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The Wrong Room

by M88

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© Copyright 2016 - M88 - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-F; burglary; discovery; M/f; latex; prisoner; bond; chair; hood; harness; isolation; sendep; punish; caught; trapped; gas; stun; captive; cons/nc; XX

Jess was waiting in the darkness for the owner of the house to leave. She was wearing all black and was standing behind a wall of trees and brushes. Jess had everything she needed to break into the home. She knew the owner was going out tonight and would be gone for a number of hours. It that time, she could break in and take whatever she could. Unless it was nailed down, it would be going with her. Jess was a good thief and had already robbed a couple of homes in the area. The lights started going out one by one as the owner got ready to leave. He left through the front door and locked it behind him. He double checked it and walked off into the night. Jess watched him walk away from his house and left his home isolated. It was a easy target as she waited a few more minutes in case he come back. Once Jess was happy it was all clear. She headed for the back door. Jess quickly picked the lock and disabled the alarm. She was in. Jess soon find a roll of money and a gold watch it was a good start. She was looking for small items first as she walked around the house. A macbook pro laptop and a go pro camera soon find themselves in her swag bag. The house was huge and looking in each and every room was taking time. She found some silver rings in a bedroom and was starting to think about how long she had left. 

She finally made it right to the back of the house on the third floor. She was meet at the end of corridor by a locked door. Now Jess already had enough stuff and she would be making a large profit for just this one job. But what the hell could be behind a locked room in this house. Jess used her lock picking set to force it open and found a spiral staircase. A light switch was next to the door on the wall and Jess flicked it on. Before the light, it just looked like a pit. But now Jess could see all the way to the bottom. The stainless steel looked well kept as her footsteps echoed down the spiral. She was walking back down all three levels of the house and then a fourth. She was in a basement. A door was right in front of her as she stepped off the staircase. It was made from stainless steel and looked as hard as nails. It had a double lock and would be a nightmare to open even for Jess. Jess spent 20 minutes working on both locks. Unlit she got the door to spring open and Jess had to push it.

The lights turned on the second the door open as Jess forced the door all the way open. Jess folded her lock picking set into her pocket as she entered the very well light room. What she saw would scar her for the rest of her life. The room was made from stainless walls with overhead lights. The room was large with a high ceiling and the door was the only way in or out of the room. In the centre of the room was a torture device like nothing Jess had seen in all her time of looking online. Jess looked at a endless list of fetish and bondage sites and had been for years. In front of her was perfect rubber bondage and complete isolation device. 

A row of computers and screens controlled and showed everything to do with the person. Jess was finding it hard to take her eyes away from the subject and the device. Jess could tell the person in the device was a women as her boobs and curves could be seen through the very thick rubber body suit. It looked like she was wearing two suits as Jess looked closer. A deep black rubber one and a reinforced transpearnt rubber catsuit. The two suits blurred into one super tight and shiny rubber outfit. They looked as if they had been glued together. The restraints used to keep her in the heavy bondage chair, were extreme. The chair was made from stainless steel and had been bolted to the floor of the room. The legs of the chair were as thick as tree trucks. The girls legs fell into a track inside the legs of the chair.  Huge metal cuffs crushed the girls legs at her ankles, below her knee and her shin.

The base of the chair also had a track built into it. Her upper legs and backside fitted  into the chair perfectly and once again massive cuffs lock her in place. Above her knees, groin and in the middle of her femur bone. She was unable to move her legs and Jess could see a harness like device over her pussy and ass. A number of tubes and wires hang under the chair. Jess worked out the tubes were for waste management and the metal device covering her holes was a chastity belt. It was also a bondage cuff as the device was built into the chair. The device also kept the tubes and wire in place. The wires had been taped to the side of the legs and the tubes just headed straight down into the ground. The clear plastic tubes had become very dirty over time. 

The harness continued up her body and was bolted to the sides of the chair. The harness was as tight as it could be and ran the length of her body. The metal harness even wrapped itself over the girls shoulders. It would be almost impossible to breath under the the metal harness. The harness was bound to the chair at 13 points. Shoulders, chastity belt, and 5 locked points on each side of her body. The bondage harness was built into the chair and then kept moment to a limit. To add another layer of bondage, 5 leather straps had been wrapped over the harness. Her arms had been put in tracks as well with four metal cuffs keeping them in place. Her hands had been wrapped in thick rubber mittens.

Jess had no idea what was covering the girls head. It was a stainless steel hood with a metal gas mask on top of it. Leather straps pressed the hood against the head rest of the chair. The straps went over the neck, mouth and forehead of the person. The perfect metal hood was skin tight against the persons face and head. Jess could see that the hood was split in half and had been padlocked together. The front split was her face and the back was the rest of her head, just behind her ears. 10 padlocks kept the the two parts of the hood shut. The gap between the two parts was only a hair apart. The gas mask had been screwed onto the front of the hood.

Two tubes coming from the ceiling enter the front of the gas mask. A clear plastic bag was on the left side of the gas mask. A number of wires entered the gas mask from the right. Jess looked into the lens’s of the gas mask and saw the metal hood had slits for the girls eyes. Jess stepped back from the girl and walked over to the computers. It looked like the girl inside the device was asleep at the moment. The computer came to life a second after Jess turned it on. Jess was meet with five icons  about the project. The prisoner, The device, How long, Why and What next.

The prisoner.

Name: Ashly Green 
Age: 27 
Height: 5.7
Weight: 165
Job: Maid 
Adress: 44 Red Hill Road, London 
Status: Broken 
Fetishes: Rubber, Bondage, Gas Mask, Hoods, Latex and Torture. 

The device.

Made from stainless steel and modelled perfectly for Ashly. The chair took 2 years to design and build. The cuffs and harness are unbreakable and can last for a life time. The device could take care of Ashly’s every need. The wires link up to shock pads which cover the girls body. The pads work the girls muscles and keep blood flowing around her body. The tubes going into her hood give her food, drink and air. The bottoms tubes took care of her waste.

How long.

Ashly will be kept in this chair for 4 weeks. Jess then saw the date of that post. Almost 6 months ago. 


Ashly needed to be punished for making endless mistakes as my maid. The punishment should help her be better in the future. I have total control over her and everything she does. She needs to do the same as my maid. She is just a slave and she needs to see it that way.

What Next.

If the punishment works, Ashly will continue being my maid. But will have to remain in rubber bondage as she works. If it does not work. Ashly’s bondage will be taken up to the next level and she will never be freed. The paperwork to make her vanish is done and a story has been put in place so I get away with it. The bondage box is ready and has been tested. It passed with flying colours and is now at my workshop for finishing touches. The location of it’s final resting place has also been worked out. 


Just as Jess read the last part of the of short document. She saw a number of videos at the bottom of the page. They showed Ashly as a maid as she worked in her sexy outfit. The next set of videos was her being dressed in thick latex and bound to the chair. The video showed all the straps and cuffs being locked and tightened. She then watched a video of the chair bring built. Jess then found a video feed of Ashly’s time in the bondage chair. From about 10 different camera angles she watched in fast forward. Jess saw Ashly getting feed, shocked, breathing and going to toilet. Video went on and on and the minutes turned to hours and hours turned to days. Jess saw the weeks pass by and was then shocked to see her enter the video. The video was recoding up to the minute footage and keeping it on the computers in front of her. The video stopped as she started looking through the computer. The video was updated each and every two hours. She had to look into the video files to find that out. 

But now Jess was on camera in someones house in their torture chamber and with their prisoner. She had to delete the video with her in. Just then the helpless victim behind her started to moaning. The trapped girl made almost no noise as Jess knew she had been very well gagged after watching one of the videos. Jess left the computer for a second to have a closer look at the rubber slave. Jess got right up close to the lens of the metal gas mask and looked in. Behind the hood she could see two bright blue eyes looking out.

They looked almost dead to Jess as if all of the girl’s soul had been taken away. Jess did not want to know what being trapped inside that hood or the rubber suit was like. She couldn’t tell the police or anyone else as she was a criminal with a long history and would go to prison for a long time. She just needed to delate the video footage and would just leave the girl. 

She played around with the computer for about 5 minutes. Until she found the hard drive and folders for all the video wanted. She found and deleted them. With that she logged out the computer and left the home. She walked off into the night and did not feel bad for leaving Ashly in the hands of a madman. She had stole some very good stuff. And they would not know she had been in the play room. Jess spend the next 4 weeks laying low and keeping herself to herself.

She had dreams and nightmares of the helpless girl and found the idea of being trapped a real turn on. She could remember the smell of the room and the look of fear in the girls eyes. Maybe she should have another look. 

A couple of months later.

Jess had found out the house would be empty for a couple of days. She was already outside the door to the cell with the lock picking set in hand. She had taking a camera with her this time. She did not have to tell the police, but could leave pictures and a note for them. Or she could use them to blackmail the owner of this torture room. She opened the door and the lights turned on. The room was empty. 

Jess turned to leave and was horrified to see the door closing itself. Everything in the room had gone as Jess looked round for a way out. Taped to the back of the now fully closed door was a note and a set of four handcuffs with chains linking them. Jess read the note. 

Dear stealing cunt. 

You missed one of the cameras. It was in the gas mask and looked outwards. I got to look at the face of the person who robbed me. I have friends in high places and I soon found out your name and address. I sold off the other girl and have a new device just for you. I made sure you knew I was away for some time and just waited for you to fall into the spiders web. Now you can just have to remove your clothes and put the cuffs on and I will take you to your new home. Or you could fight me and when you lose I will make your life even more of a nightmare. Now you have to make up your mind in 5 minutes. 

Jess had to fight for her life and just waited the 5 minutes for the door to open. When it did a large man almost filled the doorway. He was wearing a rubber apron, gas mask, gloves and boots. In one hand was a bottle of CS gas and in the other was a stun gun. Jess tried to run through the door, but only got a huge hit of the gas to her face. She was unable to see in a heart beat and snot was pouring out her nose. She was choking and gagging as he give her a couple of massive shocks with the stun gun. She was shaking on the ground as he folded her hands behind her back and cuffed them. He give her another spray of CS gas and a huge shock to her ass. He then cuffed her ankles and the chains linked all the cuffs together. She could not fight at all as she struggled to breath. He forced her to her feet and gave her three good slaps across the face. Then he put a leather collar tightly around her neck with a lead and walked her to his van at the back of the house. She would be taken to the gates of hell and would regret coming back to the house.


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