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Weekend Rubber Experience 4

by Jester

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© Copyright 2003 - Jester - Used by permission

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Weekend Rubber Experience - Part 4
by Jester
Soul Mates by Aaron Roberts
Weekend Rubber Experience is @1999-2003 by Jester.  Any Unauthorized uses of this story in any shape will be dealt like this: Torture in a rubber suit, sealed in another vacuum suit, smothered in deep thick mud, and encased for an entire weekend.

Weekend Rubber Experience

Saturday Afternoon

Jack, Melissa, and Cris quickly dressed after their shower.  Cris slipped on a smooth black longsleeve PVC sheath playsuit, and pulled her jeans on over its bottom half.  She placed her twill sweater over the top.  It hid her PVC well.  Melissa had her hair in a ponytail, and she wore a clear rubber catsuit, and placed some exercise tights over her legs.  She pulled on a gray sweatshirt and some rubber deck shoes.  She looked like someone who was going out for a jog.  Jack had on his original sweater and jeans. 

They left the apartment, and wound up a few blocks away, near the docks.  Jack had never been near the warehouses that spotted the industrial area.  He was shocked to see that the area was so in disarray.

“Where is this place you are looking for?” Jack was searching all over the cityscape for some sign of retail business, but all he saw was what looked like industrial business signs dotting the buildings sides.  Cris leaned over to Melissa, and whispered into her ear.  Melissa grinned like a Cheshire cat, and buried her hands into her sweatshirt’s pouch. 

“Jack, remember that I told you I owned my own business, right?” Melissa asked.  “Well, what I didn’t tell you is that it is also a front, a hidden store for the fetish community.  Here in New York, there are many different fetishes that you can get into.  Sure, there are your clubbing fetish places, but they are mostly public displays of what most would consider a private fetish.  What my company does, it gives a sense to the real fetishists out there a place to go without trying to be hip and trendy, a place that everyone can feel comfortable with.”  They turned a corner, and there it was. 

McGivan’s Artisan Supply Company, Since 1972.  All neatly done in script, and professionally done.  It was hanging from a large metallic warehouse, which looked like it once was a factory of some sort.  “My Uncle Sean started the company, and he was a pioneer in the world of fetish.  Oh, McGivan’s is also are a top importer of real artistic supplies; canvasses, sculpting material, drawing tables, etc.  But what he also did was make the fetish gear that he also received from the big companies over seas was make it accessible to the community without the store looking trashy or raunchy.”  They entered a set of polished metal doors, and walked in the main showroom.  Employees turned and waved to Melissa, as they walked near what seemed to be the rear of the store.

“Hi Melissa.  I thought you weren’t coming in today?” A large red headed man spoke from behind the trio.  “ Hi Matt, just coming in to check a few things, and I wanted to show someone some of our new products that came in.”  Matt was the store’s manager, and he was built solidly.  Short hair, no facial hair, with two earrings, and wearing a clear apron around his waist.  He was also wearing a deep blue polo shirt, and light khakis.  He looked like a typical store employee.

Matt nodded to Melissa, adding “There was some new things dropped off early this morning for you.  The tag said that they were some molds and rubber adhesives.  Also, we got the new display ready for your approval in back.  We didn’t try it out, knowing how much you enjoy that.”  A huge smile came to Melissa’s face.  “The new display that we weren’t supposed to have gotten up until next week?  Did it come early?”  Matt replied, “It came in late last night after you left, and we knew that you would want to see it as soon as possible.” 

“Is it the one where you slide in?” Cris whispered to Melissa. “Yes, and I’m glad it’s here, so I can show you both.  I was thinking about it last night with Jack, but didn’t think that it would be here.  Jack looked puzzled, as the two women led him to another polished door.  In script above the door, it read, “The Finer Things”, and there was a keypad and credit card slot to the right of the door.  Melissa punched in a code, and the door slide open.  They walked into a long corridor, filled with large paintings.

As they were walking down the corridor, Jack noticed that the paintings had a reoccurring theme of sex.  The ones near the front were in good taste, but as they continued down, the paintings turned more sadistic, more carnal, and more exotic.  It was like walking from one world to the next.  There was a rubber-covered door at the end of the corridor, lit up with black light. Jack’s sweater glowed brightly from the luminescence, as Melissa pulled off her sweatshirt.  The gleam from her clear catsuit was electric, and Jack saw Cris starting to take off her leather coat   “Quite a setup you have here…I’m really impressed.”  Melissa turned back to him, and said, “Jack, if you were impressed with the front of the store, wait until you see this.”

She pressed into the door, and walked into a naturally lighted large metallic cavern.  The crossbeams were at least 40 feet above them, and there were about 30 or 40 people that he could see walking around different areas.  There was a check out desk, and behind the counter there was a large watercolor print of a middle-aged man, wearing a rubber suit, holding an apple like a rubber Adam.  There was a small plaque underneath, which read, “Our Founder, Sean Angus McGivans, 1941-1995.” Manning the counter was a longhaired blond beauty behind the counter.  She was wearing a deep blue catsuit, the same color as Matt’s polo shirt, with the scripted McGivan’s logo embossed above one breast.  Above the other was a similar embossed nametag that said her name was Cheri.  She had on an open faced hood, and her hands were exposed.    She was busy checking out a couple’ purchases of some rubber suits and toys.

Cheri smiled towards them both, and continued her job.  Melissa walked behind the counter, where there was a small office.  She walked in and Cris followed. “You can shed you trenchcoat in here, Jack.  Make your self comfortable, we will be here for a good part of the afternoon.”  Cris pulled off her sweater, and flung it to Jack.  She also pulled off her pants, and draped them over a chair.  Jack was still in shock over the hugeness of the place, and he took off his trench.  He looked over to some people; some were wearing rubber and latex, while others were not.

“I’m going to go look at some new gasmasks, so don’t wonder where I am!”  Cris said as she was leaving the office room. 

“Would you like the 2 cent tour?” Melissa asked as she slid the exercise pants off, revealing her clear rubber body.  All that was exposed was her hands and head.  She left the rubber deck shoes on.  “Sure!”  Jack followed Melissa out to the floor. 

Melissa led them past some of the display areas.  She walked down an aisle, gesturing to a couple looking at someone trying out a body harness.  “People like McGivan’s because they can try out some things here, instead of buying them and finding out later that they can’t take them back.  Sanitary reasons, most stores would say, and for the most part, they are right.  What we do, at our expense, is give the customer the chance to try out anything that they want.  However, in order to justify such an open policy, we have made this into an exclusive club, and you can only come here with someone who has membership here.  Jack, before now, you would have never found this place on your own, since it sounds like you are pretty much singular in your pursuit of rubber.  It is McGivan’s policy that you must be in a relationship with someone in order to purchase our items.  My uncle was a life long bachelor, and he never found what he was looking for.”

“Which was?”

“Someone that he could share his devotion with.  Sure he had been active in the community, but he longed to have someone who truly understood him and his passion for rubber and artistic sexual things.  He never found the right person, male or female, to share that with.  When I was young, he never showed me any of this.”  She gestured again to the entire store.  “I knew that he was into art, but not like this.  He was also very well off, but I could never figure out how.  When he died five years ago, I was the only person in the will.  And the executor of the estate told me that once I crossed over into this world, I would never want to leave.” She slid her hand over some soft rubber hoods as they passed by. 

“And he was right.  I am so into this, I could never imagine going back to being plain Melissa McGivans.  Uncle Sean opened a door that he knew I could never open again.  It is because of this store, this way of life that I am the strong person you see before you.  Before this store, I had no idea what I wanted in life; I probably would have become some meek office clerk or something of that nature.  I would have never worn rubber in daylight, for the entire world to see.   All I ever wear now is rubber, and when I have to wear anything else, you can bet I’m wearing something rubber underneath.”  She pointed to the rubber bra and intimate appeal area.  There were two women there, taking off their tops, and getting measured for a custom brassiere and corset.

She led them to the rear of the floor, and there was a room marked Private – Employees Only.  Melissa led Jack through the large door, and into the receiving area of the warehouse there were large crates everywhere, and near the middle of the floor, there was a huge cube display about twelve feet cubed.  It was filled with a gray material, and there was a large arm sling above the top of the cube.  The arm had a winch, which had a harness that was lowered to the floor. On one side of the cube, there was a LED display, much like the Fucking Machine’s timer.

“This is what Matt was talking about earlier.  I can’t wait to try this.  Jack, can you help me out a little?  This is something that I need to do for myself, but possibly later you may be able to try this out.”  Jack looked at the cube, and thought that it was solid.  “What is this cube?” Jack asked.  “It is an immersion suspension tank.  Do you remember that old movie many years ago where a scientist goes into an immersion tank to experiment with sensory deprivation?”  Jack nodded, still in awe of the huge box in front of him. “Well, in that movie, he floated on top a layer of water, and the tank was like a huge fast food sandwich box.  Well, this is the twenty-first century’s version of that box.  The main differences are that this unit is designed so one person, if he or she wanted to, can use it all alone.  The person gets into the harness after they don whatever type and kind of suit that they are going to wear.”  Melissa reached for the slick red suit that was hanging there by the cube.  “Help me with this fast, Jack.  I can’t wait to be in there.”

“You are going to go in there?”  Now he got it.  The cube wasn’t solid at all.  The gray material was going to suspend Melissa.  It was looking like quicksand, and it probably would press very hard against her body.

“Isn’t that going to crush you?” 

 “That’s the whole point to it, Jack!”  The pressure is constant, and blocks out all the sense…vision, smell, touch, taste, feeling…It makes you feel floating…not too much unlike scuba diving, but with nothing to see, nothing to do…just peaceful floating.”

“Where are the tanks?”

“There are no tanks, Jack.  I will be using a breathing hose, connected to outside the cube.  I will have air pressurized and forced down into my lungs through my nasal passages.  It will be so peaceful.”

Melissa slid her clear legs into the bottom half of the suit.  There was a thick electric cord running up the side of the suit.  “What is that?” Jack inquired.  “That is a tactile virtual sensory application device.  It is a nano-machine, capable of producing much different stimulation to the inner skin of this suit.  It covers the inside of the suit, and when I am in the cube, it will function as a pleasure device for me!”  Jack could see her face’s expression changing into one of desire and want.  “Pull this on me quick!”

Jack held the suit for her, as she slid it over her clear latex body.  “Hand me that hood over there, and that gag too, please….”  Jack gave her the hood, which had a mouth opening, but no eye openings.  Melissa quickly pulled it over her head, and then took the gag and slid that over her head.  Melissa fumbled as she smoothed the air away from her head.  “Jack, help me put the harness on.” 

Jack slid over to Melissa, and he had the harness in his hands, but he slid up to her suited body, and started to kiss her.  A surprised Melissa kissed him back, their tongues dancing.  “Yessss, he really is into this!” she thought to herself.  Her pussy was dripping since she pulled on the outer suit, and she was so happy that she could lead Jack to this place.  “Now, we’ll see if he is really understanding of this fetish!”

Jack’s arms wrapped around her body, as her bosom pressed deeply into his sweater.  The 2 layers of material felt really good to Melissa, and it was making her want the cube more and more.

He wanted to see what Melissa was going to do in the cube, so he pulled himself away from her.  But the gray material would not allow him to see that.  “Place the thick rubber collar over my head. Zip up the waterproof seal around my back.  Then take the collars on the counter over there…” she pointed in the wrong direction “and attach them to my ankles and wrists. And then place those spreader bars that were in the corner unto the rings on the collars. I don’t want to touch myself while I’m in the cube.  I’m so hot for this.  Yes…place the clips into the rings like you are…so nice and constricting.  Now that I can’t touch myself, take the gasmask, and insert the breathing tubes into my nostrils.  Be careful, they have self-sticking glue on each end.”  Jack did that, and she looked so alien right now.  He wanted to fuck her right now, all covered up in the outfit.

“The tubes have to be pulled up through the hole on top as the mask slides down…got that, Jack?”  Melissa was turned away from him, and she couldn’t see a thing.  Her entire body was tingling; she wanted to be immersed RIGHT NOW.  “Jack, from this point on, I will not be able to speak, so all that you have to do is help me with the mask, and then sit back.  I want you to see this.”  Jack didn’t understand what she was saying, but answered her “OK.”

“Pull the gag into my mouth, and then place the mask over my head, and seal me in!”  Jack took the gag from around her neck, and placed into her open mouth.  Jack then inserted the tubes in her hooded noseholes.  She then reached upward to help him guide them in.  Jack lifted the mask, thinking how heavy it is, and placed the lip into Melissa’s hands.  She pulled it down on her neck slowly, as Jack started to seal it with her heavy necklock.  As soon as it sealed in, Jack could hear and see the airlines pressurize and fill.  The hood was expanding turning her head into a red inflatable oval dome.   Jack pulled the lines up and now Melissa was totally dependent on the lines for her breath.  The Timer lit up, and started flashing “20:15” and it started to count backward.

The harness quickly took up the slack, and pulled Melissa off her feet.  Her legs dangled, as she was lifted 20 feet in the air.  The harness jerked quickly to place her shape over the direct center of the cube, and it jerked her body to a stop.  Jack pulled away from the cube, so her could see her body shaking for a couple seconds.  The timer was now down to “20:03”, when the winch let go of her, and she fell into the cube.  Her legs sank beneath the gray matter, and Jack could see Melissa arch her body.  “It must be cold,” he thought to himself.  The timer stopped flashing at the twenty-minute mark.

Melissa was now up to her breasts in the substance.  The suit’s nanotechnology had started its program as soon as her feet dipped in.  Millions of small pressure points racing up and down and over her legs were now over stimulating her body.  Her brain was tingling along with her natural sexual craving to be pressurized.  She wanted her whole body in this.  Now her mask has started to be enveloped, and it slid underneath the surface quickly.  Her whole body was now on fire.  She tried to move in the thick slush, and found it so hard and slow moving.  She tried to move her legs, and found the same resistance.  Her breathing was rapid, and she loved hearing her own breathing.  Her pussy was dripping down the suit.  She hoped that she didn’t short-circuit the suit on its maiden voyage!  Melissa wanted to feel her tits, to pull her nipples and stimulate them naturally in this unnatural place. 

Jack saw the cube start to be rippling, as Melissa was completely engulfed in it.  Jack walked around the cube and could not see a thing inside it.  All he could see was the lifeline hanging into the middle, and rings of ripples pushing out to the sides, making waves.  “What did she want me to see?”  Jack walked to the front of the cube, and he could now see the digits beginning to flash again at the “15:10” mark. 

“It should happen any moment now.  Please let it happen!”  Melissa was in a torrid state inside her suit.  She had been brought to orgasm twice, and she knew that it was only the beginning.  Her body was arched almost completely back.  Her body’s senses have been pleased beyond comprehension.  Her contact in Germany told her bits and pieces, but never told her anything like this.  Melissa wanted to place her hand in her pussy, and lick her nectar.  She wanted to share this with everyone she knew; she wished that they could be with her now.  And then it happened.

At the “15:00” mark, the cube began to glow brightly.  Jack had to cover his eyes, as the light was very intense.  Curiously, there was very little heat coming from the cube.  As the light died down, the cube’s gray matter had begun to clear up.  Jack could also hear sharp cracking noises coming from it, sort of like hearing plastic explode when broken up into little pieces.  The light died away from the cube, and Jack could now see Melissa’s form inside the cube.  Her body was twisted as she was spiraled arching backwards.  Her spread legs and arms looked like a frozen ice skater, doing a very complex jump or spin.  Jack could see no movement.  It was like she was frozen in space and time.

Melissa’s body was compressed against the cube’s gray matter as it had been activated.  The material, called Ultraprene 231, was a light stimulated conversion substance.  It was originally developed by the West German Military as a stealth coating for their naval and air warships.  But because it could not hold it’s form for long, it was deemed a waste, and the project was canceled.  One of the scientists, Dr. Van Allen, who was a rubber fetishist, knew what this could mean for other fetishists.  As soon as he could, he took the original formula, did some tinkering to it, and voila! Ultraprene 231 was created.

The matter held Melissa in her two layers right into her natural skin.  Her blood flow was completely pressurized, like being in a giant blood pressure cuff.  The tactile suit was stimulating her body beyond belief.  Her lungs had been kept at a pressure that left her airflow tight.  The computer that controlled her mixture began to add carbon dioxide into her oxygen, and would administer just enough to let her brain fall in and out of conscience. Her body was in total orgasmic state, and she fell victim to the mixture.

Jack was walking around the cube, getting a better view of Melissa in the now clear cube.  He noticed that the edges were graying quickly, and the clearness was fading away.  It was then when Cris walked into the room.  “I thought I heard something back here.”  She had a gasmask under one arm and a plastic package in her other.

“So what do you think of the Cube?  It sounds mind blowing!”  Cris strode right up to the cube, as Melissa’s body was once again covered in the gray matter.  An audible gurgle escaped from the cube, and Jack peered into what Cris had in her hands.  “New toys?” Jack asked.

“I’ve needed a new mask for weeks since Melissa and I broke the old ones we had.  We had these masks that had interchangeable valves and ports, and once one broke, we had to get replacements.  It’s very hard to get the kind we have, so we had to special order it…from Iraq!”  Cris noticed that Jack was interested in the mask, as he was before in the apartment.

“Would you like to try a mask on, Jack?  There are many different type, and the store’s got the most common ones in stock.”  They made eye contact, and there was a glint of wonder in Jack’s eyes.

“What about Melissa?” Jack thumbed back to the cube.  “She’s a big girl, and I think that all you’d be doing is waiting another ten minutes for her.” Cris smiled back.  She took his hand in her gloved one, and led them out of the back room, and down an aisle near the side of the building.  There was a pair of men looking at a shining metal bondage rack, and testing out how solid the construction is.

“So how did you meet, Cris?”

“I was at a fetish party, and I saw this lovely little girl in the corner.  She was wearing some leather pants, and a vinyl top, and she was showing so much skin!  She looked so out of place.  I mean, usually you see people wearing all sorts of way out things, and here she was, looking so…plain!  She looked lost, and being the sexual person I am, I struck up a conversation with her.  We didn’t become lovers until later,” she giggled slightly “but we knew that we had touched a nerve within each other.  I knew from that point on that we would be together.” 

They were coming in on the gasmask area.  Cris slid a gloved hand over a dark rubber mask that had nose tubes hanging in front of it’s fully covered face.  Jack was looking at a mask that was like a firefighter’s mask, with a full clear dome so that the face could be seen totally.  It had straps around the back of the head, and there was a hanging tube in the front of it.  “I can see what you like instantly!”  Cris opened up the straps, and slid the mask off the display head.  “Jack, sit here so I can place it on you.” 

“I don’t know…I…”

“Oh, just do it.  It’s not bad, and once you have it on your head, you won’t even notice it.”  Cris’ blue hands contrasted with the black rubber mask, and Jack wanted to see those hands in action again.  “Fine.  What do I have to do?  How do I breathe?”

“Just breathe normally.  Relax.”  She slid the web in the back of the mask on Jack’s crown, and started to slide the mask over his face.  She yanked it down, and now his head was encapsulated in the hood.  He could feel it, being heavier than a motorcycle helmet.  He moved his head from side to side, getting used to the weight.  “So what do you think?” Cris’ muffled voice sounded in his ears.  The thing he quickly noticed was the sound of his breathing.  It was very calming.

“This is something I could get used to.  It’s very different.”  Cris pulled on the mask she had been cradling in her hands.  There were two large round eye lenses, exposing her eyes, but the mask tapered over her mouth and nose into a very thin pressure line.  She hooked it to a small oxygen bottle near by, and the length of hose permitted her to get close to Jack.  Her blond hair was tangled in the webbing of the mask, but Jack could tell by her eyes that she was excited.  She turned her head from side to side, looking down the aisle.  Jack did the same, and saw no one around. 

Cris quickly jumped on one of Jack’s open legs, sliding her body close to Jack’s.  She pressed her body and placed her weight on Jack’s thigh.  Cris took a hold of Jack’s tube, and ran her fingers up and down the flexible hose that ran from Jack’s hood.  As she did that, her body arched into his leg, grinding her covered pussy into him.  Jack gasped, and the sound was echoing in his mask.  He could feel his manhood expand, and he knew he wanted more.

Jack placed his hands on Cris’ waist, and pulled her body into his.  They made contact through their eyepieces, and both of the expressions that they gave each other were of ecstasy.  The both wanted to continue.

“Doesn’t this feel so wonderful!” Cris gasped out.  “The way your breathing and it’s natural sound excites you!  I know it does me.  Whenever I’m in surgery, and I place the mask over the patient, my pussy just drips in my rubber panties.  Most of the staff doesn’t even realize that I’m in heaven when we begin the operation.”  Her body continues it grinding into Jack’s leg.  His cock was straining against the jeans, and he wanted this feeling to continue.

Cris let her hands wonder down to his crotch, and stroked the mound letting her rubber finger tug on the brass zipper.  She looked into his eyes, knowing that he wanted more.

“I think we’d better look for something more comfortable for you to slip into…” She took one last gasp, and disconnected herself from her air supply.  She hopped off Jack’s lap, and pulled the mask off him.  She reached up behind her, and did the same.  Jack’s body was trembling from the small exposure to the mask.

“Let’s go see if Melissa is finished with her exhibition.”  Cris took the mask she had on into her arms again, and started to go back towards the backroom.  The lighting was coming form back there, and the cracking noise was heard once more.  “Sounds like she’s almost done!”  Jack walked behind Cris, enjoying the view of her plastic body move.  His cock was pressed against the jeans, and he wanted to just take her and fuck her right here and now.  But he was being patient, for he knew that later he would get his chance.

As they walked into backroom, the first thing that Jack noticed was the LED timer flashing “00:05” He also noticed the matter in the cube squishing around, from side to side. At the “00:00” mark, the winch started to pull Melissa up from the cube, and her limp head, arms, and legs were dangling from the harness.  Her hooded head and hoses were dripping gray matter and her booties were pointed down as well.  The matter dripped into the cube and the winch slid over to lower Melissa to the ground.  Cris and Jack both slid under Melissa to help support her as she fell to earth.  Cris supported Melissa as her arms fell around them both.  The top spreader bar fell into Melissa’s lap, and the breathing tube was inhaling and exhaling rapidly.

Jack reached into pull the mask lock off, and remembering her nose tubes, ever so slowly, he pried the mask off her face.  The gag had a lot of drool sliming down it, and the glue in her nostrils was sticking to the tubes.  Cris held down her lips, as Jack snapped the tubes from her nose.  Cris pulled the gag away from Melissa’s mouth, and Melissa took a deep breath of air.

“Wow.”  She said slowly, as her entire body still shook.  Cris then took a hold of her inner mask, and pried that off her carefully.  Her face was dripping wet with sweat, and her nostrils were glazed over from the solvent.  Her body seemed to be on the verge of a total breakdown.  “That was the most intense stimulating thing I’ve ever done…I could feel my entire body just contract when the cube went solid.  Jack pulled the hood completely away from Melissa’s head, and placed it on the rack next to the machine.  Cris kissed Melissa’s forehead, as she began to regain her strength.  “It was that good, huh?”

“Oh yeah…you’ve got to try that!”  She gleamed into Cris’ eyes.  Cris met her glance, and gave her a passionate kiss.  Cris opened her eyes and saw the clock on the wall.  She pulled away quickly from Melissa, handing her a towel for her wet face.  “We’d better get going soon, it’s going to take some time to get ready for the party, and Jack doesn’t have the proper attire…yet.”

They helped pry Melissa out of the outer suit, and then placed the used suit over a drain in the floor.

“I’m so wet from the cube…my juices are puddling up in my feet!  It’s so swishy!”  Melissa tenderly moved away from the back room, as Cris and Jack followed.

Melissa then walked right up to the men’s area, and pointed to a rack of long catsuits.  “Go ahead, pick one that you want…don’t mind the price.  It’s my treat.  Just do it quickly…I’ve got to get out of this suit soon…I’m not going to do it here, I’ve got something that I need to do at home when I pull this skin off.” 

Jack saw the usual black suits, but his eye caught on this deep blue/purple one.  It had attached boots, but no gloves or hood.  Melissa and Cris both watched Jack make his selection, and Cris grabbed Melissa’s hand.  “You are trembling so…” 

“You would be too, from that experience!” Melissa balanced on her toes, and whispered into Cris’ ear.  A smile quickly formed on her lips, and she also playfully bit her bottom lip.  “Oh, yes!  Jack, please hurry up!  We’ve got to get going!”

Cheri then came by, and politely asked, “Is there something that you are looking for?”  Jack turned, and saw that Cheri was now wearing a tight black mini that contrasted from her suit.  The mini had separate pieces that made up the skirt, so it was like wearing a loose collection of rubber strips. 

“I think I’d like that one there, but I don’t know if it will fit.”  Cheri smiled, and pulled out a small personal data assistant out of a pouch with some sort of clip attached to it.  “Let me scan you with this sizer.  It’s like a tailor’s measuring tape, only that it will do all the measurements in record time, and we then can check the inventory to see if we have one in your size.  Just stand in jumping jack position, as I scan you.”  Cheri then aimed the sizer at Jack’s head, and let it roam all around.  Some sounds and clicks came form it, and then as soon as she started it was over. 

“We do have one with no attachments, and we also have one like you see with hood.  Which would you like?”  Jack replied, “I’ll take an identical one to this, but do you have any separate matching hood and gloves?”

“What kind of which?”  Cheri looked at the screen of the PDA.  “Let’s start with the hood.  We have open faced, totally closed, ones with eye, ear, and mouth holes, and some that have other appendages…” Cheri trailed off.  Cris’ hands were now roaming over Melissa’s ass, and Melissa was trying to run her hands over and around Cris’ tummy.  They were flirting with each other, playfully kissing in the background, waiting for Jack to make his decisions so that they could get back to the apartment. 

“I’ll take a open faced mask, and some regular matching gloves, ones that run up my forearms.” 

“Very Good.  Wait here while I go and fetch them for you.”  Cheri smiled again, and pivoted on a 6-inch boot heel, letting her skirt fly upward as she walked away, back into the employee only area.

“What are you two giggling about?” Jack looked at the two rubber women kissing and touching each other playfully. 

“Oh, nothing…Jack, we’ll be in the office, waiting for you, come on Cris…I need to…do some paperwork while we wait.”  Melissa took the towel she had with her, and slung it around Cris’ head.  She led her into the back room, as the door shut.

Jack looked around, and saw other people looking at him.  He politely smiled back, and looked at other things.  Across the walkway was the toy area, and he saw some gag balls.  He slipped over to the rack, and was intrigued with a purple thick one.  He took one of the hangers, and imagined what it would be like with this in his mouth.

“They are so perverted.  I know I love to have one in my mouth when I am in the middle of a session.”  Cheri was behind him, with a cart holding his selections.  “Really…I’ve never tried one before.”

“It’s goes in something like this.”  She pulled a used blue one out of the same pouch she pulled the PDA out of earlier.  There were bite marks indented on it from use.  Cheri placed the gag into her mouth, and then slid the lace behind her head.  She buckled it up, and did a nice little curt bounce infront of him.

“That looks so good.  I can’t wait until I have one in my mouth.”  Cheri grunted, and then took the gag from his hands, and took it out of the plastic wrapping.  She held it up to his mouth, and he nodded his head no.  Her hands pressed the ball against his lips.

“No…” as he opened his mouth, as the cool rubber ball slid into his mouth.  He bit down on the ball, and felt the lace pull into the back of his head.  She pulled away from him, and made contact with her eyes.  He moved his eyes down, trying to look at the gag.  Cheri led him to a mirror, and there they were the two of them, gagged in the middle of the store.  She had this look of a glowing smile on her face, and she posed a little for Jack. 

Jack reached behind his head, and fiddled with the buckle.  He let the gag fall to the concrete floor, and swooped over to get it.  Cheri quickly reached it first, and placed it in the cart.  “I’d better get going…” Cheri looked at him, and gave him the ok sign.

She walked over to the counter, and started to ring up the suit and accessories.  Melissa and Cris then came out of the room, recovered in the original sweatsuits and normal things.  They were holding each other’s hands.  Melissa reached behind Cheri’s head, and undid the gag.  “Hey!!!…I was going to let it out after you left!” 

“Sure you were…ring his stuff under my code, and charge it to the house account.”

Melissa took a pen, and signed off on it.  “See you later…”And as an afterthought, Melissa turned to back to her, “Oh, yes…I’ve made arrangements to have the Cube shipped off to the Dock for tonight’s party.  Maybe you might want to hint to some of our guests tonight what they may or may not see…” Melissa’s mane of hair swished as she pivoted to walk out.   Jack took his large shopping bag of the counter, and smiled back at Cheri.  She smiled back, and winked at him.  As they were leaving McGivan’s, Jack asked both of them, “Cheri’s going to be at the party tonight?  Is she going to be there with anyone?” 

“Jack, Jack, Jack…you like her, don’t you?  Well, she will be there, but not with anyone exclusively.  She’s going to be part of the party, but not a guest.  You’ll see…”

This story continues in Part 4


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