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The Training of Slave Selena
by James W
© Copyright 2009 - James W - Used by permission
Storycodes: M/f; latex; catsuit; SBR; mackintosh; bond; sex; cons; X
The Training of Slave Selena 7: Tight & Tidy by James W M/f; latex; catsuit; SBR; mackintosh; bond; sex; cons; X

Chapter 7: Tight & Tidy.

Locking the door to the cottage James turned towards his love identically dressed as him in shiny black one piece PVC suit, crash helmeted and rubber booted with visor up showing just her eyes sparkling. Soon Selena was clinging to her lover two as one as they sped on there way to Selena’s flat in London. The journey was in growing darkness but the earlier rain had been replaced with dryness and the promise of a good day tomorrow. Selena snuggled into her lovers back with her arms tucked between her thighs and James’s hips. She was warm snug and in love, ‘yes’ she mused, this felt different from all the other times she had kidded herself that she was falling in love.

This felt right, there was an essential truth between them, no hidden secrets about their love of latex, the relationship had got off to a good start, they were honest with each other, and yes, James was that special man whom she had quested for all her life; her fantasy lover, her fantasy knight in shining armour, only he was a knight in shiny black latex. Suddenly she had an overwhelming desire to tell him of her love immediately, but all she could do was to hug and squeeze James as they rode as one; Selena was in heaven. James felt the squeeze and responded by pushing his body back into Selena. He made a note to organise an intercom so they could converse on the bike.

James parked the bike and helped Selena with her pannier they both stood facing each other with their visors open both not wanting to be the first to say goodbye. Then it was time to part. He told Selena to hold on to her riding suit and crash helmet as he planned to make full use of the bike during the coming Spring and summer and she would need it. Finally it was time to go. James declined the invitation to come in for a coffee as he an early start on the morrow. So the final act was a bear hug for Selena there was no chance of a kiss as they were both still enclosed within their respective helmets. They planned to meet again for lunch on the Wednesday.

Selena closed the door to her flat and stood quite still. The silence after the roar of the wind was tangible. She blew out a whistle as she recollected the weekend. ‘Yes’, it had been a holiday in itself. Now she had just landed and was taking stock. “I’m in love, I’m in love, I’m in love she mouthed voicelessly, a quiver of joy welled up and a broad smile followed! “Come on girl, get your self sorted, you have a busy day tomorrow.”

With that she picked up the pannier and went through to her bedroom. There she looked at herself in her gleaming black PVC riding suit with rubber riding boots completing the outfit. She liked what she saw, a slim figure completely enclosed from the tip of her toes to the crown of her head in shiny black, with the visor pulled down she was an anonymous figure.– twisting one way then the other to show herself off to best effect, she was excited by what she saw. She carefully undid the high storm collar and front and wriggled out of the PVC riding suit. Then in a moment of madness she hugged the suit close to her and danced lightly across her bedroom towards her bed where she threw herself onto the latex sheeted platform and rolled this way and that still holding onto the suit. “James I love you!” she spoke into the empty room. She lay still for a moment then getting up she folded the suit, took of her riding boots and set about emptying the pannier.

Coming out of the bathroom she was completely naked and enjoying the freedom of being so. She climbed into her double bed and got that old familiar thrill of cool latex sliding and caressing her clean body. Little shivers of delight had her squirming. Nipples hard she was moist between her thighs and a pang of longing for the intimacy enjoyed over the weekend had her inhaling the heady perfume of warm latex. Soon she was dozing between wakefulness and sleep mulling over the wonderful events of the weekend. Her last thoughts before drifting off to sleep were of her lover appearing for the first time in the heavy drizzle of Camden Market dressed identically to her in SBR and rubber riding boots; a mirror image of her, a long held fantasy realised at long last.

At work she was absolutely sparkling and it was noticed by her colleagues. “A good weekend Selena, wasn’t the weather just awful, trust our luck?” They were somewhat mystified by her answer. “Blissful thanks and where I was, the weather was just perfect!” A faraway look in her eyes said it all. “You lucky sod, off to warmer parts for the weekend – your new chap must really fancy you!” Selena didn’t answer.

Selena had taken to wearing her latex pants and corset each day now and was keen to reduce her already slim waist. Her aim was to reduce it by 2 inches by the end of the month. She was aware of the constraining effect it had on her but she was both excited and glad to feel it as a constant reminder of her love of all things fetish. It confirmed in her the full acceptance of her fetish life and gave her a new level of confidence. Often, in the past she had felt guilty about her ‘dark ‘secret. In the place of these negative feelings of the past she now felt good, whenever she consciously thought about her lifestyle, or was caught unaware, the result was only a welling up of excitement; a sexual frisson, a quickening of her pulse.

Selena was keen to learn more from James and to these ends she spent hours each evening surfing the web in an attempt to know more. She soon found many rubber specific sites which had her very moist and panting for the physical release that only James would give her. Many of the sites had amazing images of slaves completely rubberised and in all states of training. Equally, there were lots of fantasy stories that had her riveted and sexually charged. It also gave her the idea of setting to paper some of her fantasies. She knew James would be interested in reading them.

Wednesday dawned bright and sunny but the forecast was for heavy showers to develop. Selena awoke from her early morning revelries; she was both warm and sexually excited. The latex sheets she slept in added to her excitement. She lay quietly breathing in the heady aroma. “If only they could bottle the aroma, she thought to herself, men would fall over themselves to sample the perfume on their ladies and the ladies would know they had their men firmly in their camp.”

Selena’s thoughts then turned to the prospect of meeting up with James at lunch time. Her heart skipped a beat as a quiver of excitement arrowed to her heart. She couldn’t wait for the meeting. After dressing in latex pants and corset that was now very much part of her normal daily attire she chose to wear her black leather skirt and white silk blouse. 4” stiletto heels in black completed her outfit. She skipped breakfast grabbing a cup of coffee before taking down her beloved SBR and donning it prior to closing her front door and walking to the underground. Stepping outside she was full or excitement. In her pocket she carried the printout of the message James had sent her the previous evening it read:

“Darling Selena,

Since the weekend I’ve had you constantly on my mind. I’ve relived those special times we spent together; your image is strong in my minds eye, both in my cottage after love making and you in your SBR in the woods on that verdant mossy bank. But more of that anon- I shall tell you to your face of my delight in your company and your enchanting ways. To arrangements now for our meeting tomorrow, wear some latex and your corset, surprise me with your choice of clothes; but I command you to wear your SBR when I meet you. Remember the maxim “T&T”.

Until tomorrow, my exciting lady,


The last hour before they were to meet up had Selena increasingly fidgety. She made sure her make up was perfect and every hair was in place. Her dark shoulder length hair shone, mirroring her health and vitality. James was to meet her at a wine bar a few minutes walk from her place of work. The earlier brightness of the morning was now replaced by heavy ominous clouds. “Still” she thought, “I shall be protected from any rain.” In her heart Selena experienced only sunshine, her world was bathed in sunlight the kind only lover’s experience.

Pulling in her mackintosh belt another notch Selena looked at herself in the full length mirror noting every strap and button was done up properly her sou’wester completed the outfit; she was ready to meet her man. Stepping out of the building she set off to make the rendezvous with her lover.

James spotted her some time before she saw him. His quick eye appraised her as she made her way amongst the lunch time crowds; she was just as he had instructed and her image not only matched his mental image of her but exceeded and excited him. The turned up collar with throat strap buckled tight made his heart skip a beat. The lancer front of her mackintosh concealing her full breasts, before being constrained and ruched by the wide belt tightly buckled around her slim waist. She was a fantasy picture realised. James’s heart rate increased and that old welcome feeling of arousal made him smile.

It was at that instant that Selena’s eyes fell upon James who was similarly attired in his SBR. She increased her stride as best she could wearing her 4” Stiletto’s and flew into James mackintoshed figure , flinging her arms around his neck and kissing him deeply. An observer would have noticed the skirt of her SBR being lifted by her right leg in the classic lovers clinch. She felt rather than saw his strong arms encircle her slim corseted waist as her eyes were tightly shut. Selena was in seventh heaven, she was slacking the thirst which had built up since the weekend. The two lovers held each other tightly enjoying the sexual sensation of being together again. Still with eyes shut tight Selena breathed in the distinct erotic smell of rubber emerging from their warm embrace. A moment later they drew apart and gazed into each others eyes. James was the first to speak. “Selena, I’ve been dreaming of this meeting and now you are here, lets enjoy our time together now we have such a lot to talk about; I’ve booked a secluded table for us,” adding, “and tonight we shall be together again.”

Now hand in gloved hand the two lovers disappeared from the observer’s eye; James leading the way; Selena glad to be with her man.

The wine bar was busy but the table reserved for them provided the lovers with seclusion. Divesting themselves of their SBR’s they settled to lunch, although Selena was in love, and not in the least hungry. For his part James was enthralled with the vision he saw. He complimented Selena on her choice of dress. “And before you ask dear James, yes I’m wearing my latex pants and corset underneath, and if you want to know I’m juicy as hell for you. I shall die if we don’t make love tonight in your super bedroom. Our last love making was delicious, but I didn’t see all your toys; you will show me all of them tonight, won’t you?”

All too soon Selena was back at work, but with the certainty of meeting up again in the evening. James had everything planned. Selena was to turn up at the agreed hour of 8pm; she was to wear nothing but her latex suit, corset, riding boots, gloves and her SBR together with her sou’wester. “Only latex tonight for you.” adding, “you will, of course, stay the night!” were James’s parting words.

Selena dashed home, took a quick shower, and donned her black latex cat suit, corset and gloves before stepping into her shiny black rubber riding boots. Pulling on her SBR mackintosh and taking care to button up each button and to tighten up every strap; her last act before setting off to James’s flat was to pull on her sou’wester and tie the strap tightly under her chin. She was terribly excited because she was wearing nothing but rubber and the knowledge of what was to happen. She was prepared for anything, indeed she was excited at the prospect of being with her lover clad as she was. She knew she would be appreciated both for herself as well as for what she was wearing. This, after all, was the realisation for her of a long held fantasy of being openly fetishistic. Now she knew she was walking along a path which, if correctly followed, would lead to an exciting life ahead. It was for her the coming together of two distinct entities essential for her equilibrium. On the one hand, she was allowing her sexuality free reign and enjoying every single moment of the adventure, and the second, she was now outwardly acknowledging her fetishistic desires, at least to James. She no longer felt she was alone in her liking for the unusual; in James she had found a soul mate or at least, she prayed this was the case.

Arriving at James’s flat after walk in the heavy rain through the deserted streets she was warm, protected and excited. Her SBR gleamed in the entrance hallway lights. She looked down at her latex gloved hands and smiled to herself; “I’m protected yet vulnerable but I welcome whatever befalls me tonight.” With that she pushed the intercom and awaited an answer from her knight. How would he be dressed? She hoped in latex. A tinny voice queried who it was. “Selena” she answered.

“Come on up the doors open.” With that the lock mechanism unlatched itself and Selena entered the lift. The full length mirror reflected back the tall athletic figure wearing a SBR and sou’wester. The image excited her; she felt her heart rate increased. Stepping out of the lift Selena walked the short distance to the penthouse flat. This was the first time she had arrived via the front door. Her first visit had been through the lift from the garage. James’s front door was painted in gleaming jet black, unlike the other three doors in the small landing area. Before she knew it the door was thrown open there stood her Knight lover dressed just as she had imagined. He took hold of both of Selena’s gloved hands and pulled her towards him and into his flat. “Let’s see dark lady if you are properly attired, yes all buttons and straps tight and tidy, and I do believe your belt is in another notch? Turn around slowly now and let me admire you.” Selena, heart beating did as instructed. “Now before I kiss those lovely lips close your eyes and carefully remove your sou’wester”.

Selena did as instructed. The next instant she felt James’s gloved hands hold her face and plant a lingering kiss. “Now, keep your eyes closed, don’t open them yet. I’ve got a surprise for you, one which I think you will enjoy.” With that James pulled from his pocket a latex bandage and began blindfolding Selena. She gasped at the kiss of latex across her eyes and immediately knew what was happening.

“James I am yours to command – do what you will, I am ready for anything” Standing stock still Selena was now completely blindfolded.

“Open your eyes Selena and tell me what you can see?”

“Nothing whatsoever.” came the reply.

“Good, Now I am going to remove your SBR and boots before we begin the next stage.” With that James began unbuckling the throat strap before undoing each button. This was not a casual removal of clothing; it was a lover’s erotic ceremony. Each touch was eagerly awaited, each unbuttoning a fetishistic action; Selena’s involuntary shiver indicated to James that she was ripe for taking. Yet he avoided the unvoiced invitation. He had other plans for his charge. The undressing was completed in silence, only little gasps of delight breaking the quiet.

Selena stood now bootless in her latex suit, corset and gloves. The blindfold tightly bandaged around her eyes. She looked every bit the maiden in distress. Her stance told it all, she was now in a secret world of her own choosing, together with her knight. She stood quietly, head slightly bowed as she sensed her lover walking quietly around her. She held her breath, hoping for the soft touch which she hoped would come; her nipples engorged, hard, tenting her latex suit. James noticed this and eventually after circling his charge a number of times stopped directly in front of her. His touch when it came was electric and sent urgent sublime messages to Selena’s vagina; she shuddered and a gasp left her moist lips.

James led her to a tall stool and sat her down. Selena’s vagina was now in spasm and the hard contact with the stool enhanced her sexual desire. The tight enclosure of latex allowed for no release. She pushed her bottom down onto the hard surface to gain further pleasure whilst leaning slightly forward and arching her back. James tied her ankles to the crossbar of the stool and told Selena to put her hands behind her back, palm to palm. Next he pulled on a single arm binder and proceeded to fit it. Eventually all straps were tight and to all intents and purposes Selena was helpless.

James was the first to speak, “Now the fun begins. I told you I had a surprise for you tonight. Well, now you are my willing charge, I won’t use the term ‘slave’ yet as you have not undergone the appropriate rites and are not ready, but that will follow soon. Have patience, but enjoy this experience”.

Selena hearing the trigger word ‘slave’ pressed herself harder to the seat, but remained silent. The next instant Selena heard the escape of gas from what she recognised as the unique sound of a champagne bottle being opened followed by the filling of two glasses.

“Oh dear James, I’ve had fantasies about this, it’s as though you have read my thoughts. To be dependent on another is so exciting to me.”

Then the next instant came the command. “Open wide” she did as commanded. The tethered Selena received the champagne. The fizz was electrifying, little bubbles tickled her palate as she swallowed. The next instant a slice of smoked salmon was placed in her mouth. She was enjoying this experience and entered into the game. Mouth open she waited. “Eat” She did as told.

By the time they had shared the bottle she was quite tipsy and any inhibitions she may have been harbouring were rapidly disappearing. She loved the constraint, the helplessness and the implied dominance; she loved the game. She had entered into the ritual but now she wanted sex.

“James, Master, please allow me to call you that for tonight , I’m feeling very masochistic I love the whole idea of being taken over by you but please allow me to give you pleasure. I’m the luckiest girl in the world, what can I do? And please keep me blindfolded”.

By now Selena’s arms had adjusted to the single arm glove and she was very aware of her engorged nipples pushing hard against the latex of her suit. She was warm and a slight perspiration was adding to the wetness in her sealed crotch. The warm smell of latex together with the position she was in together with the whole wonderful evening had her in her element. She felt sexually excited and thrilled at the prospect of what was to happen next. She was not disappointed.

James released her and lovingly removed the single arm glove and led her by the hand to his bedroom which he had prepared earlier. There he laid her on to his latex sheeted double bed and proceeded to fix wrist and ankle straps to her. Once fixed he spread eagled her, still blindfolded so she was vulnerable to his advances. Next he began caressing her; beginning at her ankles and working systematically up towards her head. The only area he missed was her sealed vagina. Selena moaned and twisted her head from side to side whilst testing her bonds. She was unable to get any free play and accepted her predicament with a rising sexual desire. Here she was experiencing, in reality, some of her own sexual fantasies! Then when she thought she would faint from excitement the caressing suddenly stopped, “I’m leaving you to marinate in your own juices.” Adding, “because you can’t see you will have to rely on your sense of hearing to know when I return, until then my love wait in hope!” Selena understood implicitly what games James was playing and apart from a low moan she desisted from speaking.

Now lying quietly she revelled in her situation. ‘Was this really happening and how long will he leave me? She was now thoroughly roused, with an urgent need to be satisfied. The fact that she had been left was frustrating, but deep down she revelled in the situation; the increase of anxiety of not knowing when her Master was to return was what she enjoyed so much. The deferred gratification was what really made her moist, the not knowing when she was to be touched again. A patina of sweat unable to escape the all confining suit was lubricating her second skin, which in places was beginning to glide over her sensitive body. Lying in complete darkness she kept wriggling to gain some sexual gratification, but she knew in her heart of hearts that only her Master could bring that. Yet he wasn’t ready to have his way with her yet. Time seemed to stand still. She was in darkness, listening for the tell tell signs which would indicate James’s return. Holding her breath to listen the better, she could only hear the beating of her own heart. All was quiet. She began drifting into a semi trance like state, time had no meaning, and she was in limbo.

The return of her lover went unnoticed by her as she drifted in her dark universe. The first touch had her squirming; arching her back, offering herself to her lover, yet unable to grasp him to her, after all she was fettered as befitted her fetishistic state. Tiny vibrations through the latex of her suit caused by the tracing of her Masters gloved hand over her body were raising her desire to fever pitch. James, the accomplished lover, knew that moistening his gloved hand and dragging it across her latex form would cause these vibrations. Now he was teasing her and she couldn’t do a thing about it. Selena remained silent, only moans of pure ecstasy escaped from her.

Pulling open her crotch zip he was now intent on making love to his conquest. Selena’s long containment and the earlier love play had worked its magic on her. The honeydew moisture issued from her warm entrance in a pearlescence glaze. Engorged labial lips, full and puffy squeezed themselves out from there long containment. James was enthralled. Taking his stiff member enclosed in a tight latex condom he began teasing his ladies flower. Selena felt the gentle nuzzling and offered her flower for his taking. James now began prolonged teasing, sliding his manhood across her exposed and swollen clitoris and inflamed vagina but not entering her. His gloved fingers pressed at her anus and she involuntarily opened to receive them. Her breath now quickening as she experienced for the very first time in her life the new and exciting sensation of being anally stimulated. She wriggled to aid fuller penetration, enjoying the new experience. Moans of delight left her glistening lips. She was on fire and wanted more.

Now near a climax she desperately wanted to feel James deep inside her. The teasing was exquisite torture; she felt she was about to die from pleasure. The deep penetration which came had Selena taking her first shuddering climax, a keening speechless sound issued from her prone form as she tensed her fettered body, unable to do anything else but squirm to the orgasmic dance which now had her in its grip. James was still bearing down on her; she could feel him deep within her. She could feel her vaginal wall rippling as it squeezed the engorged intruder. The second climax came close on the heels of the first. By now she was lost to the world she was between consciousness and oblivion. She was being forcibly taken, yet she would have it no other way, she willed this to continue for ever. Now thrashing her head from side to side and puling for all her might at her fetters she was straining to ride this to the bitter end. James feeling his climax building pressed down to gain deeper penetration as Selena‘s vaginal walls milked him. He stiffened, holding his breath enjoying the overwhelming urge to come as his seed was sucked from him. His eyes closed now as he came in wave after wave of pleasure.

Now spent, the two lovers lay quietly together. Selena still blindfolded. After some time it was James who spoke first. “Selena I’m falling in love with you”.

Selena still spread eagled instinctively tried to reach her man; to no avail “James, oh James let me kiss you, let me hold you, you know how I feel, I’m in love with you, and now when I’m spread eagled on my back, you choose to tell me of your feelings. Please release me at once, so I can hold you”.

Heart thumping with the shock of his news Selena wanted more than anything to hold her lover. Once released she asked permission to remove her blindfold then untied the latex bandage and for the first time in hours looked James in the eye. A smile crept across her face and a full grin followed. “James lets talk now about our future together .I know we mustn’t rush things but never the less I feel we must talk about me becoming your slave and our future together”.

“First, lets freshen up, come to the bathroom and lets shower together.” said James, and offering his hand to Selena helped her up from his bed. Standing together still fully clad in latex the two lovers kissed under the full force of the shower. James then helped Selena to unpeel her clinging latex suit. She did the same for James.

Now completely naked Selena and James kissed as they clung together under the torrent of the warm shower. Once finished showering they hung their respective rubber up to dry. James handed Selena a heavy towelling gown and pulled one on himself.

They emerged from the bathroom hand in hand and returned to the sitting room. James disappeared into the kitchen and emerged a couple of minutes later with a bottle of champagne enclosed in a PVC corset made to fit the bottle, and crystal glasses. On seeing it Selena commented “Wow I like the bottle corset, where did you get that from?”

“It’s a Jean Paul Gaultier creation which I saw at Skipol airport. It’s very fetishistic and fun.” Opening the bottle he poured two glasses and handed one to Selena. Raising a glass he spoke,” To us two lucky fetishist!” Selena raised her glass and they both drank, each looking into the eyes of the other.

“I can’t believe our luck in finding each other, it’s as though the fates have smiled upon us. We both have very similar interests. At the heart of this relationship is our mutual love of latex, bondage, truth and trust. We both love motorcycling, and the countryside. Now we are in love!”

Selena listened to James’s words taking in the enormity of what he was saying. ‘Yes, she thought to herself, I’ve found my soul mate.’ I’m the mirror image of my man. The Yin and Yan come together.’ Their eyes still fixed on each other, she felt comfortable and in love.

“James you know I love you, don’t you , I’ve been in love with you from our first meeting, but I kept telling myself that I was in love with the idea of being in love. You see, I’d been kidding myself in a many of my previous relationships that I was in love, but knowing in my heart of hearts that it wasn’t the case. So when I first met you I had the same feelings, especially as we both clearly had a fetishistic interest. At the time I thought it was too good to be true. I thought you might have a wife and family hidden away somewhere, or you would be a complete oddball. Now, having known you for all of two weeks I’m comfortable with you and both my heart and head tell me this is the genuine thing. Quite clearly, I’m in love with you!” She emphasised the ‘you’. “I’m not in love with the fantasy of being in love.”

James raised his glass, “Darling Selena, like you I’ve had other relationship and have kidded myself that I was in love, but with you it’s really different. You see, it’s you, and here he made the same emphasis as Selena. Of course you know I love latex, bondage and the fetishistic life, but these are inanimate objects, play things, if you like, but it’s you who I love, it is you who excites me beyond belief.” He went on “It’s you who keeps me awake at night, not my toys. I am in love with you darling Selena and I want to share my life with you.”

The two lovers spent the rest of the evening talking as only lover’s can. Eventually at 2.30am they settled down to sleep naked between latex sheets. The morning came all too soon and they were off to their different jobs. James kissed his love and patted her on the bottom. She looked the picture of health as she left wearing her latex suit which she donned prior to pulling of her trusty SBR. “See you on Friday evening. Let’s eat in and D for P (Dress for Pleasure)? On Saturday we can go shopping for your new helmet. Sunday, if you feel like it we can begin playing in earnest”.

Selena dashed back to her flat quickly changed into her normal work clothes and set off to work, her head still in the clouds.


story continues in part eight


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