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13: The Bondage Hotel II

Beatrice cowered in the dark with her eyes half open. She was exhausted, tired and just wanted to go home again. But she could not sleep, could not go home. This was simply not granted to her. Bars that kept her in a far too small cage and the uncomfortable metal floor made it impossible for her to rest. Beatrice pulled her legs closer to her naked body and embraced them with her arms. A lone tear rolled down from the corner of her eye and dripped silently onto the floor as Beatrice closed her eyes to make another attempt to fall asleep. Her thoughts drifted away, to a more beautiful time before that nightmarish day three weeks ago when she was still free. A smile slowly spread across her face as she relaxed.

Finally, Beatrice thought and her breathing became soft and calm until a sharp cry startled her and she was wide awake in her cage again. Beatrice was about to open her mouth to complain to her friend Cass, but bit her tongue at the last moment and instead peered into the darkness at her best friend. Cass was also trapped in a cage, however, unlike Beatrice, she was not allowed to lie down. After she had talked back again the day before, her owners decided to punish Cass. Beatrice had not dared to look closely when Cass was put in the cage out of fear of sharing her fate, but she had seen from the corner of her eye that there was no smooth floor in her cage, but small spikes that pressed uncomfortably against Cass' legs. In addition, she had been forced to kneel on it and her arms had been painfully pulled back with ropes. Their owners called it a strappado. Beatrice called it torture and looked sadly at Cass, who hung her head and moaned softly. The pain created in her arms and knees had to be unimaginable and Beatrice admired Cass for not screaming non-stop.

"Cass?" asked Beatrice softly. Her voice was barely a whisper and Cass didn't answer.

"Cass?" Beatrice asked again, a little louder and heard a barely audible, "Yes?" from her best friend in response.

"I admire your strength, Cass… but we can't win. Please I… I can't take it anymore." whispered Beatrice, ashamed of her weakness in an instant. Her words echoed in the cold concrete room, drilling into Beatrice's ears like screws. Silence, then, "I know Bea…I'm sorry." breathed Cass and Beatrice could hear a soft whimper and a rustle as Cass sat down differently, trying in vain to escape the spikes. Beatrice turned away from her friend and hugged herself. This was not how she had imagined her vacation in Leon City.


"Camping trip, bitches!" shouted Chloe at the top of her lungs, drumming on the passenger door of Caitlyn's car at full speed, from the outside. Caitlyn grinned.

"If you make dents in my car, you're walking the rest of the way!" she warned her friend, glancing in the rearview mirror where she saw her embarrassed brother Luke and Kim, Chloe's sister, who looked like she wanted to disappear into the seat.

"Your car has dents as it is! Camping! WOOOOH, HEY!" shrieked Chloe as Caitlyn gave the passenger window button a quick tap to give Chloe a scare.

"How cheeky! Let me have my fun, Caitlyn. Kim and I have never been camping! You're looking forward to camping too, aren't you sis?" asked Chloe, glancing back at the back seat.

"Yaaa…" said Kim, unconvinced, but she felt for Luke's hand and squeezed it gently.

"Hooo? I see, I see," Chloe said with a smile, winking at Luke and her sister, "When are we going to be there?"

"You're serious? We just left! We've only been off the bridge for half an hour!" said Caitlyn laughing.

"Couldn't we have just camped in the freaking woods?"

"So you can take a side trip to C&T while the rest of us fear for our lives? No, thanks." said Caitlyn.

"What was it like? You guys were surprisingly quiet about the company visit?" asked Luke, raising an eyebrow.

"Well uh it was very entertaining. We learned a lot and even got presents." Caitlyn dodged the question.

"Oho really? What did you guys get?"

"Um this and that," Caitlyn said quickly, thinking of hers and Chloe's latex catsuits tucked away in a suitcase.

"Heh I see," Luke said, grinning over at Kim, who was also starting to grin.

"Hey, it's not …" Caitlyn interrupted herself as a jolt went through their car and they suddenly lost speed.

"What was that?" asked Kim nervously.

"Oh nothing bad, your sister just wrecked my car with her knocking," Caitlyn joked but looked visibly nervous and pulled off the road to the right as cars behind her started honking.

"I can check it out," Luke said, sliding out of his seat and stepping out of the car, closely followed by Kim.

"Typical," Caitlyn muttered, leaning back in her seat as her brother opened the hood. Chloe looked out the window, pouting.

" I'm sorry," she muttered.

"Mmm? For what?"

"For breaking your junk car," Chloe suddenly laughed, opening the passenger door to stretch her legs a bit.

"You're so stupid!" shouted Caitlyn after her, glancing in the side mirror and getting out when she was sure no car could run her over.

"So what do we have?" she asked, putting a hand on Luke's shoulder.

"A junk car. Thought Leon City paid its cops better." said Luke mockingly.

"What are you all shooing against my car today? We could have happily taken Chloe's pickup to really get the wind in your face, or Summer’s special van. And besides, I'm just starting next week as a rookie at LCPD, so with money, it's still looking a little tight."

"Can you fix it?" asked Kim, peering past Luke's shoulder into the engine compartment.

"Not without tools… maybe we can find some help at the next roadhouse?" he mused aloud, looking down the highway, hoping to spot something in the distance. At that moment, a tow truck passed them by, its driver looking down at them with interest. He pulled off the road some distance away and backed up until he was almost directly in front of them.

"Can I help you?" a tall, brown-haired man asked calmly. He looked kindly down at the three ladies and Luke, who were obviously relieved to see him.

"Yeah, my car just died. Can you take us to the nearest mechanic?" asked Caitlyn, making a pleading gesture with her hands.

"Sure, but I might fix it for you guys too," he said, glancing around the engine compartment, "Oh, that might take until morning though."

You could see Chloe's facial features derail.

"But the camping …" she pouted like a little kid.

"Don't worry, I'll take care of your car and you'll be on your way again in no time. Do you know where you can stay that long?" the man asked. The four young adults gave each other questioning looks.

"I see, haha. A friend of mine has a hotel near here, I'll drive you to him and I'll fix you up with some rooms. I'm sure he'll give you a great discount."

"You'd do that for us?" asked Caitlyn in surprise, and the man shrugged.

"Having good karma is never bad, is it? Go ahead, hop in," he said, pointing to his truck, "I'll just chain up your car."

Gratefully, Caitlyn climbed into the passenger seat while Chloe, Luke and Kim squeezed into the back seat.

"What a really lucky coincidence, right?" asked Chloe, smiling encouragingly at her sister and Luke. They both nodded in satisfaction and held hands again.

The nice man took them along a country road to an old-fashioned looking hotel, which was, however, well kept in a small wooded area. He explained the situation to the porter and in half minutes the handsome muscular man had handed them two affordable rooms.

"I'm telling you, Caitlyn, if it wasn't for the ring, I'd throw myself around the porter's neck," Chloe said, biting her lower lip as they turned a corner and she took one last look at the man.

"Sure, Chloe, dream on," Caitlyn said, nudging her friend down the hallway as Kim and Luke giggled.

"So you two, this should be your room," Caitlyn said handing Luke the room key 107, "We're in room 118, if you need anything we'll either be there or at the pool."

"Got it," Luke said and grabbed the key, but reached into empty space when Caitlyn withdrew her hand.

"Behave, I don't feel like being an aunt in nine months," Caitlyn whispered with a raised eyebrow.

"Cait!" hissed Luke, grabbing the key as Kim giggled.

"Don't worry, Caitlyn we'll take care of it," she said, placatingly placing a hand on Luke's shoulder as he unlocked the door with a flushed head and disappeared into the room.

"See you later," Caitlyn said, winking amusedly at Kim.


"'Rise and shine, darlings!" said the sugary voice of Micah, rousing Beatrice from a fitful sleep, while Cass gazed dumbly at the floor. Only minutes away from being released from her agony, she seemed to gather her strength so as not to show any weakness. Beatrice slowly straightened up and stared out of dull eyes at the latex nurse dressed in bright colors.

"Go… good morning mistress." stammered Beatrice, holding her hands through a small hole in the bars so her mistress could cuff her. A morning ritual after Cass had transported them both to the concrete chamber. But the metallic shackles remained off.

"Such a good slave girl. But I don't think that will be necessary today, and after your training today, you deserve a special reward, provided your girlfriend can behave." Micah said, casting a disdainful glance at the other cage, where the now trembling Cass was kneeling.

"She… she will behave, mistress!" assured Beatrice immediately, hoping for mercy for herself and her friend.

"We shall see. I have prepared your equipment for today. I want you to free Cass and dress her before you dress yourself, understand?"

"Yes, Mistress," Beatrice said, resting her forehead on the floor until Micah had placed two boxes in the chamber and opened Beatrice's cage.

"I'll be back in an hour. If you're not done by then, you won't get breakfast!" her mistress threatened, closing the steel door with a thud. Beatrice swallowed nervously and a whimper was heard from Cass.

"I'm coming Cass," Beatrice said immediately, loosening the ropes that held her friend's arms painfully upward.

"Thank you," Cass said exhaustedly, threatening to fall over if Beatrice hadn't held and supported her. She helped her friend climb out of the cage and laid her on the floor. The relief of finally being freed, even if only for a short time, was written all over Cass' face. She looked up weakly at Beatrice, who, having opened the first box, lifted a pair of boots.

"Do you have to do that now?" she asked weakly, barely able to keep her eyes open.

" You heard our mistress, I… please Cass I don't want to have to force you," Beatrice said, kneeling at Cass's feet.

"Go ahead then."

Beatrice didn't need to be told twice and opened one of the oddly shaped boots and slid it up Cass's leg, to just below her knee. It almost forced her to walk on her tiptoes and had no heel. Beatrice laced it up tightly and hid the laces behind a flap, which she sealed with a small padlock. She did the same with Cass other foot and pulled the next garment out of the box, a corset. Cass groaned when she saw it, but she straightened her body, swayingly, so Beatrice could put the garment on her. It would give her a slim waist, but leave her breasts exposed. No doubt with a sinister ulterior motive. Cass had already had to discover that. Nothing their tormentors did to them was thoughtless. As Beatrice began to lace up the corset, Cass cleared her throat.

"Bea… I'm honestly… sorry."

"Hush Cass, save your strength. I know you're sorry, but you don't have to apologize. I overreacted, I was just so tired and… I just can't take it anymore …" Beatrice fell silent and sighed loudly as she tightened a knot and retrieved the last piece of clothing from the box. Two gloves that resembled horse hooves, rendered Cass's hands useless and would reach to her elbows. Beatrice put Cass's hand inside and a smacking sound was made as her hand was enclosed in an airtight seal.

"I'll get us out of here somehow, Bea."

Beatrice stopped and looked at her friend seriously.

"Please don't Cass, I wish I could just survive this …" she said in a shaky voice, putting Cass's other hand in her glove.

Micah opened the heavy door of the cell and smiled with pleasure when she saw Beatrice and Cass sitting arm in arm against the cell wall. They were sleeping peacefully and had both donned the pony-boots and gloves as ordered. The corsets accentuated their breasts superbly and Micah licked her lips at the sight. She had decided to give them both a little more time to rest so they could recover from the night. She placed a tray with two bowls on the floor. The pureed mixture that sloshed back and forth between them did not look delicious, but would give the two strength for the day and training.

"Get some more rest, my dears, I have new guests to keep busy, after all," she whispered, smiling in amusement as Beatrice and Cass subconsciously sensed her voice in their sleep and hugged each other tighter.


"I don't care what you do, but I'm going to the pool!" declared Chloe, after depositing her suitcase on the bed and searching its depths for her swimsuit.

"I knew that from the start, should I tell the porter to join you?" asked Caitlyn with a raised eyebrow.

"Haha," Chloe said sarcastically, beaming as she held up the silver sleeveless leotard from C&T, "There you are, sweetheart!"

Chloe disappeared into the bathroom to change, giggling, while Caitlyn dropped onto her bed and stared up at the ceiling.

"C&T mmh?" she whispered, thinking about the day she spent together with her friends at the mysterious company in the middle of the haunted forest. It had been a wonderful event and a great experience, but Caitlyn felt like something had been missing. She furrowed her brow. She couldn't put her finger on what was wrong, but she knew that whatever it was, it had been very close to her for a very short time.

"So what do you say?" asked Chloe, interrupting Caitlyn's thoughts. She stood with her arms and legs spread out in front of her, looking at her friend in anticipation. The silver swimsuit fit her perfectly like a second skin. Caitlyn could even make out Chloe's belly button underneath.

"Don't you think they'll throw us out if you jump in the pool wearing that?"

"Naaa, I think not until I put on the latex catsuit. Well then, you'll find me in the pool." said Chloe, grabbing a pink towel and disappearing out the door.

"Have fun!" called Caitlyn after her, interlacing her hands behind her head. She looked at the old wooden walls and straightened up. She didn't feel like lounging around and wanted to explore the hotel a bit. Maybe there was more to discover than just a pool. Caitlyn got up from the bed and headed for the door when she stumbled and thought she heard someone. She turned toward the wall where she thought she had just heard a voice and walked toward it. She wouldn't have been so surprised if that wall separated her from the next room, but there shouldn't be anything behind that wall.

"Hello?" she asked aloud, but got no answer. She walked up to the wall and knocked. A hollow sound emerged and Caitlyn curiously put an ear to it. There it was again, she could hear people behind the wall and a sharp scream. Sweat broke out on Caitlyn's forehead and she immediately pulled out her cell phone as she got a miserable feeling, but it had no signal.

"Shit," she cursed and headed toward the door. She reached for the handle and pushed it down, but, instead of the door opening, Caitlyn heard clicking and gears meshing. In the next instant, she felt the floor beneath her give way as a trap door opened underneath her. She was so surprised she didn't even have time to scream as she fell painfully onto an incline and slid down it. Caitlyn tried to hold on to the slick metal, but she had already picked up speed and couldn't find her footing. She slid down a short distance, over a small ramp, and was thrown from it into the air. With arms paddling, gravity took possession of her again and she landed, her back first on something soft.

"At least this landing was smoother," she groaned, trying to straighten up, but failing. Horrified, she realized that her clothes were stuck to the soft ground. A yellowish substance spreading five steps, in every direction below her, held her in place.

"You've got to be kidding," Caitlyn muttered, bracing herself against the glue with all her might. Sticky strings pulled at her body and Caitlyn clenched her hands into fists with exertion. Some of them cracked under the strain and she began to smile despite the predicament.

"I survived the Academy, then why don't I put this overgrown flytrap in my pocket!" she said, and at that moment Caitlyn's shirt ripped open. The momentum she got from the sudden freedom hit her unexpectedly and she landed, breasts first in the substance. She just managed to turn her face to the side and was stuck with her cheek. Caitlyn's front torso was now stuck in the substance, while her lower body lay uncomfortably on its side. Her limbs were sticking out from her and covered in strings that would not make her next escape attempt any easier. Her shirt lay torn where she had just been lying and her bra had slipped so that her breasts were exposed. Annoyed, she groaned.



"Luke, are you coming? It's so lonely without you!" Kim called out from the bathroom, giggling over the noise of the shower.

"Be right there!" shouted Luke back, tripping over his own pants as he dropped them at his feet. He opened the door to the bathroom and a misty cloud of warm water vapor hit him, briefly robbing him of his vision. He could make out the shadowy figure of his girlfriend dancing behind a large glass wall as water rushed down on her from the ceiling like a waterfall.

"My noble knight, will you join me in the shower?" asked Kim with amusement when she saw that he had entered the bathroom.

"I am at your service, my fair maiden," Luke replied, opening the glass door to join Kim. They fell into each other's arms and shared a long and sensual kiss as the water trickled onto their heads. Kim broke the kiss after a while, but held on to Luke and rested her head on his shoulder.

"Do you think we can drop camping and stay here?"

"I'm not sure your sister would like that," Luke laughed, "She was so looking forward to it."

"She's looking forward to the pool here too, isn't she?" she said, squeezing Luke a little tighter.

"I guess it doesn't matter where we go on vacation, as long as we stay together," Luke whispered, cradling Kim in his embrace.

"That sounded so corny!" laughed Kim, squealing in shock when he started tickling her.

"Hey stop, that's unfair hahaha! Stop now Luke!" laughed Kim a little louder and tried to get out of his arms. In the process, she accidentally scratched him with her fingernail and Luke surprisingly released the hug, causing Kim to stumble back. Shocked, the two looked into each other's eyes. Kim braced herself for the pain that would undoubtedly come as soon as she collided with the wall, but it failed to materialize. Instead, she bounced off the wall as if it were made of rubber and landed back in Luke's arms.

"What… what was that?" asked Luke, confused, as Kim, more carefully this time, disengaged herself from his arms and examined the wall. She pushed at it and flinched back.

"It can't be," she muttered, moving her nose very close to the wall and sniffing.

"The wall is made of latex. Where did that come from?" she muttered in disgust and backed up. Kim felt her legs give way under her as once again the events of Judy's store flashed through her mind, but Luke caught her before she fell.

"I… I have to get out of here," she whispered; Luke gave her a sympathetic nod and pushed against the glass door, but nothing happened.

"What the… can you stand honey? I think the door is stuck." said Luke, pushing against the glass with all his might. But the door didn't budge, as if it were made of concrete.

"It's going to be okay, Kim, come here," he said calmly, hugging Kim against him. She was breathing uneasily and Luke could feel her pulse racing. But when she inhaled his scent, her panic gave way and Kim pressed her face against his chest. He stroked her hair and looked up. Luke's face froze as he saw that the wall Kim had fallen against was slowly expanding, robbing them of shower space. A glance over his shoulder confirmed his fear and the same thing happened to the wall behind them.

"Kim? I want you to close your eyes and no matter what happens, please remember that as long as I'm with you, nothing will happen to you."

"What, why?" asked Kim nervously, trying to look past him, but he held her tightly, not allowing her to see how the walls were getting closer.

"Please Kim."

She nodded and closed her eyes. She could hear Luke's heartbeat. It was strong and regular. Kim felt something pressing against her bottom from behind, but she didn't dare look up. The pressure spread all over her back, pressing her against Luke.

"That's the latex, isn't it?" she asked, feeling Luke nod.

"I'm staying with you!" Luke assured her briefly before Kim finally opened her eyes and saw that two latex bubbles had closed around them and were beginning to fill the shower stall, with them in the middle. The sweet smell rose to Kim's nose and immediately she buried her face back into Luke's chest. The bubbles took possession of their bodies and pressed them tightly together. Their breathing became heavier, but Kim smelled nothing but her boyfriend hugging her protectively.


"Mmh it’s not Ava's pool, but it will do," Chloe said with amusement, placing her towel on a lounger. As she entered the small pool, she was briefly surprised to see no other visitors.

Maybe the other guests always come later. Chloe thought and let herself slide into the water. It was pleasantly warm and Chloe closed her eyes in relaxation.

"Oooh, camping or not, this is heaven," Chloe murmured and let herself drift into its midst. The water was so deep that her toes just touched the bottom

"You're welcome to stay here longer if you like," a male voice said, startling Chloe out of her thoughts. She choked on the water and coughed loudly as the porter stood at the edge of the pool, watching her with a smile.

"Forgive me if I startled you."

Chloe shook her head and coughed up the last of the water.

"It's all good… not the first time I've almost drowned." she laughed, but blinked in confusion as she questioned her own words, she was a good swimmer, she had never even come close to drowning.

"Good to know, I was just wondering if everything was alright with you?" he asked with a smile and Chloe returned the smile before blushing and looking to the side sheepishly.

"Did you know the pool has a massage and current setting?" he asked suddenly, snapping Chloe out of her reverie.

"Oh, I haven't seen that yet! Can you show me the settings?" She swam over to him and held onto the pool edge while the handsome porter showed her the buttons. In an instant, there was a gentle current in the pool that would send everything inside it drifting clockwise.

"Thank you very much… my name is Chloe by the way, wouldn't you like to come in too, the water is lovely!" said Chloe, forgetting the ring on his finger.

"Pleased to make your acquaintance, Chloe. My name is Lance but, um unfortunately I have to decline your offer, I have some work to do. Another time, perhaps." he said still with his friendly smile and rose with a bow. Chloe clicked her tongue in disappointment as he left the room and drifted back onto her back. The current pushed her clockwise along the edge of the pool and caught her before she hurt herself. Chloe closed her eyes and imagined her and the porter swimming their laps in the pool together.

"Mmmmh, maybe some other time," she muttered, when suddenly something felt her leg. She opened her eyes and was startled to find that something was mixing with the water of the pool. It was turning the water beige and making it thick. Chloe didn't want to find out what would happen should she stay in the pool and quickly grabbed the edge. She just managed to pull her foot out of the pool before the strange liquid had fully spread.

"Fuck, what the fuck!" gasped Chloe, studying the liquid up close. The pool was bubbling slightly from the current, but it now looked exactly like that artificial quicksand Chloe occasionally saw in superheroine bondage videos. She thought she remembered it being called Oobleck or something like that.

"I should probably report this to the pretty porter," she mused aloud, and turned around. Startled, she stumbled back a step to the edge of the pool as a latex-clad nurse stood far too close to her.

"Get your hands off my husband!" said Micah, shoving Chloe into the pool. Chloe stumbled further back and briefly walked across the quicksand, which felt strangely soft and wouldn't allow her to sink until she stopped in one spot for a moment too long and the oobleck gave way beneath her.

"Hey, what the fuck?" cried Chloe, struggling to pull her feet back out. Chloe momentarily managed to find her footing on the slippery surface and broke free. She angrily approached the latex woman to teach her a lesson, but she had other plans.

"I told you to keep your hands off my man, bimbo!" repeated Micah, shoving Chloe back again. The slippery floor gave Chloe a huge disadvantage and she skidded backwards, losing her balance. She tipped over backwards and braced herself with one hand while her right leg sank deep into the oobleck and her left began to follow his lead. Quickly Chloe wanted to lean forward to free herself again, but at the same moment the hand she had just used to support herself sank into the pool.

"Aww, come on!" Chloe pleaded and pulled but immediately realized that the position she was in gave her no support and even more her efforts to free her hand made her legs push deeper into the oobleck.

"A little help please?" asked Chloe, raising her free hand towards the latex woman. She laughed maliciously.

"Paah! Don't be ridiculous, slut, if you're lucky I'll be back before you're completely submerged!" said Micah, spitting on the floor in front of Chloe before disappearing from the pool.

"Um, please what?" asked Chloe, craning her neck to look after the woman, "wait, you're really leaving me here?! HEY! WAIT A SECOND!"

Chloe's face froze into ice as the door slammed loudly and she was alone again.

"He… hello?" she asked in a shaky voice to the empty room.


Beatrice startled out of sleep after an uncertain amount of time. Cass, who had laid her head on her shoulder, grumbled a little, but she also opened her eyes and they both squinted at the tray with the two plates. Cass stomach growled loudly.

"Do you think we'll get some real food sometime?" she asked, and they both crawled on their hands and knees to the tray.

"Better than nothing," Beatrice muttered, lowering her head as she couldn't even lift the plate with her hands trapped in hooves. Both of their hair fell into their plates, but by now they didn't care as they laboriously tried to lick their plates clean like animals. The food was just a pureed green, gray mass with no particular taste, but they both felt their bodies gradually regaining their strength.

"Oh, you're finally awake!" said Micah delightedly as she entered the cell, "did you like it?"

"Yes, mistress," both women lied as if from the same mouth. They had already experienced firsthand what it would mean to criticize the food.

"Such well-mannered girls. Shall we take you to training then?"

Both women nodded and stood up, swaying. The pony boots felt unfamiliar to Beatrice, while Cass seemed to have little trouble with them.

That's because I hardly ever wear high heels. Beatrice thought as Micah placed two collars around her necks and secured them with small locks. She pulled on the thin chains attached to them and led them out of the cell and into the maze, between the walls of the hotel. Beatrice trotted along behind Micah with her head down, always trying to minimize the pull on her neck. Their training consisted mainly of stretching exercises and restraints that they had to endure for hours. Today, however, Micah had something else in mind and led them to a gym. Micah hooked Cass chain to a hook while she led Beatrice to today's torture device, a treadmill.

"Let's see how your stamina is doing," Micah said, making Beatrice step on the treadmill. The young-woman didn't dare tell her mistress that she couldn't possibly run for long with her shoes on and kept her lips tightly sealed. Micha meanwhile set to work to make sure Beatrice couldn't just run off the treadmill. She buckled a belt around her waist, already constricted by the corset, and attached ropes to the D-rings attached to it, pulling them up to the ceiling.

"So you don't fall off, dear," Micah said, attaching rubber bands to the treadmill's control panel, "And these are for a little warning."

Her mistress knotted nipple clamps to the rubber bands and Beatrice began to whimper as Micah moved closer with the devilish devices.

"Hold still or you'll regret it… besides, you'll thank me for giving you these."

Beatrice gave two short cries as Micah fastened the clamps.

"Thank you Mistress." She murmured with a moan, and Micah chuckled.

"Not yet," she said, and bound Beatrice's arms by tying belts around them and folding them at the elbows. She also put bridles around Beatrice's head and blinders. A pair of bite tongs completed the appearance of a ponygirl. She did the same with Cass and turned on the treadmills. Beatrice and Cass had to go at a slow pace now or the rubber bands would pull too hard on the clamps and make their nipples burn.

"Sooo and these to keep you motivated," Micah said, setting up something behind the two ponies, though they couldn't see it through the blinders.

"Have fun, I'll come in like… oh I don't know. I have to go take care of the new guests. Isn't that fun? You won't be alone soon! Keep walking, you don't want to know what happens if you don't, trust me." Trilled Micah, locking the training room behind her. Cass glanced at Beatrice, who stubbornly kept running. The blinkers were doing their job perfectly.

"Pfe?" asked Cass

"Mmmh?" asked Beatrice, looking over at Cass, who was slowing down until she ultimately stopped. Although the rubber bands were stretching, Cass didn't seem to mind much. She disappeared from Bea's view and suddenly she heard a bloodcurdling scream.


Cass immediately came running back into Bea's field of vision. Tears were visible in her eyes and she shook her head to tell Beatrice that her idea had not been a good one. Beatrice also noticed that Cass's treadmill had sped up a bit. Whatever was lurking behind them had inflicted extreme pain on Cass and manipulated the treadmill. Beatrice gulped, she could normally keep up this pace forever, but with these boots it was no guarantee. What if she stumbled. Immediately, she turned away from Cass and focused on her own steps as her friend sobbed quietly.


Caitlyn scowled and looked toward the door. The room was lit only by a small flickering lamp, giving it a ghostly presence. She had managed to get to the edge of the giant glue trap in the twilight, but there was now no forward or back for her. Her entire body was covered in glue, pulling at her from all directions. From her original landing point, a deep trail ran through the glue. During her struggle, she had lost, among other things, all her clothes, which were torn and stuck in her trail. Caitlyn was breathing heavily. She had spent all her strength to get to the edge and now had none left to overcome the last piece. Naked and with no hope of grabbing anything that could help her escape, she looked around the darkly lit room. But she could make out nothing but a door that seemed to taunt her. It loomed in front of Caitlyn and seemed to whisper to her.

"Come on, Cait, I thought you were the best in the academy? Where's all your energy now, little wannabe cop?"

"HAAAAAAAAAAA!" Caitlyn screamed in anger and reached out her hand, which was withdrawn the next moment and sank even deeper into the glue.

"Fuck," she muttered weakly, looking at the door out of empty eyes. Whoever was behind it had done their homework. As if on cue. Opened the door to the room and the muscular man who had checked her in seemingly hours ago stepped in front of her. He had with him a bucket with a sponge floating around in a blue liquid and heavy hand and ankle cuffs connected by a chain.

"Well, did we get some exercise?" he asked with amusement, bending down to Caitlyn, but she ignored the question.

"What did you do with my friends?"

"Ohh we have a little protector here…Micah will be happy to break you," Lance said, nudging Caitlyn's nose, but hastily withdrew his hand when her teeth snapped at him.

"Hey, and a beast. Maybe I should leave you here for a bit?" he asked with amusement, standing up. Caitlyn continued to look at him from sinister eyes and said nothing.

"It's obvious you're not one for jokes, the blonde bimbo will definitely be more pleasant company," Lance said, shaking his head and bending down to her again. He took the sponge out of the bucket and carefully rubbed it on her hands. Caitlyn felt them loosen from the glue, but her new freedom was short-lived as Lance immediately locked the heavy handcuffs around her wrists.

"As soon as I get out of here, I'm going to make sure you go down," she growled as he freed the rest of her body from the glue and pulled her to solid ground.

"Mmmh doubt it. If you get out of here, it'll be tied up in a little box at most, while your new owner rubs his hands in anticipation," murmured Lance, locking the ankle cuffs around Caitlyn's legs. The click of the locks echoed in the room and was like the final nail in the coffin for her fate. Caitlyn didn't give up hope though, she couldn't give up, her instructors had drilled that into her day in and day out and she was determined to get her brother and friends out of here alive.


Luke blinked several times as he regained consciousness. He had lost it at some point from the pressure of the two latex bubbles and the last thing he could remember was thinking about protecting Kim. Now he saw her: across from him in a straitjacket suit tied and chained to a padded white wall like a dangerous criminal. A mask covered her mouth and she was not yet conscious, but she appeared peaceful. Luke immediately got up from the floor swaying and went to her, but he immediately heard the clanking of chains behind him. He looked down and saw that he too was in a suit. More chains held him down and prevented him from going to Kim.

"Oh, you're awake?" a female voice asked in surprise, and Luke looked up. Standing in the doorway was a woman dressed in a latex nurse outfit, examining Luke like a piece of meat.

"I was quite amazed that you continued to hug your girlfriend so tightly even though you were unconscious. I almost had to get a crowbar."

"Mmmmh!" said Luke, and only now did he realize he was gagged too.

"Yeah, talk, both of you have yet to earn it," Micah said, coming up to him. He didn't back away and stared at her darkly. She grabbed his head and came very close to his ear

"Do we have a rebel here? Or is this simply a desire to protect your little friend? In the end, it doesn't matter, boy. As soon as I'm done with you, you're going to volunteer to lick the dirt off my shoes." She breathed into his ear and giggled softly. Luke was about to try to headbutt her when he heard Kim moaning behind her.

"Hmph!" he exclaimed into his gag and Micah stepped aside, amused.

"I'll leave you two to it then, we'll start training in the morning. Have fun!" she said, laughing in amusement. She left the cell and the metal door closed with a loud bang.


Chloe's tears ran unrestrained down her face and mixed with the oobleck, which by now had crawled up her face. Her mouth was covered by it and she was breathing feverishly through her nose. The only other thing sticking out of the pool was her free hand, which she held up until the end. She was aching by now and wanted to be moved, but Chloe dared not choke for fear.

"Now, slut? How does it look?" asked Micah amusedly, standing at the edge of the pool so Chloe could see her. The blonde looked up at her pleadingly, and she puffed mockingly. "Alright, I'll get you out, but one wrong word and I'll leave you here!"

Micah pulled out a remote and pressed a button. Immediately, a chain with handcuffs on its end lowered from the ceiling and Micah steered it into Chloe's hand. Chloe grabbed the chain and was pulled out of the oobleck pool. A loud slurping sound was heard as her body came loose and Chloe exhaled in relief. When Chloe was out to her waist, the chain stopped.

"Put the cuffs on yourself!" ordered Micah tersely.

"But …" Chloe started and stopped when Micah raised an eyebrow. Reluctantly, Chloe followed the order and locked first one, then the other cuff around her wrist before grabbing the chain herself so that all of her weight wouldn't be on her wrists.

"Smart girl," Micah commented, lifting Chloe the rest of the way out of the pool before setting her captive down on the edge. Chloe shivered slightly and looked up at the nurse anxiously.

"No ‘thanks’, bimbo? I could throw you back in the pool."

Chloe hesitated for just a moment before lowering her eyes and whispering, "Thank you."

"Mmmh, not your first time is it? Wait. Look at me!" Micah grabbed Chloe's hair and pulled her head back. There was a hint of red on her cheeks there.

"You… You like that? Hey, you're gonna have a lot of fun here, bimbo. In fact, if you behave, I'll keep you. I'm getting bored with Beatrice and Cass… time for something new I think." she said, putting a collar on Chloe and unhooking the chain from the ceiling before leading Chloe to a special solitary cell meant only for her favorite toys.


Beatrice gasped into the gag. Her legs cried out for a break, but she dared not stop walking. Too great was the fear of another shock from the diabolical construction behind her. The speed of the treadmill had increased each time Beatrice was caught by the electric rod and had to make a fast run to avoid being punished again. Cass, however, had gotten it worse. Since she had been electrocuted quite early, she had to use a lot more power than Beatrice already at the beginning. Her treadmill demanded everything from her and it didn't look like she would last much longer. But groans of relief could be heard from both women as the door to the gym opened and Lance entered.

"Now, how are our young ponies doing?" he asked, surveying the speed both treadmills had. He gave a disapproving snort when he saw Cass.

"Somebody caught a few breaks, huh?" he asked, turning off both treadmills before dismounting the tripods with the electric rods.

"What are we going to do with you, Cass? Maybe a few extra shocks?"

Cass, hanging exhausted on the ropes, was suddenly wide awake again, looking around for him and shaking her head in panic before Lance pressed the rod firmly against her butt. A deafening scream echoed around the studio and Cass dropped back into the ropes as Lance pulled the staff away.

"You too Beatrice?" he asked suddenly, but Beatrice said nothing. She had no mercy to expect anyway, why should she beg?

"Mmh, the smarter of the two of you as usual, huh?" said Lance, tossing the bar aside before freeing Beatrice from the treadmill and placing her on the floor. He untied her bonds and removed the pony outfit as well as the corset, leaving her naked in front of him. The first time in weeks that she lay there without any restraints, but she wasted no thought of escape, much to Lance's amusement.

"Let's get you ready for bed then, shall we?" he asked, pulling cling film from a small box beside him, which he immediately used to wrap Beatrice's legs.

"There goes my freedom again," Beatrice murmured softly, and Lance smiled at her.

"Neatness is a must, isn't it?"

She nodded, watching as he wrapped one web after another around her body until she was uncomfortably pressed from all sides. He was finally satisfied with the fourth layer and now got a hair dryer out of the box, which he immediately plugged in and began to work on the foil. Beatrice didn't know why at first. The hair dryer seemed to warm the foil only slightly until she felt it begin to shrink around her body. She inhaled in surprise and he grinned back down at her in amusement.

"Yeah, you got that right and it's getting even tighter," he laughed and Beatrice screwed up her face. Her arms were pressed to her sides and her knees painfully against each other.

"Ready for the next layer?" asked Lance suddenly, but without waiting for an answer he took silver tape out of the box and waved it under her nose.


"Of course more, we want you to slowly get used to your restraints, after all, if we could wrap you up and send you off to your new owners, you'd be stuck in them for a while. But don't worry, you haven't been sold yet, and Cass isn't quite ready… well, maybe in a week."

Beatrice looked up at Cass. She could see that even breathing was too much of a strain for her. Still hanging on the ropes and crying softly. Lance, meanwhile, was wrapping the silver tape around Beatrice, tightening it at every turn so it was extra tight around Beatrice. The shrunken film itself already provided a thin waist for Beatrice, but the tape now added to that as well. After Lance finished with her, he did the same with Cass and dragged both cocoons back to their soft padded cell where he gently laid them side by side. Beatrice could still hear Cass crying next to her, and she wished she could take her friend in her arms to comfort her. When Micah entered the cell, the couple exchanged a few quick words with each other before she gave him a kiss and spread two bondage sleeping bags on the floor. Beatrice realized that the bags were made of Darlex, she had already learned that much here. A firm, yet stretchy fabric. While she was gently pushed into the sack by Micah and almost tenderly enclosed in it, Cass got Micah's wrath, as she always did. She pulled on Cass and scolded her for being too fat for the sack, Beatrice suspected it was more because the sack was too small for Cass. Her friend lacked the strength to protest and let it wash over her. After a bit of a struggle between Micah and the zipper, both women now lay on the floor, more helpless than ever, while their mistress stood over them, surveying their handiwork.

"So rest up ladies, and I hope you enjoyed the pony training… after all, that's what's in store for you the rest of the week… sleep well." She warbled and shut the door with a flourish. The lights turned off in the cell, plunging Cass and Beatrice into darkness. Beatrice could hear her friend whimpering and hoped she was quieter than she had been last night. She hated herself for the thought.


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