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Weekend Rubber Experience

by Jester

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© Copyright 2003 - Jester - Used by permission

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Weekend Rubber Experience - Part 4
by Jester
Soul Mates by Aaron Roberts
Weekend Rubber Experience is @1999-2003 by Jester.  Any Unauthorized uses of this story in any shape will be dealt like this: Torture in a rubber suit, sealed in another vacuum suit, smothered in deep thick mud, and encased for an entire weekend.

Weekend Rubber Experience 4

Early Saturday Evening

As they got back to the apartment, Cris pulled off her outer layers, and quickly went into the rubber room’s bathroom.  Jack tried to follow her into the room, but Melissa stopped him from coming in.

“Jack, trust me when I tell you this.  You need to take a nap right now.  Cris and I are going to get ready, but you need to conserve your energy.  We are going to be up for a long time tonight, and I don’t think you want to miss any of the action.  So go the main bedroom, and take a nap.  Cris and I will wake you up when it is time for you to get ready.  Besides, this is only for women…No Men allowed…for right now…ok?”

Melissa was walking backwards into the doorway, when a pair of hands grabbed her around the waist, and started to pull her into the room.  “Be a good boy, Jack…we wouldn’t want to not be with you tonight!”  Melissa smiled at him as she closed the door on him.  Jack could make out Cris’ form from behind her with a strap-on dildo hanging from her crotch.  The door clicked shut, and then locks were snapped in place.  Giggling and latex stretching could be heard from behind the door.  Jack tried to take a peek through the key hold, but all he saw was blackness.

“What is this party going to be like…I hope it’s like all the pics I’ve seen on the Internet.  Tons of people in latex, enjoying themselves and playing games…I think I’d better take that nap…” Jack thought to himself as he got a drink of water from the main bedroom’s bathroom, as he undid his clothes and climbed into bed, naked.  The cool fall weather was going to be nice to fall asleep to, as the sun was setting over the clouds. He was exhausted, but still wanted to know what the girls were doing in the other room…

“Jack…Jack…wake up…it’s time to get ready…there are going to be so many people that you want to meet…and they will want to meet you too….”  Someone’s soft feminine voice soothed to him.  It sounded like Melissa, but in his groggy state of mind, he wasn’t sure.  A soft hand started to caress Jack’s chest.  Another took a hold of his manhood, and started to smother it up and down, waking his erect form.  Jack noticed that the soft lighting form yesterday had returned, and that when he opened his eyes, all he could see was some dark shapes infront of him.  He tried to speak, but found a gag in his mouth.  He started to move and shake, but the forms in front of him held him down with their bodies pressed against his.  It occurred to Jack that he was wearing the same hood he had on last night, the one with the pinholes on it for the eyes.

A black figure moved across his body, and started to kiss his chest up and down. Jack could feel the smoothness of rubber starting to slide up his body.  He could tell that the rubber was not polished, as it burned up his body.  The form on top of him quickly bent over to suck on one of his hardened nipples, and her weight shifted over him, moving to his left wrist, and snaps were heard as he felt the return of the cuffs from last night.  He tried to relax, but his heart was racing in his chest.  He thought he knew what this meant.  He was going to be dressed again.  He arched his head slightly, and exhaled through the mask’s nostrils.  The other wrist was clicked shut, as Jack tried to move them, he found that he was shackled to the bed. 

It was then that he started to feel the coolness of gel being spread on his lap and pubic areas.  He also felt his manhood continued to being stroked up and down, now with the coolness of the gel.  “My, my…we have a lively one here, don’t we?”  Jack felt his abdomen being pressed in and covered with the gel.  His cock was firming up, and the repeated jerks had a lovely effect of making his body start to feel the waves of ecstasy heighten.  “Look at his cock, the precum making it so wet and moist…” So far he only had heard one voice, and still couldn’t place it.  “It’s a shame that we have to cover that prick in rubber…but so much the better for everyone tonight!”  Giggles could be heard as the snapping of rubber made Jack’s ear’s perk to attention.  There was no gel on his legs, and Jack didn’t know what to expect. 

The rubber made contact with his feet, sliding up past his ankles, and rising up his legs.  They were expertly being held down by some dark forms.  Jack had finally concluded that there were three forms in the room with him.  The one who was on top of him raised her body off him, as the rubber started to contract around his lower thighs.  The one who was stroking his cock took hold of the material, and pulled it up over his cock, guiding it into what must have been a sheath. 

The tube felt molded and rigid, as he heard someone whispering in his ear, “Good boy, Jack…I see my work has helped you into the sheath.”  He felt pressure against his rubber-covered ear, and sucking noises as the form must have wanted to suck on his ear lobe.  His cock was being pulled into the rubber sheath, and the tightness of it made his cock harden some more.  “Pull that ring onto his balls…we don’t want him coming until we want it!” the voice near his head commanded.

Then Jack felt his cock pulled towards his abdomen, as someone pulled what seemed to him to be a rubber doughnut over his cock.  It felt so good to Jack that he pulled on his bonds again.  “Settle down…we have a long way to go, and you don’t want to miss out of the fun, now do you Jack?”  It was Melissa’s voice, he was sure of that.  Jack moaned into his gag, and shook his head “no”.

“Good.  Trust me.  Trust us.  We want you to enjoy yourself, but in the company of others.  And they want the same.”

Jack felt the latex snap over and around his balls, pulling at the base of his balls and around his cock.  The molded rubber helped him keeping his cock firm.  And then her felt the snap against his waist as the garment, which must have been some type of shorts, clung to him tightly.

“Jack, darling, we are ready to go now.  We are going to release your wrists, and then we will be bonding up your wrists together so you won’t be able to do anything with them at this time.  Nod if you understand?”

Jack did as he was told.

“Good.  I also thought that you should know who is here right now.  Cris, you know…” 

“Hello sleepy head…” Jack felt his cock being pulled at as the words rolled off.

“But Beth you do not know…” The other form slid her hands up and down his still exposed chest.  “Hello Jack, it’s lovely to meet you!”  Jack heard giggling as he felt someone’s body slip on top of him, with her legs parted, straddling his abdomen.

“And me, I hope you know…” Melissa’s voice trailed off as he could feel her body move up over his head.  He heard some slick noises, and some skin and rubber shuffling about.  He also heard some increased breathing, and all he could do was lie there in the bed, cock unnaturally erect.

He then felt what he thought was Melissa’s body spring over him, and her weight and darkness completely now pressed against his face.  He felt rubber against rubber, as he knew what this could only be.  Melissa was grinding her pussy on his hooded head, and Jack guessed that she was playing with the new person, Beth.  His cock was not being touched, but he knew that Melissa was pressing down on his chin with her rubber pussy.  All Jack could do was arch his head, and hope that she didn’t break his neck.

The agony of being so close to three latex clad women was the fact that he couldn’t see a thing.  His nostrils’ filled with the aroma of latex and lubricant, and his mind was racing on what was going on above him.

“Come on Cris, frig that pussy for us…We want you to cum for us…” Jack heard Beth’s voice as a couple things happened at the same time.  He could hear more and more latex squeaking, and the breathing of all of them becoming shallower.  Melissa ground herself into Jack’s chin evermore slightly, and Jack wished that his cock could be freed to cum.

There still was no pressure on his cock, as it remained stiff and protected in the thick-formed sheath.

Then he heard more wet kissing noises, and then finally soft whispering.  “Come on, lover, cum…yesssss…you look so slutty…fucking yourself…you slick cunt….press those rubber fingers in your hole…yesssss…Beth…lick me…”

And then he heard a vibrator start to hum, right above his belly button.  It was then that he heard someone start screaming.  It continued for a few minutes, and then the buzzing abruptly shut off.

“Time to go.”

The wrist bonds clicked off. 

“Trust me, Jack.  You are going to love this.  Sit up, swing your legs over the bed.”

Jack did as he was told. He felt some rubber slippers being pulled over his feet, going up over his ankles to below his kneecaps.  Melissa had his hand the entire time. She brought the other hand together; now his wrists were infront of him.  He then felt a leather sack being pulled up his hands and wrists.  He felt them go up to his elbows, and then stop.

“Jack, this is an arm binder.  It prevents movement in your arms.  We need to tie the laces so you don’t escape.  Nod if you understand.”

He did, and they began lacing starting at the wrists, moving their way up his arms.  As they continued, his arms began to bow inwards, as if he was praying for something.  The pressure began to hurt ever so slightly.  Then the lacing stopped, and he saw the form on his left take a small gleaming lock infront of him. 


“It’s a very special lock, Jack.  It takes 2 keys to undo, and Cris has one, and I have the other.  We both have to be in agreement to let you out.  Just so you know, this type of bondage is very simple compared to some of the things you will be seeing tonight, so please appreciate all the things that are being done to and for you.  We wouldn’t want anything bad to happen to you, now would we Jack?”  Melissa’s voice went from commanding to sweet in a heartbeat.  Jack had trusted her so far, and her wasn’t going to stop now.

“Ok, now we are going to wrap you in a special bag, so that you can’t see a thing, and then leading you out. Jack, darling, nod if you understand.  Shake your head if you don’t.”

Jack thought to himself,  “there’s no way I don’t want to see this!”  He nodded in agreement, and he was covered in darkness.  The bag had a sheath for his arms, and he was pulled into shape.  The rubber was thick and formed.  It snapped into place, and the rest of the bag fell down his body.  He felt the bag slide to just cover his cock.  It then was tugged up snuggly with some sort of bind.  His legs were pulled together by it, and his member was forced outward away from his rubber-coated legs.  He felt the rubber press against his latex covered cock, firming up the lower area of the bag.

He was led to be right infront of a full-length mirror, and saw himself for the first time this way.  His distorted shape looked like a black oval head with large bug-like eyes, slick black rubber gilded from his neck to around his outstretched arms.  He could make out a D-ring from around his wrists, and he got more excited from that sight.  He raised his arms, and painfully was rewarded the sight of his pointed bulge that Jack thought most people could not notice.  He liked what he saw, and felt sexy, erotic, and excited at the same time.

He looked into the mirror, and saw a fully clad black shiny rubber woman.  She had a full hood on, that covered her eyes with slim mirrored lenses.  Her nose had air tubes inserted that went over her head and ended in a single exhaust port behind her back.  Her mouth was covered, creating a slick unnatural form, sliding down her chin and towards those shapely twin forms.  He noticed the tits had no sharpness to them; they were very curvaceous to look at. 

His eyes wandered down past her breasts, to see some more formed rubber boned protrusions, which acted like a corset.  The boning ran in and out of her shape, compressing her body inward below where her ribcage was.  Some of the boning was thick, while some were very slim.  Right where her navel should have been was where a zipper started, and disappeared over her pussy to her underneath.  Her legs had on some tight full-length rubber boots that also had the same kind of boning.  The boning spiraled down her thighs, and had just thick enough spacing to allow flexible movement of her legs.  The boning ran down to her feet, where it sharpened up to a point at her toes.  The heels of the boots were a skyreaching 7 or 8 inches.  Jack supposed that the boning was firm enough to permit the wearer to stand for long times without much pain.

Then he could see Cris walk over to help the black rubber woman with a beige overcoat.  Cris wore a red rubber miniskirt that had a nice thick belt around her waist.  He saw some d-rings embedded in it, and he could see that she had on a short thigh spreader bar.  The latex of the stockings was made of shiny black that then warped into her red leggings.  Her feet had on some black mini ballet booties that her weight-shifted body easily used.  The heels of the booties were nice and thick, shaping inward at first, then becoming very wide at the base.  Her legs were slightly bent apart, and she locked her legs into to place to stand.  Jack also made out some sort of bulge in her mini where her pussy should be.  He wondered what that was.  Cris’ mini had nice curves accenting her tits.  The dress reached upward in small spaghetti straps that faded into clear latex.  She wore some short matching gloves, and her head was left untouched.  Her hair was slicked back into a tight wet French ponytail.

Cris slid one arm up the rubber woman’s arm, and then slid the coat around her body.  Cris then helped her button up the coat, attaching small padlocks to the coat.  Cris’ ass was pointing right up to Jack, and he wanted to reach out and touch her.  It was so inviting.  Cris then took the coat’s waistbelt, and tied that up as well.  The rubber woman took a big overhanging black hat, and placed it on her head.  The hat hid her face, so all that was exposed was her black exotic boots and hands.

“Are we almost ready?   I’m dying to go…” Jack heard Melissa’s voice from behind him.  He rotated his body so he could try to make her out.  Melissa’s face appeared through an open-faced hood.  Her face looked so radiant and sexy that Jack just wanted to make out with her right now.  Her hood was tight around her face, but then the rest of the rubber was different than what Jack had seen before.  It wasn’t tight; it was loosely hanging around her body.  It was like seeing a frogwoman.  It was kind of like a drysuit that scuba divers wear. Thick industrial rubber gloves covered her hands and forearms, the kind that people wear when working with chemicals and electricity.  Her suit legs continued down like wading pants that terminated in elegant tapered boots.  The material was still loose, yet it didn’t look masculine.  The heel was like a 4-inch pump, and the boot showed ridged gripping nubs for traction.  It was very much the opposite of what the others were wearing.

“I’m sweating bullets in here.  I can’t wait to get this off.  Shall we go.”  Beth must have been the rubberwoman her saw first.  Beth replied, “Let’s!” 

“One last thing for Jack…” Melissa reached down to the wicker basket by the door.  She pulled up the cover, and took a nice thick metal rope chain.  She took the snapclip at the end, and attached it to the D-ring at the end of his bound arms.  The weight of the rope made his arms lower towards his erect member.  “Good!  I see you like your new entrapment!” Melissa’s smile and bright eyes were very clear to Jack, even through the pinholes.  “So do I…Girls?” 

“Yesssss…so nice” Beth’s voice slid out of her mask.

“He looks so pervy!  Jack, you will be wanted so much at the party.  You be a good boy, and maybe we’ll release you sooner than you think…or maybe not.”  Cris kept playing with Jack’s mind. 

“Let’s go…”

First Beth went down the stairs, and then Melissa led Jack down the stairs first.  Cris then locked up behind them.  The sounds of the clicking, squishing and rattling was so arousing that Jack could feel his member pulsating from the excitement.  As they reached ground level, Jack could see it was raining out.  Right infront of the Apartment door, a waiting limousine had it’s door waiting. The driver had the door open, and Beth scrambled into the car, Melissa led Jack into it, and Cris sat next to Melissa.  The driver closed the door, and slipped behind the wheel.

“Good Evening Ms. McGivans.  Another night of partying?”

“Good Evening, Aldo.  Yes, another evening of frolicking amongst rubber friends and fuckers.  Let’s go, Aldo, to the warehouse.”

“Yes ma’am.”  The shield between the driver and them was raised.

The limo took off, and Jack felt the acceleration.  He was sitting next to Beth, who was sitting facing Melissa and Cris.  The chain was still firmly in Melissa’s hand, and Cris had her hands down Melissa’s suit.  The loose rubber was pulled tight when Cris smoothed her hand into her inner thigh. 

“I think I need to get a little high right now.  Care for a hit?”  Melissa asked to no one in particular.  She snapped open a cigarette case in the limo, and pulled out marijuana joint.  “Yes…. That would be so calming….” Cris replied.  Melissa wetted the joint, and lit up.  She enhaled deeply, and kept it inside.  She passed the joint to Cris, who did the same.  Melissa exhaled slowly, and you could see her body loosen up.  Beth shifted her weight and body forward, so she could slink over to where they were exhaling.  Her hat fell off her head. 

“It’s too bad I can’t Inhale….” She crawled on the limo’s floor towards them. 

Cris’ voice was all cramped up.  “Sure you can…come here.”  Cris reached behind Beth’s head, and took her exhaust port.  She pulled it so the joint was at the base.

“Inhale through your nostrils. Do it.”  The bud lit up as the hoses sucked in the marijuana.  Beth’s body arched as she took it in, and then she collapsed on the floor.  The smoke slowly exhaled out of the tube.

“Ohhhhhh” Beth moaned out, starting to feel the effects of the joint. 

“Jackie, do you want some?”  Melissa wavered off.  He shook his head in disagreement.  He could start to feel lightheaded anyway from the close quarters and exhaled smoke.

“Fine, more for us.”  Cris took the joint out of the hose, and took another hit.  She passed it to Melissa, who took one more hit, lowered the limo’s window, and then flicked the joint out the window.

“Oh man, you don’t know what that does….”  Melissa’s eyes were starting to rotate as she tried to focus on Jack.  Her body relaxed into the leather cushions as she felt the powerful reactions of the marijuana.  The three women were stoned, and Jack was the only one who was halfway straight. 

“Maybe that’s a good thing…. Jack’s coming here to see if he wants more, don’t you Jack?”   Cris slowly asked him.  He agreeingly nodded his head.  “Can’t do that if you’re fucked up…or can you?”  She let her head fall to look at Melissa’s rubber body.


“Beth, sweetie, you’d better get your hat back on, we’re almost there.”  Melissa lifted her index finger and pointed over to her wide brimmed hat.  Beth grabbed her hat, and pulled it back onto her head.  She slid back to her seat and placed her arm around Jack.  She rested her hand along Jack’s near naked thigh.  The latex of her rubber hand played back and forth from his shorts to his bare skin.  Both ways felt fine to him.

They felt the limo roll up a potholed drive, and then the car came to a stop.  Melissa and Cris composed themselves, as the door opened up.  Aldo’s extended hand came to meet Cris’ who got out first.  Jack could hear lightbulbs going off.  He wondered what was going on.  The he heard them.

“Melissa!  Melissa!  Here, pose for us!  Mel!”  It must have been party photographers taking snapshots for major perv and plastic magazines.  Melissa then whispered to everyone “Get ready for some fun!”  Melissa slipped out of the limo, tugging on Jack’s line.  Jack balanced on his feet as the rope’s slack disappeared.  He then faced the lights, and stood out of the car.  He couldn’t see too much, except the red carpet on the floor.  He made out probably a dozen shapes clicking off shots as they were standing there.  Jack was really excited, since there was no way that anyone could figure out that it was he underneath the rubber hood and bag.  Beth’s heels could be heard behind him, and they started walking up the carpet. 

When they got to the doors, a huge rubber slickered security guard pulled open the door for them.  They walked into a foyer, where throbbing electronic techno music could be heard thumping from behind the walls.

“Ah, Melissa!  So good to see you!”  A rather large outrageously dressed woman approached and gave her a hug. “Cris, good to see you too…who’s the mystery guests?”

“Ah Rebecca, that’s for us to know, and them to maybe find out…maybe!”  Melissa’s voice sounded almost normal again.  “Did the Cube arrive in a timely manner for you?  I know it was last minute, but I wasn’t expecting it here until early next week.  But when I tried it out, I knew this would be the perfect place for prospective buyers to see it’s American Introduction.”

“Yes, it did.  Your assistant was most helpful, as she is in it right now.  That is really wild when it solidifies.  You have to be near it when it goes off…” Rebecca looked back over her shoulder, and continued “…in about 15 minutes?”

“What’s she got it set for?”

“She said that it was going off every 20 minutes.  She’s been in there for a little over an hour, so she may be ready to be pulled out after this one.”

“I’d say so!  I was jelly after my 2 implosions, so Cheri’s going to 4…. I think I’m going to have to punish her…. Everything looks good, Rebecca, See you then!”  Jack’s ears perked up at the mention of Cheri’s  name. 

Melissa pulled on Jack’s chain, which made him move in closer to Melissa.  She turned to face Jack, and he could see her ice blue eyes facing him.

“O.K., Jack.  I’m going to pull off your hood, so you can see what is going on more clearly.  I’m going to leave your gag on…and there’s no way I’m letting you out of your main predicament this early.  Kneel before me.”

Jack did as he was told.  He could feel the hood peeling away from his head, and then his vision was clear.  He shuttered his eyes, so he could get used to the lighting.  “Good boy…now, I’m going to let you go roam…. But you are still going to be kept in the bag.  If you find someone that wants to play with you, you need to come and get us.  Cris and I will be the judge of whom..or are going to play with!  So get going tiger:..”  Melissa gave him a nice sweet smack on his ass, and rotated him to face the doors of the partyfloor.

Jack bit down on his gag, and started to walk towards the doors.  He looked above the doorway, and saw a large blacked poster that said, “Welcome to the Wonderful World of Rubber Adventure!”  The lettered were glowing from blacklight, and the glow lit up the arch.  The music became louder as a catsuited woman slipped out of the room.  The heat hit him, as so did the bass from the music.  The doors swung open, and Jack slipped into the room.

Jack saw a huge room, similar to McGivans’ warehouse, where the ceilings were nice and tall.  He looked around, and saw hanging from the ceiling signs that read “Air”, “Sea”, and “Land”.  Under the “Air” sign, he noticed a few different shapes and bodies hanging from the rafters.  Under the “Sea” sign, Jack could make out some bleachers and people looking down into something.  And lastly, under the “Land” sign, he saw the Cube, which earlier this day was in McGivans.

Jack also saw many different people of both sexes, and of all colors and ethnic races out and about.  There was an oriental woman wearing a tight full body suit.   There was a tall red headed man with an inflatable upper torso covering up his arms, similar to his situation.  Many people were holding each other, swaying to the rhythm, the ever-hypnotic beat being laid down from the DJ that he saw right in the middle of the party.  The displays were on the outer edges of the room, and the dance floor was in the middle of it all.  There were tables and sofas and other sitting areas all around the room.

Jack went to walk the perimeter, and came to the Air section first.  He could see people in different kinds of harnesses and in various stages on suspension.  There was a woman who was getting placed in a harness with her body all tied in rope bondage.  Her breasts were all wrapped up, making them look like dock piers.  Her clear latex panties showed a black thick base vibrator in her pussy, and the rope pressing that up into her twat.  Her legs were bound behind her back, and the harness was supporting her weight.  She was almost ready to be hoisted up, as her head was encased in a full hood. 

There was also a doorway that led to outside the warehouse.  He saw people shaking their heads as they walked away from it, and saw more curious people walking towards it.  Jack wanted to know what was in there, so he headed that way.  He walked into a rubber-padded tunnel, and could see a brightly lit tunnel.  There was an indoor skydiving tunnel, but there was one major difference. The person that was floating was also in bondage!

It was a woman who had her arms crossed against her chest, and she was wearing a full covered hood.  She was wearing a special suit that had tethers attached so that 4 people inside the room could control her actions and movements.  She was totally dependent on them to keep her safe.  Along the tethers were some latex wing/kite like extensions.  This made the floating appear to be smooth and level.  There was also a controller that either sped up or slowed down the acceleration to the propeller.  The woman was arched her body into the wind, and her controllers were making her spin and turn into the wind. 

You could also see her head shake as the ride continued.  The propellers started to slow down, and her body fell to the netted area.  Just as it looked as if she was going to be lying on the net, the propeller revved up and she floated up towards the ceiling.  The only thing that the woman couldn’t do was spin head over heels.  But she still looked like she was having a good time.

Jack felt the drool coming off his lips, as a woman approached him.  She was fully hooded, so all he saw was her eyes.  She made connection with him, and reached up to wipe his drool off his lips.  She rubbed her latex arms and hands to his mouth, and the saliva made her outfit shine.  She grinned back to him, and walked away from him.

Jack turned to follow her out of the room, and back to the main floor.  His next stop was to the sea display.  He was entranced by the display of a new dry/wet suit from a company called Tyte-Fit.  It was a compartmental suit that allowed liquid to be pumped into it.  The male model’s red suit covered him from head to toe, leaving his rubberized cock exposed.  It looked very similar to Melissa’s, except that instead of a mouth opening, there was a breathing tube.  Jack saw a cutaway mannequin showing how the suit worked.  The suit was first attached to a machine that pressurized the liquid into the compartments.  The entire body including cock was sealed inside an inner layer, and kept dry.  The middle layer held the liquid, and then the outer layer was of shiny red rubber. 

The man then gave the signal to be pumped.  There was a woman who was wearing an identical blue suit who pushed the button.  The suit began to fill up and smooth out.  Even his cock expanded from the liquid.  Soon the controller flashed green, and he was done.  The woman pulled the connector, and helped him to a vacuum bed.  He slid into the bed feet first, and she helped arrange the breathing and sex sheath.  She cocooned him, and tapped him.  He pointed his thumb up, and she started the bed.  The air was sucked out of the bed.  What was left was the form of his liquid filled suit pressed against the bed like a fly on flypaper.

She attached the nozzle to herself, and started the machine.  Her body also filled out, and was soon pressurized.  She had 2 rubber gentlemen help her uncouple from the compressor, and place her form over his vacuumed body.  They placed her directly over his cock, and the weight of her liquid body pressed on his already double pressurized body.  You could see her withering over his body, as they started to connect.

Jack was watching intently, when he felt someone pull on his bound arms. 

“Having a good time?”  Melissa was still in her floppy suit, and she was alone.  Jack nodded his head.  “I think it’s time I let you out of that gag…” she reached up to his head.  Jack bent forward, and let her take it off him.  The gag popped out of his mouth, and he took a large gasp of air.  His body was used to breathing through the nose but now he could take in large amounts of air.

“Thank you, Melissa.  This is wild!  What is this place?”  He was almost screaming at her, as he was so grateful for her release of his mouth. 

“That woman who greeted us is Rebecca Sierra.  Have you ever heard of her, Jack?”  He shook his head no. “Rebecca is one of the world’s biggest fashion designers.  She designs some more mainstream versions of what you see here.  She throws this party once a year, to show potential clients and buyers what to expect later down the line from her and fashion people like her.  For the real latex fetishists like Cris and myself, it’s a party ground to meet other like-minded people.  I know most of the people here, and they also support Rebecca’s normal clothing lines.  She’s made them and herself a ton of cash…and that makes me tons too.  So by showing up to support, that means McGivans’ may be interested in selling some of her more mature designs.  You gotta kiss ass to get ass!”

As Melissa was explaining this to Jack, she ever so quickly reattached the leash to his D-ring.  She playfully twirled the leash in her hands.  “Come on…I want to see what the Cube looks like when it goes off!”  She led him to the Land display. 

Melissa slid towards the front of the group around it, as there was a larger display hooked up over the Cube’s entry area.  It was at the 2:50 second mark and decreasing.  Melissa was right infront of Jack, and she pressed him up against a metal support pole.  She pressed he body against his encased body.  His arms supported her body, and his hands were near his tented cock.

“Since you’ve been such a good boy, Jack, I think I’ll let you out of the bag…but not the binder…yet!”
Melissa was teasing him to the max.  She turned to him, and undid the bottom of his bag.  Then she quickly pulled the sheath over his back, and over his extended arms.  His chest was sweaty from being in that bag for so long.  His body was slick, and Melissa quickly turned her body around, and slid her rubber body against his.  The rubber cock pressed into her bum, the ripples from her loose suit covered his bare chest.  The cold metal stung his back, but Melissa’s rubber body protected him.

Melissa felt his hard cock against her bum, and ground herself into it.  The arms were getting in the way, but that’s what she wanted.  She knew what Cheri was going through in there.  The most intense orgasms have ravaged her body, and she wanted more.  But there could only be so much for one night.  The loose body suit hid what she knew she really wearing underneath, but she would be free of her cocoon soon enough…maybe right after this watching of Cheri.

The clock ticked off…7…6…5…

The lights that were dim then started to black out, until only the clock was illuminated.  When it got to 1…

The lights built up the intensity, and then the sound of plastic breaking apart overtook the crowd.  The Cube lit up on full power, and then you could see inside the tube.  Melissa took a hold of Jack’s cock, as they saw Cheri’s encased body.  She looked like she was spread eagle, the ass the lowest point in the cube.  Her arms were outstretched, as were her legs.  You could see her inflated head, connected to the world by an airhose.  Spreader bars separated her arms and legs by at least 4 feet apart.  It looked like she was falling or being pushed down.  Her chest was expanded, and you could see her chest rise and fall.  It would be very dangerous if she had sucked in when the cube solidified.  There would be nowhere for air to go. 

The crowd’s reaction was one of awe, as many people walked around the cube as it began to darken quickly.  Melissa’s reaction was to stroke Jack’s rubber confined pent up cock.  She loved the look of seeing suspended in space and time, and knew that when the material started to become less solid was the best part.  The orgasm was on the edge, but waiting to release with the Ultraprene 231 becoming sticky, then soft, then finally melting was absolute heaven.  The pressure changed from being liquid, to instantly hardening to grip your entire body, and then slowly melting back to liquid, topped with the tactile virtual sensory suit just made it so much better. 

Melissa took her free-gloved hand, and pressed into her rubber pussy.  She wanted to fuck right now, and tear off her outer suit.  She arched into Jack, wanting that cock in her pussy, replacing that silent bullet vibrator she had in there now.  She turned to face Jack, and kissed him hard.  Once again, their mouths flew around each other’s.  She gripped his head, and forced her tongue down his mouth.  She wanted to be fucked roughly, and wanted to do it here and now. 

She reached down to his collar, and started to pull him.  “I need to find Cris…now!” she screamed to Jack.

“But what about Cheri?”  Jack yelled from behind her.  “Cheri got fucked 4 times in the last 90 minutes…I need to get fucked too.” Was the reply that Melissa yelled infront, Jack not hearing entirely what she said as she led him away from the Cube. 

They walked onto the dance floor, where Cris was dancing in-between 2 guys.  Melissa looked right into her eyes, and said “KEY!”  Cris looked behind her to Jack, and gave her a slight frown.  Cris reached in between her tits, and pulled the key out of her dress from a small pouch.  She handed the key to Melissa, and said, “I hope you know what you are doing…”

“When you are ready come find us.  Where the wild yelling is, that’s where we’ll be.  Bring your friends…” 

Melissa led Jack to a secluded area of the party.  She took her key out of a small pocket in her wading pants, and entered them both into the lock.  It snapped out, and Melissa undid his binder.  She unlaced it, and slowly pulled it off his arms.  Then she undid his wrist bind, freeing him.  Jack rotated his arms; they were cramped up, but he didn’t mind the pain that much, matter of fact, he was getting used to it as he was getting more and more excited.

It was just then when Rebecca came over to them. “Well, Melissa looks like you are getting frustrated!”  Melissa gave her a look that was really dark and powerful.  Rebecca pointed to a door behind them, flashed the number 3, and walked away.

Melissa took the hint, and took Jack by the hand.  She led him through the door and up the stairs to where there were semi-private rooms.  She found the 3rd door, and pulled Jack through it.  Jack passed the doorway, as Melissa slammed the door closed behind them. 

They started kissing frantically. 

There was a large smoked glass window with a couch overlooking the floor.  It was possible to see other people while having sex.  Melissa’s thick rubber hands were flying over his almost naked body, and she wanted to be let out of this floppy suit.  She looked at him, looking like a perfect rubber slave.  She wanted him so much. 

She pulled away from him, and breathless told him: “Unzip me…NOW”

He found the zip that started at her crown and went down to just above her bum.  As the zip went down, he could see that there was something more that she was wearing underneath it.  The bright pink, white, and flesh colored back contrasted with the black floppy suit.  The zip ended, and Jack pulled the front of the suit off her.  Melissa’s arms were uncovered, while the hands had on a small pair of clear latex gloves.  Her shoulder length brunette hair unfurled around her neck, and revealed a low bust line front to her inner suit.  The suit was now around her waist, and Melissa fell to the ground.  Jack took a hold of her rubber-oversized feet, and pulled the suit off her.  She had her legs in a set of knee high white rubber knickers, and her mini skirt pulled up around her waist.

Jack pulled the suit entirely off her, and threw it to the side.  She took her clear-gloved hands, and slid them down past her front tattoo, and pressed them in towards her slick panties.  It was then that she slipped her fingers into her clit, and slid around the bullet vibe that she had deep inside.  She put it on full, and her body started to explode.  Her body started to arch and move.  She looked at Jack, eyes giving him permission to explore his own body.

Jack stood infront of her, and started to stroke his cock.  It felt so slick from the rubber.  They were jerking and frigging in front of each other.  Melissa’s eyes were glazed over, as she got up off the floor, and took his jerking hand away from his cock.  She took the hand palm up, and started to lick it down his arm.  This drove both of them crazy.  They looked into each other’s eyes, knowing what they wanted to do.  Melissa led him over to the glass window.  There was a rail, so that people did not have to press into the glass, possibly breaking it.  Melissa bent over, gripping the rail, and arched her ass as high as she could.

Jack didn’t know if he could do this in front of so many people, but realized that the window was mirrored,  so they would be hidden.  Her bald pussy was so inviting, as the tattoo on the small of her back invited him in.  Jack felt the rubber take control of him.

He pressed forward, and slapped her ass with his hard rigid cock.  Since she was so wet, he slid in easily, her hungry hole devouring his tool.  The bullet was still in her, so Jack could feel its vibrations on his head.  Her tits were still in the top of the skirt, and she looked like a schoolgirl, wanting to be fucked by her teacher.

Slowly, he started to pump her body.  He looked down to the crowd, seeing all these people enjoying their lifestyle.  He saw so much, and fucking Melissa in front of them all made him that much harder.  He started to pump her for all she was worth, and her body responded to the fucking.  Melissa arched and trashed her body into his cock, it felt so good.  She wanted to be gagged right now, but she was not, so she started to moan loudly.  Jack was pumping her hard, the rubber cock ring pressing into her clit, slapping her bottom. 

Jack looked at the floor, and saw Cheri being pulled out of the Cube.  Her body was being pulled out of the suit, and her head exposed from the suit’s hood.  She had on a rubber bra that had exposed nipple holes, a pair of latex panties, and a gag in her mouth.  She just looked so fuckable.  Jack so wanted to fuck her that he started to grind more into Melissa.  Melissa noticed the hardness coming into her pussy, that she opened her eyes, and looked for what she thought he might be looking at.  She also found Cheri, and started wanting her too.

The two wanted to fuck her so bad.  Cris had made her way to Cheri, and whispered something in her ear.  Cheri looked up to the mirrored window.  As Melissa started to reach her orgasm, as she saw Cheri leave to underneath them, knowing that she was coming up there.  She started to scream and arch wildly.  She could not even talk.  She was so in the throws of fucking that she just came.  Her body arched and froze, her body exhaling wildly.  She was over the moon when in walked Cheri. 

Jack saw Cheri walk away from the cube, and was hoping that she would come upstairs.  His cock was so hard, yet he could not feel the waves build like before.  It was as if he was just a warm-blooded cock.  He did not know if it is the cock ring holding his cock in place or what he deal was.  All he knew was that when the door opened with Cheri coming through the door, his heart raced.  Jack backed off Melissa, and slid out of her.  Melissa slipped the egg vibe out of her dripping wet pussy.

“I hope you both don’t mind, but Cris told me that you 2 had wandered up here, and that I couldn’t help myself.”  She said as she closed the door.  Her nipples were erect through the holes, and Cheri pulled her panties up over her hipbone to form the full lips of her pussy.  She walked over to them behind the couch, and sat on it.  Melissa crawled over to her employee.  “Don’t think that because we’re gonna fuck that you’re gonna get a raise.  I already pay you well.”  She slithered over to Cheri’s waiting form, licking her way up her leg.

“Yes, you do.  But what I need right now is a little overtime pay.”  Cheri’s body started to arch itself against the molded contour of the couch.  She wanted to let Melissa into her dripping pussy, but knowing she would have to deny her this gift.  She tried to pull her legs closed, but Melissa’s hands kept the legs apart.

“I think it’s time that Jack got to know you a little better.  Would you like that that, Cheri?  I know that I would love that.  But first we must take care of your pouting little mouth.”  Quickly, Melissa pressed herself away from the couch, and up over Cheri’s form.  She reached up to the shelf, where the perfect gag for Cheri just happened to be.  A double-ended cock gag had a webbing to attach to someone’s head.  That someone would be Cheri.

“Cheri, I almost forgot…do you want to be the fucker, or the fuckee?  Because, you see…”  Melissa took the double gag, and took one end of it into her mouth.  Melissa made contact with Jack’s eyes, and pointed with them towards the latex covered bench over to the side of the couch.  Melissa then continued to suck and pull on the rubber cock, as she popped it out, and presses it against Cheri’s closed lips.  “I think I want you to be both.  Which do you want?”  Melissa tried to slide that floppy cock into Cheri’s lips, but her closed mouth prevented that.

“Jack, come over here…I think poor little Cheri here needs some enticement as to which way to be.”  Melissa lifted one leg, and wrapped it over the arm of the couch, straddling it.  Her rubber skirt looked like a red belt around her waist, exposing her shaved pussy and slick legs.  From the subdued lighting, Cheri could see Melissa’s juices starting to dribble down against her skin.  Cheri gasp as she saw that, and that was enough for Melissa to slide the double cock into her mouth.  Melissa expertly adjusted the webbing to affix tightly the cock to her head.

“Good Girl…I knew you’d see it my way!  Jack, lead Cheri over to the examination chair, so we can adjust her position so it is the most comfortable for her.”

“Cheri looked so ridiculous with a thick pink cock emerging from her mouth,” Jack thought,” but her eyes said that it was ok, actually, that she wanted to be this way right now.  So I’ll do it.”  He extended a hand to her, and she took it.  He led her to the chair that was slightly behind the window, with a bunch of hooks and pulleys in various lengths and heights.  Cheri climbed up unto the chair, and sat her ass down, so she was facing out into the crowd.  Melissa came and attach some ankle cuffs to her legs, and then buckled them into 2 pulleys, leaving her legs dangle in midair.

“Oh, and Jack, be a good boy, lean forward on the bottom part of the chair and SUCK THAT PUSSY OF HERS!  NOW!”  Melissa took a quick thwack at his bare ass and the rubber gloves stung him.  Jack lowered himself to the chair, looking up Cheri’s black rubber panties.  He pressed his body up against the bottom of the chair, which was angled down like a ramp.  The chair supported his weight.  The flowing juices of tonight’s previous activities were flowing down her thigh, and the smell of it was intoxicating.  Cheri’s eyes pierced at his, as the thick pink cock was above him, looking so strange on such a body.

Cheri legs were spread eagle, and she pressed her hands into Jack’s head, pulling his mouth unto her rubber pussy.  Jack started to moan as the rubber panties were wet in his mouth.  Cheri and Jack both enjoyed this position together, and Melissa slipped a webbing around Jack’s head, slipped it around Cheri’s waist and behind the chair. She moved so quick, that the only thing Jack felt was the dull snap of a small lock.


“Jack, you fell for that too easy.  You must have been a sub in another life.  That’s why I love being so dominant.  The power is mine to give and take.  And tonight, I want to dominate you 2 little fuckers like you’ve never been dominated before.  Cheri, hold your arms out, and Jack, yours up behind your back!”

Cheri looked down at Jack, giving him a soulful expression, and arching her arms outwards.  Jack put his arms behind his back.  Melissa took some heavy rope, and started to tie Jack’s wrists together.  Her gloved hands worked very professionally, and he was bound in no time.  Melissa ran her hands across Jack’s chest, and gave his nipples and playful rub.  His cock was throbbing hard, as he felt his arms being attached to some sort of hook.  He felt Melissa let go of his arms, as they hung behind his back. 

Melissa smiled at Cheri, giving her a wink from her position behind Jack.  “Oh…I know what she’s going to do…deprive us of doing anything else…that little bitch!”  Cheri thought as now she knew it was her turn.  She saw Melissa grab some ball gauntlets for her.  They would enclose her hands into tight rubber balls.  She would be unable to feel anything, if given a chance.  Melissa slipped the balls over Cheri’s hands and wrists, and locked them tight with padlocks.  Her fingers were not allowed any movement at all.  Cheri’s pussy was becoming slicker from the sweat running down her body; she wanted Jack to lick her clean without the rubber panty, and now there could be none of that. 

Cheri watched as Melissa attached her encased hands up to some sort of pulleys hanging from the ceiling, the same way his hands were taught behind his back.  The only thing that was connecting them was the webbing.  Jack’s through was getting a combination of wet and dry, as he couldn’t stop the saliva from running down her leg.  He felt Cheri’s body heave open and close with air tightly a few times.  She was savoring the moment, he guessed.

“OK, you 2, here’s where it gets more interesting.”  A click was heard, as the pulley was activated.  Her arms tightly bound, and raised apart.  Cheri’s tongue was pressed hard against her rubber cock, thoroughly enjoying the predicament her employer was setting up.

Just then Cris walked in with her 2 male friends…


To Be Continued… 


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