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2520 AD

by Mr Smooth

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Part 1

It's the year 2520 and our planet and the way it's treated by the human race have completely changed in the last five hundred years. There are no longer wars between nations because it is females only who run the planet.

More than four hundred years ago, with constant warring taking place simply depleting and wasting our planet's valuable resources, a momentous decision had to be made. The Earth and mankind was on the brink of destruction due to the very way mankind had behaved and treated it.

It was globally agreed that males were in charge and mostly at fault with their natural leaning towards aggression and fighting due to their prehistoric past as they were born with and harboured the kill instinct in their genes. This type of behaviour was no longer affordable for mankind and the Earth and so an agreement was reached between the leading nations that females should be given the chance and they alone would hold all the positions of power and where males would have very limited say in running it, This was to be an experiment to start with to attempt to solve the major problems that threatened our very survival.

So a trial of fifty years was set for this, but mankind soon flourished under this system and the Earth became virtually war free; this was now the natural order for all nations: to be led by women, with a supreme Earth Queen wielding absolute power.

Wars drive technology forward so the drive forward had been mostly in medicine since the changeover, where other technology had moved little. There were massive benefits also for the planet and because females had total control and permission was also required to have children then the population was quickly reduced to a sustainable level of less than one billion. Now practically everyone could be fed and hunger and disease was mostly eradicated after two hundred years or so.

It was not unusual for people now to live to one hundred and fifty years of age and with medical advances females had total choice up to sixty years of age and beyond when they alone could give birth, if at all.

Because of their positions in the scheme of things, the females who were allowed simply had one or two children and no more and after giving birth their male sperm donors were often left to bring the children up to adulthood allowing the mothers to run the most important positions.

Females had also become more physically advanced due to a higher standard of living over these few hundred years and were larger and bigger generally than males at average of six feet and more in height.

Procreation was mostly carried out as a total choice for females to control when she was ready herself to conceive and so males were put at the back of the queue. Sex between genders, as it used to occur, became mostly unimportant especially for the really well off and was indeed rare for most.

At this point however, the whole planet had become a police state and the original good intentions of females taking control to prevent conflict had long been forgotten. This role reversal during these few hundred years or so also had a natural adverse effect on males; they had only a very limited important place in society and were kept mainly for more menial physical tasks, virtual slaves in fact and their daily lives were heavily controlled both at work and in their very limited private lives.

An insurrection, by a large band of males who resented being treated thus, resulted in a severe clamp down on males generally. The leaders of the insurrection suffered a slow and painful demise, which was broadcast globally to send a message in preventing it happening in the future.

So females had turned to clever electrical and mechanical devices for sexual pleasures, which they found were far more reliable and pleasurable than having a mere inferior male lying on top of them and losing control before the females had their fulfilment. A female who wished for sex relief would go to a recreation and fulfilment centre, where not only keep-fit areas were available, but also a stress relief area, where it became natural for females to achieve sexual fulfilment to the highest order. These comprehensive centres were the most popular place of recreation, with cinemas, coffee bars, restaurants, hotels and just about anything required for entertainment. Most females spent their main free time there to socialise.

If a female wished to conceive, then after applying and being granted permission, she would go along to a fertility clinic to be fertilised with a personal choice from a sperm bank; allowing her to choose the types of fathers they wished for their children from a list.

Because of this, many men had turned to each other for love and sex and so reluctant homosexuality became rife. This was eventually made illegal, with severe consequences, thus forcing it underground; anyone caught could be chemically castrated.

Generally though females had become arrogant and superior to males, treating them as lesser humans; it wasn't uncommon for the really well off to hire a live-in male, to be kept for menial tasks around the home. He would have little say in the matter, and tales abounded of them being sexually and mentally abused by the dominant female in charge, for their own hedonistic pleasures.

For the males in society, being jailed was also used to carry out punishments for males. In this draconian society, for relatively minor offences, along with the incarceration, they were used for experiments, never to be free again.

Corporal punishment had been reintroduced for minor crimes for males such as stealing where they would be locked away in isolation and be constantly terrorised during the sentence with severe flogging, caning and humiliation carried out by very willing female guards until their blessed release. A tattoo would be etched on his forehead for each sentence for everyone to see and should you be sentenced for a third time then you would be locked away in a special facility to be used for experimental purposes, never to be seen in society again.

Guilty “hands” for stealing crimes and even masturbating would also be locked away in special thick bondage gloves during this time; these being taken off for personal hygiene and feeding only where you would be personally overseen for this very short period each day.

Homosexuality however proved difficult to enforce and so checks were introduced where all males after puberty had to attend special “clinics” to test them out on this. Anyone failing would automatically be assigned to be “de-masculined” as the state tried to put a stop on it.

So with females in total control and now with choice of the sex for their offspring should they decide to have a child virtually all had opted to have a female baby so in a very short space of time with the gender being able to be chosen males had quickly become rare with much less than one percent or so populating the whole planet, and almost all of these found only in the lowest sector of society, thus causing several major problems.

So a drastic decision was made to encourage male birth; anyone participating would be highly rewarded for being involved in having male children. As males were still the only vital source, the stores of sperm were being quickly depleted and so, mainly to prevent in-breeding problems, it was decided something had to be done and very quickly. A new law was quickly introduced where males would be selected for their physical and mental attributes to supply this valuable resource while laboratories worked hard to find a way to produce artificial sperm.

Males selected would be called and forced to attend Sperm Clinics with several set up in every major country where they would be required to donate and have their fluids extracted without any choice from them whilst held there as they were required.

During their attendance they were also often used for other sexual experimental purposes and stories would be secretly passed on as to what went on in there and by all accounts it wasn't a pleasant experience to look forward to.

I was a bit of a rebel myself but mostly in my thoughts and so kept a low key at my place of work where I had risen to the most senior position allowed for males, a very junior manager overseeing males only. The CEO boss a tall Nordic leggy type Ms Johanssen had taken a shine to me sexually and she would often take advantage and order me to her office or home for her own

gratification as she preferred the old fashioned animal instinct of physical sex to mechanical devices. I had little choice and she was insatiable too from a pure lust position and of course I didn't complain, I considered myself very lucky but some of the other females at my place of work knew and resented this and they often gave me a hard time there.

One Monday morning I was ordered to arrive at my workplace an hour early. As soon as I arrived Ms Johanssen summoned me to her office and was ready for me with her underwear removed and wearing something provocative. Immediately on arrival we had sex on her special couch she,d had put it and as usual sat on top of me as she liked to take control and “fuck my brains out” as she put it. Twenty sweaty minutes later we both dressed and then she told me my news, and it wasn't good.

Employers were always the first to know and I had been selected to attend the dreaded “sperm clinic” and would be taken away shortly today, thats why she had a last fling so early in the morning. My heart sank and stomach churned as we waited drinking coffee til normal opening hours when on the dot two tall striking looking female senior enforcement (Police) officers arrived.

Here they informed me as a matter of fact that I was to be taken away and required to attend a sperm clinic as of immediate effect. I was as of now not to be allowed to ejaculate until required by the clinic where quality samples would be extracted from me. They knew of my relationship with Ms Johanssen and so assumed I recently had sex.

I said I needed to go home to collect some clothing and toiletries but was told in no uncertain terms by a no-nonsense officer that everything would be supplied with colleagues and friends would be informed. I tried to argue the point but it was hopeless and Ms Johanssen advised me to do as I was bid as the guards had become agitated at my unhelpful “attitude”

One of the guards opened a small case and after extracting something showed me a stainless steel tube with a locking ring. She said “you will have to wear this as of now, it’s to prevent you from ejaculating until you are required to, so remove or drop your trousers and underwear so this can be fitted.” She donned a pair of surgical gloves.

I was mortified at her words and just stood there for a moment so she closed in on my face. “What are you waiting for? I gave you an order,” she spat. I shook my head and the next moment the other guard expertly cuffed my hands behind me.

The first guard undid my trousers and yanked them down along with my underwear exposing me fully. She took a look and smirked “I can see why you don't want to show that pathetic thing to us.”

Angry at her I snapped, “I could choke you on it, given the chance.”

Well I had really crossed the line and this was a jail-able offence. “How dare you speak to an officer of the law and a superior being like that, you will suffer for having a big mouth,” she spat with venom as the second guard viciously pulled my cuffs upwards causing me to bend forward and they both forced me over to Ms Johanssen’s desk and lay me bent across it face down with my rear exposed leaving the second guard holding me in that position. The first guard went to her leather case and retrieved a wicked looking wide black leather strap on a handle which guards always carried to mete out instant justice to males, she showed it to me.

She grabbed my hair and, sticking her face in mine, said “you will be taught how to cooperate and show respect, and in my case, respect is ruled by fear and pain. Ms Johanssen was still sitting directly in front of me as the guard went round to my back and as the other continued holding me down tightly she laid into my rear with her flogger giving me six lashes making me squeal. She ceased, and said, “Now apologise and thank me for teaching you respect for your superiors. Then keep your mouth shut until you are allowed to speak in future.” I shook my head in defiance and six more strokes were applied bringing tears to my eyes.

She again ceased for a moment and waited for my reply as Ms Johanssen looked into my face and advised me strongly to comply. The guard continued, “We can do this all day if you wish, and then continue at the clinic.”

I nodded and said, “thank you.”

The guard struck once more, hard, saying, “Thank you what?”

At this I squealed again. “Thank you for teaching me respect for my superiors!”

The bitch struck again taking my breath adding, “and don’t you forget it because your attitude and comments are to be recorded”

I was allowed to stand, still stinging, and to add insult to injury, a rubber ball gag was forced into my mouth and locked in place. Now the second guard donned surgical gloves in a threatening manner and squirted some lube into the steel chastity tube; she pulled up a chair in front of me to fit the device and force slid my cock into the tube adding the locking ring behind my balls.

Standing, she tormented me as she ran her soft gloved fingers gently around my balls for a minute. She peered closely into my face smiling thus causing me to swell uncomfortably in its steel prison. Leaving me like that, my hands were released to allow me to dress and having done that I was re-cuffed.

Ms Johanssen was refused a farewell and with a sad look told me to cooperate fully at the clinic; she also remarked she hoped she would be seeing me again snatching a gentle affectionate peck on the cheek. And so did I, my stomach turning over at what may lay ahead for myself. Still cuffed and gagged I was whisked away by these two bitches in a windowless closed van, an hour later arrived behind security gates at the “Clinic”.

I was taken inside this pristine building where everything smelled of cleanliness with stark white walls and stainless chrome fittings everywhere. After I was checked in by a trim lady in a white crisp white uniform, I was ordered to drink a large quantity of water for some reason and then the two guards ushered me behind her as she took me to a tiny holding room with just a white plastic seat where I was told to sit and not move until instructed. I was still handcuffed and these fixed to the chair and left gagged too. I was left alone and the door was locked. Everything in here was in white too and I noticed a small camera lens too in the top corner for the benefit of the clinic staff.

I sat there for an age and not only was I bored but soon I desperately needed to pee as it had been hours since I’d relieved myself. I shouted but no one came and after another hour I was so desperate I had to let it go and so I wet myself.

An alarm sounded as the seat I found out was wired and they appeared again as the door opened within five minutes or so and a six foot tall pretty lady wearing a severe long red rubber apron, white rubber theatre boots and black surgical gloves over her very short clinic uniform. She stepped inside and gave me a dirty look shaking her head, a second one stood behind her. “We are CAs – Clinic Assistants to you,” and leaning into my face she spat, “who’s a dirty little cretin then, pissing yourself like a little boy who cannot control himself, typical useless male.”

Humiliated and before I could reply she released me from the seat, grabbed a handful of my hair and yanked me to my feet dragging me painfully into the corridor where the second similarly clad lady was waiting. “Come with me,” said the first one, keeping her hand on my hair, making me bend as she forced me down the corridor to a side room, a large all white shower area.

In there, the first one said after releasing my hands but leaving me gagged, “get your clothes off now.” I had no choice and stripped, but naturally covered myself although I wore the chastity device.

“Hands on your head,” was the next order. I did reluctantly as the first one walked around me checking me slowly with her eyes to humiliate me even more. I was sitting in a chair, still cuffed, and one of them now proceeded to shave all my hair off with clippers. When finished I was forced into a kneeling position as a tall chrome stand was wheeled to me with a distended hanging bladder and valve. This was used to give me an internal washout and soon a tube was inserted into my rear and liquid flowed into my intestines. I was painfully purged for some time before being allowed to vacate the enema.

A large shower was run on and I was invited to enter and watched like a hawk as the second clinic lady took away my clothing into a plastic box remarking, “he won't be needing these.” I stepped out and was given a towel to dry off.

When dried off one of them made me refit the chastity device and then produced a pair of long bloomers in cold thick red hospital rubber and ordered me to wear them. I looked in shock but she added pushing them towards me, “well we can't trust you wearing normal clothing as you may piss yourself again, so these incontinent ones are yours to wear for now so get them on you dirty little boy.”

I slipped them on and the cold smooth rubber took my breath, it was very erotic as if a thousand fingers caressed my most sensitive area. I stood, red faced, as my cock swelled in its steel cage, but also mortified as these two tormentors inspected me and verbally humiliated me even more which appeared to be in the scheme of ideas here, I was again cuffed.

“Come with us,” was their next order. I was taken through a locked door down steps into a white basement corridor with several metal doors. I was shown into the first one, around ten feet square, containing a heavy chair, toilet, wash basin and single size steel bed. Everything was again in white. One CA blocked the door, and the other took off my cuffs and said, “This is your cell for the time being whilst you are here, now sit on the chair facing the door, and do not move from there.” Then they left me, locking the door behind them.

I sat as they said, and with no watch or clock I had no idea how long, but guessing for an hour or so the rubber knickers had become clammy. The room was very cool and my body became cold too as the rest of me was naked. I began to shake with cold and on the bed lay a cotton surgical gown and pants so eventually I removed the knickers and put these on to get warm.

I heard footsteps a couple of minutes later, the door opened and a tall leggy blonde entered and stood looking at me for a moment. She was very attractive with extremely long legs showing under her short white wrap-over clinic uniform.

However she had a real authoritative look about her and gave me a cruel smile. The two CA s were standing behind her and now she spoke. “I am Nurse Hades to you, I run this place, it is mine and I will oversee your time here in my clinic and above all your sperm extraction; you will always refer to me as Nurse and I will call you what I wish.”

I started to stand up but she pushed me back “I will tell you when to get up,” she snapped, “I haven't finished speaking yet to explain to you what trouble you are in even before you have been checked for sperm. Now, as I was saying before you rudely interrupted, you will be required when I decide you are ready to supply a sample which will be tested for quality. In the meantime it will be my pleasure to teach you some respect and manners for your superiors. Firstly it's been reported that you were totally uncooperative and extremely rude to the officers when you were collected earlier this morning, actually making a prisonable comment.

“I have superiority, out of importance to carry on with the sperm extraction and so the officers have left me to punish you for the offence which I will gladly carry out. You also acted with complete arrogance when you arrived and when I entered here I found you dressed so in this clothing without permission, and worse still, you have also removed your punishment knickers.

“This was a test I had set for you. So, in view of your attitude so far, you will be having my company, for punishment on a regular basis, which only one of us will enjoy. Here you will be taught respect for your betters and do exactly as you are ordered, at the snap of my fingers I might add.”

I attempted to speak. “Silence,” she spat, “you need permission here to speak.” She turned to the two CAs and said, “a full two hour rubber bondage punishment for him to start with.” The two CAs entered now, with one carrying several heavy items of clothing made of thick white rubber, which they placed on the bed.

Made to strip first, the rubber straight-jacket was put on me, my arms crossed and straps fastened. Fixed straps passed under my groin pulled tight and fastened to prevent removal. Then knee-length thick rubber bloomers with a waist strap fastened to the jacket also to prevent removal. I was made to sit down on my chair with a belt fixed to it to prevent standing.

Soft short matching boots were put on followed by my ankles being fixed to the chair legs. “Must keep you quiet too,” said Hades, as she strapped a rubber ball gag into my mouth. She picked up a fearsome thick white rubber “punishment hood” as she called it, which was presented on a false head to show it off properly. “You will wear this too now for your penance and to begin your behaviour re-programming; it is rather claustrophobic and very unpleasant, but you need to be shown I who is in charge and that I mean business here.”

I began to panic as she prepared it and mumbled and begged through my gag to her not to make me wear it. “Nonsense,” she said, “you have no choice, it's all for your own good.”

Despite shaking and moving my head to avoid it, it was pushed over my head and zipped at the back followed by a strong collar neck strap. The face of the hood had a loose rubber membrane which could be zipped together to form and enclose the face and head entirely and there were two short rubber tubes near the nose area to allow air intake.

Hades looked into my eyes as I began to panic and said mockingly, “see you later maybe in a couple of hours, and much more if you create a fuss as I will leave you and only release you when I am ready,” before slowly closing the zip, cutting off my view all together. I shook my head in vain to free it as I heard the door close and lock.

My heart was beating fast. I knew I had to control my fear and frustration now as I had no idea how long I would be held and tormented in her punishment rubber. Enough breathing air entered the helmet through the two rubber tubes but all the same it was stifling and claustrophobic as she predicted. Fortunately the hood being white allowed a very low light to filter through. I did sweat profusely, partly through fear, and being gagged made me drool heavily too as the sweat built up.

I was in purgatory, but eventually, after what seemed to be many hours of torment, the door was opened and a few seconds later the hood zip too was opened to fresh air. Nurse Hades stood there with a CA, who removed the hood completely, dripping wet with my drool and sweat. I looked at Hades as she said, “Well that’s just a beginning punishment for you, and your first lesson in respect and humiliation.”

I was released to stand after my gag was taken off and escorted out to take another shower sweat running off me. After removing my knickers and boots - which were sloshing with sweat too - I stepped into the running water to wash all the sweat off, where I had to wash the rubber I had been wearing too.

The warm water cascading over me was sweet relief, while my tormentors watched. Given a dressing gown, I was taken back to my cell. I was famished now and very thirsty; soon a trolley of mushy food was delivered by two CAs, and I wolfed it down thankfully.

I sat quietly, as ordered by her, and when I finished eating I remembered the camera lens at the top corner; I knew they were keeping an eye on me remotely and behaved as best I could. It was extremely boring just sitting there but fear of the unknown kept me in check.

Eventually the two CAs returned; they cuffed and took me down the corridor into a large white well lit medical style room. There was all types of weird scary furniture and equipment in here in shiny chrome steel, most of which had heavy rubber straps attached. There were glass cabinets too with more bizarre steel and glass implements, rubber tubing and much more in the way of bizarre latex and rubber goods.

Stomach churning at the unknown and uncuffed I was made to remove my dressing gown to become completely naked apart from my chastity tube.

Now guided over to a tall chair which was basically made from chrome steel tubing. The seat was basically two chrome tubes set at nearly ninety degrees apart with padded white leather on top for sitting on, so the person sat on there would be fully exposed.

Rubber straps were fixed to the frame, and shaking I was made to sit on it with my legs forced open over the seat. Sitting upright, my arms were fastened out sideways with rubber wrist and elbow cuffs to the frame followed by ankle straps fixing them to the chair so my feet were clear of the floor. More straps were pulled tight around my thighs with another around my stomach and one fixed to the chair around my neck I was truly strapped in helpless.

They closed the door and left me trembling and fearful of the unknown and what was to happen now – I was to find out.

Minutes later the door opened and Hades entered; she was wearing a long black cape and approached and stood directly in front of me with a wicked smile on her face and spoke “I am about to find what you are made of”

She stood back and removed her cape confidently tossing it aside revealing a breathtaking sight; as a very attractive but severe lady, her wonderful tall shapely sexy body now exposed was clad in a tight waisted black latex corset, black nylons and more and her being even taller in high heels. She carried this look off very well on her fair skin. She allowed me to take a good look, and then closed in, between my spread legs for a couple of minutes; her closeness and warmth causing my cock to swell in its prison.

Backing off, she wheeled a medical trolley with a cover over it to my side and pulled up a chair directly in front of me and sat on it legs wide. She spoke factually, “I’m wearing this erotic clothing to test out your masculinity and because I love to give my patients a real treat to excite them sexually, and now you’re up and running, I’ll treat you to some special re-programming to teach you some respect for your female superiors.”

She pulled in closer, and using a key, eased off my chastity tube and locking ring, releasing my hard cock. “Hmm,” she remarked, “not much wrong here.” She gently raked her fingernails across my balls, taking my breath away and bringing me to full hardness.

I sighed with pure lust as she pulled forward much closer draping a leg over each of mine, her soft warm thighs on mine, exposing a triangle of latex between her gorgeous thighs; the very closeness of her practically sitting on my lap was overwhelming as she teased me for a couple of minutes.

I was close, lusting seriously at this point, my cock ready to burst, throbbing and leaking somewhat. She stood and kicked the chair back a little and sat back down apart from me, leaving me breathing heavily.

Leaning forward she spoke softly with some menace, “You appear to be red blooded, and respond very well to my test. I'm sure we will extract some quality samples from your balls eventually, but for now it's time for some more reprogramming, to put you in your place. It will be quite painful for you but I won’t feel a thing and will enjoy every minute.”

She reached to pull the trolley to her side and removed the cover and pointed to its scary looking contents, including needles, rubber tubing, steel clips and much more.

Selecting a narrow steel spring clip and showing it to me she reached down to clip it to loose skin on my scrotum. It was painful but not too much, however she had many more of these and soon ten of them were hanging from my balls in a circle. I squirmed and moaned with pain as they bit into my flesh and she sat back to enjoy my agony. Every time my cock deflated with the pain she would stroke it back to life thus tightening my balls and increasing the grip from the clips.

She opened a bottle of wine and enjoyed a glass, watching me intently as I grimaced with the pain. She became a little glassy-eyed, breathing heavily as her hand went to her spread rubber-covered crotch and began to gently rub herself in front of me. Her eyes rolled back for a while, she moaned and enjoyed her self -pleasure; she suddenly ceased reaching for something from the trolley which turned out to be a couple of vicious clover clamps which she quickly attached to my nipples.

I squealed as the pain increased ten fold and tears rolled down my cheeks. Reaching for a massager and pressing it to her crutch as she was turned on by my agony she moaned and shuddered with a low guttural groan after a few minutes.

Leaning forward her free hand on my thigh she pushed her free hand into her rubber g-string, returning her wet fingers to my mouth, making sure I tasted her juices as she laughed sadistically.

Releasing the nipple clamps first, it was as if a red hot poker was placed on them for a few seconds. I squealed again. She shook her head and tutted condescendingly, “You know it's for your own good,” and pulled the scrotum clips off, causing me more distress. The bitch sat back again, sipping her wine, her legs akimbo, tormenting me as I slowly calmed down, my cock flagging.

Eventually when the pain had subsided and I was nearer back to normal she leaned forward, toyed with my cock and balls for her own sadistic pleasure as she made me hard again and said, “I hope you can handle more than that as I’ve much more planned for you. Incidentally, this is one of our rooms set up for sperm extraction. We have many ways of doing this here in our clinic, and treating the males chosen to a minimum of his pleasure whilst doing so. They are sent here purely for supply for our sperm bank and the donor’s personal pleasure is unimportant to us as you have discovered today.

When your turn arrives in here, you may well find yourself back in this chair hooked up to a milking machine for a few hours, but we will see. In the meantime, your ass is mine, literally, to continue your treatment to teach respect for us, your superiors, because I can and will truly enjoy every moment of it.” She stood to leave, adding, “when your cock has subsided you will be released, and not before.”

I was left alone for some time and when I eventually flagged two CAs released my neck and arms so that I could replace the chastity tube myself.


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