Gromet's Plaza Latex Stories
The Training of Slave Selena
by James W
© Copyright 2009 - James W - Used by permission
Storycodes: M/f; latex; D/s; bond; dungeon; hood; gag; enema; toys; cons; X
The Training of Slave Selena 8: Her Master's Slave by James W M/f; latex; D/s; bond; dungeon; hood; gag; enema; toys; cons; X

Chapter 8: Her Master's Slave

Friday finally arrived; Selena had packed her case for the weekend on the Thursday she was so eager. She daringly decided to wear her latex suit and slipped into it once she had bathed. She wore slacks and a loose jumper over the top. She was confident that the suit would not be noticed; anyway she now had the confidence to face the consequences of any queries. The jumper had a high neck which covered the high neck of her suit. She wore her crimson satin rubber lined mackintosh together with matching sou’wester and felt a pang of sexual excitement as she made her way to work.

In her spare time she had begun setting to paper one of her strong fantasies; it was stimulating writing for her and she hoped it would give James, her Master an insight into her fantasies.

The hours at work had unusually dragged by, Selena felt 5pm would never arrive, but eventually she emerged from her work place all tight and tidy dressed for the heavy rain that fell from the leaden skies. She was glad she had decided to wear her riding boots and her satin mackintosh. She carried her SBR in her overnight case. Her boots were made of rubber and she delighted in polishing them to a high shine. Now as she splashed her way through puddles she delighted in the protection they afforded. She was light in step as she made her way to her lover’s penthouse flat.

James emerged from his secret room which was hidden behind his step through dressing room. A wall hanging obscured the entrance. He was dressed in black latex from head to foot he carried a pair of double dildo pants. They were to be a present for his love. Equally he had decided to surprise Selena by showing her his dungeon. He felt it was right to do so; he felt sure she would be excited by this revelation.

He had brought home a ready made meal, after leaving work earlier; James was eager to begin the process of initial training of his charge.

Arriving at the flat Selena now knew the ropes and before knocking the door she made sure she was perfectly dressed and ready to be inspected by her Master. She reapplied her lipstick and pulled in the belt on her mackintosh another notch, the door opened and she was greeted by her knight. She flung her arms around his neck and planted a juicy kiss on her man for anybody to see, not even bothering to cross the thresh-hold to his luxurious flat. Breaking off from the deep kiss she blurted out,

“James, I’ve got a surprise for you, undress me now!” Closing the door, he took Selena‘s gloved hand and led her to his sitting room. There he carefully removed her crimson mackintosh to reveal her jet black polished cat suit. “My my, what have we here?” he queried, “I do believe a rubber fetishist!”

“James I’ve been wearing it ever since I got up this morning and I’m so proud of the fact, I feel wonderful. No one at work had the slightest idea of course I was very aware of the aroma of warm latex rising up from my roll neck and towards the end of the afternoon I was sure someone would notice and enquire, but no one did”! Adding, “And now I’m with my knight similarly clad” She went on, “I love the tight enclosing feel of the latex suit and corset on top, it pulls my waist in nicely. I’ve been in a high state of excitement ever since we last met. Today has been very special; the excitement of knowing I was going to meet you, the excitement of being dressed as I am, combined with the exquisite anxiety of possibility being discovered wearing my suit by my work colleagues. The feeling of being dressed under my work clothes and the warm erotic perfume escaping from my neck has been a constant turn on!” Selena then mentioned that she could go on wearing her suit for ever, she was in her element. Voicing these thoughts to her lover she was unaware that James was revising his plans for the evening. Clearly Selena was, in his mind, moving quicker than he could have hoped for towards her inevitable enslavement.

‘I’m in love with this lovely creature and she with me; she loves the idea of being encased in latex and it looks very much as though she revels in the reality of wearing it for long periods. Clearly, she is a real fetishist; the longer she is enclosed in latex the more she wants. She is a true rubberist, far more involved than I had ever hoped for; a real natural.’

James manhood now stiff pressed against his catsuit, he had an overriding desire to make love to Selena. He so wanted to make love to his love, but that could wait for the moment. “Selena I want you to kneel on the floor facing me with your hands behind your back and head held up but with your eyes closed. I’ve got a surprise for you.”

With that he went off to his bedroom and returned a moment later with a latex blindfold which he slipped over Selena’s eyes. He could tell she was aroused; her nipples were hard against her latex suit. He quietly touched them, rolling them between his gloved hands. The effect was electric. Selena gasped, arched her back pressing herself into his hands. She was offering herself to him. No words were spoken as they played the game. Selena squirmed as her Master played her like a treasured violin. The music produced unheard by the human ear was never the less exquisite. Selena the cherished instrument, being put through her paces by the master musician.

In her dark world Selena responded to his gentle caress. She was unaware of the time or place, only aware of an all consuming passion which had her gasping. She wanted this to continue for ever; her focus now on the exquisite range of sensations which her Master produced. From the lightest Zephyrus touches to the firmness of squeeze which had her gasping. Her vagina already moist from the expectation of the day was now in spasm producing copious pre-orgasmic lubrication. She was on the very edge of orgasm. Her Master knew this and with deft hands kept her there.

Unable to speak as if she had been tightly gagged, Selena‘s body language begged for orgasmic release. But it wasn’t in her compass of control. Her Master would decide. For an indefinite time James kept her like this, before sensing the time was right and brought his charge to a massive shuddering climax. Beads of perspiration on her forehead and above her top lip, together with her spent form confirmed to James that this had been a special trip for his lover. He helped her to her feet. She was flushed and limp. “Oh James that was exquisite my love, I feel so good I wanted you to continue for ever. You played with me until I thought I would die of pleasure. Thank you, thank you” Adding, “My legs are like jelly. Hold me tight; let me kiss you.”

James helped Selena over to the sofa where she flopped down too spent to do much. Selena now lying full length with her head resting on James’s lap gradually came round. James kept stroking her head running his fingers through her hair. They were both relaxed and at one, comfortable, no need for talking both just enjoying the stillness.

It was James who spoke to break the silence, “Selena, I’ve got a surprise for you when you’re ready, one which I’m sure you will appreciate”. Selena couldn’t think what this could be, perhaps an outing to a fetish club but she immediately dismissed that as they really didn’t need to mix with others. After all they had spent every waking hour trying to be together. She looked up into James’s brown eyes and received a thrill as he returned the gaze.

After a moment she queried, “Well aren’t you going to tell me?”

“I’ll do better than that, I’ll show you now, come with me!”

Rising he took Selena’s hand and walked her through to his large bedroom. There he blindfolded her again and spun her around a number of times then he walked her carefully towards his own dressing room. He had already pulled back the concealing drapes and opened the locked door to his playroom ‘dungeon’. Selena was unaware of the transition from bedroom, to dressing room and then to ‘Playroom’, she was only aware of pacing some distance. She had no idea of the orientation but she was aware of a change of aroma as she progressed. Now instead of the heady smell of James, a combination of aftershave and his own body unique aroma she was acutely aware of the heady aroma of latex and leather. She breathed in deeply excited at the overpowering fragrance. Her senses heightened her heart rate increasing. James brought her to a stop in the centre of this very large room. “Keep your eyes closed until I give you the command to open them”

The blindfold was removed. Selena awaited his command enjoying the suspense and the heady aroma.

“Now open them.” Selena did as instructed, blinked then gasped. She was overwhelmed by what she saw. She looked towards her lover who stood smiling at her, she was unsure whether this was her mind playing tricks with her and she was in reality in the middle of a waking dream or was this real? She reached out a gloved hand and felt it touch his firm body. Yes, this was real and here she was within a fetishists dream dungeon. She could hear her heart thumping in her ears. She knew in that instant that when James said he was more experienced than her, he had not been telling lies. Here was James’s inner sanctum. She knew she had gained his trust and was thrilled. She turned taking in the many features and accoutrements which were to been seen. The room was windowless with high ceiling. In one part there was no ceiling, only the exposed beams and trusses of the roof. Her eyes took in the salient features.

Eventually she let out a long whistling breath. “James, this is quite fantastic, you clever man, I can see we shall be having lots of fun in here. In fact I think I shall never want to leave. I never dreamt you would have a dungeon, I was convinced that these were figments of an overactive imagination, but”, she went on, ”I‘m not complaining, in fact I’m in seventh heaven! Can we play now?”

“I think it would be best if we waited until you have your own helmet and we are ready to begin our slave training in earnest. I don’t want us to rush matters and get it wrong”, but he added, “I do have a present for you now.” He want over to a draw and pulled out a package; black latex wrapped with a crimson red bow on top. He handed it to Selena who read the label. “Darling Selena, the enclosed should remind you of me when I’m not around, enjoy!” She turned towards James and pressed her body against his in a provocative manner. Then she carefully unwrapped the present. She was delighted to find a pair of moulded latex pants with internal dildo and anal plug. “Wow, I’m going to enjoy these, when can I wear them?”

“Not until tomorrow.” Came the reply. “When we shop for your helmet, now come on I’ve got unfinished business, back to the bedroom and lay yourself spread eagled on my bed.”

Completely helpless, blindfolded with arms and legs stretched tight, Selena lived one of her fantasies as her knight took her as she lay. Head thrashing from side to side as her climax built, she was in her element. Now completely under the control of her Black Knight, she came powerfully unable to resist the inexorable.

Sleeping naked between latex sheets the two lovers slept the sleep of contentment. The blackout afforded by the heavy vinyl curtains kept the bedroom in almost total darkness and it was past 9am when James awoke. Selena was still fast asleep, hair tousled but with a smile on her sleeping face.

James retrieved their latex suits and powdered them ready for this important day.

They left his flat via the private lift down into the underground garage.

To the outward observer they were both clad in SBR mackintoshes, but underneath they wore their latex suits. Selena still had that smile on her face. She was experiencing the full onslaught of double penetration from her lovers present. “James I’ll have to walk slowly otherwise I’m in danger of taking pleasure. Wow, these pants are making me so juicy” She could feel herself gripping the front dildo and the pulsing of it as she walked. Her anal plug was a wholly new experience for her, one which she found strangely exciting. Her sphincter being forced open yet gripping tightly around the narrow base sent rousing vibrations through her vaginal walls as she walked slowly towards James’s TVR sports car.

”James, I’m never going to last the day with these pants on I’m sure I shall take pleasure and everybody will know I’m your sex slave.” She stopped and wriggled herself feeling the new sensation almost overwhelming her. She was quite flushed. Sitting down onto the black leather seats of the car had her breathing hard.

”James, Master, take me back upstairs and make love to me, please.” She uttered in a deep husky voice. It was obvious to James that the pants were going to be a great success.

Walking hand in hand in the gloomy day they entered ‘Regulation’ in Islington. The staff were very helpful and after trying on a whole selection of helmets, two were chosen. One, a simple back zipped model with eye, mouth openings and a hole in the top to allow for long hair or pigtail to cascade out. The other was the same style but in addition to clear vinyl eye coverings it had buckles each side of the head at eye and mouth level as well as a zipped rear entry. It had buckles and a strap each side of the closing zip for further adjustment. It came with blindfold and penis gag. It was the first time that Selena had experienced full head covering.

The sensation of being completely enclosed was overwhelming. She had to stand very still and concentrate on her times tables to over come the climax which was now a distinct possibility. When James buckled the blindfold followed by the instruction, “Open wide!” as he gently pushed in the penis gag and buckled it tight, it was too much for Selena. She stood there in her SBR; quivered, a series of shudders raking her body, and then she began shaking her encapsulated head before taking a pleasure. James watched with a satisfied smile on his face. ’Yes I’ve found my perfect slave and I love her to bits.” A moment later her knees buckled and move forward to catch his love.. Thankfully they were still within the changing room. Removing the helmet Selena’s eyes told it all, she had chosen her helmet. They left the shop but not before Selena had had a good look at the many items for sale; her eyes sparkling at what was on offer. ”I can see we shall be visiting again there’s lots I want to buy!”

They walked along the road to a café and took seats outside. The sun had broken through the clouds and it was pleasantly warm. They ordered something to eat. Selena sitting close by James leaned across and kissed him full on the lips her gloved hand lifting up the flap of his SBR and slipping beneath to find his pubic area. He responded by doing the same to her. She could feel the swelling of his manhood and stroked it into ridged hardness. Breaking off the kiss she spoke with that huskiness which James had heard before and knew exactly what it meant.

“James I’m so looking forward to beginning my slave training. The two new helmets I bought are amazing. The feeling of being totally enclosed is orgasmic and you know I couldn’t help myself when I were trying it on; I took a pleasure.” She continued, looking directly into his brown eyes. “I can’t think why I didn’t buy myself one years ago. I suppose I was slightly apprehensive of the image portrayed by the media; bank robbers, rapists and the like. As soon as you told me of my need to get one to begin slave training I knew I wanted one. The pulling on of the latex helmet over my head was one of the most erotic sensations I have ever experienced. I know I love to cocoon myself in latex sheets when I am in my bed and you know I am addicted to the wonderful smell and feel of latex. The image reflected in the dressing room mirror of an anonymous person really had me aroused. That and the combination of being blindfolded and then gagged together with the smell and confinement led to me climaxing. I can’t wait to wear it again.”

They kissed tenderly oblivious to the return of the waiter. The warm smell of latex and SBR mingling with their own aromas fuelled their mutual excitement. “Your order sir.” Broke the spell and they pulled apart to receive their meal.

“Which is your favourite helmet?” enquired James

“Oh the second one by far, I love the clear vinyl eye covering which underlines the containment as well as the blindfold. You know I love being blindfolded; the feeling of helplessness which it engenders in me, and as for the penis gag, well that is just unimaginable. You know the feeling of being penetrated with a black rubber penis gag which effectively silences me whilst at the same time underlines my vulnerability makes me go weak at the knees.” She broke off to draw breath, and then continued, “So James, darling man when we can begin my slave training?”

“Tonight, if you really want to, I could extend your training into tomorrow if we both agree”.

The two happy lovers returned to the underground garage area having spent a very pleasant afternoon together. Locking his TVR, James helped Selena carry their various purchases. Entering his private lift to the penthouse they were soon travelling upwards. James turned and spoke to Selena, “This lift has two entry points, one to the lobby of my flat the other directly to my dungeon. This will allow us to make use of the dungeon without the need to pass through my flat; in effect I can go straight from dungeon to car. I can see we shall be using this feature,” and, he want on. “It will allow us to have no reality break from role play. I designed the flat with this in mind, but have never used it.”

“You clever man, you think of everything. I bet you will be a very controlling Master with particular attention to detail! But I must say that’s just how I want it.” She added.

“You will find out soon enough.” James replied.

For the second night together they slept naked between latex sheets. When Selena awoke it was still night; she was excited and restless. She wanted to begin her slave training. She was open minded about it, having no preconceived ideas, but she was entirely focussed on being the perfect slave. She edged out of bed and left the still sleeping supine body of James. She left the bedroom and entered the bathroom. There she lay out what she would wear to surprise her lover. First, the double dildo pants, then latex suit followed by her corset and gloves. She then opened the black bag containing both helmets. She chose the second helmet.

Now fully dressed, she made up her eyes then pulled on the new helmet. It gave her a shuddering thrill. She had some difficulty in sweeping up all her long hair but succeeded in plaiting it and feeding it through the top opening of the helmet. She pulled down the rear entry zip then began tightening all the straps and buckles and laces. She was breathing heavily now. Next, she reapplied lipstick to her full lips, and then she fitted the penis gag enjoying the intrusion in her mouth. She could taste the black rubber. She felt incredibly masochistic. She walked back in to the sitting room and looked at herself in the full length mirror. There staring back at her was the amorphous figure which she had seen yesterday. A thrill lanced through her.

Now she had time to study herself carefully. Light gleamed from the shiny obsidian black figure. Each wrinkle on top of her helmet illuminated. She was ecstatic; fascinated by her form! Not one inch of her remained uncovered by latex. Her corset drawn in to its maximum tightness emphasised her lithe body, long legs and pushed out her ample breasts. She moved closer to the mirror the vinyl eye covering slightly distorting the image. Sucking on the penis gag and enjoying the sensation of fullness she pushed her bottom out and felt the anal probe stir along with the internal movement of her vaginal intruder. She was eager now to begin but it was still very early. She wriggled he body enjoying watching the dancing highlights of reflected light. “Hmmm”, She thought to herself “I’m the luckiest woman in the world, I’m in love with a fellow rubberist and I’m about to experience slave training”.

James was awoken by a knock on his bedroom door. Instinctively he reached out for Selena; finding her not there he was instantly aware and fully awake. “Come in slave.” He returned.

Opening the door carefully, Selena appeared fully dressed carrying a tray of coffee and biscuits. She made her way to the bedside. James could see she was gagged.

“Well done slave, properly dressed I see.” James‘s heart skipped a beat, here was his love willing him on to begin her slave training; he felt a surge of pure love for Selena. Selena knelt down beside the bed and offered the tray to her Master. He took the coffee together with the biscuits and placed it on the bedside cabinet. Selena remained kneeling both hands underneath the tray, head bowed in a submissive pasture. Had there been a clock in the bedroom the ticking of it would have been the only sound.

Eventually he spoke. “Now slave remove my coffee and return to the kitchen; don washing up gloves and wash up and put away. Then you will return to your Master. Now look up at me.” She did as instructed. Through the vinyl eye coverings her well made up eyes were emphasised and looked bigger to James. She fluttered her eye lashes at him. James lent forward and unbuckled one strap of her gag. He withdrew it carefully noting the wetness around the mouth piece. Letting the gag dangle he watched as his slave licked her lips in an attempt to clear away the dribble.

“Well slave I can see you are ready for a day of training. What time did you get dressed?”

“At 5.30am Master.” She replied. ”I am eager to begin my training, I couldn’t sleep.” She added. “I hope that’s alright with you Master?” Then added, “I feel wonderful being completely covered by latex, when my gag is in not one inch of me is uncovered; I’m sealed in latex!”

“Right, now return to the kitchen and prepare my breakfast. A bowl of cereal and another coffee will do me. As for yourself you may have a drink of water and a banana. You will then buckle in your gag and present yourself in the dungeon. You will kneel in the centre of the dungeon where you will find a thick rubber mat on which to kneel. Buckle on your blindfold and place your hands behind your back. Your head will be lowered onto the slave position. That is”, he added. “Looking towards the floor not held up. Sit back on your heels, back straight. You will find this a comfortable position and one which you can relax into. Once comfortable you are to think of your lowly position as my slave. Your mantra will be ‘For the love of my Master.’ You will repeat this over and over and over again until all other thoughts are put out of your brain. You will then reflect on love and how you can become a better slave. From now on you will address me as ‘Master.’ Do you understand? Now stand.”

“yes Master”. Confirmed her understanding

Entering the dungeon the Master now dressed in catsuit and helmet noted the slave in kneeling position. She was still and made no movement as he slowly paced around her. It was either she had not discerned his entering or she was in a trance like state. On reflection the latter seemed more likely. The Master noted the slow breathing of his slave by the reflection off the slave’s breasts as they rose and fell. Her nipples tented the breast cups of her latex suit.

Sitting down in a specially designed pivotal chair, made by a specialist firm for specific fetishistic purposes he fixed his eyes on his slave. His manhood was tumescent; he was sexually excited but completely under control of himself. Existential training had given him the ability to remain disconnected from his emotions. His thoughts were crystal clear. He sat looking at his slave for some time enjoying the sight of her still form. He knew in his heart that she needed the cognitive discipline of what was to follow. He had found, quite by chance a girl in a million and he wasn’t going to let her slip through his fingers. There was, he knew now, a mutual respect and love which bonded them together. He felt privileged to have such a lady. He was in love and love was to be the key in this joint journey of discovery. He could feel his heart thumping as he contemplated the future.

He walked over to a cabinet and took out a beautifully crafted black leather collar. Each side and at the front it had ‘D’ rings affixed. Moving towards the slave he stood directly in front of her kneeling form. Bending down he placed a gloved hand under her chin, cupping it and raising it gently. Fixing the slave collar he noted her slim neck. Once fitted, he moved away. Her head lowered to its former position

“Stand up slave with your hands still behind your back.” She did as instructed.

“Open your legs slightly.” She did as instructed. “That’s it. You are now in the standing slave position. You will always attain that position when instructed to stand. Do you understand?” An affirmative nod of her mute head confirmed the instruction. Her Master attached a lead to the ‘D’ ring of his slave and silently moved her to the chair he had been sitting on. Once his slave was seated he proceeded to strap her into the chair with legs apart. Each ankle, calf, knee and thigh was strapped to the chair. Her vaginal area was now vulnerable.

Further straps at waist, under breasts and above had her immobile. Two tethers from her slave collar pulled her neck and head back into the high padded head rest. A strap across her forehead left her helpless. Finally, her arms were strapped down to the padded arm rests at elbow and wrist. The slave was properly secured. In her dark enclosure Selena’s heart was racing, it was the first time she had been so perfectly bondaged. She had the overwhelming feeling of being totally helpless and her heart sang as she gave herself fully to the experience. She was high on endorphins close to taking pleasure. One touch at her doubly enclosed pubic area would have had her taking a shuddering pleasure. ‘Come on Master, cover me again and again, enclose control and use me for your pleasure, I am your plaything I willingly give myself to you.’ Selena’s thoughts were racing she wanted the exquisite sensations she was experiencing never to end. The absolute feeling of helplessness was heady stuff.

The Master came close and bending down spoke quietly.

“Slave, I am going to leave you now to contemplate on your position as my slave.” He emphasised the ‘my’. ”When I return I will instruct you before we proceed to the next experience. Whilst I’m away collect your thoughts. I shall expect you to tell me about them when I return. Can you see any light around your blindfold? Grunt once for ‘yes’ and two for ‘no’.”

One grunt confirmed that she was in complete darkness. Now drifting in her tight enclosure Selena was in seventh heaven. She was unaware of time passing; only acutely aware of the sensations which her bondage gave her. She sucked on her penis gag enjoying the penetration. ‘Here I am helpless, yet ‘free’ to explore that which I’ve always secretly, had a deep down need to fulfil. Oh that the gag penis was my Masters latex covered penis. I want to devote my entire being to serving him and giving him pleasure. I’m sooooo submissive; I really am and I love giving over my entire body to my Master; I want this session to go on for ever.’

It was much later that the Master returned and removed his slave’s gag. He noted the two saliva dribbles each side of the gag, clearly his slave had been sucking on the insert. Wiping away the dribble he spoke.

“Slave, tell me your thoughts.”

It was as if he had released the floodgates. His slave told him all of her fetishistic thoughts and begged to be kept permanently as his slave. It was clear that Selena was fully into role.

“Open wide.” James re-affixed her gag and unbuckled the blindfold. His slave blinked in the dim light of the dungeon. The lenses of her helmet now misted with perspiration. Her eyes told the story; pupils dilated Selena swooned as her eyes focused on her Master. She kept the gaze, she was so excited. Unable to move her head she could do nothing else. The thought of her training continuing into the future was all she desired.

Her Master now brought up a high stool and began speaking. “Slave you please your Master in your subservience. I know you can hear me.” He continued. “In a moment I am going to finish your present bondage only to begin another in due course. First, I am going to prepare you properly, as befits my slave. Each time you prepare yourself for training in the future you will follow the same course. It is important to do this correctly as it will help you accommodate yourself to your new position as my slave”.

His slave stood as prescribed; now free from the chair. The master approached and removed the slave’s collar then pulled down the back zip of her suit. Selena felt the cooler air on her sensitive skin. She gave in involuntary shudder and felt disappointed that her containment was coming to an end. The master spoke, as if reading her thoughts. “You have a long way to go before this session ends.” Eventually the slave stood naked apart from her helmet. Wrist fetters were attached and she moved carefully to stand below the high ceiling where dangling down was the electric winch cable. Selena felt the metal clips being fixed to her fettered wrists. The next instant her wrists were being gradually pulled upwards. Eventually she was left standing on tiptoe. Not being able to see or speak she felt very exposed.

She was left there for some time to contemplate what was to come next. Selena felt empty and naked, she desperately wanted the magical caress of latex. ‘What has my Master planned for me; she felt butterflies in the pit of her stomach, her anxiety levels now high. Yet she was enjoying the exquisite mix of sexual excitement combined with her anxiety. Her thoughts were broken as she felt her arms lowered. There was a pleasant tingling in her hands as she was released. She was taken back to the chair and re-bondaged. ‘What has my master got in mind now’ she thought, and ‘I’m naked, not dressed;’ a sense of disappointment marring her experience.

“Now slave, you will experience a completely new experience, one which you will receive each time you are trained. Selena couldn’t think for the life of her what it could be. Suddenly she was aware of the chair tipping backwards and she instinctively grabbed the arm rests to steady herself, although she reflected a moment later that there was no need, she wasn’t going to fall. She was tightly bondaged. The chair continued its backward journey until the slave was completely upside down, feet high above her helmeted head. The movement stopped and she was left wondering what was to come next.

The Master removed the circular piece in the bottom of the chair. A cool glob of lubricant on her rear entrance had her gasping. Next a gloved finger was dilating her anus. She squirmed enjoying the sensation. The removal of the finger was replaced by a slim intruder entering her. But this time it didn’t stop. Her mind racing she wondered what her Master had in mind. She felt as if she was taking in an endless anal plug. Eventually it stopped; next she felt rather than heard a slight swelling in the entrance to her anus. She was unaware of the inflation of two latex balloons, one internal, and one external. Suddenly, without warning she was aware of liquid entering her. It was at that moment she knew an enema was being administered. She had read about them in her search for greater awareness of the scene, but this was the first time she had experienced one in her 33years.

In her darkness she now felt totally helpless and abject. She began her mantra ‘for the love of my Master, ‘For the love of my Master.’ The enema continued until she felt she would bust. She tried to speak, to beg for the enema to cease but the penis gag allowed no intelligible sound to escape. In her darkness she was aware that the pressure build up had stopped. She felt strangely charged by the experience and a growing sexual thrill was overtaking her. She tried to squirm but to no avail. She felt frustrated as she could gain no sexual stimulation yet she was enjoying the whole experience.

Into her bondage, humiliation and violation came the voice of her Master. “Slave you are now being washed out by enema you have just received 1 litre of solution which is held in both by gravity as well as by the inflatable bulbs, one within one with out your rectum. You are in effect now fully plugged not one drop of liquid can escape until I release the pressure in the inflated bulbs. You will progressively feel a growing desire to void yourself but you will be unable to. There will be a new sensations as time passes, one which you will no doubt enjoy. Now I am going to leave you. The enema will remain in you for twenty minutes. Use your mantra to prepare for what comes next.”

With that the chair completed its circular journey until slave Selena was sitting upright again. Now she could feel the internal pressure building as gravity worked to release the washout. She felt as if she would burst, but at the same time the nagging sexual ‘turn on’ grew She tensed her vaginal floor to increase the pleasure, but knew she would not be able to take pleasure. Stomach spasms came in waves as she remained in her bondage. She felt as if the internal pressure would overcome the obdurating latex bulb deep within her bowels as the cramps grew. She was now desperate for release but she had no control over that.

Suddenly she was jolted out of her mantra when the chair began reclining. Now she relaxed into her bondage knowing that her Master was in control. Suspended upside down, the internal pressure released as the enema flowed deeper into her colon. Again she squirmed as the old sexual buzz was reawakened; she was feeling deeply masochistic. The sensation was new and exciting. The twenty minutes passed slowly then she was aware of the distant hiss of escaping air as the two latex obdurating bulbs were deflated and the rubber tubing was pulled slowly from her anus. The feeling as the tubing slid past her sphincter excited her. The blindfold was removed to be replaced by a flanged rod which would allow her to get to the toilet without accident she was grateful for this. She was released and told to empty herself. Still gagged she knelt before her Master and bowed forward hands behind her back placing her helmeted head on the floor before she returned to the bathroom just off the dungeon. She voided herself completely enjoying the new sensation of being out of control once the flow started. Coming out of the bathroom she felt empty and refreshed a feeling of wellbeing predominated. She again knelt before her Master, head down and waited.

“Slave sit up and look at me whilst I tell you of your next experience.” Selena looked out from within her helmet now aware of the contained dampness and the steamed up eye coverings. She blinked in an attempt to clear them but was not successful. Her Master continued.

“You will now dress in your latex suit, gloves slave collar and corset. I will expect you to report to me all tight and tidy when you are ready. In future I shall give you specific times to report which will keep you on your toes, for the present however there are none.

Emerging from the bathroom, completely encapsulated in shiny black latex slave Selena now felt at one with herself. She was proud to be her Master’s slave. She presented herself as before, to hear the words “Slave kneel up and listen. You have already surpassed yourself. The bowing you performed is exactly what I was to instruct you to do, the fact you did it of your own volition is noted. I am awarding you a merit for that.” Slave Salina’s heart skipped a beat.

“I shall in future award merits or demerits according to your behaviour. You will inevitably of course get more demerits than merits as I will be very demanding of you and you will make mistakes and these will lead to punishment. This may be in the form of bondage or any number of other options which I will decide. I shall train you to relax into your bondage and to turn pain into pleasure. Gradually you will come to associate pleasure with pain and pain with pleasure. You already understand this as you have corseted yourself and gradually reduced your waistline. The continual constriction is, if you will, the pain aspect, the feeling of being newly constrained each morning and the gradual reduction of your waist is the pleasure payoff. Now stand.”

Reapplying the blindfold he led his slave back towards the chair. This time Selena knew what to expect and was soon strapped immovably. Now suspended upside down she felt her crotch zip being undone and unzipped to expose her two entrances. She was moist now and wanted the inevitable penetration which she knew would come. She felt the nudge of something firm at her vaginal opening her labia lips opening and enveloping the intruder, her clitoris swollen and sensitive. She welcomed this intrusion feeling both helpless and fulfilled. The shaft nosed inwards; a shudder rippled through her helpless bondaged body a flow of vaginal secretions oozing out from her.

Next she felt cool lubricant at her puckered sphincter. She knew she was to be doubly entered. A thrill of anticipation surged through her; she squirmed wanting every orifice filled. I shall be filled by three penis intruders once my Master has finished with me another spasm rose from deep within her. She was on the very brink of taking ‘Pleasure’ She now felt pressure on her sphincter and the next instant she had been entered. The intruder felt enormous and she gagged as it slid into her. A muffled groan emerged from under the seat. Head down bottom up she strained then tensed as the orgasm overtook her. Shooting stars flashed across her black horizon as she felt the full force of the orgasm. She held her breath sucking deeply on her penis gag. Then, as the orgasm subsided, gasped with empty lungs desperately trying to suck in more air through the two small openings at her nose. She hung limp in her bonds exhausted but fulfilled.

Some time later, she had lost all sense of time. She was returned to the seated position. Her gag was removed to be replaced immediately by a penis gag and tube. She was instructed to suck. Cool water flowed into her mouth. She was grateful for the relief. As soon as she stopped sucking her penis gag was replaced and she was again inverted. Her Master’s voice broke the silence. “Slave, you are doing very well but now you will remain in this bondage position until you have taken two more pleasures. Only then will you be released and allowed to receive your Master. Now I’m going to stimulate you until you have completed your task”.

The first orgasm came quickly; the internal vibrations within both intruders now connected to their power packs wrecked havoc. Selena tried to resist the urge to climax and to prolong the sensation but to no avail. Again she hung limply gasping in her dark prison. It took some time for her to reach her next objective but continual teasing and stroking of her body brought on the inevitable. Now completely exhausted she felt limp yet so incredibly sexually fulfilled. She wanted to remain like this a plaything of her Master.

The release, when it came was a slight disappointment. She stood with shaking legs, her Master helping to steady her. He led her to his latex sheeted bed and lay her down gently with the words “Rest now slave, when I return you will give me pleasure”. Blindfolded and gagged Selena drifted off to sleep immediately.


continued in part nine


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