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2520 AD

by Mr Smooth

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Part 1b

I was left alone for some time and when I eventually flagged two CAs released my neck and arms so that I could replace the chastity tube myself.

I was then fully released, given the dressing gown and taken cuffed back to my cell where I was made to sit again quietly, contemplating my next time with the Hades bitch. Later, I was allowed to sleep naked in the bed, my hands fitted with locked-on thick leather mitts to “prevent me attempting any type of pleasure,” as they explained.

Later I awoke and lay there for a while with the normal morning erection men have, pressing and uncomfortable in its steel prison. The same two CAs entered my cell a short while later, bringing me some mushy food and drink. I was ravenous as I hadn't had much to eat since I was brought here the morning before, so I soon made short work of it.

The two CAs returned and I was taken, cuffed, in my dressing gown, to the shower area where a humiliating and uncomfortable enema was administered again; followed by a shower, then back to my cell in the dressing gown.

Here I was given my clothing: a two piece tracksuit-type thing, but in smooth, gloss transparent latex. One explained, smiling, “Hades has given orders for you to wear rubber on your naked flesh from now on, so dress without delay.”

Why latex? I thought, as I slipped the cold pants up and over my bottom half, which had the immediate effect of causing my cock to swell, with its erotic touch of a thousand fingers to my naked skin. There was a panel at the crotch, which could be removed via poppers. I slipped the top on too, which only served to increase the eroticism and I shivered as much with erotic pleasure as with cold.

This was noted, and the CA explained, “Nurse Hades wishes her donors to be kept in a frustrated but excited state for the clinics benefit, and having to wear latex on their bodies before she has them in her clinic room enhances them sexually the most, she has discovered. Now come with us.”

Stomach churning and cuffed I was taken to a large medical style room. The very movements of having the loose cool latex caressing me as I walked had my cock twitching and swollen in its cage. There were all types of weird looking frames and devices in here, made of chrome and white leather, with a very large glass cabinet containing rubber tubing, shiny steel implements and all manner of bizarre items on display.

My cuffs behind me were fixed to a wall, so I was left standing facing the room. “Stay quiet, you are being monitored,” I was told and they left me shivering with thoughts of the unknown.

I did as they advised, keeping quiet, and took a good look around. I noticed heavy rubber straps on most of the equipment, which appeared to be for restraining the body. This included a steel, chrome-framed chair, with padded seat and simply an open V-shape for the seat, plus a high back and straps; a gyno-chair in chrome, padded with straps; a flat hospital bed with a rubber cover and straps; a tall, upright, open frame, with straps; plus other weird furniture.

Ten minutes later I heard several voices, and Hades entered followed by six ladies, all fairly young looking. Hades was wearing the most erotic latex skin-tight nurse’s uniform and smiled as she looked my way. The others followed her, all very attractive girls with very short white wrap-over clinic-style tops.

Hades brought them over to surround me. “Here, girls, is someone I will be working on a little later,” she said, as she fitted a ball gag into my mouth. “These are my new trainees today; I will be showing them some ways of dealing with a donor shortly and then it’s your turn for a punishment session.” She continued speaking to the trainees, who all had a name tag showing. “Some or all of you do not have any experience of the male body and may be shocked, but you have to be used to it, that’s why you’re here.”

She removed my crotch cover exposing my chastity tube. Unlocking my balls, the cock tube was tight with the swelling so she had to resort to squirting a slippy gel to ease it off. My cock sprang to full size, dripping with pre-cum and gel, shocking most of the girls, who giggled at my erection and embarrassment. “Well girls,” stated Hades, “you can see how this cock is throbbing with lust. If I handled it too much, it would explode with slimy, valuable sperm, so he can stay like that as we continue with today’s donor.”

She called on the internal system for him to be brought in, then continued to explain my throbbing genitals to her girls. A couple were allowed to touch me, which was electric but frustrating to me.

The door opened, and a male around my own age was brought in, also dressed in a latex two-piece, similar to mine but in gloss black. He appeared terrified and was shaking badly. She directed the CAs to remove his clothes and he stood, mortified with humiliation and embarrassment covering himself. He was forced to the upright frame, face forward and quickly strapped to it, legs apart, arms fixed, outstretched and helpless.

Hades and the girls surrounded him while she unlocked his chastity device. He was sideways on to me and I could see he was flagging with a soft cock. Hades pointed it out, laughing, to make it worse for him, and tried stroking him into life with no success. She said, “well we can find an alternative way to extract his fluid.” She wheeled a trolley to him with electrical items and other stuff on it. Adjusting the frame he was bent forward for better access.

She selected a metal probe with cables, and greased it, explaining, “this is going in his ass girls. Connected to my electric box, I will find a program eventually that will have him gushing sperm, although he struggles to get an erection.”

She eased it into him, making him gasp, taking his breath away until fully inserted, where she used a strap to hold it in. Then she looped a rubber fitting around his balls, and both these were connected to her TENS unit. She fired it up, as the girls gathered around in awe to watch, and she made settings and changes on the box. Occasionally he would jump or make some sort of reaction as she tried different programs. She watched him intently, testing him for several minutes and he began to respond.

Gradually adjusting, now she had found a program to suit, soon he began to breathe heavily and respond, moving and groaning with pleasure. She brought him close, and killed the TENS machine, leaving him on edge and drooling. She said, “now girls, control is the key here. We always need to show these pathetic males their place and where they belong, to keep them frustrated with the least possible pleasure. You see how weak he is, because he is so desperate to ejaculate, even his little cock shows signs of life.” She invited the girls to don rubber gloves and take it in turns to handle him. This drove him wild, and soon brought him close, so Hades stepped in here and backed the girls off again, leaving him gasping to cum in mid-air.

Hades left him to calm down and checked my throbbing cock. She wiped some pre-cum off with her gloves and forced it into my mouth, adding, “wait till you find out what I have in store for you.”

Moving back to her donor, she gave Dana, one of the trainees, a glass jar and whispered something to her about how to catch the sperm she was about to extract from him.

She fired up her TENS, and after a couple of minutes he started to shake and moan. She nodded to Dana, who held the glass over his cock. As soon as he squealed with pleasure, Hades killed the TENS, leaving him again in mid-air as his sperm shot into the beaker. Some of the girls were delighted as he continued to squirt his ruined orgasm, begging for a proper finish.

When he had finished squirting, Hades went to him and said, “girls, always remember when your donor has just emptied his load he is extremely tender.” She gripped his cock, and began to wank him hard, laughing. He began to squeal with extreme discomfort; she laughed and continued for a minute or so, adding, “you asked for a finish, so I gave you one.” She saw to it that his sample was put away in a freezer, before releasing him to her CAs to take away.

She turned her attention my way, and brought her girls over to me. I was in a state, as I found the whole session exciting from a spectator’s view and so my cock was pulsating and throbbing. She explained about my dripping pre-cum, of which there was a large amount, to her trainees and then said, “this male is far too excited and I have other plans for him. He has an attitude problem, and has to be taught that males are inferior to us. So now girls, he has to be punished, watch and learn.”

With the help of two CAs, my clothes were removed and I was strapped naked and upright to the frame she had previously used for her donor. Hades selected a cane from her cupboard; standing in front of me, her legs in a dominant wide position torturing the tight rubber of her skirt, she spoke. “Sometimes girls, we have to teach these donors some manners, which some of you may find distasteful, but there's no room for weak staff in my clinic, or anywhere else that you may find yourself working, if you’re taken on and fully trained. So you may leave while I am carrying out this punishment, if you cannot handle my sadism, which I personally consider necessary and adore.”

She wheeled a mirror on a stand to where I could see myself, stepped behind me, leaned to my ear and said, “Let’s see what you are made of, six to start with and don’t forget to count, and say ‘thank you Nurse’ properly after each stroke. Now steel yourself!”

She stood to the side and took aim with her cane. It whistled through the air, “whack” it as it landed on my buttocks and a second later the pain kicked in to take my breath away. She put her free hand on her hips to let me see, and I then remembered. “One, thank you Nurse.”

“Incorrect,” she said, “we will start again from the beginning, as you forgot my name,” and delivered another stinging blow.

“One, thank you Nurse Hades,” I said through gritted teeth.

And so she continued to deliver the rest of her ‘six’. However she hadn’t counted on my secret leaning, desires where I fantasised about a beautiful, mature, dominant female, dressed as she was in tight latex, having me bound helplessly and taking me to task. Here I was having my greatest desires fulfilled. The caning and pain was intense, but by now my cock was pulsating with lust.

One of the girls made her excuses and asked to leave. Hades replied, “go to the office and wait. He needs more discipline, so a volunteer from one of you who are left.”

Dana said with glee, “me, please Nurse!”

Hades replied, “I like that, you can hand out six strokes too Dana.”

She gave Dana a few tips on the best method and stood back. Dana was a natural sadist and put some force behind the strokes, making me squeal but bringing me to the brink at the same time. I forgot to thank her too, but after four strokes my orgasm welled up and I began to squirt as she laid the last two on. I squealed in lust and pain all at the same time, and my boiling jism shot across the floor onto one of the girls legs.

They were shocked at first, but giggled as I continued to leak onto the floor, myself satiated now. Hades too was shocked, as she had never encountered masochism before at this level. “How fucking dare you!” she hissed, as the others continued to giggle at my demise. She continued, pointing, “look at that mess. I was saving yours for another time, and now without permission you’ve shot your slime everywhere.” She paced to calm down and turned, saying, “you will regret this, and you making me seem a fool in front of these trainees too!” She called back the trainee who had left on the internal system and forced her to wipe my mess up, then made her stay to watch, adding, “if you walk out now you will be in serious trouble.”

She went over to her trolley and selected a glass beaker, stood in front of me and unbuttoned her rubber nurse dress from the hem to her waist. Her magnificent legs were on display, showing her almost crotch-length glossy latex stockings and the delicious triangle of her latex thong. “This is what happens when you disobey me,” she stated, and pulling the narrow rubber crotch to one side, held the beaker between her parted thighs; seconds later steaming piss began to flow.

I guessed what she was lining me up for, as she held it up to the light, commenting, “delicious.” She filled a large syringe with some of the contents and approached, with Dana in tow. “Hold his head back for me,” she said to Dana.

Dana gladly pulled my head and held it, as Hades found a gap at the side of my ball gag and squirted her piss into me. I retched and choked, but she wasn’t done and refilled it, stating, “you squirted first, now I’m doing the squirting,” as she emptied the second refill into my mouth. When finished, smiling sadistically she said, “I may continue to do this to you on a regular basis, you lucky fucker.”

Two CAs were called, and she ordered them to take me to her bondage chamber and wait for her. I soon found myself in a smallish room, with chains on the walls and ceiling fixings. Hades was not long, and two trainees entered with her, carrying a large, long, heavy leather bag.

Naked, I was forced into it, on the floor, my arms through shoulder holes which were enclosed in individual pockets and zipped tightly down my sides. Legs too in separate pockets, then the whole bag was strapped around me tightly, with only my head free. A hoist was lowered, with a spreader bar, and attached to the shoulder loops on the bag. I felt myself being raised until my feet were clear of the floor. More chains were fixed to the bag at the feet end, and pulled tight to the floor preventing almost all movement.

I was totally immobilised, but she wasn’t finished, and she opened a small flap to expose my free genitals, she pulled them out and enclosed the bag tightly around my balls leaving them free and sticking out. Hades wheeled a trolley in and opened a catheter from its sealed bag. She greased it and slowly inserted it into my half hard cock until it entered my bladder uncomfortably. It was inflated inside me via the double tube, and a urine collection bag hung lower down, to which the urine outlet was attached and a trickle started to fill it.

Hades, looking pleased, hung up above me another large, water-filled bag. She slipped a gag into my mouth, with a solid tube in the centre and connected a tube to it from the above bag.

She explained, “You will be incarcerated here for twelve hours as your punishment. It will seem like twelve days, in the semi-darkness and completely sound-proofed space. When you need to drink, just suck for it and by the way it’s been laced with more of my piss. So enjoy your time in here, won’t you. See you tomorrow, and you are being monitored, so should you cause a fuss, I will be back with my TENS and fry your cock and balls and then the twelve hours will start all over. They left and the door closed, and soon after the lights dimmed almost to nothing. I settled in the gloom, knowing it would seem a long long time in here.

And it was a long time, I found out. I tried counting, but letting my mind think of the erotic stuff I had just witnessed was the best way to kill time. And also past sexual times, with Ms Johanssen in her office. I could concentrate fully on it, in the dark, deathly quiet. Even with the catheter inserted, I had an almost permanent erection, which helped to pass the time better. I would also drop off too into short naps, going into an almost-trance state.

After what seemed to be days, I became very parched and gingerly sucked at the gag, starting a trickle of fluid. When I had enough I attempted to blow and stop it, but there was a one way valve preventing me from doing that. So I had to jam my tongue on the hole and keep it there. But there was a good two litres which I had to endure, and swallow, and this went through me quickly and out into the large collection bag.

Eventually, after a lifetime, the light came on and the door opened, while I was in a sexual trance with a rock hard cock. Hades came in, dressed in her white clinic tunic; she clocked my erection, shook her head in disbelief and smiled at me almost enjoying myself.

I was released, taken for clean up, fed and watered, which was much needed, and also to re-fit my chastity device, before being taken to my cell and again given the latex two-piece to wear. I was weary after my ordeal, plus the meal, so I fell off to sleep on the bed quickly. Later, two CAs came in, made me strip and fitted the heavy gloves, then put me to bed after doing my ablutions.

Next morning I was collected, and again taken for an internal washout, showered and returned to my cell for breakfast, having to wear the latex tracksuit. I sat for several hours afterwards, or so it seemed, and then the CAs came for me. “Nurse Hades requires your presence in her clinic,” said one as she cuffed me.

A couple of minutes later I found myself facing her, with just five trainees this time. Hades was again clad in her favourite latex, but this time a short wrap over buttoned dentist-style tunic, in diaphanous dark transparent green, with matching crotch-length stockings and nurse’s hat. Dana too, who was very curvy, was wearing latex tights and similar wrap-over top in black, stood with a smile as she could see my reaction to these two erotic tormentors. “Strip,” she demanded, as my cuffs were taken off.

I gingerly did this, with no choice, as Hades stepped forward and unlocked my cock which sprang to attention. She stood back, commenting to her girls as she laughed and pointed, “he appears very pleased to see us.” They giggled at her comment, as she stepped to me and grabbed it tightly, making me gasp, stating, “I hope you can handle my plans for you today.”

She pulled me over again to her frame chair, still holding me tight and had me sit down on it, legs spread. Soon I was strapped in tightly, naked with my genitals and rear fully exposed. Hades tormented me, as she and Dana stepped in front. “Now, Mr Donor,” she asked, “as we can see you are very excited by our rubber outfits. Which one of us do you prefer dressed as such today, myself, or Dana?” I shook my head, thinking it was a setup, and didn’t reply.

“Speak up,” said Hades, “it’s a simple question. One of us is more exciting than the other, and we wish to know who it is.” She put her hands on her hips and they both smiled, sadistically, awaiting my response.

I replied in a shaky voice, “you are both lovely, very erotic indeed, the way youre both dressed, and both equal in appearance.”

Hades shook her head. “Fetch my persuader Dana, if you please, I need to get the truth out of him before we continue today.”

Dana returned with an electric piezo wand sparker and handed it to her. She tested it with a nasty crack and a blue spark for me to see. Moving forward she carefully pointed it close to my right nipple and said, “which of us looks the best?”

“You both are gorgeous,” I replied.

CRACK! A massive jolt hit me making me squeal.

“Wrong answer,” she said, “now which one?” aiming the sparker at my other nipple.

“You are the best,” I answered, not wishing for another one.

She shook her head and said, “Dana, he doesnt think you are as sexy as me.”

“I didn’t say that,” I ventured.

CRACK! My left nipple received the jolt. I squealed.

“I didn’t ask for your comment,” said Hades, and CRACK again, on the other nipple, adding, “you get to have two, for speaking out of line. I require who is the best in your eyes, me or Dana?”

I hesitated and she aimed the sparker again. “You are the best,” I blurted, hoping to prevent another, as the girls all laughed.

“Did you hear that Dana, he doesn't rate you, I think you look gorgeous myself.” Dana stepped forward and Hades gave her the sparker. Dana was, as I had thought, also a natural sadist, with her own ideas of torture. She leaned into me and hissed, “So you don’t rate me, in my lovely sexy outfit, on this perfectly fit body?” She set me up, I could not answer either yes or no, but I was required to answer. “I’m waiting,” she said, and walked behind me.

Hades smiled at her resourceful question, giving me no choice but to get it wrong. I felt something touch my bum-hole as she kneeled behind me. “Yes or no, I need your answer,” said Dana.

I said “YES!” out of desperation and waited, shaking now.

CRACK! I howled as it hit my tender spot.

“He doesn’t like that much Dana,” laughed Hades.

I calmed down and felt the sparker touch my perineum. I was very nervous now. “Please don’t,” I begged.

Hades nodded, and CRACK! CRACK! I tore at the straps and squealed.

“You spoke out of turn,” said Hades, “you have been warned.” Dana returned to my front, looking very pleased. “I asked you again who was the best here, and you got it wrong, so who is the best?”

I couldn’t win and had to answer, or have two jolts. “You are.”

Hades shook her head. “His cock is a good place,” she said. I struggled to move out of the way to no avail and she fired it off on my tip. CRACK! It was like being kicked. I howled and I squealed. She realised I was at my limit, and my cock had flagged too after this final attack so they took a coffee break. I was released to put my rubber tracksuit on, given an energy drink and fed while two CAs stood guard.

An hour or so later Hades returned, with Dana, and had me strapped naked to the upright frame while she prepared something. The CAs left and I was left helpless, as I watched her push a covered trolley to my front. She announced “You’ve had enough punishment for today, although I reserve the right to continue your reprogramming at my leisure and when it’s needed, or even if I need to vent my sadism. So it’s time for a sample from you, my lucky donor.”

She uncovered the trolley revealing a very realistic silicone rubber female torso complete with a vagina laying on it. “This is Sally, my sperm extractor, she will never tire of your cock and its valuable contents. I had some of that forbidden load you squirted analysed, and it appears that you have very high quality sperm. So you are about to make a fortune for me, and my clinic, for the foreseeable future, as I intend to take advantage. I also need to keep you fit, so I can’t have you lolling around in a cell all day getting bored, but I will find you plenty of work to do.

“My private quarters are connected to the clinic and so you will be housed there, for my benefit when not in here. You will be my housekeeper and ensure my place is clean and tidy for me, do my menial tasks, and any maintenance required and generally maybe amuse me when I desire it.

“You will of course be forced to wear erotic rubber clothing of my choice, befitting the tasks I have in mind. This will amuse me even more, humiliate you and of course keep you excited and frustrated ready for the forced extraction of your highly valuable fluid. I will look forward to experimenting in new ideas on how to do this. I have a very devious and depraved mind and you will be tested to the full I can assure you.

“So with you housed in my quarters I’ve decided that you will look so delightful, dressed for me tripping around in your demeaning and humiliating short, latex, French maid’s outfit, cock showing. I have it on order just as a starter, more stuff will come for you later, but that will keep you up and running as you do my bidding.

“At night, housed in the wonderful rubber chamber I have in my apartment, you will be bound for my pleasure and tormented beyond belief. Dana will be on hand often, as we are an item now. I’ve also taken her on here permanently in my clinic, as she is also a depraved sadist, who loves working with me and tormenting you inferior males of the species.

“Now of course these are my very valuable cock and balls, and they will be locked away permanently unless I need to have extraction access. But today we go on with your first fluid extraction.”

My heart was beating fast at her words as my future, my cock in a fit state at her words, as here she had set out my wildest fantasy. I would have to take punishments from her, and Dana too, I knew that, but that all added to the incredible excitement I was about to endure as her slave and sperm donor.

She greased my cock well, and stroked it to a full and throbbing erection; her very closeness and her warm aroma of latex had my blood pumping. “Aren’t you the lucky fucker?” she said, “I’ll have to find an appropriate slave name for you, for here and in my chambers.” She moved the trolley directly to me, adjusted its height, and ensured my cock entered the fake torso fully. It was electrically warmed to human temperature and very close to the real thing. She pulled a strap attached to it around me, to hold me in as I almost swooned with pleasure.

Operating a switch, a low vibration began. It took my breath away as she increased the intensity after a minute. Brandishing a cane, this gorgeous, dominant, sadistic, rubber-clad creature stood behind me, to one side where I could see her in a mirror. She smiled. “I know now you love this, and so do I, so be ready for pain from my cane, when I take aim,” she said, laughing at her own clever rhyming. She brought the cane through the air, testing it with a wicked, “whoosh“ a couple of times which was scary but very exciting to me.

She started and the first blow landed with a WHACK! The pain was intense and I squealed, but she was correct of course, and it pushed me forward towards my much needed goal. A few blows later my orgasm welled up, she knew where I was now and so she also upped Sally's intense vibrations.

It arrived like an express train; I screamed with pleasure and pain as my load shot into Sally’s glorious deep collection hole, while Hades continued to cane me quickly, and at the same time hissing with her own excitement.

“Come on you fucker, get that slimy fucking spunk into her, come on, come on---” I swear she had an orgasm herself. This was just about the most wonderful orgasm I’d ever had, and Hades had taken me to another place.

I was to be her rubber slave and sperm supplier. As Hades herself had said, “what a lucky fucker I am.”


Part Two to Cum “Slave to Hades”

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