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Xena’s Boutique 2

by S Farr

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© Copyright 2011 - S Farr - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/f; drug; latex; hobble; armbinder; bond; hood; gag; captive; dungeon; cons/nc; X

continued from part one

Part Two

“Yes?”, Asked Xena, innocently. “I’m so sorry, Ma’am”, said Rachel quickly, “but I was supposed to meet my boyfriend, Jack, here, 45 minutes ago. Have you seen him?”

Xena smiled, “Yes, in fact, I have. He just ran out, but said he would be back shortly. He mentioned that he was expecting you and that I should tell you to wait for him here. My name is Xena, by the way, won’t you please come in?

“Oh, thank you”, smiled Rachel as she entered the shop.

Xena smiled again wryly and extended her rubber hand. “Why don’t you have a look around…”

Rachel could hardly believe what she was seeing as walked deeper into the boutique…

“I’m sure we’ll be seeing Jack shortly.” Xena mentioned innocently, as she discreetly bolted the door again…

Rachel was somewhat apprehensive as she began to look around. She had never seen such a collection of rubber and latex items and quickly realized this discreet shop was a fetishest’s dream. She had actually bought a matching set of latex panties and bra online six months ago, intrigued by the thought of latex against her skin. But what she was seeing now was on another scale completely. She began to look through a rack with several latex dresses hanging, mostly in black, but with several other colors as well. Out of the corner of her eye, Rachel caught a glimpse of three rows of shelves, with what appeared to be several different styles of latex hoods. Her pulse began to quicken further and she didn’t look in the direction of the hoods so as not to betray her interest. Being a woman, she had an instinctive sense of apprehension and tried to convince herself that this was perfectly normal for her to be browsing through such a boutique.

Xena, meanwhile, was quietly observing Rachel from the front of the shop. She clearly noticed Rachel’s expression of surprise at seeing some of the hoods and bondage gear on the shelves. Xena smiled with knowing satisfaction, as she began to walk over behind Rachel.

“Do you see anything you like?...” purred Xena from behind.

Quite nervously and somewhat startled, Rachel stammered, “uh…oh…..(nervous laugh)….I, umm, yes… well….”

“Is this your first visit to such a fetish specialty boutique?” Xena interrupted

This question had just the effect Xena planned in that it relaxed Rachel just a bit, “Oh, yes, yes it is. I’ve never been in such a…a…. an interesting shop.”

“Thank you, I’ll take that as a compliment” replied Xena confidently, “What is your name, dear?”


“Rachel, what a pretty name”….”Rachel and Jack…” Xena continued. “He’s quite fortunate to have such an attractive girl as you…”

“Thank you” blushed Rachel.

“Would you like to try something on?... while we wait for Jack.”, suggested Xena very innocently.


Rachel felt Xena grasp her arm with her rubber gloved hand and lead her deeper into the shop… “I have a few things back here that I think you might find… interesting.”

Rachel stood and watched as Xena began to quickly go through a rack of black rubber garments….. ”Ah, this might do…” Xena said to herself. She turned and held up a black rubber dress. “I think this is just your size, too.”

Rachel was still quite nervous, but beginning to relax a bit and decided, why not… what harm could this do… Jack would be here shortly anyway.

“Well… ok….sure”

“Great, we have a dressing room right over there” As Xena pointed to the fitting room. “It’s been a long day, Rachel, and I was about to pour myself a glass of wine, when you knocked. Would you like one as well?”

“uh…. well…. sure, why not?” replied Rachel nervously.

“Wonderful, dear, I’ll pour us two glasses, while you slip into that dress.”

Rachel closed the door to the fitting room and began to wonder what she was getting herself into. The thought flashed through her mind that perhaps she should just bolt for the door and get out of this strange “boutique”. She took a deep breath and convinced herself to stop being so nervous. This woman, Xena, there was definitely something about her, but she was perfectly nice. Rachel convinced herself to relax and enjoy a new experience. She did seem to like the idea of latex clothing and her desire to experience this fetish won out in her conscience. And in any case, Jack would be here any minute.

Meanwhile, Xena, began to pour two glasses of Bordeaux, as she glanced at the computer screen, watching as Rachel pulled her sweater over her head in the fitting room outfitted with a hidden camera. She smiled…. as she dropped a capsule of extasy into one of the glasses.

Rachel unclasped her bra releasing her rather large breasts and began to push her jeans and panties off together. She stood there and examined the dress. It had a lot of buckles, which she finally realized clasped in the back, which was then semi-open. She pushed her arms into the sleeves and pulled the dress to her front. She gasped just slightly as she realized that the front of the dress had two openings positioned over her breasts…. She laughed nervously, Jack would love this dress… After a hesitation, she manipulated and tugged at her breasts and pulled them through the openings, which were just smaller than her breasts, causing them to be pinched a bit a the base. She looked at herself in the mirror and could feel her nipples swell. She still couldn’t do the buckles in the back very well…. Rachel cracked open the door and peaked her head out….”I, um…”

Xena was standing there, “Do you need some help with the buckles?”

“Oh….um…. well yes, I guess so”

Xena opened the door to the fitting room and grasped Rachels arm, which she had folded over her breasts… coercing her out into the store. “Don’t be nervous, It’s just the two of us,” Xena reassured her.

“Let me buckle you in…” The thought of this phrase sent a touch of nervousness through Rachel.

She realized the dress was fairly tight, as Xena pulled the first the buckle at Rachel’s upper back together and secured it. She then quickly grasped the buckle at the top, As she pulled this up and tight, Rachel realized this gave the dress a high rubber collar. She felt the tightness at her neck as Xena pulled the buckles together. She gave it an extra tug and secured the high rubber collared dress buckle into the last hole. She then moved quickly to the buckle at Rachel’s waist and pulled it tight and secured it, forming her into an hourglass shape. Next were two buckles over her ass. She could feel herself being held in this dress much more securely than she anticipated. Without hesitation, Xena began to secure the buckles going down Rachels shapely legs. These all pulled much tighter than she could imagine. The final buckle was just above Rachel’s ankles and as soon as it was secured, she realized she could hardly make a step…

Xena stepped back as if to admire here work….”This style is called a ‘hobble dress’” she said with a smile and Rachel immediately knew why… “And I must say that you look wonderful in it…. Let’s see the front”

Rachel didn’t know what else to do but turn around. She tried not to betray her apprehension as she let her arms fall, exposing her breasts protruding through the black rubber dress.

“Rachel, dear, you look just lovely.” Xena purred…. Rachel blushed.

“Here, you look like you could use a drink of wine…” Xena grabbed the glasses behind her and handed one to Rachel.

“Oh yes, yes thank you” Rachel took more than a large sip of the 2007 Bordeaux. The taste of the wine relaxed her and she took another drink. Xena smiled knowing the effect that the narcotic would have on her, shortly …

“I think we need a few accessories. Wait here while I have a look.” Said Xena.

Rachel took another drink of the delicious wine and watched as Xena moved through the shop… She quickly returned with an armful of black rubber items and a pair of shoes in her other hand…

Xena held the shoes before Rachel, “Why don’t I help you slip into these” Rachel looked at the black leather ankle boots. They had heels higher than anything Rachel had ever worn, at least 5 inches. Xena dropped the pile of latex on the counter and bent down before Rachel. Before she could react Rachel felt her right foot being pushed into the shoe. Xena quickly zipped it up on the side. The top of the shoe had a sort of cuff to it, which Xena secured with a ring. She then discreetly put the small brass lock through the ring and closed it, locking the shoe onto her victim’s foot.

Rachel heard the lock close securing the shoe and stretched her latex enclosed neck to try to see what Xena was doing… Unable to see and before she could react, Xena had her left foot quickly secured into the other shoe and snapped that lock into place…

Rachel suddenly was feeling very vulnerable. She realized she was bound into this dress and unable to reach the buckles in the back. She could sense that Xena had locked the shoes onto her feet. Even if she tried to make a run for it, she wouldn’t make it 3 feet in this impossible hobble dress. And of course with her breasts exposed she could hardly go out on the street looking like this. Her mind began to race and she could sense a bit of panic rising in her. She fought within her mind to stay calm, to try to reassure herself that this was completely innocent and she was worrying unnecessarily. Where the hell was Jack, she thought.

Xena of course sensed everything that was going through Rachel’s thoughts. This wasn’t the first time she had captured some unsuspecting new toy. “Why don’t you have another sip of wine. You look a bit nervous, dear. I don’t think you are used to such pumps, no?”

“Oh… yes, that’s right. “ Rachel took another drink of wine as instructed. “I’m not used to such shoes.” She looked down and laughed nervously.

“Not to worry dear, I’m sure Jack will love this outfit on you.” Xena reasurred her. “Let’s finish with the accessories, shall we…?” Rachel could sense that that really wasn’t a question but that Xena was used to getting her way.

Xena picked up two items from the pile of latex. “I think you need a pair of gloves…” Rachel was beginning to feel ever so lightheaded as the extasy coursing through her system was beginning to take effect. She subconsciously was losing her inhibitions, just as Xena had planned….

“Right Hand.” Xena commanded. Rachel could detect the slight change in her tone to more of a command. In that instant of hesitation Rachel lifted her hand slightly and felt Xena grasp it. Rachel was very nervous now. She could feel the slightest sense of fear. Before she could react Xena forced her hand into the rubber bondage mitt and quickly pulled it and buckled it tightly above Rachel’s wrist. Rachel stared at her hand in shock and amazement, suddenly realizing that this “glove” had no fingers or thumbs. Before she could react, Xena had grasped her left hand and forced it into the other mitt and secured it in place.

Rachel’s heart raced as she held her hands up and realized she was now unable to take these mitts off her hands. She took a hobbled step backwards and nearly fell. She realized she was completely vulnerable. The feeling brought on by the extasy began to grow, and she was suddenly conscious of the fact that perhaps she had been drugged…

Xena was moving quite purposefully now as she grabbed the rubber armbinder under her arm and held a 3 foot piece of black rubber tubing. “Jack mentioned that he thought you might like to try a bit of bondage”, Xena lied with a laugh…. As she quickly moved over to Rachel in her hobble dress and grabbed her right arm twisting it behind Rackel…. Rachel was panicked now and began to resist. Everything was spinning quickly out of her control and she realized Xena was much stronger than she was. She felt the rubber tubing looped around her right wrist as Xena had prepared it with a loop. In a moment Xena cinched the rubber tubing tight securing it to Rachel’s right wrist. Holding the tubing she reached around Rachel and grabbed her left wrist yanking it behind her… “Noooo, noo…. Please ...” Rachel struggled.

It was too late…

Xena felt the juices flow to her swollen pussy. She lived for the erotic charge she got at that moment of no return, when her next victim was under her total control. She began to fantasize about the things she would do to this gorgeous young unsuspecting brunette, as she tied her wrists together with the rubber tubing. She looped the tubing then between her wrists, around and around, knotting it and creating a perfect bond.

Rachel was now helpless. Xena moved in front of her new toy, and held up the next latex item. “This is what’s called an armbinder my pet” she said with a smile.

“No, please, no. Please, I think I should be going….” Stammered Rachel.

“I’m sorry dear, but you are supposed to wait for Jack...” replied Xena, as she moved again behind Rachel. Rachel thought to herself, where is he? It gave her a moment of relief, hoping he would come through the front door soon to rescue her from this insane woman. Little did she realize, Jack was in the next room, enclosed in rubber himself. Xena, meanwhile, slowly pulled the armbinder into place over Rachel’s arms. She crossed the rubber straps across her chest between her breasts and back to the buckles at the top of the armbinder and secured them. She then began to lace the armbinder up tightly further restricting her arms until they were locked securely together, quite uncomfortably.

Rachel watched helplessly as Xena grabbed another latex item and held it up for Rachel to see. “I’m guessing you’ve never worn a latex hood before….” Rachel shook her head no…. as a tear began to stream down her cheek…. “Pleeeasse, please don’t put that thing on me…..” Rachel pleaded…

Xena smiled. She loved it when they begged. “But dear you’ll look so beautiful in the this hood….” Rachel felt her long gorgeous brunette hair being gathered together from behind and pulled through a rubber band into a long pony tail. “There” whispered Xena into Rachel’s ear. “Time to enclose your face…”

From behind Rachel felt Xena’s hand on the back of her head. A rubber inflatable gag inside the hood was forced between her lips into her mouth and the hood was pulled over her head. Xena manipulated it in front so that the two breathing holes were over Rachel’s nostrils. The hood had small holes over Rachel’s eyes, so she could still see. She pulled it down in back, pulled her hair down by the ponytail and began to zip the hood shut. Rachel could feel the tightness of the hood and began to breathe rapidly through her nose.

Xena moved quite deliberately now and grabbed a collar from the counter and held it up to Rachel’s neck. She pulled it tight together and slipped another lock through the clasp in the back, locking the collar in place and ensuring that no one could remove the hood or dress from Rachel.

Xena grabbed a black bulb attached to a tube and screwed it to the valve at the front of the hood….. “nnnnoooo,” muffled Rachel through the rubber…. As Xena began to pump the gag full filling Rachel’s mouth… Rachel’s no, quickly changed to “mmmppphhh”

“There my little rubber slut” purred Xena again, starting to fondle and rub Rachel’s breasts and nipples. Rachel could feel herself getting aroused at having her sensitive nipples handled this way. The effect of the extasy was causing her to enjoy the sensations she was feeling despite herself. Her mind was telling her to resist, but her throbbing clit was betraying her desire. “Let’s see how these taste” said Xena to herself as she grabbed Rachel’s ponytail, pulling her head back as she bent down to lick and suck on Rachel’s engorged nipples… With her free hand she began to stroke her clit through the latex dress and Rachel responded with a soft moaning through her gag and hood….

Rachel was feeling herself building towards an orgasm when Xena abruptly stopped and attached a leash to the front of Rachel’s collar…. She pulled and began to lead her new rubber sextoy towards the heavy oak door at the back of her boutique. Rachel hobbled along behind her shuffling her feet in her fetish boots as quickly as she could to keep up…..

“Let’s go see Jack now… you slut. He’s waiting in my rubber dungeon. I think he should be ready for the next dose of his aroma, and it’s time to begin your training….” Xena laughed loudly as Rachel’s eyes widened at the sudden realization that both she and Jack were caught, and no one was coming to the rescue…

to be continued...


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