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Living Their Fantasies in Paris

by CoreDump

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Storycodes: latex; sex; oral; anal; insert; chastity; hood; gag; corset; catsuit; reluct; permanent; X

A couple create new lives in 40 days 

A long, day-by-day account of a happy couple living out their fantasies and fetishes on a life-changing trip to Paris.

(Latex, Chastity, Humiliation, Reluctance, Chasti-Permalock)

Author’s note: This is, of course, pure fiction. In a couple of cases the timeline is somewhat unrealistic (for example: for surgical recovery), but necessary to maintain the flow of the story. Stories of the Chasti-Permalock company and their product offerings have been around for a while, I take no credit for them (I’m not aware of their inventor/author). Please suspend disbelief as necessary and just enjoy the tale…


Continues from part six

Part 7

(Day 23)

When Rob awoke and turned over, he found Cindy sitting up in bed, staring at nothing. She blinked and looked at him and gave him a weak smile.

Rob took it as a good sign.

“How are you feeling this morning my love?”

“Hungry.” Was her only reply.

“Well why don’t you go get cleaned up while I order a room service breakfast? The douche and enema tubes are in that Chasti-Permalock bag. You’ll need to use them.”

Cindy didn’t’ particularly care for the reminder of her ‘appliance’, but she crawled out of bed, slipped on her mules and dipped into the bag to find the two devices. They were in individual, clear plastic cases under some pouches. She grabbed them and walked into the bathroom.

She sat on the toilet and plugged in her little penis. She had to bend over to look past her big boobs and see the flow commence. When it stopped, she unplugged and quickly rinsed it in the sink. She didn’t think she’d ever get used to that procedure. The thought of owning a little dick and peeing through it was just too absurd.

It took some doing and a lot of fiddling to complete the internal cleansing process. It felt very mechanical to her. After all, she was just plugging things into holes in her crotch. She couldn’t feel much of anything down there. They weren’t her own pussy and ass hole, but the appliance’s holes, front and back. It just seemed very weird. The only thing she did feel was the water as it flowed in, and then out again.

Afterwards she took a shower. Using the hand-held part of the spray she washed her crotch, but didn’t feel the once pleasant impact of the water on her vagina and anus. She missed that too.

She started feeling sorry for herself and started to tear up. How could this be happening, she thought? How could Rob do this to me? How did it go this far? But the answer was obvious. They had taken to living out their fantasies, not really understanding the difference between dreams and their implications on reality. Now they, particularly she, was stuck with it.

With that realization, she actually started feeling a little better. She was, after all, actually living the things she’d secretly dreamed about. She realized that that was the case for Rob too. A wife with a Chasti-Permalock appliance must have been one of his biggest dreams. He must be overjoyed. Deep down she was glad that she could give him that happiness.

When she started soaping and massaging her new breasts, she started to get that sexy tingling feeling in her pussy. At least that, was still there and feeling fine. She took her time in the shower, examining by feel the appliance sealed to her crotch. As she worked her hands from front to back, it felt smooth over her mons, at least until she hit the tiny seam where the extended plug for her vagina covered her clit. Then came her tiny pee hole, just in front of the two-part plug in her vagina. After that she felt the jack for her recharger followed by the two-part plug for her ass hole. She followed the thing as it narrowed and ran up her ass crack until it ended just below her tailbone. There was some sort of round socket back there that she hadn’t noticed before, and it hadn’t been mentioned, that she could recall. She’d have to ask Rob if he knew what it was.

After feeling herself up, ‘hah’, she finished her shower and then worked on her makeup and hair before walking out into the bedroom.

Luckily, she had just missed the delivery of breakfast. She giggled, thinking about what would have happened if the server had still been there when she stepped out nude and with the appliance in place between her legs. How would they have explained that? She thought. How would she explain it to anyone in the years to come? Hmm. Good question.

They ate breakfast hungrily and with little conversation. Rob was still keeping a low profile, waiting for Cindy to give him some indication about how she felt. Cindy was still trying to figure out how she felt.

When they had finished their last piece of toast. Rob looked at Cindy and said, simply, “well?”

She looked at him, “it’s really weird. I don’t know what to think. We may have gone too far with our fantasy fulfillment, but I guess it’s too late now. I suppose I’m going to have to get used to the new me.”

Rob let out a sigh of relief. “That’s my girl. My sexy new wife. I’m so excited by the new you, let’s give it a try?” With that he brought his watch/controller up and started pressing some buttons. He set the pussy and ass vibrators to a 4 setting and the clit vibrator to just a one, for the moment.”

Cindy jerked and grabbed her crotch. She stood up and staggered over to the bed and collapsed onto the mattress.

Rob followed and laid down beside her. She wiggled until she was laying on her side, her head on his chest. He hugged her, and massaged her breasts, taking breaks periodically to slowly manipulate the controls for her vibrators. Ramping up her pleasure, then adjusting it down for a while before taking it back up, higher.

Cindy was really enjoying the feelings. She could feel her excitement growing rapidly. She had to admit to herself that the new appliance was fabulous for giving her pleasure like she had never experienced before.

And then she came. And it took her breath away, it felt so very good.

Rob slowed things down for a while, before slowly ramping things up again. This time he took her clit vibrator up to a seven before she exploded in another orgasm, that seemed bigger than the last.

When he didn’t think she could take any more, he again backed all of the vibrators down to much lower settings; her clit one to zero. He toyed with her for a full hour before starting another cycle. Slowly speeding things up until her pussy and ass vibrators were at nine and her clit at eight.

Cindy was afraid she was going to go crazy, her orgasm exploded and she saw stars for a few seconds before panting “Oh master, please stop. I can’t take any more. I’ll die!”.

Rob, happily cut the speeds down to minimal levels and allowed his lover to recover.

After many minutes, Cindy sighed and rolled off of Rob’s chest. She was still breathing heavily, but was slowing down. She had a contented smile on her face, and even though she was covered in sweat and her make-up was a mess, Rob thought she was the sexiest thing he had ever seen.

Finally, she said, simply “Oh my God! This thing is fantastic! I just may be able to live with it.” Before she broke out laughing.

They lay there for another couple of hours, dozing. Both happy and relieved that they had come to terms with the new appliance and its magical powers. Permanent though they may be.

They finally stirred into motion. Rob grabbed the bathroom and got cleaned up. He was so horny he almost wanked himself off in the shower, but decided he could hold off until later. He was dying to see how the new appliance would feel when it swallowed his dick.

Cindy did a repeat of the morning’s tasks in the bathroom. Getting more comfortable with the processes, but still feeling odd about the whole thing.

As she came out, Rob was opening the boxes from Amour Fétiche, and joining in, Cindy realized that she was excited to get back into her sexy latex outfits.

All of her original cat suits, body suits, bras, panties and corsets were packed in paper wrappings. Even the new leather over-bust corset with its bigger cups. It was like Christmas, unwrapping all of her presents! She noticed that there were new, white corsets, to go with the original black and royal blue pair.

She could immediately see that they had all been modified to fit her new breasts, and that none of them included padded cups – there was no need. Her breasts were now huge, as is! She also saw that none of them included plugs or dildos, nor did they have locks on the crotch zippers any more, again there was no need.

One odd thing that she noted was that they included holes about 2 inches in diameter at the top of the butt. All included small covers, in place to fill the holes. She wasn’t sure what they were for, but Rob said he would show her later.

First, they had to decide what to wear to go out for lunch.

Rob picked out his favorite royal blue cat suit and the matching over-bust corset – for added support. Cindy was happy that the cat suit fit her perfectly. As Rob laced the corset, tighter and tighter, Cindy remembered that it had been resized to take her waist down to 20 inches. As her waist had shrunk over the past couple of weeks, she had gotten more comfortable with the older corsets that took her to 22. The new ones were once again very tight, and it took them quite a while to get them laced to their target size. Once again Cindy had trouble breathing, bending and twisting under the new restrictions.

She admitted to herself, that it felt really good to be back wearing her latex and corset.

Rob then moved onto her tall pony boots. They were laced and locked along with her corset. It had been several days since she had worn the tall hooved boots and it took her a few minutes to get used to them.

Cindy slipped a pretty little dress over her head and pulled her neck chain out and down in front, and was ready to go.

They walked around, window shopping and had lunch at a café where Cindy could only eat a little due to her new corset.

Later in the afternoon Rob said, “let’s head back to the hotel, I need to check out your new appliance. Just to make sure that it works as well for me as it does for you.”

Cindy gave him a sly grin, “oh, I’m not sure if you’re up for it. It almost killed me; you know. It just might do you in.”

“I’ll take my chances, and I bet you’ll enjoy yourself too.”

Cindy, feeling devilish and not a little anxious for more great sex, stepped out into the street and waved down a passing cab. She told the driver to get them to their hotel, right now!

Upon arrival, they ran into the front door like a couple of ecstatic children, just released from school at the start of summer vacation.

They were still laughing and giggling and pawing at one another when they got into their room.

In no time, they were on the bed, kissing and hugging with all the passion they could muster.

Rob unzipped Cindy’s blue latex crotch, and used his controller to unlock Cindy’s front plug. It came away, exposing the hole for her vagina and uncovering her engorged clit. As he positioned himself between her legs, she took it from his hand and examined it. She had never really seen the thing, outside of her body and found it fascinating. It was ingenious how it covered her clit, yet allowed her penis to plug through and into her catheter while filling her vagina with that perfect vibrating phallus.

In the mean-time, Rob had slid down her body and was applying his mouth and tongue to her exposed clit. Her vagina gaped open, held by the appliance’s collar. Rob could also feel the attachments that held her catheter in place. He knew that the valve on the thing wouldn’t allow any urine to leak out. He had no interest in that kink.

While he licked and sucked, he used the controller to turn on the anal vibrator. He could feel its action through the appliance.

Cindy enjoyed Rob’s attention immensely, but the feelings were muted by the covering of her pussy lips and the collar that held her open. They blocked a lot of the sensations she usually felt. It was disappointing, but somehow, she was kind of excited by the restriction.

Cindy did reach a nice orgasm from Rob’s work on her exposed clit.

Immediately afterward, Rob slid up and pushed his very hard cock into the appliance’s front hole – Cindy’s new vagina. She only felt the front part of his cock as it reached deeper into her uterus. She couldn’t feel it until then.

Rob found that his cock fit in the appliances hole perfectly, snug but not tight on his fully engorged member. The collar that held Cindy so open, was just the right size to gently grip his cock. It felt good, but a little rigid and cold where his balls contacted the appliance.

As he started to pump, Cindy was again disappointed that she couldn’t feel all that much, and there was no contact with her clit; although it wasn’t covered, it was too shielded by the appliance that framed it.

Rob, was really turned on by the whole thing. Although his cock wasn’t feeling Cindy’s pussy lips, as it always had, it could feel the soft moist flesh of her vagina.

He could also feel the vibrations emanating from the rear plug, as they transmitted through the entire appliance. That felt good on his cock and balls.

It wasn’t long before he exploded, and filled her pussy with his cum. She felt it, warm inside her and it did feel good, but she was still disappointed in the whole process. My god, she thought she had just described sex as a ‘process’. Cindy suddenly understood that fucking was now a totally different experience for her. Her body was now fully under the control of Rob and the appliance as far as sex was concerned. Where the orgasms and enjoyment she received from the appliance and its vibrators were truly fantastic and mind-blowing, the sex from Rob’s once treasured cock was now only so-so.

It was all so confusing, upsetting and arousing…

Rob, though, was blown away by the whole thing. He had had a fantastic orgasm, perhaps his greatest ever, and he realized that it was as much from the mental aspects as the physical. As he had been screwing dear Cindy, he was thinking of who she had become, and what he had done to her. Her sex was now fully under his control and it was the most erotic thing he had ever dreamed of. Oh, there were more fantasies yet unfulfilled, but the Chasti appliance was by far his ultimate dream. And, it would be like this forever!

As he came down, he pulled out of the appliance’s hole and reinserted the plug, locking it away with his watch. He also adjusted it to a slow vibrate setting in her vagina, nothing to her clit.

Cindy just lay in the bed, unmoving, lost in thought.

Rob climbed out and went into the shower, coming out 20 minutes later clean and happy.

He saw that Cindy hadn’t moved.

“Hey, are you hungry? Why don’t you go and get cleaned out and we’ll go out and celebrate?”

She looked at him, “is this the way it’s going to be from now on? The sex, I mean. The orgasms I had from the thing were fantastic, but I didn’t get anywhere near the wonderful feelings from your cock, that I used to get. I don’t like that. I miss feeling your cock slide into me.”

Rob didn’t know what to say. He bent over and kissed her, “Honey, I know that it’s all new and strange, but isn’t it a huge turn-on? I think we’ll get better as we practice, and it will always be a fun and exciting.”

As soon as he said ‘always’ he knew that it was the wrong thing to say. And Cindy’s reaction told him so. She started to tear up.

The permanency of the Chasti, was a big deal to both of them. Rob knew that he loved the idea of permanent control of his wife’s sex. He also knew that Cindy hadn’t gotten used to the idea, and might never get there.

He laid down on the bed and pulled Cindy into an all-encompassing hug, and just held her tightly for a long time. He then whispered into her ear, “we’ll be fine, I love you so. I’m so proud of what we’ve done. You’ll be mine forever.”

Rob’s loving attention and words made Cindy feel better. She was his, forever, and if nothing else, the Chasti would keep them connected forever.

She hugged him, as tightly as she could for a few seconds, and then started crawling out of bed.

She walked a bit unsteadily into the bathroom, and went through the mechanical processes of peeing through her penis, and cleansing herself with the douche and enema devices. She found that she could accomplish all of those delicate operations with the cat suit’s crotch zipper open. That was kind of cool, she could stay in her latex that much longer. She zipped herself closed performed the more normal tasks of makeup and hair.

As was the norm these days, Rob was already dressed. He gave her a passionate hug and kiss and handed her one her pretty new dresses. It was, of course, low cut and short skirted. Cindy pulled it on over her head, and got it situated so it would be at least reasonably acceptable in public, and they headed out.

They walked slowly down the streets, looking for a nice place to eat. Cindy’s clip, clop steps drawing attention to her feet, her latex and corset displayed her beautiful body and her dress drew attention to her big breasts. Cindy once again enjoyed the stares. They both excited her and humiliated her, to be so on display, and so sexy and slutty in front of everybody. She also found it arousing when she thought about what the gawkers would think if they knew that under her dress her appliance was permanently sealed to her body and that the plugs that were locked into her holes were vibrating and driving her crazy with lust.

Eventually, Rob grew tired of showing off his sexy wife and they picked a restaurant for dinner. Instead of keeping Cindy on display in the center of the room, he steered them to a table in a back corner. Cindy was a little surprised. She had expected to be the subject of attention through dinner.

Half-way through dinner, she began to understand why they were sitting out of the limelight. Rob began fiddling with his watch and she started feeling the vibrations ramp up in her vagina and ass. They felt really good, and she started swaying and squirming in her chair. But when the vibrator over her clit came to life, she let out a little squeal, and embarrassed, she quickly clamped her hand over her mouth and froze in place. She had drawn the attention of some of the people sitting nearby. But after a few seconds they went back to their meals and conversations. Rob was smiling devilishly, and she gave him a look, followed by a gasp, when he adjusted the clit vibrator higher.

“Stop, oh please stop, I’ can’t come in here, in front of all of these people, she begged.”

“Hmm, “ he said, “Is that how you ask?”

Cindy knew what he wanted. Frustrated and embarrassed, she whispered, “oh Master, please can you turn off the vibrators?”

“Turn them off? Oh no, that wouldn’t be any fun. And, I can barely hear you, anyway.”

Now Cindy was getting desperate, her clit, pussy and ass were all coming to life in a big way, and she was so humiliated she knew she was red as a beat.

In a more conversational tone, loud enough to be heard by the people around them, she repeated herself, “oh master, can you please turn down my vibrators?”

Several of the people around them glanced over at Cindy, confused and unsure of what they had just heard. Cindy was absolutely mortified.

Rob nodded sagely, and said “Of course my dear, if that’s what you want,” and he slowly adjusted the vibrator for her clit down to a minimal setting and the ones in her other holes down to a middling speed.

Cindy sighed with relief and kept her head bowed, looking at her plate until the other diners turned away. She did catch one woman at the next table give her a knowing smile and a wink, before turning back and whispering something to her date. They both giggled like school kids.

At first Cindy was angry with Rob for torturing and embarrassing her so, in front of so many. But the more she thought about the show they’d just put on, the more aroused she got. She had almost lost control and orgasmed in front of a restaurant full of people, forced to that state by Rob and her Chasti.

The more she thought about it the hornier she got. Just as they finished paying their bill, she finally blurted out, “Oh master, can we please go back to the hotel now? I need sex.”

Rob, was so surprised that he choked on the sip of wine he had just taken. He immediately stood up, and grabbing Cindy’s hand, led her out through the restaurant, ignoring the surprised looks from those who had heard her words.

They hailed a cab and were back at their hotel in minutes. As soon as they were in the tiny elevator, Rob turned up all three vibrators to settings that he knew would drive Cindy over the top.

She reacted as he expected, moaning and squirming, seemingly uncontrollably. He had to grab her and hold her tightly so she wouldn’t collapse as she orgasmed mightily, on the spot. Thank heavens the elevator was old and slow. By the time it hit the 5th floor, Cindy was winding down and Rob was able to carry her to their room.

“You evil bastard,” she said with a long sigh, as he laid her on the bed. He laughed out loud at her comment.

“You asked for it.”

As she lay in bed, relaxing, she remembered to ask about the socket in the end of the appliance near her tailbone.

“The one for your tail? Did you notice the holes in the back of your new suits? They all line up so that the tail can pass through.”

“Wait, what?” Cindy cried. “Tail, what tail?”

“Well, I ordered several. I’d love to see you wearing one.” Rob walked over to the Chasti-Permalock bag and pulled out several individual pouches. He searched through them until he found the one he was looking for. “Here, see. Isn’t this cute?” He said as he held up a fluffy white rabbit’s tail.

Cindy, still a little shocked took it from Rob and examined the thing. Although on the outside it was soft and fluffy, there was some sort of foam rubber core that gave it some body. Her fingers encountered a solid metal, ridged jack, sticking out at one point.

Rob was watching her intently. “See, that jack will plug into the socket at your rear, and give you a pretty little tail. Roll over, and I’ll show you.”

When Cindy still contemplating the whole concept, didn’t move. Rob reached over and pushed her onto her side. When she didn’t resist, he continued rolling her onto her belly on the bed. He then fiddled with the plug at the back of her cat suit and then Cindy could feel him plug the tail into the hole in her Chasti.

Once it ‘clicked’ into place, Rob fiddled with his watch, and then declared: “There all set. You now have a pretty little rabbit tail. Why don’t you go and look in the mirror?”

Twisting around in front of the mirror to see her back-side, while wearing her stiff corset, was difficult, but she pulled it off enough to see.

She had to admit that it did look kind of cute; the big fluffy ball sticking out of her blue latex butt, just at the top of her crack.

She reached around and felt it and it was solidly attached and firm to the touch.

But she wasn’t sure she liked the idea. It was another step in some direction, that she wasn’t sure of. Was she to be an animal too?

She continued to study herself, while she examined her feelings. At least it wasn’t permanent.

A few minutes later, Cindy walked back over to the bed and sat down next to Rob. When she laid back, flat on the mattress, the tail poked her a bit, so she rolled onto her hip facing her lover.

She looked at him with a sultry smile, and said “please master, may I have another?”

Rob laughed and obliged her, using her vibrators to give her orgasms again, and again, before he paused and unlocked and removed the big plug in her rear hole.

Cindy wasn’t expecting much from a rear entry. If she didn’t feel that much from his cock in her front, what could be done in her rear. But, when Rob used his controller to activate the vibrators on her clit and in her pussy, she suddenly realized that it was going to be a lot more fun this time.

Rob didn’t waste any time getting her positioned on her elbows and knees. It was more like elbows, breasts and knees, these days. He paused to admire her pretty blue latex ass with its fluffy tail before he drove his cock into the rear opening in the appliance. Cindy couldn’t feel much as he entered her back there. She was disappointed until Rob cranked up the vibrators, and then her evening got a whole lot better! Rob felt the vibrations traveling from front to back and it felt really good to him.

The wonderful feelings that Cindy had been experiencing from the clit vibrator, coupled with those from the plug in her pussy quickly started driving her over the edge. Rob’s pumping in her behind set off a fun rocking motion that massaged her breasts into the bed. They felt so good that she didn’t feel any of the soreness she had been suffering.

They both came almost in unison. It was really great for them both. Rob got an extra charge doing it doggy style and Cindy realized that with the vibrators working on her front, getting screwed in the rear was more enjoyable than getting it in front. She wanted more, but she knew that Rob was spent.

She sighed as she stretched out, laying on her belly. Her breasts complained about being crushed, but she ignored the discomfort and just enjoyed Rob’s weight on her back.

After a while, Rob rolled off and lay panting on the bed next to her. He reached over and fiddled with her bunny tail, grinning contentedly. Cindy knew what he was doing, but didn’t care, as long as Rob was happy, why not, go with it?

Cindy figured that it was a fun little accessory for use around the bedroom. If it turned Rob on, why not? She didn’t like how it got in the way of her laying on her back, though. It would have to be an occasional thing. But as she thought more about it, she realized that Rob might have bigger plans for her tails. In fact, she was sure of it. She could just picture herself walking around in public with a tail sticking out of her back side. Now that would be humiliating! And erotic, too, she had to admit.

Rob interrupted her musings. “That felt really great,” he said smiling at his sexy wife.

“Yes, it did,” she replied. Thrilling Rob. He was overjoyed that she had enjoyed being taken in the rear, in her new appliance. It boded really well for the future.

They lay there for a while before they took turns using the bathroom to clean up.

Then they curled up in bed, hugging and kissing. Cindy still in her latex outfit and in her corset, boots and new tail. It felt so good to be back into her favorite fetish garb that she didn’t care to take it off. Rob was also very happy with her outfit. He thought about putting her into a hood, but decided he didn’t want to push Cindy any further. Instead, he turned her vibrators on low, to keep her aroused and happy for the night. It was then that he noticed an indicator on his watch. The batteries in her Chasti were running low on power.

“Oh, oh,” he mumbled, attracting Cindy’s attention, “we have to charge your batteries.”

He got out of bed and pulled one of the charging units out of its box and plugged it into the wall next to the bed on Cindy’s side. He then ran the long cord from the device up under the covers and in between Cindy’s legs where he inserted it into the jack between her two plugs. His watch gave an indication that the appliance was charging properly.

Cindy had watched the process and could only shake her head, dismayed that this was another aspect of her new life. She had to be recharged like a machine. This is something she would have to do every few nights for the rest of her life. She hoped she wouldn’t get tangled in the cord while she slept.

Resigned to her fate, she closed her eyes and started working on sleep, the vibrators were gently doing their thing in between her legs, and served as a pleasant distraction, but not one that would make it too difficult to sleep. She felt Rob join her in the bed and, after some thought she decided that it had been a good day. A very good, sexy day!

Cindy awoke several times during the night. She found that she couldn’t sleep on her back as the tail poked her in the ass, it also got in the way when she was rolling over from one side to the other. As cute as it looked, it was annoying.

When she did fall asleep, her dreams were full of sex and fantasies, waking her with imagined orgasms. Of course, as she came to, she felt the vibrators stimulating her clit, pussy and ass and got even more excited. They weren’t stimulating her enough to actually take her over the top, and that distressed her even more. She would thrash around in the bed for a while and then slowly calm herself down so she could drift off to sleep again.

Rob felt her thrashing around, but ignored it, realizing what was going on and secretly enjoying tormenting his wife in such a fashion.

(Day 24)

In the morning Rob had to unplug Cindy, as with her long nails and her stiff corset, she couldn’t get a proper hold on the power jack to get it to release from the fitting on her appliance.

Rob got a kick out of her predicament, but Cindy hated the thought that the thing had effectively tethered her to the bed. She’d have to figure out how to do it herself.

He then had her lay on her stomach while he unlocked and removed her bunny tail.

“I had a hard time getting used to sleeping with that thing. It’s cute and all, but I’m not sure if I like it.”

Rob smiled at her, “Oh, I think you’ll get used to it. I like it a lot, and you look so very charming with it sticking out of your rear.”

Cindy just shrugged in a non-committal response.

Once she was free to move, Rob unlocked her and helped her get undressed. She was so used to sleeping in her latex, corset and boots that it amazed her when she thought about it. ‘What am I becoming?’ She asked herself, but had no good answer. Nymphomaniac? Latex Slut? Sex Slave? She’d rather think of herself as just a woman exploring sexual fantasies with her loving husband.

When naked, except for her new ‘appliance’ she headed for the bathroom. She used her penis to empty her bladder as her bowels had been emptied the last night, she didn’t feel the need for another enema, so she just jumped into the shower.

As she washed her breasts, she realized that they were hardly sore at all. In fact, they felt really good. They seemed more sensitive than they used to, and rubbing and pinching her nipples sent very nice tingling feelings all the way down to her pussy. That doctor was a magician!

After her shower she did her make-up and hair and then wandered out to see what Rob had in store for her today.

He had laid out the white catsuit along with her white pony boots and a black, over-bust corset for her. With his help it wasn’t too long before she was dressed and locked into her outfit of the day. The pressure from the new, tighter corset was again making it hard for her to breath and move, but she knew that her body would get used to it. It had to.

In any case Cindy, felt good being back in her latex. Those days when her outfits were being modified to fit her new breasts had made her realize just how much she enjoyed her body coated in that sexy, material.

She picked out a pretty dress to slip on and they headed out.

Today, they were touring the 5th Arrondissement, so they took a cab across the river and started with the museum of history.

The day was cloudy and a bit chilly and Cindy was happy that her cat suit kept her warm, despite the weather.

Of course, Rob was happy that her outfit kept her looking sexy, and, of course, the people around them seemed to appreciate Cindy’s looks and shape immensely. They had become used to the many looks her clip, clop steps also drew wherever they went.

They did a lot of walking both inside the museum and around the neighborhoods. They stopped at several shops and bought several more dresses. At one point, Cindy protested the expenses, but Rob reminded her that she needed a new wardrobe that would accommodate her new chest. He also pointed out how great she looked in the more revealing dresses that they had been buying.

Eventually they grew hungry and Cindy grew tired, so they found a busy café and sat to rest and replenish.

While waiting for their lunch, watching the passers-by and being eyed in turn, Rob got an email from his attorney back home. It described an offer from a capital investment firm. They wanted to buy his company. This wasn’t the first offer he had received, but after all the work that he, and Cindy, had put into building up his business, he couldn’t see selling it. He was making a fortune and was happy to keep things going the way they were. Especially now, as he realized that he had also built up a very competent management team that could function competently while he and Cindy enjoyed tehmselves. Besides all of the other offers had been low-ball attempts to grab his work, before it hit the big time.

He mentioned the offer to Cindy, and told her what he thought. Cindy asked, just out of curiosity, how much they were offering this time.

“Oh, they mentioned something like 20 million, but I think we could get more, he answered, casually.

“Wow,” Cindy mumbled around the byte of food she had just taken. She swallowed and continued: “that’s a lot of money. You’ve really done a great job building that place from scratch.”

“We built it,” correcting her, “and now we’re reaping some of the rewards,” Rob said while staring Cindy up and down, with a wicked grin. Cindy blushed and smiled back.

After lunch they continued to wander the streets for another couple of hours, before Rob finally grabbed a cab to take them back to their part of town. Cindy wasn’t paying attention when he gave the driver the address, so she was surprised when they got out in front of the store where they had originally bought her tall boots.

Rob walked her into the shop, ignoring her questioning looks and stepped right up to the sales girl.

He proceeded to order three more pairs of boots in the royal blue color that would match her latex suits.

Cindy was surprised and told him that they were too expensive, that the ones she had were enough, but he was adamant. He wanted matching boots for his favorite blue outfits.

Rob paid and was told the three pairs would be delivered to their hotel in a couple of days.

They then went back to wandering the streets, many of them now familiar as they had walked the area so many times these past weeks. As they walked along, Cindy realized that she had grown so very used to her pony boots that they didn’t bother her any more. Her legs, ankles and feet no longer pained her as she walked, or even at the end of a long day. She had also grown used to the restrictions they placed on her stride and her ability to bend her knees.

She was somewhat stunned by the realization. It was just another aspect of her new life that pointed to her becoming a fetish queen. A role that she had fantasized about, but never dreamed that she would develop into. Of course, the thought turned her on and made her pussy tingle.

An hour later they were back in their hotel room.

Cindy laid comfortably back onto the bed, propped up against the headboard, her legs held straight out by her stiff boots.

“OK, tell me about the ‘other’ tails you mentioned. What has your devilish and fetish crazed mind come up with?”

“Ah,” Rob said with a smile, “let me show you.”

He grabbed the collection of pouches that contained the other tails and spread them out on the bed next to where Cindy was lounging. He then proceeded to show her, one by one, what the options were, besides the somewhat more mundane bunny tail.

He first pulled out the shorter, black cat tail, and handed it to her. Cindy felt the soft velvety texture of the long stalk and the solid steel jack that would plug into her rear. She also noticed the way it was firmly shaped to stick out away from her body for a couple of inches, before it descending down toward the floor. It had a slight curl to the bottom that left it in a gentle ‘S’ shape. With it she would be one sexy little kitty.

When she put it aside, Rob handed her the longer Cat tail. Cindy took it and marveled at the length. This one would almost reach the ground, and its longer length meant for a more pronounces ‘S’ curve at the bottom.

Looking at them, Cindy realized that it could easily get in the way. It could get caught in doors or even trip her, although with her tall heels, that was unlikely. It also occurred to her that not only laying on her back but in sitting in chairs or cars, it would be very troublesome. But she blew off that concern as she wouldn’t ever be wearing it while driving.

Next was the horse tail, it was beautiful, long and silky. It would go with her pony boots. But, she didn’t picture herself as a horse, or a ‘pony girl’, like she had seen in a few internet porn photos, even though she was wearing pony boots all of the time.

Finally, there were the three mouse tails. They were made of latex, to match her cat and body suits and were in black, white and royal blue. They were long, like the one cat tail and also had a gentle ‘S’ curve to them. At the base, where the socket was, they were about two inches in diameter, but they tapered more than the cat tails to an ending point that was only about a half inch.

She supposed that she liked them the best. Probably because of their latex feel and how they would merge with her latex covered body. Rob obviously preferred them, too.

It was only when Rob said, “we’ll have to get some of your dresses and skirts modified to allow the tails to poke out, otherwise they’ll tent your skirts out and look terrible,” that Cindy realized that he intended her to wear them out in public! The thought stunned her, and she sputtered; “what? I don’t understand. Wear them outside?”

Rob said, “that’s the plan. Why not? They’re sexy as hell and you are already the sexiest woman in Paris. We walk all over with you locked in latex, wearing your pony boots, with the body of a sex goddess. These will only make you more exotic and sexier.”

Cindy wasn’t sold on the idea. She’d grown accustomed to wearing her cat suits, and fetish boots in public. The stares and comments that they generated had become the new norm. She had learned to either ignore them, or allow them to arouse her, depending on how sexy she was feeling. They were, after all, things she’d fantasized about over the years. But she had never imagined wearing anything like those tails, particularly in public.

While she was debating with herself, the implications of the things, Rob reached over and started pulling her dress off, over her head. She went along and lifted her body and arms so he could slide it up and off.

He then asked her to roll over and lay on her belly. With a sigh she did as requested, and soon thereafter she felt Rob plug one of the tails into the socket at the back of her Chasti. Out of the corner of her eye, she saw him press a button on his watch/controller which, she supposed, locked it in place.

“God, that looks so sexy,” he said, obviously pleased and excited.

Cindy, still uncertain, rolled over onto her side, but was stopped from rolling onto her back by the thing sticking out of her behind. She had to slither off of the bed to get up and walk over to the mirror to see her back. She saw the white latex mouse tail protruding from her back-side, and then swooping down towards the floor. Experimentally she wiggled her ass and watched the thing sway back and forth.

She reached back and grabbed it, and brought it up to her chest. It swung up easily, but eventually it began pulling on her behind and she let go. It sprang back into its original position. She reached back again and with her corset in place she could just barely follow it to where it pushed out straight for several inches before it ended in the socket in her Chasti appliance.

She realized that sitting in a full backed chair would be difficult, if not impossible. The tail would prevent her from leaning back. That would also apply to sitting in a car seat. She would have to sit kind of sideways to make it work. And, of course, she wouldn’t be able to sleep on her back while wearing the silly thing. It also occurred to her that sitting on a toilet would also be troublesome. Damn, these things would be yet another challenge she’d have to deal with!

Sex on her back could also be a problem, but now, with the appliance in place she was enjoying rear entry a lot more, as it allowed her fantastic front vibrators to do their thing and deliver those mind-blowing orgasms she loved so much; and Rob seemed to like the doggy position for that.

That thought made her realize that she did find the tail kind of sexy. She started picturing herself walking the streets with it swaying behind her. It would certainly be humiliating, but she now always seemed to find that emotion to be a big turn on.

Maybe, just maybe it would be fun.

With that conclusion she turned to more interesting things. She walked over to Rob, who had been watching expectantly, and gave him a big hug and a long kiss.

“Oh master, please fuck your girl with a tail. I think we’ll have to do it in the rear, as my new tail would get in the way if I’m on my back.”

Rob, laughed and kissed her back, before he literally picked her up and placed her on the bed on her hands and knees. He used his watch to unlock her rear plug before reaching between her legs and unzipping her crotch and removing the plug in her ass. Returning to his watch he turned up her two front vibrators to a nice, high speed before positioning himself behind his latex covered wife.

He then grabbed her tail in one hand while he guided his hard cock into the appliance’s hole. Cindy felt Rob lift her slightly via the tail – a strange feeling, but one that added to her arousal as the vibrators started doing their best to drive her to orgasm. She leaned forward until her body was on knees breasts and elbows, and her head rested on the pillow, and let herself enjoy the physical and psychological feelings that she loved so much.

They kept at it for a long time, and she enjoyed several fantastic orgasms. When they were both exhausted, Rob backed away and reinserted Cindy’s rear plug, locked it and set Cindy’s vibrators to a low, slow simmer.

She rolled onto her side and purred like a cat, drawing giggles from both of them. Rob crawled up the bed, facing her and they kissed sensuously while they caught their breaths and wound down.

“You should really be squeaking like a mouse,” Rob chuckled, as he got up, cleaned-up, and slipped on some clothes.

While Cindy cleaned up, he ordered another room service dinner for two.

Thinking back, she realized that Rob’s manipulation of her tail had added to her enjoyment. His pumping into her ass didn’t provide much pleasure, especially with the Chasti in place. It was the vibrators in front that drove her nuts, but the pulling and bouncing that had been administered through her tail had without a doubt turned her on. She concluded that it was another kinky and enjoyable aspect of their new style of love making.

Cindy took her time, giving herself an enema, she found that the tail did interfere with her use of the toilet. That was annoying, and she started thinking that it would be best if the tail didn’t become a regular thing. Knowing Rob and his new love of fetish fulfillment, she suspected though, that she would just have to get used to yet another restriction. Sigh…

Cindy, brushed her hair and walked out to sit on the edge of the bed, where Rob was laying, while he waited for the food.

“Turn around, please,” he asked, twirling his finger. She complied, her tail swinging around her leg as she did so.

“I do love the look of that thing. It’s so sexy, and cute too,” he said with a playful tone in his voice. “Please wear it for me.”

Cindy just didn’t like the idea, “I don’t know Rob. It’s kind of a pain. I’m sure it’s going to be getting in the way and driving me nuts.”

“Oh, I’m certain you can handle it. It will be one more aspect of your sexy body and outfits that will drive me and every other male crazy with yearning.”

Cindy sighed and shook her head, “But it will be so humiliating, walking around with this thing swaying behind me. I feel I can get away with walking around in the latex, as a fashion statement. The pony boots too are fashionable in some sense, but the tail is just plain slutty.” She was almost pleading, now, as she knew that Rob would ultimately get his way.

“Oh, come on, since when does humiliation upset you? You’ve told me on many occasions how much it turns you on to be embarrassed in front of strangers. You’ve been loving it these past weeks, as we parade around town, and I would call it sexy, not slutty.”

At that Cindy smirked. She knew that he was right. She had been in a constant state of lust ever since she’d started wearing her latex outfits and tall boots out and about.

‘Oh well, what the hell,’ she decided. Why not? It would be just another embarrassment.

Having decided to surrender, she reached back playfully and grabbed her tail. She began swinging it around in a circle by her hip and said “OK big boy, I’ll learn to love it, just for you, my love.”

Rob, cracked up at her antics, and was just reaching for her when room service knocked on their door with dinner.

Cindy quickly turned and headed to the bathroom to hide her latex covered body and her tail. She almost caught it in the door, as she closed it behind her. Something else she’d have to deal with, she thought wryly.

They enjoyed their dinner, although Cindy had to perch at an angle on the chair at the room’s little café table, to avoid jamming herself with her tail.

Afterwards, Rob suggested a night without latex, and Cindy agreed. It would be fun to take a break and just sleep in their bare skin for a change.

He unlocked her and stripped off her corset, boots and cat suit. But when Cindy turned to head into the bathroom for a much-needed shower, she realized that the tail was still locked in place.

She turned to him, pouting and said, “Really?”

Rob just smiled and shooed her away with a wave of his hand.

Cindy climbed into the shower, and used her penis to empty her bladder down the drain. She hadn’t tried that before but decided that the approach worked well. Her tail remained an annoyance, as whenever she turned, or bent to wash her legs and feet, the thing whipped around and slapped her legs and the shower’s walls, making a wet smacking sound.

Room service had already cleaned away the remains of their dinner when she joined Rob in bed.

He pulled her over on top of him and hugged her tightly, reaching around her hip to tug gently on her tail.

They made love with her on top. Rob unlocked her front plug and massaged her clit with his fingers as she pumped up and down on his cock. Her tail whipped around and slapped both of them as the action increased in rhythm and ferocity. Rob loved the reminder of Cindy’s addition. Later, Cindy begrudgingly admitted to herself that she kind of enjoyed it too.

When they were spent, happy and contented, Rob remembered to plug in the charger for Cindy’s appliance. A task Cindy still hadn’t mastered.

They slept laying on their sides, facing each other. The only practical way they could, now.

(Day 25)

Cindy was dressed in her black latex body suit, corset and tall, wedge-heeled boots, covered by a pretty but revealing Dark red dress when they left the hotel in the morning. She was glad to be rid of the tail from last night and she was feeling good, and sexy.

After a lazy breakfast, they took a cab back to the Louvre to enjoy more of the collection. See things they’d missed on their previous visits, and again see favorites that they wanted to enjoy again.

As they slowly walked around the galleries, Rob couldn’t help noticing that Cindy drew almost as many admirers as did the art works. He felt proud and pleased with how his dear wife had willingly become such a work of art in her own right; although few of the paintings or sculptures tended to cause the men to tent their pants, like Cindy did.

They had a late lunch in a restaurant overlooking the statue of Louis the XIV, and followed that up by, again wandering the streets, admiring the architecture and window shopping in the neighborhood stores.

When they grew tired, they went back to the hotel to rest for a while and then prepare for the night’s party.

Relaxing on the bed, they talked about how excited they were to see what it was all about. Curious to determine if the new Cindy would fit in with the fetish-oriented crowd that Madam DeGare had told them about.

When it came time to get ready, Cindy mentioned how nervous she felt about attending a gathering of strangers, while wearing her latex, but Rob convinced her to relax and to look at the whole thing as yet another adventure. He wouldn’t allow her to not wear her latex.

She capitulated and agreed to try and make the most of it. Besides, she thought, they’d never have to see any of these people again.

After she had cleaned up, she got dressed in her white latex catsuit, with corset, and pony boots and with an elegant but revealing dress over the top. Her make-up was heavily applied and sultry.

Rather than be limited by a cab, Rob rented a car for the evening, and they drove out to Madam DeGare’s elegant home.

The party was a big event. Cars packed the driveway, and spilled out onto the grass of the expansive grounds of Madam DeGare’s estate.

They had to park away from the mansion in an opening on the lawn, among a dozen other cars, already in place.

After Rob helped Cindy out her door, a common occurrence now, what with her tall boots and tight corset, he asked her to stand still for a moment facing the car. He reached around her from behind and grabbing her wrists he placed them on the top of the car. Confused, Cindy felt like she was being prepared for a frisking by a police officer, as she’d seen on TV shows.

Rob then told her to stay like that as he knelt down behind her. It all made Cindy very nervous as she had no idea what Rob was up to. At least it was dark and pretty much deserted, this far from the building.

Looking over her shoulder she saw that he had pulled out his pocket knife, and he had a small black bag laying on the grass next to his knee. She started to put two and two together when she felt him working on her dress, at the top of her ass.

“What in God’s name are you doing back there?” she said, trying to turn around, but as soon as she began to move, Rob placed his hand on the small of her back and held her firmly against the car.

“Stay still,” he ordered in a commanding voice that Cindy wasn’t used to hearing from her husband.

She complied, getting more anxious, but not wanting to make a scene. There were people walking nearby on their way into the party and she didn’t want to draw attention to herself, especially with her husband kneeling behind her.

After a few minutes of fumbling, she felt Rob press something into her lower back, and then it hit her, what was going on. With a feeling of horror, she remembered that bags like the one she had seen a minute ago were used to hold the tails that Rob had bought! She then felt a light ‘click’ from the back of her Chasti.

Rob stood up and said, “There, that looks really great.”

Cindy reached back and with a little difficulty reached her lower back and felt a tail sticking out of her backside. When she grabbed it and pulled it around so she could see, she realized it was the long, white latex mouse tail.

“You can’t be serious,” she said, “and you cut a hole in my dress, didn’t you? You ruined it.”

Rob smiled at her, guiltily, “Well I had to, to allow your tail to fit through.”

“Do you really expect me to walk around the party all night with this thing wagging behind me?” Cindy was really upset. She couldn’t imagine what a laughing stock she would become, when people saw her with a tail. How embarrassing and humiliating it would be.

Rob, though didn’t see it that way at all. “Cindy, you’ll look fantastically sexy, and exotic. And among this crowd no one will be laughing. They’ll all be turned on by your beautiful body and your fantastic outfit. Look at the pony girls and boys prancing around with their horse tails.” He said indicating a couple of new arrivals decked out in horse harnesses and long flowing appendages. “Just give it a try, please.”

With that he reached out and hugged her to his chest.

Cindy cherished the reassuring hug but remained afraid. “No. I can’t. Please don’t make me; please, take it out.”

“No, it’s too late anyway, your dress has a hole in it back there. It would look even worse for you to walk around like that.”

“Here,” he said, “I’ll help motivate you,” and he then brought up his watch in between them and began making adjustments. Cindy immediately felt the vibrators in her crotch start to ramp up.

“Oh, you evil man, you.” Cindy whispered as she started to squirm from the feelings being generated by the plugs, and especially the vibrator mounted over her clit.

Her knees began to get wobbly and she started to moan as her arousal started to become more and more intense.

She started to panic when she realized that an orgasm, in public, was about to strike. “OK, OK, “she whined, “please make it stop, I’ll try it, I don’t want to orgasm out here, in front of everybody!”

With a small smile, Rob adjusted the controls and backed off their speed settings to a low simmer. He then grabbed Cindy in a big hug and whispered, “that’s my girl.”

They stood like that, ignored by the flow of party goers until Cindy had regained her composure. He then led her, with her tail flagging behind her, toward the entrance.

Cindy, resigned to her fate, just ignored the thing, hoping that everyone else would too. One thing that did occur to her was that Rob had just used her Chasti to force her to do something she didn’t want to do. That was a new aspect of her life; being controlled to that level. She didn’t know how she felt about it.

There were, perhaps 30 couples in attendance. There was also a lot of latex, leather and bare skin in evidence. Every couple had at least one partner in full fetish attire. Cat suits, corsets, sky-high heels on shoes and boots, pony girls and boys, puppies and kitties on leashes, and every other kink you could think of seemed to be represented.

Of course, there were lesbian and gay couples too, and it looked like there were cross dressers as well, but they looked so convincing that it was hard to tell.

It was a little overwhelming for Cindy and Rob. Simone was there being the energetic and gracious hostess. She tried to make them comfortable, but it was hard as she was so busy, and the conversations around them were mostly in French.

Their hostess introduced them to a couple who were obviously old friends of hers. The man was richly dressed in an expensive suit, while the woman, his wife, was barely dressed in a very thin, fully transparent blue dress. Rob and Cindy could see her entire body, for the only thing underneath her dress was a black leather corset. She had a beautiful body with large firm breasts, and a tiny waist, like Cindy’s.

The really striking aspect was the woman’s body jewelry. She had a large gold ring piercing her septum. From it dangled a long thin chain that her husband held in his hand. She was leashed like an animal, or more likely a pet.

She also had a tall golden collar with a ring mounted in front. Rob and Cindy could see that it was connected by a couple of light chains to the woman’s nipples.

The man, seeing their interest in his wife’s outfit, proudly began explaining that his wife, Adele, was also his sex slave and pet. In fact, he said, the marriage was secondary to her role as his slave.

He then explained that her piercings and permanent jewelry were his mark of ownership and that his slave wore them as signs of his total control of her body.

Her breasts were pierced several times to hold large golden breast shields that extended over her areolas and about half of her breasts. The shields were held in place, permanently by their piercings and connected by the thin chains to her collar, and by a heaver chain, with a small bell dangling from its center, to each other. Every time she moved the bell gave off a pleasant chime. The shields allowed her nipples to poke out of their centers. Her nipples were pierced near their tips with large gold rings, these too were permanent. Between the nipple rings and their shields three donut-like rings circled her nipples, stretching them out to about a half-inch in length.

It reminded Rob of the Burmese tribe who stretched their necks using copper rings.

The husband and slave owner laughed when he explained that his slave’s nipples were the first part of her to enter a room. His statement apparently embarrassed his slave as her pretty face turned bright red when he said it, but she still didn’t utter a word. He went on to say that it was about time to add a fourth ring to extend her nipples even further.

Cindy, for some reason she couldn’t explain, was fascinated by Adele’s nipples, and the comment about them being the first into a room made her pussy twitch.

The master then pointed out his slave’s crotch which was also permanently pierced, thirty times in total, he said. Rob and Cindy could clearly see a large ring, perhaps two inches in diameter that apparently pierced her clitoris. It included a bell like the one between her breasts that rang whenever she moved.

Cindy shivered when she thought about what that must be doing to the poor girl. The weight of the ring pulling on her clit. The ring so large that with every step her thighs would brush and twist it, and the bell that would ring and send vibrations up to her most sensitive bundle of nerves.

The husband went on to describe that his slave’s inner pussy lips were permanently pierced with six rings per side, and her outer lips were pierced eight times each. From each ring a delicate chain about three inches long hung down, ending in a small tear-drop shaped weight. These clattered and rattled against one another as the man ran his hand up under her dress and raked his fingers through the hanging decoration.

Finally, the slave master described one more ring that pierced her perineum. Permanently chained to it was what he described as a sizeable butt plug. Meaning that she wore it constantly and had to remove it, and hold it in order to empty her bowels, then reinsert the thing, else it would dangle down between her legs.

When the man finished with this description, both Rob and Cindy were shocked, but also without a doubt very aroused. The guy was obviously proud of his slave, and all of the things he’d done to her.

Cindy, looking into the downcast eyes of the slave, felt a lot of compassion for the poor girl. That she had been so thoroughly decorated and seemingly abused.

The husband seemed to understood their reaction as he had apparently seen it many times before. He finished up his description by instructing his wife. “Adele please explain how you feel about your lovely decorations to our new friends.”

“Yes master,” she said quietly, then looking into Cindy’s eyes she continued, “I love my body and the way it looks and feels, because it pleases my loving husband and master.”

Cindy wasn’t quite convinced that her statement was truly from the heart, or if it was just a well-rehearsed, standard answer, but she was too uncomfortable to challenge the statement. She squeezed Rob’s hand and gently pulled to signal that she was done with this conversation. He got the hint, and complimented the man on his lovely slave and her beautiful body, and thanked him for showing them her decorations, before starting to lead Cindy away.

As they turned to go, however, the man commented, “That’s a lovely tail, you have there, dear.” Much to Cindy’s embarrassment. She ignored him and made a low growling sound as they moved away. Rob just laughed.

As an afterthought, Rob reached up behind Cindy and swiveled her neck chain around until her leash was in front. Cindy wasn’t crazy about the idea, or the implications, but just let it go. It sat there, swaying as she walked, for all to see for the rest of the night.

After touring several of the rooms, and trying not to stare at some of the outfits and goings-on, Cindy came to the conclusion that her outfit and in particular her tail was not so very unusual, at least in this crowd.

After a while they were both a bit overwhelmed and tired of walking, they found a quiet space with a small table that had two empty chairs. Another couple was sitting there and chatting. That couple looked remarkably similar to Rob and Cindy. The wife was in a body-hugging latex dress and the man was nicely dressed in ‘normal’ street clothes.

When Rob asked if they might sit down, in his weak French, they smiled and said ‘of course, please join us,’ in very good English. They were Alexander and Catherine and had traveled into Paris from the outskirts, where they owned an old, remodeled farm house on several acres of the countryside.

The four of them initially began discussing banal topics, then they moved to personal details, as they slowly got to know one another. Finally, they felt comfortable enough to discuss the fetishes on display around them.

Rob brought up their meeting with the man and his heavily pierced slave. Catherine said, “Oh, you must mean Monsieur Verlan, and Adele. They have taken their relationship a little far. Certainly, farther than we would ever consider going.”

Cindy joined in, “yes, I wasn’t sure if Adele truly enjoyed her role, or if she was forced into it.”

“Oh, I’m sure it was all consensual. I spoke to her a year ago, when many of her piercings were new, and her nipples only had one stretching ring,” she said adding a smirk., “I’m quite certain that she was happy with her lifestyle and the demands her husband places upon her.”

About then Simone did a ‘drive by’ and blurted out “Ah, I’m so happy you have met. It’s fate that you should, as Cat and Alex both wear Chasti appliances similar to yours, Cindy.”

Cindy was surprised, and embarrassed to be called out like that in front of these near-strangers. But Alex and Cat seemed pleasantly surprised and impressed.

Simone enthusiastically encouraged them to share their experiences. She said she’d love to hear of them herself, but alas had to move on to oversee the party.

It was only then that Rob noticed that Alex wore a watch similar to his. Looking over, he also noticed that Cat wore a similar, but more feminine version of the CP watch/controller, too.

Despite Cindy’s discomfort, the four of them began a lengthy and ultimately open and frank discussion of their respective appliances.

Cindy was hesitant to talk about her appliance, so Rob dove right in and covered it in detail. He described all of its functions and told their new friends how fantastic the orgasms were for Cindy.

Alex and Cat could see that Cindy was embarrassed, and attempted to comfort her with their own comments. They also remarked on how much they enjoyed her tail, the only visible aspect of her appliance.

In actuality, Cat was thoroughly impressed by Cindy’s Chasti device, as was Alex.

It turned out that Cat and Alex had decided on a complex, custom paired set of Chasti appliances. Cat’s was somewhat similar to Cindy’s in that it included a collar and vibrating plug for her vagina, but not for her rear. She didn’t have anything covering her clit either, although access to it was somewhat blocked by her vaginal cuff. Of course, Alex had the controller for her device.

Alex, also had a Chasti device, that was similar to a cock cage. It blocked all access to his penis, and Cindy had control with her watch. His appliance was unique in several ways.

It came with a vibrating dildo that was a duplicate of his cock when hard. This could be mounted, and locked in place over his tightly covered penis.

With his fake penis in place, Alex could unlock and remove Cat’s vibrator and plug into her Chasti appliance’s vaginal hole. The vibrations from his dildo would easily bring Cat to orgasm, but it was impossible for him to cum.

If she wanted, Cat could unlock Alex’s cage so he could have normal sex with her, but there was a catch that they, mainly Cat, had had built into the Chasti appliances. Alex could only be unlocked once every 30 days.

So, any time they wanted, Cat could have great orgasms with Alex wearing his dildo, but Alex could only have great orgasms at most once every 30 days.

This arrangement was part of the deal they made when they had first started discussing their fantasy fulfillment desires. Cat had been afraid of being the only one controlled by a Chasti, and Alex, was so enamored by the Chasti lifestyle that he had agreed to the limitations she requested. Cat for her part, knew that a horny man, denied orgasms was much more attentive to his wife’s desires. So, they worked with Chasti-Permalock to design their custom, paired approach.

Cat was quite content with their current set-up. She didn’t have to worry about Alex getting it on with anyone but her. She was no longer worried that with all of the sexy and willing women, and particularly the slaves and pets, that Alex could be too tempted to resist.

Since their appliance installations, though, Alex had become a little dissatisfied with limitations on his orgasms. They had determined that he could do better if he added a Chasti anal cuff and plug appliance whose vibrations would massage his prostate. They understood from the Chasti-Permalock engineers that this, coupled with the vibrations from his mounted dildo would bring him to orgasm while he worked on Cat. Alex wanted the orgasms, but wasn’t happy with having to deal with the rear plug.

Cat added that Alex wanted her to add another Chasti appliance, if he took that step, himself. She, however didn’t want to try the anal plug as she enjoyed anal sex too much especially now that vaginal sex was controlled by her appliance.

She had been considering the breast appliance options offered by Chasti-Permalock. Their line of nipple shields were interesting her.

Cat described how their standard offering covered the areola and included a cuff around the nipple. They also included a locking cap, like a small thimble that would prevent access to the nipple, when locked in place. The nanites in these appliances could also be set to increase the wearer’s breast size, slowly over a period of months to whatever target cup size was desired. Although her breasts were a reasonable B-cup, she had dreamed of having larger ones. Alex added that he’d love to see Cat with beautiful, big breasts like Cindy’s.

Cat said that they had, in fact ordered the appliances for Alex and her, but hadn’t committed to their installation. They could always return them, if they decided within the next few days to not go through with it.

Rob was fascinated, he began fantasizing about Cindy wearing the nipple appliance, although he didn’t expect to utilize the breast expansion option. Cindy’s breasts were big enough for him, as is.

Cindy on the other hand felt that her Chasti appliance was more than enough for her.

The two couples continued to discuss their appliances and options, as well as their lifestyles and plans for another hour. Rob mentioned that their time in Paris would soon be ending; that they would be doing more touring of Europe before heading back to the USA. Cindy said though that she would be happy to just stay in Paris for the rest of their trip, and that she might just want to stay in Paris forever.

Rob didn’t know how to take her comments, while Alex and Cat though that staying was a great idea, and encouraged them to consider it.

Eventually the party ran down and the four of them got up to head home. Before they could find Simone to say goodbye, Cat invited them to come out to their home for a day to explore the country life, and provided them with a business card with Alex and her address and phone numbers. Cindy loved the idea and said they’d call tomorrow.

They then all said their final good byes and hit the road.

When Rob and Cindy finally got back to their hotel, they were exhausted by the long night they’d had, but they were too horny to sleep. Both of them needed sex.

Rob stripped off Cindy’s little dress and began kissing, hugging and fondling her wonderful, latex covered body.

When they came up for air, Cindy looked Rob in the eyes, “Oh master, please fuck me in the ass tonight. Please set the front vibrators to take me over the top. I need it so badly.”

Rob’s response was, “I’d be delighted.” It took him only a couple seconds to strip out of his clothes and lube his penis.

He reached down and opened the zipper on her cat suit, and then used his watch to unlock her rear plug. Next, he set the vibrators on Cindy’s Chasti to high levels and before they got up to speed, he placed Cindy on the bed on her knees and elbows. Cindy was already starting to moan and wiggle when he climbed behind her and lifting her tail off to the side, he plugged his rock-hard cock into her rear hole.

Cindy’s leash swayed to the rhythm of Rob’s pumping or rested on the pillow as they moved.

It didn’t take long for Cindy to have her first orgasm. Rob held back as long as he could, but when he realized that Cindy had just begged him to take her in the ass, even though it was only because of how much she loved her Chasti’s front vibrators, he blew his load. Cindy felt it and immediately had her second massive orgasm. After that they both collapsed. Cindy onto her huge breasts and Rob off to the side, avoiding Cindy’s tail.

Rob didn’t lay there for long before Cindy started moaning again and squirming next to him. He realized that the Cindy’s vibrators were still going strong, and getting her wound up again. He quickly turned them down to a low setting. That elicited a weak ‘no, don’t’ from Cindy. He whispered into her ear, “just wait.” He bent down and reinserted the plug in Cindy’s rear and locked it, before turning all three of them back to a high setting (about an 8).

As soon as all of her vibrators sprang to life, Cindy’s body took off like a rocket and she quickly had another mind-blowing orgasm. She moaned and thrashed and her hands grabbed at her crotch and her breasts, holding the one and squeezing the other. Rob just laid beside her, watching and enjoying the show.

After she started to come down Rob turned off the clit vibrator and readjusted the vibrators in her holes to a low simmer.

Eventually Cindy sighed and mumbled something like ‘oh God, thank you; that was fantastic’ before staggering into the bathroom.

In the bathroom, Cindy had to hold onto the sink for a while just to stay vertical. She then washed her sweaty face, removing her streaked make-up. Next, she grabbed her little penis and went to sit on the toilet, only to discover that her tail was getting in the way. Damn! She had to sit almost sideways to allow her tail to clear the back of the toilet. Only then could she plug in the penis and empty her bladder. That act still bothered her. It was so humiliating. To think that she couldn’t pee by herself – that she now had to pee through a penis was appalling. But she just had to get over it, there was no other option. She flushed the toilet and then proceeded to give herself an enema to rinse out Rob’s load, empty her bowels, again sitting sideways on the toilet, and make sure she was clean for tomorrow.

When she finished, she zipped up her cat suit’s crotch and climbed into bed. Rob then took his turn in the bathroom. When he came out Cindy was already asleep.

He carefully lifted the covers and after gently pushing her legs open, he plugged in her power cord.


End of Part 7

Continues in part eight


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