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Xena’s Boutique

by S Farr

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© Copyright 2011 - S Farr - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; drug; latex; straitjacket; bond; gag; hood; dungeon; captive; cons/nc; X

Jack Sherwood, III had spent the majority of his adolescence in Boarding School. The only choice after Phillips Exeter was whether he would follow in his Father’s footsteps at Harvard or his mother’s legacy at Dartmouth. Ultimately, Harvard won out and he enjoyed all the privileges that old money and connections can provide, including membership in the exclusive Fox Club. Now, academic life was but a distant memory. Toiling in lower Manhatten for a 2nd year at a trading desk for Goldman was a daily 12 hour grind. He hardly had time for his girlfriend, Rachel, other than the weekends, and realized with apprehension that this relationship was being neglected. He had recently bought a flat in Soho, so as not to have too far to work. He was thinking that the upper east side would be more suitable, but it would add 20 minutes to his commute each day.

The one advantage to the condo in Soho was the boutique he passed each day on his way to the subway. Jack had never been exposed to a kinky side of sexuality in his somewhat sheltered upbringing. Then several months ago, on his way through the concrete valley on 31st St., his eye caught a glimpse of a latex catsuit on the mannequin in the window. The shop was small and discreet. The window display was fairly sparse and blocked any view of what secrets may wait inside. Other than the mannequin, there were several unusual items which appeared to be intended for restraint. Jack had never really been exposed to such things and they intrigued him instantly. The small sign above the door said simply, "Xena’s Boutique". Several weeks had passed since he had discovered this shop and Jack walked by every morning and evening. It even got to the point where the thought of this shop would enter into his thoughts in the afternoon at work and he would begin to look forward to his stroll from the subway, so he could linger in front of the display… He came close several times, but couldn’t muster the courage to enter. Perhaps it was his conservative New England roots that made such things seem taboo. He had never actually seen anyone enter or leave the shop and Jack wasn’t even sure when it was open.

Jack had first started dating Rachel in college. She was a gorgeous brunette with long dark brown hair. Athletic and vibrant, she had been captain of the women’s lacrosse team her senior year at Simmons College. They had met at a social at the Fox Club, and Jack had quickly fallen for her. She had followed Jack to NYC and she lived in a studio in midtown.

One Thursday evening at happy hour when the two of them each had had more than a couple of drinks, Jack finally mentioned the fetish shop, Xena’s, that was so intriguing to him. He was relieved and rather surprised by Rachel’s reaction, that rather than be appalled, she was actually quite interested and curious. She even suggested that they should go there together. Jack couldn’t believe how uninhibited she actually was and he began to imagine the exciting new possibilities that this revelation could pose for their sex life. Seizing on the moment, Jack suggested that they meet there after work tomorrow, Friday, and do some shopping together… Rachel was as excited by the prospect, as Jack. She had always been reluctant to let on that she had a submissive side to her personality and had many fantasies that she kept to the kinky dark corners of her mind.

Jack looked at his watch, 5:40pm. Rachel was 10 minutes late. This wasn’t too unusual, given her job at the Times, and the demanding boss that she had to work for. He figured she would text him at any minute that she was on her way. Unable to wait any longer, Jack decided he would have a look around and Rachel would just have to meet him in the Shop when she got there. Heck, he chuckled, perhaps he would have some handcuffs all picked out for Rachel, by the time she showed up.

Xena had discreetly been watching the handsome young man for the past several minutes as he paced in front of her boutique, frequently looking at his watch. Unbeknownst to Jack, she recognized him as the nervous preppy that would linger daily looking at the display in the window. Xena’s pulse began to quicken, as she started to think of the things she would like to do to him. She knew the type, sheltered upbringing, now that he was on his own in the city, he was attracted to the kink in her window like a moth to the flame. She figured him for just another inhibited kinkster that was working his ass off on Wall Street. She laughed at the thought this vision presented.

Jack walked up the steps to the door and with a false façade of confidence turned the handle and entered the forbidden Boutique. It took him a few moments for his eyes to adjust to the dimness of his surroundings. When he finally focused, he found himself under the gaze of a dark fantasy come to life. Standing several paces away, Xena was supremely confident and relaxed. She was dressed in a tight fitting black skirt, cut just below the knee. Her legs were encased in boots that disappeared somewhere under her hemline. She had on a cream colored short sleeve blouse that had a high collar around her neck. Her arms were not exposed, as she was wearing full length black, opera like, gloves. Topping off her presentation, her waist was pulled, hourglass tight, into a black corset. The most interesting part of this whole ensemble was the unusual fabric that her outfit was made of. Even in the low light of the shop, it shimmered. Jack had never seen anyone dressed this way, and slowly realized she was attired head to toe in shiny LATEX!!!

"Hello, I am Ms. Xena," she extended a rubber encased hand, "welcome to my boutique."

Jack could hardly speak as she firmly clasped his hand. "I…uh….I’m… Jack," he stammered weakly. Jack couldn’t help but look at her beautiful features. Her makeup was perfect with her red lips were silhouetted by her doll-like face. He figured she must be in her late 30’s, but could certainly pass for younger. She had black hair, which she wore up in a very classy way, that disguised the length of her soft luxurious tresses.

"Is there anything in particular you are looking for? I don’t recall seeing you in my shop before…," Xena asked with the slightest hint of a wry smile.

"Uhhm, no, I, ah… well I just have passed your shop a few times and I thought I might stop in." Jack replied, trying not to betray his nervousness.

"I see," said Xena, with a knowing expression, "Why don’t you have a look around, perhaps you’ll find something of interest...."

"Thank You," he replied politely and began to wander deeper into the shop. He was so fascinated by the unusual array of kinky items that he was unaware that Xena sauntered silently to the door and hung a small sign on the display, "Closed". She silently inserted a key into the deadbolt and turned it, locking the heavy, windowless door...

Xena, turned to watch her next victim, wander naively, deeper into her lair. He was certainly enthralled by the unrivaled display of latex attire and rubber bondage gear that she had displayed in the first two rooms of her boutique. She discreetly reached under the counter and grasped the small vial of aroma and held it concealed in her rubber hand. She watched patiently as Jack reached out and nervously touched the rubber straitjacket that was hanging on the rack in front of him. Xena smiled, she was surprised how quickly he gave into the temptation to touch the latex. They all wanted to, some took longer than others, but they were all excited to touch the latex fabric for the first time. Another rubber virgin, she chuckled silently to herself… Finally she approached silently from behind.

"Do you like that Jacket?"

Her voice startled Jack as he didn’t realize she was right behind him and he was totally lost in the fantasy of what he was seeing…. "Uhh", he stammered.

"Would you like to try it on, it looks to be about your size" Xena suggested.

Jack noticed that she spoke confidently and carried herself with an air of authority. "I, ah, I don’t think so…" Jack finally replied nervously.

"You seem a bit nervous." Said Xena with an innocent smile, touching Jack slightly on the shoulder, "Is it your first time in a latex boutique?"

"Oh, yes….yes it is" replied Jack only slightly more relaxed, but feeling a bit of relief.

"I see… there is always a first time to experience the excitement of Latex, I love the feel of it… I can see you are clearly intrigued."

"Yes. I guess am," agreed Jack quickly, staring again at Xena’s outfit.

"I have another product, I would like to suggest." Said Xena, innocently. "It’s a mild aroma that I have discovered. It’s a wonderful & natural product, that can help you relax a bit… would you like to try a sample…. I’m sure it would help you relax a bit. It’s very mild."

"I um, well….OK," agreed Jack, taken a bit by surprise and not sure what to say.

"Great!" answered Xena quickly, "now put your arms at your sides... close your eyes… and just think of the latex jacket you were touching…." Jack did as instructed, feeling a slight sense of arousal, yet apprehension at the direction this conversation had quickly taken. Before he could do anything, he felt Xena’s rubber finger press his left nostril closed. "Inhale," she commanded, holding the vial of aroma just under his nose, "Again" He breathed in again. He then felt her finger apply pressure to his right nostril, pinching it off, "Inhale," she again commanded. Jack felt his mind already beginning to spin as he breathed her narcotic deeply in for the 3rd time. "AGAIN" was all he could hear as he felt himself falling deeper and deeper into the effects of this drug. He inhaled deeply again…

Xena, smiled with satisfaction and screwed the top onto the vial of the powerful, and highly addictive narcotic. She knew that he would already begin to crave her secret substance, becoming hooked on its effects. And to think this was the mildest formulation. She knew that she would introduce Jack to more concentrated versions in due time…

"Now, why don’t you try that latex jacket on after all," suggested Xena again.

"I um, I… ok, yes" was all that Jack could manage in his confused state.

"Good, I think you should enjoy the effect of the rubber directly on your skin." Said Xena as she began to remove Jack’s clothes.

Groggily, Jack was unable to resist. His mind was sending him confusing signals. He began to feel very aroused and his cock was rock hard and throbbing. Yet he somehow knew that he should perhaps try to leave the shop as things were going too far. He had a slight feeling of fear, but he was unable to resist the suggestions of Xena…

Xena smiled, knowing what was going through the mind of her next pet. She took the latex straitjacket off the rack and held it up in front of Jack. "Now, Jack, be a good boy and put your arms in the jacket and we’ll see how it looks on you…," she said smiling.

He slowly began to reach his arms up into the sleeves of the curious garment, "Are you sure this is ok?" He asked naively, slowly sliding his arms into the jacket that he would be wearing for much longer than he had any idea of.

If he only knew what I have in store for him… thought Xena, with satisfaction. I love it when they are so naïve. Jack felt his arms completely in the sleeves and Xena moved quickly behind him to buckle him in. She loved this moment. The moment of no return, when she realized a new latex slave was unable to escape her clutches. She quickly fastened the buckles starting at the bottom and working up. The last one required her to pull the top collar of the straitjacket up on his neck under Jack’s chin. She buckled that one too, pulling it quite tightly around his neck. 'Oh the fun we are going to have introducing you to the pleasures of breath control' she thought with delight….

"There, all buckled up" she smiled as she moved in front of Jack.

He could feel his senses starting to return to normal and nervously lifted his arms. "I didn’t, uhmmm… realize these, uh, sleeves are….closed…"

Xena laughed out loud as she expertly pulled the long rubber straps around Jacks torso. She quickly fastened the buckles at his wrists tightly, locking his hands deep into the sleeves of his straitjacket and pulled the straps around him buckling his arms in place. "There, now for the crotch straps…." Jack tried to move his arms to no avail as he felt the straps at the bottom of the jacket pulled on each side of his exposed cock and balls and fastened tightly under his ass and up to the back of the straitjacket.

The effects of the narcotic were now nearly completely worn off. "Ok, Ok.. um that’s nice." Jack tried to sound calm, but was very apprehensive about his predicament. "I think I should probably take this off now…. Could you, uhmm... please, undo me now?"

"Hahaha." Laughed Xena deeply…"Un-do you?", she laughed again, "Jack, you look just great in rubber… and we’ve only just begun." Xena stood just in front of Jack, uncomfortably close, and gently caressed his face with her rubber gloves… "Jack, you are going to learn to love the feeling of latex….whether you like it or not."

"No." now Jack began to struggle, frantically pulling at his wrists which were hopelessly enclosed in the rubber sleeves of his straightjacket. He watched as Xena turned and slowly and deliberately walked over to the display case behind her and took out what appeared to be some kind of latex gag, and removed a full latex hood from the mannequin. "No… no… please don’t, I um I…." Jack frantically stammered.

Xena calmly opened the vial of aroma in front of her new rubber slave…. "Jack would you like to try on my newest rubber gag and hood?" She smiled, "I think you will look great in it…" She pinched off one of Jack’s nostrils again. "Inhale" she commanded. Jack was unable to avoid the vial held directly under his nose. "Again"…. "Again"….."Deeper"….. "There, that’s a good pet."

Jack felt himself in the confusing state of sexual arousal and dizziness. His mind was spinning into Xena’s web. "Open Wide" He felt the rubber gag pushed into his mouth and secured behind his head. Quickly the rubber gag began to expand as Xena pumped it filling Jacks mouth with the inflatable gag. "MMmmmppfff" was all Jack could now muster.

In his confused state, he was alert enough to realize that Xena was covering his head with a tight rubber hood. It had only one small hole that allowed his nose to extend through. He was in total darkness and could feel the rubber tightness of it’s enclosure as Xena began to zip it closed in the back. He continued to struggle slightly, out of instinct perhaps, knowing he was helplessly under this strange woman’s complete control. His raging cock betrayed his arousal.

"Jack, if you could only see how lovely you look in your rubber hood, my slut. I have a surprise for you…."

Jack could only shake his head no…"mmmppffff"

He felt Xena place something over his nose and tighten it in place buckling it securely behind his rubber enclosed head. "This is a breathing mask jack…. Now I will be able to control, when and even what you breathe!!!" Xena laughed deeply, opening the vial and placing the hose hanging off Jack’s face over the bottle….. "There, you’re probably starting to crave my aroma, aren’t you my slave….?" Jack could feel his head nodding yes as the narcotic was sucked deep into his lungs as he sucked for air….. "There, that’s a good pet."

Xena buckled a wide collar onto Jack and locked it in place with a small lock. She attached a leash to the front ring and began to lead her new rubber toy deeper into her lair. She opened the heavy oak door deep inside her mysterious boutique and led her new captive in. As she was fastening his collar to a chain overhead, she heard a loud knocking on the front door… the bell began to ring as well. Someone wanted to get in, quite impatiently. Locked inside his latex enclosure, Jack, began to feel the effects of the narcotic wearing off again. He also heard quite faintly, the knocking on the front door of the boutique. Oh my God, he realized… RACHEL!!!

"Now who could that be, Jack?... And I was going to begin some fun & games with you..." Xena finished attaching the overhead chain to her latex slut’s collar. "Don’t go away, I’ll be back shortly", she laughed. Closing the oak door to her rubber dungeon, Xena quickly walked to the front of her boutique. She couldn’t believe her luck as she peered out at the gorgeous young brunette standing in front of her shop, knocking again on the door. Xena straightened up her rubber skirt and inserted the key into the lock and opened the door….

"Yes?", Asked Xena, innocently.

"I’m so sorry, Ma’am", said Rachel quickly, "but I was supposed to meet my boyfriend, Jack, here, 45 minutes ago. Have you seen him?"

Xena smiled, "Yes, in fact, I have. He just ran out, but said he would be back shortly. He mentioned that he was expecting you and that I should tell you to wait for him here. My name is Xena, by the way, won’t you please come in?"

"Oh, thank you", smiled Rachel as she entered the store. Xena smiled again wryly and extended her rubber hand. "Why don’t you have a look around…" Rachel could hardly believe what she was seeing as walked deeper into the store…

"I’m sure we’ll see Jack shortly." Xena mentioned innocently, as she discreetly bolted the door again…


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