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Tyte Fit
by Jake
© 2001, Jake - Used by permission.
Storycodes: FM; latex; vacbed; cons; X
This story is totally fictitious.  Any resemblance of the characters to actual or real people is coincidental.  If you are one of the characters in this story or know someone like the characters portrayed in this story...I want to meet them...or you...or whatever.  As far as I know Tyte-Fit does not exist.  If it does, consider this to be free advertising.  This story is about latex fetish and contains adult viewing material.  If you are offended by sexual situations, please read no further or blame me not you will.  If you enjoyed The Dark Side of Jenny, or The Adventures of Latex Suzie (unfinished), then you should find this entertaining.  Finally, this story was inspired by a picture I saw on Rubberwoman's site...RW - hope you don't mind the plug!
~ Jake

Chapter Two
Part 3

I could see why Jerry slept in the other room.  It took me forever to fall asleep with all Sandy's tossing and turning.  When I did finally fall asleep, I slept like the dead. Just like Sandy said, she was gone when I got up. I showered and shaved the best I could with one of the disposable razors I found.  I got dressed and headed down stairs to the kitchen.
"Sandy?", I called out.  I couldn't seem to find her anywhere.  I looked all around the house but she was nowhere to be found.  There wasn't a note or anything. I got a little nervous and checked outside that she hadn't made off with my car.  It was still there, summer dew covering the cheap vinyl seats.

There was a large barn in the back of the yard.  Thinking she might be there, I walked back to investigate.  The door was locked and there was no way to see inside the glass-block windows.  It was such a large structure and yet there was nothing but forest around here.  I figured she must work in the place or something.  It hit me then that I really knew nothing about this woman.  She was a stranger I picked up on the side of the road and had sex with.  I thought about just getting in my car and leaving.  Yet, somehow, I thought I should she needed me or something. Weird the way the mind works.

Anyway, I headed back into the house and fixed myself a pot of coffee.  As I sat down with my cup to wait for Sandy (I thought she might be out exercising or something), I heard a strange sound coming from the basement.  It sounded like a vacuum cleaner or something. It was very faint but I traced the noise to a door that opened onto a flight of stairs leading to the basement.  I was a little surprised with what I found down there!  The whole basement had been set up like a gym... if you were a sex-crazed, perverted athlete!  There was a stirring in my pants as I looked around at all the equipment.  Horses, chains, tables, closets (lots of closets), something that looked like a gynaecologists table.  There was a set of glass doors leading into a small jacuzzi room.  There was a winch system over the pool that I thought was a little strange.  The room next to the jacuzzi room was very plain except for a chair and two walls completely covered in mirrors. The third and last room was where the noise seemed to be emanating.  What I saw there made my cock shoot up painfully in my pants.

The room had very dim lights around the perimeter and a bed-like structure that was hooked up to a shop vac (powerful vacuum for those who don't know).  The structure was unusual in that it seemed to be made up of two layers of clear latex, stretched over the frame.  The vacuum was sucking the air out from between the latex sheets and there, sandwiched between the layers was the form of Sandy. I say the *form* because I couldn't actually see her face or anything else distinguishable for that matter.  Below the clear latex, the woman's figure was completely dressed in black latex.  It appeared that she was wearing a full black latex catsuit with gloves and feet attached.  Around her waist was a very tight black rubber corset extending from her waist to her breasts.  The latex was stretched so tightly over her breasts that her erect nipples could clearly be made out in the fabric.

The figure's arms were above her head, gripping the top frame of the bed.  The thing I found the most erotic, was that her head was sealed in a shiny black latex hood.  There were no openings for either the eyes, ears or nose.  A rigid breathing tube extended from her mouth through the top sheet of the bed so that she could breathe. I watched the figure try to squirm as best she could.  Side to side movements seemed very limited in her shrunk-wrapped state, but there was a little play to the latex sheets in the frame that allowed her hips to move up and down. The figure had no clue that I was in the room and seemed to be off in her own little world.  I heard her breath whistling through the breathing tube over the whine of the shop vac.  The pace of her breathing was increasing and her hips were rocking a little faster.  What ever world she was in, she was having a very good time!

Deciding that she couldn't see me anyway, I undid the zipper to my pants and pulled out my cock.  I was so turned on by the scene before me, that I couldn't help myself. I watched the rubber figure climb to the heights of some unseen pleasure, moaning through the breathing tube.  As she climbed higher and higher, the figure bucked and rocked as best she could in the bed.  I stroked my cock for all it was worth!  I watched as the figure shook all over, then arch her back, straining at the rubbery grip of the bed.  My orgasm gripped my balls and sent a stream of thick cum shooting onto the clear latex sheet. Just as my load shot out of me, there was a click and the shop vac shut off.  The stupid thing was on a timer!  As the motor wound down, the vacuum pressure in the bed was released.  The figure inside pushed up on the top sheet and the frame opened up.  Not wanting to be found out, I stuffed my still-spasming penis into my pants and did up the fly.  Before I could get my act together and run from the room, the figure in the bed had unzipped the rubber hood and freed herself.

When she pulled her face from the first hood, I saw that she was wearing another underneath...only this one had eye, nose and mouth holes.  Our eyes met. It was obvious from the look in her eyes that she was surprised to see me, but she didn't say anything right away.  I think the look in my eyes must have told her that I was more surprised to be caught than she had been to find me there. She got up out of the bed, closed the top frame...then noticed the wad of cum running down the top sheet.  To my amazement, she bent down, looked me right in the eye and licked the cum off the sheet! When she was satisfied that she had swallowed every drop on the latex sheet, she stood up, looked me in the eye again and calmly said, "I wasn't counting on you being an early riser Jake." As she walked past me into the main room, Sandy tugged at the wet spot on the crotch of my pants and said, "Enjoy the show?"

I didn't know what to do or say.  I stood in the vacuum room for a minute or so turning every conceivable shade of red.  Then I followed her out into the main room.  She was standing in front of one on the closets.  The door was open and there was a mirror on the back.  Sandy had unzipped the crotch zipper and was pulling out two large vibrators.  No wonder she had had such a good time. The smell in the room started to hit my nose.  Sex and rubber with a hint of sweat.  The aroma was surprisingly intoxicating!  The smell along with the sight of Sandy completely covered in shiny latex was stirring my sex again.  I had never reacted this quickly before.  I knew I had to say something, but Sandy beat me to it.
"Well, don't just stand there.  You might as well come over here.  You've seen enough already that we can have a decent conversation about it."
I obediently moved to face her.  I still didn't have anything to say.  I tried with, "I...I'm sorry Sandy.  I didn't realize -- I shouldn't have been snooping."
"You're right.  You shouldn't have been snooping.  But you did.  I told you last night that I had a fetish for latex clothing so this shouldn't have come as a total shock to you."
"I know what you said, but maybe I didn't understand..."

"That's not surprising", she continued, "most people don't.  But what's done is done.  As I see it, you've got two choices.  Either you leave and never come back here again, or you stay and let me convert you." Well the last one shocked me!
"You mean you're not upset that I was watching you?"
" fact, I liked seeing your reaction.  It tasted pretty good too.  Rubber lovers are usually exhibitionists at heart -- whether it be publicly or privately, we love to show off our bodies...dressed in latex of course. I'm glad you felt the need to masturbate.  It tells me that you liked what you saw.  Right?"
"Well, I...uh...."
"You're not very convincing Jake.  Judging by the bulge in you pants, I'd say you still like what you see."

She was right.  The fact that I was having an intelligent conversation with a shiny, featureless latex lady was driving me crazy.
"So, what's it going to be?  You gonna stay or not?"
I managed to collect my thoughts, "I'd like to stay...but under one condition."
"Condition?  This otta be good", she said sarcastically.
"If I'm going to be *converted*, I'd guess that my whole outlook on sex is going to change?"
"Well, if you like it, it will."
"Then my condition is that we date for a while like normal people."

I could see a big smile take shape beneath the latex hood, then Sandy started to laugh.  "Date?!? You must be joking!  I haven't gone on a date since I was in high school!"
"Well Sandy, that might be part of your problem.  I could see myself falling hard for a woman like you.  You're beautiful, and motivated, and from what I saw last night, I like your personality...but I want to be realistic here.  I want to get to know you before I let you *convert* me."

Sandy was shocked.  It was obvious no one had ever approached her on this level.  She had probably always dealt with men trying to get into her pants (catsuit, leotard??).  She pulled suddenly at the base of the hood, stretching the collar over her head. Sandy was bald!

She wiped the top of her head with her rubber hand, then extended it to me.  "You've got a deal. A weird one, but a deal anyway."
I shook her hand revelling in the feeling of the latex glove against my bare flesh.  I think that was the first time I was acutely aware of latex and the feelings it can produce. Sandy opened another door and took out a wig.  A blonde bushy one.  It was strikingly realistic and looked fantastic against the black of the catsuit.  Another closet revealed racks of shoes and boots.  Sandy selected a pair of black patent pumps with a 4" heel.  She turned to look at me and said, "There...I guess I look a bit more *normal*.  You must be hungry, let me fix us some breakfast."

So we went upstairs, the smell of sex, rubber and sweat following us as we went.

Part 4

Sandy cooked us a very nice breakfast of eggs, bacon and toast.  As we ate, she told me more of her story.
"Jerry and I were heading out to a fetish party when he said the rubber thing was getting a little out of hand.  Jerry was a self-proclaimed sub that I met in a fetish club several months ago. Almost a year now. Anyway, he was pretty pervy and enjoyed when I topped him, but I was getting a little bored with the whole routine.  I mean, I like roll-playing as much as the next girl, but I'm more into dressing, and Jerry was more into lifestyle BDSM.  I guess it was inevitable.  But I'm getting tired of meeting rubber wanna-be's who end up leaving because I'm not what they *thought they were looking for*.  You know what I mean, Jake?"
"Yeah...on a slightly different level, I guess I do."

"I think that's why I found it so surprising that you wanted to find out more about ME."
"Why did you leave me last night and go down to the basement?", I asked.
"My fetish is very strong Jake.  I've been developing it for years.  I'm at the point now that I want to have latex next to my skin or nothing at all.   And when I have nothing on, I really feel naked. You commented that you thought the bed was new.  Basically it is.  I think I've only slept in it about a dozen times since I got it.  The cotton sheets drive me crazy!  They feel so course against my skin.  I wanted to try being *normal* with you because I liked you.  You were nice to me. But I just couldn't get comfortable.

"I got up and went down to the basement when I was sure you were asleep.  I set the timer on the vacuum bed thinking I could be up and changed before you woke up, but I didn't think you'd be an early riser."
"Where'd you get the condom?", I asked.
"The what?  Oh!  From last night!  I guess I should tell you about that as well.  I have my own business.  I make latex fetish clothes and accessories.  My designs, quality and technology are very much in demand all over the world.  An old boyfriend came up with the idea years ago.   He introduced me to the idea of selling by mail-order and over the internet.  The *Tyte-Fit* label has provided me with a lot.  By the way, that's my name, Sandra Tyte.

"You do your manufacturing in the barn out back?"
"Yes.  You saw it then?"
"Not exactly, I was trying to find you this morning, so I went outside..."
"Well, come on then!  I want to show it to you.  Some of the stuff in there is top secret, so if you tell anyone, I have to kill you!"
We both laughed as we left the dishes and went off to the barn.

The sun was hot crossing the courtyard.  I wondered how she could stand being totally covered in latex on such a warm day. She came to the door and opened it with just the turn of the knob.  When we got inside, I realized why the door was unlocked now.
"Morning Kim.  I'd like you to meet my friend Jake."
Kim was a very pretty oriental girl with a fantastic body.  She was also wearing latex, a very tight silver minidress.  Her hair hung in a well groomed bob above her shoulders.
"How'd the party go last night?", Kim asked.  I winced.
"The bastard left me on the side of the road!"
"Jerry?!", I think Kim winced too.
"Yes, Jerry.  Jake here was good enough to drive me home last night."
"Oh...I'm so sorry Sandy.  I know how much you liked him.", I think Kim was being genuine, but I didn't really need to hear that.
"I'll tell you all about it later", Sandy whispered.

Kim smiled and Sandy gave me the least what she was prepared to explain to me. Her process was interesting.  Everything was based on molds and it was all automated and computer controlled.  The only thing Kim and Sandy had to do was prepare the liquid latex - colour, quantity, etc. and remove the finished products for packaging.
"These are top secret designs we're working on for the Spice Girls' next tour.  We usually prefer to do stuff for latex fetishists, but I have a line of more trendy stuff that I market to up-scale stores.  That kind of stuff really pays the bills.  The custom fetish gear is more for fun than profit.

"Maybe soon, you'll let me scan your body into my computer?  What do you say about that?", she grinned evilly.
"I'd like to spend a little more time with you...", just then the phone rang.
"Hang on a minute, I've gotta get this.  Tyte-Fit, Sandy speaking.  Oh hi Terry.  No, no...I'm sorry I couldn't make it last night.  I know I should have called to cancel my appearance.  Yes, but...Terry, can you hold for a minute? Sorry Jake honey, I'm going to be a while.  I was supposed to be making an appearance last night at a club/party.  Go back in the house, I shouldn't be too long."
"Okay", I smiled and walked back through the shop.  Kim was on the phone too and smiled as I left. I washed the breakfast dishes, then settled in to watch a little television.

The hours seemed to melt together.  I thought about leaving, but was still so taken with this rubber goddess, I didn't want to make any *mistakes*. Noon soon rolled around and there was still no sign of Sandy.  I made lunch for the three of us and took it out to the barn.
"Lunch!", Kim seemed quite surprised.
"What a nice treat!  We don't usually eat in the middle of the day here.  Sandy's still on the phone though.  You'd better leave it for her.  She'll probably be a while.  We're having a bad morning. The phones are really busy.  She hasn't even had time to change yet.  Don't worry.  I'll send her over as soon as we get a break."
I didn't say anything.  Just shrugged my shoulders and headed back to the house.

I was too restless to watch mind-numbing afternoon television.  So I decided to explore the house.  I went upstairs to see what I could learn from Jerry's room.

The story continues in
Part Three

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