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The Wrong Room: Project Worm

by M88

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© Copyright 2017 - M88 - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; captive; drug; strip; prepare; latex; gimpsuit; bond; susp; harness; hood; toys; insert; torment; breathplay; encased; display; punish; cons/nc; XX

story continues from Wrong Room

The last thing Jess remembers was getting attacked by horrible CS gas and a powerful stun gun. She had then been overpowered and forced into bondage by a madman. She was still awake as he put her on the cold and dirty floor of a van and then her mind went blank. Why had she not helped save the girl first time round it would have meant she had never gone back. She would have never been trapped herself and the police would have arrested the freak that had her now. Regret was running through her veins as was anger for her mistake to not just give up and have it easy. Why did she fight him in the end, what did she think would happen. What dream world or fantasy was she living in to think she could escape. It was always going to end like this.

Jess was pumped full of drugs and was slipping in and out of concussion. Her mind was reliving the nightmare of getting caught over and over again. She was in between life and death as her mind struggled to free itself from the drugs feeding her dreams and keeping her asleep. He had long finished her bondage setup and was finding new things to add to it. He then given her double the amount of drugs for the length of time she needed to be out cold. He wanted the bondage to be as horrible and cruel as it could be. And he kept thinking of new and improved ways of causing extreme pain and suffering.

Jess’s mind had become disordered and her thoughts had no meaning or pattern. Then just out of nowhere the drugs loosened their grip on her. She opened her eyes for the first time in four days. She had a thumping headache and her throat was bone dry. Her whole body was feeling sore and broken. Her jaw was screaming in pain and her eyes blinded by the bright lights. Something was wrong, very wrong. She could not move at all. She could not hear or breath though her mouth. Her skin was being squeezed from all sides. Her pussy was seemingly being ripped apart and her ass stretched to breaking point. Her tits tingled and throbbed what some reason. Her lungs struggled for air and her nose hated the smell of the oxygen she got. 

Her eyes finally got use to the light, only to find a solid brick wall looking back at her. Her neck was sending her all types of pain as the fog cleared from her mind. Her eyes rapidly moved from side to side in the hopes to see something. She then looked down and found a handwritten note. Her eyes opened wide as she read the short but terrorising her soul. She wanted to still be asleep, but she could not stop herself from reading over and over again. The note was simple and the words would be burnt into her brain for the rest of her life. 

How much pain can you take before you break free? Because the bondage straps and cuffs can take all you have!! Get ready for a life time in hell. 

Jess was trying with everything bit of muscle to move something somewhere. The fear was boiling over as a cold sweat covered her body. She knew she was in serious bondage and she had a strong feeling a lot of latex. She also worked out a couple of her senses had been taken from her. She could hear nothing and speaking was out of the question. She was yelling at the top of her voice and no sound reached her ears. That may have been because she was so deaf, but seeing as would her lips, jaw and tongue didn’t change position. She was very well gagged. 

The view she had was odd. She was near the floor as she was able to read the note even with the small writing. Plus the brick work gave her another clue and the number of bricks from the centre of her eye line to the floor was only around 6. She had finally spotted her head had been placed inside a clear glass and plastic bowl. It was a space helmet or a fish bowl. But the glass/plastic was almost invisible to her eyes. She had no idea how horrendous the device was for torturing her. 

Apart from telling her she was close to the floor and wearing a space helmet. Her eyes gave her no information about the rest of her body and whatever bondage she was in. She had no idea how big and room was, if anyone was with her. She knew next to nothing and what she did know did not help her at all. She once again tried to move and found her whole body perfectly still.

Watching through a viewing window in the heavy metal door to bedroom sized room was her new master. He did not want to enter the room until he heard her screaming. He was just seeing how his bondage equipment controlled her. The answer was very well as he saw her trying to struggle and nothing moved. In fact the lack of movement had him fearful she had passed out or passed away. He left the viewing window in the door and headed upstairs. 

Jess had been locked in the basement and the stairs lead from the door of her cell to the living room of the house above. Part of the floor in his living room had been changed to a glass floor so he could see everything from a birds eye view. The location of the glass floor was between his seat and the TV. He never got any visitors to his house, but still felt the need to cover the glass floor with a white carpet. He didn’t want anyone finding his little secret. He had moved the carpet out the way and was now towering over his victim. 

From this great view point, he could see all the bondage equipment keeping her under control. Plus he could see the latex suits through the gaps in the straps, not that there was many gaps. The crimson red full body gimp suit was smooth and shiny with perfect thick latex. Jess’s body had been placed in a special harness/suit. Made from stainless steel and fitting her body like a glove the harness was one amazing bit of bondage. 

The device covered the front of her body, apart from her breasts and pussy in the stainless steel. The steel completely covered her hands and feet. Leather straps with an inflated rubber skin criss-crossed her body. The straps were thick and pulled so tight they almost cut off her blood flow. The space helmet was joined to the stainless steel device and at the meeting point, you will find a steel collar. Jess had her legs folded toward (but not against) her sides. Her legs had been opened as well and heavy metal bars linked her limbs to the harness device. 

Under the latex was a huge rubber butt plug that had opened her asshole up. Her pussy lips had been clamped and four lines of string had been tied to them one. The strings went around her body and had been tied to the butt plug. This was thanks to a d-ring built into the base of the plug. The strings pulled Jess’s pussy wide open and her clit had a small suction cup on it. Which could be seen through the latex. Her pussy also had a rubber dildo pushed deep inside it’s wet walls. 

That was why her ass and pussy felt so wrong and odd. But he had some added toys for her helmet. The collar was forcing her head and neck backwards. So she had to look up and could only look forward. Because of her head position, all the tubes entered the helmet from behind her head and looped round to which ever area they needed to. Two plastic tubes ran down the sides of the helmet to under her chin. The tubes had been connected to a funnel in the armrest of his chair upstairs. Another plastic tube went into her heavy gagged mouth. This was for food and drink. She had two plastic tubes on each side of her face in line with her nose. They delivered oxygen to her. Two smaller plastic tubes dropped over her face and stopped just above her eyes. They were punishment tubes and could pour liquid into her eye balls. The last two tubes had been joined to the helmet and they had been put there to add added air to the helmet. The tubes come from a barrel which could be filled with anything he wanted her to smell. 

He knew she would be unable to move as he turned on another one of his punishments. Each leather strap around her body had a layer of rubber that could be inflated even more at the press of a button. This could be done to areas or the whole body. Plus inside the latex gimp suit was couple of clever ideas. One was the lube used to get her inside in was mixed with horse hair and itching cream. With hot chilli sauce over her pussy and ass. That was mixed in with a cream that conducted an electrical current. He could shock her whole body through wires linked to her hands and feet. The cream could only deliver a low level shock. But it would still be horrible.

Jess had started to find her skin was itching like hell as time moved on. He watched as she tried to do something about the irritation and only managed to connect her holes with the chilli sauce. He could swear he heard her screaming through the gag, helmet and floor. Oh well let’s see how the infallible straps do. After passing a couple of buttons, he could see the strap become bigger. A sensor built into the helmet was able to tell him how much oxygen and carbon dioxide was around. It was for her only well-being.

He could see the levels of oxygen dropping as he played with her. How low could he go before she passed out. Only one way to find out. Jess knew the coming days and weeks would be hell. Tears had started rolling down her checks and she just hoped someone would come and save her.


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