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YouTube Cat and Mouse

by DeeDee V Iante

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Storycodes: F/f; latex; catsuit; costume; roleplay; bond; gag; breathplay; intubate; hood; mask; mittens; collar; cons; XX

Part 1

"Good evening, Cats and Mice. This Saturday, we will be meeting in the Ice Palace, but only Cat and Mouse subscribers with a blue pin. Since the end of last week, the Ice Palace has sold out, so there can be no at-the-door sales this time, sorry. We hardly get anyone coming not dressed as a cat or mouse, so please, do not come hoping that it might happen. All right, let's start with preparing Mouse for the evening.

My Mouse is already in her base layer latex catsuit. She likes to wear hers very tightly, so as you see, it fits her beautiful and slender body like a second skin. Over this, Mouse is dressing into an all-in-one thermal catsuit with feet and hood but no gloves. Mouse has hypotension and prefers warmth, so I will help her into a second latex catsuit and another thermal layer before putting her into her Mouse suit.

The Mouse Catsuit is, of course, restrictive. We Cats capture our mice and immobilize them for this one night a month. Notice how thick the latex mouse suit is? It will compress Mouse nicely, just as she likes. I will help her into the suit, so cut - and we are back.

The Mouse paws are half gloves where Mouse needs to bend her first two finger knuckles to fit in. This will give her the semblance of mouse paws. Her thumb is also closed so that my Mouse will not be able to use her hands. Like a surgeon, Mouse, really push your hand into the sleeve until your second knuckles are right at the tip of the gloves, further, further, yes, just a bit more, and there we have it. It is uncomfortable at first, but that will settle.

Now the other hand, more... more... good... just a bit more and done. Lovely, Mouse, now show your arms towards our main camera. See her tightly bent fingers inside the latex glove shaped like a mouse's paw? Nice, isn't it. Tonight's color is purple, my Mouse's favorite color for her latex day underwear.

First, we spray Mouse all over with latex glide, and then we help her step into the purple latex tutu. She will look lovely, with matching mice feet. Yes, it is very snug, clinging to Mouse's maidenly body adding to the compression, especially in length. Also, have a look at that flat stomach and protruding hip bones. I love those hip bones to pieces, but not until Sunday, my pussy cats, not until then.

The purple heel-less boots are shaped like mice feet and will have my mouse walking on the balls of her feet all weekend. But that is easy for her as we both usually wear ballet heels anyway. It will be best that you practice wearing your mice feet boots at home before coming for Drinks and Dancing.

At this point, it is also good to ask your mouse if she is comfortable enough to go on. We never push our mice beyond what they allow us cats to do, agreed? Mouse, are you all right to go on? You see, a clear nod empowers me to continue.

Now my cats and mice, this is not something you have to do, but I like it for my mouse. My mouse will be at my utter control, even her breathing and food intake. We have a separate video on how to intubate for breathing and food. First, we use the lip spreader. My Mouse want's a wider Mouth, so we will kill two birds with one stone.

Put the dental lip spreader into the upper lip, then the lower and slowly release it so that it does not tear Mouse's mouth ends. So, see how nicely it spreads Mouse's lips even beyond the hood's mouth opening? There, once settled, we can stretch Mouse's hood to cover her lips and the spreader and continue with the air and food tubes.

We use a small guiding tube to find the breathing tube past the epiglottis that prevents food from going down the wrong pipe. Using this, we slide the white soft rubber tube along this guide, around the corner, past the epiglottitis, into the windpipe. Yes, it will irritate your mouse, too, so be careful and feed it in slowly. Once in position, we add a red feeder tube down into the tummy, slowly and deeply, right to just before the lower esophageal tube. It is icky for my mouse, but I always make it up to her on Sundays.

Now we have to fix the tubes in place and keep Mouse's mouth open and unmoving. First, we press the lower custom dental fitting over Mouse's lower teeth. Nice and firmly, so that it can not loosen. Then we affix the upper custom dental fitting. We used clear plastic so that you can see how completely they fill Mouse's mouth and lock her tongue into place. Now to secure the tubes in place and ensure Mouse safety.

This center bit keeps the tubes in place and apart. It feeds into the throat up to where the tubes separate and create a seal. This clear plastic wedge is for the left side and the other wedge for the right side, and once both are inserted, Mouse's mouth will be packed and spread apart to capacity and beyond. We have used glide, and I am inserting the wedges slowly, occasionally massaging Mouse's jaw. This will take a while, so cut... and we are back.

Yes, it took a while to have it all in and secure the tubes. My mouse has no sense of smell or taste. We have also removed the sense of touch through the heavy construction. This time we allow sight but remove her ability to hear. We put another tight rubber hood over her head, with gel thickened ear parts, preventing any sound from coming through. Now we rely on sighs to communicate.

Mouse, are you okay to continue? Ah, unequivocal two thumbs up, excellent. While Mouse prepares for the final piece, the Mouse's head, I would like to show you a little feature we included.

This mouse head has eye attachments that will redirect my mouse's eyes to look out the side like a real mouse. Of course, she will practice until Saturday to have a hang of it. So, first, we need to fit Mouse with another hood with attachments that fit over her eyes like contact lenses. Because her hands are in mouse paw gloves, she can not help, and I need to be very careful putting on the sight hood. So, now just a tiny adjustment to the wedge in her mouth, attach the eye electrics to the hood, insert the feeder and breathing tube here so into the mice head, then stretch the Mouse head over, ugh, and so, it is done.

We tuck the neck under the mouse costume and the high necked tutu for a smooth transition from mouse costume to mouse head. As you see, the tutu neck has belt loops, and that is for her sub collar. We have a beautiful shiny stainless steel collar for her. As required, it has a ring, a chain, but also my name on it. Sorry, I do not share my mouse with anybody. If your mouse wants to be shared, all you need to do is remove the collar's chain, and another who has also freed her Mouse can take her home for the weekend and up to a week after.

I also have a metal belt for my mouse, and it is also lockable. I'll put it around Mouse and let her squeeze it closed as much as she likes. So, good, yes; I will lock it at the back. So, there you have it, my mouse is all finished. Our signal that all is well is when Mouse puts her palms together like so. If she wants out, she raises her fist, and if it is urgent, both fists. For everything else, one or two thumbs up or down and undecided to the side.

The Mouse's head nose serves two purposes. First, it regulates breathing, and then it opens to pour in liquids for Mouse to drink. So, as a final part, let us toast to our upcoming Ice Palace dance and drinks. Until then, be especially kind to your mouse and no sex with your mouse or anybody until Sunday, goodbye."

Cathenne pushed the remote to stop the recordings, then went to Mouse and asked, "How are you, Mouse? I did not want to make this as stringent as you wanted. Are you good, or shall I undress you?"

Slowly, carefully, Mouse shook her head and indicated drinking. Cathenne fetched water, opened the nose, and poured in. Mouse showed Cathenne two thumbs up. Then she asked for Cathenne's hand and practiced walking about using her increased, two-hundred and forty-degree mouse-head vision. She had some problems with distancing but then had an idea. Mouse bowed and indicated she wanted to dance.

Cathenne smiled and chose slow music where they could dance together. With her mouse head on Cathenne's left shoulder, they danced and had a few drinks. Mouse wanted to sleep this way tonight, just for the experience, so she remained in the complete costume and would do so for the whole of Saturday. Just before they went to the ice palace, she will have to use the bathroom, but then she will remain locked in until Sunday Morning with four other cats and mice...


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