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11: Strawberries and Pets

Ifry should have known. She herself was to blame for her situation and it didn't look as if anything would change so soon. Not that she was feeling bad, not at all. She was, as the humans said, in seventh heaven and as long as Phaelyn continued, she would remain there.

"Phae please… let, let me out… out already!" stuttered Ifry feverishly, straining against the firm grip of the Vacbed, which pressed mercilessly on every fiber of her body. The only thing that could be seen of her was her reddened head peeking out from the neck opening of the bed and resting on a soft pillow. The rest of her body was hidden under a layer of black latex. Still, the angel could see every detail of her naked demonic friend and she took advantage of Ifry's inability to defend herself. Phaelyn held a vibrator in one hand, mercilessly pressing on Ifry's crotch, while her other hand tenderly stroked her friend's demon tail. Especially the latter brought Ifry to the brink of madness.

"Only if you tell me the password to the safe!" retorted Phaelyn, switching the vibrator to maximum. The device immediately howled and with it Ifry as her body reared up. Had Phaelyn not fastened the Vacbed to the floor, her friend would have jumped toward the ceiling.

"Never… ever!" moaned Ifry between two heavy breaths, bracing herself to be punished again by her friend. Phaelyn didn't hesitate long and drew her fingers over Ifry's tail. Ifry's breath caught and Phaelyn knew she had soon won. Just a little bit more and the demoness would tell her the password to the candy vault.

"I can do this all night, Ifry. Don't test me!"

"All right! All right, you win! The password is…" There was a knock at her hut, and all at once any thought of candy or the password was forgotten.

"Did you invite someone?" whispered Phaelyn anxiously, but Ifry shook her head. There was another knock. The angel got up as quietly as a mouse and crept to the door to look through the peephole. Cold sweat broke out on Ifry's forehead; whoever was standing outside had mastered the art of magic, or she would never have gotten through the protective spell without them both noticing. Even more so, to move so silently that neither she nor Phaelyn could hear the person was bordering on miraculous. 

"Phae, let me out if this…" began Ifry, but Phaelyn suddenly snapped her eyes open and jumped to the side to yank open the door.

"RILLIANA!" the angel screamed at the blonde elf and jumped around her latex-wearing friend's neck, beaming with joy. As she did so, she wrapped her legs around the elf's butt and her arms around Rilliana's head. Her breasts pressed into her face. Completely surprised and caught off guard, Rilliana stumbled backwards, unable to use her arms to balance herself; she fell lengthwise into the soft grass along with the angel.

"Hey Phaelyn," Rilliana murmured into the angel's breasts, managing to free her arms to return Phaelyn's embrace.

"IFRY! IT'S RILLIANA! GET OUT FAST, SHE REALLY IS!" Phaelyn shouted back into the house, hugging the elf even tighter. Ifry looked down at her body, still pinned to the floor by the latex sheet, and shook her head with a smile.

"Tell her I'll be there as soon as you let me out of here!" she called back, and Phaelyn replied guiltily, "Oh right, there was something."

The angel looked up as she picked up a movement next to her and looked up with wide eyes at a catgirl who had stood next to them. She was also wearing a catsuit with a small hole for her cat tail, which she had raised. Its tip wagged back and forth slightly. On her back she had strapped a large backpack.

"So these are our neighbors?" asked Trisha, chuckling, helping Phaelyn and Rilliana to their feet.

"Phae? Let me introduce you. This is my friend Trisha and this is Phaelyn. She gave me hope to carry on until we meet again." said Rilliana with a soft smile on her lips. Phaelyn looked the catgirl up and down until she jumped into her arms as well.

"I'm so glad to finally meet you, Trisha!" she exclaimed and Trisha, at first a bit perplexed by the angel's warmth, eventually hugged her as if they were old friends.

"Was getting a little overdue, wasn't it?" said Trisha with a laugh, and with Phae in her arms, she went into the hut of the unlikely couple. Rilliana followed them and closed the door of the spacious house. Immediately the guests stared at Ifry pinned to the floor, looking up at them a bit exhausted.

"And you must be Ifry then," Trisha said, setting the angel down to lean down to the demoness, "I see you're taking full advantage of my sister's lend."

"Yup, Phaelyn has wanted to be stuck in here almost constantly since we got it, though when I locked her candy away, she promptly put me in here." explained Ifry, trying to raise her hand, which was immediately pulled back by the latex.

"HO! The candy! Ifry now you have to tell me the password, we have guests after all!" said Phaelyn as if shot out of a gun, looking at her friend expectantly.

"Alright, you win, the password is four times zero, but could you help me out here first… aaaand she's gone," Ifry mumbled, looking up sheepishly at her old friend Rilliana, "Could you help me out here?" she asked. Phae's probably going to need a bit more time."

Rilliana nodded her understanding and cast a simple spell for Ifry to get herself out of bed. Ifry quickly conjured a pair of jeans and a loose shirt onto her own skin and hugged first Trisha and then the elf warmly.

"Really nice to see you guys back together! I was expecting you a bit earlier though, if I'm honest." Ifry said, directing the two of them to sit down on the sofa while Ifry made herself comfortable in the armchair across from them.

"We were actually planning on coming a bit earlier, however a few things kept getting in the way," Trisha explained, pulling two small packages out of her bag and placing them next to her on the sofa.

"I'd love to talk to you about some of them," Rilliana added, and Ifry sensed heavy thoughts occupying the elf.

"Sure, whenever you want," Ifry said confidently, nodding as Phaelyn came out of the kitchen with a large plate of munchies and placed it in their midst.

"Honestly, I've missed you so much, even though it's only been 700 years!" said Phaelyn, taking a chocolate chip cookie from her plate, which she immediately devoured. Trisha rolled her eyes at the mention of that number and Rilliana gave her a quick look and squeezed Trisha's hand.

"I missed you too Phae, every day anew, but I had many things to fix that I was responsible for and after that I wanted to help the rest of the world."

The angel nodded eagerly as she chewed on her second cookie until she noticed the packages lying next to Trisha.

"Is that there, what I think it is?" she asked curiously, pointing to the packages.

"Well, it depends, little angel," Trisha said businesslike, lifting one of the packages, "What do you think is in here?"

"Suits, like yours?" asked Phaelyn, biting her lower lip longingly.

"Seven hundred points to you! Do you want me to help you get dressed? I have another idea for how we could spend the rest of the night, if you both don't mind." Trisha explained further, looking at Ifry and Phaelyn in turn.

"Sure, then we can talk about what's keeping Rilliana busy for so long," Ifry said, while Phaelyn was already running to the bedroom, beaming with joy, with the package in her hand. Trisha followed her with her backpack and pressed another small package into Rilliana's hand.


Trisha closed the door behind her and went wide-eyed as Phaelyn, already fully undressed, carefully opened the package as if it were an unimaginably precious treasure. Her body was of unimaginable beauty. Her skin smooth and without a single hair, as if it had been chiseled from marble. Even the pitch black patch of hair in her otherwise perfect golden blonde hair only seemed to enhance her overall appearance.

"Wow," Trisha said, shaking her head briefly to focus on her task. Phaelyn looked up from the package and frowned at Trisha.

"Is something wrong?" she asked curiously, swallowing down some drool that would have otherwise run down her chin beyond her mouth.

"It's nothing. I was just admiring your perfect body." murmured Trisha, looking to the side to give Phaelyn some privacy.

"Perfect?" muttered Phaelyn, looking down at herself. She spun around on her own axis to see as much of herself as possible.

"Mmm, thanks, but I'm far from perfect," Phaelyn muttered, lowering her head. The package slid back onto the bed and she grabbed her elbow with one hand, pressing it to her side.

"Did I say something wrong?" asked Trisha in surprise, cautiously walking towards Phaelyn.

"No, it's just… when that sorceress… your sister, found us in the forest, I went right back into battle mode. I could have killed her and then…" Phaelyn turned away and looked out the window in shame.

"Pff, Phaelyn, my sister told me about that. Even at your peak you might have just made Celine sweat and the result would have been the same." said Trisha shrugging. Phaelyn turned around, aghast, and stared at Trisha.

"Oh, I suppose that wasn't all of it," Trisha muttered guiltily, scratching her chin.

"We came to Earth never to have to fight again! We've had enough of blood and death! But apparently we didn't go far enough! I panicked! Ifry was incapable of fighting and I never wanted to cast a spell that could hurt anyone again!" Shouted Phaelyn, her eyes beginning to moisten as a lump formed in her throat.

"I just… want to live in peace, though," she muttered, sliding to the ground, "but monsters aren't allowed to do that. They must destroy, must kill! That's what I am. A monster created to end other lives."

"Is that so?" asked Trisha, and Phaelyn looked up at her irritably.


Trisha sat down on the floor next to her and exhaled heavily.

"Who told you that?" asked Trisha, looking into Phaelyn's eyes. She could see in them the sorrow that could only come from the endless suffering of war.

"My… my father."

"Aaahhh, fathers, aren't they?" asked Trisha, leaning her head back and looking at the ceiling. Phaelyn gave her another stunned look, but said nothing.

"Do you think he managed to turn you into a monster?" asked Trisha after a short time of silence.

"Yes," Phaelyn said tersely, pulling her legs towards her. If anyone else had been sitting next to her, she would have already gotten up to run for the distance, but for Rilliana's sake, she stayed seated and listened to Trisha.

"Well I know he didn't succeed Phae."

Phaelyn narrowed her eyes to slits. Trisha knew her father hadn't succeeded?

"How would you know that? I've taken countless lives and felt nothing in the process! Turned everything to ash that got in my way and now…" said Phaelyn, falling silent. She buried her face in her hands to hide her watery eyes. Trisha put her arm around the angel and hugged her tightly. Phaelyn was stunned and barely felt the touch until Trisha began to speak.

"I know because you're feeling something now and you're crying. I know because today I met you as the happiest girl I've ever seen. I know because just like Rilliana, you went through hell and you did not forget. Fathers educate us, teach us things and set a direction for our lives, but we decide if and how long we follow that path and if we accept their teachings. If I had listened to my father then, Rilliana would not be here now…"

Phaelyn looked up at the shifter. Tears ran unchecked down her cheeks and dripped onto Trisha's latex suit. But the last words seemed to have shocked her.

"What happened?" asked Phaelyn in horror, wiping away some of the tears to no avail.

"I punched him in the face," Trisha said tersely, shrugging her shoulders. Phaelyn had to suppress a short laugh, but quickly caught herself and stared at Trisha, aghast.

"But my father…"

"Your father shoved you into a world of violence for selfish reasons when you knew nothing else! Now you've been living in that world with Ifry for ages, and you're so full of the joy of life that it's almost contagious. You may not be able to hate him, but he is no longer here. But Ifry is here, and she is your life now."

Phaelyn rested her head on Trisha's chest and listened to her heartbeat, which was steady and rhythmic.

"When Rilliana went through this, I hadn't been there for her, and I regret that to this day. But I hope that my words were able to reach you. You, Ifry, and Rilliana deserve peace more than I ever could."

"Why do you say that? Don't you deserve peace?" asked Phaelyn, shilling aloud.

"Not quite yet… After all, I left Rilliana alone for centuries."

"But that wasn't your fault!"

"No more than it was yours."

"But that's different. I have so many…" began Phaelyn, but she was interrupted by Trisha.

"Did Rilliana ever tell you what our coachman said to her after she killed the first time?"

The angel shook her head.

"He said that as long as you protect the living you care about and honor the dead, you can go on living."


"Do you want me to get Ifry and you can go to bed together?" whispered Trisha.

"No… no, I'm just thinking," the angel murmured.

"Of course. Take as much time as you need."

"Hey, mmmh Trish?"



" No prob… you're welcome," the shifter said, gently stroking Phaelyn's hair.


"Mmmmh now they're quiet," whispered Ifry, who had jumped up when Phaelyn had started yelling at Trisha.

"I told you she had everything under control," Rilliana said quietly, tapping the seat next to her. Ifry settled down on it and sank into the sofa.

"I don't need to be able to read emotions to know that something is bothering you." Ifry began, and Rilliana raised an eyebrow.

"I could say the same thing to you."

"Got me," Ifry said, raising her hands.

"Shoot. My concern can wait a little while, so if you want, you can change while I'm doing it. I'm feeling a little overdressed." said Rilliana, tossing the package onto Ifry's lap.

"Heh, depends on what else we're doing tonight," Ifry replied, but opened the package and her mouth dropped open when she saw the latex catsuit made to her measurements.

"Wow, that's…"

"Stunning." Finished Rilliana the sentence, watching as Ifry's clothes disappeared with a flick of her hand and in their place appeared the latex suit.

"Wow… this is how I always imagined it!" exclaimed Ifry, hugging Rilliana tightly.

"Yes, I'm sorry you had to wait so long."

"Wait a long time? That was nothing! Besides, we had quite a bit of fun with those gloves you gave me!" said Ifry, looking along her latex arms that shimmered in the light of the lamp. Rilliana giggled as Ifry's tail wiggled back and forth joyfully, like Trisha's.

"I'm glad you like the suit, I'll tell Celine."

"Oh, so Celine is her name?" Ifry exhaled heavily, "she's got a lot of things going on with us."

"About that?" asked Rilliana, pointing to the vacbed on the floor.

"No, no, I mean… when Phae and I came here, I promised her she'd never have to fight again. Not a thousand years later, BANG, I step into a damn trap and let Phaelyn down."

"Now you're exaggerating a bit. Those were special circumstances, Ifry."

"I know but… Phae relied on me and now… she must be devastated. I know she is, but she won't talk about it."

Rilliana smiled gently and beckoned the demoness to join her. Ifry followed the request and lay down half on the sofa and half on the elf. Rilliana began stroking Ifry's arm.

"You know you can't protect Phae from all evil?"

"Worked just fine until that meeting with Celine, didn't it?"

"Ifry… these things happen, accidents beyond our control."

"No, I can't let something like that happen to me! I swore to Phae, Rilliana! I've grown weak, and Celine has beaten this fact around my ears!" said Ifry, folding her arms.

"Ever think that you don't need to be strong anymore?"

"I just got lazy."

"Lazy? Please, every day anew you make Phaelyn feel like the one, and you couldn't do that job if you were lazy. There's a simple reason your magic isn't as strong as it used to be." explained Rilliana, squeezing Ifry's arm.

"Because I'm lazy…"

"Because you have found a home and can live here in peace," Rilliana interrupted.


"Do you think Phae would be happier if you had been able to defeat Celine? I highly doubt it, because that would have meant you'd only been fighting the entire time you'd been here."

Ifry frowned; the elf was right, in a way.

"You are far too wise for your age."

Rilliana gave a short laugh and began to smile again.

"You're the first one I've heard that from, Ifry," Rilliana said.

"It's on the house." 

"Good to know. My advice might cost you, though." said Rilliana, pulling another packet from behind a pillow she had hidden there earlier.

"Was wondering when you were going to pull that out. However, I had already gotten my portion today. So how about you put on what's in there?" asked Ifry almost casually, crossing her legs.

"Ohoho, you don't seriously think Trisha is going to pass up dominating an angel and a demoness at the same time. Aren't you curious what Trisha has prepared for you?Besides, I don't think I'll be able to walk around free for much longer." said Rilliana shrugging and opening the package. Frowning, she took out another black catsuit, but it had a different cut than the one Ifry had just put on. Rilliana unfolded it and her expression brightened.

"Another catsuit?" asked Ifry, reaching out to examine the piece of latex. It felt much thicker than her catsuit and had short arms and legs, but the sleeves were much wider than they needed to be.

"Awww, that's such a nice idea of hers," Rilliana said delightedly and knelt down on the floor, "Go on Ifry lay in here!"

Ifry hesitated, torn between the prospect of a new experience and the fact that she was about to have to be the helpless demoness again.

"Come on, Hophop."

"All right," Ifry said, glancing to the side as she knelt into the suit to hide her blushing face. Rilliana leaned down close to whisper in her ear.

"Ifry relax, we're among friends here after all."

"I am relaxed though!"

"Mmmh sure dear. You're so tense I can barely squeeze you in here." Rilliana whispered, laboriously tucking Ifry's arms and legs into the pockets of the petsuit.

"Doesn't really seem constricting to me yet," Ifry muttered, immediately regretting her words as Rilliana zipped up the limbs, one by one.

"What did you say?" asked Rilliana while playing with the last fastener that ran across Ifry's back. The demoness said no more and crouched on the floor in joyful anticipation of what was to come. 

"Oh, I forgot something!" exclaimed Rilliana suddenly, and as Ifry turned to see what she meant, her breath caught in her throat. Rilliana had grabbed Ifry's tail and was pulling its tip through a hole in the suit. Ifry gasped as the elf took much longer than normal to pull her tail through and began to moan.

"Interesting, you react even more strongly than Trisha to touches to your tail. I'll tell her, I guess, to take it to heart later." said Rilliana, closing the petsuit so that it sucked tightly against Ifry's suit.

"No, please don't! Phaelyn worked my tail wide today when Trisha…" but Rilliana interrupted the demoness as she shoved a ring gag into her mouth.

"Has hur? Heee!"

"Sorry Ifry, but Trisha has to decide that, not me," Rilliana said with an amused smile, "If I were you, you should learn to walk on your four paws swiftly. Knowing Trisha, she won't let you out of there until the morning."

Rilliana started laughing when she saw Ifry's startled and even redder face. She scrambled up and walked around Rilliana on her new limbs for a test.

"Does everything fit? Nothing's too tight?"

Ifry shook her head and nudged Rilliana with her head.

"Well then, let's get the rest of it on!"


The elf pulled a red, leather harness from the package and buckled it around the startled demoness before she could even make an effort to flee from her. Carefully, Rilliana fastened it around Ifry and stroked her at the same time, making the demoness tremble with excitement. Especially at Ifry's tail base, Rilliana got extra reaction from her pet. When she was finished, two leather restraints were fastened around each of her new limbs and connected to the main harness around her body. A wide collar completed Ifry's outfit. Rilliana sat down in front of the sofa and beckoned Ifry to join her. Still a bit unsteady on her feet, Ifry crawled to her. Rilliana took her in her arms and whispered in her ear, "I missed you both so much. Thank you for watching over my home while I was gone."

Ifry puffed contentedly in Rilliana's ear and nuzzled her head into the elf's shoulder.

"Are we interrupting?" asked Trisha suddenly, and Ifry slipped out of Rilliana's arms in surprise.

"No, I was just saying thank you," Rilliana said, patting Ifry's hair, "Where did you leave that adorable angel of ours?"

"Why? She's standing right…", Trisha interrupted herself as she looked to her feet and saw only the floor, "Just a moment."

She walked back down the hall and they could hear a brief scuffle until Trisha groaned. She came back into the living room with Phaelyn in her arms. She had on an identical Petsuits and Harnes, like Ifry only her suit was white.

"Aww look at that cute puppy!" exclaimed Rilliana, slapping her hands in front of her chest!"

Phaelyn hung helplessly in Trisha's arms, trying to hide her bright red face with her stubby little arms. She also had a ring gag in her mouth and saliva was gradually dripping down her chin.

"Oooh Phae is ashamed of herself! She's so adorable! Come on Ifry cheer her up a bit!" said Rilliana, noticing moments later that the demoness was hiding behind her.

"You two are impossible," Rilliana laughed, pulling Ifry out behind her and slapping her on the butt. Ifry squealed and stumbled forward on her paws, while Trisha set Phaelyn down and pushed. The friends cautiously approached each other until they were face to face. Both red with embarrassment and not really knowing what to do now. Looking for help, they looked to Rilliana and Trisha, who, however, had now both made themselves comfortable again on the sofa and watched them silently. Phaelyn did not even blink as she studied Ifry's body more closely. She took a step closer to her and stuck out her tongue to give Ifry's cheek a wet kiss.

"Aww, Rilliana I think they like each other!" said Trisha, getting a poke in the ribs from the elf. Ifry and Phaelyn turned to each other again and this time the demoness leaned forward and returned Phae's kiss. The angel smiled behind her gag and scrambled past Ifry. The demoness was about to turn to her when Phae jumped at her from the side, knocking the surprised Ifry over.

"OOOHIII! FFFAEE!" screeched Ifry into the gag and tried to get up, already with her stubby arms and legs this was a difficult task, but after Phaelyn climbed on top of her an impossible one. The angel lay down on top of her friend and began to cuddle her as if Ifry were a stuffed animal and the squeaking of the latex of the two petsuits resounded throughout the cabin. Ifry let it wash over her and noticed that her friend seemed much happier than before. Had the shifter talked to her like Rilliana had talked to her? Calming down, she exhaled and began to wriggle under Phaelyn to get away from her. A particularly strong movement surprised the angel and she rolled off the demoness laughing and they both stayed on their backs to catch their breath.

"What do you think Trisha, these two look like they could use a little walk?"

"I was just thinking the exact same thing!" replied Trisha, pulling two leashes out of her backpack. She attached them to the collars and turned the two petgirls onto their bellies so they would have an easier time standing up.

"Well, come on, you two," Trisha prompted, Phaelyn and Ifry gently pulling them towards the front door, which Rilliana held open for them.

Ifry gave Phaelyn a worried look, but the angel seemed joyfully anticipating the adventure and scrambled ahead. Trisha had just enough time to press Rilliana, Ifry's leash into her hand and hurried after the angel before she strangled herself.

"Shall we?" asked Rilliana kindly, gently tugging twice on the leash. Ifry who was getting embarrassed of her situation again, followed the request with her head down.

"Just relax, Ifry we are among friends here," Rilliana encouraged her, patting Ifry's head as she had already done in the living room. Visibly nervous and full of shame, Ifry pressed her head against Rilliana's leg.

"Don't worry, we'll take care of you."

Barely a ray of light from the moon reached the ground, but thanks to their special eyes, each of the four women could walk through the forest with ease. Phaelyn scrambled crisscrossing the paths, dragging Trisha behind her to study each tree from her new unfamiliar perspective. Ifry, on the other hand, stayed with Rilliana the entire time, looking around vigilantly. Though the elf said she had nothing to worry about, the broken promise to Phaelyn still gnawed at her conscience.

"Look how happy Phae is," Rilliana said as Phaelyn turned to them and looked expectantly, "do you really think she'd be so happy if you had to worry about being ambushed at any time? Do you both a favor and let loose. Play with her."

Ifry nodded thoughtfully and felt Rilliana loosen her leash.

"Go ahead, grab her Ifry!"

The demoness didn't need to be told twice and scrambled across the forest floor as if she had never done anything else. Trisha quickly unhooked Phaelyn as well, before Ifry crashed into her friend and the two rolled across the forest floor laughing and disappeared into a bush. Rilliana quickly caught up to Trisha and put her hand around the shifter's waist.

"You weren't lying, those two really are sweet as pie," Trisha whispered as Phaelyn poked her head out of the bushes and rolled out of it the next moment. She stayed on her back, breathing hard but happily. Trisha bent down and undid her gag.

"Where did you leave your grumpy half?" Trisha asked the angel.

"Ha… ha… she's… still… stuck… in the bushes!" Phaelyn replied, and turned laboriously back onto her stomach. Rilliana pushed aside a few branches and laughed out loud when she saw what kind of situation Ifry had gotten herself into. One of the forest's special plants had a way of wrapping itself around unwary visitors and holding them tight. Usually it was only a minor annoyance and one could easily free oneself. Ifry, however, was so tangled in the vines that she could not get free on her own. The suit, of course, was of no help to her. She hung upside down in the bushes and the plant slowly tightened around her limbs, so that she had no choice but to look up pleadingly at the elf and shifter. Her tail hung sleepily down by her side and the angel seemed to follow his movements almost hypnotically.

"Awww, little Ifry got tangled up. Should we get her out of there, Phae?" asked Rilliana, but she didn't get an answer when Phae suddenly shot forward as if shot out of a gun and grabbed Ifry's tail with her mouth. Ifry squealed in surprise and her head began to glow as Phaelyn stimulated her sensitive tail.

"PFFEEEAAA! NOOOoooooo!" she screeched into the gag until she grew quieter and quieter, ultimately surrendering to the warm sensation and beginning to moan.

"Shall we go back slowly then?" asked Trisha, stifling a yawn.

"Aww, but we're having so much fun right now," Phaelyn said, unconsciously letting go of Ifry's tail, which immediately disappeared out of her reach.

"Don't worry Phae, I'm far from done with you, however I need my sleep, unlike Rilliana for whom sleeping seems to be optional." Trisha explained, releasing Ifry first from the tendrils and then from the gag.

"Awwww," Phaelyn said once more, but trotted back down the path.

"Thanks Trisha," Ifry said, smiling up at Trisha.

"Oh that was nothing, do you think I left you hanging there?" asked Trisha, lifting up a branch for Ifry to run under.

"Not for that, but for talking to Phae."

"Ah… you're welcome," Trisha said.

When the women got back to the cabin, the angel and the demoness immediately sensed that they really needed to get to bed as soon as possible. They scrambled into the living room and dropped onto the carpet with a loud plop.

"And I thought you were going to pull an all-nighter Phae." noted Trisha.

"Changed my mind." Murmured the angel sleepily. Ifry also yawned loudly, but listened up when she heard Trisha pulling ropes out of her backpack.

"More bondage?" asked Ifry irritably, and Phaelyn's eyes were immediately open again and locked on the shifter.

"Not for you two, I doubt I can tie you up any more securely, no. These are for my favorite little elf." said Trisha, turning to Rilliana.

"Thought you forgot about me," Rilliana said, offering her hands. Trisha, however, stroked her chin and then pointed at the elf.


"What, but I…"

"Na, ah! Strip! Now!"

Rilliana rolled her eyes, but did as she was told and peeled the latex suit from her skin. The black of the suit gave way to her fair skin and Rilliana resisted the urge to hide her breasts and crotch from Trisha and her pets. Only now the shifter grabbed her friend's hands and bound them crosswise in front of her body. Satisfied, Trisha looked down at the bonds and led Rilliana into her hosts' bedroom.

"Wait, that's it?" asked Phaelyn incredulously, scrambling along with Ifry after the two.

"Not quite, but yes. You shouldn't overdo it with the restraints while you're sleeping." said Trisha, pushing Rilliana down on the bed before attaching the rope to the headboard. With another rope, she tied the elf's legs tightly at the foot end. Finally, Trisha lifted Ifry and Phaelyn next to the elf and added herself.

"I missed this so much." Rilliana murmured, gently pulling on her bonds. Ifry laid her head on the elf's belly and Phaelyn in turn did the same on Trisha's and got her head scratched on top of it.


The four women slept soundly until just before dawn. Trisha woke up first and slid noiselessly out of bed. First she checked to see if any of her charges were having trouble with their restraints, but all were relaxed and sleeping peacefully. She slipped into the kitchen and began cooking a small breakfast for her hosts. The aroma quickly filled the cabin and permeated the bedroom. Phaelyn's nose twitched as she took in the smell of egg and cheese, and she opened her eyes. She saw Rilliana, who was fast asleep, and Ifry, who had laid her head on the elf's stomach. Carefully Phaelyn crawled over to her friend and stuck out her tongue to give Ifry the same kiss she had the night before.

"Hey my angel," Ifry murmured sleepily as she felt Phaelyn's tongue on her cheek.

"I think Trisha's cooking for us. Shall we go check it out? It smells so good!" whispered Phaelyn. Ifry looked up at Rilliana warily. The elf didn't seem to notice the two of them and Ifry nodded. The petgirls slid off the bed and scrambled into the kitchen, where Trisha was cooking dressed only in an apron. They both stared hypnotized at Trisha's tail and bare peach butt until she turned around.

"Well, did you sleep soundly?" the shifter asked when she noticed them both.

"Yaaaahhhh!" Ifry yawned loudly and shook her head to wake up.

"Are you hungry?" Trisha asked, but didn't wait for an answer and put two plates on the floor. Both loaded with an omelet.

Phaelyn's eyes widened and her mouth dropped open when she saw the golden fried food. Unable to use her hands, she bent down to her food and carefully bit into the dish. Cheese strings appeared as Phaelyn pulled on it and tears formed in her eyes. 

"Hooooo! SO GOOD!" breathed Phaelyn, sinking her face into the omelet.

"I'll take her word for it, then," Ifry said, taking a bite of hers. Her face froze and she looked up at Trisha, who smiled kindly at her.

"It…it's perfect!" she mumbled, stunned, licking her lips before sinking her face into the egg as well.

"I'm glad you like it. If you'll excuse me. I'll just have to tend to the dessert."

"Dessert?" asked Phaelyn between bites, and could just see Trisha disappear into the bedroom. She couldn't see what the shifter was holding, though. She was about to follow Trisha when she just noticed Ifry staring at her omelet from greedy eyes.

"OI you have your own!"

"I just want a taste!"

"They are absolutely identical!"

"We can't know that for sure!"


Trisha shook her head as she heard the discussion between the two of them and loudly prepared everything for Rilliana to wake up from it.

"Oh hey Trish, where are our pets?" asked Rilliana sleepily, not realizing what Trisha was holding.

"They're having breakfast. I'm here to get dessert ready!"

"Dessert?" asked Rilliana, blinking until she saw what Trisha was holding and went wide-eyed.

"You're not serious?"

"Hey, yes I am!" said Trisha, walking up to her friend with a menacing smile.


"That was so yummy!" exclaimed Phaelyn, licking her lips.

"You've got something there, honey," Ifry said softly, leaning over to give Phaelyn a kiss.

"Hehe," Phaelyn laughed between breaths and returned the kiss.

"What do you think is on the agenda for today?" asked Phaelyn after they broke away from each other and crawled back into the bedroom with Ifry.

"I think Rilliana needed help with something, but maybe we should see what Trisha… oh." Ifry fell silent as they pushed open the door and saw Rilliana still tied up on the bed. She now had an additional blindfold on, but nothing else had been changed about her bonds. However, mountains of spray cream had been spread over her body and here and there Trisha had placed a strawberry in the particularly delicate places.

"Fancy some dessert?" asked Trisha, and Phaelyn nodded several times, while Ifry, a little shocked, nodded only once. Trisha lifted them both up onto the bed and immediately the angel began licking the cream from Rilliana's body. The elf twitched with every touch and Ifry was sure that Rilliana would have loved to writhe like an eel, but she proudly withstood Phaelyn's tongue.

Who knows for how long. Ifry thought and began her own attack on Rilliana's body. The demoness had set her sights on one of the strawberries that adorned Rilliana's breasts and rested on a pillow of cream. Ifry carefully lapped up some of the cream, touching the elf's skin. The latter bit her lower lip and tensed her legs when she felt Ifry's tongue on her breast and Phaelyn came dangerously close to her belly button at the same moment to eat another strawberry. From the corner of her eye Ifry could see that her friend, deliberately pushed the strawberry into Rilliana's belly button and now she was trying to get it back out with, her very clumsy tongue.

"Whoever this is from you is the real demon!" breathed Rilliana and moaned when Phae gave up trying to pick up the strawberry with her tongue and instead pressed her mouth on Rilliana's belly button and sucked hard.

"OOOoooohh shit!" moaned Rilliana, pressing her head into her pillow. Ifry was so mesmerized by the show that was going on that she didn't notice at first that her strawberry was slowly sliding off the pile of cream. She noticed just in time and snatched it. In the process, Ifry lost her balance on the soft bed and her face sank a little deeper than she wanted into the cream. It squirted in all directions and Rilliana let out a sharp cry as Ifry's teeth grazed her left nipple. 

"Mhh… sorry Rilli," Ifry mumbled, swallowing her prey.


"But the cream hasn't!" muttered Phaelyn, looking up. Ifry couldn't help laughing when she saw her friend's face smeared with cream.

"Phae you have something there."

"Where?" asked Phaelyn, licking her lips with her tongue, which did little for her cleanliness.

"Yeah um now you're clean again," the demoness said laughing and turned her attention back to Rilliana's breasts, which were crying out to be cleaned by her tongue.


"Can we do it again sometime?" asked Phaelyn with wide eyes, hopping from one leg to the other.

"I'm sure we can, but maybe we should give Rilliana a little time to sort out her problems first," Trisha said, looking over the angel's shoulder at Rilliana and Ifry, who were still exchanging a few brief words. Amused, Trisha noted that Rilliana was stroking her sore nipple.

"Then I hope you'll come by again soon!" said Phaelyn, hugging the shifter tightly. Trisha returned the hug and patted the angel's head.

"You're welcome to come over too, but try not to walk into our traps."

"Naa let's see, they looked pretty funny in retrospect," Phaelyn said, giggling at the thought of stepping on one of Celine's traps along with Ifry.

"See you soon Phae," Trisha whispered in the angel's ear, stepping back to make room for Rilliana so she could say goodbye to the angel as well.


"What did Ifry say? Can she help them?" asked Trisha as she walked to the parking lot.

"Ifry, said maybe… this may sound like a cliché now, but Jade and Caitlyn need to love each other so they can get their memories back."

"Let's hope for the best for all of us," Trisha said, waving at Jade, who was hoisting an unconscious Summer out of her car and heading toward the two.


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