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Tyte Fit
by Jake
© 2001, Jake - Used by permission.
Storycodes: MF; latex; cons; X
This story is totally fictitious.  Any resemblance of the characters to actual or real people is coincidental.  If you are one of the characters in this story or know someone like the characters portrayed in this story...I want to meet them...or you...or whatever.  As far as I know Tyte-Fit does not exist.  If it does, consider this to be free advertising.  This story is about latex fetish and contains adult viewing material.  If you are offended by sexual situations, please read no further or blame me not you will.  If you enjoyed The Dark Side of Jenny, or The Adventures of Latex Suzie (unfinished), then you should find this entertaining.  Finally, this story was inspired by a picture I saw on Rubberwoman's site...RW - hope you don't mind the plug!
~ Jake

Chapter One
Part 1

What the hell was I doing out here?  A dark lonely road in the middle of nowhere.  Just me, my car, a sad song on the radio and the warm summer's night air swirling through my hair. Pretty poetic, don't you think?  My name's Jake.  And like so many others out there on the net have done...this is my story.

I was a mess.  My girl friend of five years had just left me.  I lost my job.  I had enough money left in the bank to make two more rent payments (if I didn't eat).  I really didn't know where to turn or what to do. I was out driving trying to collect myself and figure out some plan to get my life back on track, when my headlights picked up the figure of a woman walking along the side of the road.  I slowed down and pulled onto the shoulder just ahead of her. I turned to look back at her as she approached my old convertible.  She was stunning!  Yet sad.

She wore a long black, shiny raincoat that was cinched tightly around her petite waist with a belt. Her long, straight black hair hung loosely about her shoulders and back.  She had her hands in her pockets and was limping slightly.  It only took a second for me to realize why.  Her boots would have made a hooker envious!
"Hi", my voice seemed louder than it needed to be.  " need a lift somewhere?"

But she ignored me and walked right past the car.  I could tell by her smudged makeup that she had been crying, although there were no signs of tears now.  I pulled the car ahead slowly, driving next to her as she walked.
"You know, you really shouldn't be walking out here alone...late at night like this.  Umm...those boots of yours might give people the wrong idea..."
"Wrong idea about what?!"
I was surprised at the strength of her voice.
"I..I'm sorry I just..."

"Just what?!  Maybe I like wearing boots like these?  Maybe I find them comfortable?  I think you're the one with the wrong idea, pal!", she barked at me without shifting her gaze at all. Pal.  I hadn't been called "pal" in a while.
"Listen," I reasoned, "I didn't mean anything malicious by the comment, I just thought you could use the ride.  And if they're so comfortable, then why are you limping?"

She stopped so unexpectedly that the car slid in the gravel as I tried to match her abruptness. I looked back over the seat to see her crying.  I jumped out of my side and ran around the back to console her.  I know, I are suckers for tears...or at least I am. I put my arm around her and was surprised that she turned in to me and continued to cry into the crook of my neck. A little confused by the sudden outpouring of emotion from this otherwise solum figure, I wrapped my arms around her and stroked her back and hair.  Wow, she was gorgeous!  I don't think I'd ever been this close to a woman that looked this good.

"C'mon, I'll take you where ever you need to go.  I'm not going anywhere special...just out for a drive."
I walked her to the passenger side, opened the door and helped her sit down.  All the while I just stared at her boots.  As she sat down in the seat, her coat climbed up her leg, exposing more of the boots.  Wow...again! I got back in my side, trying to look cool to impress her, put the car in drive and headed off down the dark road again.
"Ummm...which way?"
She just pointed in the direction she had been walking and folded her arms again.

"You'll, uh...let me know when to turn?"
She grunted a little laugh and smiled at me.  "Thanks", she managed, "but you should have just let me walk."
"I couldn't do that.  How long have you been out here?"
"Since about sun down."
"No wonder you're limping.  Listen, sorry about what I said back there, about your boots I mean. They just caught my attention.  Very nice."
"Thanks.  They're not very good for walking though."

"What are you doing out here walking in those anyway?"
"It's a long story."
"I've got time."
"My boyfriend and I had a nasty fight.  He left me."
"Out here?"
"Out here.  I really don't want to get into it with you.  Let's just say we have a difference of opinion when it comes to sex."
"Oh.  I guess that accounts for the boots?"
"What is it with you and these boots?  Maybe I like to wear them all the time?"

"Geez...", I muttered under my breath.  We spent the next 15 minutes sitting in silence.  I couldn't believe her boyfriend, the jerk, just abandoned her this far out in the middle of the country.  Some guys just don't know when they've got a good thing.  Kinda pisses me off.
"Turn left up ahead", her voice startled me after being silent for so long. I saw the vague outline of an opening in the trees ahead lit up by my headlights.  I made the left onto a dirt road.  A short distance up the road, we came upon a little country house.  It was surrounded by trees so that no one would be able to see it from the main road.

"The porch light's on.", I commented. "Do you think he's here?"
"God I hope not!", she seemed genuinely worried. "We were on our way to a party when we had this incredible fight.  I don't see his car anywhere.  Jesus! - he said that he was never coming back this time!"   <This time?!?>
"Look", she continued, "I really owe you a lot for driving me this far, but could you come in with me just to make sure he isn't here?  I don't know what he'd do to me.  I mean it *is* my house and everything, but if he's here..."
"Don't worry about it", I interrupted, "I'd be happy to check things out with you."

I parked the car at the side of the house and helped her to the front door.
"By the way, I'm Jake.", I offered.
"Sandra.  But you can call me Sandy...everyone does."

There was that smile again.  Sandy pulled a ring of keys from her pocket and fumbled several through her gloved hands.  Odd...why would she be wearing what looked like black rubber gloves on a night as warm as this?
She opened the door and flicked a switch flooding the cottage with a warm glow.
"Jerry, you bastard, you better not have come back here!", she called out into the empty house. "Jerry?  Jerry?!", she went looking through the different rooms, all the while her heels clicked on the hardwood floors. She came back to me at the front door with an obviously relieved expression on her face.

"I take it he's not here?", I asked.
"Nope.  Thanks again, Jake.  You didn't have to do that."
"Do what?  All in a day's work ma'am.", I smiled at her.
"It's pretty late, do you want to stay here tonight?"
"I don't think I should.  I've got my own problems...I should be heading back to the city."
"That's not a offer, it's a command Jake", she pushed the door closed with a rubber-clad hand, flicked the key on the inside lock and removed it.

"Welcome to my home, Jake.  She pulled the belt open on her coat.  "Help me off with my coat, would you?"
I held the shoulders of the rain coat as she stepped away from me.  I couldn't believe what I saw! Her black and very shiny boots ran up to her thighs.  Out of the tops of her boots I gawked at her legs, waist, torso, arms, hands and neck.  She was completely covered in ultra-tight, shiny black latex!  It looked as though she had been dipped in a molten pool of black rubber. "Well, that response is as good as any!", she quipped.

"I'm going to go upstairs and change.  It's been a long walk and I could use a shower.  Be a dear Jake and pour us a couple of glasses of wine would you?  There's a bottle of white in the  fridge and some glasses in the cupboard next to the sink."

Part 2

"Oh boy!", I rejoiced to myself as I straightened the erection in my pants on the way to the kitchen, "Jake's gonna get lucky tonight!" I found the wine without a problem, poured two glasses and set them on the coffee table in the living room.  Sandy was still upstairs, so I decided to build a romantic fire in the fireplace (thank God for central air...even in old places like this).

Once the fire was going, I settled back on the couch, sampled the wine and vividly recalled the outfit Sandy had been wearing.  I almost wished she hadn't taken it off. "Well," Sandy's voice made me jump.  Wrapped up in my day-dream, I hadn't heard her come into the room. "This is very nice."
She came around the end of the couch and sat down in one fluid motion.  She was dressed in rubber again.  Red rubber.  A red rubber body suit, long red gloves, stockings and garters and red heels.  Her hair was pulled up in a pony tail and her makeup was fresh and stunning.

Sandy picked up her glass of wine and slowly took a sip.  "Oh...I needed that.  Jake honey, what are you looking at?  You act like you've never seen someone dressed in latex before."
Not wanting to look stupid, I said something like, "Well, uh...never this close."  The only rubber I had ever seen anyone wear was latex kitchen gloves...and they couldn't compare to what was before me now!

"I thought you said you were going upstairs to change into something more comfortable?", I said trying to change the subject.
"This is more comfortable.  Well, not true.  The catsuit is more comfortable I guess, but walking in it for four hours on a muggy night like tonight, anything would be more comfortable."
I tried to laugh along with her, but I really didn't understand.  At this point, I didn't really understand anything.

We chatted for about three hours, talking about everything.  My problems, her problems...the only things we didn't seem to touch on were politics and religion -- which is just as well.  When the second bottle of wine was finished, I was glad I wasn't driving anywhere.  Sandy was in worse shape than I was.
"So tell me honestly, do you like what I'm wearing?", it was obvious she was drunk.
"I can't relate what I'm feeling right now", I was moving in for the kiss.
"I have a fetish for latex ya' know.", I loved the way she giggled after she said everything.
Normally, it would be very annoying, but the way I was feeling, she was perfect in every way.
"And it doesn't *bother* you that I love wearing it?"
"No.  You're a very sexy woman.  I like the way you look in it...all shiny and everything."
"Jerry started to have problems with it.  I don't think he fully appreciated it...or me.", Sandy started to look like she was going to cry again.

"Now's your chance!", I thought to myself.  I moved in for the kiss.  It was heaven.  Our last few words melted away with the intensity of the kiss.  Looking back, I didn't even know what a *fetish* was...let alone one for latex. Sandy quietly took my hand and looked at me seductively. 
"Come upstairs with me Jake", she whispered.
I followed her up the stairs to a beautiful master bedroom suite.  We kissed like the last people on much passion and excitement.  Our tongues danced in each other's mouths.  My hands ran all over her rubber body.  I'll admit, although I didn't have a full appreciation for it then, the latex skin felt truly magnificent.

Sandy pulled at my clothes trying to get me undressed.  "Take those off!  I'll get a condom..."
I took off my clothes and threw them into a heap on the floor.  Sandy came back into the room with the little package in her gloved hands, then pushed me down on the bed.  She got on top of me, gripped my hard penis with the palms of her hands and rolled the condom down over my shaft. It was a black condom, heavier than any I had used before, and bulkier too.  I mean as she rolled it down, the roll seemed to be thicker or something.  I soon learned why.  When she reached the bottom of my shaft, she pulled a little and a *pouch* popped out of the roll.

"This may pinch a little...", Sandy said almost breathlessly as she stretched the lubricated sheath's opening and pulled it quickly over my hard scrotum.  When she let go, the rubber ring closed tightly around the base of my cock and balls.  My sex was completely encased in the glistening black rubber. As soon as she was done admiring my sheathed cock, she picked it up off my stomach with a new delicacy.  The unusual condom made my cock look different -- almost artificial.  She slithered down to kiss it respectfully on the tip.  Sandy then began to lick its length and moaned all the while.  This girl was hot!  And she was good too.  I don't think I had ever received a blowjob that felt as incredible as this one did. She licked the entire length of my shaft before going to work on my balls.  The feeling was definitely less sensitive, but her skill and enthusiasm more than made up for the loss of feeling.  A couple of times she had me within seconds of coming, but then, would do something to keep me from reaching my climax.

I was totally in another world, and so was she.  I watched her with fascination as she seemed so focussed on my sex and nothing else.  I attempted to tell her I wanted to please her, but she either didn't hear me or didn't want me to do anything.  Just when I was about to climax (for the fourth time), she reached around behind her ass and undid the zipper at her crotch.  Quickly, Sandy moved a leg over me to straddle my cock.  Without even looking at my face, she grabbed my wrists and pinned my hands under her knees.  She took my sheathed cock in her hand and straightened it below her hole.  With one easy movement, Sandy dropped right down to the base of my sex.

I wanted desperately to reach up and touch her breasts, but with my hands pinned under her latex legs, it was impossible.  I felt her pussy clamp down on the full length of my penis as she began to ride me.  The vision of this rubber-clad woman on top of me was almost too much to bear.  Sandy reached up to her face with her gloved hands and began to caress her face and suck her fingers. She fucked me like I wasn't even there, like I was some kind of *warm dildo* or something. Sandy was close, and so was I.  I think it was probably her movements that pushed me over the edge.  The image of her is still burned in my mind from that night.  We both came together in a well-deserved (needed?) orgasm.  She was sucking on her rubber fingers and pressing against her belly when she arched her back and screamed out into the summer night.

When we had both come down from our high, Sandy bent over and kissed me gently, "Thanks. You don't know how much I needed that."
"It was good for me too ya know", I panted back, "But where did you get that condom?  I don't think I've ever seen one that covers your balls too?"
"I'll tell you in the morning over breakfast...if you're good!", she said as she got off me.  "You can wash up in here, I'll go to the spare bathroom."
I pulled the condom off me, washed up, then headed back to the bed.  The bed looked as if it had barely been touched.  The mattress was so firm and the sheets still felt *new*.

"Hi", Sandy smiled at me as she came back into the room.  She was completely naked and trying to cover herself up with her arms.  From what I could see in the dim light, she was completely hairless except for her head.
"Come get into bed", I threw back the covers on her side and patted the mattress.  She came over to the bed slowly and slid under the sheets uneasily.
"New bed?", I asked.
"No why?"
" just felt kinda new.  It seems a little firm, I guess Jerry liked it that way?", I was just trying to bug her.

"Oh, Jerry and I didn't sleep together.  His room was down the hall.  I got changed in there, and all of his stuff seems to be gone.  The bastard must have been planning to leave me tonight all along."
"You two didn't sleep together?"
"No.  We, uh...could never get comfortable together.  You know how it is.  Some people sleep in different ways."
"Yeah, I guess so.  You must be really tired from everything this evening."
"I suppose I am.  Listen, if you wake up in the morning, and I'm not here, I've probably just gone downstairs early.  I'm a light sleeper.  Make yourself at home.  You can have a shower and come down for breakfast any time. "And Jake..."
"Thanks again for picking me up.  Sorry I was kinda hard on you, it's just that no one's been that nice to me in a long time."
"Hey...thank you for letting me stay here tonight.  Good night."

The story continues in
Part Two

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