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12: The Bondage Hotel

Beatrice's initial anticipation of seeing her friend Cass again soon had flattened, after the third traffic jam in which she had gotten stuck on the way to Leon City. She stared out of tired eyes at the cone of light her car cast on the unlit highway and wondered if Cass went along with this every time she drove back home. After they both graduated from high school, they parted ways as Beatrice sought out a college closer to home while Cass got a spot at LCC. The long distance made it almost impossible for them to visit one another, so they always had to wait for the vacations to see each other again when Cass came home to her parents anyway. But as luck would have it, they now both had time off from college stress and Beatrice had decided to visit Cass in the big city. As she passed a sign announcing that she would soon be arriving in town, her mood improved a bit and she blinked several times to refocus on the road. She wiped a strand of her dark brown hair from her face and sat up. The tight PVC pants she was wearing squeaked softly and Beatrice rolled her eyes. The whole ride, she had regretted putting on these pants, but she wanted to impress her friend with her new clothes. Normally Cass was always the one with the flashy and daring clothes and Beatrice the quiet inconspicuous girl, but she wanted to change this during her visit. Her feet were in ankle boots and her upper body was covered by a skimpy silver top. Beatrice never thought Cass would suffer so much for her fashion. The sudden illumination of her cell phone distracted her from the road for a moment, and she read Cass's name on the screen. A smile graced her lips and, with a swipe of her finger, she answered the call.

"Hey Cass, I was thinking about you dear. What's up?"

"Hey Bea! Where are you sweetie? I was expecting you two hours ago," she heard Cass' cheerful voice, from her cell phone.

"Yeeeeaaah, sorry I got caught in one traffic jam after another, but I should be there soon," Beatrice replied, glancing at the clock, just before midnight.

"All right! But remember you better stop and rest before you drive into the ditch ok? You've been on the road for a while."

"You got it mom," laughed Beatrice, and Cass joined in.

"By the time you get there there will already be a cozy bed and hot chocolate waiting for you."

"Oh then maybe I should hurry up and step on the gas before it gets cold, right?" asked Beatrice, accelerating so that her engine howled.

"You are so stupid haha. Call when you get here, I'll see you in a bit!"

"Alright, see you…" Beatrice interrupted herself as she looked in the rearview mirror and spotted the lights of a police car. "Oh shit." she muttered and started to slow down.

"What's going on?" asked Cass anxiously.

"Just my luck again… a patrol car saw me speeding."

"Yeah, you deserved that a little bit."

"Oh, shut up," Beatrice laughed and hung up after pulling over. The police car came to a stop behind her and Beatrice exhaled in annoyance. After a short wait, the door of the police car opened behind her and a policeman got out. He approached her with his flashlight drawn. In the light of his headlights Beatrice could see that he was tall and muscular, perhaps a little too muscular for a patrolman, Beatrice thought, but she had heard from Cass that the criminals in the city were a larger caliber than at home. Presumably, then, the cops had to be more trained as well. The officer tapped his flashlight against Beatrice's window and she lowered it.

"Evening madame."


"Can you tell me why I stopped you?" he asked and Beatrice had to force herself not to roll her eyes. She just wanted to get out of here and to Cass as quickly as possible.

"I think I was speeding for a minute, officer…?"

"Paper and license, please," he muttered, seeming to ignore her question.

"Of course, here you go," she said, handing him her papers.

"Have you been drinking, Ms.… Scotch?" he asked, letting the beam of the flashlight shine uncomfortably in her eyes.

"No sir, I'm just on my way to visit a friend. I was going to spend some vacation time at her place and see the town."

"Oh nice, nice," he murmured, "Wait in the car for a moment please I need to check this."

Beatrice shook her head in confusion.

"Ehm sure of course." she said, sinking into the seat as the policeman walked back to his car. Beatrice closed her eyes and massaged her forehead.

"I just want to get to Cass, don't I? Is that too much to ask?" she muttered, looking up as her cell phone vibrated. Cass had sent her a picture, showing a stick figure with her face sitting behind bars.

Cass: Let me know if you want me to get you out haha

Beatrice: Don't worry, it's not that bad yet

Cass: Well see you in a bit sweetie!

Beatrice sighed in relief when she saw in the side mirror that the policeman got out and sat up. Her cell phone she put with difficulty in her much too tight pants and so she missed that the policeman had drawn his gun.

"Beatrice Scotch, get out of the car immediately and put your hands behind your head! There's a warrant out for your arrest!" the policeman yelled and his voice broke through the silence of the darkness. Beatrice froze to ice as she saw the barrel of the gun, she gulped as sweat, broke out on her forehead and a thousand thoughts shot through her head

"Officer, there must be some mistake. I was never guilty of anything in my life." Beatrice shouted back, but she didn't want to risk anything and followed the orders.

"Don't move now!" he demanded and came stomping towards her. The policeman grabbed her hands and the sound of handcuffs closing sent a shiver down Beatrice's neck.

"Sir, there must be some mistake, I want to talk to your sergeant!" she demanded, but he didn't seem to hear her. Instead, he roughly pulled Beatrice away from the door and pushed her against her car so that her upper body rested on the trunk. The policeman began to pat her down, thoroughly. Beatrice blushed with embarrassment as he seemed particularly solicitous of her PVC-wrapped buttocks and fished her cell phone out of her pocket.

"I don't have any drugs or weapons on my body and I'd appreciate it if you don't touch me there!" she pressed out through clenched teeth and to her surprise he actually stepped back.

"I'm going to have to take you in Ms. Scotch, and for my own safety I'm going to have to give you extra restraints for the ride," the cop explained.

"I beg you, no matter what you have in the database about me, I assure you it is false!"

"We'll settle this at the station, please don't resist," he said coldly and pulled her down from her car. The officer maneuvered her into his car and pushed her into the back seat. It had a cavity to accommodate her cuffed arms. Beatrice frowned but said nothing until he pulled two seat belts and tightened them across her body. She now looked like she was wearing a leather harness from the BDSM scene, over her shiny silver top.

"Don't you think that's a bit overkill, sir?" she asked shyly, trying to peek past his head at his work laptop, but it showed nothing that could explain her predicament. Lastly, the policeman bent down and shackled her ankles to the bench seat with leather cuffs.

"No this is appropriate for you Ms. and now shut up." He slammed the door and got into the driver's seat.

"Wait! What about my car?" asked Beatrice in panic when she saw the still open door of her vehicle.

"Let my colleagues take care of it," murmured the policeman absentmindedly, typed something into his cell phone and put her phone next to him on the passenger seat. He started the engine and the car rolled over the gravel back onto the road. Beatrice looked back at her car, pouting, as they passed it and left it beside the highway.

"Now can you tell me what I'm being charged with? Don't you have to tell me?" she asked after they had been driving silently down the road for ten minutes, testing her restraints that pressed her mercilessly into the seat. She understood that the handcuffs had to be standard, but the straps pressed into her skin and uncomfortably onto her breasts. The vibration of the car massaged them and Beatrice had to pull herself together not to groan or blush at every bump they drove over.

"I said we'd settle this at the station Ms. and now shut up before I have to gag you," the policeman replied and Beatrice thought she could see in the rear view mirror that he was smiling briefly.

"You…you're not a cop, are you?" asked Beatrice suddenly and the officer gave her a brief surprised look. This time she could see his smile clearly.

"No. Welcome to Leon City, Beatrice." he said with a laugh and left the highway via a country road.

Bondage Hotel by ICmyaieye

"Officer Mending from LCPD how can I help you?" a female voice asked when Cass called the police station after Beatrice still hadn't arrived at her place after half an hour.

"Yeah hey, this is Cass Evers, I'm worried about a friend of mine, Beatrice Scotch. The last time I heard from her she got into a traffic stop and now she's not getting back to me. That was about a half hour ago. Has she been arrested?"

"Mmmh let me take a look. No, there is nothing here about a Beatrice Scotch. Do you know where that was?"

"Not exactly. I'm guessing on one of the highways heading into town."

"Uh that doesn't exactly narrow it down I'm afraid…but you're in luck, I'm reading here that there have only been four car stops on the highways in the last few hours and all of them had men behind the wheel. Are you sure she was pulled over?"

"Well… not really. Mmmh, Maybe she's just taking a rest…"

"Well, it is very late haha. If your friend doesn't call by tomorrow morning, please call again. Good night Ms. Evers."

"Night." said Cass and hung up. Disappointed, the blonde student lowered her phone and drummed on the table. When she talked about the city, she always joked that it was dangerous and better not to travel alone. But after the recent discovery of a human trafficking ring that trapped its victims in mannequins, she was unsure if the stories from the city were not to be taken more seriously. She opened her chat with Beatrice.

Cass: Hey Beatrice, I'm worried about you! Did something happen at the control? The LCPD has no record of you being stopped. Please get back to me by tomorrow morning.

She set her phone aside to get ready for bed when it vibrated. Cass breathed a sigh of relief and read the message.

Beatrice: Sorry to have worried you. I fell asleep and was kindly driven by the police to a nearby hotel. Can you pick me up there? I can't after the long drive, but would rather sleep with you.

Cass: Okay? Sure, I'll be on my way, send me your location.

Cass frowned when she saw Beatrice's position. She was out of town. In the middle of nowhere in a hotel whose name meant absolutely nothing to her. She sighed when she saw the route she was about to take, but wanted to oblige her friend and grabbed her car keys.

"Well at least she's okay," Cass muttered and left the apartment.

Beatrice was stunned. There was complete emptiness in her mind. Not a tear rolled down her cheek and she kept silent the whole way. This was convenient for her kidnapper, so he didn't have to stop and press a gag between her teeth. As the car slowed down and entered an underground parking garage, Beatrice looked up. Concrete walls grew up beside her, robbing her of her view of the forest. She cleared her throat as they drove deeper underground.

"What are you going to do with me?" she asked in a shaky voice, looking at her captor over the rearview mirror.

“'Store' and 'train' until we find a buyer for you."

"Store… Train…? Buyer? Are you one of those maniacs who lock their victims in mannequins?"

Her captor chuckled.

"You've heard of Judy? Haha! Yes, we used to work together sometimes, but now that she's gone we've taken over her business and clients. I'm sure you can imagine how high the demand has gotten by now."

"Not really."

"Doesn't matter, either. You'll have other problems soon." he said, stopping in front of a woman who seemed to be waiting for them. She wore a nurse's uniform of white latex and hid her face behind a latex surgical mask. Her white blonde hair fell like a waterfall down her back and her high heels gave her legs a seductive length.

"Please let me go. I swear I won't tell anyone either!" said Beatrice desperately as he unbuckled his seatbelt. He gave her a disdainful look.

"Do you think begging ever helped anyone in your situation?" he asked, raising an eyebrow. Beatrice dropped her head back to her chest. Her captor rolled his eyes and left the car to hug the blonde nurse. They exchanged a few quick words and Beatrice could hear the woman giggling. Beatrice looked up and could just see him showing her cell phone. He gave her a kiss on the masked mouth and disappeared toward a steel door that slammed heavily into the lock behind him. She tilted her head and looked at Beatrice in the car. Beatrice began to tremble as she looked into the woman's ice-cold eyes and tried in vain to free herself from the restraints.

"Please let me out of here! I'll do anything too! I don't want to be here!" she croaked at the top of her lungs and braced herself against the straps that pressed her into the seat. The woman watched with interest Beatrice's struggle against the restraints and leisurely pushed a kind of wheelchair next to the car. Pleadingly Beatrice looked up at her, but there was no trace of pity in the nurse's blue eyes. Exhausted, she lowered her head again and heard the woman open the door.

"Have we calmed down?" she asked, but Beatrice did not answer. "I asked you a question!" the nurse nagged Beatrice, grabbing her chin to turn it in her direction.

Beatrice’s gaze blurred as tears formed in her eyes and she nodded as the grip on her chin tightened.

"Good, now don't get any funny ideas when I put you in here. Trust me, you don't want to know what happens when you piss me off." the woman said, untying Beatrice's ankle cuffs and the harness that pressed her against the car seat.

"Please you don't have to do this," Beatrice mumbled weakly as the nurse grabbed her arm and pulled her out of the car.

"Well… do we? We have a business to run, after all." the woman said, placing Beatrice in the metal wheelchair. She removed her shoes and socks and put her feet in loops. With a tug on the sturdy nylon, the strap tightened and Beatrice's feet didn't move an inch from the spot. The nurse grabbed the back of her neck and wordlessly pushed her down. Surprised, Beatrice squealed as her face made acquaintance with her knees.

"Don't move!" the woman ordered, releasing the handcuffs before roughly pushing Beatrice back into the chair. More nylon straps were pulled over her shoulders under her armpits back to the back and like before her feet, cinched tight.

"This is hurting me. Does it have to be so tight?" whined Beatrice, looking up at the nurse who was busy putting her hands in the arm straps.

"Don't worry my dear," the woman said, stroking Beatrice's cheek with her latex-clad fingers, "I'll get you something more comfortable in a minute."

At that moment Beatrice's cell phone rang in the passenger seat.

"Oh do we have some nice friends?" the woman asked, tightening the last strap that pinned Beatrice's hips to the seat.

She leaned into the car, picked up the phone and read the message. A grin tugged under the mask and she cast a sardonic glance at Beatrice.

"Your friend Cass is concerned about you. Shouldn't we invite her here so you two can have a good time and we can make double the profit?"

Beatrice turned pale.

"Please don't do that! I… I'll do anything you want, too, and I'll be good!"

"Sweetheart you're doing that as it is, whether you like it or not." laughed the nurse and took off a glove to write back to Cass. Beatrice opened her mouth in bewilderment and began to pull at her bonds. But the nylon held her stubbornly pinned to the seat, allowing no resistance. It cut painfully into her wrists, but she couldn't let Cass get trapped. The nurse approached her again after putting her glove back on and tilted her head to the side with interest, watching Beatrice's hopeless struggle against the wheelchair.

"Please…", Beatrice started but immediately regretted opening her mouth when she got a panel gag pressed into her mouth. A ball pushed down her tongue, making any further words from Beatrice unintelligible. The woman closed additional straps under her chin and above her head.

"You whine too much dear. Nothing you can say will save you or your friend, you will not speak again now until I allow you to." the woman whispered in Beatrice's ear and a soft click was heard as she attached a lock to the gag.

"Mmmhh!" Was all Beatrice could produce and shook her head while trying to slip the gag off with the help of the chair. The woman patted Beatrice's cheek again and started pushing the chair towards an elevator.

"You're cute already. Maybe I can talk Lance into letting us keep you. I'm always looking for a new plaything." she said. The clacking of her white high heels echoed off the walls while Beatrice looked ahead in blank horror at her uncertain future.

Cass frowned as she arrived at the end of the long country road and parked next to Beatrice's car in the hotel lot. She had expected a flophouse in the middle of nowhere, but not the massive structure that now stretched out before her. It looked like a mansion from an earlier century and superbly maintained. Nowhere could Cass see paint peeling, and the bushes in front of the building were green, rustling gently in the breeze of the cool night air. Cass locked her car and walked toward the entrance. She went up the two steps to the porch and opened the heavy wooden door. A muscular doorman stood behind a gold-trimmed wooden counter reading the newspaper, but looked up as Cass entered the hotel. His scowl vanished momentarily and gave way to a smile as he set the newspaper aside.

"Good evening. How can I help you, my lady?"

"Hey good evening," Cass said, approaching him, "My friend said she was here and wanted to be picked up."

She looked around the lobby, but there was no sign of Beatrice.

"Could you tell Beatrice Scotch that I'm here?"

"I'm sorry, I'm not allowed to leave my post unless it's an emergency, but you're welcome to take a seat in the waiting room. Someone will be along shortly to take you to her. Once down the hall here and the last door on the left." he said kindly, pointing in that direction. Cass nodded her thanks while he picked up a phone. She heard him talking quietly to someone as she walked down the hall and opened the door described. It was a cozy room with white leather couches and wood paneled walls with pictures of famous people who had worked in or on the hotel. Cass did not take a closer look at them and sat down in a wide armchair. She pulled out her cell phone and rolled her eyes when she realized she had no network. Cass put it back and reached for one of the gossip magazines lying on a small table beside her.

Beatrice stared ahead out of blank eyes. The nurse pushed her through the building. Past mysterious apparatus she had never seen before and hidden switches that opened doors, behind pictures and mirrors.

"We're here Beatrice, I hope you like your new home because you won't be leaving it anytime soon," the woman said contentedly, patting Beatrice's head before picking a key from a full key ring and opening a white painted steel door. Beatrice looked into the room. It was only a few steps in either direction, but had a high ceiling where she could see cameras. The walls and floor were padded and bouncy as the woman pushed the wheelchair into the room. Her masked face forced itself into Beatrice's field of vision and new tears gathered in her eyes. The young woman shook her head pleadingly, hoping that the nurse would take pity on her after all.

"'Oh you poor thing, you're still getting your hopes up. That's good! Then you won't be so easily broken and Hubby and I can have more fun with you." she said laughing and reaching into her breast pocket to pull out what looked suspiciously like a syringe. The nurse waved it under Beatrice's nose and she ducked to the side as best she could to avoid the needle.

"We can do the following in two ways. One where you follow the orders I give you and one where I ram this into your neck and you have absolutely nothing to worry about for the next few hours. Which would you prefer?"

"HOMP! HOMP!" shouted Beatrice into the gag in a panic, shaking her head.

"Smart girl," the woman said, pulling a garment from under the wheelchair that looked like white snug pajamas with booties and long sleeves. There were several flaps built over the garment through which loose leather belts were pulled. The woman pulled out the ones in the chest area and opened the sturdy zipper in the back so Beatrice could take a look inside. While the exterior of the suit looked smooth and durable the interior was padded and even almost inviting like a warm sleeping bag.

"We'll put that on you now," she said, and seeing Beatrice's eyes growing larger and more panicked, she added, "provided you're still happy with Plan A…" and raised the syringe again in front of Beatrice's nose. The young woman whimpered into her gag, nodding as she watched the nurse undo her ankle cuffs, as well as the strap that pinned her to the seat.

"'Course, these can't stay on," murmured the woman, pulling down Beatrice's PVC pants and panties with one grip and tossing them carelessly back into the aisle. Her top and bra followed and Beatrice gave a sniveling look to her clothes before being roughly grabbed by her legs and tucked into the suit. The woman forced the unruly and padded garment up her hips until her feet rested in the built-in shoes. Beatrice was too frightened to resist the nurse's practiced hands and let the procedure wash over her. The inside of the suit actually felt quite comfortable against her skin. It clung to her and seemed to hug and gently squeeze her.

"So we come to the finale, after that you can relax for a while and I'll take off your gag." the nurse explained. She undid the remaining straps from the wheelchair and helped Beatrice stand up. Her arms were put into the suit and Beatrice noticed that the sleeves were sewn shut. She looked sadly at her hands and winced as the woman zipped the suit up and it settled fully around her body. At that moment, Beatrice noticed that the belts attached to her legs were hanging loosely in the loops. The nurse had forgotten to tighten them and instead worked on the buckles at her back. Beatrice's heart began to race and her dull eyes suddenly took in every detail in the room as her vision sharpened.

In a flash, her elbow, trapped in the suit, shot backwards and hit her unwary captor. The attack hit her completely unexpectedly and she yelled out curses as she went down. Beatrice stumbled around the wheelchair and ran through the open door of the padded cell. She still had the presence of mind to slam the cell door behind her and lock it. Through a pane of glass in the door, she could see the rage-filled nurse pounding on the door, but Beatrice could not hear her. She swallowed and prayed never to have to experience this fate. She awkwardly pulled the key out of the lock and ran back down the hallway from which they had come. At an intersection she stopped. Breathing heavily through her nose, since the gag had sealed her mouth, she looked feverishly at the corridors. At that moment she cursed herself for not paying attention to where they had gone. She took the right corridor and slowed her run to catch her breath. Frowning, she examined the machines mounted on the walls as she passed and tried to open the suit with her trapped hands. Beatrice, however, did not manage to loosen the already closed strap around her neck and thus get to the zipper. She doubted that she could even open it and gave up.

Maybe I can use something here to free myself. She thought about it and searched the walls for a hook or something similar.

"MMMHPPPFFF!" she gasped happily into the gag as she spotted a metal bar sticking out of the wall. She walked over to it and positioned her neck against the bar to open the strap. With effort she managed to force the metal between them and grinned under the gag. Beatrice pulled. But, instead of the strap giving way as she had hoped, the rod gave way and it clicked. All at once Beatrice felt the floor beneath her begin to vibrate and spin. Panicked, Beatrice tried to free herself from the lever, but was stuck. Her field of vision turned 180 degrees as a secret entrance opened and she suddenly found herself standing in a bedroom, face to face with Lance, the man who had falsely arrested her. He stared at her in bewilderment as he stood naked in front of her. His police uniform was on the bed and he was bending over for a suit.

"What have you done to my wife?" he asked thunderously, straightening up to his full height. Beatrice began to tremble and fidgeted with the lever, trying to pull it again, but it seemed to be stuck. Her captor tugged on his pants before stepping to her and lifting from the lever with one hand. She slammed her useless hands against his chest, which felt like steel, and he threw her onto the bed. She landed heavily on the bedspread and it took her breath away. With difficulty Beatrice tried to get up but she was mercilessly pushed into the bedspread by his knee while his hands completed her restraints.

"I swear to you, if you've done anything to Micah…!" he pressed out between his teeth and grabbed her flailing arms before pulling the long loops on them through the front flap of her straitjacket and tying them together behind her back. Beatrice pressed her head into the covers and tears gathered in her eyes. She had lost. Her captor worked his way down and pulled her leg restraints so tightly that her bones were pressed painfully against each other. Lance turned her onto her back and looked down at her coldly.

"You're lucky you're worth more in one piece!" he snarled at her, tossing her over his shoulder like a sack of potatoes. He entered the secret passage using the switch and took her back to the cells.

Cass put the magazine aside after reading through all the interesting articles and pulled out her cell phone. She had been waiting for half an hour.

"Are they going to force us to take a room?" asked Cass aloud, rising from the chair. She went toward the door to complain to the porter, but hesitated when she noticed one of the pictures hanging on the wall. It showed the hotel shortly after it was built. A tiny written text was next to it.

"Wow, it hasn't changed much," she commented and began to skim the text. She read that this building was not built as a hotel, but as a mental hospital and was closed only a few years after its completion after abuse cases became known.

"With that it is already decided that I do not want to spend the night here. These institutions always give me the creeps! How do they stay afloat?" Cass asked aloud and a cold shiver ran down her neck as she read about the horrors that had happened in this house over the years. With difficulty, she forced herself away from the text and shook her head. She had more pressing matters to attend to. She pushed down the handle and pulled on the door. Nothing happened. She pushed. Nothing again.

Did they forget me and lock me in? Cass thought and pounded on the door.

"Hey, can you hear me! Could you get me out of here?" she asked, getting more and more nervous but nobody answered her. She turned around, maybe there was a phone here she could use to reach the front desk. Her cell phone still had no reception. In fact, she saw an old-fashioned one with a rotary dial lying in the corner. Cass walked up to it and picked up the phone. However, this could only be lifted a little before Cass felt resistance. She heard a loud click and flinched in anticipation.

"Hello?" she asked anxiously into the room. No one answered. Instead, she heard a soft hiss. Cass followed the sound and coughed briefly as she detected a strange smell in the air. She put her hand in front of her mouth and stumbled forward as she felt dizzy. She just managed to hold onto the chair before taking another breath and sinking to the floor. She saw a ventilation grate behind a sofa from which purple smoke billowed into the room.

"I… I have to… warn Beatrice!" she muttered, crawling across the floor to the door. She came to a stop with her hand outstretched as she lost consciousness, and the last thing she saw was the door finally opening.

After Lance, her captor, threw Beatrice back into the padded cell, she lay in the dark. According to him, she was lucky that nothing had happened to his wife Micah, yet she was to be punished for her insolence by not having her shackles loosened. Her gag also remained where it was and so she could only cry softly into it and hope that her tiredness would eventually overtake her and she could escape this place in her dreams. She heard nothing from outside. The walls swallowed all sounds and she did not know how long she had already been locked up. With the last of her strength, she crawled across the floor until her head hit a wall and curled up next to it.

Please Cass, save me, she prayed and squeezed her eyes tightly shut. She didn't notice that the light in her cell suddenly came on and only when she heard the cell door swing open did she look up. The bright light blinded her, but she could see Lance entering the cell. In his arms he carried an unconscious person whom Beatrice recognized as Cass after blinking several times.


"Yes that's Cass, well recognized Beatrice!" said Micah angrily and the nurse entered the padded cell shortly after her husband. In her arms she held a suit similar to the one Beatrice was wearing and she knew immediately what her captors were planning to do with her unconscious friend. Beatrice had to watch Cass being stripped of her clothes and put into the straitjacket. Lance was about to lock her body with the belts when his wife stopped him.

"I have a better idea darling," she said holding up a ball gag with four leather straps, "We'll use this one."

Lance's expression brightened and a grin played around his lips as he looked over at Beatrice. The latter backed away from him into the corner, but was roughly grabbed by her feet and pulled back into the center of the room. To Beatrice's surprise, Lance loosened the bonds around her body, but her joy was short-lived as he fixed her again, strapping her to Cass' unconscious body. Their legs and bodies were pressed together and their arms wrapped around each other. While Micah removed Beatrice's gag to replace it with the other, Cass weakly opened her eyes. She stared into her friend's tear-smeared face for a moment, then wrenched her eyes open in panic.

"What is this? What the fuck is this! Release us now!" She yelled at Lance and Micah as she saw the straitjackets holding their bodies with tight grips, but the couple just started laughing.

"Always the same pointless advances. Lance I want to keep them both and educate them. May I?" asked Micah, and her husband smiled.

"Let's see how they do in slave training first."

She pressed the gag into Cass' mouth and locked it into her neck.

"Please let Cass go. I… I won't make any more trouble either." pleaded Beatrice but she fell on deaf ears. The gag was also put in her mouth and locked.

"Why should I settle for you alone when I can have both of you?" she said, poking Beatrice in the side with her foot. Beatrice pulled her nose up noisily and squeezed her eyes shut as if trying to wake up from a nightmare. Cass tried to calm her down and stroked Beatrice's back with her hand. However, she didn't know if she could even feel her hand.

"Let's let our dear guests get some rest. Tomorrow they shall be fit for their punishment after all." Micah laughed coldly and disappeared from the cell with Lance. Beatrice opened her eyes again and the two friends looked at each other for a moment. Through the gag you would think they were kissing so close they were. Cass gave her an encouraging nod.

We'll get through this together! She thought and Beatrice started to sob and nodded. The last thing they saw before the lights went out were the faces of their best friend, then the darkness swallowed them.


Art by ICmyaieye

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