to fall into Rob’s arms for a wonderful kiss and hug.

After a while they broke apart and she stumbled into the bathroom where she followed her now normal procedure – enema, shower, hair and makeup. As she showered, working around the chain permanently affixed around her neck, she marveled that it too would be part of her life from now on.

She walked out in her mules, and for the first time in a week, crawled into bed totally naked.

She was flabbergasted when it struck her as weird to be in bed without a latex covering, corset, boots and hood. How could she miss those restrictive and uncomfortable components of her new slut life? She didn’t understand how, but she did miss them.

She was able to fall asleep, exhausted, cuddled in Rob’s arms, against his chest. She slept like a baby.

(Day 13)

When Cindy woke up, she felt refreshed and hungry. Rob was just walking out of the bathroom, clean and dressed for another casual day of playing tourist.

Cindy stood up and they hugged and kissed for a long time. They both started thinking of crawling back into bed for more sex, but the thought of food and the city around them tore them apart. Rob handed Cindy her mules, giving her a scolding look. She nodded sheepishly and pranced into the bathroom, while Rob ordered up a room service breakfast.

When she was finished with her morning chores, she came out, naked, to find the food waiting. She sat right down and they enjoyed the meal, while Rob enjoyed the view.

When they were finished Rob reached over and handed Cindy a pair of blue gloves. As soon as she grabbed them, she knew that something wasn’t right. A quick examination showed that they were the odd pair that Rob had included in their order the other day.

Cindy looked up at Rob pleadingly. She didn’t want to wear these things. They were the ones that were stiffly boned. The ones that would make it impossible for her to do anything with her hands.

Rob didn’t flinch, so she decided ‘what the hell – another adventure.’ She slipped the first glove on herself, and Rob helped her with the other one. Once they were on her hands, Cindy found that just as she had expected, they were useless for doing anything.

Rob had to dress her, including plugging her with the two dildoes in the suit. It was a struggle for both of them, but eventually Cindy was fully dressed I her royal blue catsuit, her corset and her black pony boots.

She then helped him pick out a nice dress to slide over her head and over her body.

With that she was supposedly ready to go out for the day, but with her hands held tightly and stiffly in a somewhat natural fashion, she wasn’t sure what kind of a day it would be.

Rob escorted her out the hotel’s door and they took a cab headed for the 9th Arrondissement. Of course, Rob had to open her door for her and reach across her to fasten her seatbelt. She saw the driver eyeing her in the rear-view mirror. She was getting used to being stared at because of her shapely body and sexy latex clothes, but she knew that this guy was looking at her because of her helpless condition.

When they arrived, at the Galeries Lafayette Rob had to unlatch her seatbelt and help her out of her door.

They spent the morning wandering the huge department store. Cindy clip clopping in her boots on the store’s hard floors the whole time. Rob picked out several dresses for Cindy, and they drew stares when he joined her in the dressing room to assist her in trying them on. They exited to some giggles, the shoppers assuming that they had been doing something naughty in there.

Cindy was embarrassed as she realized that the back of her dress was hung up on her blue latex butt. She swatted at it ineffectually with her useless hands until it finally fell into place.

When lunchtime came around, they found a nice café and sat at a table on the sidewalk in front. Cindy was frustrated that she couldn’t feed herself or drink her wine because her hands wouldn’t function to pick up a fork or a glass.

Again, they drew a lot of stares. Initially, Cindy found her situation humiliating, but as time went on, she began to enjoy the game that she and Rob were playing. She was so very dependent on him for everything. That thought triggered an arousal that started her juices flowing. Her she was, helpless and at the mercy of her man, and being examined by a bunch of strangers who had to be thinking ‘what a slut’.

At one point, feeling like the slut she appeared to be, she dipped her stiff latex covered index finger into some cheese sauce on her plate and then poked it into her mouth where she sucked and licked it like it was Rob’s hard cock.

Watching her put on her little show, Rob cracked up laughing, while several of the local diners looked on, seemingly enjoying the entertainment, themselves.

After lunch they walked around the neighborhoods for another hour, before taking a cab back to the hotel.

In their room, Cindy was surprised when Rob promptly grabbed her blue hood, the one that forced her mouth open in a big ‘O’ with a built-in cuff and slipped it on her head, working her hair into a pony tail and out through the top as he did. Rob then quickly stripped off his clothes.

Cindy had hoped to get out of the infernal gloves, but apparently it was not to be. Of course, with the hood now in place she couldn’t ask what Rob had in mind, either.

She found out soon enough as he unlocked her crotch and removed her rear plug. He then turned on the vibrator in her pussy to a high setting and placing his hands on her shoulders, he pushed her to her knees and plugged his stiff cock into her mouth hole.

“When you get me nice and ready, I’m going to take you in the rear, again. Your vibrator should help you get your orgasm.”

Cindy was really feeling the vibrator in her pussy. As she worked on Rob’s cock with her tongue, she felt herself getting closer and closer to her orgasm.

When she could hardly stand it anymore, she pulled off of Rob and scrambled up onto the bed in the doggy position he liked so much. The move brought her back from the edge, but as Rob dove into her ass, and started humping her, her arousal came quickly back and when Rob came, she joined him.

She was surprised that she had been able to come so easily with Rob in her ass. She attributed it to the vibrator and the crazy, sexy day she’d just had.

When Rob climbed off of her, he promptly inserted both the plug in her mouth and the one in her ass. He set both of her vibrators to a medium speed and left her there on the bed while he ducked into the bathroom.

When he came back out, he laid down with Cindy and they dozed for a couple of hours.

Cindy finally had to use the bathroom herself, but knew that it was impossible with her useless hands. She couldn’t say anything either, with the plug in her mouth.

She nudged Rob and grunted while she gestured toward the toilet.

He got the message and said “allow me” while laughing at her antics.

He took her into the bathroom and there he unlocked her, and treating her a bit like a baby, or so it seemed to her, helped her pee and gave her an enema to empty out her bowels. She found the whole experience disgusting and humiliating, but also intriguing in its own right. She was so under the control of her ‘master’.

Afterward they lounged around for another couple of hours, eventually Rob was feeling recharged so he removed the plug from Cindy’s mouth and inserted his cock. Cindy started licking and sucking while she grabbed his ass clumsily with her stiff hands.

Rob turned up both of her vibrators to help motivate her and told her that this time it was all up to her mouth. She understood, and brought him to orgasm in her mouth swallowing his cum as it came spurting out. Only then did she give in to the vibrators and have an orgasm herself.

After they recovered, Rob removed Cindy’s hood. She was a bit of a mess, sweaty and make-up smeared, so he retrieved a damp wash cloth and wiped her face with it. She felt much better after stretching her aching jaw and having her face washed with the cool cloth. Rob was being gentle and loving, but no matter how she begged he kept her in her latex and stiff gloves.

She was really sick and tired of not having the use of her hands and fingers.

After getting her cleaned up. Rob ordered a room service dinner for them.

Without hands all Cindy could do was sit and wait. She couldn’t read or turn on the room’s TV, or do anything else useful. So frustrating!

When the knock finally came, she ducked into the bathroom while the waiter set up the table and bowed out.

Cindy was hungry, and the food was good, but she had to be fed by Rob, like a baby. That only added to her frustration and slowly mounting anger. She had to ask Rob for everything; a drink of wine, a bite of salad, a wipe of her mouth with a napkin.

And of course, Rob played games with her. Moving a mouthful of food on the end of a fork in and out, left and right so she had to lung with her mouth open to grab it, all too often missing and spilling.

Rob, thought it was great fun.

By the end of the meal she was ready to beat him senseless with her stiff hands.

She didn’t say a word to him the rest of the night. Even though she would have liked to use the bathroom one last time before bed, she didn’t as she couldn’t stand the thought of being ‘serviced ‘by Rob again. She just curled up in the bed and tried to sleep. It took her quite a while to calm down before she finally succeeded.

(Day 14)

In the morning, Cindy woke up when Rob stirred. He got out of bed quietly and went into the bathroom for his morning shower.

When he came out Cindy was sitting up in bed, smiling. “Good morning my love.” They both said in unison to each other. Both laughed at that.

Rob said “If you’re ready, why don’t you go in and get cleaned up, and we’ll head out for some breakfast. You have your second hair removal appointment this morning.”

“Oh, that’s right, I get another session of torture, today. What fun.” Her reply was more light hearted than it sounded.

Rob, a little concerned, “It’s not that bad is it? The results are certainly fantastic, and keep in mind you’ll never have to shave your legs or under your arms, ever again.”

“Or my pussy.” She laughed. “It isn’t really that bad, but laying naked on that table for hours is the hard part. I have nothing to think about but you, my new wardrobe and sex. That’s what makes it difficult. I get horny and can’t do anything about it!”

“Oh, poor baby,” was Rob’s comment, “now come along, he ordered, as he started to undress her. As she was still wearing the stiff gloves, she certainly couldn’t do it herself. She had spent the entire night with her hands held immobile. Of course, the gloves were the last thing to come off, and when they did, Cindy moaned as she flexed and massaged them to get them to loosen up.

“I don’t like these damn things. Let’s not do them again. I don’t like being that helpless.”

Rob looked at her and agreed. “Yes, I can see that they’re a pain. We can put them into the ‘waste of money’ pile and forget about them. I don’t want to force you into anything that you hate.”

He then handed her, her mules and nudged her into the bathroom. She cleaned herself inside and out, as was now her custom, enjoying a long hot shower. Hair and makeup were last.

When Cindy came out, Rob handed her just a light, pink dress with a short, flared skirt.

No latex, no corset, no underwear.

She slipped it on over her head, and left her neck chain with what she now considered her ‘leash’ hanging down her back.

She then reached for a pair of sheer hold-up stockings and her white, wedge-heeled boots. Rob didn’t have to help her lace them up as Cindy was wonderfully free to bend and tie them herself. He did, though bend over and lock them on as he always did, these days.

She blushed pleasantly, feeling totally naked under her dress, no hair on her body, no underwear and no clingy latex covering or restrictive corset.

As they walked out of the hotel Cindy felt her breasts moving freely under her dress, and the breeze blowing up between her legs. She felt the men nearby staring, and realized that they were looking with a different attitude than in recent days. Oh, what a feeling…

As they had done a few days ago, they sat quietly through a quick meal, talking about nothing in particular. When they were finished Rob pushed back his chair, “give me your leg,” he ordered.

Cindy had to hold her skirt tightly down so as not to flash passers-by, while she lifted her leg into Rob’s lap. He unlocked her boot and then released it while Cindy lifted her other leg. When she did, she noticed the couple at a nearby table watching intently. Cindy blushed, humiliated by the attention and her need to submit in public. Rob paid no attention to the audience. He unlocked her other boot and allowed her to put her leg down. He then turned to the couple and winked at them, “she so needs to be controlled, “he said more loudly than necessary.

Cindy blushed even more and didn’t look up as Rob reached up and swiveled her necklace so the leash was dangling in front. He slipped his finger through the ring at its end and led her out and along the sidewalk the few doors down to the beauty parlor for her appointment.

They only waited a few minutes in the lounge before Cindy was called by the same technician as last time. Cindy remembered the girl’s name was Michelle.

Michelle took her back to the treatment room and gave her a hanger for her dress. Cindy took off her boots and stockings. She then sat back on the table, holding her necklace to the side and laid back, awaited Michelle’s ministrations.

Michelle reached tentatively for the neck chain, but then shrugged and left it lying next to Cindy’s neck. She knows, Cindy thought to herself. She knows that it’s a slave’s collar. The thought embarrassed her, but also aroused her.

Like the last time, the laser procedure was long and slow, but not particularly painful or distressing.

An awkward moment occurred when Cindy had to roll over onto her front, Cindy forgot about her chain’s leash and it slid off the table, clanking onto the frame. The sound drew attention to its presence and purpose. Both women blushed. Michelle paused for only a moment before beginning again on the procedure.

Almost three hours later, Michelle declared the process complete, and told Cindy that she should now be permanently hair free. She also told Cindy that things had gone so well, that she didn’t think another appointment would be necessary, at least not for a year or more.

Cindy was happy about that, but the permanence of that statement gave her a tingle. She would be fully nude forever.

When Cindy came out of the treatment room, Rob gave her a hug and then knelt down and applied the locks to her boots. Michelle, standing nearby watching, seemed fascinated, but Cindy was thoroughly humiliated. The girl who had already seen her entire body, naked, with the chain cum leash sealed around her neck, now got to see her being locked into her fetish boots.

As Rob smiled happily, and thanked Michelle with a large tip, Cindy walked quietly out of the shop her head in a whirl of embarrassment.

She could only imagine what Michelle thought. Cindy was sure that she had her pegged as a sex slave. It was humiliating and arousing at the same time. ‘Damn!’ she thought, I’m becoming such a slut; and I love it…

As they walked along the street Cindy felt her hairless body brushing against the inside of her dress and the airflow on her legs and up her skirt. It felt good, but somehow not right. She missed the feel of her latex.

As was their habit, they stopped at a café for lunch. Chatting about nothing in particular and watching the ‘normal’, boring people walking by.

Today, the food tasted bland and uninspired. Even the wine lacked flavor.

Rob blamed the restaurant, but Cindy suspected the missing latex clothing had a lot to do with it.

She said as much to Rob.

“You know, I miss my latex, “she mused out loud.

Rob was intrigued. “Oh really. Why do you think that is?”

“I don’t know. It’s kind of funny, really.” She said.

Cindy went on to explained that she just felt uncomfortable without her slick and restrictive outfit. She said she even missed the ‘clip, clop’ of her pony boot heels as she walked.

Rob wasn’t surprised.

“Well we’ve been living out our deepest sexual fantasies, and loving it. The sex has been fantastic. When I ‘m near you now, all I can think about is how sexy you are, and how much I want to fuck you. Speaking of fucking,” he continued with a sly smile, “what do you feel about the anal sex? Has it hurt? Has it been OK for you?”

“Well, I was actually kind of pleasantly surprised. After all of the stretching you put me through with those plugs, it didn’t hurt at all, so I was able to get into it a bit. It turned me on, knowing that you got off on it. It made me feel kind of slutty, too, and even that thought turned me on. All in all, it wasn’t terrible, she said with a giggle.”

“Well, in that case, we’ll have to try it some more.”

With that, they paid their bill and headed out into the streets for more window shopping.

An hour later, as they sauntered along a quiet street, they came upon a small sex shop, and Rob pulled her into the door. As they looked around, Rob spotted what he had evidently been looking for, a display case with a number of butt plugs. These were different from the dildo shaped ones that fit her latex outfits. They were silicone and in various lengths and widths. They’re profile started with a wide flat base, a narrow shaft that expanded to a wide section which then narrowed slowly to a rounded, but pointed tip. The proprietor described them as being ‘the classic shape’.

Rob purchased one that, at its widest point was much larger around than the ones she was used to, while at its neck near the base was a little narrower than the plugs with her latex. He also picked up a small tube of silicone lube.

After paying the bill, to Cindy’s total embarrassment, he asked the proprietor if the store had a toilet they could use.

The man winked at Rob and then smiled at Cindy as he escorted them to the back of the store. Cindy was beet red as Rob escorted her into the small room, and closed the door.

“Come on, I want more sex like last night and I don’t want it to hurt you. This will help keep you stretched and open. Just bend over and I’ll do all of the work.”

“Oh, you bastard. Sure, you’ll do the work.” Cindy groaned, but she resignedly lifted her skirt and bent over, while Rob lubed up the plug. He then rubbed more lube on and in her ass hole before he started working the thing into her slowly and gently.

It was a struggle for Cindy to accept the larger portion of the thing as it moved past her sphincter, but eventually it slipped in and she was able to feel herself close around the thinner neck portion.

As she stood up, the familiar feeling of fullness was pretty much the same as she was used to.

Rob washed his hands and used some tissue to clean excess lube off of Cindy’s sweet behind, before they opened the door and walked out. Cindy couldn’t help waddling a little, as she got used to the intruder in her ass.

Cindy was so humiliated that she couldn’t look the proprietor in the eye. It was a good thing, too as he gave Rob a big smile and a ‘thumbs up’ as they walked out of the store.

The happy couple then continued with their walk, slowly working their way back to the hotel.

With every step Cindy felt the plug in her ass. There was no longer any pain, but the thought of walking around with a big plug in her ass was yet another new turn-on.

When they got back to the hotel room, Rob gently eased the plug out of her behind. It hurt as the widest part pulled out past her sphincter. Her initial reaction to its removal was an empty feeling, but it was a relief to get rid of the thing.

After she cleaned up, Rob insisted that Cindy get back into her royal blue catsuit. He left out both plugs, this time.

Ultimately, Cindy wore the complete outfit with corset, gloves, hood and pony boots. She actually enjoyed the feeling of being back in the latex outfit. The warm compression and the restriction continued to turn her on, and made her feel like a sex goddess.

The last piece was the penis gag, locked into the mouth opening.

As soon as she was dressed Rob grabbed her and dumped her onto the bed. Cindy gasped in surprise and protest but the gag prevented her from making any real sound.

Her beloved husband then jumped on her and proceeded to push his long hard, and well lubed cock into her ass for only the third time in her life.

With all of the stretching she’d undergone with the various plugs over the past days, it didn’t really hurt her, and before long she was able to get into it, especially when Rob worked his hand into her pussy and massaged her clit with his magic fingers.

She came, and then he came, and she came again, before he rolled off of her. As they caught their breaths, he continued to tickle her pussy, gently with the fingers of one hand, while he massaged her latex covered breasts with the other.

Cindy was in heaven, although she was surprised that she had gotten there without ever feeling a cock or even a plug in her vagina.

When they had both calmed down, Rob crawled out of bed and retrieved the butt plug. Cindy watched as he bent over her waist and reinserted the plug in her ass before zipping up her suit. He then moved up and took off the hood.

As Cindy loosened up her jaw, stretched as it had been by the gag, Rob said, “OK, lover, time for dinner, let’s hit the road.”

“Like this?” For some reason, tonight it didn’t feel right.

“Well, let’s put a dress on over the top, but ‘yes’, like that. Oh, and you’ll have to do something with your hair and make-up, it’s a mess.”

Cindy grumbled, got out of bed and headed into the bathroom.

When they were both dressed, Rob in nice shirt and slacks, and Cindy in a light dress over her completely blue latex body, they walked out of the hotel, Cindy, as always, drawing attention with her clip, clop pace. As always, these days, everyone stared. All of the men drooled and the women seemed to give mixed reviews, some drooling and others obviously thinking ‘slut’ in disdain.

This night, Cindy also had mixed feelings, that she couldn’t quite figure out. There was the relatively normal humiliation, constriction, restriction, heat, some discomfort, pride and the accompanying arousal. But on this night, there was also the distraction of the big plug in her ass, and the knowledge that it was holding in a full load of Rob’s semen. She was also missing the feeling of a plug in her pussy, make that a vibrating plug in her pussy, she realized, amused by the thought.

The only available table they could find in the restaurant was in the center of the room. Cindy didn’t enjoy the food very much as she felt that every eye in the place, and all of the conversations were focused on her; her body and her outfit.

When they got back to the room, Rob took her dress off and put her hood back on.

Cindy wound up giving him a long slow blow job through the open fitting on the hood. Before he came, he unzipped her and pushed his cock into her pussy and rode her to orgasm. She too orgasmed, the plug in her ass seemed to add to the pleasure.

Afterward Cindy just laid in bed, exhausted. Rob zipped up the suit’s crotch and inserted the penis plug into Cindy’s held-open mouth. She didn’t really like the gag or the big plug still in her ass, but was unable to argue, and too tired to fight it.

Rob fell asleep as soon as his head hit the pillow. Eventually Cindy too drifted off, adjusting to her current predicament.


End of Part 4

Continues in part five


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